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Oh no... how will our hero Erudi, the Superdog, escape this sticky situation? X3

Writer's Den / Re: [M + Dragon + Messy + Magic] Day 9
« on: January 12, 2019, 02:02:13 AM »
I really liked this.  What a neat concept! I feel bad for Ludwig though, that must be MADDENING!

Writer's Den / Re: [F+induced+illness+hippo+deer] Say "ah!"
« on: December 08, 2018, 02:07:51 AM »
I quite enjoyed that! And now I'm thinking that after a hippo it would be a shame if that elephant doctor got sick too.  Oh, such a shame... eheheheheeheeeheeehhhh...

Put that Explicit tag on there just to be safe, but there's no sex.  SO YEAH... I uh... I wrote some weird shit.  Honestly I don't know what... really... this is?  Elephant, Bat, Horse.

Let me know what you think.  Seriously, this just kind of... came out of my fingers when I put them on the keyboard.  I'm not sure if I know what to call this.



Normally if one found a bowl of strange white and brown powder in the common room of one's dorm, even if it did have a label, it would not be approached.  However, some people just have no common sense.  This was the case for Sarah, Alice, and Derrick as they sat around it in a triangle.

“What is it?” Asked Derrick, a tall draft horse with a messy mane that hung into his eyes, a thin frame unusual for his species, but well earned through years of apathetic exercise avoidance.  Shaggy feathering on his wrists and ankles and massive hooves were about the only giveaways, baggy tshirts and cargo shorts concealing most of him.

Alice, a fruit bat with a lovely yellow turtleneck stretched over a round chest stacked atop a round belly and round hips – one might think she was trying to emulate a fruit herself – picked up the little sign near the bowl and replied, “Well, this says it's some kind of science experiment for the guys over in Ritter? But... honestly, I'd think this is more some kind of social experiment.  You know all the science and psych guys are always doing this stuff.”

Sarah, who would seem to be a combination of the two, both very tall and very well rounded, as suited an elephant, investigated further.  “They want us to write down what we think it smells like? I don't smell anything... I mean, if I can't smell it, can anyone?” She waved her trunk around, thick and supple, nostrils the size of other people's hands twitching as she inhaled.

Derrick reached up to scratch his head, wondering aloud, “Maybe you just have to get close to it? I dunno, this is really weird.  I have no idea what this is, why would I sniff it?”

Of course, even as he dismissed this odd situation, Sarah, who may have been just a tad lacking in conventional wisdom, had already lowered the broad tip of her trunk, which was a very soft, cute pink color, closer to the bowl and was sniffing at it.

“Hmm... I still don't smell anythehh-- H-HEEH! HEH! HEAAAAAAAH-” Her friends barely even had a chance for their hearts to jump into their throats as the huge elephant's face went slack, then tensed- her eyes slowly shutting as she struggled to keep them open, her breasts raising as her lungs filled with air, her back bending with the need to inhale more, creased lines wrinkling across her brow near the base of her trunk as it curled up and scrunched... “HEEEEAAAHHTCHHHHHOOOOO!” Sarah sneezed one of her famously powerful sneezes, trunk snapping down and completely vaporizing the powder that had been in the bowl, sending the container itself flipping through the air.  A huge gust hit Alice and Derrick, blowing the mane out of the horse's eyes and driving their chairs back, scraping across the floor.

The room was instantly hazy, a fine particulate getting into everything after Sarah's sudden, unrestrainable sneeze had dispersed the mystery powder into the room. 

“I'm so, so sorry you guys – thank god that was a small one, but all of a sudden my trunk just had such a huge tickle in it! It was on fire- I couldn't hold on at all!” Sarah huffed and puffed, gasping after expelling so much air.  This, of course, was a huge mistake... not that she could have avoided it.  The powder in the air entering her trunk once again ignited the length of it, her nostrils tingling and twitching with a slow, insidious itch.

“M-my truh-trunk... wh-what is this stuff!?” She was about to gasp in another enormous breath, probably to let out even more destructive sneezes, but she felt two warm, comforting grips shutting off her nostrils, rubbing at them.  Her friends were used to this... Sarah had terrible control for someone with such outrageously oversized sneezes.

