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You're very welcome! I'm glad you like it ^^

Art, Art, and Art! / Howl, wolfboy (wolf, fox, M, non-anthro)
« on: April 02, 2019, 02:32:20 PM »
Oh no! This poor defenceless wolf has been trapped by vines and is getting his sensitive nose mercilessly teased and tickled! Fox, you better let him sneeze soon or he might hurt himself. Also, yes, I know the anatomy has gone to shit, I was horny and wanted to finish this mess as soon as possible.

Aw, poor Silverstream is sick :( She's gotta find some way to clear her snout. It's either the tissue or her own mane Hope you enjoy Honkitsune!

WOW! I love thissss!! Thank you so so so much, I think it's very well written and I will definitely be reading it many times ;)

Well, I finished! Let me know what you think guys! Would you want to see more of these characters? I hope you enjoy!
Before he had any chance to recover, the eagle started tickling the entrance to the tiger's nostrils with one feathery
finger. The tiger whined and another hitch was forced out of him- the individual tickling from the finger and the overload
of sensation from the multiple tiny feathers was just too much. His tail swished and flailed behind him, every now and then
wrapping around the eagle's leg, as if trying to pull himself away from the torture he was being subjected to.

'What's wrong, kitty cat?' teased the eagle. 'You gotta sneeze or something?' no reply except the tiger Desperately trying to
break free from the strong embrace. The eagle gave a deep laugh, the tiger feeling the almost soothing rumbling of his chest.
'That's okay, stripes' he said, his voice gentle, 'You go ahead and sneeze if you need to. Ain't nobody been
able to hold them back before'

Before?! This sadistic winged freak had used this interrogation method on others? The tiger would of snarled viciously if he
wasn't in the throes of a very long, ticklish, agonising build-up.

'Wh-whuuhht do y-youhhh wahhnt?' the tiger managed to splutter out, his chest heaving as he tried hard to keep the sneeze inside
his nose and not give the eagle any satisfaction.

'Oh, you know exactly what I want, stripes. Just tell me the location of that jewel and you can go free. But then again, those
noises you're making are rather entertaining. I might just keep you here, kitty'

'! I'm no-nohht telling youhhh ahnythaa...hehhh...eEHHAA...HURUSSHOOO'

The tiger was cut off halfway through his sentence, as the eagle had evidently got bored of what he was trying to say and
had used two feather-like fingers to enter his nostrils.

'Yeah, yeah, whatever, stripes. Don't bother talking unless you're either begging or admitting where you put that gem'

'I-I dohhn't know! Honehhslty, I''

'You're still trying to talk about things that I haven't given you permission to talk about? I'm in charge here, kitty.
I can make you sneeze in an instant. Right now, I'm just playing with you'

And with that, he stuck his fingers deeper into the twitching, flaring nostrils and wiggled them around. The tiger
gasped and barked out a surprised shout.


'See? I told you I could make you sneeze whenever I want. Want me to do it again?'

'N-no! P-pleahhse, I cahhn't haahndle i-ihHHHHISCHOO'

The eagle had taken hold of the top of the tiger's head and rubbed it around slowly on his chest, making sure every feather
tickled and teased his sensitive, throbbing pink nose.

'Ha, just did it again! Now,'

The tiger's head was moved down, the feathers going directly up his nose.


The fingers drew figures of eight on the top of the nose.


The tiger's head was moved up, rubbing the outside along every ticklish fibre.


The eagle wrapped his wings around the both of them, making sure to brush every angle of the nose.

'The jewe-'

But he didn't have time to finish, as the Tiger, who had been silently struggling with the absoloute torture he was being put through, let out
the biggest sneeze of his life.


It was so big that he was gasping at the end of it, his breath taken away. The feathers were still pressing into his over-stimulated nose, threatening
to make him sneeze and sneeze and sneeze until he went mad.

'Okay...I'll tell you, more, please. It tickled too much...'

The eagle suddenly let go of the tiger, stepping back and glancing upon his handiwork. The tiger was hunched and took deep, ragged breaths. His nose
was running and his eyes were teary and had a far away to look. The eagle smiled.

'Wow, stripes. You didn't last half as long as I'd thought.' No reply. 'But y'know...I don't have a deadline for getting that jewel...'

This grasped the Tiger's attention. His head snapped up and he had a look of fear in his eyes. 'No! Please!'

'So why not spend some more of that quality time together?'

