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Video Games & Television / Blasts from the past - Nintendo 64 games
« on: March 27, 2021, 01:23:08 AM »
One of the very first games I ever played was Star Fox 64. Some of the voiced lines I still remember to this day. Here are a few of the clips from this game.
This pig was my LEAST favorite character in any game I played for a long time. It was a joy to defeat him.
My favorite boss in the entire Star Fox series. I loved this guy for the unique way his stage was played. Destroying his entire train was fun to try to do.
"DO A BARREL ROLL!" Out of all the ally characters in the Star Fox series, I have the softest spot for this guy.
Also his speaking animation looks like he is very cold XD
A change of pace. This theme made me feel anxious and terrified as a kid. Nowadays, I love this theme, but when I first played DK 64 as a kid, this was a timer theme I dreaded.
What was my first introduction into the world of Pokemon? This guy's voice. Pokemon Stadium was one of the very first games my family owned, and to this day whenever I hear any pokemon game, this guy's voice comes in my head.

Does anyone else have a blast from the past that they remember from an old game?

If anyone does, please feel free to share a video of one of your own personal blast from the past!

I'm New Here / A new introduction for those who haven't met me.
« on: March 17, 2021, 10:12:25 PM »
Hi. It's been a very, very long time. Too long honestly.

I have been dealing with a lot of IRL things over the past few years. There's been more than just the global issues, it's more local and personal stuff, but I made a goal in 2021 to be better and more active. I'm trying =)

I hope things go well for all of you! Thank you for taking time reading this. I can't promise anything, but I will do my best to comment and show support here again like I use to.

Real Life Lounge / yes! Finally got online again here =)
« on: May 14, 2018, 05:34:15 PM »
My computer and phone have been really picky lately when it comes to some sites. I haven't been able to log on here for awhile. sneezefurs isn't the only place I've had trouble with.

I am glad Furrysneezes helped me out =) Sneezefurs was the first place I felt comfortable with for sneeze things. I am happy to be able to be back! Hopefully I can more easily be active here over the summer months.

Real Life Lounge / Finals are done. Who else is in college?
« on: December 16, 2016, 06:32:01 AM »
I haven't felt relief like this in a long time. Stress build up is honestly an awful, awful feeling. I'm so glad my school semester is done for at least until January!! :)

I'm genuinely curious who else is in college now. Are you guys almost done with your finals?

Video Games & Television / No game no life anime
« on: September 27, 2016, 04:29:03 PM »
I've had a lot of home issues the past few weeks. A thunderstorm caused flooding in the basement and wind speeds were so great tree trunks and branches split apart all over not just my hometown but neighboring towns. I haven't had much time on sneeze related websites at all or have been on DA sadly :( I've been more focused on helping to fix and also pay for damages. It's...not cheap :(

Anyway I wanted to give a shout out to an anime called No game no life.
It's a fun anime that has heartwarming moments as well as some interesting characters. It also is more pervy than I would like but the humor is actually funny to me XD

I want to give special mention to the very last episode because there are furry earred/tailed characters that some of you would be interested in. A fox lady and a little canine/blue character that I enjoy a lot. The very beginning of the episode, 9:35-9:55, are the intros of the characters but I recommend the entire episode...actually I recommend this anime in general. It's very short, just 12 episodes long. this is the first episode.

“Keep it together Tas.” A green and black neon suited superhero scolded his friend while the big, strong, and also clumsy friend of his was holding a delicate painting that a villain had stolen from a museum. Tas/Slam was an enhanced Tasmanian devil, but more than that he was once a Looney Toon. A huge event happened where the future of all the city was changed and superpowers were almost commonplace. A benevolent power and also a beautiful woman named Zadavia ordered the famous Looney Toons’s descendants to join together to create Loonatics Unleashed. This team may not have been the greatest, but they were able to defeat super villains and able to save the day many times in the past.

