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Writer's Den / [M+Yoshi+Possession] Part 1
« on: February 28, 2019, 02:40:31 PM »
Haven't been in the writing mood lately, but managed to get something up.

It was another, foggy, soggy day at Lutherberg Manor. This old, abandoned mansion was left be decades ago after a bunch of Boos took over the place. There was a banquet taking place when it happened. Chaos ensued. However, the crisis was averted when the manor grounds were sealed away with a magic spell, leaving the Boos trapped for all eternity within the building’s stone, castle-like walls and wrecked hallways.

One particular Boo watched the rain fall and drip on the window, partly-enjoying the loud trickling sound of hard rain. When you and your family have been trapped in here for many, many years, there isn’t a lot of things to enjoy, as most of the manor’s previous luxury had been stripped away over the times. However, that also meant that you’ll probably find ridiculous and strange hobbies, like staring out the window watching the rain until the clouds fade.

The Boo looked over at the horizon. The manor’s surrounding were rather bare, only grassy hills and a few oak trees. The manor grounds itself - protected by spell-casted iron fence - where the Boos were confined to, didn’t have any greenery whatsoever, as if the boos residing in this place stole all the nutrients and made them wilt. Flowers don’t seem to ever grow in this place. The sun had barely risen, still hidden behind the dark clouds, colouring the sky with a faint light purple hue, with a hint of orange mixed in.

It would that it’s going to be one of those days when nothing interesting happens at all.

Or so he thought when something caught his eye.

A blue Yoshi was taking a nice morning stroll, going at a half-running pace, its large nose sniffing near the ground. It perked up when it saw the manor. It slowly approached, nostrils expanding as it took several deep sniffs of the area. Boo didn’t have a keen smell like a Yoshi would, but it’d probably smell dusty, musky, and of old wooden furniture. He was proven correct when he saw the Yoshi scrunch up his overly-large nose.

But despite that, it still seemed curious, sniffing at the manor’s iron gates. Boo knew that if the Yoshi went past the iron gates, he could probably possess him and escape this sorry place, but there’s just no way that would happen. He intently watched the Yoshi walk around the manor, sniffing as he went. Then the Yoshi noticed a gap in the fence; a few broken iron bars that got damaged in the takeover. Technically, that should mean the spell didn’t cover it, but it did. Although, that still meant anyone who stuck their hand through there would be considered ‘inside’. Boo knew that the Yoshi wouldn’t be so stupid he’d walk right into the manor grounds; there’s literally a sign at the gates earlier that clearly said ‘HAUNTED’.

Then, completely unexpectedly, the Yoshi stuck his huge nose through the gap.

No hesitation required.

Going invisible, the boo phased through several rock solid walls, charging at the Yoshi. Just before the Yoshi pulled his nose out, the ghost managed to get into his body.

The Yoshi leapt backward, surprised at the cold sensation of the Boo entering him, before his vision went dark and he suddenly blacked out, getting pulled into an infinite black void until every sense in his body went numb.

When he reopened his eyes, he was no longer the same Yoshi.

The Boo had managed to possess him.

It took a while for the Boo to register his own self. He raised his blue four-fingered arms in front of him, flexing the stubby fingers. He could feel the muscles work under the skin. He could smell the unpleasant stench coming from the manor. Still not believing it himself, he lifted up his legs, wiggled his toes in his shoes - which he never really understood why Yoshis wear them -  then wagged his tail and stretched his arms all the way to his back. He could feel every muscle contracting and relaxing.

“I-I-I made it!!!” The ‘Yoshi’ squealed excitedly in that familiar high-pitched voice he usually heard, except this time they formed actual words instead of just ‘yoshi yoshi!’. It was probably because he himself is a Yoshi now. “I’m so, so lucky! I can’t believe it!” He ran around for a while, arms flailing like a madman, unaware of the other Boos watching him in confusion. Ah, who cares!?

…What now?

He suddenly felt a bit confused and lost. He successfully possessed the Yoshi. And then…?

He looked at the tall iron fence surrounding the gloomy manor. Thinking about it, he was in a mortal body now, so logically, he should be able to pull the lever that opens the gate from outside. It was the one sole thing that stood between the boos and freedom outside. Now it was a literal arm’s reach away.

He jumped up and grabbed the lever, pulling it as hard as he could, pushing against the gate for leverage… yet nothing happened. It didn’t move a budge. Maybe it rusted over the years. At this rate he’ll never be able to open the gate…

An idea popped in his mind. If him alone isn’t enough, he’ll just rally a bunch of other Yoshis! Easy!

“It’s been an hour…” Boo groaned, his long, sticky tongue hanging out of his gaping mouth. He was practically dragging his feet across the grass now. He wiped his brow, which was covered in sweat. He never realized it was so HOT outside. How can people stand this heat!? I guess this is what living in a soggy, rainy manor does to you. “I need to lie down.”

He found himself a nice, empty patch of field where there was nothing but grass there. He laid down on his belly there with a small ‘thump’, his arms spread out as he enjoyed the feeling of grass tickle his arms. “Hehe, it’s fun being ‘alive’ again.” He murmured, remembering his ‘mortal days’. “I kinda missed this.”

He didn’t know what he had been thinking after that, but soon enough he was snoring.

A small breeze blew by the fields he was in, providing a nice chilly wind. His large blue nose sniffled a bit as the feeling of wind blowing by the tip of his nostrils tickled slightly. He shifted in his position, sleeping sideways now. His nostrils got a little too close to the grass, and the thin blades brushed at the nostril rims. The normally thin nostril openings widened a bit in response, only allowing the grass to get more coverage over his nose. Swish, swish, just at the edge of his nostrils.

“Hhmrr…” Boo groaned in his sleep, sniffling. That pulled a few loose dirt particles off the ground and straight into his open nostrils. The tiny dirt particles crumbled by the strong force and spread out across his tender nasal walls, the microscopic bits rolling across the pink flesh. Dirt, inside your nose, is rather irritating. His giant nose wiggled a bit, nostrils scrunching. The dirt particles moved around as the inside of his nose quivered. The more his nose reacted, the more the dirt moved, the more itchy it got.

“H-hrr…” His hand shifted in his sleep, as if attempting to rub at his nose before blacking out into comfortable darkness again. His nostrils flared, nasal passages trembled, wanting to get the dirt out, out! He sniffled a few times, inhaling even more dirt particles and even a blade of grass into his widening nostrils, bringing nothing but agitation to his olfactory senses. The single blade of grass swirled around in the cavity, easily tickling the ceiling and ridges of the ticklish walls. With each spark of a tickle up his round nose his nostrils only wiggled and wiggled more…

Boo finally seemed aware of the strange sensation happening inside his nose, lifting himself up. “H-huhh…?” He rubbed at his nose, which felt strangely itchy. “Wh-what is…?” The fact that he had fully woken up meant that the itchiness inside his nose became more noticeable. “H-heaah…”

His large nose instinctively raised up to the sky as he felt a powerful pressure build up at the edge of his nostrils and at the base of his large nose. The dust particles fell backwards, deeper into his sinuses, where his nose was most sensitive, and where every sensation became more detectable and real…

“H-haa… HAAAHH…. GHEAAATCHOOOOOOO!!!” His body snapped forward, nose nearly hitting the ground as a blast of air shot out of his nose, pushing all irritants and irritation outside. Nose still twitchy from the residual microscopic dust bits still stuck inside, it rebuilt that mounting pressure again until - “GHATCHOOOO! H-HYEAATCHOOOOO!!”

Three sneezes in total. Now his round, slightly red-tinted blue nose was fine, still twitching from the unexpected sneezes.

“Wh-what in the ghost world was that…?” He never recalled an experience like that in his lifetime, let alone in his current afterlife. Sneezing, they called it…? He remembered seeing a few Yoshis or Toads having the same reaction when they inhaled too much dust or spiderwebs that stuck on the iron fence. It was so… horrifying… but now… it felt quite relieving. Such a strange force this is; sneezing…

“Uhm, excuse me?”

Yoshi looked up, lifting his large head. There was a pink Yoshi in front of him, blue eyes gazing. “Um… Were you sneezing just now?” The voice was timid and high-pitched, but still distinctly male. There’s a bit of a disconnect for the Yoshi since you’d normally associate pink with females. “Is your nose still itchy?”

Boo - as the blue Yoshi - blinked a few times before standing up, rubbing his nose and sniffling a bit. “Feels clearer now,” he remarked. “And… who are you?”

“Oh, sorry, my name is Raya.” The pink Yoshi gave a short curtsy. “It’s nice to meet you. I’ve never seen you in this part of the field.”

Field? Were there territory divisions among Yoshis? “Er, yes, I was… just curious.”

“Hm…” Raya seemed to be thinking of something to say to the newcomer before his face lit up. “Ah, why don’t you come with me? I’ll show you around. Or would you prefer to meet some other Yoshis?”

Although he’d rather rally up the other Yoshis, Boo thought he needed more time with his new body — and find some exploitable weaknesses — before he gets the help. “Sure, I’ll come along.”

“Great! Come with me!” Raya happily kicked his legs rapidly, hovering in the air for 3 seconds straight before landing back down and running off.

“H-hey! Wait!” Boo then chased after him, wondering what kind of adventures he’ll have with his new body and partner…

(There will be a part 2 and maybe more, don't worry. ;))

General Chatter / A New Year
« on: January 01, 2019, 02:54:10 PM »
Not too sure if it's okay to post this but okay...

So it's another new year for us, and for the forum too! So I wanna know if any of you have any resolutions for this forum. Well, more like plans. Like maybe you want to roleplay more often, make more friends, or contribute by writing a fanfic.

I personally want to start writing some more stuff. Once I get back from holiday I'll get on that sleepover fic people asked for then my own ideas. Might want to try dabbling in sneeze art too, maybe even an animation.

Do you people have any new plans you want to do on the forum?

Writer's Den / [F+Anthro+Elephant+Induced] A Floppy Trunk
« on: November 23, 2018, 04:03:25 PM »
Warning: Contains scenes of bullying!

Alinea was a young 12-year old elephant girl who lived in the small city of Gerindeer. Gerindeer was rather segregated from the main cities, being in the middle of the vast plateau of the continent. The city was not as advanced as others, with innovation running low here. However, it was a popular stopping point for truck drivers, who often came to the bars for a refreshing drink or two. Other than that, there were several popular tourist attractions that could not be found anywhere else, such as a humongous geyser.

You see, Alinea was no ordinary African elephant girl. She has an incurable disorder known as floppy trunk syndrome. She first discovered this when she was only eight years old. She found it difficult to move the tip of her trunk while picking up cutlery, but didn’t really care about it. When both tips became dysfunctional, she still didn’t tell anyone. Three months later, she had difficulty sniffing objects because the end of her trunk became stiff and unresponsive. With eight months, nearly her entire trunk felt ‘dead’, and her mother had noticed.

The two decided to consult a doctor, who then told her that she had floppy trunk syndrome. She became devastated at the realisation. In the weeks following, she couldn’t play with anyone - not even her adorable little brother - simply because her trunk lost its flexible use. Most of her friends were elephants and she was rather left out. She could still detect scents, but she couldn’t exactly sniff or blow her nose effectively.

Alinea’s mother Helen felt bad for her daughter, yet she couldn’t do anything. Then a miracle happened. During work at the robotics lab she worked in, she had an epiphany. Discussing it with her coworkers, some of them agreed and cooperated with her idea.

The next three years of Alinea’s life mainly involved gaming, watching TV, and occasionally playing with her brother, despite the troubles of not having a working trunk. Meanwhile, her mother had been inventing something that would help her child’s troubles. The project was huge, took years, even with the help of neurologists and robotic engineers. When it was finally complete, Helen couldn’t be any more proud.

Alinea got a surprise at her twelfth birthday. At first, she was disappointed that her mother didn’t give her a present. But after everyone had gone home, her mother ushered her into her bedroom. Inside her mother’s room was a large box. Alinea suddenly became very ecstatic, ripping her gift open in a flash.

She was confused though at what she saw. It looked like some kind of exoskeleton. When she asked her mother what it was, her mother surprised her even more by taking her to the lab she worked at. There, she and her coworkers attached the exoskeleton onto the nervous elephant girl’s trunk. Although the process took a while, it was worth it in the end.

Her mother explained the invention to her thoroughly, “This exoskeleton is designed to help move your trunk whenever and wherever you command it to by using this remote,” She handed said remote to her curious daughter. “Your trunk will be able to bend, pick things up, sniff, suck, just with the push of some buttons! The controls are simple enough to be followed by anyone. Floppy trunk syndrome won’t be a problem anymore for you, Alinea.”

The remote looked like a game controller. Her mother explained which thing does what. “The left joystick moved your trunk in a general direction, while the right one makes your trunk bend as much as you want without exceeding the limit. If you want to sniff something, you push the right button, and it’ll sniff as many times as you press it. If you want to suck something up, just hold the button. The left button is to help you blow through your trunk easier. The left shoulder button controls your upper tip, while the right one controls the other. They make your tips close together so you cling on to even the most minuscule things. The other pair of shoulder buttons moves your tips away instead.”

When Alinea tried it out, it felt like a whole new experience.

She pushed the left joystick the right. Her trunk moved to the right. To the left. Her trunk followed.

She pushed the right joystick upwards. Her trunk bent backwards until she could see her own nostrils. She pushed the right button twice. She watched in amazement as her two little breathing holes shrink and enlarged at her command. She used the shoulder buttons. Her tips opened and closed.

She looked at her mother. Tears streamed down the handicapped girl’s eyes. She couldn’t ask for a better gift. Using her mother’s invention, she let her trunk wrap itself around her mother’s trunk. Her mother smiled, gently wiping away the tears on her daughter’s cheeks. It was a turning point for Alinea.

When she got back to school the next day, her friends gasped in awe and astonishment at the contraption holding Alinea’s trunk. Most of them congratulated her, while others… well, you know. Word spread about the groundbreaking device, causing the internet to explode. As expected, there were market demands of the item, and the small group who invented it decided to quit the company and begin their new business. Now, Alinea was back to her usual self, socializing with all of her friends and family, both at the school or outside. Alinea became the happiest girl alive, all thanks to her mother.

