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So, I doubt we'll be able to locate this one.  But, I wanted to at least ask if someone knows what episode this is.  It kind of started it all for me.  :)

Snuffy is bedridden by a cold, so his friends all come to visit him in his cave.  He tells them about how he's been passing the time by playing "Snuffle Blow-ling".  He points out a set of big bowling pins on the other side of the room.

When Big Bird asks if he needs a ball to knock them down, Snuffy says no.  He has to wait for "the urge".  After a minute or so, Snuffy excitedly declares that he's getting "the urge", and tells everyone to stand back.

A very long, quiet buildup ensues.  Snuffy huffs and wheezes under his breath for a solid 30 seconds or so.  You almost don't know what's happening, when suddenly he let out a huge sneeze!  He knocks over a bunch of the pins, to everyone's surprise and delight.  They urge him to try again, and knock down the rest of the pins.  He does so multiple times during the episode, with the same slow, drawn out, sneezy buildup  ;D

To this day, I cannot find the slightest trace of this episode on the internet!  I have scoured Muppet Wiki, and haven't been able to locate it.  Does anyone by chance know what episode this was?  All I know is that I saw it when I was really little (late 80s, early 90s).  It may have been a rerun, I don't know.  Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

I Found Something! / [Pokemon + Tickle] Video Game - Let's Go, Eeevee!
« on: November 20, 2018, 05:38:27 AM »
So, my girlfriend discovered that in the new Pokemon game, you can make Eevee sneeze xD

It's at certain times on the Play screen.  When petting Eevee, you can rub it's nose to make it happen.  Kind of cute. ^^

Here's a YouTube video of it that I found:

There's a furry artist named Jib Kodi who often posts cute gif animations on Twitter.  Well go figure, he recently made a sneeze one xD

The sneeze itself isn't that great from a fetish standpoint, but I still thought this was cute ^^

Holy cow!! :D

Somebody uploaded a rare Sesame Street clip of snuffy.  Unfortunately, it's been edited a bit with other sounds effects and clips from other shows.  But, still a great video.

Snuffy is pretending to be a vacuum cleaner and gets something up his snuffle.  You know what happens next. xD  He ends up blowing away the letter V in the process.  Great buildup and suspense!

EDIT: Found the original clip here. :)  It starts around 7:19.

Hi everyone!  I'm back with a new story to share with you's been a while, I know.  This is a continuation of the story "A Secret Power" that I wrote a few years back, starring the Disney character, Bolt.

I was so surprised by the amount of positive feedback that the story received, as well as the number of times it's been viewed (almost 10,000 now...gosh really???  You guys are awesome!).  By popular demand, I had been wanting to write a sequel for a long time.

Well, I FINALLY came up with an idea worth writing, so here it is!  Hope you guys enjoy.  This is Part 1.  I'm still working on Part 2, and hope to have it ready this coming week.  Thanks for reading!


A Secret Weapon – Part 1

Bolt and Penny crept as silently as they could along the back alley street, trying to keep under cover of the darkness.  Night had fallen over downtown Los Angeles, but the city was still very much alive, as the skyline shined brightly all around them, and the sounds of car engines and horns echoed through the air.  They managed to keep a low key in this deserted alleyway, which gave them a chance to search for their target.

Currently, Penny was looking through a pair of electronic binoculars, which buzzed and hummed as she zoomed in and out, looking through the windows of various buildings and towers.  “Gosh, how are we going to find it?” she said, “It could be any one of these buildings!”

Bolt groaned in agreement, as he looked around as well.  You’re right Penny…I have no idea.  They really didn’t have much to go by for this mission.  And yet, the fate of the entire city might have been depending on their success.  It was even possible that they were risking their own lives just by being where they were.

Two months had passed since the incident at the airport near the Yucatan Jungle where Bolt and Penny had been taken captive.  Dr. Calico’s forces had caught them off guard with a set of specialty weapons designed to neutralize Bolt’s super powers.  But, the weapons had one weakness…Bolt’s super sneeze.  An induced sneeze from Bolt had destroyed the building that they were being detained in and allowed them to escape.  But, they knew that Calico would no doubt try and strike again, especially since he still had the weapons at his disposal.

It appeared that this strike was coming, as Penny and Bolt had intercepted a message from one of Calico’s scientists, conveying a new plan…they were secretly developing a new weapon; a terrible weapon which had the capacity to destroy an entire city in the blink of an eye.  There were no further details, other than it was very near completion, and that the scientists were planning to test it at their present location.  Penny was able to trace the origin of the message…right in the heart of Los Angeles.  She realized that Calico was planning to level the city, probably to cause mass fear and chaos as a precursor to conquering the world.  If she and Bolt didn’t find the weapon quickly, catastrophe could strike.  But unfortunately, Penny was only able to pinpoint the general whereabouts of the transmission.  She and Bolt had no idea where to look specifically.

Penny continued to examine the landscape around them, and eventually sighed and lowered the binoculars.  “There’s gotta be some way to find what we’re looking for,” she said, as she looked back to Bolt.  “Keep an eye out, buddy.  Look for any sign of Calico.”

Bolt looked at her in acknowledgment and started cutting his eyes around.  Penny continued to peer through the binoculars.  Just then, Bolt stopped and perked his ears up.  He whipped around and stared up at the sky.  Penny, look!

Penny turned around upon hearing Bolt’s bark.  High above them through the darkness, they saw a black helicopter approaching.  It was flying unusually low as it traveled over the city.  Bolt and Penny watched as it quickly slowed down, and eventually started hovering over the roof of a somewhat tall building right in front of them.

Penny pointed her binoculars at the roof to have a better look.  The helicopter eventually landed and the engine came to a halt.  After a minute or so, the door of the chopper opened, and a small group of dark figures exited.  And one of them was the familiar thin and tall form of a man, with an ominous grin and a feline-like eye.  “Calico…” Penny said, through clenched teeth.

