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Picture book about fire safety in which a young girl invites a friendly dragon to her home for tea and a snack. But when the pepper in the snack causes the dragon to sneeze, he sneezes fire, which sets off a fire-safety story because the fire that comes out of his nostrils sets the curtains and tablecloth on fire.

I Found Something! / Re: Disney+ (General)
« on: November 30, 2019, 06:07:07 AM »
I don't know the exact details offhand, but I have seen at least some stuff being offered with a number of alternate languages, yes.

I Found Something! / Disney+ (General)
« on: November 29, 2019, 02:35:29 AM »
Not sure if it's been discussed already, and not sure if this is really the right place to post this (if not, feel free to move this.) But it occurs to me that the recent release of Disney+ has opened up a huge amount of high-quality content, some of which may have been previously available or hard to find. This includes pretty much every Disney film, as well as a wide range of past and present Disney TV shows, including ones from Playhouse Disney / Disney Junior.

Anyone had any success with clipping anything from Disney+ yet?

I Found Something! / Re: [Located] PB & J Otter-Mama for a Day clip
« on: November 29, 2019, 02:32:24 AM »
Nice one! I love this show. Thanks for posting.

Somewhat obscure children's series about a duck who runs a helpline for children. In this installment, Cyril seeks her services because he's forgetful. Anyway, he and is friends are going out on a camping trip early on in the episode and get caught in the rain. He sneezes a couple of times due to the rain. It's about 2-3 minutes in. I watched it on a service made available from the local library called Hoopla. - YouTube, but it's a paid video, and not available in the U.S.

Oh, I'm a huge fan of that show, though it's been a quite while since I watched it! Thanks! Nice find.

Hmm, you could be right. Seemed more like a cough to me at first on the original, but looking at it more now, I think you're right, and it is a sneeze.

Just got back from seeing it a little while ago and in this version during his presentation in the opening "Circle of Life" sequence, Simba sneezes after being painted by Rafiki. In the original, it was more of a cough and came after Rafiki dumped some dust on him after the painting bit. - new version, from one of the trailers - original, for comparison

Found another one in Franklin and Friends. Franklin's friends all have "Pogo Paws" and Franklin wants them too, so he agrees to do extra chores around his family's house to earn them. One of these chores is cleaning out the fireplace and the coal dust causes him to sneeze. - YouTube video, not HD, sneeze at 4:35. For those that live in the U.S., the first two seasons of the series (this is season one) are available through a service called Kanopy made available through certain public libraries.

I Found Something! / [M, Dog, Feather] Target Bullseye Auditions
« on: June 22, 2019, 10:22:28 PM »
I saw this at the theater today before The Secret Life of Pets 2. Bullseye, the dog that's the mascot for Target stores, is doing a movie audition, though the spot ultimately turns out to be one of those "silence your phone" notices. During the audition, a feather causes him to sneeze.

I couldn't find this on YouTube, but I did find it here -

Sneeze is at 0:18

:) Excellent, thanks!

I Found Something! / Chip & Potato - "Doctor Chip" (Mouse and Pugs)
« on: June 11, 2019, 06:04:17 AM »
This is a new series on Netflix, though actually it originally began airing last year on Canada's Family Channel, which has already broadcast a number of episodes that Netflix doesn't yet have. The basic premise is that Chip (a pug dog) is a little girl is starting school for the first time. What nobody knows but her is that her favorite stuffed toy, or "snuggly," Potato, is secretly a real live mouse. Anyway, in this installment, Potato has a cold, which is a problem, because she keeps sneezing, and nobody but Chip is supposed to know she's a mouse. Lots of sneezes from Potato, as well as a couple of fake sneezes from Chip, and a real one from Chip and her brother Spud in a home video recording. Note - a lot of the real sneezes have a fair amount of build-up. Also, Potato is darned cute. Time codes are based on it being the second of "Chip's First Sleepover / Doctor Chip" and are time remaining because that's what it shows on-screen. Don't know of anywhere right now to find it other than Netflix or here if you're in Canada and have the appropriate subscription -

Potato - 9:50, 9:48 (twice off-screen), 9:32, 8:56, 8:43, 8:21, 6:29, 5:30, 5:09 (off-screen)

Chip (fake) - 9:44, 6:45, 5:05

Chip and Spud - 7:32 (in unison, as babies)

Books and Comics / Heads (Unknown, Elephant, Tickling, Messy)
« on: March 22, 2019, 04:35:14 AM »
Found a rather interesting one in a picture book called Heads by Matthew Van Fleet. (See here.) I've posted two images, but the funny thing about this one is that in order to properly "experience" it, you really have to have the book itself. See, the book has pull tabs, and you pull the tab to "make" the elephant sneeze. (Though I suppose you could sorta create the same effect by clicking between tabs on your browser.)

Click for full-size images.

Books and Comics / If You Give a Mouse a Brownie (M, Mouse, Wetness)
« on: September 14, 2018, 02:12:29 AM »
Been a while since I've found anything in a picture book, but found this while reading If You Give a Mouse a Brownie, a followup to the classic If You Give a Mouse a Cookie (now a TV series on Amazon) and the first sequel in the series to feature the Mouse character instead of another animal. Anyway, if you give a mouse a brownie, a madcap series of events will lead to him wanting to throw a rock concert. While putting up the flyers for it, it rains, and if it does, he might make a paper boat out of one of the flyers and get so wet, it causes him to sneeze.

(Click for larger image)

Okay, so I checked and it looks like the file I have right now is too large to upload normally. However, I could split it using a service called 7Zip, though you would need that software in order to reassemble it. It's free to get. Would you like me to do that?

Yeah, you're right. Okay, well, I'll just see then about posting the copy which I have saved in HD. Stay tuned...

For the record, this is now on YouTube -

I also have a copy on my own computer, in HD, that I can post by request.

Hmm, I don't recall Maisy being native widescreen, which makes me wonder if this really is official. Still, very nice. Thanks for posting it.

I Found Something! / Re: 2 video I've found
« on: June 26, 2018, 03:24:35 AM »
Nice one. That's the rabbit from Sofia the First - I like that show, though it's been a while since I watched it.

Just recently discovered this cute little cartoon on DVD, and quickly found this online -

Nelly & Caesar want to go outside and play in the snow, but the mouse Nelly can't because she has a cold. Sneezes at 0:30, 1:31, 2:13 and 4:04.

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