It was Friday afternoon. The bell signing the time to go home rang, kids pouring out of the classroom. Alinea was packing her bags cheerfully. She normally used her regular arms for this; using her trunk would take too long.

Suddenly, two figures walked up to her. She looked up. They were Axiel and Randor, a pair of dragons. These two were pretty nasty bullies; they like to tease people and steal stuff for fun. Being in the same class with them is not the best experience, especially when you hear them talk back to the teachers. Alinea knew that the two glared at her more often since she got her new trunk-moving device, but they never really bothered her…

Until today.

“Well, Alinea, not using that trunk of yours~?” Axiel said in a mocking voice. “I’m sure it’d be much faster.” Axiel was a small dragon, but really feisty. He was a purple-scaled dragon with a yellow flesh underside that went from tail to neck. His short neck supported his squarish head, a long horn sticking out of his forehead. His back supported the large, spiky wings that have been known to cause lots of damage at school.

Alinea didn’t retort back. Instead, she said, “My trunk moves like a robot arm. It’s slow.”

Randor snorted. “The why do you even have that lame thing?” He was bigger, but not as big as the school basketball players. He had dark orange scales which contrasted to his bright purple eyes. Blunt spikes lined up his back all the way to the tip of his tail. His neck was long and tall, making him appearing bigger than he actually is, though he did have bulky arms and legs, with massive claws too.

Alinea rolled her eyes. “I don’t use it for packing my bags, that’s all,” she replied sternly.

Axiel’s eyes averted to the remote control on the elephant’s desk. A sly grin appeared on his face. Before Alinea could stop him, the dragon leaped for the remote and grabbed it in a flash. “Hehe, gotcha!” He said, tightening his grip on the remote, keeping it away from her.

“Hey, that’s mine!” Alinea yelled, trying to grab the remote back, unable to do so. Randor only laughed at her.

“It’s mine now. Let’s see…” Axiel toyed around with the controller, like testing out the controls for the game. He quickly figured out how it works, now toying with Alinea’s trunk instead. “Hehe, this way, that way, up, down, bend, bend~” he snickered, making Alinea’s trunk move to his free will. Alinea could do nothing but follow.

“H-hey, stop that already!” Alinea scolded, her voice breaking a tiny bit. Her trunk swayed left and right, curved forwards and backwards, and she was forced to exhale large amounts of oxygen, making her tired and weak. “P-please, Axiel, seriously…”

“Nu-uh, this is way too much fun!” Axiel laughed. “Randor, tie her hands.”

Randor did so, but when the little dragon said ‘tie her hands’, he didn’t really want to waste time attempting to get his knots right, so he just forced Alinea’s arms behind her back, earning a shriek of protest and pain from the elephant. No one was in school anymore, not even the teachers. Ones that haven’t gone home are all outside waiting for their parents. No one would discover them.

Axiel made Alinea’s trunk move towards him. He made the flexible appendage rest on the scaly palm of his hand. Her skin felt so soft and warm compared to his scales. He gently squished the fleshy trunk, feeling the thick muscles and hot breath coming out of her nostrils. “My, my, so beautiful~” Axiel cooed, smoothing the top of the trunk with his claw.

“S-stop it…” Alinea whimpered. She didn’t like it when people touched her trunk. It made her feel… vulnerable. It was like touching a private area.

“Naw, come on~” Axiel placed down the remote on table so he could use his other hand. He let the tip of his claw slide up and down her septum, triggering a shaky breath from the elephant. “Does this tickle, Alinea~?” he asked in a teasing voice, enjoying tormenting her. He squeezed the very tip of her trunk, pulling on it. “Does it, hm?” When Alinea did not respond, Axiel continued on. He slipped a claw into her left nostril, carefully scratching the walls, making sure he followed the shallow grooves. Slowly, repeatedly, a movement that was causing such a burning itch in Alinea’s trunk.

Alinea could only whimper submissively in fear as she couldn’t do anything. Her floppy trunk was useless without the exoskeleton controlling it. She tried to move her head in an attempt to get away, but Axiel’s grip was tight yet gentle. “A-Axiel…” she pleaded, but words could not come out. Axiel slipped another claw in her nostril, the itch growing at the end of her trunk as it lightly scratched at the sensitive flesh.

Although Alinea’s trunk did not react in any way other than her slightly wavering breath, there was indeed an itch she wanted to quench, needed to, but she was unable to. Floppy trunk system rendered her trunk powerless in terms of movement, and she couldn’t inhale or exhale deeply effectively, since muscles in her trunk needed to cooperate with her lungs. All she could do was try to bear that single tickle crawling across her inactive muscles, still agitating her remaining nerves.

Not even a few minutes in, Axiel was already bored. Alinea was hoping for that, but that hope was crushed too. Axiel saw a single, black feather lay on the floor, left from the crow classmate of the class. Grinning, he picked it up, waving it in front of Alinea’s trunk. Her eyes widened at it, breath suddenly hitching. She was terribly allergic to feathers. “No, please, Axiel, I’m allergic to feathers!” She cried, instantly regretting saying that.

Axiel laughed heartily as he forced the end of her trunk to face upwards. He placed the thin feather between her nostrils, the bristles tickling the flesh as it started turning red. It tickled, tickled, tickled so much! She wanted to blow it away, but it might just fall into her nostrils, so she had no choice but to clench her eyes shut as her breath hitched. “H-hh… ehh…”

Axiel was enjoying this. “Sniff it,” he whispered into Alinea’s ear.

“H-heehh?” She sniffled, the feather almost entering her nostril, the tip of it just barely grazing the rim.

“Sniff the feather,” Axiel commanded.

Alinea shook her head, feather nearly falling in again, making her trunk itch more by the second. She remembered the time when she didn’t know about her allergies and sniffed up some feathers. The result was messy and pride-hurting.

“…Fine.” Axiel grunted. He pressed the right button twice, making her sniff. The feather move like a see-saw as the breeze swayed the feather up and down. He did it again, watching with pleasure as it touched the rims of her nostrils, causing her trunk to itch more and more. Then, he finally held the button, forcing her to suck air. The feather instantly went off-balance and slipped into her right nostril.

“G-GRNKKHH!!” Alinea snorted, the itchy feeling in her trunk multiplying. She shook her head violently, trying to get it out with no avail. Axiel was the one in control here. She wanted to scratch her trunk, need some sort of relief out of this itchy itchy situation, but Randor kept her in check. Her nostrils flared just a teeny bit, a body reaction that did not entirely go away even with her floppy trunk syndrome.

Axiel only made it worse, continuing to press the button, making her suck the feather deeper and deeper and deeper until it reached the back of her sinuses. The cavern within her nose shook and tremble from the feather tickling it, the nasal passage swelling with an allergic red colour. Her trunk puffed up at the base from having containing the sneeze for too long. “H-Hraagghh… Hrraaaahhh…” She gasped for air frantically, desperate to both sneeze and not sneeze.

“Yes, Alinea, itchy, itchy, itchy trunky~” Axiel teased with a maniac laugh. To top it off, Axiel slid his slender tail into Alinea’s left nostril. The pachyderm shrieked when she felt the scaly appendage enter her nostril, the agile tip swinging at the walls of her nasal passages. Axiel’s tail was very long, so it was able to reach in quite deep, triggering more and more sniffles as he irritated the trunk.

Alinea’s trunk may not be able to move, but could definitely still feel. She could describe how itchy that allergy-inducing feather feel being lodged inside her sinuses, the bristles gently poking the walls. She could describe the horrible sensation of the small dragon’s long tail slithering into her nasal passages, slamming into the walls and ceilings, rough scales scratching the thick flesh. All so vivid, all so noticeable.

“A-Axiel, I b-beg of youuaaahhhhh-“ Her plea was cut off as the urge to sneeze suddenly took over. She couldn’t think, her mind going blank as she was about to launch into a sneeze. “H-HAAA… HYAAAA… HRAAAAAAAAATCFLGHLLLL-“ The sneeze suddenly halted. Alinea opened her eyes from the sneezy tears. Axiel had gripped the end of her trunk as tightly as possible at the last second to keep the sneeze from escaping. The sneeze that was supposed to happen did not, and only worsened the building pressure.

“Not yet,” Axiel said nonchalantly, wagging a finger at her. He snatched up another feather from the floor with his tail that he just pulled out of her nose, then quickly shoved the feather back in. Axiel’s tail went over to the controls on the table and forced the elephant to suck said feather deep into her sinuses, just like the other one.

Alinea was practically going mad from the crazy itchy sensation that was trapped inside her trunk. Two feathers were lodged within the depths of her sinuses, unable to leave, nothing to do but tickle anything it touched. The building pressure spread throughout her itchy trunk like a raging storm. She could literally feel the sneeze trying to push its way past Axiel’s claw, which was gripping the end of her trunk, the one thing preventing the sneeze from emerging.

So… itchy… so… twitchy… going loose, going crazy!! M-must, must sneeze, can’t take it anymoreeeee!!!

She screamed in her head again and again, some of the words coming out of her mouth, but Axiel was a merciless bully. “You know, none of this wouldn’t have happened if you never had a remote…” Axiel whispered into her ear. “So. Say it. Say your invention is useless.”

At first, Alinea shook her head vigorously. She refused to pledge her submission towards this evil dragon kid, but when she didn’t respond, Axiel made the tickling much worse with sharp jabs at her trunk’s soft red pad. “F-fine! Th-this stupid this is useless!” She moaned, feeling like she betrayed a part of herself.

“And who’s fault is that?” Axiel continued.

“M-my mother!!”

“So say it. Say it that your mother’s useless.”

This time, Alinea fought as hard as she could. Admitting such a thing would mean betraying her own mother. But that itch, that feisty, resilient, pesky itch that simply would not leave her trunk, trapped within the confines of such a small nasal passageway, expanding and expanding till her trunk might blow…

“FINE! M-MY MOTHER IS USELESS! HER INVENTION IS USELESS!!!” Alinea cried out with a tear in her heart and pride.

Suddenly, her trunk was free.

But it was directed at her face.

By the time she realized, it was too late to stop the sneeze surging through.

She prepared herself as a massive sneeze shot out of her trunk. “H-H-HAAAHH-HRRRRRRRRAAAAAAGHHHHHTCHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!” It was so powerful, the amount of air blasting at her face literally knocked her backwards to the wall. She stumbled back, trying to keep her trunk under control, only to see Axiel using the controls manipulating her trunk’s movement, even in a sneezy frenzy. Her trunk flailed around, practically a cannon under Axiel’s command, ready to fire at any time.

“GRYAAAAAITCHOOOOOOOOOOO!O!!” There goes the tables.

“GRRAAATCHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” Through the air soars the chairs.

“HRRRAAAAEEEETCHOOOOO!!!” Dust and dirt are flying everywhere, filling the air with yellowish clouds.

“HAAAIIIICHEEEOOOOOOOOO!!!” Class decorations get knocked off the walls and some literally tear.

“HEEETTCCHROOOOOO!! HEEETCHOOOOO!! HYATCHRROOO!! G-GHRRITCHOOOO!!” Several more sneezes blasted out of her robot-controlled trunk, utterly obliterating the once tidy classroom into a teacher’s nightmare mess.

She finally fell down, crumpled and devastated on the messy floor, trunk flopping down with her. She sniffled heavily, her trunk worn out to the point where it felt numb. The insides of her trunk still burned like fire, the effects of the contained itch remaining even after she released nearly a dozen sneezes. Her nostrils shrunk weakly, as though feeling sorry for Alinea as well. A feather - one of the two that made her trunk go crazy - drifted lazily and landed in front of her, somehow having escaped unscathed from her trunk’s wrath.

Eyes full of sneezy tears and dust, she couldn’t see that Randor had grabbed the controller away from Axiel. By the time she noticed that Randor wanted to join in the fun, it was too late. Her tired trunk sucked in the black feather, the furry thing disappearing into the base of her nose.

She gasped loudly, the insides of her trunk trembling and squirming once more, a fiery itch that pierced through her muscles as she was forced to bear the horrible sensation. She wanted to let her trunk run loose, get the relief early; she wanted it so badly, she cried for it. “R-Randor, A-Axiel, p-please stop!!!”

Axiel walked over to her, a large, malevolent sneer on his face. “You make a great playmate, you know,” he said, bending over to her, cupping the seemingly lifeless trunk in his large claws. He set one of his claws on the septum, feeling the elephant’s frantic breath. “Now, let it go.” He did a swift drag up the septum to the tip of her trunk, earning one last sniffle before-

“H-H-HI-HGGRRRITCHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!” A large blast came out of those red-rimmed nostrils, feather ripped to shreds and dust and dirt flew up into the air. Shortly after that, she sniffled, her feeble attempt at easing her nose, only to see puffs of debris sucked into it. Her eyes fluttered as the flesh inside wiggled in itchy agony.

“HYWWATCHOOOOOO!!! HYRWATCHOOOOO!!! GREOOOTCHOOOOO!!! H-HA-HAITCHSSHEEEWW!!! GREWTCHOOO! HITCHOOOO!” Sneeze after sneeze after sneeze came out non-stop from her tortured trunk, oval cavities repeatedly shooting out all that built-up pressure in consecutive blasts. The sneezes exhausted Alinea to the point where her trunk literally could not sneeze anymore.

“I think we’re done for today,” Axiel smirked smugly, looking at the crumpled figure of the elephant girl on the floor. “That was fun. Might do that again sometime.” With that, Axiel walked out of the classroom, followed by Randor, who didn’t say a word.

Now, completely alone, Alinea leaned her back against the cream classroom wall and held her knees together. Tears came out of her eyes as she sniffled wetly, crying. Completely, utterly broken, she caressed her trunk gently, properly easing the sensitive appendage. She couldn’t believe herself. She couldn’t believe that she had called her mother useless, along with her ‘worthless’ invention… She felt like a failure. A ruin.

She could have done something. Scream for help. Fight back. Do something. Anything. Instead, she stood there and endured all the torture done upon her helpless trunk. Breaking her, tearing her down bit by bit till all her will was shredded and she became nothing but fragmented remains of her cheerful personality.

