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Art, Art, and Art! / [F + Dragon + MLP] Ember
« on: February 22, 2019, 05:15:00 AM »
Here's a pic of Dragon Lord Ember from My Little Pony that I commissioned over on Discord. An artist by the name of Seekrits drew this for me in exchange for a story.

General Chatter / Furry Sneeze Discord
« on: February 22, 2019, 04:14:01 AM »
I'm starting a furry sneeze server on Discord. It's a good place for furries with sneezing and related fetishes to talk, share art and stories, and roleplay.

Click here to join:

Commission Cave / Trading Story Commissions For Art Commissions
« on: February 15, 2019, 05:26:55 AM »
I am currently looking to do story commissions. However, since I have no way of receiving actual money over the internet, I am willing to trade story commissions in exchange for art commissions. If you are not artistic but would still like to commission a story, I am sure we could work out another trade.

If interested, please message me either on this site or on my Discord: Haru#5278

Site Rules, News, and Suggestions / Brave Rewards
« on: February 15, 2019, 05:08:26 AM »
In case you are unaware, Brave is a Chrome-based browser focused on privacy. It blocks ads and trackers by default and has a special mechanic. Users may support their favorite sites through a cryptocurrency called BAT (Basic Attention Token). These can be distributed automatically based on how much time the user spends on different sites, or the user may give tips to whatever sites they want. 

I just got a grant from Brave and would like to donate it to SF. The problem is, my browser is saying that this site has not yet signed up to receive contributions from Brave users. Would the owner please sign up to receive contributions from Brave users so that I can donate my grant to the site?

I Found Something! / My Little Pony Short
« on: February 06, 2019, 01:47:12 AM »
There's a new MLP short where everypony gets affected by Twilight's magic sneezes.

Writer's Den / [M+Fox+Coyote]The Excuse (Commission for Gerplexan)
« on: January 26, 2019, 05:49:58 AM »
It was a cloudy summer day. A marble fox dressed in a black tanktop and grey boxers lay in his bed under a pile of used tissues. Casey’s nose scrunched up before he let out a sneeze. “KTSHOO!!!!”
   As he blew his nose, his roommate, a coyote wearing shorts and an anime T-Shirt,  walked through the door with a couple of shopping bags. “Okay. I got the stuff for the tea you...” Daniel paused as his phone vibrated. “Oh no!”, he said.
   Casey sniffled thickly. “What?”, he asked.
   Daniel replied, “My mom just sent me a text. Apparently I’ve been invited to my old neighbor Newton’s graduation party tomorrow.”
   “So?”, asked Casey.
   As he was making the tea, Daniel responded “So, those people’s graduation parties always suck. I went to his sister’s graduation party a few years ago, and it was the worst party I’d ever been to! I had to get super dressed up, there was assigned seating, the food was horrible, and there were no games or anything. I wish I could say ‘no’, but there’s no way my mom will...”
   He then focused his attention attention on Casey as he noticed his scrunched up muzzle. “heh. Heh. Heh’Kchooo!”, the fox sneezed. Daniel was delighted. He had just found the the excuse he was looking for.
   After Casey blew his nose, Daniel ran over to him. “Give me that!”, he commanded as he attempted to grab the used tissue.
   “No.”, Casey responded. “I do’t wadda get you sick.”
   “But it’s the only way I only way I can get out of this stupid graduation party.”, said Daniel.
   “Yeah but I still do’t wadt you gettig sick.”, said Casey. “Cad’t you just suck id up add go to dat party?”
   “NO!”, shouted Daniel. “I can NOT go to another one of Newton’s family’s graduation parties!” Now, give that tissue!”
   “Do!”, shouted Casey. The fight was interrupted by the whistle of the tea kettle. Daniel simply went into the kitchen and fetched the tea for Casey. “Here.”, he said as he handed Casey his tea.
   “Thagks.”, replied the fox as his roommate made his way to his own room.

