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Atlas was at the movies with his sisters and his babysitter, he felt really stuffy,he had a bad cough, he was sneezing, and his throat hurt slightly, he didn't feel his best, didn't really occur to him that he was sick. The 12 year-old malamute stood in line with his sisters and his babysitter waiting for their tickets to be checked so they could head into the movie theater. They all sat down after they got their tickets checked, Atlas felt a tickle in his nose causing him to sneeze "hshoo hshoo hshoo!" he blew his nose on one of the tissues he had with him, he had a quiet coughing fit from the force blowing his nose caused, he just then noticed how seemingly cold in the theater it was, he felt cold, despite the fact that he was wearing a sweatshirt, and had long pants on, he couldn't stay warm, he was coughing almost constantly, he needed to blow his nose at a minimum of every 4 minutes, he was starting to get tired, he laid down across another seat that was next to him, he shut his eyes trying to relax and fall asleep, but he felt too cold, too stuffed up and was coughing too much to get any sleep, he laid there for about 20 minutes, he felt miserable, he couldn't really follow the movie plot, as he was too preoccupied dealing with his symptoms and he couldn't fall asleep, he sat back up for a little while trying to wake up, he sneezed again "hshoo hshoo hshoo hshoo!" he blew his nose for what felt like the millionth time, not even wanting to think about how this looked to other people, he couldn't help it, he couldn't wait to get home

Writer's Den / Atlas and Seven [M/M + allergies]
« on: April 17, 2018, 01:48:55 AM »
Atlas ginger and white malamute with green eyes

Seven blond and white malamute with blue eyes

It was the night of senior prom, Atlas and Seven were quite enjoying it, they were both dancing and having a good time.

Atlas sneezed "HSHOO HSHOO!" he sniffled

"bless you, baby" Seven said

"Thanks, my allergies are getting to me a little bit" Atlas replied before sneezing again "HSHOO HSHOO HSHOO!"

"bless you, what's making you sneeze so much?" Seven asked

Atlas sneezed again "HSHOO HSHOO HSHOO HSHOO HSHOO!" he sniffled "don't know he said, not noticing the rose in Seven's tux jacket pocket

"bless you, you should blow your nose, here" Seven said handing Atlas a handkerchief

Atlas blew his nose

"better?" Seven asked

Blowing his nose seemed to have made it worse, he sneezed again "HSHOO HSHOO HSHOO HSHOO HSHOO!"

"bless you!" Seven said

"Thanks" Atlas replied, his eyes looked at the flower in Seven's suit pocket "oh... you have a flower in your suit pocket, that has to be it" Atlas rubbed his nose and sniffled

"oh I'm sorry babe!" Seven said, he took the flower out of his suit jacket pocket and threw it away, they weren't gonna let that ruin their night.

The End let me know youre thoughts

"bless you

Writer's Den / Atlas and Seven [M/M + cold + Malamutes]
« on: April 11, 2018, 04:20:34 AM »
Atlas, a ginger and white malamute with green eyes

Seven, a blond and white malamute with blue eyes

Atlas was heading home after a long day at work, he was tired, he felt really stuffy, his throat hurt, and he was sneezing on and off throughout the day, his nose was the slightest bit red too. Atlas got home to find that his boyfriend Seven had not returned home yet, he was relieved, he didn't want his boyfriend to notice that he didn't feel good, he knew he couldn't keep it hidden forever, but he wanted to until Seven got a chance to unwind after his day. Atlas got cozy on the couch and watched futurama until Seven returned home

"Hey Sev, how was your day?" Atlas asked

"It was pretty good, how about yours?" Seven said, sitting next to Atlas and putting an arm around him

Atlas sniffled thickly "bmy day was okay too" he answered before rubbing his nose

Seven frowned "you sound a little stuffy" he hugged Atlas

"Ndo I don'd, I'b fide" Atlas said

Seven shook his head "no your muzzle is all stuffed up I can hear it, its obvious" he said "Are you feeling alright?" he asked concernedly

Atlas nodded "Yuh I feel fide" he said before feeling a tickle in his nose "HSHOO, HSHOO HSHOO!" he sneezed into his paw before sniffling thickly

"bless you, you sure about that?" Seven said snuggling his boyfriend closer to him

Atlas nodded before rubbing his nose trying his hardest not to sneeze again but it didn't work "hshoo hshoo hshoo HSHOO HSHOO!"  he sniffled thickly "yuh I'b sure" Atlas said still denying it