She just sat there, sobbing and crying her eyes out, her heart full of self-resentment for all the pain that she endured and yet blamed on her mother for. She cried and weeped for what felt like hours until she couldn’t tell anymore.

By the time she realized it, it was nearly nighttime, and her mother was in front of her, kneeling. She lifted up her daughter’s chin, looking deep into her tear-filled eyes. Her mother asked what had happened. Alinea told her mother everything. How Randor and Axile bullied her. How her trunk was tortured by all means. How they made her sneezes destroy the classroom. How she didn’t fight back. How she called her mother useless.

“I-I’m so so so sorry, Mum…” She cried into her mother’s arms, hugging her tightly.

Her mother only patted her only the back, lifting up Alinea’s trunk with her own with a gently touch. “Alinea, it’s okay. It’s my fault; I should have redesigned the remote so it would me more user-exclusive. Tomorrow I’ll tell my coworkers and have them do something about your remote.” Alinea could feel her mother’s trunk coil around her own, reaching to her face and stroking her cheek affectionately. “You’re still my baby girl, no matter what.” She whispered kindly into her daughter’s ears.

Sobbing, Alinea moved her hand to grab the remote. She gripped it tightly, moving some of the controls. She let her own trunk squeeze tightly around her mother’s. Her mother was so kind and forgiving. She couldn’t ask for a better parent. “A-and Axiel and Randor?” She asked weakly.

“I’ll report them to the school board. Don’t worry Alinea. Come on, let’s go eat something; it’s really late.”

The two elephants then walked out of the classroom, holding trunks, off towards home.

Writer's Den / Seducing a Trunk [F+Anthro+Fox+Elephant+Teasing]
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This got super delayed, so sorry guys! But I have a wonderful idea that will (hopefully) blow you guys away!


Who likes a Tuesday? Or a Monday? Or a Thursday?

That was what Vince the silver-furred fox always thought to herself when the teachers explain in front of class.

Vince is one of the students at Traffles’ Primary School; more specifically, fifth grade. She was your typical run-of-the-mill student, with a unique fashion sense that appears to stray from every ongoing trend. If ripped jeans was a thing — like it is now — she would be wearing shorts. Aside from that, you’d recognise her when you see her smooth silver fur, long and bushy tail, and her stunning golden eyes.

Vince is not the best when it came to academics. She was a bit lazy to attend class. Despite being very chill and easy-going, she’s not very popular in school. Vince tends to just observe people while she leans on the wall and sips a juice box. Not much is known about the girl.

Vince walked around at the school yard after the day was finally over. “Ugh, mathematics suuuuuck…” She groaned, scratching an itchy ear. Now she needed a plan on how to waste the next half of the day. Walking stiffly past the bushes, she saw someone sitting on the bench in front of her.

It was a female elephant. The girl was wearing a rather pretty-looking attire; a plain pink shirt and a purple skirt. Her slender, light brown trunk, flicked through the pages of a book she placed on her lap. Vince could see the girl reading intently on what appears to be a math textbook. She… kinda wanted to puke now.

With the silent footsteps they were usually known for, she slipped up to the larger girl.

The elephant looked up from her book. "Hello, Vince. Is there something you want?” She asked politely. Vince recognized the girl’s face. Lisa Newmaster, brilliant student, talented and capable like every other smart girl. Her class was right next to hers, so she knew her quite well, even without interacting with her.

“No, no, not much…” She spoke softly, giving her the act of sounding younger than she actually was. Most people would think that she was a third-grader because of that. “I just…” She began, before motioning to the spot beside Lisa on the bench. “May I?”

Lisa gestured the seat with her trunk, smiling. “Sure, go ahead.

"Thank you." She nodded before gently wiping the bench with her tail then sitting down. Vince had not spoken to Lisa for a long time. “As, I was saying... I'm aware that we've spoke, once or twice... but, I would like to know you more, Lisa.” She looked up to the larger anthro. “We've passed each other at least twice a week at some point, and spoken before... yet, we've never taken the time to actually get to know each other.”

Lisa chuckled a bit. “Well, we do hardly know each other, that much is true, but I figure that you’d know me. Ya know, the school bookworm?” Lisa chuckled again, playfully bonking Vince’s nose with her flexible trunk.

”Well, I knew that-" She giggled gently before going crossed-eyed, watching her nose get lightly bonked. Blinking quickly, she barely scrunched her muzzle slightly. The problem was as a fox, her sense of smell was pretty powerful. Thankfully the bonk barely did anything but tickle slightly, nothing more.

She was embarrassed to admit, but she wasn't exactly the best when it came to controlling her nose. It was so sensitive! Feathers and pollen were long, drawn out allergic fits that could last for minutes. Cat fur, dust and pepper were just uncontrollable bursts that could last for about 30 seconds.

“Anyway…“ She looked back up to Lisa. "Surely you're more than just a bookworm outside of school?”

Lisa stifled a laugh when she saw the tiny twitch of Vince’s muzzle, much to Vince’s displeasure. “Well…” Lisa started, pondering, looking up at the sky. “Outside of school, I hang out with some of my friends, study languages, read literature… Oh, and we often have sleepovers, parties, and pillow fights! Although, I don’t like pillow fights…”

“Hehe, bet I can guess why you dislike them~” Vince teased, looking at the elephant’s trunk. It was so beautifully proportioned. She enjoyed watching the nostrils expand and shrink as Lisa breathed. The end of her trunk looked all too squishy. It just brought a warm feeling into her chest, looking at something like that.

“It isn’t too big of a surprise. Feathers really irritate my trunk, and I’m not even allergic to them…” Lisa rubbed her trunk, sniffing some of the fresh air. Vince winced slightly when she saw that. “Speaking about my trunk, do you have any allergies?”

“M-me? Pssh, nah" Her voice rose slightly, an indication she was lying. Vince could normally lie through her teeth easily, but not regarding her allergies apparently. "No, no... none at all.”

“Aw, come on! I promise to keep it a secret! Between two girls~” Lisa nudged Vince, tapping the silver-furred fox’s nose two times, toying with her.

She blinked quickly with a blush, muzzle scrunching a bit at the playful taps. “O-okay… I have a few…” Vince glanced down shyly, staying silent for a moment. It was embarrassing to admit your own weaknesses. “I’m allergic to… pollen, dust, and cat fur…”

Lisa nodded in understanding, feeling a bit of pity for the fox girl. “Wow, that’s a lot. I’m pretty lucky that I don’t have any allergies, but my trunk is still really sensitive.”

“I can imagine,” Vince said, looking at the long, unique nose of the pachyderm. “And having a sensitive sense of smell like most dogs do… Just imagining the soft… tickly…” She shuddered, drifting off into her own imagination, remembering the times she had bad experiences with… with…

“Hey, wake up!” Lisa exclaimed. “Stop dreaming!” The elephant gave five light taps on Vince’s snout.

“Yeek!?” Vince yipped, straightening up with a perk of her ears and tail. “R-right…” Vince continued, clearing her head from uncomfortable thoughts. “A-as I was saying…”

Vince felt her nose itch. When she focused on her snout, she saw that Lisa was brushing the prehensile tip of her trunk against her small black nose. “H-hey, Lisa…?” Vince’s muzzle scrunched up as she said it. “Wh-what are you doing?”

“Just testing your snout~” Lisa said in a coy, mischievous voice. She continued brushing against her quivering nostrils.

“Wh-why?” Vince asked in a short breath, muzzle crinkling and wrinkles appearing. Her eyelids fluttered as the tickle builded up along the walls of her nostrils, the tip delicately teasing her sensitive nose. “Why…?”

“No reason~” She slid her the edge of her tip in one of her nostrils and brought it up quickly, making a tickle.
Vince’s head tilted back, her usually small nostrils beginning to flare gently as the tickle vibrated throughout her nose.

“O-oh... oh go... ga... oh G-God…!” Her breath rose higher as the tickle grew.

Lisa playfully inserted the tip of her trunk inside a nostril, rubbing the fleshy walls. She giggled as she watched Vince’s snout scrunch and her nose twitch with agony. “Hehe, tickle, tickle, tickle~” She teased, switching to brushing between her nostrils.
“L-Lisa…” She snorted, feeling the sudden rush of air through her twitching nostrils. “P-please…” Her breath hitched, her chest heaving as she swallowed breath after breath in a desperate attempt to remove the ticke from her nose. Her usually small pink nose had started reddening, nostrils flaring wider which in turn made her nose even more sensitive, which in turn worsened the teasing cycle. She desperately wanted to rub her nose, but when she tried to scratch her muzzle, Lisa’s hands grabbed her arm. How fortunate of Lisa to have ‘three’ arms.

“Alright, alright, I'll stop... Just after this.” Lisa said, feeling bad for her, but not giving one last flick of her trunk.

That last flick had been enough to push her over the edge, head snapping forward as the sneeze finally erupted out of her. “EEIIISHIEWW!”

Lisa giggled lightly as the poor vixen sneeze. “Hehehe, sorry. I just wanted to see if canine noses are as sensitive as they say.”

“EEISHIEW! SHIEW! EEI... EEI…” Vince stayed quiet, nostrils giving a last flare before she snapped downwards again. “KISHIEW!”

“Guess they really are!”

Vince sniffles wetly once, before sniffing again as she softly rubbed her now reddened nose. The itch faded away into nothing, leaving only a tingling buzz in her nose. “Y-yea... they are…” She muttered, dabbing at her eyes to remove sneezy tears, before her own gaze moved to Lisa's trunk. She found herself deeply fascinated by the shape. She always wondered how elephants in her class were able to manage their large trunks. “So… is the whole trunk your entire nose…?” Vince asked Lisa.

“Um... pretty much, yeah.” Lisa replied, patting her trunk. “This one loooooong tunnel.”

Knowing how sensitive an elephant’s trunk is from her classmates, Vince thought of a rather naughty idea. “So… I wonder…” She lifted her tail slowly, teasingly dragging the tip across her elephant friend’s nostrils. "What would happen if I do this…?"

Lisa’s eyes widened, quickly jerking her trunk away in a flash. “Oh, no no no! No tickles from you!”

“No fair, you got to make me sneeze.” Vince pouted.

“I’m not falling for that guilt-trip!” Lisa snapped rather coldly. She hated getting her trunk tickled.

Vince seemed as if she was about to push it, before instead dropped it. ”You know, never mind... You had your fun." She smiled gently, looking up to her. She was going to let the topic rest… for now. "So... how curious are you about the canine nose?” Vince asked cheerfully.

Lisa looked into her eyes, wondering if it’s some sort of trick. After a few seconds of hesitating, she went back to normal again, smiling. “Oh, I’m very curious. In fact, I’m curious about canines in general, especially the anatomy. The snout, the tail, the fur, the nose…” Lisa continued to babble on, not even paying attention to Vince anymore. She was in her own little world now.

An idea popped in Vince’s head. She smiled with a devious smirk as the plan formed in her head. “Mmm… Tell you what? Why don’t you come over to my house tonight? I can teach you about me,” She gave Lisa a seductive wink. “and you can teach me about you~” She lowered a hand, softly running a finger by Lisa’s nose.

Lisa hesitated, trunk shuddering just slightly at the furry touch. “Er… I d-don’t know if… u-um…”

“Of course, I’m not forcing you,” she allowed the smallest hint of a smirk to form on her lips. “You don’t have to accept if you don’t want to.”

Lisa’s nostrils acted up a bit, feeling her thin fur light graze the soft pad of her trunk. “I-I-I, err... my…” Vince can see the panic in Lisa’s face, her black eyes darting around. She’s probably like ‘Oh God, what am I gonna do, is she asking me out!?”

Keeping that thought in mind, Vince continued on. “Of course, it’s not like I’m asking you out for a date or anything…” she reassured her. She slowed her hand movement, letting her fingers slowly curl around the end of the trunk. She could feel it twitch in her hand, some fur still of its sensitive pad. She trailed a finger around the rim of a nostril, brushing it as tenderly as possible.

The slow, gentle brush of her finger made the tip of Lisa’s trunk quiver. “Uhm… I don’t know… I feel a bit uncomfortable, ya know?” Lisa definitely was not okay with the idea. “We don’t even know each other that well…”

“But that’s what this sleepover is for~” Vince cooed. Trunk still in hand, her finger moved over and brushed the small area between her nostrils; up and down, up and down, triggering some reflexive sniffs from the elephant. “So we can get to know each other better!”

Lisa struggled to hold herself together. She had to admit that the cunning fox had a point. Still, she was reluctant with the idea. “Y-yeah, but… a sleepover…?”

Vince smiled calmly at her. She placed the trunk on her lap, gently caressing the tip with a finger, another finger teasing the edges. The finely groomed fur made it extra soft, so the effect was quite powerful, causing Lisa’s trunk to twitch and squirm a bit in her grasp. “Please? You told me you’re used to sleepovers. This one should be okay with you, right?”

When Lisa didn’t reply, Vince took this a sign of her starting to consider. Her hand stopped stroking. Instead, it went under her trunk, gently clasping the underside of her trunk. Lazily, she stretched out another hand towards the appendage and began to tease the squishy, pink tip from behind with two fingers. She pressed it gently, squeezing it, making it wiggle. She giggled a bit at the response. “I promise you, this isn’t anything… explicit.” Vince told her honestly. “So… please?”

Again, Lisa said nothing. Her only replied was her hitching breath through her sniffling trunk. Vince decided that she had a golden opportunity now. She took her time breaking her down, calmly rubbing her fingers against the soft pad of her trunk, feeling it quiver underneath. The hand holding the trunk from below would occasionally gently squeeze the trunk whenever it got a bit tense, only making the itch worsen. She let the tips of her fingers dance along the nostril edges, making them flare in agitation.

Lisa’s trunk scrunched up, a bumpy curve forming near the end. “V-Vince…” When Lisa spoke, she sounded weak and desperate, like someone begging for their life. “P-please stop tickling my trunk…”

Vince shook her head, enjoying being able to torture her. “Aw, but honey, you haven’t answered my question yet,” She let her fuzzy fingers stroke the supple tip of her trunk. Her other hand continued to gently apply pressure to the underside of her trunk, hitting all the right spots. It made the trunk quiver and tremble, and Vince could tell that a special something about to come out. “Teasy teasy~” She cooed into Lisa’s large ear.