   Daniel sat at his computer desk, browsing the internet and wondering how he could catch Casey’s cold. Suddenly, on the other side of the wall he heard his roommate say, “Oh god. This is a godda be a big ode.”
   Then it hit Daniel. What he really needed to get sick was to get Casey to sneeze on him. He quickly rushed over to Casey’s room and awaited the mist that would save him from having to go to the party.
   By the time he arrived, Casey’s muzzle was already scrunched up, his eyes were closed, and his mouth was wide open. “Heh. Eh. Uh. Ugh.” Suddenly the urge for Casey to sneeze disappeared, but as quickly as it left, it came back in full force. “Heh Eh  Ah.” Daniel put his face in front of Casey’s as close as he could. However, at the last second, Casey grabbed a tissue and placed it on his muzzle. “AETSHII! HUHHkichi!!! HAE’KKTEEEEEEEEWWWW!”, he sneezed into the tissue. “You’re disgustigg.”, he said before blowing his nose onto another tissue.
   Daniel stormed out of the room in frustration. That wasn’t right. He should have gotten sprayed. He then knew that the tissues had to go.
   The crafty coyote went back into Casey’s room and said “Let me get those out of your way, he said as he swept all the used tissues on the bed into the nearby trash can.
   “Ub. Thagks.”, said Casey.
   “No problem.”, replied Daniel as he snatched the box and put it in the trash can with the used tissues.
   “Hey!”, shouted Casey. However, with a renewed tickle in his nose, he knew he was powerless to stop what was about to happen. “Ah’Choum! ‘KGXGHOO!”, he sneezed.
   Meanwhile, Daniel dashed through the apartment to round up any spare tissues he could find and throw them in the trashcan. He collected boxes of tissues from the bathroom, the living room, and even grabbed the tissue box on his own nightstand. Once all the tissues in the apartment were rounded up, Daniel left the apartment and went to the dumpster outside where he poured out all the tissues they had.
   When Daniel came back, Casey’s nose was a dripping mess. “What the fugk is wrogg with you!?”, Casey asked angrily.
   Daniel responded, “Well sorry for not wanting to go to hell tomorrow!”
   Casey got out of bed and stood face to face with his roommate. “Oh was that it?!”, he asked. Did you wadt be to sdeeze od you so you do’t have to go to thad dub old party?!” He then grabbed the coyote and pulled him closer, bringing his face mere inches away from his own. “Well here you go!”
   Daniel’s face was now drenched. “Thanks for that.”, he said merrily, for he know that it was now only a matter of time before he caught the cold himself.

   An hour or so later, as he was playing games on his computer, Daniel felt a tickle in his nose and his muzzle scrunched up. The moment he had been waiting for had finally arrived. “Uh. Uh. Uh’Rechoo!!!” The sneeze was followed by another, “HOHKTCHA!!!!” and another, “OKCHEE!!!”
   “Yes!” Daniel exclaimed with snot dripping from his nose. I do’t have to go to dat party adybore!”
   He then went back to Casey’s room. “Hey.”, he said. “I’b dow sick too.”
   Casey gave a sigh and said “Hop id.”, he said as he moved over and patted the empty spot next to him. Daniel complied and got into the bed as his roommate unleashed a loud “H’RAESHOO!”
   Immediately afterward Daniel sniffled as his muzzle scrunched up “OHK’TSHEE!!!! AHTTSHOO!!!”, sneezed the coyote. “Ugh. I deed to blow by dose, he said.”
   “So do I.”, replied Casey, “Bud you threw out all our tissues.”
   “Oh well.”, said Daniel. “At least dis is bedder thad dat party.”
   Then, both Casey and Daniel’s muzzles scrunched up and they closed their eyes as they awaited the oncoming sneeze. “heh. Heh. HEH. HEHKICHEEEEEEEEWWWW!!”, they sneezed in unison. “Yep.”, said Daniel. “Defidetly bedder thad dat party.

Here is a Wings of Fire roleplay I just started on Discord with moonbloom267. I am playing as my OC Planetseeker (a NightWing) and moonbloom267 is playing as a pair of conjoined SandWing twins named Fennec and Sahara.

Here are the refs for Planetseeker and Fennec and Sahara. Fennec and Sahara's ref was drawn by moonbloom267 and Planetseeker's was drawn by an artist I commissioned.

Fennec and Sahara:

Planetseeker made his way through the desert of the SandWing Kingdom on his way to the old NightWing Kingdom. While he did not quite get along with his fellow NightWing, Planetseeker had heard about the the grand observatories and old libraries.

However, Planetseeker picked up a cold before he left the Rainforest. He had been sneezing and advancing slowly to his destination for the entire trip.

Planetseeker took out his map to see where to go next. However, he felt a sudden sneeze come on. "Heh'tchee!" Planetseeker did not have time to move the map before he sneezed. As a result, the ink on the southwestern edge of the map became smudged.

Fennec and Sahara we’re currently buried by a sand dune not too far from the edge of the kingdom, doing their best to get warmer afte their short trip to the ice kingdom. Currently they were balled up and only their tail could be seen, poised upright in the sand
They shifted in the sand a bit and sand found its way into their nostrils. Shara loud sneeze, blowing sand forward and away from their mound

Planetseeker noticed Fennec and Sahara and in a stuffy voice asked, "Excuse be. Cad you tell be how to get to the NightWigg city?"

