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Art, Art, and Art! / Howl, wolfboy (wolf, fox, M, non-anthro)
« on: April 02, 2019, 02:32:20 PM »
Oh no! This poor defenceless wolf has been trapped by vines and is getting his sensitive nose mercilessly teased and tickled! Fox, you better let him sneeze soon or he might hurt himself. Also, yes, I know the anatomy has gone to shit, I was horny and wanted to finish this mess as soon as possible.

Aw, poor Silverstream is sick :( She's gotta find some way to clear her snout. It's either the tissue or her own mane Hope you enjoy Honkitsune!

Writer's Den / Feathery interrogation (M, anthro, torture, feathers)
« on: March 24, 2019, 12:19:56 PM »
Well, here's , my first post! Sorry that the characters don't have names...also sorry that it's so short, but I will definitely be adding more!

'What, you don't wanna talk?'
The feathery bird walked up to the snarling tiger in the corner, who'd shown his claws and made it very
obvious that he would not let loose the information the other wanted.

'Get lost, bird-boy' He spat, curling up his tail and his fur standing on end. 'You won't get anything out
of me'

The eagle chuckled.

'Well, if you're so sure...' He smoothed down his feathers, had a casual stretch and looked the tiger in the

'This dispute is silly, don't you think?' He smirked, his sharp beak glinting in the sun.

The tiger was confused. For weeks the stupid buzzard had been tracking him down, only to suddenly
lose interest at the first sign of a fight? He scoffed.

'I think it's the stupidest damn thing I've ever been involved in. Now let me get on with my life'

He tried pushing past the eagle, but was taken by utter surprise as he felt strong arms wrap round

'How about a hug? Take it as an apology'

Before the tiger could lash out and protest, his head was pushed into the feathery chest of the
eagle. He tried with all his might to push away, but his arms were pinned to his sides. The width of his
back was being held down, so he had no possible way of escaping the embrace.

The eagle laughed as his victim squirmed. 'you doing okay down there?' He joked. 'Oh, by the way...
I hope you're not allergic to feathers'

The tiger stopped writhing for a minute to contemplate what he'd just heard. Allergic to feathers?
He wasn't allergic to anything, but now that he thought about it...the feathers were certainly
beginning to tickle. 

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