Bolt bristled and growled as he stared up at the roof.  It’s him!  The green-eyed man…

“He’s here…” Penny said.   “That building must be where the weapon is.”  She watched as other figures came out onto the roof to greet him; men in white lab coats.  Calico appeared to be very pleased about something, as the men spoke to him.  Eventually they led him across the roof to the opposite side, beyond where Penny could see them at her vantage point.  “Shoot…I lost ‘em,” Penny said.  She finally put the binoculars away.  “Come on, Bolt.  We’ve got to get up there and follow them.”

Right Penny.  They rushed to a spot where the alleyway narrowed.  Here, the side of the building was very close to the wall of its neighbor.  Penny reached into her pack, and pulled out her wheelbar device; a short metal rod with electric wheels on either end.  She held it horizontally above her head, and it instantaneously expanded so that the wheels were touching the sides of both buildings.  She looked at Bolt, and he nodded as he jumped onto her back.  The wheels on the device started to turn, quickly elevating them up.  When they reached the top of the building, Bolt bounded off of Penny’s back onto the roof, and Penny swung herself up off of the bar as she retracted it, and landed beside the canine.

They immediately ducked behind the parked helicopter, wanting to avoid detection, and peeked out to see what was happening.  But to their surprise, the dimly lit rooftop was deserted.  They looked around and saw no signs of any movement.  They didn’t even see a stairwell, or any place where Calico and his men could have descended down into the building.  “Where…where did they go?” Penny said aloud, completely confused.  She and Bolt slowly walked out into the open, looking for any kind of sign as to where the figures went.  They moved all the way to the center of the rooftop before pausing, continuing to scan the area.

Suddenly, they were blinded as the whole rooftop lit up bright as day.  Penny gasped and squinted, realizing that a set of bright lights above them had unexpectedly illuminated.  Before she and Bolt knew what was happening, something came flying at them from above; a pair of flickering objects.  They had no time to dodge.

“UGH!!” Penny let out a yell as she was struck and immediately in pain.  She heard Bolt yowl at the same time.  The two of them collapsed to the ground, paralyzed.  Penny groaned and opened her eyes to find that she and Bolt were both engulfed in spider web-like electric nets.  The nets glowed and hummed, as red sparks could be seen jumping throughout them.  Bolt barely opened his eyes as he moaned.  Not again…

“It’s those weapons,” Penny said weakly.  “We should have seen this coming.”

Just then, they heard Calico’s unmistakable laughter, as he and his men emerged from beyond the edge of the roof.  A powered platform of some sort slowly raised them up to the roof’s level.  Calico just grinned as he stepped off of the platform, and walked tauntingly towards Bolt and Penny.  “Right on time my guests.  I thank you for joining us this lovely evening.  I never would have been able to carry out my plan if you hadn’t shown up.”

Penny panted heavily, unable to move.  “Wha…what are you talking about?”

Calico just laughed, ignoring her for the moment, as her turned to his men.  “Start the chopper,” he commanded.  “We’re leaving, now.”  The men obeyed, and walked towards the opposite side of the roof where the helicopter sat.

He then turned back to his captives and started to strut towards them, haughtily.  Bolt growled as his nemesis came closer.  “I must say,” Calico said, “I was very impressed by how the two of you managed to escape me back in the Yucatan.”  He started to move towards Penny.   She shook nervously as he approached.  “You…always such a clever thinker, girl.”  Calico squatted so that he was face to face with her as he spoke.  “You know, you’re very much like your father.  I am very happy that I now have both of you on my side…”

LEAVE HER ALONE!!  Bolt barked fiercely at his foe, despite his current state.

Calico slowly turned him.  “And you dog,” he said, moving into position in front of the dwarf canine.  “You put on quite a show as well!”  He reached out and touched Bolt gently on the snout.  He grinned as he slowly dragged a finger along his muzzle to the tip of his nose.  “That’s some power that this snoot of yours has.”

Bolt snarled, curling his lips.  YOU FIEND!   He snapped at the finger, but Calico effortlessly pulled his hand out of the way.  He stood back up.  “So, you two like causing destruction, eh?  Well you’re in luck!  You get to see some mass destruction firsthand, tonight.”  He raised his arms and looked all around.  “This whole city is going down!” he yelled, as the chopper engine started to come to life.

“I don’t know what you’re planning to do,” Penny shot back, “but whatever it is, it won’t work!  Your plans never do.”

“Hahaha, maybe you’re not as smart as I thought girl,” Calico said, as the helicopter roared.  The wind kicked up as the chopper took to the air.

As this was happening, Penny became aware that the electric nets that she and Bolt were still caught in had stopped glowing and sparking.  Their power had apparently run out, but Penny found that she still couldn’t move very much.  The paralyzation had not yet worn off.

As the chopper flew overhead, Calico jumped up and grabbed onto its rope ladder as it came by.  “Now, witness the power of my new weapon!” He yelled.  A small black, metallic object of some sort flew out of the helicopter and landed on the roof.  It clanged and bounced as it did so, and rolled to a stop right in front of Bolt and Penny.  They heard Calico’s cackling laughter echoing as the chopper disappeared from view.

Penny and Bolt looked nervously at the strange device.  It had a round oval shape, and a rough textured surface.  “What is that?” Penny said uneasily.  Just then, they heard it make a clicking noise, and they both gasped as it started to beep repeatedly.  The beeping sound became faster and faster.  “IT’S A BOMB!” Penny yelled.  Almost immediately after those words left her mouth, a sharp bang was heard, and a thick black powdery substance filled the air.

Penny and Bolt started coughing uncontrollably as the strange powder enveloped them.   “UGH!  What the…?” Penny managed to get out between coughs.

Bolt felt like his lungs were on fire as his own hacking continued.  Ugh, poisonous gas!  I’ll bet Calico’s trying to suffocate the whole city.  He desperately tried to get to his feet so he could get away from the black cloud that was all around him, but he only managed to summon enough strength to prop himself up on his front legs.

“Wha…what is thi…thiiihhh ihhh…AHHH…AHHHH-CHOOOOO!!!”  Penny practically doubled over, as she let loose probably the biggest sneeze of her whole life, followed by another and another.

