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I drew these cartoons a couple of years a part and didn't remember drawing them until after the fact.

In both we find Danger Prone Daphne tied up and hanging out over a cliff.  Scooby Doo show's up just in time for the fraying rope to break.  Lucky for Daphne, Scooby catches the rope in his teeth.  Unlucky for Scooby Doo that is ware the fun begins ;D.  Can poor Scooby Doo hold on to the rope in his teeth while trying his best to hold back a sneeze?  We will have to wait and see?

Which sneeze torture scenario do you like the best?  I know that I have drawn this at least three other times but not in a multi panel cartoon.  I know that I had posted them before that is why I didn't post them again.  Secretly this must be a favorite of mine ;D.  What I want to know is why haven't they posted a scene like this one in one of the many different Scooby Doo cartoons over the years?  OK, maybe without a scantly clad Agent Sonya  :))

That was a really great animation, very impressive ;D

Oh i loved it!
But no.  While a sequel would be great, i meant i was hoping to see him actually sneeze.  the build-up is sooo enticing. 

Once again I'm so happy and thrilled that you enjoyed my story and artwork so much.  As I mentioned this was my first time drawing Maximus or any horse getting his nose tickle tortured ;D. ;D
Wow do I feel dumb :-[.  I never even thought that you were talking about seeing what happens to Maximus when his nose could take no more and had to sneeze.

WOW!!  That is awesome!

Need to see the rest of this!

Ed, Thank you ;D!  I'm so glad you liked it :).  This was my first time drawing and writing a Maximus (or any horse) sneeze torture story.  As most people know I almost always draw and write about Scooby Doo, my crush :-[, so this took a lot more effort. 

If you don't mind my asking, you said that you "need to see the rest of this".  Do you mean what happens next?  I have been thinking about writing a sequel to this if enough people are interested?  So far it doesn't look that way  :(.

Oh well, looks like it's back to Scooby ;D

Rapunzel is anxious to get out of the castle where she has been kept in quarantine since the beginning of the pandemic that took hold of her kingdom over a year ago.  The castle doctor had determined that allergies were the pandemic that had taken over the kingdom.  People couldn't leave there houses with out becoming effected and passing it to others. Rapunzel makes a deal with her father that she could only leave the castle after her and Maximus both have and pass a test to check the micro flore in there noses.  This “nasal microbiome” may guard against chronic sinus inflammation and even allergies.  It was the best hope the kingdom had so far to return them all to a normal life.  What Rapunzel’s father does not know is that his feisty daughter had her fingers crossed behind her back. She was leaving the castle no matter what! Unfortunately Rapunzel did not know is that there is a plan to kidnap her. First things first they have to make sure that Maximus fails his test, not because he had the allergies but because he can’t complete the test. As the mighty Maximus waits in a small exam room the door opens and a sexy scantily clad nurse walks in. “My oh my what a large nose we have” she says with a seductive smile. ”I need to give you a nasal smear test but  I don’t believe a regular Q-tip will do the job, lucky for me I brought just the right tool “ she said with an ominous tone.  She slowly produces a long thin stick from behind her back and at the end of the stick was a fluffy pink feather . As she approached Maximus she reminds him that the only way the test can be completed is if he is able to hold back a sneeze until she is able to get her sample. Immediately maximus thinks about how much Rapunzel was counting on him. She had told him that she was going to leave the castle with or without him and it was his job to protect her.  “ Now flare those big round nostrils for me so I can start the test” the nurse instructed as she slowly inserted her ticklish tool up Maximus’s left nostril. Almost instantly an intense tickle spread up into Maximus's large nose.  His eyes bulged out as they welled up with tears.  She slowly twisted the feather around his twitching nostril.  “Tickle tickle tickle”  the nurse whispered into Maximus’s ear.  "Now remember you must not sneeze!"  Unfortunately the poor horse did feel a powerful sneeze beginning to build. Ahh, Ahhh came out of Maximus’s quivering lips. He felt his nose begin to run as his eyes grew heavy lidded.  A goofy pre-sneeze expression came over his face. “Oh no the poor horsey is looking all sneezy” the nurse said with an evil smile on her face.  Max made one last attempt to hold back his growing sneeze but it did little. As his large nostrils flared wider and wider the evil Nurse aggressively wiggle and tickled the feather aggressively around the inside of Maximus's helpless nostril. Sweat drip down from the horse's forehead into his tear filled eyes. His large nostrils flared wider than ever before as his nose ran and dripped. Ahhh, Ahhhhh. Max couldn’t take anymore and the first part of their plan took hold when Maximus finally let loose a powerful sneeze AAACHHHOOOOWWW!!!