The green superhero was in fact the Wile E Coyote descendant, and like himself in the past, he was a brainiac full of gizmos, tech knowledge, and usually had plans to take down the more powerful super villains. This time it was just a lowly crook that just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. All of the Loonatics Unleashed members were on a day of relaxation and decided to take a trip to the museum, much to the groaning of Daffy Duck’s descentent hero ego and Tas, who both didn’t find going to the museum to their liking.

The rest of the team didn’t even bother to suit up, They knew that Tech E and Taz could easily handle an ordinary crook…at least, that’s what they thought. Wile E was chasing down the criminal while Tas was doing his best to follow the advice to keep it together and not drop the famous painting. The painting was in fact a rather famous one here in this city, and it was also important to Tas, Ace, Lexi, matter of fact it mattered to all of them. It was the original first edition poster of when Space Jam first aired in theaters. It was special because it held one of the original memories of this team actually working together before they became heroes.

Lexi’s long ears bent a little as she heard a squirming giggle that didn’t sound natural. She also had incredible hearing with those ears and both she and Ace heard a charging sound that they knew was a form of weapon of some kind. It was coming from the criminal!

“Tech E! Duck!” Lexi shouted a split second before the weapon fired. At the same time Daffy looked at her in an annoyed glare.

“Why’d you call me while yelling at the tech guy? Sheesh…YEAAAAA!!! What the…?” The weapon looked way too familiar to all of them, as it was a tiny gun that fired a beam right at Tech E. Coyote and thanks to Lexi he managed to dodge it in the nick of time. This little beam left a hole in the criminal’s coat, and a familiar thin, lanky blue body was visibly seen. He had a dim-witted look on his face and he slouched a lot.

“Sorry dudes.” He said in a monotone voice, and there were a chorus of a few tiny voices that only Lexi and Ace could hear. Tech E gasped as he was the one with the closest distance, and he yelled at the speedy hero, ironically his archenemy once upon a time, to dash in and rip off the coat. The roadrunner talked very quickly and ran just as furiously as his mouth. “Geeze I can’t believe it, is it really them, the Monstars? I thought we’ve seen the last of these creeps years ago!”

He pulled off the coat, revealing the entire cast of familiar buglike aliens that had invaded years before. They were last seen at the end of Space Jam!

Lexi cringed as she remembered her past self and the others losing terribly to these jerks before Michael Jordan saved the day, and also saved Looney Toons as the world knew them, by defeating the Monstars in a game of basketball. Lola was actually the best player on the team besides Michael before the halftime trick that Bugs pulled with the “secret stuff” that gave everyone hope.

Lexi and the rest of the group suited up and everyone glared at the tiny invaders. “What are you guys doing here?” Lola pointed at them, demanding an answer. Her suit was an attractive pink color with black, making her long ears and sharp, cute face stand out from the black outfit. Danger was orange and black, the leader of the team, Ace, was a yellow, and the roadrunner was red.

“We’re going to rewrite history thanks to this painting.” The biggest, chubbiest bug snarled with a sneer. Even with their tiny size their guns posed a threat. They could shoot any one of the innocent bystanders and also shoot the poster.

“It’s a poster you idiot.” Tech narrowed his eyes and huffed through his long muzzle. He had an impressive black nose and he didn’t like these little pests one bit. Lexi, feeling a little bit nervous, whipped her hair out of her eyes for a second. Her blonde hair had three curved tips that hung halfway down her face and it sometimes caused a problem for a second. She didn’t like these pests either but she was more cautious of them than Tech. Her hearing was picking up something unusual, like a sonar-like squealing noise. Her ears had powers and she was very flexible and capable of fighting. She was a pretty, determined, strong-willed young lady bunny with a bright future ahead. She did NOT want these bugs to ruin her future like they tried to do in the past years ago!

“How is it possible you are still alive…and look the same?” She asked them, tilting her head to try to pinpoint where this sonar sound was coming from. To her surprise it was quite easy to pinpoint, it came from someone in the crowd nearby. As the sound got higher in pitch, the aliens moved more and got more talkative. It was clear to her that this person was controlling them.

