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I may have posted one other story before but I am curious to see how this goes. If you like it I may do more sooner then later. I am not too good at writing so be gentle. Sorry if it's too long.
Amber  26(elephant) a bit provocative and flirty, extremely allergic to cats. Allergic to flowers, perfume, and dust.
Max f. 24 (Malimute) has a sneeze fetish that is very bad, moans and get louder when she come closer to a loud orgasam. Not allergic to anything but wishes she was. Calm and well groomed.

Max was nervous about the night, for once she was having her girlfriend over for a nice quiet evening alone. No older sister to bug her about how cute she thought it was they were together, or to tease Amber about how sensitive her trunk was. It seemed like forever sense Max had lived on her own, but when you have no job you take what you can get.

The sun was just setting as Max made the finishing touches to the dinner table and set out the food. Her red and white fur brushed and cleaned, and put on her favorite green skirt and black tank top.

"Now all I have to do is hope Amy doesn't home." Max knew Amber was self conscious of her trunk and her wonderful sneezes. Of course who wouldn't be if a single sneeze could destroy a room or house in seconds.

The door bell rang and Max quickly rushed over to answer it. Her excitement was so much she could not control her tail from wagging. Yet another uncontrollable quirk of hers.

When Max opened the door she almost melted at the sight of her lover. Amber was dressed in a tight form fitting black dress. Every curve of her body was perfect and her ample breast were hugged perfectly to reveal just the right amount of cleavage. Out of all the elphantess in the world this one was the best.

Amber smiled seeing her girlfriend looking just as stunning. Max normally dressed in a work suit or a blouse and knee length skirt. Seeing her relax and dress a bit more revealing and fun was like a breath of fresh air. Max was always a bit up tight needing everything done right, but once Amber got involved she was able to free herself and let go.

" Well hello there gorgeous. You gonna let me in, or just stare with you mouth open?" Amber teased leaning against the door frame. She could see Max's tail wagging. "Your not very good at hiding when your excited or happy are you hun?" Amber pushed Max back embracing her and kissing her deeply.

Pulling away from the kiss to breath Max smiled and looked Amber in the eyes. " I know it's one of the few things I can't control." Max hated when people pointed out the involuntary weaknesses of her body, but if she tried to control them they only got worse for her. In this case her tail may stop wagging but her back would cramp up.

"I made a great dinner and I was thinking we could..." Max was cut short when she noticed Amber rub a finger under her trunk. "Are you okay hun?" Max looked around for anything that could be bugging her girlfriends nose, no flowers or perfumes, no cats, and then she saw it the broom had been left by the door.

Amber held up a finger to wait a second and hitched. "Aahhh..ahhh..ahhh. Ahcheeeoooo!!!" If only that was it this would have been easy but Amber always sneezed in threes. AAAHHH..AHCHHHSSEEEOOOOO! AHCHSHHEEEOOOOOOOO!!!" Minimal damage the couch in the family room shifted luckily that was all.

Max gulped a tiny bit as she sqeeked out a tiny moan, hoping Amber did not here her. Max hated this weakness most of all, it would be no problem if it were just her lover that did this to her but whenever something turned her on she would start moaning and it only got louder till she could release and even that she has no control over. Always load and always imbarassing if anyone sneezed near her or touched her in the right way. She learned to keep it as quite as possible bit struggled and always failed in the end. The trouble with holding back a moan was she would shiver afterward. Which she just did.

Amber caught that out of the corner of her tear filled eyes. "Sorry love. It must have just been enough to tickle. It should never happen again tonight. But I may need to help you later." Amber winked.

" shut up And lets eat." Max shut the door and followed Amber to the dinning room, watching Amber's firm butt sway back and forth, feeling another moan building she quickly looked away and shivered.

(I really have to get this a bit more under control) Max thought as she pulled a chair out for Amber and sat her down. Removing the cover from the bowl in front of Amber, Max held her long muzzle high, " tonight we have a delicacy egg fried ravioli, with aspaguos and honey buttered dressing."

The dish looked delicious and professionally later out. Max truly missed her calling. As Amber finished her last perfect bite she sniffled and rubbed at her trunk.

" babe that w..ahh..ahh. was amazing." Amber felt a tickle all meal building and she managed to stop it by rubbing her tongue on the roof of her mouth, but now it was getting to hard to hold back.