Scooby trying to rescue Daphne but wait, it's a trap!  (Picture below!)

Scooby Doo once again finds himself trying to escape from some of Agent Sonya’s guards.  He slowly works his way through an old dark factory that had been shut down years before. As he continues to go room to room searching for an exit.  As he enters into what appears to be an old board room he suddenly finds Daphne. She is tied down flat to the ground with sharp spikes sticking up and running along both sides of her body . She is stripped down to her panties with her hands chained down over her head. Scooby thank goodness it’s you she says with relief, please unfasten me so we can get out of here and find the others. Scooby realizes the only way he can unfasten her hands is to climb on top of her. He carefully straddles her so as not to touch her bare body but also to avoid the sharp stakes. As he works his way forward towards her wrists his nose is suddenly but with a strong seductive scent coming from Daphne’s cleavage. It was some kind of perfume that quickly took hold of the sneeze center in Scooby’s brain. As his nose began to twitch and his nostrils flared and ran. Scooby Doo looked up and through tear filled eyes he noticed that it wasn’t Daphne who he was straddling but an agent made up to look like her. Scooby just stood there frozen in fear as he realized that all of this was just an elaborate trap set up to make him sneeze and give himself away. He tried to move back the way he came so he could get away from the ticklish sent but it was too late. A powerful sneeze was already building inside of his nose and it quickly took control of him. Raa, RAAA, RAAAACHOOOOW

I Found Something! / Re: [M - Dinosaur - Leaves] Gigantosaurus ep 08a
« on: March 11, 2021, 11:06:17 PM »
That was a really great start to a video. Like the UltimateChimera said "GOODNESS gracious, soooo many leaves just shot STRAIGHT into that giant nostril".  With such a great start I would have expected a more powerful sneeze :(

Here are some missing clips of the most sneezy cartoon canine in the world Scooby Doo ;D.  Sorry about the quality of the clips.  I'm doing my best.

This first one is from the episode “The Last Inmate “.  This is a really great Scooby sneeze right up to the point were Velma stops it.  Scooby is hiding with Velma when suddenly a sneeze begins to build.  The thing that makes up for Velma interfering with Scooby's sneeze is special guest Morgan Freeman talking to the camera about using the "finger under the nose trick" to stop a sneeze.  It's very cute :-].  On a side note this is my second favorite episode for this new series.  It's very original and if you haven't seen it yet and your a fan of Scooby Doo you should watch it.  It's a lot of fun!

If your wondering which is my favorite episode in this series so far it's "The Scooby of a Thousand Faces! ".  This is the episode were Scooby Doo has a crush on Wonder Woman and it seam's like she might have a little thing for him >:(.  I'm rather embarrassed to admit that when I watched this episode I found myself feeling a little jealous when ever Wonder Woman was touching and holding Scooby's face.  It was so much so that my stomach bothered me a little while I watched this.  Now that's embarrassing

Scooby Doo has his first on screen sneezing fit in “A Movable Mystery “.  For those of you who enjoy a good sneezing fit and have been waiting for Scooby Doo to have one well your wait is over!

Lastly Scooby Doo sneezes while hiding yet again in “A Fashion Nightmare “.  This one I REALLY loved because they gave Scooby nostrils which we all know is rare but they also show what is tickling Scooby's nose to make him sneeze ;D.  I LOVE when they do that!

Happy Valentines Day eveyone!

Scooby Doo & Daphine with an I.  A sweet moment after sneezing while hiding.  Just don't sneeze in her face Scooby ;D

