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Art, Art, and Art! / (+18 - F - Feather - Horse - Messy) The Sneeze-Job
« on: October 14, 2018, 02:52:05 AM »
A two page comic for adults only.
Let me know if you all enjoy the content.

Page 1:
Page 2:

Artwork is by alrek.

I Found Something! / Legend of the Three Caballeros
« on: August 10, 2018, 08:08:24 PM »
I've only watched the first two episodes so far but both episodes have Donald Duck sneezing.

The show can be found on

Here is the link.

I'll let you know if I find more in the other episodes.

Art, Art, and Art! / Sweet Gesture [Fox - Macro - F - Comic]
« on: June 16, 2017, 12:26:22 AM »
A sweet gesture with dangerous consequences.

Artwork is by sorcererlance.

Unarchived Art / [F] Jeannette Wilder
« on: March 25, 2017, 02:37:23 PM »
Jeannette hadn't put much thought into what she had just done, blowing the dust off the book. It clouds around her for a second. Long enough to irritate her nose. Duck! She's going to blow!

Artwork is by hotgum on deviantart.

Unarchived Art / [F] Advertisement #1
« on: March 04, 2017, 01:25:10 AM »
I hope everybody enjoys the artwork. The art is by fox-pop on furaffinity.

This may be the first part in a series of commissions. The advertisement series. Feel free to suggest your own idea for products and slogans.

Unarchived Art / [F + Mature] Random Sneeze from Mia
« on: November 22, 2016, 01:09:33 PM »
A random sneeze from my vixen, Mia Vixen. She has a powerful sneeze that almost caused her to pop out of her top.

Artwork is by cybertuna on furaffinity.

I also added a link to the image here, on my archive post.

Unarchived Stories / [F + Macro + Messy] A Forced Sneeze
« on: November 08, 2016, 10:48:09 PM »
[It's been a while since I have written a story but I got a message with a request and I thought I would give it a shot. I would like to apologize for any grammatical errors. I hope you all enjoy.]

“What do you plan to do with all of that stuff behind your back?” Mia asked.

“What stuff.” Benjamin responded.

“The feather duster, pepper shaker, and a floral arrangement. What do you plan to do with all of that stuff?” Being a giant had a few perks, like being able to see what her mischiovous friend has hidden behind his back. Mia had a pretty good idea where this would be going. She gripped the bouquet between her index finger and thumb and brought it up to her nose, nostrils flare as she took a deep breath. “That's so nice of you to bring me flowers.”

Benjamin Wolfe stared up at the lovely vixen, she was wearing a tight fitting green dress that could barely contain her bust and revealed a lot of her legs. He was wearing his normal outfit, a tight blue muscle shirt and a black cargo pants.

“I'm glad you like the flowers.”

Mia slowly lowered herself to his level by laying down on her stomach, her black nose invading his vision. It gave a visible twitch. The pollen from the flowers was making her nose itch just a little bit.

“I love them Ben. Just like I love you. I think I need to sneeze but it's stuck... do you think you could help me?”

Mia was pressing all the right buttons to make the wolf blush and stutter a bit.

“S-sh-sure! I'd love t-to”

Pepper was the next thing to invade her nose, it was funny watching his arm flail around with the pepper shaker. It created a small black cloud that was quickly inhaled by the giant vixen. She heard the wolf let out a sneeze of his own.


“Ben you're supposed to mah-make me sneeze.”

Benjamin sawed a finger across his nose to ease squish the itch in his nose, he let out one more little sneeze. He felt his chest expand and head tilt back against his will. “Het'Shew!” He sniffles lightly before returning to the task at hand.

Mia felt the burning itch take root deep in her sinuses, she wiggled her nose from side to side and sniffled wetly. She had to fight the urge to rub her nose. Fingers and toes curl as the cloud continues to float deeper and deeper into her nose. Still this wouldn't be enough to make her sneeze. It was just enough to make her breath hitch a bit and eyes water.

Benjamin watched all of this unfold before him... nostrils flaring and trembling with need. The feather duster would probably be enough to push her nose over the edge. He held it up to her right nostril. He could see the feathers rustle in the wind her breaths were creating, dust and feather particles float up into her nose everytime she inhales.

“Ah... B-Ben, I... I... I really neh-eed to sneeze.”

Mia tried to crawl forward and press her nose to the feather duster only to have her tiny friend pull it away.

“Please... Pleah-ease Ben, I neh-ehe-heed to sneeze.”

Everytime she would move forward he would take a step back, again and again, waiting for her to take one deep breath. That's when he pressed the duster right up into her left nostril and let it go.

“Bless you babe.” He muttered in advance.

Mia felt her eyes go wide as the duster bumped around inside her nose leaving a trail of dust and feathers on the inner walls of her nose. She made the mistake of sniffling. This only made the duster bounce around more vigorously inside her sinuses.

“Ah... Ahh... Ahhh...”

Slowly her mouth dropped open while her eyes close, nose constantly trembling now. He could clearly see snot starting to drip out of both nostrils. This was going to be a massive snot filled explosion.

“Aahhh... Aahhhh... Aahhhhh...”

Benjamin was pulled towards her a bit before being blown away.


Mia's head bobbed down with this massive sneeze, splattering the ground with snot and creating enough force that the wind sent Ben tumbling backwards like a ball. He finally came to a stop on his back. He had a big cheesy grin on his face.

Mia sighed and sniffled. “Dhanks Ben.”