Lisa snorted and hitched, her trunk unable to bear it. It was beginning to curve upwards, her nerves getting triggered by the delicate touch of her hands. Will broken, she gasped. “A-alright, alright, I’ll come! J-just s-stoohahahaaaa-!” Her plea was interrupted by the feeling of fox fur brushing against her nostril rims. She could feel them enter the large holes, gently dragging across the grooves of her nasal passage. The tickle burned inside her nose, her chest expanded, eyes fluttering with sneezy tears… “H-HIIIIIYAAAAATCHEEEOOOO!!” She released a loud, wet sneeze. The way her trunk had been tickled caused the insides to become very moist.

“Hihi, bless you,” Vince said, petting the sniffling nose. “My address is on Liveton Street. Number eight, the tan one, can’t miss it.” She smiled once more, getting of the bench and stretching her legs. “Hah, I think that’s about it. See you at my house~”

Vince walked away, but not before intentionally swishing her tail against the elephant’s trunk. Caught unprepared, Lisa’s trunk flared and released yet another wet sneeze. “HYEEETTTSSCHOOOO!! H-h-hitcheeww!!” She sniffled, rubbing the end of her trunk, the itchy thing still red and trembling from the aftermath of the tickle assault, the itch remaining inside. “H-hih… Wh-why did I agree…?” She moaned, regretting everything.

Meanwhile, Vince happily went back home, fantasizing about all the thinks she could do with a sensitive trunk under her command…

Writer's Den / [F+Anthro+Elephant+Cold] Sneezing But Not Really Sneezing
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Here's a story with quite the unexpected twist! I'm not sure if everyone will like it though. If you don't then that's fine, it's a spin that I based off my preferences.

It was another regular day in the city of Furridelphia. As a city known for its advancement in technology and education fields, there is no wonder that some of the best inventions were made here. This wonderful city continues to grow, bringing technology and people closer in every way. For example, comfy ear muffs that can completely block out all noise, even for the perkiest rabbit ears.

However, perhaps the most helpful, useful, and precious thing for must furries here, are the Anti-Sneeze products.

The Anti-Sneeze line was released just about a year ago. Years of research in chemistry and biology has managed to create an incredible concoction that can dramatically decrease irritation of nasal passages. In a place full of sensitive noses, the sales went higher than every gadget sale in the city, making a world record, literally. At first, it was only sold as cream, but the company — Siniff Corporation — proceeded to make it available as a gas spray as well.

Andrew the wolf was one of the people who had authorisation to sell the product. He had been doing so since it first came out, and the little apothecary that he runs got quite famous. But now, almost every apothecary sells this stuff, so it was difficult to rely on only the Anti-Sneeze products. He has been continuously importing medicinal herbs from around the globe, hoping that it would attract more customers.

He sat on his metal chair behind the counter, texting on his phone. His two feline friends who help run the shop were in the back. They manage medicine-making and prescriptions. Andrew’s just the provider and manager. He chose to be the cashier as well because he was very insecure about his money. His friend got robbed two years ago and the fear spread to him too.

His ears were alerted by the sound of tapping at his window. He groaned a bit, getting off his chair and passing the racks that displayed some medicine. He looked outside. The apothecary only had two windows in the main room; this one and the one above the couch he put so customers can wait. This window pointed at the dirty alleyway next to his place. He never really liked it, it was an eyesore. Maybe he’ll remove the window once he’s got time.

There wasn’t anyone at the window. Not anyone in full person. He saw the small trunk of an elephant peek out from the bottom of the window. It tapped the window again. Andrew opened in. The trunk let itself inside, just over the window frame, sniffling. At least he didn’t need to move his buff body outside the window.

The trunk was a very pretty light brown colour, almost a mix between cream and tan. The small size of the trunk and nostrils made him assume that it was the trunk of a small elephant child, maybe no older than twelve. It only had one tip, though not like it’s rare. There was a tiny shade of red around the pink pad of the trunk. Andrew had a guess on why the elephant was here.

“E-excuse me?” The voice was unmistakably recognisable as a voice of a young female. By young, it means around ten years old or below. “D-do you have any more Anti-Sneeze Cream?”

Yup. Definitely a cold. “Got a dozen more. You want to buy one?” The trunk made a movement that imitated a nod. “That’ll be ten harriors.” ‘Harriors’ was the currency around these parts. The market is stable right now, so one harrior would be three-quarters of a US dollar.

“B-but… I-I didn’t bring any money…” The little elephant said sadly. Sniffles were caught between her words.

“Welp, sorry partner, why don’t you go home and ask your parents for some cash?” Andrew said gruffly.

“C-can I get one now, and then pay later wh-when I have th-the money?” She pleaded.

Andrew rolled his eyes, annoyed. He hated customers like these — ones that one to pay through debt. The way he sees it, it’s a cheap scam tactic. Lots of people fall for it. Hell, even a small girl like this one could do it; anyone can become a fibber.

“Nope. Cash first, product later.”

The trunk rose up a little, nostrils pointing at him. The red colour around her nostrils was spreading. Looks like her cold’s getting worse, he thought. But, no matter what, he still needs the cash. The elephant pleaded once more. “P-please, Mister, I-I really need it, I’m in a hurry.”

“In a hurry, huh?” Andrew considered letting his guard down, but then he thought, this is how they bait you into giving away free stuff! “Sorry, kid. I have a business to run, ya know.”

“B-but, sir, p-please, I rehe-haaah… haaa…” Her words were cut off short by the sudden flaring of her nostril, trunk jerking upwards a curving. Andrew’s arms instinctively raised upwards at the clear signs of a sneeze. Fortunately, she didn’t. “Haah… I-I really need it… I n-need to go somewhere soon, and I d-don’t want to look like this!”

A good reason. Possibly a clever lie.

“Look, I understand that you might have a cold, it’s just that I—“

“H-HAAAAAHHH…!” Her trunk suddenly acted up again, recoiling and curving into a twisted shape. Her trunk tip twitched around, nostrils flaring wider and colour getting redder. Wrinkles formed as she tried to resist the sneeze, but the urge overpowered her. “H-Haaah…. Haaah…. HETSCHYOOO! H-HITTSCHEEWW! HITCHEEW!!” She released three dainty sneezes in a row. Andrew was worried about the snot, although there doesn’t appear to be any.

Her trunk recovered soon after, sniffling and twitching. The end of her trunk was a red colour that obviously indicated she had a cold. “M-mister… please…” She begged weakly, sounding tired after that fit. “I… I need the cream… I’ll pay you back later, I promise!”

Andrew sighed. You know what? Fuck it. If the girl breaks her promise, so be it. He’s not going to lose a lot anyway. “Fine. Wait here.” He said frustratingly. He walked over to one of his shelves and grabbed a small, white canister. The label on it read ‘Anti-Sneeze Cream’. Promised to chill down any sneeze, no matter how irritated your nose is, so says Siniff Corporation’s CEO during the press conference about the product. Andrew walked back towards the trunk of the sick elephant. “Here, take it. But if you don’t pay me back, I’ll report you to the police, you got that?” He warned her, even though it was a bluff, since he doesn’t even know what the girl’s face looks like.

“Y-yes, mister!” The elephant said, grabbing the small bottle from his paw. “I-I’ll pay you back today, don’t worry!” And her trunk disappeared from the window.

Andrew sighed again, shut the window, the walked back to his chair. One of his feline companions called out from the office through the blinds. “Who was that?”

“Just some annoying elephant who’s got a itchy trunk.” He answered with an irritated tone. “Had to give the cream away for free because she’s a nuisance and I don’t wanna deal with her right then.”

“Well, you better hope she returns the money~” She teased before closing the blinds.

“Hehe, we fooled ‘im didn’t we?”

“Hihi, we sure did!”

The so-called ‘elephant’ was never an elephant to begin with.

That elephant’s trunk was just a tentacle, cleverly camouflaged to appear like a trunk.

Skit was an ordinary orange-skinned octopus, the common cephalopod. He wasn’t an anthro like most cephalopods. Instead, he’s just a regular octopus, but with the mind of one. Not everyone evolved into walking squids and starfish. Some did not evolve and retained their original shape. However, their mind did evolve, and just as genius as an anthro would be.

Like all octopuses, Skit had the natural ability to change colour to his will. These days, not a lot of people still do it; technology, business and all that. Skit’s family highly revered the old days and they taught him all sorts of skills and tricks. Soon enough, at around the age of 6, he can already sneak up on fish, hide in the tightest places, and master at mimicking objects. There, his hobby was born.

He had a knack for imitating objects. However, his passion was mimicking people too. He loved playing pretend — something that became essential in his life — and became quite well known in his village for it. He could copy a wolf’s fluffy tail, a pair of perky rabbit ears, a polydactyl paw, and tons more. His favourite disguise of all though was an elephant’s trunk. He found in fascinating and incredibly easy to mimic: he just had to curl the end of this tentacle, change the colour accordingly, raise his skin to make the tip, and make sure that the nostrils were perfectly shaped and coloured. Of course, if someone tried to poke inside the nostril, they would realize that it’s a fake, but that had never occured before.

Skit may have been a cheeky prankster, but he had good morals. He’s honest, trustworthy, and kind. Whenever he uses his tricks on someone, he always makes sure to pay it back later. Like last time, when he sprinkled pepper all over a poor wolf kid’s nose. He placed some deluxe candy on her bedside the next day — which he bought legitimately.

Skit did not have a lot of friends, so he developed a trait to take care of all that loneliness: he played pretend with himself! Not only was he an expert at camouflage, he was good at making voice impressions too. He could change his voice to sound like a little girl, a teenage male, or a strict adult. He does not like imitating old people though, since he sounded weird.

His favourite character of all was Britta, the young blonde elephant girl.

Who is currently part of his arm right now.

“You did great out there, Britta.” Skit said, facing the trunk. The reddish tint was not there anymore. Well, of course it wasn’t. “I was starting to think that you wouldn’t be able to convince him.”

“Heeeeeyyy, you know I can always do it!” ‘Britta’ said grumpily, bonking Skit’s head.

“Ow. That did not hurt at all.”

“D-don’t be so mean!”

The octopus decided to stop and take a break in the alleyway. Heaving over the backpack he always carries onto his lap, he rummaged around. He took a bottle of water and drank it, all the way till it was half-empty. After that, he examined the Anti-Sneeze Cream. Holding the small jar in his tentacle, it felt strange having something that wasn’t really all that useful to him. He wanted it, obviously, but not actually for him.

“Maybe you could rub some on me?” Britta asked, nuzzling against his face.

“Your trunk’s not even itchy.”

“Y-yes i-ihihit… is… aaah… haaa…” The pinkish-red colour suddenly spread across the trunk pad again, the urge to sneeze quickly taking over. Visible wrinkles can be seen on the outside as the trunk desperately tries to hold it back, scrunching up. “Hiii… Hiiaaaa…. Hiaaatscchooo! Hittscheeww!” Two small sneezes came out of the small trunk. “S-see?” I-i-itchy…! HYESTCHOOO!!”

Skit only smirked at the poor elephant trunk. “Come on, I know you’re faking it.”

“N-no, I’m n-neeaahhh… Naaatchooo! I’m not!”

“Aw, Britta, you know very well that I am your puppet-master~”

With barely any difficulty at all, he made the itchy sensation on Britta’s trunk seamlessly disappear. “H-huh…?” She sniffed a few times, confused. “It’s… gone? How’d you do that?”

“You know how~” Skit laughed, hugging the trunk. “Now, time for you to go.”

“Oh… See you later then!” Right after she said that, the elephant trunk disguise was revealed and reverted back to just a normal-looking tentacle.

“Hehe,” Skit chuckled to himself. How he loved these self-conversations… He found them so comforting…

Now to collect ten harriors.

Skit had never asked pocket money from his parents. He figured that he could find his own money. Sometimes he’d find several coins on the street or under furniture. This time, however, the sidewalks were clean.

After some time, he passed by the twenty-third alleyway of the day. All of them look the same really, but as he nearly walked away, he saw something that caught his attention. An open window. He can see an old cougar lady sitting on an armchair from here, knitting.

It appears that he will have to call Britta again.

Getting in position under the window was easy. With his back against the walls, he raised one of his tentacles. The orange colour quickly changed into a pale brown as the end of the tentacle curled up and nostrils began to form. In less than five seconds, his tentacle had become a perfect trunk. “So soon~?” Britta teased him, nuzzling against his tentacles. “What job is it now?”

“The normal beggar’s job.” He told to Britta, A.K.A himself. This little conversation was just so he wouldn’t be bored. It’s become a habit now. “We got an old feline lady in here, so be gentle, ‘kay?”

“Got it!” Britta went into action.

Raising the trunk above the window frame, he made some sniffling noises. The old nanny seemed to notice it, looking at the elephant trunk at her window, though she didn’t move from her seat.  “Hm? Who is it?” She asked.

“Uhm… Excuse me, miss? D-do you have any spare money?” Britta called out to her. Old people are fairly generous, and Skit hoped that this cougar was too.

“Hmm…” The old lady stopped knitting. It had been a while since someone asked her for some money. When was the last time? Five months ago? Bah, what did it matter. “Of course, dear.” She said in a soft voice. Grabbing her purse on the side table, she pulled out a few bank notes. “Here, five harriors.” She said, handing over to the trunk. She was surprised when the trunk shook ‘no’.

“I-I’m sorry, miss, b-but I need ten… M-my little brother’s got a fever, and I need to buy some medicine for him, but I ran out of money!” Britta tried to reason with her.

“Can’t you just ask your parents for another five harriors?” The woman asked in an inquisitive tone.

“I come from a poor family. M-my parents’ haven’t been paid their salary y-ye-yeeaa…” Britta snorted, her trunk scrunching. The area around her nostrils turned a bright shade of red. “Y-yeeheeeheeet… a-aahh… hyaaaa…” The trunk curved back as an ‘itch’ overtook it. “Hyaaatchooooowww! H-h-hyaaatcheeowww!!”