Max looked at Amber, then looked around. Nothing was around to trigger Amber's allergies so what was going on? "Hun are you alright?"

Amber curled her trunk a tink bit and managed to calm the tickle again. "Yeah. I think so. But I don't know why it tickles so bad. I know you don't have aahh..ahh.. phew." The sneeze died down again. "And you're not crazy enough to wear perfume like your sister. So I just don't know."

Max was fixed on Amber's sneezy face and she let out a moan. "Mmmmm... babe I think we should her that nose under control before it does some real damage." Max's tail ragged a bit again but not much as she was struggling to keep composed.

Amber quickly stood up the tip of her trunk getting red and wiggly. "Max Aahh..ahhh.. get me to the... the.. d..dd..door NOW. AAAHHHH... AHHHHH..."
Max quickly got Amber to the back door, holder her finger to Amber's flaring nostrils. "We're almost there just a little more." Max opened the door just as Amber's sneeze was about to erupt, then...

"AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH....phew." Amber's eyes opened and she sniffed. The sneeze was gone, like magic. "I lost it."

Max moaned again "OOOOO" she quickly realized her lover did not sneeze and that she was heard, "Amber babe I'm so sorry, your allergies always get me... well..."

Amber shushed Max. "You don't have to be sorry. I know your load but I never realized you can't control it." Amber ran her hands through Max's red hair. "I want to know all your weaknesses."

Max sighed. "Well it hard for me to calm down once I get this way. I normally have to take a cold shower or breath deeply till it goes away."

Amber grabbed Max's hand and rushed to Max's room not even shutting the door. Max was tackled to her bed and kissed on the neck till she let out another loud moan and her hips rolled under Amber. "Sorry babe I can't help it if I do I just shiver and make it worse when I... ooohhhh oh god!" Another loud moan as Amber groped Max's ample breasts.

Amber removed her dress and bra quickly. "You must really love when your... snrk.. aahh..ahh.. your breast are teee...teased aahh.ahh.." Amber had to sneeze again and her trunk wiggled as it hitched.

Max watched Amber's breast rise and fall as she hitched. Another load moan escaped Max who was not even caring about the danger at the momment. "UUUUHHHHAAA"

Max had a small moment after the moan and grabbed Amber's trunk massagining and remembering the wiggle only happened when a cat was near by. "Oh no babe don't... MMMMM...MMMM... don't sneeze." Max managed to calm Amber's trunk enough to for Amber to talk again.

" I think a here." Amber managed to choke out. "Don't let me sn.
Aahh.ahh.. sneeze.

Max felt her orgasm coming as Amber spoke. The hitching breath made her very aware of the sneeze coming. "Babe... I... OHHHH OOHHH!!" Max held it together bit she also felt her grip on Amber's trunk loosen.

Amber could feel the grip loosen. "No B..BB
BABE DON'T LET AAHH..LET AHHH..AHH.. GO." Amber began to shut her eyes just as the feeling to sneeze calmed again. "Thank love."

Max sighed trying not to release what she knew was gonna come eventually. "Babe I can't hold out much...."Max's face was so flushed with a need to orgasm. She had never held one back but it was not easy.

Amber felt for her love but if she sneezed now the room might be getting an extension. Just as she thought it she felt something burn at her trunk. She looked down to see Max trying to shu away kitten who's tail had just touched Amber's trunk. Amber had tears fall down her eyes in allergic torture. Her trunk trying to release the tickle and escape it at the same time.

Max was holding out wounderfuly and keeping Amber from sneezing which looked like it was a losing battle as the kitten tail touch Amber's trunk. " shu. Bad kitty. Shu."

"M..MM..MAX AAHHH.. DON'T LET AAHH..AHH LET ME AAHHH.. AHH... " Amber knew if the kitten tail touched her three times she would have to sneeze but she couldn't get the words out. "AAAHHHHHHHHH..."

Max saw the kitten narrowly miss Amber's trunk with its tail. "Please kitten go away." Max saw the kitten tail swipe the trunk as Max lost a moment of focus to control the approaching orgasm again.

.CANT...." Amber begged as she felt another swipe of the kittens tail... "AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH..YYAAHHHHH.. AAHHHHHHH"

"No babe. I got you. I.. I..." Max had a larger problem as her erect nipples brushed over Amber trunk. "Babe you.. you.. gotta stop moving your trunk it's.. its... OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!"Max's orgasm took over as she screamed from the release and the cats tail swiped one last time under Amber's trunk.