“I dunno dudes and dudette.”
“You think you can make us talk? How about a little game of basketball again?” Lexi did a cartwheel and a front flip to use her cheerleading techniques to surprise the person in the crowd, slamming into him and causing him to drop his device. It smashed on the ground and the insect aliens all fell sideways, sizzling and sparking like…robots. Tech ran over to the person Lexi had slemmed into and he groaned. “Benny Wolf. I should’ve guessed it.” Lexi thumped her foot down impatiently. “Another brainiac friend of yours from college?” She looked slyly at him. Tech tilted his head back a little, waving his hands.

“No no no! He isn’t a friend of mine. He’s a tricking, sly fox rather than a wolf. He’s been a mystery to me. I’m not even sure he is from…” Without a warning as Tech was talking “Benny” disappeared in a cloud of smoke. He suddenly appeared right next to Tas/Slam, grabbing the poster, and then teleported again right next to Lexi. He was too quick for even Rev as the roadrunner ran right at the wolf, but his brown fur simply swished in front of the bird as he managed to dodge the quick speedster. Lexi felt a hand touch her shoulder and the next thing she knew she was on the ground somewhere entirely different.

“Wha…where am I?” She used her hearing but all she could hear was the sound of drops of water and an eerie silence. The wolf suddenly spoke, shocking the superhero as she hadn’t heard him at all.

“So you’re Lexi. I’m stunned you were able to figure out my control so easily.” Lexi’s green eyes glared at the wolf. She was not restrained or tied up as far as she could tell. Benny, if that was his real name, seemed calm and confident. Didn’t he know that he had picked on a superhero? He was either extremely cocky or just plain stupid. What he said next though was enough to keep her both curious and shocked.

“Don’t you know that you are in a trap at this very moment?” She tossed her hair out of her eyes again, just to make sure her blind spot wasn’t concealing something. She saw nothing, and got confused when she also didn’t hear anything either. Her long ears cocked back and twirled, getting the full range of space to hear anything she could…but there wasn’t anything to signal a trap. Suddenly she felt a shocking jolt of sensation along the bottom of her left shoe. She clenched her teeth and shivered to hold back a lump in her throat that was growing more and more desperate. She hadn’t felt like this since her father teased her toes with his long ears as a game they use to play when she was small! It felt as if something was tickling all over her left foot!

“Your eyes tell me everything I need to hear…Lexi Bunny.” He said in a soft-yet-cool tone of voice. “You’re starting to feel the trap aren’t you?” Lexi’s eyes noticed one of his fingers scratching the poster in a lethargic, slow motion. He then sped up his moving finger, and the tingly sensation all over her left foot skyrocketed. Her mouth came unclenched just a tiny fraction to allow a “h…hhe e…e-heh..aahaa…” she couldn’t help it anymore. The feeling was too much to bear! She took off her left shoe and her right shoe at the same time and tried to rub her foot with both of her hands to sooth the itchy, tickly feeling that was swarming her entire senses.

“I wasn’t expecting you to do that. I thought the outfit was all one thing. Ah well. It’s time I formally introduced myself. I am Benjamin Wolfe, and I’ve come to test out my magic to see if it’s…applicable here in the future.”

He lifted his long fluffy tail and grabbed the tip of it to swirl its furry hairs along the poster. Lexi could now see that he was doing something rather devious, using the Lola on the poster to somehow directly attack Lexi! She was rather confused though. If he was using magic to attack her, why wasn’t he doing something more dangerous and lethal to the picture of Lola instead of…of…ti…tickling…her f-f-f…fee…

“Sta…aaha-a-a-ahahaahahaahaaHAAA!!! The new feeling she felt on her other foot was like a feather duster and a furry cat poking all the spaces against her soles of her foot and even inbetween her toes to make an intense tickly sensation. She was helpless against this form of magic, and she couldn’t focus her thoughts on how odd it was he wasn’t doing more to hurt her. Her ears tilted and leaned towards the sound of him moving closer to her, but her powers were ineffective as she felt helpless against the way both of her feet now were being teased without mercy.