“Bless you, dear.”

“I-I think I c-caught my brother’s cold…” Britta said sorrowfully, sniffling. Hopefully, playing the part of a girl trying to look out for her poor, sick little brother would soften the lady’s heart. Britta continued sniffling wetly. “O-oh no, I-I feel another… h-h-hyiihh… hiiiaaahh…. Hitssheeoooww!!” Her trunk jerked forwards as another sneeze came out.

“Bless you again,” The lady repeated. It seems to have worked. She reached out for her purse again and pulled out a 5-harrior bill. “Here, little girl, take this.” She said in a mellow voice, gently handing the money to the quivering trunk. “Go buy some medicine for your brother and yourself.”

Britta grabbed the money with the end of her trunk. “Th-thank you, miss!” She said gratefully. “I-I’ll pay you back tomorrow!”

“No need to pay it back, dear.” The old woman said calmly. “It’s for your own health. I’ve got plenty of money in the bank.” She chuckled before grabbing her knitting set again. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to get back to making a scarf for my granddaughter.”

“T-thank you so much!” Britta yelled as the trunk disappeared beneath the window. She sounded almost apologetic. As she walked away, there was a faint, small sneeze from the little elephant, one last convincing trick, despite being unnecessary.

The old woman shook her head and sighed. “Hah… Kids these days…”

When the two got far enough from the alleyway, Skit laughed heartily. “Great job, Britta! He told his elephant companion. “We got the money. Now we can pay Mr. No Freebies his precious cash.” He said mockingly, remembering that not-very-generous attitude.

“Hihi, all thanks to me!” Britta chimed. She sniffed the air a few times, much to Skit’s curiosity. “Hey, where did my cold go? I got another one back there for some reason…”

“Hey, you know that I am pulling the strings, right?”

“Um… no?” Skit himself couldn’t tell if the answer was sarcastic or genuine. “Anyway, let’s get to that wolf guy!”

Some time later, they arrived back at the alleyway where the apothecary was. Britta tapped the window with her trunk. It opened, and she let herself in. “H-here’s the money, mister…” Britta said weakly as she handed him the money. Andrew gladly took it.

“Looks like you’re honest after all.” He said, almost smiling.

“O-of course I’m honest!” Britta cried, feeling insulted. “A-and the A-Anti-Sneeze Cream?”

“Hold up,” He said, grabbing one of his best products from the shelves. “Here. Should ease that itch inside your nose, eh?”

“Th-thank you!” She said, grabbing the small can with her trunk tip. “G-goodbye, mister!” The trunk disappeared, but not before giving two light sneezes. “H-hyaatchoo! Haatchoo!”

“Who is it, boss?” One of her feline companions just came back from shopping for herbs and overheard the conversation.

“The elephant from earlier.” He explained, flopping down onto his chair and putting the money in the register. “She paid back the money.”

“Well, isn’t it good to know that there are children who don’t lie to adults~”

Skit and Britta decided to go and rest at the beach. Shirlock Beach was the shoreline that connected the mainland and Skit’s underwater home. “That’s that problem taken care of…” Skit sighed, twirling the cream container between his tentacles. Such a small thing, yet it can easily pack a punch. Or more like ease a punchy itch.

“Hey, could you give me some of that?” Britta asked him in a sweet, coy voice. “I think my trunk’s feeling itchy…”

“Oh come on, that’s totally not true.” Skit said, rolling his eyes.

“Y-yes it is! H-hyatchoo! Histccheww! Hitcchooo!! S-see!?” Britta argued, releasing three conveniently-timed sneezes in the process. However, they sounded so fake that Skit just wanted to laugh in her face and humiliate her, but that would be mean of him.

“Hmm… Maybe if your trunk is actually itchy…” A devilish grin appeared on his face. “Like… this!” He shoved the tentacle-trunk into the sand.

“K-kyaaa!!” Britta screamed at the sudden movement. “Wh-wha— ah… haaa… S-Skit…!”

“Itchy, isn’t it?” Skit teased her, rubbing the base of her trunk. “Itchy, itchy, tickly, sandy~”

“Sk-Skit…” She wanted to complain, wanted to yell at him for doing such a horrible thing, but the grainy sand tickled her nose so bad. Her trunk scrunched up and curved, still buried in the sand. haaah… HAAAHH… HYAATCHOOOOOOO!!!” She shot a powerful sneeze, forcing her trunk out of the sand.

Some of the sand was still visible on her trunk pad though. Her trunk turned pinkish-red as it still felt irritated by the little grains. “Hiih… H-HAATCHEEWW! HITSCCHOOOOO!!” She released two more sneezes, relieving herself from the troublesome itch and cleaning her trunk from all the sand. “Hhff… Y-you’ll pay for that later, Skit.” She threatened weakly, out of breath.

“We’ll see, my long-nosed friend~” Skit laughed. “Let’s head back home shall we?”

“…You know I can’t go underwater, right?”

“I’ll call you later once it’s clear.”

“…Okay! See you later!” The trunk turned back into a regular tentacle.

Skit giggled to himself. “Time to go home, I guess. Another adventure’s waiting tomorrow.”

Writer's Den / [F+Anthro+Fly+Elephant+Underwater] The Swimming Lesson
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Another quick story I wrote. I specialize in elephants, since that's kinda my zone. I'll try to do other species like dragons as well when I can. I hope you guys enjoy this one!

It was Monday in Furridelphia, the gigantic metropolis for nearly every anthro in the world. Elephants, canines, felines, horses, dragons, you name it! Tall buildings dominated the city landscape, balanced with a good amount of greenery all over town. The city is home to some of the most prestigious companies, not to mention schools!

One of the most popular schools was Traffles’ Academy. This school was built by the humble professor Jennifer Argee Traffles, who dedicates the academy in maximizing the capabilities of all anthros who join. The branch was divided into three parts: primary school, middle school, and high school. Construction of the university is underway, with the target of finishing it in two years from now. The primary school is in a separate place from the middle and high school because of the big age and behaviour difference.

Traffles’ Academy focuses on training its students to become the best at what they can do. Everyone and anyone can join. Well, if they pass selection of course - the school was extremely popular and can only hold so many. If they do pass, they will see a curriculum that is both intensive and fun. The school does more than training the students to be smart; it also helps develop their physical and biological abilities. For example, training dragons to breathe fire or whatever properly so they don’t overdo it. Or, teach the dogs to practice their sense of smell, and help the monkeys do vine aerobics.

This method of training makes Traffles’ Primary School one of the most sought out among all other schools, because people are best trained at a young age.

One of the students there is named Lisa Newmaster. She is a young elephant in fifth grade with light brown skin and a gorgeous, long trunk that she handles with a charm. Her scores are excellent in many subjects, from logic to math to memory to physical education. However, she doesn’t aim to be number one at the school because she thinks it’ll be too much, and always behaves modestly when it came to her smarts. The teachers have also said that she has mastered her trunk very well. She has good balance, good control, precision, and a sharper sense of smell than most.

However, just because she’s so good does not mean there are subjects she didn’t like. And at Monday, she faces her least favourite subject: water sports. Water sports are not for all species, and only several get these classes. Elephants are included into the subject. Water sports activities for elephants can include underwater searching, hold-your-breath exercises, spraying, and more. She doesn’t hate the lesson, but she’s just not fond of it.

The teacher told them today was an agility test, which got a few groans from the group. Lisa just shook her head, sighing. She may not like the class, but this was one test she SHOULD be able to clear.

As they made their way to edge of the 1,5 metre deep pool, the teacher gave them a brief explanation. The way this worked was that each elephant must step into the water and down the slope. Once their feet were at the bottom depth, they must walk to the other side of the 20 metre pool and back. There was only one rule: their trunks was remain above water level. If someone is seen submerging their trunk completely, they fail. It’s not really much of a rule though; who wouldn’t want to breathe?

Their teacher bellowed out a signal for them to line up at the edge of the pool. Lisa did so, her feet just touching the water. “Okay!” Their instructor’s large voice boomed. “On your marks, get set… go!”

Lisa and her classmates quickly made their way into the pool, but were cautious not to push or bump into each other. Lisa already had her trunk raised up high in advance. Everyone also had goggles on so they could see in the water. She walked down the slope, the water level slowly rising as she went deeper. From her ankles, to her knees, to her hips, her torso, before her head finally submerged completely. Soon enough, everyone was underwater, only their trunks were sticking out of the surface.

Lisa stood on her two legs, carefully walking. It was both difficult and easy to walk underwater. You become really slow and balancing yourself is a shaky process, but you get to breathe and have more time to react.

Lisa’s light-brown trunk was raised high. The end of her trunk was around ten centimetres above the water’s surface, bent at a forty-five degree angle to allow proper air flow. She kept repeating in her head to remain calm and steady, or else her breathing will get erratic. Sometimes she closed her eyes, feeling air go in and out of her trunk, her nostrils steadily expanding and shrinking as she did so. In… out… in… out…

Unfortunately for her, this will not be a smooth swim.

A fly had entered the swimming hall through one of the open windows used to ventilate the air. He looked downwards. He was rather surprised at what he was witnessing: these weird things poking out of the water and moving in a straight line, and so many of them! The fly had obviously never seen a sight like this.

Curious, he flew downwards and landed on one of them, thinking they were something like driftwood. But when he landed on one of them, — Lisa’s trunk, to be exact — it twitched! The fly jumped in surprise and flew up. Looking closer, he could see a blurry shape beneath the ‘driftwood’, that seemed connected to it. He took another look around, then he realized it: these were all elephants swimming underwater with their trunks up! That made sense, they’d have to breathe somehow.

Wanting to get a closer look, he landed on Lisa’s trunk again, avoiding landing on the sensitive tip. He carefully placed his feet on the soft, pink pad of the trunk, feeling the flesh squish beneath his feet. He walked around the edges of her trunk, admiring the view of these elephants. But he didn’t realize that him walking around the rims of her nostril were causing a little tickle on the girl’s sensitive appendage.

It took him a full minute before he noticed the floor beneath him was quivering slightly. He took a look at the trunk’s tip. It was quivering a bit as well. It appears that his movements are irritating the trunk. A thought entered the fly’s mind. He grinned evilly. He felt pitiful for whoever’s trunk is this, but he just wanted some fun, and it’s not like it would harm anybody.

He walked a step into the girl’s left nostril, then stopped. He positioned himself so he would be inside and outside the nostril at the same time, which is at the rim. He carefully walked around in a circle, waiting for a reaction. A little shiver at the nostril’s edges. He smiled, doing it again several times. The shiver and quiver began to grow as the nostril moved around a bit. Quickly, he got out that nostril and went inside the right one, doing the exact same thing. After that, he rubbed his legs against the septum of the trunk, provoked the tip, went back to the left nostril and did everything all over again. He did it fast, about five rounds under a minute!

Lisa, who is underwater, could feel the end of her trunk begin to itch a bit. She twitched the tip of her trunk, agitated. It was just an itch, nothing more, but it was disturbing her. Her reaction would be to rub the the itchy spot, but she couldn’t, because that would mean submerging her trunk. She couldn’t reach it with her arms, so she just had to bear it. But the itch was growing, making her nostrils tremble and her sniffle a few times. ‘I just have to hold it…” She thought to herself, hoping the itch would go away.

Once the fly felt satisfied and thought the foundation for the attack is set, he started the next part. He walked inside the trunk’s left nostril, down the near vertical slope. Being a fly, he was used to it, plus the flesh was kinda sticky. He crawled deeper, feeling air flow in and out as she breathed. Once he was sure he was at the middle of her trunk, he stopped.

He began to tickle the trunk in several ways. He lightly jabbed the walls with his legs, making the flesh look like it’s swelling. He scratched against the thick walls, and teased the base of the nose hair. He also rubbed his body against the moist flesh, aligning with the smooth grooves and teasing the soft tissue. It was working. The cave shook a bit and the floor grew small bumps. He smiled, climbing out of the nostril.

Next he went into the right nostril, and did the exact same thing, tickling and teasing. After giving a good amount, he went back into the left one, then do everything all over again. Sometimes he would walk around the outer edges of the nostrils and poked the prehensile tip as well. Teasing a trunk requires patience and hard work, but it always pays off. Each time, the nasal passages would shake and tremble more and more, and he would feel the trunk quiver from the terrible itch he was causing. It was building, and he knew it, making each tickle itchier than the last.

Lisa was not happy with her situation. Her trunk was getting itchier by the minute. The end of her trunk started to become a pinkish-red colour, a clear sign of her irritation. She sniffled a few times, her breathing pattern disturbed by the itch. Her trunk curved just a tiny bit as the her nasal passages start to tickle again. The tip of her trunk bent as well, feeling something provoke the tender flesh. “H-hrggrwhwh…”A couple of bubbles escaped Lisa’s mouth as she opened it.

A few minutes passed by, and the tickle did not leave. In fact, it was getting worse. Her nostrils flared, her trunk trembled and quiver from the awful itchiness controlling it. Her muscles stimulated, the inner walls of her nose itched, and an itchy red colour was forming inside her trunk. The insides of her trunk was starting to become uneven. Her trunk curved a bit more, feeling the impact of the tickle. Oh God, i-it was making her wanting to s-sneeze. She can’t sneeze, not now! But the tickle, the itch was so bad!!! She just wants to scratch it, to relieve her trunk, but she just can’t! How far is she? Yes, she’s reached the end! Wait, she still has to make it back!? Oh God, she begs that her trunk can hold on just a teeny bit more…

The fly knew how much trouble he was causing to the poor trunk. The thing was quivering under his feet, begging for him to stop. He looked at it from above, her nostrils twitching from the itch he caused. A different movement caught his eye. The upper tip of her trunk, currently bending over, scrunched up a bit. He recognized that reaction. A few of his friends told him that when elephants do that, it means that they’re trying hard to resist a tickle, a sneeze. It was one of those subconscious behaviour things. That gave him an idea.

He flew over there, landing behind the prehensile tip. It shivered when he made contact with it. Gently, he rubbed one of his legs against the right side of the tip, touching the sensitive pink flesh.