Bolt turned and looked at Penny upon hearing her sneeze, and slowly widened his eyes.  Wait a minute…if that’s making her…that means… Bolt looked down his snout cross-eyed, and began to realize that his own nose was starting to burn.  He involuntarily sniffled and found that the irritation was quickly becoming worse and worse.  Oh, no, no!

Penny blinked and coughed a few more times.  “What is this…NNN-CHOOO…stuff!?  It’s like it’s some kind of…“ Penny stopped mid-sentence, and her jaw dropped as she slowly realized, “Sneezing powder…”  She turned to look at Bolt and saw that his eyes were beginning to close and his nose was starting to twitch.  “No…” she said to herself as she now understood.  The message that she had intercepted was a trap, and they had fallen right into it.  There really was no weapon in development.  Bolt WAS the weapon!  Calico had lured the two of them into the middle of an immense city, and now was trying to make Bolt sneeze.  She quickly became aware that the city that was all around them was in terrible danger.

Bolt panted heavily, as he had inhaled quite a lot of the powder.  It burned and tickled his nose like nothing ever had before, and worked its way deeper and deeper into his muzzle.  It was that all too familiar feeling…he was going to sneeze!

Penny tried to get up, but was still too weak from the effects of the net.  There was no way that she could reach Bolt’s nose to try and help him.

Bolt’s eyes squinted tight and his snout scrunched up hard.  He clenched his teeth, and curled his lips, fighting the sneeze with everything he had.  But, it appeared that he was losing.

Penny watched, ever so terrified.   “Bolt don’t….”



Well, lookie here!! ;D  Disney is releasing a new movie next year that takes place in a non-human world, and has characters that are all basically furries!  They even use the word "anthropomorphic" in the preview. Hee hee a movie about us! Lol xD

It's from the creators of Frozen and Big Hero 6 too, both VERY good movies, so you know it'll be good.  Thought everybody would like to see the preview.  The link is below.

Unarchived Stories / [F] Saphira's Struggle; A True Story
« on: August 20, 2014, 12:06:50 PM »
Hi everyone!  Well, I’m back with my second sneeze story contribution.  This time, featuring a true story! (sorta)  This story features my girlfriend and me in our fursona forms, Saphira and Togo the wolves.  Yes, we are a furry couple.  We actually came up with our characters not long after we met, and we used to role play as them all the time.  Most of the time we’d play as ferals who lived out in the wilderness as wild wolves, but once in a while we’d switch over to being anthros who were living normal human-like lives, which is how we are in this story; although, we usually don’t have clothes on, staying true to the canine part.  She’s actually drawn quite a few pictures of us, and attached is one such drawing.  She’s pushing me against the wall for a kiss, haha.  Oh and, in case you’re wondering about the bizarre colors of our fur (blue and orange), there was one day when she just redrew us so that our fur was our favorite colors, and we both liked it like that.  So, we kept it that way, and came up with a storyline about how some magic crystal that we found changed our fur. :P

[Image Expired]

She does NOT have a sneezing fetish, but she knows about mine…and she often teases me with it in real life.  She’ll blatantly sneeze in front of me and grin (my fetish extends into the human world too), and other times when she has a fursuit head on, she’ll act like she’s gonna sneeze for me, and hold her nose and whatnot. :)

The funny thing is though, since I told her about my fetish early on in our relationship, for the first couple of years she was really self-conscious about sneezing in front of me.  It was kind of a long distance relationship for a while, but whenever we saw each other, she just couldn’t do it!  She’d feel one coming and remember that she was with me, and it would get scared off.  Well, this story tells about the night that she was finally able to sneeze in front of me; a night not long after she moved in with me, when she was sick.  I thought it would be cool to retell it in our fursona forms.  Mind you, I exaggerated a bit for story telling purposes, but you get the idea.  Enjoy!


Saphira’s Struggle

Togo stood absentmindedly at the stove, staring off in space as he stirred the chicken noodle soup that he was cooking up for himself and his girlfriend Saphira, who was right now sitting in their bedroom, already watching TV.  It was the same routine that they followed on most nights.  They would cook up some dinner, go hide in their room, and spend the evening watching TV shows or YouTube videos as they ate.  It wasn’t the most ideal way to enjoy the end of the day, but it was about as good as it would get in this tiny two bedroom apartment that they shared with yet another couple.  Togo and his best friend had moved into this apartment together a few years back, and for a while it was just the two of them.  But eventually, they both had found serious girlfriends that they enjoyed spending their time with.  Now, both girls lived in the apartment with them as well.  It had been decided after quite a bit of time, that for a number of circumstantial reasons, it was best that both girlfriends move in until the two couples could afford places of their own.  No doubt, it was crowded.  But despite these trying conditions, Togo and Saphira never let it ruin their happiness.  After growing closer together for years, the canine couple was so happy that they could finally be together all the time.  And even though four individuals living together as roommates sometimes got on everyone’s nerves, the group always remained very good friends.

Togo tasted a spoonful of the soup, and decided that it was hot enough.  Normally Saphira was here helping him in the kitchen when it was their turn to cook their dinner (each couple made their own meals), but tonight given the state she was in, Saphira was a bit too incapacitated to help.  Togo moved the pot to a cool burner, and reached for the cabinet off to his right, grabbing a pair of bowls.  His long, arced tail swished to his side as he did so.

Being a wolf in his late 20s, Togo stood about average height.  His fur however was not so average.  He was bright orange in color from  nose to tail, the only exception being the black saddle shape on his back, and a handful of other spots where the same black fur showed, such as on his ears and tip of his tail.  A shade of orange slightly lighter than the rest of his body also ran along his front.  By no means was he muscular or athletic, but he had a fairly decent build, and he could have been easily classified as handsome.  In his opinion though, he paled in comparison to the blue beauty that sat in the other room.  Togo ladled the soup into two large bowls, grabbed some spoons and carried the soup out of the kitchen.  He walked right past his two other roommates in the living room who were barley even paying attention to him, as they sat mesmerized by the big TV that dominated the room.  Without looking away from the TV, Togo’s best friend did at least ask, “Is she okay?” referring to Saphira, as Togo walked past.