Scooby Doo and his new friend Daphine with an I are in the back of the mystery machine while they waited for the others to get back. They had gotten separated while they were exploring the mystery of the creepy mall!  Scooby Doo and Daphine somehow ended up alone when they heard footsteps and voices heading there way.  The two of them took the place of a couple of manikins in one of the store windows. it was right then that a couple of Sonya’s agents came walking by. They stayed still and quiet waiting for the women to leave. One of the agents turned around and looked at the display. She couldn’t help but to think to herself that something in the display didn’t seam right. As she turned her back back to the display the thing that seemed odd wasn’t the fact that one of the figures was a large Great Dane wearing a tuxedo. It was that he was the only mannequin not being offered a large bouquet of roses. Before the agent turned back around to take a second look Daphine quickly grabbed another bouquet of roses and stood her position offering them to her tuxedo wearing companion. The agent took a close look and then turned her back to them again believing that she must be seeing things. Daphine breathe a sigh of relief believing she had managed to pull it off. She looked over at Scooby and could not help but notice that she was a little too aggressive when she presented him with the bouquet. She had taken the two dozen long stem red roses and literally shoved them in his face. Now the large dogs big black nose Was buried in a sea of rose petals.
Back in the mystery machine Daphne could not help but laugh as she leaned against the bench seat in the far back of the van. Scooby I am so sorry, I had no idea you had rose fever. Is that your only allergy she asked the large dog. Ro, I have many rallergies Scooby said as he began to blush.  Well you were so brave Daphine said with a smile, the way you battled with that building sneeze. You managed to hold it back for over two minutes without even putting a finger under your nose, my own itchy nose could never have done that.  You’re my hero Daphine said with a smile causing Scooby‘s face to turn an even brighter shade of red. Now close your eyes Daphine said with a sweet whisper, I have a surprise for you. Closing his eyes all Scooby Doo could think of was a Scooby snack that he was certainly going to get. Scooby sat there with his eyes closed and his mouth open when he suddenly felt a soft feeling like velvet sliding down his nose. Now give me a big sniff and tell me what you smell Daphine  instructed him to do. Scooby’s nostrils flared wide open as he inhaled deeply. Now open your eyes and see your surprise Daphine instructed. At the exact moment that Scooby opened his eyes his nose was filled with the sweet ticklish sent of the red rose. Here Daphne said with a smile I managed to save one of the roses from being destroyed by your hurricane blast of a sneeze. Now lay back and relax Daphine said as she gently began to stroke the soft rose petals against Scooby Doo’s large black nose.  She gently slide the rose across his nose allowing it to dip into each of Scooby's cavernous nostrils. After what you have been through your nose deserves a little pampering. With that Daphne began to slide her fingers down Scooby's snout. She softly started to give Scooby’s nose some gentle kisses, starting at the top and slowly working her way down.  As much as Scooby was enjoying this attention he couldn’t help but to feel the tingling and tickling that was taking place inside both of his nostrils from the smell of the rose.  As his tickle continued to grow he could feel his eyes beginning to tear up. He could feel his nose begin to twitch against Daphine‘s soft little kisses. If that wasn’t bad enough Scooby suddenly felt his nose begin to run as a powerful sneeze began to grow. Scooby Doo laid there in fear. The last thing he wanted to do was to sneeze right in to Daphine’s face. As his breathing became labored he tried to warn Daphine about what was heading her way. Ra Raphine I rink I’m going to ra raa reeze . Scooby Doo could feel his lungs filling with air. His nose was tickling so bad that it was begging to sneeze.  At the exact same time his brain was still trying to hold back his sneeze. He was enjoying the soft kisses on his nose to much to have it stop plus he knew how humiliating it would be if he sneezed in her face.  Regardless as hard as he fought the sneeze needed to come out. Finally, ra, RAA, raaaachoooooowwww! Daphine managed to move out of the way of most of Scooby’s sneeze. She wiped off her cheek and her neck saying bless you Scooby, did I cause that. Let’s see if I can cause some more she said with a smile. Suddenly from outside the mystery machine they could hear Fred and Daphne‘s voice. Sounds like Scooby found his way back. You’re poor friend Daphine must be stuck in that small van with Scooby’s big sneezes. Daphine rolled off of Scooby looking disappointed.
Looks like we’re going to have to take a rain check! With that Scooby sneezed again RAACHOOOOW!!!

I was out with some of my girl friends from back home checking out some post Christmas sales at this old rundown mall when I came across this statue of my secret boyfriend Scooby Doo   :-] .  Of course both of my friends were with me when I stumbled upon it :-[.  The statue was about 4 feet tall and was sitting on a shelf . I felt like I looked at it for just a couple seconds and then quickly tried to look away the whole time feeling rather embarrassed and flustered .  My two friends were on each side of me keeping me trapped in the middle.  That’s when my friend Stacy said “oh, I love Scooby Doo!”  All I could think was “back off bitch he’s mine LOL ;D “.  My other friend Lisa said “is he supposed to look scared?”  On the tip of my tongue I so desperately wanted to say “I think he looks like he has to sneeze, he must be trying to hide” but of course I didn’t have the nerve.  We left the store and I had to come up with a reason to go back and take this picture so after we left I said that I left my phone back at the store and quickly started running back hoping that my friends wouldn’t offer to go back with me.  When I walked back into the store the guy working behind the counter asked me if I had forgotten something so I quickly came up with the excuse that my nephew loved Scooby Doo and that I wanted to get a quick picture for him.  The whole time I felt like my face was bright red  :-] .  The rest of the time I was with my friends I kept worrying that one of them would look at my phone and see the picture I took and think “what the hell!”
When it comes to Scooby and my secret crush I worry way to much  :-[