Bengamin Wolfe sat down right in front of the laughing superhero and he stopped touching the picture of Lola’s feet. Instead he looked focused and he stared at Lexi’s hands as they were trying to stop the tickling feeling by rubbing her smooth, awesome looking feet. Rope seemed to teleport out of nowhere and his magic caused the rope to wrap around her hands. Lexi tried to jump and kick him now that her hands were tied up but she was frozen in mid-air. Her pretty green eyes looked worried as she was now completely exposed. She couldn’t move, she couldn’t seem to even flex one of her ticklish toes! Her ears were still twitching, so she knew that at least her head wasn’t frozen.

“What are you trying to accomplish here?” She said in a haughty voice. Whatever game this magic trickster was playing it was not one she wanted to continue. Her feet were her secret weakness! One that didn’t get exposed since she always wore shoes. Only her family members knew just how ticklish she really was, especially in the areas on the curves of her soles. Benjamin bent down to her foot and he actually dropped the poster on the floor.

“What I wanted was to see if I could stand up to a superhero…and to test a theory of mine.” He physically touched both feet with each hand, and just the bare touch of his furry fingers against the sensitive fur of her foot caused Lexi to shiver all the way to the tip of her bunny tail and the tip top of her long ears.

“Hmm..mmph….mm…” She pinched her lips together in a seal, despite her cheeks starting to flex with her held-in giggles. Ben also shivered, delight seemed to shine in his eyes. Lexi’s own eyes were starting to close as she desperately struggled against even this light touching of her feet. When Ben started to rub and swish his fingers as they danced against the surfaces of her feet, her head began to thrash and the magic holding her in mid-air strained to keep her restrained. Her mouth gasped wide open as she let out a flurry of laughing sounds, exploding out of her like a parade that had been held back for too long. It was then that Ben’s long, fluffy tail curled upwards and she felt a new sensation. His tail was swishing back and forth against her black triangular nose, delicate arching nostrils started to visibly be seen as her laughing breaths fueled this tickling of her nose very quickly.

Lexi prided herself in never sneezing in public. She was a cheerleader! Cheerleaders never showed signs of fatigue or weakness while performing for others, and she definitely wasn’t going to sneeze while in her hero outfit either. Her laughing, loud gasps of air became full of stutters and her nose swished and tried to wriggle its way out of Benjamin’s furry tail, but the tail was too big to be avoided.

“HEHAA-A-Aa…AHHhahaaAHH-hA-aaa…aa…AHHHhhee-hee hee…ehhhhh…hehhhhhh…” The sensation of having to sneeze and laugh at the same time, and her normal resistance to sneezing being overpowered by the laughing breaths, led her to have no choice but to unleash herself in a way she hadn’t done in years…with a massive sneezing fit.

“HHETSSH! ETSSUU! H-HTCHUUU!!” Powerful feminine explosions jerked her head forward, burrowing her head into the large tail which just further increased her need to sneeze. It was at this moment that a powerful feeling overwhelmed both of them as Zadavia herself appeared, grabbed the tricky wolf, and teleported him away just as he had done to Lexi.

“H-H-HHEEECCHUUUUUU!! Whoa…strong one.” She raised a finger to rub her twitchy triangular nose. She opened her green eyes and looked upwards. “Who was that wolf? He…was interesting.”

Meanwhile, Zadavia and Benjamin were in a place that wasn’t like the future. It was a wide open field full of wildflowers and clear blue skies. Ben grinned a goofy, lovestruck grin. “Heh heh…sorry about that. I guess I got carried away huh?”

“You sure did Benjamin Wolfe. I don’t know how you got back in the future. My own powers should’ve stopped you…”

“Hey now. I’m a quick learner. Do you really think I would’ve stayed away from your lovely future? I have learned since we’ve last seen each other. How’s your feet?”