Seven didn't believe Atlas he sighed in slight frustration that Atlas won't admit it, he gave him a few tissues "here, baby will you at least  blow your nose you sound like you can barely breathe" Seven said frowning

Atlas blew his nose, it sounded wet and messy, he sneezed again afterward "hshoo hshoo hshoo hshoo HSHOO HSHOO HSHOO!" he blew his nose wetly again

Seven frowned at how congested Atlas sounded, he kissed Atlas' muzzle when he was done blowing "feel better?" he asked rubbing Atlas' back as he held him

Atlas nodded obviously lying, he hugged his boyfriend, Seven kissed Atlas' forehead trying to see if he felt warm in the process

"You sure you're feeling okay? Your head feels a little warm"  Seven said 

Atlas nodded before sneezing "hshoo hshoo hshoo HSHOO HSHOO!" he sniffled thickly, Seven held a tissue up to Atlas' nose "blow all that stuff out,it's not good to keep sniffling like to be sniffling like that, cutie" 

Atlas complied and blew his nose before coughing roughly, he looked up at Seven and kissed his muzzle "thanks
Sev, I love you, you know" he said

Seven smiled "I love you too...even when youre sick" he giggled to himself

"not sick" Atlas argued, he coughed

"well, you feel warm, and you sound awful, you can't be just fine" Seven rebottled "can I get you anything?" he asked

Atlas shook his head before sneezing "HSHOO HSHOO HSHOO HSHOO!" he grabbed a few tissues from the box on the coffee table and blew his nose "okay fide bmaybe I abm sick, I just didn'd wadda bother you whed you got hobe after your longk day at work"

Seven hugged Atlas and rubbed his back  "oh, baby, You're not bothering me, I love you, and you can't help that you're sick" he said

"I love you too cutie, sorry I didn'd adbmit it soodner" Atlas said kissing Seven on his muzzle and hugging him back

"it's okay, now, what do you say we get you taken care of ?" Seven asked

"that souds dnice" Atlas answered giving Seven a tight hug before coughing roughly and sneezing "HSHOO HSHOO HSHOO!" he blew his nose 

"what are all your symptoms, what's bothering you?" Seven asked

"I'b stuffy, bmy throat is sore, I'b sdneezingk a lot, I have a bit of a cough, ad I feel like I bmight have a fever" Atlas answered before sneezing  "HSHOO HSHOO HSHOO HSHOO HSHOO!" he blew his nose it sounded really messy

"I will be right back" Seven said before getting up to get the thermometer and a blanket for Atlas, he also brought his some more tissues in case he needed them, he gave the blanket and the tissues to Atlas, Atlas wrapped himself in the blanket.

"thangk you so mbuch I feel a lot warmer dnow" Atlas said smiling at Seven

Seven picked the thermometer up "open up, I wanna see how high your fever is" he said, Atlas complied and opened his mouth, Seven took Atlas' temp, read it to him and showed him the thermometer "100.8" not a terribly high fever, but still a fever"

Atlas coughed roughly before sneezing "HSHOO HSHOO HSHOO HSHOO HSHOO!" he blew his nose and coughed again

Seven remembered something, "One more thing, I will be right back, then we can cuddle and relax here for as long as you want" Seven said  before getting up and going to make Atlas some tea with honey, lemon and lime.

Seven returned and handed Atlas a cup of hot tea "here, this should help soothe your throat and clear your sinuses a little I put honey, lemon, and lime in it" Seven said before sitting next to Atlas.

Atlas sipped his tea, it helped, he leaned over and kissed Seven's muzzle, he hugged him "thangk you so mbuch for takingk care of bme babe" Atlas said

Seven kissed Atlas back "anytime, I'm sorry you don't feel good" Seven cuddled Atlas, Atlas pulled away a few seconds later 'HSHOO HSHOO HSHOO HSHOO HSHOO!" he sneezed and blew his nose before snuggling back up with Seven

"bless you my sick lil' pup, hope you're feeling better soon" Seven said smiling at Atlas and cuddling him again

"thangks, me too" Atlas replied cuddling Seven back and kissing his muzzle

Writer's Den / Mason and Ryan
« on: April 01, 2018, 08:20:07 AM »
Ryan is a blond wolf with blue eyes
Mason is a red and black wolf with brown eyes

Mason was sniffling from the moment he woke up, he took his allergy meds, and he was still sniffly, his nose tickled a bit too, he checked the pollen count on his phone, it wasn't high, he sneezed