“She’ll be fine,” Togo answered, not even breaking stride.  “Hopefully the soup will perk her up.”  Togo opened his bedroom door to find his girlfriend on the bed, sitting up against the wall, watching the much smaller TV that they had in their room.  Saphira was quite a bit younger than Togo, but she was just his same height, and had a beautiful feminine figure.  Although Togo joked about how she was such a “typical girl,” always acting self-conscious and obsessing over her minor physical flaws, no matter how much Togo assured her how miniscule they were.  Saphira’s predominantly dark midnight blue fur flowed down the sides of her body, and wound around her legs forming a very unique shape.  It gave way to a much lighter icy blue color that covered her legs, front paws and the bottom of her muzzle.  It also formed a jagged line up the center of her back, and spotted her ears and cheeks.  Fittingly enough, her eyes were just the same light blue color.  Togo couldn’t help but smile.  She still looked beautiful to him, despite the condition she was in at the moment.

Saphira slightly smiled back, not bothering to lift her ears that lay flat against her head, as she let out a sigh.  Clearly, she wasn’t feeling well.  A slight red tint could be seen through the fur on her muzzle, and she appeared to be sweating a bit.

Togo gave her a sympathetic look as he pushed the door shut behind him with his foot.  “How you feeling, sweety?”

Saphira squinted her eyes as she snorted a bit, struggling to breathe as she had been all night.  “Ugh, okay I guess,” she said sadly.  “My head hurts pretty bad and I’m soooo stuffy.”

Togo folded his ears down as he sat down on the bed next to her. “I’m sorry, babe,” he murmured, “that sounds like it really sucks.  Here, eat up,” he said handing her the bowl of soup, “I’m sure this will help.”

“Thank you,” Saphira said, smiling a bit more.  “Thanks for taking care of me.”

“You’d do the same for me.  So what do you think it is?” Togo asked, “Bad cold or something?” even though he had an idea of what was really going on.

“I’m pretty sure I have a stupid sinus infection,” she groaned.  “Figures, I have the worst luck with sinus stuff…*sniff*

“That’s rough,” Togo said, putting a paw on her forehead.  “You do feel a little feverish.  Well I’ll take you to the doctor tomorrow, sweetie.  Like I mentioned before, I can take some personal time off at work.”

Saphira snorted again, her muzzle contorting a bit, but she did manage to smile back, her tail giving a slight wag.

“So, what are we watching tonight?” Togo asked as he backed up against the wall to sit next to his mate, noticing the laptop sitting at the edge of the bed, “Little YouTube action?”

“Oh, yeah,” Saphira said, lifting the remote to turn off the TV, and moving the laptop so that it sat on both of their laps, “there’s some funny vids I wanted to show you.”

Half an hour later, the empty soup bowls were sitting on the chair next to the bed, and the two canids were still laughing at the reactions of a favorite comedian of theirs, who was spastically playing the video game Happy Wheels on YouTube.  The couple was very much enjoying the video, but all the while Togo kept glancing over at his girlfriend.  He knew that she was in obvious agony, still struggling to breathe and dealing with the pain in her head and face.  But one thing in particular kept catching his eye.  He noticed all the while that she was occasionally sniffling, and her nose was twitching here and there.  Off and on, she was even squinting, her face scrunching up slightly at the same time.  Togo saw that she seemed to be doing it more and more as the evening went on.  He wasn’t even paying attention to the computer screen anymore at this point.  Saphira finally noticed he was watching her, and turned to look at him.


“Are you ok?” Togo asked.

“Umm well…my sinuses are just really bothering me,” she said.  “And uh, well…I kinda have to sneeze.”  She smiled slightly and blushed as she said it.

Togo smirked a bit and his ears perked up slightly.  “Yeah?” he teased.

“Well yeah…and I sorta have had to for a while now…but uh…well you’re here.”

Togo chuckled as he shook his head.  “Still can’t sneeze in front of me, huh?”

“Ugh, I just can’t since I know about that fetish of yours,” she reiterated.  “I swear, every time I feel one coming when I’m around you, right when I’m about to sneeze, I remember that I’m with you, and it just goes away!”

Togo grinned slightly.  “Well mark my words; one of these days, I’ll finally get to see you sneeze,” he said.

“Heh, no doubt…although I think that the first time I manage to do it, you’ll be within earshot, just not in the room with me…maybe if I can’t see you, it’ll come out.”

Togo’s tail swished slightly.  He knew that this must be awkward, but he really was enjoying this conversation.  “You know, it bugs the crap out of me that after being together for two years, I still have no idea what your sneeze is like!”

Saphira smiled, but tensed up and look away a couple of times, obviously embarrassed.

“Like, throw me a bone, here!” he said.  “How do you sneeze?  Is it like big or small?  Is it strong?  Does it have a lot of force behind it?”

Saphira smiled sheepishly and blushed, unsure how to answer that.  “Well…let’s just say that if you’re not in the room when it happens, and you manage to hear it, you’ll know it was a sneeze…hehe.”

“Ha-ha, I’ll keep that in mind,” Togo replied, reaching up a paw to stroke the top of her head, pushing her ears back while doing so.

Saphira sighed happily and closed her eyes.   But, she snorted a bit and squinted for a second before looking at him again.  “Man, you REALLY suck right now!  I keep feeling like I have to sneeze, but I just can’t!”

Indeed, Saphira’s swollen sinuses were really bothering her.  Normally when one of her sneezes didn’t come out in front of Togo, it was just a minor annoyance.  But right now, her condition kept making her nose feel tickly over and over again, and there was no relief from it.  This was torture!

Togo was giggling now, “Well…for what it’s worth, I’m enjoying watching your expressions right now,” he said with a wink.