Zadavia’s face blushed a deep pink and she had to look away and turn her head. “I can’t believe you still remember that too…”

“Of course I do! I’ve dreamed of getting my paws on your feet again, but now that Lexi is a beautiful young woman of her own right…I couldn’t help but test my skills against her.” He slyly eyed the beautiful powerful woman and he pointed at her feet.

“I’ll make you a deal. I won’t come back if you promise to let me have one more session.” Zadavia had to look him right in the eye to see if he was serious. She sniffed in surprise as he was 100 percent serious. Her own nostrils started to turn a shade of pink, which Benjamin took careful note of. However, he didn’t need to as to his surprise the beautiful lady tilted her head back, her nose a perfect angle to allow him to see her flaring, ticklish nostrils, and she bent her entire waist down in a forceful “EEHCHOOO! ….What just happened to me?”

“Never sneezed before?” Now Benjamin was very curious indeed. He almost had a devilish gleam in his eye as he got excited. “If you don’t want me to go back right this instant to tell your heroes about what just happened, I suggest you accept my offer.”

Zadavia nodded, her now pink nose clearly agitated as pollen specks were dancing all over the woman’s face. She had never been around wildflowers before, and this…”sneeze” was an experience she had never had. It wasn’t altogether unpleasant either…if she stayed, perhaps she could learn about it from this magic user, and that suited Benjamin Wolfe just fine. Time for his session to have a lot more fun than even he anticipated!

I Found Something! / [Needs Clipped] Samurai Pizza Cats - Ep26
« on: September 20, 2015, 11:51:50 PM »
This is a very odd anime. It's like a mix of Power Puff Girls and Power Rangers XD

Anyway, I saw a youtube channel called Watchmojo that led me into being curious about this show. I was surprised to find a sneezy episode that had sneezes from the main villain fox guy, the insane "emperor" who is...I'm not exactly sure what species he is.. and one of the main hero cats. Sadly, no female sneezing =(.

The sneezing and the plot all start at the beginning of this episode. Sneezes happen periodically throughout the episode. My personal favorite is the sneeze from the main hero cat when he's on a cliff. That sneeze causes a humorous, chaotic scenario XD

Unarchived Stories / [M] Anubis, God of the Dead, vs... Who?
« on: September 17, 2015, 04:32:31 AM »
Deep in a chamber beneath the Earth’s surface, hundreds of beating hearts were sent within its walls every day. A massive, glaring deity sat in front of a scale. It was his role in his immortality to watch over these hearts to give a fair and just trial. The scale never lied. If a heart was heavy with sin, the heart would sink lower than the scale’s other side. A heavenly feather of an angel was used on that other side, and it had never been wrong before. Souls of those persons who had the hearts brought here appeared to see the fate their life had led them to.

The massive deity when standing at full height was a great deal taller than even a giraffe. He had a head as large as an elephant’s head, although it was no elephant. His pitch-black fur was in and of itself a symbol of his role…Death. Anubis, god of the dead according to Egypt, was no myth. Matter of fact, none of the so-called idols men made were myths. Athena herself often paid Anubis visits. She was the goddess of war and wisdom. She was a fierce and independent woman who was beautiful but cunning. She also had tendencies to win whatever battle took place, whether it was a war between humans or within her own self. When it came to the gods and goddesses of ancient times, they knew each other and frequently met, if not to get attention or checking to see who was more powerful than the other.

Athena was honestly jealous of Anubis’s calm nature and near-perfection. Nothing fazed him. He had seen so many evil things and so many amazingly good things he simply had nothing affect him anymore. She was also slightly jealous of how strong he simply <b>looked.</b> He never wore a shirt because he was half-jackal/dog/wolf…she never really knew what exactly his species of canine was. His head was completely canine, with two tall straight-up-pointed ears, glowing yellow pupil eyes that only were enhanced by the black around the pupils. His muzzle was long and sturdy, never flinching. The only expressions that were seen from him were from those eyes and occasionally the very edges of his mouth. He was so calm and in control of himself and everything in his chamber of death that it was hard for anyone not to be impressed.