Art, Art, and Art! / [M/F + Clean/Adult] Megacycle's Archives
« on: November 05, 2016, 12:51:38 PM »
This post will act as a archive to all the sneeze related commissions that I have obtained over the years. I will continue to update this post with new artwork as it becomes available.

Clean artwork:  [F - Skunk - Random]  [F - Cow - Random]  [M - Fox - Crossdressing - Dust - Comic]  [M - Fox - Crossdressing - Dust]  [M - Fox - Crossdressing - Perfume - Comic P1]  [M - Fox - Crossdressing - Perfume - Comic P2]  [F - Cow - Allergies - Comic]  [F - Wolf - Sneezing Powder - Comic]  [F - Goat - Random]  [F - Vixen - Macro - Feather - Comic]  [F - Human - Allergies]  [F - Rabbit - Allergies]  [M - Fox - Crossdressing - Cold]  [F - Canine - Random]  [F - Canine - Random]  [M - Wolf - Random - Comic]  [F - Feline - Pepper]  [F - Red Panda - Feather]  [F - Fruit Bat - Random]  [F - Mouse - Dust]  [F - Springhare - Random]  [F - Canine - Random]  [M - Marsupial - Random]

Adult Artwork:  [F - Red Panda - Comic P1]  [F - Red Panda - Comic P2]  [F - Cow - Feather]  [M - Reptile - Random]  [F - Rabbit - Random]  [F - Springhare - Random]  [F - Feline - Random - P1]  [F - Feline - Random - P2]  [F - Vixen - Feather - P1]  [F - Vixen - Feather - P2]  [F - Dinosaur - Feather - Comic]  [F - Vixen - Random]  [F - Mouse - Random]  [F - Vixen - Random]

I know there are a few links missing but unfortunately I cannot post them here. The artist stated that he does not want his art posted on this site. So I will respect his wishes. Unfortunately my business with this artist will decrease significantly. I'm not going to continue commissioning a artist that does not want his artwork shared here with all of you. If you really want to see the artwork that I am speaking of they can be found in my scraps on furaffinity.

Video Games & Television / Overwatch Recruiting Players [PS4]
« on: August 10, 2016, 12:23:41 PM »
Currently looking for a few friends to play with in competitive and quick play mode.

If you are interested in playing comment below or send me a private message. I'll send you my username in a private message.

I hope to be playing with you very soon.

Unarchived Art / [M + Crossdressing] Winter vs. Dust
« on: April 09, 2016, 07:45:43 PM »
My latest commission from this wonderful artist.

I hope you all enjoy.

Video Games & Television / Rocket League
« on: October 22, 2015, 12:41:36 AM »
Anybody here play rocket league?

Video Games & Television / Who's got a Playstation 4?
« on: May 06, 2015, 03:58:42 PM »
Anybody here own a PS4? Always interested in adding people to my friends list.

I usually play a lot of call of duty, I also own madden 15, The Crew, Injustice, GTA V, Battlefield Hardline, and Mortal Kombat.

What games do you own and like to play?

Unarchived Art / [F + Mature] Kabuki & Benjamin
« on: February 07, 2015, 10:58:08 AM »

Unarchived Art / [F] May's Udder-ly Horrible Allergies!
« on: November 22, 2014, 01:01:49 PM »
Here is my latest commission. I hope you all enjoy.

Artwork does not belong to me.

I thought I would share my latest commission with all of you. This story is not suitable for people under the age of eighteen.

Story is written by oneofthree

Characters belong to me.

I hope you all enjoy it.