“The NightWing City? The lost city of night?”

Planetseeker sniffled. "Yes. That ode. Eh'kshee!!!"

She taps her chin a bit in thought. “It’s on the talons, just south of here, I believe.” She nodded a bit and Fennec lifted his head from the sand, as they spread all four of their wings

Planetseeker replied, "Thagks. Aetshi!!!", he sneezed. The NightWing grabbed a piece of cloth out of his bag and blew his snout with a nasty sounding wet gurgle.

“No problem.” She smiles and they took a stand, shaking the remaining sand off of them

Planetseeker sluggishly made his way south. "Hah'eetshi! Hah'kshi! Haetcheeeeeeeewwww!!!!", he sneezed and blew his snout again.

“Bless you.” They replies in sync

Planetseeker wiped his snout with the cloth and said, "Thagks."

“No problem” they smile at him

Planetseeker sneezed three more times. "Hahktee! Heetshoum! H'cheeeeeeeewwww!!" After blowing his snout, Planetseeker said, "Ugh. I thigk I deed to lie dowd for a bit."

“Then we’ll stay here and keep you company until you leave for your journey”

"Thagks.", said Planetseeker as he laid down in the sand and fell asleep.

They laid their heads in the sand, looking around for any sort of danger

Real Life Lounge / Should I leave my gaming club?
« on: October 06, 2018, 03:25:20 AM »
I had something special planned for my gaming club tonight. However, nobody wanted to do it. When I told a close Discord friend who came to know through SneezeFurs what happened and that most meetings end up like this one, he said I should maybe think about leaving. (or at least he would have after a few meetings like this). However, I don't think I wanna leave. That club has become part of my life, and there are times I actually have fun. However, more often than not, they end up like tonight.

What should I do?

General Chatter / Sneeze Generator
« on: September 29, 2018, 05:29:04 AM »
Having trouble writing out detailed elaborate sneezes? This site generates 30 different "sneezes" on loading. Hit refresh to get a new list.

Username: sff
Password: sneezefetish

Writer's Den / [F + M + Dragon + Feral + Wings of Fire] Scaly Sneezes
« on: September 25, 2018, 07:08:23 AM »
This is a Wings of Fire RP I just started with Skitchyy on Discord. Skitchyy is playing as a SeaWing-RainWing hybrid named Tulip and a NightWing-RainWing hybrid named Prism. I am playing as a SeaWing named Tuskshell and a SkyWing named Redtail.

"Hh.... Hett--- Ngg'xtt'shiww!!" Rang that high-pitched, bell-like sneeze through the caverns.
There it was again... The familiar sound of sniffling that followed- Had she really gotten a cold again?
It didn't matter; She admitted to liking the sensation.
The embarrassment was a little much for Tulip's young mind, however.
Prism, somehow, was still fast asleep by her little sister's side.
An odd sight to see, really; An unusual bright pink dragon, smaller than the average, next to a semi-bulky, deep twilight black-toned dragon- with only the faintest speckles of brightly colored freckles- sleeping together, non-blood-related siblings, in a shallow, damp cavern.

Both odd variations of rainwings, it was no surprise they had nowhere to fit in, other than with eachother. So, that's exactly what they did.
Nightwings were too aggressive and untruthful for Prism's tastes, and Seawings were much too fancy and strict for Tulip to feel comfortable with. Rainwings were too lazy at the time; the dragonettes' plans hadn't progressed yet, and these little dragons hadn't heard a think about those "Dragonettes of Destiny", other than that obnoxious, yet gloriously harmonial, theme.

"Hff... C-c-come on... W-w-why can't I just sleep in peace..." Tulip whined to herself in a low tone, soft talons pressed against her snout, which was red as a rose, instead of that peachy pink she was used to.
She sat down next to her sleeping sister, wishing she could just relax like her...

Tuskshell emerged from the pool carrying a small snail. He had always had an affinity for aquatic invertebrates. "Hey Tulip. Sick again, I see?", he asked.

"Eep-!!" Tulip let out a startled yelp, seeing the bulky dragon ahead.
"O-ohh--- Y... yeah..." She sniffled, smiling ruefully.

Tuskshell climbed out of the water. He grabbed a piece of cloth from his pouch and offered it to Tulip. "Here.", he said.

"T-t-thanks---" Tulip, carefully held the cloth, rubbing her little irritated snout against it. It was obvious whenever she was sick in any way; A dragonette of such a petite size was liable to get sick easily, and be unable to hide it or get over it like most others. Clearly, she didn't care enough to try and hide it, not like it would do her any better; But she still tried to keep it simple, minescule, the best she could.