"ISHOO ISHOO ISHOO!" he blew his nose, it sounded very wet

"you okay" Mason's classmate Lexi, a pink and white cat asked handing him a tissue

Mason sniffled  "yeah fine, just a little sneezy I guess"

"you getting a cold?" she asked 

"no!" Mason snapped at Lexi a little bit, he sniffled and rubbed his nose

"you look a little sick, your nose is red" Lexi said

"I said I'm fine!" Mason said back, he felt his nose tickle, he sneezed "ISHOO ISHOO ISHOO ISHOO!" he blew his nose

when he got back home he knew he was sick, he was stuffy, his nose was really irritated and itchy, his throat was bothering him, he didn't feel good

"Hey Mason how was class?" his friend and roommate Ryan asked him

"longk ad tiringk" Mason said

"aww you sound so stuffy, you getting a cold?" Ryan asked hugging Mason

"I'b fide its just allergies"

"congestion isn't one of your allergy symptoms" Ryan said

"well we have to go to Zack's graduation party today!" Mason said before blowing his nose and letting out a few small coughs

"youre sick youre not going anywhere, and neither will I if you want me here" Ryan said

"I am not sick and I am going to take a nap because I'm tired and not because I'm sick" Mason said before sneezing "ISHOO ISHOO ISHOO"
Mason blew his nose and went upstairs to his bed, he locked his door so Ryan couldn't try anything and find out for sure that he was sick

Ryan thought he was being sneaky by trying to take Mason's temp while he was asleep but then he couldn't get in, he knocked on the door angrily


Mason coughed roughly and sniffled "don't wanna"

"Mason come on let me take your temperature!" Ryan said

"for the last time no" Mason said

"You know if you really thought you weren't sick you'd let me!"

"fine" Mason unlocked the door

Ryan took Mason's temp and frowned "you have a fever of 100.3" youre sick"

Mason sneezed "ISHOO ISHOO ISHOO ISHOO!" he blew his nose "the thermometer is a liar"

"oh my god Mason please, you are sick okay?"

"ugh fine" Mason sniffled

Mason and Ryan both stayed home from Zack's graduation party, Zack understood

the next morning Ryan woke up with a stuffy nose and a sore throat, he was also sick, it came on so fast, him and Mason took care of each other until they were both feeling better

let me know your thoughts

Forum-based Roleplay / who wants to start a RP?
« on: April 01, 2018, 03:55:47 AM »
wruf! who wants to start a RP

Writer's Den / Atlas and Pepper [M/M + Anthro] work in progress
« on: March 12, 2018, 11:19:49 PM »
Atlas is my fursona hes a ginger and white malamute with blue eyes and Pepper was purple otter with blue green hair

Atlas and Pepper were on the couch watching the Simpsons, Atlas was leaned up against Pepper, he was clearly tired, sniffling a little bit too . Pepper's ears perked at the sniffle

"you ok bud?" Pepper asked

"yuh fine" Atlas answered sniffling

The otter made a face not believing the sniffly pup

Atlas stifled a few sneezes into his blue hoodie

"hnnxk hnnxk HNNXK"

"Bless you sickly pup" the otter said teasing the pup a bit

"not sick I'm fine" Atlas argued still sniffling

"of course you are, you just happen to have an itchy nose for fun, huh?" Pepper teased

Atlas had a stifled sneezing fit into his hoodie

"hnnxk hnnxk hnnxk hnnxk HNNXK"

He sniffled loudly
"must be dusty in here or something and I'm too tired to argue with you"

The slim swimmer otter sighed and splayed his ears, nodding and leaning back into the corner of the couch
"okay okay Atlas don't get all grumpy.." he sat there , worried in silence for his friend.

Atlas hugged Pepper tightly sniffling constantly now  "thank you for believing me"

Pepper smiled and nodded hugging back giving his friend's nose a little nuzzle "Of course buddy of course."

"do we have any tissues anywhere? I really need to blow my nose" Atlas said still sniffling

Pepper dug in the pocket of his own hoodie pulling out a plastic pack of tissues, he always had them since since his allergies got kinda bad now and then  "Here buddy" he smiled offering the boy one

Atlas blew his nose hard , causing him to cough a little bit "ugh" he said quietly  it was clear the puppy didn't feel good but would he admit it? who knows

Pepper rubbed his friend's back as he blew, his ears splayed slightly "feel better buddy?"

"no" Atlas said, he was obviously really congested

The otter huffed, rubbing his friend's poor sniffly nose . "I'm sorry Atlas..."