Ben and Sasha Happy Funtime
Ben was just finishing up with lighting the last of his candles- gently scented, but in a large quantity; all around the room, their lights flickered.  He let his bushy tail wag with anticipation as Sasha walked into the room, dressed just as he had asked: Mostly nothing.  Her feet padded softly against the carpet, blue stockings hugging the curves of her legs up to her mid-thigh, where they tantalizingly ended in the middle of that soft, creamy-brown fur, tiny bows adorning the rims. 
   Ben slid his eyes up a little farther as the older cocker spaniel wiggled her toes into the rug, to the small, matching blue panties that concealed, just barely, the area between her legs… where those beautiful thighs met with the rest of her form.  They had a very low cut, and a tuft of her fluffy pubic fur could be seen poking over the waist of the lingerie.  She did a slow spin, lifting her tail and giving her master a view of her pert rear before coming back around to face him.  He traced upwards to the soft curve of her belly, and from there up to her chest- blessed with a heavy, large pair of breasts, which were also contained in blue lingerie.  It was a light blue that reminded one of the endless expanse of sky on a still summer day.
   Sasha’s nose was dipped slightly downward in an affectionate display of submission- as the eldest member of Ben’s harem, she was a lot more lax about their relationship than most… almost teasingly disobedient sometimes.  But that was part of what he found so attractive about her.  The experienced older woman… not so easy to tease, but so worth it in the end. 
After staring at her for quite a while, Ben spoke softly, not wanting to break the mood.
“Hello, Sasha.  You’re looking lovely this evening.”
“Hello young master,” replied Sasha, glancing downward toward Ben’s black jeans “I’m glad to see that you enjoy my appearance.” She smirked, the corners of her mouth turning upward slightly as she saw a bit of movement within.
Ben patted the bed next to him, eagerly inhaling Sasha’s scent when she sat, her ears bouncing a bit until she pushed them behind her shoulders.  She turned toward him, flexing her muzzle to flare her nostrils, seducing him with her large, black canine nose.
“Eager and ready to go, I see, Sasha?” Ben chuckled.  “Then let’s get started…” With a rough kiss, he pounced on her, pinning her to the bed.  Then he straddled her midsection, reaching for his special case- home to a collection of tools to tease a sneeze out of the most stubborn of noses.  He first produced a colorful flower, laden with pollen- waving it about in front of her eyes, Sasha couldn’t help but follow its movements.
“Hm… Not just yet, I think.  I’ll save that one…” He placed it back in his case, instead drawing out a shaker full of finely ground, quality black pepper.  Sasha, playing her role, tried to distract him- rubbing her hands up and down his thighs, making him shiver.  But he would not be deterred.
“Well, since I have you here, nose-up… this should be easy.”
“Oh… no, master, please not that… don’t…!”He started to pour a little trickle of pepper grains straight down into her nostril- her left nostril, to be precise.  The little spicy particles adhered to the moist, pink insides of her nose and she instantly felt a burning flare of tickliness.  Out of reflex, she sniffled- a big mistake.  Her nostrils opened wider, and she drew in more pepper.
“O-oh… m-master B-beh-ben… Please… Aah… forgihb… bbuuuhhh.. HhHuuuuuUUUhh…” Sasha began to take in raggedy, desperate breaths.  Her ability to speak was inhibited by the intense tickle within her nasal cavity.  The pepper was irritating her membranes, making her nares twitch and her muzzle wriggle back and forth, trying to worm out the irritants.
“Yes, Sasha? What is it?” With a gleeful grin, Ben stroked her muzzle with one hand, his dull claws leaving small furrows in her fur.  Sasha started to struggle a bit, wiggling her hips and pulling her arms in, fists clenched tightly as she strained to hold back.
“I… ha-AH…!” She hung for a moment, eyes slack, maw open, nose quivering… then relaxed and drew in another shaky breath.  “H-have to sn… to sn…. Sn…eee…. Eeeehh…” A little teardrop squeezed its way out of her left eye as it shut, leaving her with a decidedly sneezy expression… a woman on the edge.
“Snee? Whatever could you mean?” This was all part of the act, part of the game… a most arousing game.  His black jeans were now taut, stretched over his firm, but not quite full, erection.  He loved the feeling of it, trapped in there, desperately trying to get out, to gain some attention… he reached out and covered Sasha’s mouth with his hand, gently but insistently holding it shut.
Sasha snuffled, chuffed, and took in one last, huge breath through her nostrils instead of her mouth… pushing her over the edge.
“SnnnnffF-F-HH—HHHHHSCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” She sneezed strongly, ejecting some clear mucus loaded with little black flecks from her nose, a little runny trail dripping down onto Ben’s paw.
“Smrzz.” The word ‘sneeze’, muffled by Ben’s paw, was uttered.  Ben thought she looked so cute there- pinned underneath him, a runny nose… he took his hand away, and picked up a tissue, wiping up her nose for her.  Very slowly, and deliberately- running his fingers over and slightly into her still-twitching nares, savoring the experience.  He was so ready now… hard and sore, aching with need.  He could practically feel his balls going into overdrive as they prepared for what was coming, in his biology’s mind.  He felt a little driplet of pre start to roll up his shaft, and closed his eyes to breathe, and focus on the sensation…
Ah… there… it popped out of his tip, creating a damp spot in his underwear.
“*Sniffle* Are you done with me now, young master?” Sasha sat up, bringing her chest into contact with Ben’s; her nose into contact with his neck.  She kissed it, nibbling a little bit, and rubbing the itchy organ against his fur.
“Oh no, Sasha…” His green eyes snapped open, locking with hers.  A predatory grin took over his features as his arousal reached a peak.  “We’re just getting started!” Again, he reached into the case… this time withdrawing a feather, carefully plucked from a duster that hadn’t been cleaned since its creation in what must have been 1952 or earlier.  It was a perfect tool, old and losing its feathers with each swipe.  He had simply picked one up, and placed it away… making sure it was laden with dust, visibly gray… little clouds of the stuff rolled off of it each time he moved his hand.  With Sasha now sitting up, Ben leaned in close to her and nipped her neck and ears, dragging his tongue over the rolling hills of her breasts.  He unhooked two out of three clasps on her bra, and moved the straps close to her shoulders.  The lingerie was on the brink of falling off.
“Wh-what are you going to do with that?” Sasha pleaded, sniffling again and allowing some tears to come to her eyes.  “Y…you’re not going to put that in my poor, helpless nose, are you?”
When she begged like that, Ben could hardly stand it.  He absolutely had to torture that nose now.  Make it plead and make it sneeze… again and again.  He was rock hard- no, hard as steel… harder.
“S-sasha…” he gasped out.  “Undo my belt… and unzip my pants… and I will consider being lenient with you.” He twirled the feather idly as she did as he asked. 
“Of course… just please master… please don’t touch that dusty feather to my nose.  It… it might just explode on the spot! It makes me need to … sneeze … just thinking about it…” She kept her voice low, sultry… seductive.  Suddenly, he was free- his fat cock sprang from the confines of his tight black jeans, eliciting a moan of relief from the red wolf.  It was thick… red… dripping from the tip.  A proud canine penis… Sasha gave it a little tiny lick, and a kiss.  Ben shivered, but…
“Now Sasha… I didn’t say you could taste that.  I think you’ll have to be punished… stay down there, though.  I want you to suck my cock… but don’t you dare sneeze on me.”
He promptly began to tickle the tip of her nose with the feather, teasing and twirling it around, stroking the rim of her wet nostrils… dipping it inside slightly every time he saw her twitch.  She wined in her throat, but did as asked… tongue came out, slurping up the length of his broad dick, taking it into her warm, inviting mouth.
The pleasure was astounding… he could feel every tremor in her muzzle as he tormented her nose.  A few times she stopped fellating, needing a sneeze very badly- but he reprimanded her and set her back to the task.  When her mouth opened involuntarily, he felt a rush of cool air as she panted for breath.
“Heh…Hah…hahhhhh..A-ah…” Touching a finger to her nose, she tried to soothe as her master inflamed.  She bobbed on him, his penis sliding farther into her mouth, touching her throat with a deep, wet sound.  Ben turned the feather inward, sticking it into her nose and leaving it there as he caressed his balls, swollen and needy… it had been a while for him.
“Hh-HH… HIiihh… H-HeeehH-HH…!” There was no way Sasha could continue her oral treatment while needing to sneeze so badly… and Ben planned to use that against her.  With a ferocious blast of a sneeze, she blew his cock out of her mouth, wetness spraying against his scrotum and lower belly, a strand of snot from her increasingly wet and stuffy nose connecting them.  “H-HHHEEEEESCHHHHHHHHHOOO!”
The last clasp on her bra snapped, and her breasts bounced free as the garment slid from her shoulders.  They lightly slapped against either side of Ben’s cock, eliciting a little spurt of pre that landed on her succulent, brown nipples. 
Trying his best to put on a frown, despite the fact that he was about to blow a huge load of semen all over Sasha’s pretty face, Ben scolded the spaniel.  “Sasha… what did I tell you? I’m afraid you’re really going to pay for that one.”
He plucked the flower out of the case.  Sasha’s eyes widened.  “Wh-what are you-“ But ben did not give her the chance to play along.  He simply placed the flower over her nostrils, covering both of those beautiful black and pink holes with vibrant petals.  Pollen flowed into her nose from her breathing, and she gasped, falling back onto her rear.  He moved up, straddling her once again- positioning himself between her gorgeous hills.  He rubbed himself into her cleavage as her face scrunched up, her allergy to pollen taking over.  This was going to be messy, in more ways than one.
“Hah… B-but ma-ha-haster I… I cah… I cah-han’t…. H-help… ih… iIIhh.. IITTSCHHHIISCHH!” She let loose with one, dislodging the blossom- but it was too late.  Her chest quaked and rippling flesh knocked against Ben’s member as he pleasured himself, feeling his length thickening and his knot swelling.
“HEEEH---IIITTSCHHHH-HOO!” Another one, blasting mucus from her nose in spraying streams- thick and clear, allergic snot.
And again… “Ih.. IITTSCHHHHHHSCHHHHHSCHHHHHHHHHHuh!” A triple that left her gasping for breath… Ben couldn’t hold it.  He moaned low in his throat and grit his teeth, feeling himself explode… bursting all over Sasha’s sneezy face, his semen mixing with her mucus, running down onto her breasts.  They collapsed together, breathing hard.
“G-good girl, Sasha… you did very well.”
“Th-thank you, Mast- Ah… CHHHHHHHOOOOO!”