Saphira just groaned a bit and rolled her eyes.  “You’re so weird,” she commented.

“That’s why you love me,” Togo joked, drawing yet another groan out of his partner.

They continued to pull up various videos on the laptop, occasionally throwing in their two cents about what they were watching, although Saphira was becoming noticeably quieter, for a good reason.  The teasing tickle which had been lingering in her nose for quite a while seemed to be escalating slightly.  Her breath started to get noticeably quicker as she could feel it creeping up the length of her long nasal passages, towards the back of her muzzle.  Her eyes started to close involuntarily, and her nose scrunched up slightly.


Her breath hitched slightly, almost inaudibly, to her excitement and delight.  Was this finally it?  Was she going to be able to finally let it out, while at the same time satisfying her boyfriend’s curiosity?  Sadly enough, it died down just as quickly as it came about.  She exhaled reluctantly, the tickle backing down slightly, but still persisting.  Togo tried to act like he wasn’t noticing what was happening out of the corner of his eye.

It was hard not to though, as Saphira’s frustrations continued.  Over the next several minutes, it was obvious that the irritation in her snout was really getting to her.  She kept sniffling and twitching her nose, and making those “almost” sneezy expressions.  A couple of times, her lips even curled slightly, exposing her sharp, white canines.  Togo knew that if he wasn’t sitting there, the sneeze probably would have come out long ago; such a disappointment.

“UUGGHHH!!” Saphira groaned finally, “this sucks!  My head and face really hurt, and I have to sneeze, so bad!”  She started fanning the air in front of her face.

Togo laid his ears back and whined slightly.  “I’m sorry,” he said.  He was actually starting to feel bad now, not being able to help but feel somewhat responsible for his girlfriend’s misery.  “Here, where does it hurt?” he asked.  He reached up and started massaging the length of Saphira’s muzzle.  “Does that help?”

Saphira sighed again, but smiled a bit, pushing her snout up against her boyfriend’s tranquilizing paw.  It seemed to be easing her sinus pain slightly if nothing else.  “A little, thanks,” she replied.

Togo smiled sweetly and let his paw fall as he turned back to the laptop screen, pretending to watch the video that they had pulled up.  He glanced over at Saphira again.  It appeared that the tickle was still there, judging by the look on her face.  She seemed focused on it now, determined to sneeze and stop this endless torture.  Togo wasn’t even consciously aware of the fact that he was now staring at her intently.  Her whole muzzle was scrunched up now.  Her mouth was hanging open and her snout pointed slightly upward.  Nothing seemed to happen, though.  She stayed locked in this pre-sneeze pose for what seemed like forever, until finally she started to exhale in frustration.  Her eyes opened to find her boyfriend looking right at her.  He smiled ruefully, realizing that he’d been caught.

“God, I HATE you!” she yelled jokingly, a slight edge to her voice.

“Heh, yeah I know,” Togo chortled.  “Here, why don’t I take care of the dishes real quick?”  He got up and picked the bowls up off of the chair.  He really did intend it as a kind gesture, but he figured he also owed it to his partner to leave her alone for a bit, as his presence was causing her so much discomfort.

“Thanks,” Saphira replied, watching him walk out the door toward the kitchen.

Togo knew that even if the sneeze did finally come out while he was in the other room, he might not be able to hear it over the TV in the living room.  But, at this point he didn’t care either way.  He just hoped that his girlfriend might finally be able to rid herself of the torture.

Back in the bedroom, Saphira comprehended quickly that this was indeed a great opportunity since her boyfriend had left the room.  But to her dismay, it appeared that the tickle was finally receding.  “Ugh…no!”  She wiggled her nose, and breathed deep, flaring her nostrils, thinking nothing but, Come on sneeze, come out!  But she would not get her wish as she felt the irritation almost completely diminish.  She sighed, knowing that she would not get many other opportunities to be alone tonight.


Togo had finished getting ready for bed, and was now standing over the portable air conditioner that stood next to their mattress.  He was messing with the controls, trying to get it how he wanted it.  He probably should have waited to turn the lights out, until he got it set up right.  The blue LED lit screen on the machine was now the only light illuminating the room.

Saphira laid watching him, already under the covers, half asleep, waiting for Togo to lay down with her.  Togo finally gave up on the air conditioner and went to grab his water bottle off of the desk, so that he could steal one last swig before he came to bed.  He looked back at Saphira in between sips.  “How do you feel, babe?”

“Not so good,” she said, rubbing her forehead.  Saphira’s sinus pain had taken a turn for the worst.  “I really hope that the doctor can help me tomorrow.”

“Oh, I’m sure he will,” Togo reassured her.  “He’ll probably give you an antibiotic or something that can help.” He took one last sip and went to set the bottle back down.

“Yeah,” Saphira started to say, “I just hope tha-hah…” *sniff*  That very moment started a completely unexpected turn of events that neither of them saw coming.  The tickle suddenly returned in full force, causing Saphira’s nose to sniffle and twitch like crazy.  Instinctively, she stopped talking; waiting in case she might sneeze.  It was this instinctive reaction that was completely different from earlier that finally had the potential to achieve the desired result.  Saphira was too tired to fully comprehend what was happening…to even think about the fact that Togo was there in the room with her, to see and hear what could be about to take place.  Unimpeded psychologically or physically, the tickle quickly and furiously shot through her nostrils, completely engulfing her long muzzle.

Her nose reacted naturally and involuntarily by scrunching harshly, and turning upright, causing her chin to lift up off the bed.


She felt her chest push up against the mattress as it puffed out.  Her nostrils stretched as far as they could, her eyes squinted tight, and…


Togo jumped, and nearly fumbled his water bottle as he whirled to look at his partner wide eyed.  Did…did that just happen??  He had only seen it out of the corner of his eye, and the darkness didn’t help, but there was no doubt.  Saphira had actually sneezed right in front of him!  She eventually looked up at him with the same overjoyed expression, as she also realized.

“Oh…my gosh!” she exclaimed, as she sniffed and rubbed her nose.