The tiger backed into the corner, his tail winding round his legs in dread. 'Come on...I said I'd give you what you want! Isn't that enough?
Why torture me more?! My nose can't take it, it's too sensitive!' He was completley stuck now. The wall was pressing hard against his back,
and it wouldn't be long until the eagle was pressing against his front, those treacherous feathers assaulting his nose. The tiger shivered.

'Hey Stripes...' smirked the eagle. 'I feel kinda bad about what I put you through. I wish there was some way I could make up for it. Oh wait!'
And with a final wink,

'How about a hug?'

 ;D ;DOMG! Thank you so much!! I'm in the midst of writing some more of it right now  ;)

AAAAANNND here is some more!

The eagle grinned. 'Ah, you're beginning to feel it, right?' He tightened his hold. 'Just let me know
when you've had enough'

'What...are you talking about?' The tiger's voice was muffled but still understandable. 'W-whhhy
would I talk because of th-this?'

'Oh, you'll be begging me to stop soon enough. I hope you're not too sensitive, kitty'

The tiger gave a low growl that vibrated on the eagle's chest and made him laugh. He was about to open
his mouth and take a bite out of his attacker, but suddenly stopped. The tilt of his head had caused
feathers to enter his nose. He tried to rub his head to get the feathers out, but having your head crushed
into an eagle's feathery chest isn't particularly convenient, and it just resulted in more feathers going deeper
into his nose.

He gasped and he felt his upper lip curl. God it tickled. It tickled more than anything he'd felt in a long time,
and he could feel a sneeze lurking in his muzzle. He tried to move his head again, and got a fraction of an inch
away from the ticklish surface before feeling the arms of the eagle squeeze him tighter, his nose making direct contact
with two-dozen tiny, downy feathers.

'H-Huuh...let me g-goohhh...' his speech was slurred and he just couldn't take the feeling any longer.

'Oh no no no, it's not that easy' came the deep voice of the eagle. 'You have to tell me what I want to
know before I do anything to help you out' and with that, he started to slowly, gently move his chest from
side to side, the feathers surrounding the tiger's nose moving in torturous circular movements.

The tiger's eyes shot wide open and he moaned in ticklish agony. His chest expanded and he felt his toes curl
as he was forced to sway sideways, feeling every nerve ending being assauted in his sensitive
nostrils. All of a sudden, the eagle managed to stretch one arm so that it was round the back of the tiger's
neck, but able to touch the face of the striped cat. Now the tiger was truly stuck, as his neck was held
immobile, as well as his back.

But the eagle wasn't done. He moved his fingers so that they were lightly stroking the top of the tiger's
smooth, pink nose.

'O-oh I cahhhahhn't stand ihh-it! S-stuh-stop tickling meeeAHHH-HEAHHHH'

The eagle chuckled in delight. 'Oh, here it comes...'


The tiger let loose a massive sneeze directly onto the eagle's chest. The eagle didn't seem to mind however,
and kept absentmindedly playing with the thin, ticklish skin of the tiger's nose.

Writer's Den / Feathery interrogation (M, anthro, torture, feathers)
« on: March 24, 2019, 12:19:56 PM »
Well, here's , my first post! Sorry that the characters don't have names...also sorry that it's so short, but I will definitely be adding more!

'What, you don't wanna talk?'
The feathery bird walked up to the snarling tiger in the corner, who'd shown his claws and made it very
obvious that he would not let loose the information the other wanted.

'Get lost, bird-boy' He spat, curling up his tail and his fur standing on end. 'You won't get anything out
of me'

The eagle chuckled.

'Well, if you're so sure...' He smoothed down his feathers, had a casual stretch and looked the tiger in the

'This dispute is silly, don't you think?' He smirked, his sharp beak glinting in the sun.

The tiger was confused. For weeks the stupid buzzard had been tracking him down, only to suddenly
lose interest at the first sign of a fight? He scoffed.

'I think it's the stupidest damn thing I've ever been involved in. Now let me get on with my life'

He tried pushing past the eagle, but was taken by utter surprise as he felt strong arms wrap round

'How about a hug? Take it as an apology'

Before the tiger could lash out and protest, his head was pushed into the feathery chest of the
eagle. He tried with all his might to push away, but his arms were pinned to his sides. The width of his
back was being held down, so he had no possible way of escaping the embrace.

The eagle laughed as his victim squirmed. 'you doing okay down there?' He joked. 'Oh, by the way...
I hope you're not allergic to feathers'

The tiger stopped writhing for a minute to contemplate what he'd just heard. Allergic to feathers?
He wasn't allergic to anything, but now that he thought about it...the feathers were certainly
beginning to tickle. 

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