Unarchived Stories / [F + Macro] One Big Sneeze!*
« on: May 23, 2013, 03:52:35 PM »
I hope you all enjoy the story.

(Begins here.)

There are many beings living in the world, from big to small, but the largest of these beings are known as macros. The can be as tall as the tallest skyscraper and more dangerous then a hurricane. In order for these beings to survive along side there smaller counterparts, is to hibernate. If they were awake and active like there smaller counterparts they would devour the world's food supply. So they are only active during the summer, three months of normal activity before they go into a dormant sleep cycle that will last for the remaining nine months of the year.

As of now only fifty macro's are known of, ranging in sizes of seven hundred feet to one thousand five hundred feet. Nothing in the world can awaken a macro before it's time. So during this time all other beings may rest in peace.

One particular macro decided to make her bed on the outskirts of a public park. If anyone were to venture to that area, they would get an eyeful of a one thousand foot tall vixen. Her calm breaths creating a gentle breeze that rustled the leaves off some of the trees.

Fall set's in and the leaves all begin to fall with ease, getting sucked towards and then blown away from the large nose of the macro. A strong breeze combined with a strong inhale allows some of the leaves to make it to the vixen's large nose and slip inside her gargantuan nostrils.


A slight noise sounded from the vixen as the leaves bounced around inside her nose until they finally became lodged in her thick mucus that lines the walls of her nasal cavity. On the outside it appears that nothing is bothering her, but deep inside her fleshy walls are twitching at the presence of the leaves.

As the seasons change again, a cold breeze set's in, accompanied by snow, sleet, and freezing rain. This does cause her to shiver, like it does to all beings like her in the winter. Her shivering breaks some of the leaves in her nasal cavity free, allowing them to do more damage before becoming lodged again. Except this time they are rooted in even further, making it impossible to just simply blow them out the easy way.

“HeH... Ah...”

Warmth once again reigns upon the earth as Spring makes it's way in, reviving the plants. With new life, the plants begin pollinating. A slight green or golden hue could be found all over the vixens large furry body, from head to toe. Even her black wet nose was completely covered in it.