Athena had a helmet on which covered her naturally long pretty hair into a warrior maiden’s hair due, with hair extending out of holes she made for this helmet. The goddess of war and wisdom was pacing back and forth in her home in Olympus. Something was not right. The tips of her long hair inside her helmet were tingling and sticking to the helmet. This didn’t happen unless something urgent was about to happen. Sure there were wars over the face of the Earth, but this wasn’t unusual. Her instincts kept on pulling her thoughts to Anubis. Sometimes spirits from other worlds would go into his chamber of death as punishment for their crimes. Could there have been a spirit that was causing him more trouble than usual?

Writing a quick note to Ares, the god of war, she mentioned she would be away on important business and she left Ares in charge. She also bolded in her writing the words “don’t do anything reckless. No major battles while I’m gone. Got it?” She always added ‘got it’ whenever she meant something important. Ares had gotten into trouble many times in the past. Athena was not going to let this hothead ruin her wars that she had been in control over this whole time. Modern times were much different than ancient times before Christ, or whatever time measurements humans used these days.

As she transported herself towards the Egyptian side of the landscape, more and more of her hair started to stiffen. Even the back of her neck had static cling to it. Her goddess body was warning her of something, she was sure of it. She didn’t want to make a public scene, so she didn’t crash into walls or cause a whirlwind in her speedy travels towards Anubis’s lair. She had to stay calm so she herself wouldn’t act like she cared about an Egyptian god.

Meanwhile, Anubis himself was confused. A spirit was standing before him, but there was no heart on the scale. This girl spirit was unusual. With pink hair and black highlights in it, she clearly was no human. An anthropomorphic creature, she loosely reminded Anubis of the Egyptian goddess Bast, a feline shaped goddess, only more younger and much less ferocious. What was more confusing to Anubis was this girl’s spirit was faded, like most of it had gone to the other side already, but part of her was sent here. This was very unusual.

“Young woman.” The catlike pink-haired girl had not yet opened her eyes, and her head tilted towards the impressive deep voice. The corners of his mouth twitching into a frown, he was shocked at her lack of respect. “It is foolish for a spirit to mock me. Open your eyes so I can see what is inside your soul.” As the young woman’s eyes opened, her eyes were a bright red color. Her hair shifted from the pink to a dark red.

Anubis’s teeth showed themselves as his mouth twisted into a canine growl. “Demon. A possessed soul.” The red eyes narrowed in a sly, silky expression.
“Ah. So this is where I was sent? How quaint and pitiful. I expected fire and bri…brim…” The young woman’s eyes suddenly shut and her hair returned to its original color. Curious, Anubis bend his head down all the way past his knees to get a better look at this “tiny” soul. Since he was so large, all souls were tiny to him.

The closer he got, the more something bothered him. His yellow eyes blinked as a feeling started to tingle all around his entire face. It was like a tiny jolt of electricity, circuiting around his skull and through the sensitive fur. His muzzle became squirmish and waves started spreading along his usually perfect fur along his muzzle. Was his muzzle actually scrunching?

A very bitter scent was inside his right nostril. At the same time, a heavenly soothing and pleasant smell was inside his left nostril. This sudden combination of scents were overwhelming his godlike sense of smell, and for the first time in history he actually felt…vulnerable.

“H…hh…” The god of death raised his head back upwards, but he failed to realize the spirit girl, now back to a red haired demon form, was grinning and her body was spread lying flat along his large black nose like it was a squishy couch. The smell she was emitting multipled inside his nostrils and the squishy black nose started to wriggle and shiver.