“Euugh, I think I can feel it... it's all gritty!” Alice squirmed, rubbing her own flat, front-facing nose with her free hand, the exposed membranes already seriously sensitive to her many allergens.  Even Derrick was scrubbing his face with his wrist.

“We should get outta here guys... I... uh... o-oh god, that... that ITCHES!” the horse began to scrub his nose even more fiercely, feeling the same deep kind of itch as the others, one that seemed to be settling in and slowly raising in intensity.  The kind of itch that one couldn't help but scratch and scratch, making the horse moan with that satisfying feeling of relieving an itch, while at the same time only intensifying the irritation.

“Ha-HA-HATCHHHUUH!” Derrick ended up sneezing as well, one of his legs kicking up and then stomping the ground in a strange reflexive motion, his wide brown nares shimmering with moisture and twitching with aggravation.

Neither Alice nor Derrick noticed Sarah's twitching face, her trunk's growing restlessness, or felt the tremors and twitches beneath their fingers.  They were both preoccupied, so it was easy to miss.

The fruit bat blushed as she felt a sneeze brewing – even though these two knew her, she was always totally mortified by her huge, messy sneezes.  While not nearly as harmful as Sarah's trunk, her wide-slitted upturned nostrils always projected straight ahead, to no end of embarassment.  Letting go of her friend's trunk, she cupped both hands around her own nose and sneezed desperately, trying to alleviate this itch.

“Hih-IHTSCHHHXX! Heh-NNGTHKKTTT! EEEHHTSCHHHHHH...!” Her sneezes always sounded heavy, wet and congested as her nose sprayed thick sheets of slime into her cupped hands, a softly audible dripping sound as droplets hit the floor, leaving Alice's hands and face a messy web of snot.  “I... I deed a dissue...” She snorted miserably, just before Sarah exploded.

“Guys... Gu-guuuysss... wh-where'd you go—ah---I … I got-t-ta.... s-snee—sneee... It's too bih—hih--- it's too bigu-uUHH... G-GHHHUUUUUH....!” Sarah's massive trunk seemed to vacuum up all the remaining floating powder in the room, what hadn't already settled in, and her eyes squeezed out tears as her nostrils tinged a bright red, the elephant huffing and puffing as her body screamed at her to pull in more and more air, air enough to fuel this truly elephantine sneeze.

“GhhHEEEHH--- G-GUNNA SNEE—EH--EEHH-- EEEAAAAAAAAH--- TTTSCCHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOO!” She seemed to shake with the effort, the woman bending over double as her trunk rose high into the air, then swung down, blasting a huge cone of destruction as it went.  The common room's windows were shattered, the elephant's very core seeming to rush out of her trunk as the intense sensation ran through her, making her sneeze and sneeze, push out what must be thousands of pounds of pressure in the form of a hot, sneezy gust of wind that blew most of the furniture out of the window, scattering it across the campus for miles.  Luckily, all of the rest of the strange substance went with it.  It was over.

“Aaaagh... I'm gonna get in t-truh-... oh no, my trunk... it still itches...!” The big woman stuffed her trunk down her tank top, squeezing her hands around the thickest part, rubbing it while she let the tip scrub against her own collarbone, trying not to sneeze any more.

Alice was the first to realize exactly what this stuff was- Her nose, gunked up as it was, still itched.  Her chest was starting to itch, and her hands- the thin membranes of her wings... anywhere her fur was thin and her skin was sensitive, it seemed.

“Ih-Ihd's itchig bowder! W-who would DO disthsxx...” She really, really needed to clean up... her body was starting to itch so intensely she couldn't stand it, but she couldn't scratch with all this mucous on her hands... “S-SHOWERS!” suddenly she darted out of the room, Sarah crashing after her, Derrick coming as well, the horse using one hand to scrub his broad equine snout, both nostrils running and quivering, and the other scratching at his groin, not even caring that he was in public.  It was just too much.  His running was severely impacted as his hands had to rotate around, savagely digging into and scratching at his scalp, his neck, his arms and his ass, the powder getting into everything.