Spring was only halfway over, and the vixen's breath hitched on and off in random intervals due to the irritation. The leaves were once again breaking free, but now they were turning to dust. All that time inside her nose had caused them to decompose. The dust and pollen kept her breath hitching through the remainder of her slumber.

“Aaah.... HeaaaH... AAAAAHHH...”

The trees all around the vixen swayed from side to side with each shaky inhale and exhale. Nostrils flare with need, the only reason she hadn't sneezed yet was because of how deep a macro's sleep cycle could be.


Summer arrives in full force, bringing the heat and humidity on. This was the wake up call for all macro's in the world. Eyes snap open and instantly tear up. The tickle hit the vixen at full force, causing her to shoot up. The bright sunlight causes a photic sneeze reflex to occur.


A gust of wind of immeasurable power washed over the land, extending quite the distance. Tree's were uprooted with ease and small animals were flung to their doom. At least one forth of the whole park had been leveled by a single sneeze. This involuntary act brought forth a law that required all macro's to sleep in an unpopulated area from now on, or face there demise at the hands of there smaller counterparts while they sleep.


I hope everyone enjoyed it, please comment below and tell me what you think.


Unarchived Stories / [F + Macro] Mia and Ben, TV Misshaps*
« on: February 21, 2013, 01:46:28 PM »
I hope you all enjoy the new story, I worked real hard on it.

(Story starts here.)

“Today we have a big surprise for our viewers, today we will learn what exactly is inside our noses. All thanks to our special guest; Miss Mia Vixen and her boyfriend Benjamin Wolfe. I admit these two characters are an odd pair, a macro vixen and a normal sized wolf.”

The host, Billy Lynx, of the show known as 'strange factoids', gestured for the two to enter the zoomed out camera's view. The ground shook with with each step the vixen took, causing the host to nearly loose his balance.


The small feline waved up to the macro and spoke clearly into the microphone.

“It's okay, I know you didn't mean to do that. I imagine it can be quite difficult to just take a stroll through certain areas of the world at such great heights. I can only guess what it would be like to live at that size. Why don't you wave to our audience and introduce each other.”

Mia nodded at his comments on maneuvering before doing as he said and introduced herself and her boyfriend, waving like a professional model to the viewers.

“Hello, everyone, I'm Mia Vixen and this is the love of my life, Benjamin Wolfe.”

Benjamin joined her in waving, standing up carefully on the palm of her other hand.

“Now some of you may be asking what this has to do with noses? well what better way to see what's inside then to actually crawl inside one and see things first hand. And because of Mia we will get to do just that. I plan to make the journey up her large nose wearing this helmet cam and a jumpsuit, so that way everyone can see what I see and I can keep as much of my fur covered so as not to irritate her nasal passages.”

The host explained what the plan was and how he was going to do it. While he did that Mia carefully laid her self down onto her belly and lowered her face so the orange furred feline could make his way inside. A ladder was brought out by some stage hands and set up beneath the vixen's nose.

“Here we go.”

With the helmet cam turned on the host quickly climbed the ladder and pulled himself inside the giant vixen's nose. Not a moment later the ladder was removed and replaced with a safety cushion just in case the host lost his footing and fell.

A monitor off to the side showed what was being seen inside, pink walls flexed, tensing and relaxing with each breath she took.

Mia didn't feel anything once the feline was inside, her breathing remained normal as a camera continued to roll, fixated on her face.

After the first few feet the feline ran into his first obstacle, nose hairs. They were large and plentiful making it really difficult to continue the journey, but he pushed onward anyway, bumping and moving hairs out of his way. In hindsight this might not have been the best idea.

A sudden burning sensation made itself known which caused Mia's nostrils to flare slightly, but they reduced back to normal size after a quick sniff. That didn't mean that the burning wasn't still there, it just meant she had incredible control over her nose.

The feline paused for a second after the first sniff, feeling the small gust push him in a few inches deeper. Since nothing else happened after that he continued his journey deeper into Mia's nose, now as he got passed the nose hairs his next obstacle appeared, a narrowing tunnel, that could mean only one thing, he was reaching the end of her nostril and the entrance to her sinuses.

Mia blinked, feeling her right nostril become half clogged, making any air that entered her right nostril caused a slight tickle. It wasn't enough to make her sneeze, at least not yet, but it did cause her to sniffle and flutter her eyes.

“Billy, you may want to exit, if you go any further I might sneeze.”

Billy chose to ignore her warning for now and continue, feeling that since there were no vibrations to indicate a need to sneeze then he would be safe. He pushed and squeezed, trying to fit through the tiny gap and enter the clearing that is her sinuses only to get himself stuck.

“I would love to do that, Mia, but I seem to have gotten myself stuck.”

Unfortunately his camera did not have a built in microphone so no one could hear what he had to say, so he used his hands which were free enough to get in front of the camera and started gesturing. After a few seconds of studying the movements with the help of Benjamin they were able to figure out that he was stuck inside.

“Mia, Honey, it seems that the host has gotten himself stuck inside.”

Mia whined, unable to breathe through her right nostril, she felt an undeniable urge beginning to form inside of her, growing stronger the longer Billy was inside. The urge was telling her, no commanding her to sneeze.

“I really haf'taH! Sneeze.”

The camera crew and stage hands heard this and quickly began panicking, worried for themselves and for their boss and host, Billy Lynx. Ben quickly got to work, trying to calm everyone down, telling them not to worry and that he would take care of everything.

“Mia, try and relax and let your nostrils flare, while they are flared give them a light blow and see if that dislodges him.”