Atlas sneezed into his paw getting snot all over it in the process "ugh I'm going to go wash my paws be right back"

Atlas washed his paws with soap and water and returned , sitting next to Pepper "I'm really sorry I snapped at you earlier" Atlas said sniffling

Atlas felt cold and stuffed up and his throat was scratchy and his nose was itchy, he couldn't stop sneezing he wanted to take a nap

"Is it cold in here?" Atlas asked shivering slightly

Pepper shook his head, but he gave the pup  a warm hug anyway " not in my hoodie bud, wanna borrow mine?"

"I was thinking I get a blanket for the both of us" Atlas said going to the laundry room to get his big fluffy purple blanket out of the dryer, it had just finished so the blanket was nice and warm he returned and curled up with his friend on the couch

the otter chucked softly, a little bit too warm with the sickly pup and warm blanket and his own hoodie so he tugged it off ,laying over the blanket over Atlas and just snuggling his friend in a Steven Universe painted tank top. "better?"

"much better" Atlas said before having a sneezing fit "hshoo hshoo hshoo hshoo HSHOO!"  then he searched fir his red hanky in his sweatshirt pocket and blew his nose hard Atlas was unaware that he had sneezed all over his friend's hoodie Atlas stifled more wet sneezes into his paw "hnnxk hnnxk hnnxk HNNXK" and blew his nose hard coughing a little bit from the force

Pepper blushed a little as his friend sneezed again and again In his arms, giving the pup a gentle squeeze as he laid his chin between the pup's ears again "bless you bless you bless you bless you..." he sighed playfully after each sneeze "You suuuuure you don't have a cold?...your head feels pretty warm" the otter said


Writer's Den / (a sneeze fic based on myself and my fursona) [M]
« on: March 05, 2018, 09:45:11 PM »
My fursona doesn't have a name yet but everyone just calls him Wolfe he is Red and white with Icy blue eyes

Wolfe got up to go to school, it wasn't his best day, he didn't feel very good, his nose was tinted pink, it was itchy and sore, his throat hurt, he was really congested, and he was coughing and sneezing a lot, he knew he was sick so he had tissues and a few handkerchiefs with him in case he needed it, he was not looking forward to today.

He got on the bus to go to school he didn't want too stay home, he hated missing school but he didn't like school that much, he was sitting in his first class and listening to his teacher talk when he felt a tickle in his nose, he didn't want to sneeze but he knew he had to so he brought his purple handkerchief up to his twitching nose just in time he stifled 5 sneezes into his handkerchief "Hnnxk hnnxk hnnxk hnnxk HNNXK" before blowing his nose wetly, Wolfe noticed the person next to him was staring at him, it wasn't Wolfe's fault he was sick, the malamute sniffled thickly before coughing into his sweatshirt. the person sitting next to him eventually excepted the fact that Wolfe couldn't help all the sniffling and sneezing and coughing, at lunch Wolfe saw his friends Elliot and Meghan.

"you ok Wolfe?" Elliot asked

"yeah, just sick" Wolfe said sniffling thickly

"that sucks" Meghan said

"yeah it does but I'll be alright" Wolfe said rubbing his nose before stifling 8 sneezes "Hnnxk Hnnxk Hnnxk Hnnxk HNNXK HNNXK HNNXK HESHOO!" into his handkerchief

"stifling your sneezes isn't good for you, you know" Elliot said

"yeah I know" Wolfe said before coughing harshly

"do you think you'll be able to sing in chorus with that cough?" Meghan said 

"no I'm not going to be able to sing" Wolfe said

After lunch was over he had history and biology and chorus, after his classes were over it was time to go home where he could sleep
that's exactly what he did when he got home, he was miserable, he couldn't keep his nose clear and he couldn't stop sneezing he thought a nap might help, it did

its over...not my best story tbh

Writer's Den / Malakai's Cold [M] Anthro Husky
« on: February 28, 2018, 07:32:02 AM »
OK, this is gonna be my first posted story here to the forum,

the characters are

Malakai: a ginger and white husky with blue eyes

Nanook: a black and white husky with brown eyes

Shasta: a white husky with blue eyes


It was a calm morning in California, we take our attention to a small 2 story apartment where a group of friends had lived for almost 2 years now

“Hnxch! Hnxch! Hnnxchu!” Malakai awoke to a tickle in his nose, he pinched it to stifle his sneezes as he sat up in bed “Whoa...snnff...where did those come from?”   He rubbed under his nose and sniffled thickly. That wasn't a good sign. He threw his covers off and made his way to the hall bathroom to look himself over. His nose was tinted a light pink with his cheeks and he looked more tired than usual. he didn't feel any different, but he sure looked it