Unfortunately for them, these dorms had individual sized bathrooms, and all but one was in use.  In  fact, someone wrapped in a towel was heading for that one, but seeing the crazed look in the trio's eyes as they stampeded down the hallway, the llama screamed and ducked back into her room.  Once they'd all crammed in and locked the door, there was only a moment's hesitation, some mild blushes exchanged as they stared at the rather small shower... then another twinge of that awful burning itch drove Derrick to break the tension, screaming and stripping wildly, shorts hitting Alice in the face – she used the opportunity to wipe herself off, mentally apologizing to the big horse.

Sarah followed suit while Alice was cleaning herself up, soon a mountain of clothes from the two plus-size individuals lay on the floor and the water was on full blast.

“Hey, get off! I'm going first, you sneezed that stuff all over me! It's in my maaaane!” Derrick whined as the voluptuous elephant squeezed into the shower with him, both of them using more than their share of the available space as the elephant managed to turn the hot water on with her trunk, Derrick distracted by digging his fingers deep into the soft brown cheeks of his ass, blushing as his wet mane thankfully covered up most of his face as he realized that his package was swinging in the wind, lightly slapping against Sarah's thigh as the busty woman's tits were shoved into the horse's face.

Alice froze for a moment, but soon realized there really was no choice as she tore off her bra, right breast jiggling madly as her fingers worked to scratch at her underboob, the powder's effect seeming to intensify over time.  The smallest of the three, she squeezed herself in, somehow, slamming the glass shower door shut.  Her plump rear was pressing against it, Sarah's hips occupying an entire corner and Alice's chest comfortably resting against Derrick's groin.  Arguments quickly broke out, arguments that would make most people blink in disbelief if they could be overheard- they all had water flowing over them, but that only seemed to wash the powder away, not reverse its effects.

“Let me get my trunk under the f-faucet-- I'm gonna s-sn-sneeze again if I c-ah-ahh... if I can't... w-wash it out!”

“Alice! Your tits are too big- I can't reach my balls! Oh god they itch so fucking baaaaad!”

“My butt! I can't reach my butt- Sarah, move over! Derrick, move your arm!”

The squabbling continued for a little while, each one of the trio trying to service their own needs above all, until another sneeze from Sarah brought it together that they should really cooperate in some way...

“GH-hhehh... H-HE-HEHHH...” The elephant gasped, her lungs expanding and smacking Derrick's head back against the tiles as his chest was struck by her much more sizable one, forcing him up against the wall.  As he was pushed away, poor Alice was more... engulfed by Sarah's cleavage, her height putting her head at probably the worst position.  A muffled cry emanated from between the rolling gray hills, all three much too squished together to be able to reposition.

“Don't suffocate Alice and don't sneeze! Not in here- you might take out the whole thing!” Derrick felt around where his hands could still reach until he found her trunk, and began to gently pinch it shut, as well as massage and rub at her soft, itchy nostrils, spreading them with his thumbs.  He couldn't reach much, or see what he was doing, but he did have access to a certain amount of mid-region between the three of them.

“H-HAeh—Aeehh---hh-haa--- r-right the—there--- y-yeah--- I... Hh... whoooohhh...” The elephant deflated, Alice reappearing, flushed red to the tips of her ears. 

“Ok, we need to coordinate here.” She stated, eyes flicking down to her bust every few seconds, feeling something wet and hot squirming against her.  “Or we're all going to go insane, and Sarah's going to sneeze us to kingdom come.”  The bat was going out of her mind just like the others, unable to scratch these unbearable itchy spots.  “Can somebody... reach my butt?” Her arms were pinned in front of and below her chest, her ass pressed up firmly to the glass of the shower door.  She felt Derrick move a bit, and then felt the true bliss that only scratching a deep, maddening itch can provide as his fingers sunk into the plush softness of her rear, lightly dragging his nails over the sensitive skin and short fur. “H-hhaaahh...” She made a happy little noise of relief, leaning forward a bit and resting her face between the elephantine tits of her sometimes troublesome friend Sarah.

“S-still need to s-sneeze, but... it's g-going away... ke-keep rubbing, Derrick... yeah... ahhh...” Sarah also had a somewhat more relaxed expression as the horse continued to scrub her itchy nostrils until they began to make a wet, squishy noise.