Amber's first sneeze tore the room apart and cracked the wall by the bed...
Max looked at her lover, "bless you..."
The wall cracked more and was ready to fall apart.
Max looked around at the mess and quickly covered herself and Amber realizing the wall was gone. "Bless you love. I have a lot of explaining and fixing to do."
"Thank you. I will help."
The two kissed and went their separate ways for the night knowing they would see eachother soon. Max sighed. I think I might marry her.
The end.

General Chatter / Sneeze fetish content at an extreme drought
« on: May 10, 2018, 05:35:03 PM »
Is it just me does it seem there is less and less sneezing material out there? Maybe there is more male sneezing stuff then female, but I feel like there has been a very extreme lag in material being made.

Writer's Den / F+ elephant+ dystruction
« on: August 15, 2017, 07:47:07 PM »
First off I would like to say this is my first story ever and I may have mislabeled the mature section cause of the way things are worded. But I trust if it is not mature I will be corrected. I see it better safe then fried.
Myra was gorgeous, curvy, and popular with most crowds of people. Always has been. However, odds stacked against her when it came to games like hide and seek. You see not only was she an elephant, already making hiding a hard thing to do, but she had a very sensitive trunk.
When she was young she would always be found first cause she would sneeze and make herself known. It's always been her luck to run into an allergen. Cat fur, perfume, dust, pollen, or hay. It would find her trunk. Now however as an adult midway through college she still had a hyper sensitive trunk, but no need to hide. She likes it that way too. But today was going to be a surprise.
A surprise party was being planned for her best friends birthday. The cake was ready, the streamers were up, and everything was looking great. All there was left to do was hide and wait for her to get home.
Myra looked around for a good spot to hide and saw a perfectly good walk in closet. Perfect. "Sue keeps a very clean house so it should be okay to hide there"
Myra was not the last one to pick a spot to hide, just as she shut the door a very lovely cat walked in with flowers. She sat the flowers on the counter and saw the closet and ran in side.
The cat girl was surprised when she saw Myra standing in the closet. "Oh.. hi. I didn't know someone was in here. I am Jone."
Myra could already feel her trunk start to itch. "I'm Myra. Nice to meet you." She was lying of course but wanted to be friendly to her friend's friends. 
Jone was looking out of the small slit doors. Her excitement was almost a mix of anxiety and happiness. "I can't wait.for.her to get home. I haven't seen Lorie for over 5 years."
"That's quite some t..t..ttt... time." Myra stammered out her trunk already causing her to hitch.
Jone watched as Myra spoke and noticed the elephant' s trunk twitch and move. "Oh no. No elephant sneezes here." Jone quickly massaged Myra' s trunk.
"Aahhh..ahhh..ahhh. Phew. Thank you. Where did you learn to do that?" Myra still could feel the tickle but the massage was feeling so good.
Jone laughed. " I actually work with elephants and allergies so I quit often have to ease there ever sensitive trunks."
Myra blushed a bit and she she smelled something in the air. Her trunk jerked as it smelled the sweet smell of lillies. To her horror there were two of her biggest allergens in the room with her and one was touching her trunk.
Jone jumped and tried to ease the trunk again realizing something intense set it off again. "Woo now. Calm down. What's making you have such trouble?" Jone' s fur started to turn Myra's trunk red as it massaged and tickled.
Myra looked at jone through allergy ridden eyes. "I'm al..all..allerfic to and aahh..ahh...ahh... lillies. AAHHH..AHHH...AAGGAAHHH..." Myra's trunk tried to squirm our of the cats hold but was failing.
Jone's eyes widened as she realized she was part of the problem. "Oh no. I'm only making the sneeze grow stronger then I am so sorry."
Just then the doors opened and their friend was in the room.
" just a bit more." Jone whispered in protest as her friends looked around and picked up a card. Jone got so excited her tail swisher across Myra's trunk.
"Oh no AAHHH..AHHH..AHHH..."
The other friends jumped out and yelled surprise while Myra was only seconds from...
The closer door blast open and threw the cat girl into the center of the room, breaking everything in the path. Myra just stood in the closet red from embarrassment.
"Happy Birthday?"

I'm New Here / New
« on: July 05, 2017, 08:24:56 PM »
I am new. A little afraid taking this step but I want to get to k kw people and try to break out of the lurker stage. Hope to feel at home here.

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