Ahhh, such a tickly nose!... Very nice, Daphine!  :)

Thank you so much Kiku.  I'm so glad someone liked this drawing besides me ;D

Thank you CC007, I'm glad you liked it ;D.
I know I'm late, but I wanted to let you know I enjoyed your description of how poor old Scooby's nose got tickled with the feather, and the nice pictures! You really have a way to illustrate Scooby's tickly nose... Keep up the great work!  :)

Thank you Kiku, better late than never ;D.  I'm so glad you liked the story and the picture ;D.  I'm a little embarrassed to say this but that was my favorite Scooby Doo comic in a very long time  :-[.

I love how you draw Scooby so sneezy and messy. Its great <3
Thank you RustySteele.  It's kind of like she is in a mucus shower HEE, HEE :-[

Awww, poor Scooby!  ;) Seeing his very runny nose, my diagnosis is a cold. Your drawing skill is incredible - please keep up the grea work!

Thanks Kiku,  I'm glad someone liked it :).  My guess is hay fever or anyone of Scooby's many allergy's.

Poor Scooby Doo is sick.  Either a cold, Hay Fever or something supernatural :-0.  Watery eye's and a runny nose, a real mess :( What is your diagnoses? ;D

Alt Fetish - Tickling / Re: [Mature]Tickling Comic
« on: July 29, 2020, 06:57:57 AM »
I would LOVE to see those three missing pages near the end.  I joined Weasyl and everything in hopes of seeing them so if anyone would like to  vouch for me I would really appreciate it :)

Here is my profile page (

As I continue to go through my chest filled with sneeze Scooby Doo memories I came across this wonderful comic.

I seam to recall that it's Sylvester the cat from Looney Tunes and it's from a comic given out at doctor's offices to children who have allergies.  If that is true it might just scare the kiddo's into never wanting to sneeze again LOL!

I love all of these but I think that if I had to choose a favorite I would agree with Y31and choose the doggie ;D

Art, Art, and Art! / Holy Marmaduke messy cartoon sneeze! (M)
« on: July 16, 2020, 05:53:40 PM »
I just found this on Google.  It was in the news papers back on 3 / 10/ 16 so some of you might have seen this already.  I know that it's not Scooby Doo but it's still a cartoon Great Dane,  So why do I feel like I'm cheating LOL

According to the comic this is post Marmaduke sneeze.  If you ask me it looks far more like Marmaduke has to sneeze and is trying to hold it back ;D.

What do you think

General Chatter / Re: Has anyone seen the movie Scoob?
« on: July 13, 2020, 12:02:40 AM »
Sorry for the late reply  :(.  It's hard to believe that after they gave Scooby nostrils for the first time and he was sniffing in all that dust that there was still no sneeze.  If the animators had done there research they would have learned that even the word dust let alone the smell will make Scooby Doo sneeze.  Remember the scene from the New Scooby Doo Movies were Scooby meets Sonny & Cher.  Shaggy just mentions the word "Dust" when the two of them were hiding in the elevator and what happend?  Just watch my video below to find out ;D

General Chatter / Has anyone seen the movie Scoob?
« on: May 20, 2020, 07:57:49 PM »
Has anyone seen the movie Scoob?  It was suppose to come out in theater's May 15th, instead you can see it on TV.  If anyone has seen it can you tell me if there are any Scooby sneezes?;D  I figured I would ask first and possibly save myself $20.00 in the event that Scooby dosn't sneeze :(.

It seamed promising that he might sneeze since for the first time they gave this animated Scooby Doo nostrils :-0.  Who knows, maybe Scooby did sneeze but they took that scene out in the wake of the corona-virus scare or maybe Shaggy stopped Scooby from sneezing by pinching closed his wonderful nose!

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