“That's all well and good, but what about me? Please, someone has to scratch my-” He didn't have to finish saying it, the short, plump bat had already slid her palm up to cup the tall horse's itchy nuts, feeling the little stripe of thicker fur that ran up them as her fingers very gingerly began to run along them, listening to his little moans and advice of “Higher... i-in back, just feel for the smooth sp-- y-yeah, ah...”

Alice felt her nose wiggling again, gasping lightly for air as her mouth hung open, little fangs glistening in the light - “Ah... h-hah... ih—ih--” but unfortunately for her, nobody was able to assist her.  Snapping her head forward, she sneezed a thick, gooey mess into Sarah's cleavage, her flat snout resting against the giant woman's solar plexus as she released, “HeeTSCHHGgghhh... E-EITSCHHxxx!” sounding as thick as ever.

“Ah! Alice! Gross!” The elephant objected, trying to shift her torso so that more water would trail between her breasts and wash away the messiness.

“I'b so soddy, I … I g-gah... gan'd sdop... s-deezingh--- GEHTSCHHhuuu!” Another wet mist sprayed the elephant, Alice's dark-furred breasts quivering and shaking against Derrick with every sneeze, leading to another new problem.  A rather large problem.

The water had been doing a good job... things were winding down.  Sarah looked down with a chortle, lightly slapping her trunk against the draft horse's face.  “I guess not all of you is scrawny, huh?” She felt a constant, low-grade tingling in her trunk, but didn't feel like she had to imminently, desperately sneeze anymore...

“S-shut up! It's a totally normal reaction- look at what's happening! I can't help it...” The tall horse was pouting as his cock continued to rise up and up, thickening and twitching its way up through Alice's cleavage, the tight quarters making him feel squeezed by her chest.  For her part, the bat didn't especially mind – except that he'd now risen up to the point where the tip was poking her nose, right between her sore, itchy, flared nostrils.

“Heehh... Aeeehhh...”

Derrick's eyes went wide.  “Hey, no.  No, come on, I'm sorry, please-”

It wasn't like Alice was doing it deliberately, or had a choice... “Hih---IITSCHHHH! EEIITSCHHHH! HEEHHZCHHHHXX!” She sneezed repeatedly, jiggling around the horse even as he looked on in horror, moaning, “Nnoooooo...” with tears in his eyes and a defeated look on his face, Alice's nose bursting with thick strands of slime that webbed up his cock, her chest, his groin... it was a good thing they were in a shower.  Meanwhile, Sarah loomed above them, laughing until a twinge of irritation from her volumnious breasts made her pause.

“Erf...” She was able to move her right arm, because Alice was on her right- and she was short enough that the elephant could cup and scratch her needy flesh, the itch travelling across the underside and up to her nipple, all of which she scratched, squeezed, and rubbed.  Her left, however, was stuck.  She had to conscript Derrick.

“Derrick, ignore that and help me out! Boob duty! You! Now!”

The defeated horse lifted his right hand, squeezed between them, and rubbed her breast as best he could.  This continued on for some time, until they had run out of hot water and were forced to get out.

Back in Sarah's room – it was the largest – the three were hanging around, not daring to put their clothes back on for fear that some powder still lingered.  It was all going straight into  the laundry.  Alice was apologizing to Derrick furiously, who was biting his lip and squirming for some reason. Sarah was blowing her nose continuously, and getting out some lotion she thought might help.

“I'm going to find whoever put that shit in the common room and I'm going to sit on him,” The elephant promised, a dark look across her face.

“M-murder isn't the answer!” Chimed in Alice.  “It was a mean-spirited prank, but you got rid of all the evidence, so...” she shrugged helplessly, shivering and cupping her arms in her hands, trying to wrap her wings around her body.  It was chilly when one was nude.

“I really didn't want to have to bring this up, but it's... not going away.  Have you guys noticed? It's like it... targetted the easiest areas first, but now it's... it feels like I'm going to itch forever.  And I think some of it got on my...” Derrick had been sulking in the corner of Sarah's bed, squirming since they got back.  At these words, the large elephant began laughing again.

“Oh my god, 'my cock itches'? Is that what you're going to say? That's a totally lame line, Derrick!”