“You finally did it!” Togo burst out!

It was hard to tell which of the two of them felt happier at this very moment.  Even Saphira’s painful agony seemed to diminish in the joy that filled the room.  “I did!” she exclaimed, “How about that?  All I needed was to be really tired for it to finally come out.”

Togo smiled widely, “And I didn’t even have to be in the other room, either!” he laughed.

Saphira smiled happily and sat up in the bed.  She grinned at her partner.  “So,” she cooed, “did you like what you saw?”

“Well uh…” Togo began as he slowly stepped closer.  “Yeah,” he said as he grinned back.  “Umm…that was hot.”

Saphira giggled and shook her head, before looking up at him with a raised eyebrow.  “Are you wagging mister?”

“Huh?  Oh…” Togo looked behind himself to find his tail going crazy.  Crap…busted!  “Yeah…guilty,” he laughed, shamelessly, as he sat down beside his partner.

Saphira just laughed some more as they each put an arm around the other’s neck.

“I love you,” Togo said as they rubbed noses together.

“I love you too,” Saphira replied.

“You were right, by the way,” Togo laughed, “that definitely was a sneeze!”

Unlocated Clips / [Unlocated] Dumbo's Circus (TV Series)
« on: December 08, 2013, 03:46:19 AM »
So I recently remembered that I used to watch this show when I was really little.  It's a live action costume/puppet show that featured Dumbo the elephant - apparently all grown up, and running his own circus. :) ...and he now has the ability to talk. lol.

His circus is comprised of a group of his animal friends, all anthro, and they're played by people in costumes.  It kind of makes me laugh now, because the costumes are basically fursuits, reminiscent of the really nice stuff you'd see at conventions - moving jaws, animatronic eyes, etc.  I swear, it's like anthrocon for kids! Lol.  :D  The show's pretty "kiddie-ish", but anybody who likes fursuits might get a kick out of that aspect.  (maybe I was a furry waaaayyy before I knew it). :)

Anyway, I'm getting off topic here.  From what I can remember, in a handful of episodes, Dumbo actually sneezes, and his sneezes are always really strong.  Like there's a big buildup, and he even does damage sometimes!  There's a mention of it in the show's Wikipedia article:

" Being an elephant, Dumbo's memory is usually very good (based on the expression "An elephant never forgets."), his hearing is very sharp and sometimes his sneezes are often strong - strong enough to cause some wind."

I've been trying to see if I can find some sneeze clips from the show, but there's only a few episodes on YouTube, and so far I haven't found any sneezes. :(  Thought I'd post this, because maybe somebody else who cares to look will have more luck than me.  Anyway, here's the intro for the show:

Dumbo's Circus opening

I Found Something! / [Needs Clipped] Eureeka's Castle - Christmas Special
« on: November 03, 2013, 04:15:22 AM »
Anybody besides me old enough to remember Eureeka's Castle? :)  It was a live action/puppet show that aired on Nick, Jr. in the early 90s.  I used to love it, and I fondly remember this character - Magellan the Dragon - mainly because he occasionally sneezed in various episodes...and it was always memorable. x)

His sneezes weren't firery or anything, but they always were so BIG, sometimes destructive, and all the other characters were always afraid of them!  He always had big buildups, and the other characters would often cower or run if he started to sneeze. :)  There were a few ones in particular that stick out in my mind, like one where he self-induced a sneeze to get the attention of a giant (haven't found that one yet).

Anyway, this is one of the only clips I've been able to locate so far (sadly).  If anybody likes this and wants to find more, maybe you'll have more luck than me. :P  Anyway hope you like this :)

Hey everybody!  I’m a longtime member and fan of this site.  For a while now, I’ve wanted to contribute, and I’ve thought about writing this story.  I finally decided to go for it, and I’m pretty happy with how it came out.  I’ve written a few short stories in my time, but this is my first sneeze story.  It features the Disney character Bolt the dog, and his human sidekick Penny…yeah I know, Bolt’s not an OC or an anthro character, but I’m actually kind of surprised that no one’s stepped up to the plate and drawn or written about him yet (to my knowledge anyway).  He's so adorable.  :)

I’ve always loved the movie, and the way that Bolt looks…and I’ve always wanted to see him sneeze, especially since he has superpowers (or so he thinks).  Sadly, he never did in the movie, but I’ve always thought, what would happen if he did?  In fact I’ve tried asking a couple of commission artists if they could draw him sneezing, but they either weren’t doing commissions at the time, or didn’t want to draw a copyrighted character, which I totally understand.  But, if anybody would be willing to draw some of the scenes from this story, please do let me know!

This is just Part 1.  No actual sneezing in this one, but Part 2 is in the works.  I’ll have it done by next week.  The story obviously takes place before Bolt discovers that his world is fake, and he still thinks that he has superpowers.  Thanks for reading.  Hope you enjoy!


A Secret Power
by AMTW03

“Bolt, keep running!” Penny yelled.  The two of them were in full stride, on the run from the tightly pursuing forces of Dr. Calico.  Bolt and Penny panted heavily, as they weaved as quickly as they could through the jungle trees and past various ruins of an ancient Mayan city.  This mission had gone all wrong…terribly wrong.  Things were not looking good.  They could hear nearby yells of ground soldiers gaining on them, the hum of ground tanks from behind, and the whopping sound of Calico’s choppers overhead.

Penny let out a groan as she continued to run, wondering how she had managed to get the two of them into this mess.  She had been following a lead that Calico might have been hiding her father in an ancient city in the Yucatan jungle.  But it appeared that it was a trap, and Calico’s men were expecting her and Bolt.  In mid-run, she suddenly screamed and Bolt yelped, as pieces of a structure next to them started to explode and fly everywhere.  Shots from the gun of a chopper behind them had hit it, just missing them.  They stumbled a bit, but managed not to break stride.  Penny could feel her heart beating against her chest now, and Bolt was starting to whimper.  Bullets, lasers and shrapnel were all whizzing past them, and tearing through the stone ruins and the thick leaves of the jungle.  It was a terrible sound.  “Oh…if only the terrain weren’t so rough...” Penny cried, “And if there weren’t so many trees, I could take out my scooter and you could ‘zoom zoom’, Bolt…or if we could just get far away enough for you to ‘speak,’…” but she knew it was hopeless.  “Oh Bolt, I’m so sorry!  This is all my fault that we’re in this mess.”