“What’s wrong god of the dead? I thought you men of power were stronger than this.” Her spirit body wasn’t a ghostlike form. Like angels in heaven, spirits down here had physical, tangible looking bodies that were real.  Anubis’s eyes were lowering in a feeling he had never before experienced: powerlessness. His muzzle was a scrunching mess and his ears were still very pointed but were tilting backwards like a clock’s hand.

“h…huh…uhhhh….hhhuuhhhhh……..” With each growing breath his ears tilted further and further back. His nostrils were growing and growing as they flared more and more. The demon lowered down her fluffy tail and let the nostril work against itself, making the inhaling breath suck in the tail’s furry, fluffy length along the inside of the rim. Just as the tail was fully inside, brushing rapidly against the rim, the young woman’s eyes closed again and this time they opened to reveal a much lighter, gentler color. A halo appeared over her head and a glow was over her entire spirit.

That was what he was smelling from this girl! She had somehow died having the limitless potential for either good or evil. If Anubis had to guess, the girl’s main spirit must’ve been already in heaven with angels. That was how her demon form appeared first here. Since her main spirit was in heaven, this good side of what was left didn’t speak at all, rather it simply lifted the tail away from the suffering, flaring nostril and the girl’s body tried to sooth the nostril rim by rubbing her arms and all ten fingers against the outside of the rim.

Unfortunately, her intention to do good was backfiring. Her furry hands just further intensified the itch along the outside areas of his nose, and that tail’s damage had already been done. The 6-pack chest strained as his breathing became ragged and pant-like.

It was at this moment Athena made her way into his lair. The sight of a normal-sized soul laying on top of giant Anubis’s muzzle was unbelievable already, but the look of loss of control and helplessness was just too much! The goddess covered her hands over her mouth to stifle the laughter. It wasn’t as if the god of Death could hear her anyway. His hitching breath was much too loud.

“H-H-HUUAA…AAAA…AA-AA…” Now his entire head leaned back, following the massive tilt his ears were pointing towards. His deep, sloping nostrils were twice their normal size and were wriggling in stuttering flares. His nose kept on twitching repeatedly, only furthering the look that his nose was trying to run away from something terrible. The spirit had changed back to her demon form and calmly walked in the air towards the giggling goddess.

“I always get what I want. This place isn’t for me, so I simply played with him for a bit.” The demon couldn’t help but slyly look at the helpless god of Death. “I did my work well…and this body was good for something after all. Her desire to do good actually furthered my goals instead of delaying them for once.”

Just as he was about to sneeze, Athena stopped giggling and looked at the demon girl.
“Wait, who are you?”
“HAHHHH’KUSSHHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” Every spirit in the room disappeared instantly as the hearts around the scale and the feather that was used for justice all got thrown out of whack. His blue and white thing on his shoulders and head flung off thanks to that strong sneeze, and he actually whimpered, pawing at his nose the way a human does to relieve a lingering tickle after a sneeze.

Athena silently walked along the floor and grew in size to match Anubis’s size, then picked up the headdress that flung off, handing it to the sniffling god of death. “Don’t want to see you without a symbol of power big guy. I didn’t know your kind could sneeze!” Athena failed to mention that Olympians sneezed on occasion. It was rare, but gods and goddesses over in her land sneezed too. She wouldn’t admit this “weakness” to him, but it was pleasing to know it wasn’t just her kind that sneezed.

“I…I don’t know what happened.” The canine Egyptian god turned his head and hid a growing blush against his black fur. He grabbed the fallen headdress and mumbled a small “thanks” as he put it on. When he turned back to face Athena, all his previous weakness was gone.