“It's not a line! Shut your face hole... what about you?! Making me scratch your huge stupid tits and keep your trunk from blowing a hole in the bathroom!” the two began throwing small objects at each other, Sarah grinning and laughing as she flung socks, pillows, and wadded-up tissues which Derrick reacted to with horror, snatching her large bra and using it as a sling to catch and return the projectiles- until the pillow, of course.   That just creamed him and he flopped over.

The bat, Alice, just watched with a small smile, glad that everyone was feeling a lot better after their strange ordeal.  “I do kind of know what Derrick is getting at, though.  It got into... everywhere.  All the nooks and crannies, you know? It's so... embarrassing...” she shifted as the sound of her nails scratching against her damp fur was evident, clawing at her neck, her rear, her back... this stuff was seriously annoying, leaving them itchy even after they'd washed so thoroughly.

“Well, I guess I can help you guys out... if you ask really nicely.  Also, keep your contaminated clothes in the corner.  I guess you can wear my shirts... Alice, my shirt will probably cover your whole body, and Derrick... well... you're just kind of scrawny, dude.  At least it'll hang down to your crotch, maybe? You should cover that thing, with us innocent maidens around.”

Squeezing his legs shut and covering his lap with the pillow he'd been clocked with, Derrick muttered under his breath about everyone being jerks.

Alice's ears perked up, a shirt sounded nice.  She was cold... “But what do you mean help us out?”

“I think you know... I mean, I haven't got enough limbs to get all my itchy places, and I've got an extra.” She waggled her trunk.  Surely she couldn't be suggesting...


And then I guess I have an idea for them to keep doing weird stuff.  But I wanted to put that in a separate story for people who don't like that kind of thing.  So... might be continued if anyone but me likes this nonsense.

I Found Something! / Re: [M + Hippo]Happo catches a cold - super sneezes
« on: October 19, 2018, 02:53:54 PM »
Hippos are cool.

Real Life Lounge / Re: Should I leave my gaming club?
« on: October 06, 2018, 05:44:34 AM »
Talk to them about it.  If you're friends with a bunch of gamers, chances are nobody even realizes that they're hurting your feelings.  Don't ask strangers on the internet if you should quit the club, talk to your friends.

Video Games & Anime / Re: Dungeons and Dragons
« on: September 19, 2018, 07:19:28 PM »
Big time fan.  I've been running games for years, it's my passion.

Art, Art, and Art! / Re: So.. I tried drawing something..
« on: September 05, 2018, 03:14:18 AM »
Cute.  I know it's just for... artist reasons, but with the head flipping back and forth I can't help but think that it's just spraying everything around X3

I Found Something! / Re: Munki and Trunk[F Elephant]
« on: August 04, 2018, 06:39:40 PM »
So, this got copyright struck and I have been looking around, trying to see how to get it.  It is, apparently, not for sale anywhere? I mean, AMAZON doesn't have a listing.  Their web site doesn't have a listing.  It's possibly a subscription-only Youtube service?

Art, Art, and Art! / Re: Just My Luck (f, elephant)
« on: July 25, 2018, 11:18:03 PM »
I don't think I've seen you draw an elephant before, it's very cute.  I love the thick trunk.  Somehow it just imparts a feeling of... huggability.

Haaaah, that is cute.  Earthbound is great.

Writer's Den / Re: Jurassic Tickle (Male Tyrannosaur)
« on: July 10, 2018, 11:35:53 PM »
I can only think of a dinosaur mafia now.

Heh heh heh.  I thought that was a nice original story, and I liked the segue from your previous one.

Art, Art, and Art! / Re: Pop Goes the Sneezle (f)
« on: June 13, 2018, 01:55:51 AM »
I'll be honest, I was totally expecting her to sneeze a big bubble gum bubble.  Lol.

Hey, bonus!

[Rejoicing intensifies]

Commission Cave / Story suggestions welcome
« on: May 22, 2018, 09:42:58 PM »
Not sure if this is exactly the place? (FS help me out here if it doesn’t belong) but I’m seeking inspiration. I’ve been getting involved in the community again after a while because I love you guys, and I’m wanting to write more.

Obviously I’m not promising to do it, but if you’d like to leave an idea here feel free. I’ve also been getting into what I like to think of as cooperative storytelling, so if any artists would be interested in working to make a story that has images or wants me to write a story to go along with something they drew, feel free to drop a line.