Mia nodded and did what her love, Benjamin, suggested.

Billy felt a quick sharp burst of air, push him out of his position and back into the nose hairs, if it weren't for these hairs he may have been blown out and onto the ground. He could see the damage he had done, the mucus was now thicker and the walls around him were twitching, flexing, and tensing every couple of seconds. With quick reflexes and adrenaline born from fear he crawled out towards the exit.


The travel out was harder then the climb in with her hitching breaths, pulling him back inside. Thank God the nose hairs kept him from flying to far back.

“I caHHH! Can't ha-h-hold out muH-hUh-uch longer.”

Billy heard her mutter that just as he cleared the nose hairs, seeing the quickest way out was to slide on his belly and hope her head was still hovering over the safety cushion. This would almost be considered fun if it weren't for the life threatening danger that he was in.


The escape was a success, he managed to get out and land roughly onto the mat just seconds before the release. The helmet camera may have been destroyed in the process, but he didn't care that much, everything had been caught on film and he was safe and sound. His crew was on him in seconds, asking him if he was okay and checking him over for any injuries.

“Guys, calm down, I am just fine.”

Wobbly and unbalanced were what Billy felt at first, but once his head stopped spinning was he able to stand up straight without any kind of support.

“Okay everyone, let's finish filming this thing and go home, I wanna get cleaned up.”

The camera's were quickly reset and filming was returned to normal.

“That was quite an exciting journey we shared today, kids. Now we know exactly what is inside our noses thanks to the help of our wonderful guests, Mia Vixen and her boyfriend Benjamin Wolfe. Now remember to tune in next week for an all new episode of, Strange Factoids.”

Once filming was over, Billy approached his guests again.

“Thanks for coming down and being part of the show, it is really appreciated. I feel like this will be the most exciting episode yet. I wish we could give you both more, but unfortunately we have a very tiny budget.”

Benjamin excepted the check with a smile and told him not to worry, this is more then enough pay for what little they did.

“And don't worry about the whole sneezing thing, we will be sure to edit that out before airing.”

“Thanks.” Mia and Ben said at the same time, creating an echo effect.

“If you ever need a macro for the show you know who to call.”

Mia said with a smile, picking up Ben and heading home, leaving the television crew behind.

(Story ends here.)

Don't forget to comment. I want to know what you all think of it.

Forum-based Roleplay / [F + M] Interactive Story (External Website)
« on: December 21, 2012, 02:28:02 PM »
I have made an account at and have started a interactive sneeze story of my own. I hope some of you will join in and help me expand this story.

~Benjamin Wolfe,
AKA megacycle

Alt Fetish - Tickling / Raffle!
« on: November 13, 2012, 12:25:17 PM »
Hey, guys. Just thought I would share this with all of you on the site that has a thing for foot paws and tickling.
Just click on the link below to get all the details.

Your friendly neighborhood red wolf,
Benjamin Wolfe

Unarchived Roleplays / [M] Valane and Winter*
« on: September 27, 2012, 04:39:24 AM »
V: Valane is Toji.
W: Winter is me.

Valane is a wolf and Winter is a fox.

(I hope you all enjoy!)

V: Valane walks into the door of the shop, padding on up to the counter to order a drink. Ever since a friend brought him here, he's discovered an iced coffee is a great thing to have after a day's work. After the order is placed, he wriggles his nose and looks around the shop.

W: Winter peered up from his laptop when the door chimed and noticed a tall wolf at the counter, he didn't remember seeing him here before. Shutting the laptop and grabbing a pencil and paper he starts to sketch, creating a quick rough sketch of the wolf. He didn't really know why he was doing it, he just had an urge to draw him. Every few seconds he would quickly glance up at him and take in more details before returing his attention to the paper, hoping the wolf wouldn't notice his quick glances.

V: Valane doesn't really notice the glances much, or at least doesn't make much of them, but eventually makes his way over in Winter's direction due to the lack of other available seats, and he clears his throat gently before asking, "Excuse me, madam, but do you mind if I sit here with you?"

W: Winter jumps a bit and drops his pencil, not expecting anyone to say anything to him. With a stutter he says "N-not at all." To shy to correct the wolf and tell him that he is a man not a woman. Winter is so shy he can't even look the wolf in the eye.

V: Valane dips his muzzle and smiles encouragingly, his nose giving another brief twitch in the process. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to startle you. If you're busy, I shan't interrupt. I was simply looking for a spot to sit while I have a drink."

W: Winter looks down and searchs for his pencil, doing his best not to stutter as he speaks. "I'm not do-doing anything important. I was just d-do-d-doodling." He eventually found his pencil setting on the floor next to the wolf's feet. Winter points and stutters out. "C-could you ha-h-hand me that pe-p-pencil, please."

V: Valane smiles and bends down to pick it up, handing it over to you with a wag of his tail. "Don't be shy, I promise I won't take advantage of you. I tend to be more interested in males, myself."

W: "Tha-thanks." Winter wanted to say that he is a man, but for some reason what he said made things worse, maybe because he found the taller canine really attractive. He took the pencil and returned to his sketch, his close proximity making it easier for him to sketch the wolf but harder for the wolf not to notice his glances. "I-I'm Winter."

V: Valane continues smiling and wagging his tail, taking his coffee once it's ready and then sitting down across from you. "That is a lovely name, miss Winter. I am called Valane. May I?" he asks, holding his paw out for yours. In this city, he's seen far stranger things than women wearing clothes he's more used to seeing on men.