Bolt looked up at her sadly. Don’t worry about it Penny, it’s not your fault.  Let’s not worry about it right now.  We’ve got to get out of here.

Penny seemed to understand, hearing Bolt’s low whimpers.  She kept sprinting with all that she could.  “Oh no!” she suddenly cried, as the two of them skidded to a stop.  A second set of forces were breaking through the trees in front of them…they were trapped on all sides.  Penny frantically looked around, and Bolt crouched down and started to growl.  No!  You can’t have Penny!  I won’t let you hurt her…I won’t!

“Bolt look!”  Penny suddenly gasped, and pointed.  Almost as if it had been placed there for them, there was a fairly deep depression in the earth in front of them.  Without hesitation, they ran forward and hopped down into the hole, landing rather gracefully on their feet.  To their surprise, they found a small, narrow cave-like tunnel at the bottom of it.  Bolt whined a bit, urging Penny inside.  Penny ducked down and started to crawl on all fours, Bolt leading the way.  The two of them hoped that maybe they could make a getaway through this passage, but alas, they quickly reached a dead end.  “No…” Penny said regretfully.  She bowed her head and started to cry.  She heard Bolt whimper and felt his nose push up under her chin, as he tried to comfort her.

“YOU ARE COMPLETELY SURROUNDED!” A voice boomed from directly above, over the ever growing sounds of tanks, and choppers.

Bolt immediately growled and took a few steps towards the entrance to the tunnel, and crouched down.

“YOU HAVE THIRTY SECONDS TO SURRENDER BEFORE YOUR LOCATION IS FIRED UPON!  YOU CANNOT ESCAPE, AND YOU WILL NOT SURVIVE!”  The sound of arming turrets and cannons and the clicking of guns filled the air above.  Bolt turned his head to look back at Penny.  They just stared at each other sadly…silently.  Bolt folded his ears down.  After all that they had been though, was this finally the end?


Bolt whipped his head back towards the entrance and growled under his breath. I can’t let them win…I swore that they’d never get my Penny…I can’t let them…I CAN’T!  He panted slowly and heavily, trying to think.  But he knew that there wasn’t much time.  He didn’t have any other choice.  Slowly, he stood up as tall as he could.  He planted one of his forepaws on the ground in front of him, and took a step back with a back paw, bracing himself.

“Bolt what are you doing?” Penny asked frantically.  “No!  Not under here.  It’s too dangerous…”

Bolt looked back at her.  It’s the only way Penny…I know it’s risky, but I’ve got to try…


Penny sighed lightly, knowing he was right.  “Okay boy,” She said, hunkering down as best as she could, and covering her ears, “Do it…speak.”


Bolt closed his eyes and bowed his head as he began to muster up as much strength as he could.  He could feel the power billowing up inside of him as he began to growl.

“THREE…TWO…” Gun turrets were heard spinning up above them.

Bolt’s growl grew louder, and he whipped up his head, aiming as straight upward as he could.  “YAAARRRPPP!!!”  The super bark was deafening in the confined space underground.  As if everything were in slow motion, the darkness of the tunnel vanished, and light rained down upon the two of them as the earth disappeared from above.  Calico’s forces were helpless.  The ground beneath them had suddenly come alive, bulging incredibly, and erupting like a giant volcano.  Tanks, choppers and ground troops were thrown into the air like child’s toys, and were heard crashing and smashing down, over and over again a great distance away.  Penny and Bolt stayed hunkered down for what seemed like forever, until finally all of the noise faded away.

They slowly opened their eyes, and came to find that they were standing at the bottom of what was now a giant crater that Bolt had blown open from underground.  It was littered at the edge with the crushed and mangled remains of the massive army that was threatening them, just moments ago.  All of the vehicles had been destroyed, and the surviving ground troops were now retreating; Bolt and Penny were safe.  The sun was very dim as an incredible amount of dust and dirt was falling all around them.

Penny coughed and slowly got up into a kneeling position, observing the wreckage.  She dusted herself off as she panted, relieved and dumbfounded.  “Whew,” she said, turning to her dog, “that…was too close for comfort…you did real good buddy.  I thought we were goners for sure.  That was very brave, and I’m glad that you-” but her relieved expression quickly disappeared.  Something was wrong…

Bolt had started to smile back and nod lightly, but he had suddenly stopped.  The side of his muzzle was scrunching up, and one of his eyes was slightly squinted.  The dust and dirt in the air was apparently too much for the canine’s sensitive nose.  He felt a teasing tickle making its way up the length of his muzzle.  He snorted a few times, and licked his own nose in a very dog-like way, trying to dismiss the irritants, but to no avail.  He felt the tickle getting worse; his eyes fluttered and squinted tight and he started pawing at his nose, and whining.  Oh gosh…no…g...gonna...

“Oooohhhh dear,” Penny said, in a panicked voice.  She rushed to Bolt’s side, and squatted next to him. “It’s okay boy,” she said, trying to stay calm, reaching a hand out to massage Bolt’s large, black nose.  “You’re ok…easy there…slow, deep breaths through your mouth…”

But, it didn’t seem to be working; Bolt’s mouth suddenly snapped open as his breath hitched. “Heeaahh…”  The entire ground shook violently with just that one inhale.

In a fit of desperation, Penny clasped her hand over Bolt’s nose, and pulled him in close in a sort of reassuring embrace.
Bolt stood there silently for a few seconds holding his breath, his eyes squinted, his snout in the air, his mouth hanging wide open, but before long, he slowly started to relax.  Penny felt him become less tense, and he exhaled lightly.  He snorted a few more times through Penny’s hand, and she moved it enough to allow him to lick his nose, but eventually he opened his eyes, and gave Penny a reassuring look.  He apparently had expelled the irritation on his own.  It also helped that the dust and dirt in the air was starting to clear.  Whew…that was close.  I almost couldn't hold that one.  Thank you Penny.