Instinctively, the tip twitched and flicked to the right, as the fly expected. Knowing that, he dodged to the left, avoiding being thrown off. Once the coast was clear, he rubbed the left side of the tip. Again, it twitched and flicked, this time to the left. The fly, of course, swerved his body to the right. He continued on with this little hide-and-seek game, irritating and tickling the poor piece of muscle, utterly helpless to stop him, and all it could do was suffer the teasing and itch he was causing~

Lisa’s trunk was desperately trying to bear the itch on her trunk, which was now focused at her tip. It tickled left, right, left, right, and it didn’t want to stop. The itch was so great her eyes were beginning to shut and her hands shook. However, this pattern made her realize something: it was a bug tickling her trunk. She focused, waiting for the tickle. It happened on the right side. Reflex wanted her to twitch right, but her brain was better and slapped to the left… making contact with the bug.

There. The tickle stop. Perhaps she had killed it. Her trunk still itched a bit though. That’s fine, she’ll just have to deal with it until she passes this test. Just about 15 more metres…

The fly was indeed slapped — and it hurt a lot — but he narrowly missed splashing into the water and flying up at the last second. It appears that the girl knows about his presence. Then that means he’ll have to… accelerate his plan.

Flying up, he adjusted his height and location carefully, aiming down at her trunk. Being bent an angle, he needs to get it just right. “…There!” The moment he got to the correct spot, he instantly zipped downwards at hight speed… directly into Lisa’s left nostril!

The elephant had no time to react before the tickle in her trunk became a hurricane. The fly was zig-zagging inside, bouncing of the walls of her nasal passage, causing a tremendous itch in her nose. The sudden impact of each bump plus her nose hair being plowed through made her trunk scrunch up and her nostrils flared.

The fly was doing an effective job, and he wasn’t stopping. He flew out of there and went into Lisa’s other nostril, banging into the thick, succulent walls and giving a scratch when he had the chance. He watched joyfully as the grooves start to become uneven, the normally dark pink sides turning an agitated light red. The entire trunk shook and her breathing was panicky. “Tickle tickle tickle~” The fly teased as he stopped by to tickle the rims of her nostrils, before hopping back into her left nostril.

Lisa’s trunk jerked around so much that she was losing balance. She even nearly tripped. Her trunk was becoming uncontrollable as the massive itch overpowered her trunk’s sensitive muscles. Her nerves stimulated, nostrils flaring as wide as they can be, tip trembling… She could feel the rising urge to sneeze build up in her sinuses, stretching upwards all the way to her nostrils. There was that pressure there, against the last remaining stubborn part of her trunk that refused to sneeze, wanting to push itself out of that hole as her trunk curved and curved, bending and succumbing to the terrible itch’s control…

Bubbles escaped her gasping mouth “Grghghaagh… Gwhahahawaghagh…” She had never felt a more stronger desire to sneeze in her life. She was so close to sneezing; she could literally feel some of it leaking out of her trunk, hoping to make it explode. The poor girl’s trunk rose out of the water like a snake, it’s mad shaking signalling the fly to stop its assault or end her suffering. Several of the students who already finished noticed Lisa’s predicament, but they were in no position or have now way to help.

The fly knew the sneeze was coming, very, very, very soon. He flew out of her nostril, giving one last little tease on her trunk’s tip, before zipping to the ceiling for safety. His last tickle was the final bomb for Lisa as her trunk reeled back, the tickle skyrocketing.


Her trunk slammed downwards and hit the water as she released the massive sneeze. The pressure her sneeze let out made a giant wave followed by a short rainfall. Lisa felt absolutely relieved Oh, that felt so good! She may not have been thinking about it at the time, but she almost failed her test, but only a part of her trunk went under. A few of the people up on the surface, including her teacher, jumped in surprise at her sneeze. Several excited and fascinated murmurs rippled across the room.

The fly enjoyed the short waterworks show. Droplets flew up and sprayed like a fountain. It was a spectacular sight. Looking at the elephant, he could see her trunk sticking out of the water, curved in an awkward shape. Even from here, he could see her nostrils flaring and twitching, bubbles of panic popping up as they rise up to the surface. The poor girl was stuck in a pre-sneeze, unable to get it out. Maybe her trunk just wasn’t itchy enough to make that sneeze burst through.

Since he had been rather mean to her, then maybe it is time for him to be a little nicer.

He flew downwards, his aim true and directly into her right nostril. He did the same tactic again, but with less  ‘oomph’. He only bounced for ten seconds, triggering the itch to build again before switching over to the left nostril. He could see the muscles inside of her trunk slowly twist in itchiness, flaring up and turning redder. As soon as he finished, he topped it off with a quick scuttle around her twitchy nostril rims and a prod at her trunk tip before jumping up and away.

Lisa, having just releasing a sneeze seconds ago, still felt her nostrils buzzing. She could feel the need to sneeze trying to crawl out of her nose, but it just wouldn’t happen. Until the fly came back to help her. Her trunk was on fire as the itch went from mild to big bang. Her entire trunk quivered as the sneeze pummelled the inner walls to drive the quaking nose into submission. “Grwhblhbhah… grwhhbhlahlblblwhh…”

Her trunk rose higher, her mouth opened wider, the itch getting stronger…

“Grhwbhlhlhwhh…! GRWATCHOOOOOWHBLHWLHEHLBLHWELWHHH!!!” Another sneeze rocketed out of her trunk, the force of the sneeze sending it slamming against the water’s surface, but still not under the water line. Again, a fountain of water rained down as she sneezed, attracting the students’ attention, making them gasp.

After the shock of the sneeze, Lisa’s trunk trembled there, the itch finally dissipating. She had never had an experience like that before. Her trunk swelled from all the itchiness and ached a bit. Getting a grip on herself, Lisa completed the test, being one of the last students to complete. All because of her and her trunk. Some of her friends felt bad for her.

The class later on dismissed, and Lisa left the swimming hall with mixed feelings in her chest. It was definitely an unenjoyable time, but she got a bit of pleasure from it as well. Although, she was slightly puzzled. She wasn’t exactly sure why she needed to sneeze so badly; the itch just sprouted on her trunk from nowhere. She shrugged it off. Not like it mattered anymore.

Meanwhile, the little meddlesome fly left the swimming hall too, feeling delighted and happy at what he accomplished. It was a fun day~

Another story I've made, this time about an elephant! They've always been a favourite of mine, so I hope you enjoy this one!

It was a sunny Saturday morning in the large city of Furridelphia. This city is one of the largest in its continent, its population rising every year. Furridelphia was popular due to its growing economy and high job availability, making the other anthros move here. Unfortunately, the city soon became rather overpopulated, and the so-called ‘high job availability’ was not a thing anymore.

That was what Khairin the elephant thought of the city. Khairin came from a poor family, who moved to the city a year ago to find hopeful prospect for their daughter. Sadly, by then it was very difficult to find a house, yet alone a job, in this humongous city. Her father worked at a cannery while her mother worked at a clothes manufacturer. Her grandmother and grandfather were retired, so they could not do much.

Khairin goes to a well-known school named Tastic High School. It was a slightly more than average school, and not too expensive either, making it a top pick. ‘Not too expensive’ was a… subjective term, when it came to the poor. Although Khairin did in fact manage to get accepted, there was no way the family could pay the monthly school fee. Their jobs did not have a very high salary.

Following her mother’s advice, Khairin decided to look for a part-time job. However, she was never accepted because of her young age; only fourteen and a half years old.

But one day, opportunity came to her.

A female elephant had come up upon her while she was cleaning the school yard. The woman was impressed at how good she was, and offered a job. Khairin immediately accepted.

And now, here she was, at her new job.

Khairin was sleeping on a bed, snoring loudly. Her skin was a beautiful deep reddish-brown colour, giving her a kind of African or Indian vibe. She had normal proportions, as her mother was very strict about that. She was around 1,50 metres tall, about average maybe. Everything about her was average… except her trunk.

Her trunk was not like a normal elephant’s trunk. You’d expect two nostrils, and maybe one or two tips, depending on the species. But she wasn’t like that. Instead, she just had one big nostril, with an extra thick rim and no trunk tips. It was like a gaping hole. She had gotten that from her mother, and some people make fun of her because of it. Despite that, Khairin still loved her trunk very much. She thought it was unique and special. Plus, it made sucking things a lot easier.

Today was Saturday, so no school, so she slept in. She was having the best sleep in a while when -

“Khairin? Khairin, wake up, sleepy!”

The elephant’s large ears twitched as she groggily woke up, rubbing her eyes. The air smelt stale and dusty, making her more aware and awake. “C-coming!” She called out. “I-I’ll get dressed first!”

She brushed her teeth, took a quick shower, and put on a maid’s outfit. It wasn’t one of those black and white ones; it was a simple one, with plain mustard and white colours and some stripes. Once she was ready, she opened the front door. A female elephant with light grey skin was waiting for her, wearing a more upgraded style of Khairin’s outfit. “Ah, you’re ready?” She asked, smiling.

“S-sorry, I slept in.” Khairin said, lowering her head. This woman was the one who got her this job, named Caithla. She offered Khairin a job as a cleaning maid in an old motel she worked at. When they first arrived here, Caithla said that the job only required two conditions: one was that you had to stay overnight during weekends because the place was understaffed and they could not afford to lose manpower. Secondly, she had to perform well or risk getting fired. Khairin took her job very seriously so she could earn money for the school.

Caithla smiled softly, lifting up Khairin’s chin with her trunk. It was long and slender, and had quite the muscle power. “It’s all right, Khairin.” She said. “Now, I believe you should start working.”

Caithla was the head maid here, so she told Khairin what to do for the morning. “Two rooms were checked out last night, but they haven’t been cleaned yet. I suggest you start from there.”

Khairin walked out of her room and walked down the corridor, pushing her cleaning trolley. The motel she was at was rather run-down. It might even go bankrupt soon without more customers. It only had two floors, and the staircases and hallways to the rooms were all outdoors. All the rooms were standard, cheap places, with no difference at all. A proper bed, curtains, not-really-decent bathroom, wardrobe, coffee table, and a few other pieces of home furniture.

Khairin stopped in front of one the rooms. A circular brass plate was on the door. “Room 207,” She whispered to herself. She took the keys from her pocket and unlocked the door, opening it.

She stepped inside the room. It was in terrible shape. Dust was everywhere, bottles of beer left on the table, bedsheets scattered, and it smelled of gross food. She wrinkled her trunk, the disgusting smell bothering her. “Ew,” She said, picking up the plate of food and placing it on the cleaning tray. “Gonna have to take that back to the kitchen later!”

Khairin was a very efficient worker, despite her trunk not being able to pick up minuscule things due to its thick rim. Her suction power had more grip than most elephants, so even oily bottles will not fly out of her grasp. After she placed all the bottles on her trolley, she rearranged the bedsheets, using her trunk to flatten it out, making it look neat and tidy.

Now for the fun part.

Khairin never used vacuum cleaners to clean up dust; both at her school and at her job. She just uses her trunk. It was a handy appendage, after all. Having one or two nostrils does not make any difference, and she has a natural resistance for inhaling dust. She quickly waved her trunk above the carpeted floor, sucking up the dust that was there. Once she felt her trunk was full, she blew all the contents into the vacuum cleaner she keeps on her trolley. The hose was removed, so she could simply blow into the hole there.

Sniff, suck, blow, repeat. It was easy!

Unless there was… something other than dust she was inhaling…

Her trunk searched around under the bed, sniffing and sucking up dust. But since she wasn’t able to see, she did not know that there was a single large, black feather under there. She sucked up the dust, completely unaware of the danger. The feather, broad but light, got pulled by the force of her suction. Moving roughly against the carpet, before finally lifted off the ground and straight into the elephant’s nostril.

“H-Hrngh!?” She gasped, pulling her trunk back instantly. That was a mistake. Her trunk automatically curled, sending the feather deeper. The bristles tickled the sensitive nasal passages, making them turn red. “Ha- Ah, hrh…” She recognized this feeling; the soft touch of a feather. She was allergic to feathers, any kind of feathers. She found out her feather allergy when she first held a feather duster and sneezed it away.

“H-hh-hhhh…” Her breath hitched as the end of her trunk wiggled, the giant nostril flaring. She tried to blow it away, but the feather was a rather large out and got stuck on the creases of flesh inside. An allergic red colour spread throughout the inside of her trunk and to the rim of her trunk. She could feel it inside, yet was powerless to fight it.

“Hrah—haah…” Her chest heaved, her trunk coiling. She curled the end of her trunk into a ball, trying to resist the tickle. Each breath she took made the feather move slightly, loosening, bristles brushing, tickling~

“Huh…hahhh…hya…” She could feel both her head and fear rising. If she sneezed, she would mess up the room again! Against instinct, she resisted as hard as she could, but the more time passed the more her trunk tickled. It needed to sneeze… The feather simply there, twisting around as it was pushed by her short breaths, the tip of it pushing against irritated flesh…

And then, the feather no longer got stuck… right as she sniffled.

And so, it was sucked in even further, to become lodged again, to tickle her even harder.

Her eyes widened as she felt it get sucked in further, her trunk jumping up. The end of her trunk was shaking like mad, the one nostril expanding, keeping a tickle than only agonized her trunk. The dust she had sucked up earlier made the itch even worse. Sure, she was resistant, but having a clump of dust in your sinuses when you’re about to sneeze feels horrible. Her trunk shivered, taking hitched breaths as the feather only tickled, tickled, tickled, tickled, and tickled her poor nose.

The tip of her trunk quivered with anticipation, unable to contain it in. She felt a familiar feeling, the feeling in her trunk that she normally had before she sneezed. A tingle, starting at the base of her trunk, slowly creeping upwards toward the end of her trunk, bringing itchiness along with, making her trunk wiggle. When it reached the end, she could feel the need to sneeze intensify greatly.

She couldn’t hold it in any longer, she can’t, she just HAS TO SNEEZE!!!

“Hraa… haa…haaa… HYAAATCHOOOOO!!!” It was a powerful sneeze, like a blast from a cannon. Her trunk only had one nostril, which made it even more alike to a cannon. The annoyance of a feather was shot out of her trunk instantly. The bedsheets and pillows she had tidied up flew up into the air before landing in a messy pile, and whatever leftover dust was in her trunk or under the best scattered everywhere.

