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General Chatter / World Building or Fetish Fun?
« on: February 26, 2020, 07:06:35 PM »
This is more to answer a question I'm curious about; do people like world building, or just getting straight to the reason for the story?
Usually with my stories I tend to do too much world building (Lol) so I'm just curious whether that would matter to anyone?
I'm planning to try and not build the entire world instead of the story (Or at least I'll build it slowly with every, hopefully, story I make)

General Chatter / Monster Hunter based Sneezefic
« on: April 04, 2019, 02:40:23 PM »
Because I'm really stupid and undesicive beyond compare xD
(Also totally sorry if this in in the wrong board xC)

Just a note that regardless of result, the story will be done with a female protag because that's just what what I'm more comfortable with writing.
If anyone wants me to do something similar with male monster-human hybrids, then don't be afraid to ask x3
I haven't put a deadline on the voting, but... I'd probably say that the 15th is the deadline, since I start my two week vacation on the 16th and will probably write it over the course of those two weeks.

And for those of you thinking-
"But Hyperrrrrrrr. You can't make a monster sexy or sneeze like a human!"
Well... that's what the description below is; it explains how 'this' world will work.

These stories will be set in the world of Monster Hunter, but with a strange twist; the monsters and Palico's (The cat helpers) are human?!
This world has two types of monsters-
Monster, monsters... and Anthro Monsters.
The anthro monsters are ones that have evolved to a human's style of biology and evolution, while retaining their signature qualities (Scales, fire-breathing, etc.)
While human however, they do retrain a few primal traits (Larger than normal humans, will hunt for food whenever they want and however they want, etc.)
The wycademy have been especially interested in these versions of monsters, seeing how they lived and thrived, hence these "Written documents" on them (The stories)

General Chatter / Do these, count as that? (A question)
« on: January 24, 2019, 03:52:56 PM »
Alright, confusing title to draw people in? Check
Probably a stupid question but asking regardless? Check
Ok, so here's my question.

If I was to take a creature/monster from a game that isn't human, and make it human/anthro, would that be alright here? I would put what animal they're based on in the title, and then leave a link to an image of what they're based on.

I was thinking of doing a Fanfic based on a creature from Monster Hunter, but making them human/humanoid/anthro, so I was just unsure on how it would be classed as, and if it would even be allowed on the site.

I'm New Here / Newbieity newb newb! (I'm new if you hadn't noticed)
« on: August 22, 2018, 02:11:29 AM »
So, uhh...
You'll have to forgive me, being open about this subject and all that is pretty difficult (I mean, it is anyway...) but, you know, some people are better at it than others.
Hi, I'm HyperSneeze (HS, if you wanna abbreviate it) and... well, I have a sneeze fetish, pretty self-explanatory.
I, don't really know what else to put here to explain myself, so... I mean, if you have anything you wanna know about me, then ask away.
I mean, this kind of fetish is nothing to sneeze about, so I doubt I'd keep much a secret, considering it appears many of us (If not all) are pretty open and free on this website about what we like, specifically how and why.
So, anyway... if you have any questions, or if you wanna roleplay, do a story, do whatever, really.
Then... just shoot me a message, and I'm sure we can get along well  ;)
(I apologise for any and all grammar/spelling mistakes, for I have Asperges Syndrome, which is also another reason it took me so long to build up confidence to finally make an account)
Guess we'll talk soon, huh?


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