Penny slowly let go of his nose, and lightly smiled at him.  “There you go.  You’re fine…whew!” she said, standing up for the first time, “Don’t scare me like that!  That’s twice today I've been really frightened.”

Penny did indeed have a good reason for becoming alarmed when Bolt was feeling sneezy.  The two of them had discovered not too long ago that Penny’s father’s alterations on Bolt had a flaw.  Unbeknownst to him, when he had given Bolt his superpowers, including his super bark, doing so had also given him an even bigger super sneeze.  Penny and Bolt found this out the hard way one day when they were doing a training exercise together in a big field with a set of obstacles.  Bolt had rounded a corner too quickly, and smacked his nose very hard, into a rock.  The result was an enormous buildup to a massive sneeze that even surprised Bolt!  The sneeze had simply obliterated the ground in front of him, and did an alarming amount of damage.  He had blown open a nearly twenty foot deep crater that stretched for more than half a mile.  Penny was lucky to have been behind Bolt when it happened, but even still, the sneeze was so strong that the damage had in fact stretched to the area behind Bolt where she was as well.  It was nowhere near as bad, only pulling up a layer of sod from the ground.  But it still had enough strength to blow Penny back several feet, and send her tumbling for a great distance.  To Bolt’s relief when he came running to check on her, she was not harmed, other than a few bumps and bruises.  But since that day, they had decided that it was a good idea not to let Bolt sneeze again, often to his own dismay.  There were times when something was bothering his nose so badly, and all he wanted to do was let out a sneeze.  But, he knew that it would be be too dangerous to do so.  His sneezes were just too strong and unpredictable.  He had actually shown great self-control so far. He and Penny had found ways as such, to stop him from sneezing if he felt one coming.  They had had a few close calls, but no incidents since that day.

Penny started to walk, Bolt following her as they made their way through the crater.  But she stopped after a few steps, and put her hands on the outside of her pant pockets. “Oh,” they didn’t seem full enough.  She looked back at the spot where they were just standing, and sure enough, a small group of objects were strewn out on the ground.  In the midst of all the chaos, a handful items had slipped out of her pockets.  She walked back over and crouched down to pick them all up, which included a couple of small gadgets, a set of keys, and oddly, a rather prominent looking white feather.  “Can’t leave all of this here…ha-ha, my lucky feather!”  She brushed it under her chin and smiled at Bolt.  “Can’t lose this, can I?  Ever since I found it when we got away from Calico’s base in Alaska, I’ve kept it with me.  Seems like we’ve always have good luck since, just like today, eh Bolty?”  She laughed and Bolt smiled and panted, wagging his tail.  Penny placed the objects back into her pockets, and stuck the feather into a special hidden compartment on the back of her shirt.  “Come on Bolt, let’s get out of here.”  She stood up, and the two of them started to walk once again towards the edge of the crater.  “What a waste.  I really thought we were going to find something here.  Guess we’re back to square one,” she said.  “You know…” she thought aloud, looking at Bolt, “I’m starting to wonder why Calico keeps carrying out the same battle tactics, over and over again.  It’s so predictable, and you always just end up getting them with your superpowers, Bolt.”  Bolt gave her a smile.  “You’d think that after so many of his forces keep getting destroyed that he’d learn…”  She continued to walk, still pondering the idea, but eventually shrugged it off.  “Maybe he just thought that we wouldn’t try something like this if there was such a big risk involved…hmm, oh well.”  She gave Bolt a pat on the head as they made their way back in the direction from which they came.  Neither of them noticed a small camera lens that had suddenly poked up through the ground behind them, much like a tiny periscope, watching them, and observing them…

End Part 1

Unlocated Clips / [Unlocated] Commercial - Cocoa Krispies Aardvark
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Ok, I'm on the verge of putting a bounty on this one  :P

When I was little, the commercials for Cocoa Krispies used to feature a cartoon character named Cocoa the Monkey, and each commercial had a different version of a song that Cocoa always sang about how creatures of the jungle were trying to steal his cereal, but he'd always outsmart them, and the song would always end with "Everybody wants my Cocoa Krispies."

Well, there was one where an aardvark tried to steal them, and Cocoa got him by tickling the end of his long nose with a feather, and making him sneeze.  There was a cute buildup with snorting and wheezing, and the aardvark sneezed so hard, he blew himself a good distance away....Cocoa even sang "Bless you."  Hehe  ;D

Anyway, I've been looking for this for a long time, and as far as I know, we don't have it here yet.  Anybody got any leads?

General Chatter / A Shout Out to Everyone on this Site! :)
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Hey everybody,

This is really random I know, but for a long time now, I've felt the need to post a shout out to everybody here on sneeze furs, and say how awesome you all are!

This site rocks!  I never knew that there were so many other people like myself with this strange fetish combination, and I think it's awesome that we have a community like this where everybody shares about it so openly, and contributes to it so much.

I know that I've usually been one of the more quiet ones on here (mainly because I'm a slacker and don't leave feedback when I should), but I absolutely love the work that everyone does on here.  The stories are awesome.  I've been entertained by so many of the characters that have been created on here, including Ben & Mia, Gwen, Maxie, Laura and so many others.  The fan art is sick.  It's great seeing so many people express themselves with their artistic abilities.  I think I'm yet to find a drawing on here that I don't like. :)

And also, I'm amazed by all of the video clips, which include many segments from cartoons that I saw as a kid, and have been looking for, for years.  And of course, our administrators, and those directly responsible for the creation, design and upkeep of this site deserve plenty of praise as well.  Thank you for all that you do for us.

Whoever you are on here, whether an administrator, artist, writer, uploader, or just an observer, you're all awesome.  I'm always checking in on here to see what's new, and I look forward to more.  Keep it up!

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