I’ve had some issues with commissions in the past, so I’m not really looking to exchange my writing skills for money, but I guess that isn’t entirely off the table. Let’s try this first and see what happens. Just to reiterate, I’m not saying if you leave an idea here I will definitely do it.  Maybe I should call it the inspiration board?

Writer's Den / [F + Anthro + Allergies + Wolf] Terri Mowing
« on: May 22, 2018, 04:52:01 AM »
Erudi recently inspired me to write something clean and wholesome for a change.  Also involving canines.  So I did a thing... that might become a series? We'll have to see if it's any good.  I can see like... 'Terri Gardening' and 'Terri Dusting', things like that.  Basically I wanted to create a character who tends to mess everything up due to large sneezes.


Terri was almost finished mowing the lawn when a deep tingling sensation blossomed from what felt like the inside of her face.

“Mrr...” she whined, staring at the large, gray and white muzzle that protruded before her eyes, her big, wet nose twitching a bit before she refocused on avoiding lawn obstacles such as stones, trees, and flower beds.  Her pointed ears flapped down for a moment and then back up as she narrowly avoided crashing one of the riding mower's wheels into a rock formation that outlined the boundary between lawn and garden. “Eep!”

Back on track again, the wolf sighed and blinked, trying to clear the tears that were welling up in her eyes.  “Haeh...” No, there was no fighting it at this point... she was almost done, too! It wasn't fair.  Cut grass smelled so good, why did it have to make her sneeze?

“Aaaah...!” her chest thrust out, overalls covering a plain white cotton tee, little fragments of grass and other vegetation resting here and there.  Raising an arm in front of her face, Terri tried to press her snout against the crook of her elbow, feeling her cold and wet nose press into the fur there just in time for her body to convulse, paws lifting up and then slamming down onto the deck of the mower, one hand clenching the wheel as her eyes squeezed shut and -

“CHHEEEESHHHHeeehh!” she sneezed hard, spray flying from her lips around the shielding arm and nose leaving a long wet trail on her fur as her nostrils flared and twitched open, sniffing a bit as she felt some runniness following her sneeze.

“Bleeeh, it's all over my arm...” She tried not to think about it as she continued mowing, but before long the sweet scent of grass and the stuffy tingling feeling built up again.

“H-HHEHh-eh...!” Her chest heaved, and she adopted a dazed expression, that burning feeling of needing to sneeze but somehow not quite being able to grasp it filling her snout.

“HAEH... AEEHH...” She puffed and gasped, nose wrinkling as her nares twitched again, nearly there.  “S-So... C-cluh-hoo-hose...” She whined again, the wolf rubbing her nostrils and becoming more and more filled with the need to sneeze.  “G-gah-hahtta sne-eeze...” shutting her eyes with a tormented, miserable expression she tried to breathe deeply, but was unable to regulate it and ended up gasping, wheezing and letting out each breath, until finally, blissfully, she managed to bring that tickle to a peak.

“HHHHHHHAAAAAHH...” Like a fire finally gathering enough air to ignite, she burst with a spray of wind and wetness, “-SSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHUUUU!”  sniffling, she sighed, rubbing her nose with an audible squelch as she felt a strong sense of relief, her body having bent forward and misting her mower as she pushed out all the built up air in her lungs. “Oh gosh, that was a big- WHOOP!”

With a clonk and a groan, the klutz ran her mower right into a tree, breaking the deck and causing her to shut her eyes again as she shut off the busted machine.  “Aw, man...”

Snuffling as she wiped her broad nose with the back of her hand, the wolf headed for the garage to see if she still had any spare parts from the last time she'd sneezed... and run into a rock.

Her tail hanging low as she strode away, another gasping “H-HA-HAAATCHHHHHHIIEW!” could be heard, a cloud of mist gently sinking towards the ground as the wolf sneezed yet again.

I missed this the first time, this is so cute! What a big sneeze hehe.

I'd also kind of forgotten that this is a thing.  This type of kink.

Those are so cute.  I love the big noses X3

And the library one has some great expressions.  Failing to hold back is always a fun scenario.


Don't try A Small Orange, ever since they got acquired by some company they're terrible.

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