"Malakai!" A voice shouted, followed by footsteps leading toward him from downstairs

"Yeah?" He answered knowing who it was

“Holy shit, you're actually up? It's like, seven in the morning. Aw man, I was hoping to wake you up.” His housemate Shasta laughed, "we have our meeting with the professor today, be sure to dress nicely, I'm goin got go wake up Nanook, He trotted out. A door was heard slam open followed by, “Hey Nanook rise and shine" and the day began
Snnff...ugh...hope this will pass. I can't stay at home all day, lord knows what they would do if they found out. Haaahhhhh...Hashew! Hek'CHIKOO! Ugh...” He rubbed under his nose again and blew his nose with a paper towel

"Bless you Malakai, Are you feeling alright?" Malakai turned to find Nanook staring at him as he tossed the soiled paper towel in the trash.

"thanks, yeah I'm fine, I just need a shower" he smiled and scratched his head nervously at Nanook

"HETCHOO!” Malakai  bent forward from the force and scrubbed at his nose when a new tickle entered his nose. The tickle seemed to be playing with him. Leaving and suddenly returning without warning.

“Jesus, bless you! Warn a guy before you let something like that out, man.”  Shasta said

"Sorry, don't know where it came from.” He laughed heartily, hoping he didn't catch on. Shasta turned back around and continued brushing his teeth. Malakai sniffled and sighed. 'this is going to be a long day...' 

as they were in Nanook's car and Nanook was driving the three of them to school to have their meetings with the professor "Haaahhhh...hehhh...” Malakai's head tilted back with his paw  hovering in front of his face, Shasta turned his head to peer back at him, curious of the sound, and paused. “Hak'TSHEW! Hitchoo! Snnff...”  "Bless you Malakai" Nanook  said while turning into the middle lane unfazed. Bless you dude. Ya feeling okay?” Shasta asked surprised by the loudness, Malakai nodded tiredly and slumped back in his seat. “You sure?” Shasta questioned, not really sure himself. "Yeah...I'm fine.” Malakai answered with his eyes closed. He peeked an eye open a minute later at Shasta still staring at him. “I'm fine, really.”  Shasta turned back around slowly. Malakai wasn't one to complain, but he really just wanted to go home and sleep it off. But would he admit it? Maybe later on, but their meeting was very important for their classes and he couldn’t afford to miss it. So he sucked it up and went with the flow. they got to the library where they would meet with the professor, Nanook was always sharp on the small things so Malakai feared that he would be caught sooner or later, if not already. As he sniffled again, his eyes slacked and his mouth cracked open. Nanook continued to stare and crossed his arms in waiting. Heehhhh...haht!” Malakai quickly pinched his nose tightly and bent forward. “Hnxt! Hnnxch! Hnnck! Ugh...shid...” He took a thick sniffle and looked back up and saw both Nanook, and Shasta staring at him.

"Bless you Malakai"

"Bless you"

"th-thanks..." He whispered and looked back down, his blush deepening Shasta and Nanook shared glances to each other and Shasta shrugged, as the previous student got finished with is meeting with the professor, Shasta was called in, he looked at Malakai, who was trying to hold it together, and he looked at Nanook giving Malakai an annoyed look, as Shasta hesitantly went in to meet with the professor he looked at Nanook and frowned "take care of him" he said referring to Malakai, Malakai swallowed and flinched at a slight pain from his throat and listened for the door to click close before slumping down to the floor. He avoided any eye contact with Nanook to save what little pride he let him keep at the moment. Knowing full well he was in trouble.

"Malakai" Nanook's tone was annoyed with a touch of impatience. Malakai brought his knees to his chest and wrapped his arms around them with his head pressed into them. "I'll give you to the count of three to look at me. Or I’m taking you home now without hearing you out.” Nanook said, Malakai gripped his pants in a panic to his threat, knowing that not only would he do it, but he would do more if he didn’t cooperate now. He swallowed again and slowly looked up to find Nanook at eye level with him. He sniffled thickly and stared into Nanook's eyes. “You look awful.” He reached out his paw  and placed the back of it to Malakai's  forehead. “Snnffk...I feel awful...” Malakai rubbed at his pink nose and quickly pinched it when he felt the irritation rise as to not sneeze on his friend. “Hnnxchu! Hnngxch! HNNXCHT!” That last one seemed to strain him with the force and Nanook gripped his shoulder to keep him upright Nanook could feel the heat radiating from Malakai's  body through his suit and placed his other hand on his other shoulder.