W: Winter blushed a bit but eventually complied, placing his hand in Valane's. His long bushy fox tail twitches nervously from side to side as he waits to see what Valane does, and see if it is what he thinks he is going to do. Which is kiss it like a true gentleman.

V: Valane reaches forward to do exactly that, bringing the fox's muzzle to his paw to give it a gentle kiss, nostrils flaring as he takes in Winter's scent. At that point, he frowns, bringing that paw a little closer and sniffing more carefully.

W: Winter shivered a little and asked, "Wh-what's wrong?" His tail was really twitching now, since he had no idea what Valane had smelt and why he was now sniffing his hand paw. Nose pressed firmly against the top of Winter's hand paw.

V: Valane splays his ears back and releases your paw, looking rather embarrassed. "I beg your pardon, friend, I'm terribly sorry about mistaking you for a lady. I should have been able to tell earlier, but my hay fever is making it difficult for me to distinguish scents," he explains, nose giving another brief twitch as he sniffs wetly.

W: Winter now understood why he sniffed his hand paw. "Do-d-don't worry about it, it happens more often then you think." Winter fought with himself, trying to say something without stuttering. Winter's golden eyes returned to focussing on the sheet of paper with a rough sketch of Valane's face on it. He resumed drawing, hoping to finihs it before he left.

V: Valane shakes his head firmly and sniffs again. "Still, I feel terrible about my mistake. Might I buy a drink for you? It's certainly the least I can do," he insists, earnestly.

W: Winter looks over at his currently empty cup and licks his lips, wanting another cappuccino so badly. "I could g-go for another cup, a cappuccino, please."

V: Valane nods and stands up to order that for you, ears still splayed in some embarrassment as he rubs at his muzzle. He repeats the order carefully, since it's not something he himself is familiar with.

W: While Valane isn't facing Winter, Winter stares at him, taking in his manly physique from behind. He blinks and returns to his drawing. Trying to put the finishing details on the sketch. The picture wasn't perfect, but it did look very much like Valane. Valane returned to the table with his drink order in hand. "Thank you."

V: Valane peers over at the sketch when he gets back with the drink, wagging his tail and smiling at Winter. "That's very impressive in such a short time. It's quite attractive."

W: "Oh... Thanks." WInter blushed again, putting his pencil down on the table and taking a small sip of his hot beverage before asking Valane. "Do you really like it?"

V: Valane doesn't seem to immediately recognize it as him, scanning it from top to bottom and nodding. "It is far better than most drawings I've seen."

W: The compliment made Winter's tail wag a little more easily, loosing the nervous twitch he had before. Golden eyes locked onto Valane's face, taking in all the beauty. Winter blinked once and noticed that his nose seemed awfully twitchy and for some reason his own nose started to feel itchy just looking at it and his own pink nose started to twitch involuntarily against his will.

V: Valane chuckles and gives his tail another wag, tilting his head toward the door. "I'm going to need to start walking out toward my inn to make sure I get some evening work done there, but you may accompany me if you like. I would love to get to know you better."

W: Winter looked away and gave his big pink nose a little rub. "That sounds wonderful, ju-j-just let me gather up my things." He quickly gathered up all his stuff and stuck it neatly inside of a small duffle bag and put the shoulder strap on his shoulder and took the last sip of his cappuccino before following Valane outside.

V: Valane smiles and gives a self-deprecating chuckle as he makes his way to the door, holding it open for you. "I hope hay fever doesn't trouble you as much as it does me. I've been told by most of my friends and partners that they don't mind, but I still think the sneezing must be unattractive."

W: "No, It doesn't bother me." Winter kept close to him as they walked, passing by some beautful trees full of flowers. A light breeze brushed through there fur as they walked, carrying pollen from the plants all around them with it. Winter couldn't help dropping back a bit so he could sneak a peak at Valane's tail and butt.

V: Valane, true to his promise, starts sniffling almost immediately as the pair exits the coffee shop, rubbing at his muzzle and chattering on a bit. "It's only a mild nuisance for me, since I'm used to it by now, but sometimes I wish I could do more of my work at night to keep from sneezing so much."

W: Winter couldn't help noticing how his voice seemed to get more congested as they walked, hearing the light sniffles increase every few minutes to seconds. He couldn't stop himself from rubbing his own slightly larger then normal, pink nose in sympathy. "Has your hay fever always been this bad?"

V: Valane eventually slows down to let you catch up when he notices you've been falling behind, not catching on as to why that is. He nods with a wetter and more forceful sniff. "Ever since I was about fifteen or so, though I've been afflicted with it for as long as I can remember."

W: "That must have been a burden. I am lucky enough not to have a sensitive nose or any allergies. Which is surprising since my nose is larger then normal." Winter seemed to be getting a little more comfortable around Valane as they talked, making it easier for him to actually talk and not just silently walk beside the wolf.

V: Valane chuckles, breath catching briefly as he turns to watch the fox. "I hah... hadn't noticed much, but I hope you consider yourself lucky, my friend. Minor nuisance though it may be, it'ss till a nuisance."

W: Winter tried not to stare at Valane's twitchy nose, hoping that if he didn't look he wouldn't experience one of his sympathetic sneezes. Winter may not have any allergies but for some reason when he hears or sees someone sneeze, he has an undeniable urge to do so himself. "I have my own minor nuisance as well, so I feel your pah-pain." Winter felt his breath hitch slightly at the end of his sentence.