"What do you think of the snail I found?" Tuskshell asked as he held the yellow mollusk up to the RainWing.

"Oooo!  It looks cool!! And kinda c-cute!" Her childish interests rang in her high-pitched voice as she stared at the slimy little creature.

"Wanna hold it?", Tuskshell asked.

"Sure!" Tulip jumped up exitedly, her slick tail practically wagging behind her.

Tuskshell held out the snail and carefully placed it in Tulip's talons.

"Oooooo~!" Squeaking out in interest, Tulip, held the little mollusk tenderly, trying her best not to squish it in any way.

This is an RP I am doing with ShilohDog on Discord. He is playing as his character Atlas, a red Malamute, I am playing as Notaru, the blue and green kitsune you see on my profile pic. Red text will signify his parts and green will signify mine

 Part One:
Atlas came home from class a little later than expected...he didn't quite sound like himself, he didn't feel like himself either "Hey, Ndotaru" he greeted his roommate, he sniffled thickly and cleared his throat "Sorry I'b late"  he sniffled again "How was your day?" he asked.

"It was good.", replied Notaru. "We were just having a review day in PC Systems." The kitsune then grabbed a tissue and handed it to his roommate.  "Here. You sound stuffed."

Atlas blew his nose messily "Thagks, yuh, I'b pretty stuffed up, thignk I'b gettig a cold" he said.

   "That sucks.", said Notaru. "Is there anything I can do for you?"

   Atlas coughed roughly and sniffled "Ndah, you dod't have to do adythig" Atlas said, he suddenly sneezed "HETCHOO!"  he grabbed a tissue and blew his nose "ugh, exambs are tomborrow I dod't kndow what I'b godda do."

   Notaru replied, "You know the cliche story of the kid pretending to be sick to get out of school?"

   You thignk I'b fakig?" Atlas asked.

   "Not at all.", said Notaru. "Judging by the way you blew your nose just now, I'd say it's real. I was going to say that I was the opposite of that in high school. I often pretended to NOT be sick so that I could still go.  I would say that my coughs and sneezes were just coughs and sneezes and sometimes i would lay under the covers before leaving so I had an alibi when my mom tried to check me for a fever."

   "I used to do that too" Atlas said. He sniffled thickly and coughed "Although I always mbissed out odn choir, cuz you are ndot supposed to sig with a cough, or a sore throat, or if you're all stuffed up, but I got mby work dode"  Atlas said, he went and sat down on the couch

Notaru said. "Honestly it was mostly to avoid having to do make-up work  at home. It was better to do my work there on that day than at h... HA TCHOO!"

   “Yuh, I totally get that...bless you, you alright?" Atlas asked, he coughed roughly and sniffled.

Notaru sniffled. "Thanks." He grabbed a tissue and blew his nose fairly noisily.

   Atlas sneezed suddenly. "HETCHOO, ISHOO!" he blew his nose "your welcombe."

   Notaru sneezed again "HESHOO! AH CHOO!" He grabbed another tissue and blew his nose wetly.

"Bless you." Atlas said somewhat surprised

Thanks.", Notaru said, as he wiped his nose on a clean tissue

Atlas coughed roughly "Are you okay?" he asked he sniffled thickly and sneezed "ASHOO!"

Notaru replied. "Yeah. I'm just a little sneezy tonight. ACHOO!" The kitsune grabbed two tissues from the box. He brought one up to his nose and blew into it and extended the other out to give to Atlas.

Atlas blew his nose thickly and messily, he coughed roughly "ugh" he said "Would you mbide if I took a ndap, I really dod't feel good" he said

The Sneeze Fetish Forum has a board called "Related Fetishes". This board covers fetishes related to sneezing, such as coughing, sniffling, and nose blowing. Sneezefurs should make make a board like this as well so that furries with fetishes related to sneezing can discuss them here.

Here's a link to SFF's Related Fetishes board:

I'm New Here / Hi. I'm looking for furries who share my fetish
« on: May 01, 2018, 03:50:38 AM »
My name is Honkitsune. I gave myself this name, because my main fetish is not sneezing, but rather nose blowing. Since sneezing tends to lead to nose blowing, I have developed a liking for it (provided that the sneezer has a tissue, hanky, or something else on them). I have read the stories on this site for a while searching for ones with juicy nose blows, and this site definitely does not disappoint. When I saw stories on the Sneeze Fetish Forum that catered heavily to nose blowing fetishists such as myself in addition to the standard sneeze fetishist, I decided to join this site and write similar stories featuring anthropomorphic animal characters.

I would like to know if anyone else on this website has a nose blowing fetish as well.

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