She could feel another sneeze come up and trying to force its way out her trunk, but she kept it in.“Hhhrh! Hhh, hngh…” Fortunately, it didn’t last long, and the itchy tickle subsided. “Hrrh… Phew… Ughh…” She was relieved - for avoiding another sneeze - and annoyed - for having to redo her work again. Looking up, she saw the feather lazily glide down. She avoided using her sensitive trunk and used her hands to catch it. Her trunk sniffled a bit as she held it and placed in the trash can. “Hopefully I can avoid that happening again…” She murmured.

After cleaning the room again and officially declaring it all clear, she headed to the next room, which was right next door. It was room 206 this time. She took a deep breath, trying to calm herself down. The sneeze just now shook some of her confidence. She sniffed the air a few times, making sure her trunk is all right. Seems to be that way. “Okay, here we go…”

She opened the door and stepped inside the room. She was quite glad at the sight. It wasn’t too terribly messy; the bed needs a little tweaking, trash on the table, and the usual dusting of the place. She felt her confidence boost a bit. Time to get to work!

She worked fast, clearing up most of the things in a jiffy. Dust on the floor and furniture quickly tucked inside her trunk and blown into the vacuum’s storage. She arranged the furniture to make it nice and tidy, mopped the bathroom floor and wiped all the windows and glass and cleared out the ashtray - without inhaling anything sneezy, of course.

“There, all done!” She exclaimed proudly. But just as she was about to leave the room, she noticed something troubling. The pillows, which she had rearranged earlier, do not appear very puffy. She walked over to the bed, prodding the pillow with her trunk. It was not stuffed completely and felt kinda like pudding. “Oh, this will not do…” She grumbled, wondering why they were not stuffed full yet. Maybe one of the other staff members. They aren’t as dedicated to their jobs as her, after all.

She didn’t like this part, she thought, picking up a bag she had brought from the motel’s storage closet. This motel did not have a lot of budget, and was forced to buy the cheap product pillows. Dreadfully for Khairin, it was the one that used feather stuffing. You’d never think these were still in sale, but apparently not. Her feather allergy was already an issue, not to mention only having one nostril. Without a septum, it’ll be much easier for a feather to get too close into her trunk.

Carefully, she slid her trunk into the bag, controlling her breathing. She avoided tilting her trunk vertically to avoid the feathers going inside. A few feathers dangled lightly from her thick rim. The touch only got an itchy twitch from her trunk. She then stuffed the feathers into the pillow, pushing them in. “Okay, just a few more scoops…” She muttered.

The entire process only took a minute, but if felt more than that to Khairin. After she put her last scoop in and testing the puffiness of the pillow, she let out a satisfied breath. “Phew, finally, I didn’t screw it up~”

Although she may have said those words to early.

The elephant had forgotten to seal the pillow properly. Her trunk got too close to the opening, and when she took a deep breath through her trunk to ‘celebrate her victory’, a loose feather quickly got sucked up right into her large nose. “H-hurgh?” The sudden tickle in her trunk caused her to sniff, making a few more feathers zipping out from their place and into the nostril. “O-oh no…!”

The little feathers danced around inside, her erratic sniffles causing them to float around. Their light bodies brushed against the pink flesh of her trunk, waving around and teasing her poor nasal passage. Her trunk scrunched up, forming a swan neck shape. The feathers ended up piling at the base there, making the inside of her trunk forming ticklish waves. “H-hhhah… hahh… hraaaah…”

She tried her best to resist the urges of her trunk, the end curling up again. She could feel it building up, the tickle, the itch, that annoying thing in her trunk, just tickling her trunk to insanity. The feathers bounced around with each hitched, their tips lightly poking the sensitive inner walls and going all over the place. “H-Hraaaghh…” She took a sniff too deep, and one of them escaped the swan neck curved and up and even deeper into the depths of her trunk. It was much narrower here, so the little feather covered more spots than the others~

“H-HYAAAAAHH-!!” The feather at the base of her trunk made her trunk jerk upward towards the ceiling. N-no, she m-musn’t sneeze, she can’t, or else she’ll blow the roof! But the tickle was just too much; those devious little feathers playfully brushing the tender, squishy flesh inside her trunk, triggering her allergies and making the end of her trunk from her regular brown colour to a pinkish-red, and she was all but powerless to stop it.

That feeling came again. A tingle, like air trying to force itself out of her trunk. She could feel it ripple from the base of her trunk, slowly edging towards the shaking rim of her nostril. The end of her trunk scrunched up as the gigantic urge to sneeze was trying to blow out of her nose.  She thought quickly and hastily pushed her wriggling trunk under the bed. At last, she could not take it anymore. “HAAAH…. HYAAATCHOOOOOOOOO!!!”

An explosion rocked the room, a shockwave could be felt as the bedsheets flew up a little and the curtains waved. She did not have enough time to relax as another itch overtook her powerful appendage. “H-HAA… HRAAA… HRAAAAATHEEEEOOOOOOWWWW!!!” Another blast, the floor shuddering under its wake. The little feathers flew out of her trunk, erasing the itch in the process.

She sat down on the bed, exhausted. “Hhh… haah… Not my best day…” She sighed.

After she made sure the room was nice and tidy again, she stepped outside to tell her boss. She found Caithla downstairs in the kitchen, washing the dishes. Khairin passed off the gross plate of food from earlier, which Caithla complacently took.

“By the way, I heard you sneeze up there,” Caithla commented as she scrubbed the plate Khairin handed her. “You sick today?”

“N-not really,” Khairin grumbled, rubbing the end of her trunk with a finger. “Just allergies.”

Caithla raised her eyebrows. “You never told me you had allergies.” She said sternly.

Khairin seemed to droop a little. “W-well, I didn’t want to tell you, s-since I didn’t wanna lose my job.”

The head maid glared at her, then her face softened. “Do you mind telling me what your allergies are?” She asked. Khairin looked up at her. “I need to know my own staff’s weaknesses. Can’t have them sneezing all the time, can I?” She smiled a bit at the end, which made Khairin smile too.

“U-um… I am allergic to feathers…” Khairin replied, rubbing her trunk self-consciously. It was rather embarrassing to admit. “Other than that I’m fine!” She added.

Caithla nodded and smiled. “Then I think you should be fine!” She said. “The only thing feathery around here are just the pillows and dusters, and you don’t even use the dusters! You’ll manage~”

Her words encouraged Khairin a lot. She stood up straighter, feeling some pride. “Th-thank you, Ms. Rina!” She said.

“Please, it’s just Caithla. I don’t like being called a missus.”

“A-alright then, Caithla, what should I do next?”

She thought about it, scratching her chin with her long trunk. After a minute, she spoke up. “Perhaps you could wipe the windows? The ones on the second floor are all filthy, so I think you should handle it.” Khairin nodded and turned to leave, but Caithla stopped her. She continued, “And I mean, really filthy. It won’t be clean if you just spray it with water. You will need a window wiper. There should be one on the second floor janitor’s closet. Okay, now you can go.” Caithla grinned cheerfully as she watched her friendly subordinate leave the kitchen and up the stairs.

Khairin finally reached the janitor’s closet on the second floor. She opened the door. It was quite big, but also cramped with racks and equipment. Piles of brooms and mops leaned against the wall, various sized dusters hung on the hangers, and the shelves were full of sprays and other stuff Khairin doesn’t recognize. She turned on the lights, entering the tight closet and shutting the door behind her. It was very dusty in here, cobwebs everywhere, but she didn’t mind. “Let’s see… window wipers, window wipers…”

As her head turned around, her trunk accidentally brushed against a cobweb. A spider who was there got swept up and got on her trunk. It took her a few seconds before she felt teeny tiny legs crawl on her trunk and she spotted the small black arachnid. “EEEEEEK!!!” She screamed, flailing her trunk and arms around. She was deathly afraid of spiders! “GET IT OFF, GET IT OFF!!!”

Well, it did get off, but not the way she wanted it. Instead, it fell right into the opening of her trunk! The spider, panicking like her, scrambled all over inside the wobbly cavity of her long nose. The flesh squished beneath its feet, its hairy legs irritating the soft tissue. The inside of her trunk grumbled as the spider ran around everywhere, not realizing it was causing a problematic tickle.

Her trunk curved in response, feeling the tickle legs of the spider disturbing her trunk. “U-ungh…” She panicked, swinging her trunk around in cramped space of the closet. Her trunk knocked over a feather duster, and the feathery end slid inside her large nostril. The long, brown feathers tickled the thick rim of her trunk’s opening and the sensitive flesh inside. An allergic red colour and swelling began to consume her uncontrollable trunk. “Hrrrnhh… Haaaahh…”

Her trunk scrunched and wrinkled, waves of ticklish attacks on her trunk made it bend upwards and upwards against her will. Her gigantic nostril flared, only making the feather duster slowly sink deeper into her sinuses. The poor arachnid inside, trapped and afraid, randomly crawled on the nasal passage’s ceiling, punch the thick walls, and go deeper and deeper and deeper into Khairin’s itchy, agitated trunk.

“Hraaaaaghh… H-haa… Hraaaaa…!” Her trunk took hitched breaths as it neared its climax. The dusty state of the room did not help either. She may have a natural resilience towards dust, but having it inside your trunk while you’re feeling sneezy isn’t exactly a pleasant thing. It only tickled her trunk further, pushing it closer and closer to the edge. The end of her trunk twitched and wiggled like mad, unable to contain the powerful build-up going on inside.

This was the third time she had this feeling: a slow, calm rise, going up from the deepest reaches of her trunk, spreading all the way to the tip. The end of her trunk looked like a pipe that was about to burst. Although, instead of water, it’ll be a sneeze~

“HAAAAAAH…. HAAAAATCHEEEEEEEEEEWW!!!” The air came out of her trunk and slammed the ground hard. The entire closet practically shook and dust flew up out of nowhere. Both the feather duster and the spider shot out of her trunk like a bullet, hitting the ground at high speed. Khairin’s trunk, still reeling from the sneeze, had another itchy fit as a leftover feather from the duster remained inside. She stood up, trying to control the direction of her trunk, but she couldn’t. Her trunk quivered a bit, the itch rising, before finally releasing another sneeze.

“H-HAAATCHOOOO!!!” The sneeze knocked out the bottles from the shelves. She thrusted her hand to grab her trunk, but she missed. The tickle in her trunk was not relieved yet. “H-HYAAATCHOOOOOOOOO!!!” Her trunk, which was aiming at the door, blasted the door out of its weak frame, the thing crashing to the floor.

Khairin stumbled outside. The feather was gone, but that tickly itch was still there. A quiver, a twitch, a sudden urge to sneeze again… She shut her eyes tight as she felt her trunk about to let go. “H-hhh-haaaaaa—!”

Then it suddenly stopped.

Khairin opened her eyes. Caithla was there. She was using her trunk to pinch the end of her trunk tightly. “Shh~” The elephant whispered, sounding a bit coy. “No more sneezing from you today.”

The hold was working. The tickle soon died down and the itch faded away. Khairin’s trunk still tingled from the experience, but she has proper control now. Rubbing her sniffly appendage, she lowered her head in shame. “I-I’m so sorry…” She apologized. “I-I just c-could not control my trunk…”

Caithla patted the young teenager on her head. “It’s fine, Khairin.” She giggled. “Although, it appears you’ll have to work overtime today.” She added, looking at the broken door.

“A-are you gonna tell the manager?” Khairin asked fearfully.

“I’m not going to tell the manager about this.”


“Of course. You and your trunk,” Caithla scratched the base of Khairin’s trunk as she said so. “have a lot of potential. You just need to learn to control your sneezes. Now, I believe you need this?” Caithla walked over to the damaged janitor’s closet and picked up the window wiper Khairin had been looking for earlier. Khairin reluctantly took it. “Now go out there and clean those windows!”

“Y-yes, Caithla!” Khairin exclaimed, running down the hall and disappearing down the stairs. Caithla sighed, shaking her head but smiling.

“Oh, what a handful she is,” She laughed. “Time to get back to my work again.”

Writer's Den / [M+Non-Anthro+Aardvark] The Aardvark and the Ladybug
« on: August 01, 2018, 01:31:56 PM »
This is my first story here, although I've posted it on my DeviantArt account around a month ago. I hope you people enjoy it :)

In the dry plains of Africa, around late evening, a creature roamed around, searching for something. The sun had almost set, making the sky turn red. The wind was dry and weak, blowing what little grass and leaves were on the flat land. The creature’s sensitive ears twitched at the feeling of wind passing by its ears.

This creature was known as an aardvark. A strange creature; quadruped, an elongated head, rabbit-like ears, a thin, stretchy tongue, and a long snout. It was sniffing around, its nostrils just millimetres from touching the dirt. Dust was sucked into its nose with every inhale, but thick nose hair prevented them from going in too deep. A sharp exhale would do the trick to blow it all away. The aardvark did so, a cloud of dust flying into the air.

It continued along with its search - a search for food. He needed food, as he hadn’t eaten in a while now. He sniffed everywhere, pressing his snout into the dirt every few seconds or so. The smell of insects would usually waft up into his nostrils, but he hasn’t got that feeling for a good few hours now. “Come on, come on, there’s got to be an anthill somewhere…” The aardvark whispered to himself.

His search continued for a while, the aardvark getting tired. Just when he was about to stop to rest, a tiny, familiar scent reached his long snout. His eyes widened, and he immediately began to sniff at the ground, nostrils enlarging and shrinking. That smell was still there. He knew that smell all too well; it was the smell of tasty, delicious ants! “Hehe, I’m coming for you~” The aardvark said, grinning.

Locking onto the faint scent trail, he followed it for at least twenty seconds before stumbling across an anthill. Black ants crawled in and out of the hole of the tiny mountain of dirt. His snout was right on top of them, sniffing deeply, though not enough to suck them up. Yes, this anthill was the same one he smelled just now, the aardvark thought. It was now time to eat.