V: Valane SNIFFS again and cants his head to one side, looking vaguely curious as he smiles back at Winter. "What's that, then?"

W: "I'm a sympathetic sneezer..." Winter muttered quietly, rubbing his nose lightly out of sympathy.

V: Valane doesn't seem to understand quite what that is, judging from the puzzled expression on his face, but that wrinkled muzzle quickly turns into a wrinkled nose, and no sooner does he rub at his nose before he inhales sharply and turns around with a loud, "HAAAAH-CHOOOO!" He blinks and sniffs wetly, still looking a little dazed by the sudden nasal onslaught.

W: Winter tries his hardest not to sneeze. "Eh-heh..." Pink nose wiggling and nostrils flaring slightly before, "HeT'sHHH!" he just couldn't stop himself, a petite sneeze fitting his appearance escaped. Winter blinked twice and told Valane "Bless you." while recovering from his own nasal explosion.

V: Valane groans and scrubs at the side of his muzzle carefully in an attempt to not provoke his oversensitized nose, sniffing again and blinking a couple of times as he nods in Winter's direction. "My thanks, and the-huh...! The same to you." He sniffs again, sounding awfully congested as he does so. "I doubt that's the eh... end of it for me.  Huhhh...!"

W: Oh no, Winter thought, knowing that everytime Valane sneezes he will sneeze also. Winter tried not to think about it, hoping that if he ignored it he wouldn't sneeze. "HeH! Ehhh...!" And so far that wasn't working to well.

V: Valane perks his ears up a bit when he hears Winter's breath hitching as well, and whether he understands the specific nature of the problem, he knows that getting to his destination and out of the pollen is probably going to help both of them. He takes a few more steps in the proper direction before he pitches forward with a harsh, quick, "HAAAAASHHH!! HAHHH-ASHHHH!!"
Last message received on 9/20 at 10:29 PM

W: Winter does the same and not a moment later does the same as Valane and sucumbs to a short sneeze fit. "HeH-HsHH! Hat'sH!" Winter blinked and rubbed his nose, saying with a sniffle. "Let's go before we both sneeze are heads off."

V: Valane has to laugh a bit at the ridiculousness of it all, even as he lets out another breathless sneeze. He rubs his nose again as his breath hitches, then takes your paw in his left and continues leading you off down the street. "I thought you said you didn't have hay fever."

W: "I don't. I said I'm a sypah... hah...! sympathetic sneezer." Winter said between hitching breaths, trying his hardest not to sneeze everytime Valane did. He did manage to stop himself a couple of times with a well placed rub.

V: Valane wrinkles his nose as he tries to figure out what that means, though the act launches him into another short fit--this one a bit softer as he starts to run short of breath midway through. "What does thaHHHYESHHH! Mean?"

W: Winter mirrored him and let out a quick fit. "It HeT'sHH! It means everytime you sneeze, so will I out of sympathy."

V: Valane stares for a couple of seconds, then starts to laugh again as the farcical nature of the situation hits him, giving your paw another tug as he mashes his other paw against his nose again to try to push out the rest of the tickles in one big burst, succeeding almost too well. "Ahh. Ahhh...! ASSSCHOOOOH! AAHHHHSCHOOO!  GIIYESHSCHOOO! AASSCHHHH! HESSCHHH! Hehhhh... HEEESSHHHHTSCHOO!" He lets out a loud groan when he finishes that fit, looking dizzy and a bit lightheaded.

W: Winter blushed as the wolf laughed at his embarrassing secret. "It isn't funny." Winter said before succumbing to a fit equally large as Valanes, matching him sneeze for sneeze until he was left lightheaded and dizzy to. "I haven't sneezed this much in a long time."

V: Valane SNIFFS again and then smiles back at Winter. "We'd better hurry and get inside, then. I think I'm done for now, but I *SNIFF* I'm used to this every summer."

W: Winter recovers and returns his smile with one of his own, panting "Please do. I know you may be used to it, but I am not." Giving his large pink nose a rub he followed Valane, trying his hardest to keep up in his disoriented state.

V: Valane chuckles quietly and splays his ears to one side, rubbing his nose in turn as he gives another sniff, breath hitching a couple of times before he manges to fight off the reflex. "Perhaps I should only return to get to talk with you in the winter, then? I'm afraid this happens ahh..! Almost daily."

W: "We may, or we will have to keep ourselves inside where your nose can't cause us both trouble." Winter keeps a hand to his nose at all times to try and fight off the sympathetic reflex, sniffling.

V: Valane manages a wider smile, then, wagging his tail as he dips his muzzle at Winter. "I confess I would like that much better. You seem to be both honest and very sweet."very

W: "Thanks." He blushed brightly at the compliment, not used to recieving them that often. Winter stuck close to Valane as they finally reached the wolf's destination and entered the building before Valane could succumb to another fit.

V: Valane indeed manages the rest of the journey with only a couple of isolated sneezes here and there, smiling back at Winter and wagging his tail from side to side. "I thank you for the company, Winter. I'll have to head in to wash now, but I'm sure I'll be feeling quite fine afterward. I suppose you're welcome to join me, if you've nothing more pressing to take care of."

W: "I wish I could, but I have some business to take care of myself." Winter quickly stepped up to Valane and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and a small piece of paper with his phone number  and the words, "CALL ME!" written on it. he ran out the door before Valane could react, blushing. Hoping that Valane would indeed call him.


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