"You idiot.” He signed and konked their heads together

"I'mb sorry...snnff...I honesdly didn’d feel like this earlier.” Malakai smiled tiredly and chuckled
Nanook  released his grip and sat back to look him over Malakai really didn’t look well, but he didn’t look too bad to be taken home right away.

"It's only been about two hours. How did you get this bad?” Nanook asked while searching his pocket for his purple handkerchief. He didn’t get a verbal answer, only sniffles and a few coughs. Nanook found his handkerchief and pinched it around Malakai's nose  immediately earning him a very thick wet honking sound Malakai looked away disgusted as Nanook  moved the handkerchief and folded it into his paw. “Symptoms?” Nanook asked as calmly as possible. Malakai leaned back against the cool wall and rubbed his head with his paw nose is irritated and stuffed up. I'm tired and want to sleep, and my throat is getting a little sore.” He sighed guiltily and closed his eyes.

“You have a fever as well.” Nanook said quietly and stood up. “I'll go inform Shasta and we'll take you home.” At that, Malakai quickly looked up at him with fear in his eyes, pleading for him not to. Nanook was reaching for the door but could feel Malakai's eyes on him. “I'm sure the Prof. will understand and reschedule, Malakai At most this is just a small cold that can be easily and quickly cured within a few days. This is in no way, shape, or form hindering us.” He turned the knob and cracked the door open to enter “No I’ll be fine, you don’t have...”  Nanook  turned his head curiously when Malakai paused and frowned at the sight. He had his paw hovering in front of his tired pre-sneeze face Nanook waited for the release but only got continuing hitching breaths instead. He sighed and knelt to Malakai's  side. “Is it stuck?” He nodded as tears formed in the corners of his eyes. Nanook pinched the clean side of his handkerchief around Malakai's nose and mouth and he flinched at the touch. “Hah! Haahhhh hih hih! Hehhhaaahhhh...!” Malakai's  breath was getting more desperate but nothing came from it. Nanook stared at his stubborn pink nose, almost glaring, and massaged it gently. This sparked the final touch needed. “Hah'ESHOO! HITCHEW! ISHOO! Hahhh...HESHOO! HESHEW!”  Malakai leaned back up against the wall and gasped for a steady breath between coughs. The harsh fit surprised both of them and left Nanook  to think of how that must have hurt  Nanook placed his handkerchief in Malakai's paw and stood once more to go into the room in the library Shasta and the professor were in He gripped the knob again and glanced back at Malakai "bless you Malakai"  He quickly walked into the room  leaving Malakai staring at the door in a dazed shock "thank you Nanook"  Nanook walked into the room the professor and Shasta were in “How is he?” The Prof. asked kindly and placed a hand on his hip. Nanook looked toward Shasta with soft eyes and Shasta nodded The two of them had formed a nonverbal communication process that they often used in certain situations Shasta knew what was to come and nodded “I'm taking him home. He says he feels awful.” The Prof. nods in understanding and hands Shasta an envelope. “Mind if I see him before you three lads depart?” He asked politely and Nanook nodded He's right outside the doors, sir.” Nanook says calmly and leads them to the doors, where they hear Malakai in a half stifled sneezing fit.
“Hnnxch! Hitchi! Hetchew! Hnnxch! Hnxchu! Hachoo!” Six sneezes were released upon approaching the door. “Hnnck! Hnxch! Heeehhhhhh-ICHEW! HETCHEW! HNXCHU! Snnffk...guh...” Five released upon them opening the door. Malakai groaned and blew his nose with the handkerchief. They all blessed him with worry in their voices. Malakai nearly jumps from them sneaking up on him and blushes an even redder color than what he already was "uh.. Th-Thank you"  He manages a quick thank you before bending over with a harsh fit of coughing that he caught in his paw The Prof. looks stunned by Malakai's  condition and shakes his head in disapproval.
“Lad, this is unacceptable.” The Prof. says while shaking his head. He walked over to him and leaned down to feel his now sweaty forehead. He sighs and turns back to his students. “Take him home, we will meet next week. Good day, gentlemen.” 

Let me know your thoughts

I'm New Here / I'm new here
« on: February 27, 2018, 08:37:48 PM »
Hi I'm a malamute named Shiloh, I write furry sneeze fiction and I think some people here might really enjoy it so I'm going to post some of it some time

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