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This was pretty good!  I enjoyed it :)

There's a furry artist named Jib Kodi who often posts cute gif animations on Twitter.  Well go figure, he recently made a sneeze one xD

The sneeze itself isn't that great from a fetish standpoint, but I still thought this was cute ^^

This is absolutely amazing! Love how well-drawn it is, and the premise is great. Love all this sneeze talk and the build-ups too. Awesome job!

I Found Something! / Re: Achoo mystery[F Hippo]
« on: June 13, 2018, 01:33:36 PM »
Wow, nice find! I like all of the talk about sneezes, and her build-ups are good.

Art, Art, and Art! / Re: More commissions! (anthro, canine, f, m)
« on: May 29, 2018, 11:48:34 PM »
Awesome! ^^ Love the premise with the wind turbines

Hehehe cute xD I always thought Manectric sneezing would be good. Nice find.

Wow! Used to love Barney. Don't ever remember him sneezing. That was cute :)

Art, Art, and Art! / Re: [F, Wolf] Hmm, must've been the grass.
« on: May 25, 2018, 11:49:15 AM »
This looks amazing! :D So realistic. Great details. Hehe that scrunching flaring nose, and that tortured expression...and I love the third frame where she finally let go. XD Hope you do more of this style. It looks great!

Art, Art, and Art! / Re: [M + Messy] "Ahh, wow"
« on: May 25, 2018, 11:44:09 AM »
Wow! Quite a sneeze. XD He looks really tortured there in the first frame. I agree, must have felt really good letting that one go. Nice job!

Writer's Den / Re: [F + Anthro + Allergies + Wolf] Terri Mowing
« on: May 23, 2018, 05:33:30 AM »
This is great! You really put a lot of detail into her nose being tickled. And the buildup to the big explosion at the end was awesome! Hope you write more about this character ^^

These are great! Love the expressions and the build-ups. Nice job!

Writer's Den / Re: [F+Destruction+Non-Anthro] Ysera Sneezing
« on: May 17, 2018, 06:04:54 AM »
O.O Wow!!!  How did I not read this until now? :D  This is awesome!

Loved the overall concept.  Such anticipation and buildup!  Destructive sneezes are the best.  Very well written too.  Great job!

O.O O.O!!  Just wow.  This was amazing!  Nice job

Really good so far! I hope you decide to continue this.

Art, Art, and Art! / Re: [M] Fox Sketch Page
« on: April 27, 2018, 12:32:21 PM »
That is adorable! :D Love how he tries to fight his nose and hold it back. Awesome job as usual, pollenpepper!

Art, Art, and Art! / Re: [F] Husky Sketch Page
« on: April 25, 2018, 06:21:16 AM »
That looks great!! Love it

Holy cow!! :D

Somebody uploaded a rare Sesame Street clip of snuffy.  Unfortunately, it's been edited a bit with other sounds effects and clips from other shows.  But, still a great video.

Snuffy is pretending to be a vacuum cleaner and gets something up his snuffle.  You know what happens next. xD  He ends up blowing away the letter V in the process.  Great buildup and suspense!

EDIT: Found the original clip here. :)  It starts around 7:19.

That is awesome!! :D  Love it

Art, Art, and Art! / Re: Wolf's sneeze with butterfly
« on: January 31, 2018, 07:01:18 AM »
Aww, very cute!  I like it.  Great art!

Writer's Den / Re: (M/M+Mature+Explicit+feline) Sam and Thai
« on: January 04, 2018, 07:36:54 AM »
Wow! Hehe that was awesome xD Loved all the torture, buildup and suspense. Nice job!

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