Bending over a little, his tongue jumped out of his mouth, grabbing the unsuspecting ants. He gobbled them up, and continued to munch at what unlucky ants he caught sight of. Panic arose within the anthill as all the ants scattered. Some went back into the anthill for safety, others scrambled   away to hide in the grass. The aardvark launched his tongue and mouth into the small hole of the anthill, eating and eating more and more ants. However, he was too distracted by his buffet to notice a teeny tiny potential threat.

It was a beetle. Not those large ones, it was one of the tiny ones, only millimetres in length. A ladybug, or a ladybird, as one would call it. Its colour was a dull brownish-black. Not very common, unlike the red one with black spots. The small beetle looked down at the catastrophe from slightly higher ground than the anthill, sad to see the inhabitants getting consumed by this massive creature. Oh well, that’s the circle of life for you, it thought. Then it noticed a peculiar thing not too far away.

The aardvark’s snout was on the slightly upper ground the ladybug was standing on. It moved from side to side as the aardvark tilted his head every now and then, dragging across the dirt lightly. The ladybug timidly approached the appendage, careful not to get smacked by it. She watched attentively as it moved to the left a bit, to the right a bit, jerk upwards, then move around some more. She paid even more attention at the nostrils, opening and closing as it breathed. Even though it was dark, she could still see that it was thick with protective hair. The ladybug knew how sensitive the snout must be, seeing as it reminded her of an elephant’s trunk.

“An… elephant’s… trunk?” The ladybug said quietly, a sneaky idea forming in her mind.

She remembered now, that those nasal passages were extremely sensitive. It was an advantage… but also a disadvantage. She had met a few other bugs during her travel across the plains. Some of them shared these amazing tales. One of them was about how a young elephant male had accidentally dug up an anthill with his trunk to grab a fruit on the ground, so the ants got mad and entered his trunk to get revenge. The bugs there described in detail the ferocious battle between the elephant and the ants, the ants obviously winning as the poor elephant’s trunk was flailing around. An epic ten minutes later, sneezes blasted out of the enormous nose, and the elephant got his lesson.

If so… she might be able to do the same to this aardvark. Plus, she’d have fun too!

While the aardvark was continuing his meal, she carefully crept closer to the snout. It was still moving around quite a lot, following the owner’s head. She laid a leg on it, preparing to climb up, but the snout untimely swished to the side, knocking her back. “Oof!” She gasped, falling. She didn’t give up though. The ladybug tried several times before she finally got a proper grip on the snout’s right nostrils. “Hrrghh… nrggh…” It was difficult, but she managed to get in. “Yes!” She shouted. She heard her voice echo from within the nostril, like a cave.

She decided to wait until the aardvark had finished eating, since it was simply to shaky to do anything for now. She struggled to remain on her feet at first, but eventually she found her footing. She later found out that she could walk around more stably, minus the occasional slip. The flesh inside was squishy, thought not very moist. She laid her back against the side, watching as the nostril rims get larger and smaller with each passing breath.

It was a few minutes before the aardvark finally thought that he had had enough food for now, and took off. Peeking backwards, the ladybug could see the destruction it had caused upon the anthill. She felt pitiful for them, but she was also filled with adrenaline for what she was about to do.

She then began her testing. Her legs poked at the pink flesh. Nothing happened. She poked some more, but it didn’t seem to register much to the aardvark; only a tiny vibration and nothing more. The ladybug knew that an aardvark’s snout is difficult to irritate. An aardvark would have to sniff up dust everyday, and it made it very resilient. Plus, all the nose hair blocked most of the dust away. What little dust managed to got in didn’t make much of an impact at all, aside from a snort.

She walked around in a circle, following the rim of the nostril. She felt air get pulled in in a jerk, indicating that the aardvark took a sharp sniff. Was it working, the bug thought, or is he only sniffing for more food? She couldn’t tell, but she continued to go around and round. She could feel the snout wiggle slightly under her feet, which made her lose balance and trip.

She tried poking while walking around, and scratched at the walls. It didn’t seem to be working too well. She tried poking harder, but every time she seems to get a result, she would lose her balance from getting shook around.

The aardvark, on the other hand, felt completely fine. Although, at times he did feel the slightest tingle in his snout. The aardvark simply took a sniff or wiggled the end of his snout a bit, and it would go away. Nothing would break his iron snout and will down, because nothing has ever made him scrunch up that long appendage of his, let alone sneeze. In fact, for him it might only the breeze blowing past the hair in his nostrils, making a little tickle. He didn’t take the itch seriously - it was just too weak!

The ladybug had tried several methods to get him to sneeze, even biting him - not really hard of course - but nothing prevailed. Well, it would be hard to make this aardvark sneeze, for more reasons than one. How could she, one tiny ladybug, make a creature this strong sneeze by herself!? She thought about the story about the ants and the elephant boy. Sure, there were tons of ants, that’s why the elephant sneeze. But…

When she thought about it, it did take ten minutes for the elephant to release his first sneeze. He was a toughie, the ants told her. So… maybe numbers don’t matter…

She then concocted a new plan, but she knew for this plan to work, she’ll have to be extra persistent… delicate and careful too. It’ll take a reaaaaaally long time, but she is sure that it’ll make this snout give its first ever sneeze.

She started her tickling. She didn’t go any deeper, only at the end of the snout. Within the right nostril only, she scratched, walked around, poked, pressed, and rubbed her back against the walls. Every time, the aardvark’s snout would respond with a sniff or wiggle, but she didn’t stop. Even though the tickles were minute, in time it will begin to grow and actually irritate the long nose.

The aardvark continued walking around, thinking that he should find a snack. The sun had set and the moon glowed brightly in the clear night sky. Lowering his head, the aardvark sniffed around as he walked, his snout barely touching the dusty ground. There was something annoying however, that little tickle from earlier. A sniff and wiggle would make it go away, but a few seconds later he would feel the same sensation again. He would, of course, sniff and wiggle his snout again, but it kept coming back, creating an endless cycle. He was beginning to wonder if he inhaled too much dust this time. Eh, it didn’t matter.

The ladybug couldn’t exactly feel the difference, but she knew that the aardvark must be getting at least a bit annoyed by this point. It had already been twenty minutes since she started. Despite only receiving the same response, she had expected it. Persistence is required to create as much itchiness as possible.

The aardvark quickly found another anthill, which he quickly dug up and devoured its inhabitants. His snout was still irritating him though, the tickle on it was relentless! It was, in fact, making him lose his appetite. A few minutes of snacking, the aardvark proceeded to leave. “Ugh, my snout’s quite itchier than usual…” He complained, sniffing a little.

The ladybug didn’t know how long had passed, but she guessed that it’s been an hour. An hour full of walking, poking, rubbing, scratching, and tickling. The aardvark must be feeling bothered. And his snout gave her the response she had been waiting for. He began sniffing a bit more than last time, and the flesh started to become this nice shade of pink. It was early signs of a sneeze, though not much. She didn’t care how tired she got, she had to keep going, or else she’ll lose the progress she’s made.

The little beetle decided to begin phase two of her plan. She moved deeper into the nostril, to the the middle part of the snout. Not too deep, and not too close to the end. She increased the number of itching activities she did, and put some more pressure to it as well. She rubbed against the wall harder, scratched and poked more, and scuttled back and forth from her new place to the nostril rims. “Hihihi, let me see how you’ll handle this tickle, Mister Aardvark~” She giggled.

The aardvark’s snout was getting rather disturbed now. He sniffled more, the tip of his snout twitching, nostrils flaring a bit. His ears flicked and his eyes squinted sometimes, feeling annoyed. “Th-this itch…” The aardvark groaned, the end of his snout wiggling. He could feel the itch spread up his snout, all the way to the middle part now. Even so, he still believed that it was just dust, so he gave a few snorts. The ladybug was blown back, but continued her torture.

After a while, the aardvark wanted to search for food again, so he needed to use his sense of smell to find insects. He usually lets his snout lead the way, tracking down any faint scents it picks up. This time, unfortunately, his snout didn’t help. The itch made it difficult to locate any scents, as his snout kept twitching and wiggling and sniffing. He tried sniffing harder, but the itch was really getting to him, teasing his poor nasal passages. The aardvark grunted, wishing that the itch would away soon.

The ladybug was having a great time right now. She had moved to the front to see how the situation was going for the aardvark. Sure enough, she could tell the creature was frustrated and very bothered. The nostril rims grew large and shrunk at a faster pace now, and vibrations rippled through the thick walls. Wrinkles were forming on the snout’s fleshy pad too. No breath is hitching yet though.

The ladybug was pleased of her result, including the fact that the aardvark was having problems detecting food. She watched with glee as the cave shrunk and grew, sniffing and pushing against the dusty ground, but to no avail. Wiggles under feet made her even more joyous. “Hihihi, tickle tickle tickle~” She teased, provoking the snout’s end even further by stretching a leg to scratch the septum. “Now, time for phase three!”.

She was hoping the next part of her session would make the pig-like animal give clear indications of going to sneeze, because so far it has been quite minor. Plus, she’s spent two hours in total already trying to make this stubborn aardvark sneeze.

She went even deeper into the right nostril, but not very far. The area here was bare, devoid of nose hair, so in this area she could move freely without plowing into them anymore. It was also kinda moist. She then began her attack, more ferocious than ever: quick jabs at the walls, both delicate and rough scratches onto the flesh, and also rubbing her shell harder against the floor and ceiling of the nostril, even moving around to the snout’s tip and back, getting every piece of the sensitive appendage irritated. She didn’t want to move to another nostril, thinking that this nostril would settle down and that she’d lose what she had worked so hard for.

“Heh… Hhh…” The aardvark was shocked at himself. Did his breath just hitch? The normal rigid and stiff snout of his was now beginning to scrunch up; he could see the wrinkles on it. He shook around his head, sniffed some more and wiggled the end of his snout, hoping to ease the itch. But too bad for him, the ladybug would not give up, even if shaken all over.

It was quite a sight to behold. The end of his snout was twitching and shaking like mad. The tip was flicking about, obviously irritated. The outer rims and a bit of his flesh inside turned a reddish colour, signs of being very agitated. The nostrils flared, sniffling more and more. Wrinkles inside and outside the snout were appearing. The snout began to scrunch at the end, trying its best to resist.

Meanwhile, the cause of this entire thing, a single, tiny, beetle, continued to scuttle around the long nasal passage, tickling everywhere. She heard the aardvark’s breath hitch, and was motivated even further to make him sneeze. Poke! Scratch! Rub! Even bite the poor flesh! She had gotten this far and she wasn’t going to stop. The walls were full of vibrations and slight wrinkles, the snout’s insides getting more moist than she previously felt. “Itchy, itchy, itchy,” the ladybug grinned, rubbing her dull brown back against an irritated nostril rim. “Itchie itchie, citchi citchi, you better get a sneezie~”

The poor aardvark was suffering very much. He settled down under a tree, unable to continue any farther. The itch in his snout had grown so severe it stopped him from sniffing up any kind of scent. “Hhh… ah… ah…” He sniffled, his snout scrunching up more. If you looked carefully enough, you could see the snout arching a little. It obviously shows how itchy his snout must be. In fact, he had been resisting this sneeze for over half an hour! “Hrah… ah… ha…”

The ladybug knew, from the clear signs of sneezing, what she must do next. She must make sure that this aardvark is going to reach ‘the climax’. “Prepare yourself for the ultimate tickle, o iron snout!” She joked.

She curled herself into a small ball, knowing that wherever the aardvark moves his snout, she would follow. The aardvark tilted his head downward slightly, so she too rolled forward. The unsteady surface of the thick flesh made her roll to the sides every now and then. “Hrnh!” The aardvark’s breath hitched, his snout jerking upwards. She then rolled backwards again, following the snout’s incline.

“Ah… haaa… m-make it stop!” The aardvark, who was afraid to sneeze just because he didn’t want to, shook his snout around in panic. However, this made the itch only grow more as the ladybug’s curled body got propelled here and there, bouncing all around. The ladybug, though getting dizzy, was happy that she was covering more ground than ever before. She also knew, that classic pre-sneeze action that most animals cannot prevent: raising their nose upwards.

The aardvark did so in just three minutes after the rolling, reflexively tilting his head upwards, feeling a sneeze about to explode out of his snout. “Haaah… haaah… haaa-!”

Inside, the ladybug prepared her ultimate attack. She let herself roll as deep as possible, then stopped before she entered the passage that would lead to the lungs. Giving a strike there will only cause respiratory issues, so she remained in area that still registered to the nose area. “Hehe, now, time to sneeze!” She cheered, giving her most vicious punches, scratches, bites, and rubs she ever did, using all her strength to do so.

The aardvark’s eyes shot open when he felt a massive itch at the base of his snout, which soon creeped up to the tip, creating an irresistible urge to sneeze. “Haaa…. HAAAA… HRAH…. HAAAATCHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!” The entire sneeze was like a rifle firing, a blast of air coming straight out of that long snout, dust blowing everywhere. Some snot fired out as well, proving just how irritated his snout was. The ladybug was instantly shot out like a cannon, hitting the ground at top speed.

The aardvark tried to breath, but there was still some residual tickle in his snout. “Ahah… haaa… haaaa… HYATCHEEEEEEEEEEWW!!!” He released another sneeze, blowing out the remaining mucous and dust stuck inside his snout. “Haaa… Haah… hah…” The aardvark sniffed a few times, feeling the tickle had finally left at last. He sniffed some more, but all he felt was the cool night air. “Phew… God, that was so annoying…” He said. Now that his snout was free from all problems, he trotted across the plains to look for his meal.

The ladybug was on the ground, busted pretty badly. Her back was ripped slightly, one of her antennae broke off, and she sprained three legs. She’s also got a serious headache. “Urh… That.. was… worth the trouble…” She stuttered, struggling to get up. “C-can’t wait to tell this to any others I meet…”

-The End-

I'm New Here / Hello Community!
« on: July 27, 2018, 09:34:20 AM »
Uh... Hi, entire community here!

I'm new around here, although I've been watching this site from the shadows for around a year. When it comes to describing myself, I guess I'll say: kinda boring, weird, and strange.

I hope to share a lot of things to this community in whatever way I can :)

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