“I have got to watch out for newcomers like that.” He said, then he gathered up the fallen hearts and tried to find the tiny feather that was used for justice.
“Ammit is going to kill me if I don’t feed her anything. That crocodile woman demon…she’s probably wondering now what’s the delay…”

Athena’s sharp eyes detected the feather before Anubis  saw it. She bent down when Anubis had walked away a little and picked it up off the ground. She snuck up behind Anubis and tapped his shoulder. As his head turned, the hand Athena was using to hold the feather smacked the end of his muzzle. The white feather grazed the black nose and Anubis’s eyes narrowed. “Hh…hhhh…”

“What? All it is is a tiny feather!” Athena couldn’t believe the quick reaction. This tiny thing caused so much of a tickle on a god the size of Anubis? Surely it wasn’t that strong! As Anubis tried to rub his very itchy nose, Athena twisted her hand and lowered it so the very tip of her human nose was touching the tiny feather. To her new size, this feather was barely like an ant compared to a normal-sized human. However, this ant was extremely ticklish. The scent of thousands of years of dust and feathery fluff scratched the tip of her nose, and the goddess of war herself felt an insanely quick and powerful need to…

“HeeTCHEEEWWW!” This time it was her helmet that came undone, the sudden and forceful sneeze making the piece of armor fly off her hair and onto the floor.

“HUUHH’KSSSHOOOOO!” A sneeze erupted just a few split seconds later from the god of death himself. Both of them now were lightly rubbing their pink nostrils to chase away the small tickly feeling remaining in them.

Both of them were silent for a minute, but then the god of death gave a small smirk.
“I won’t say anything about this if you don’t.”
“Deal.” Athena said quickly.
Athena had sneezed away the feather, so the two had to search for it again. They eventually found it, and the two helped each other gather everything and place it back to the way they were.

“Who was that spirit Anubis?”
“Someone from another world. I hope that she won’t come back here…I don’t think my muzzle could handle judging her.”

Meanwhile, the spirit of the demon was free to roam now. Since she escaped her judgment and prison, she wasn’t only separated from her fate of hell, she could now wander her own world, seeking that goody-goody Hikari. They thought she was dead…they thought she was gone…well she’d show them. Nothing would stop her from getting what she wants!!! Not even a god of the dead was meant to imprison her. She was free! Free to do as she wished.

If you type in the word sneeze in different languages in google, you sometimes find different pictures :). I was curious and decided to try this, and I found some things I don't know if we have.

Don't ask my why this appeared when I typed in niesen, the german word for sneeze XD. I am happy it showed up :) The book is called Dr. Duck...apparently there's a lot of books by that title which is probably why I never heard of it before ^^; In this book, a lot of trouble is caused when a lady porcupine catches a cold, and her sneeze makes her needles fly everywhere. I don't know exactly why (kid book logic) but those quills make other animals have side effects too, one of which is an elephant catches her cold too...

This is another german thing. Don't know exactly what she is, but it's an older style cartoon animal.

Here's another sneezy porcupine loosing its quills. Don't know why a sneezing porcupine is so common but I'm not complaining :D

I am also including attachments of things I found earlier.

Unarchived Art / [F] Do a barrel roll Kyrsta...never mind
« on: September 02, 2015, 08:24:36 PM »
I love the barrel roll jokes XD, but in all seriousness, I wanted to share this gift Erudi gave me for my birthday :). It's short, simple, and really sweet. I'm grateful she did it ^^. I wanted to share it so others could enjoy it too.

Books and Comics / Creepella and Geronimo Stilton sneezes (Lots of F, M)
« on: September 02, 2015, 08:00:30 PM »
While at work last month I took time during lunch breaks to look at the books the thrift store I worked at had. Every day dozens of new books would come in, and that meant there was always a new chance to find something different. I got REALLY lucky, and found some really nice sneezing pictures! Not just sneezing with words, although I found a lot of those too.

I wanted to share the most worthy to note of them.

The Geronimo Stilton series has a spin off series. Its main focus is a side character that was so popular she got her own mini series.
Pretty much she's a writer like Geronimo, only she has much more focus on darker, creepier themes. She's also way more likable in my opinion than Geronimo is and doesn't make *thank goodness* nearly as many cheese puns.

In the book I found at the thrift store Creepella's grandfather invents something that I truly believe one of us should invent someday XD. It's an endless box of fireworklike powder, only it's purpose is to entertain other people when you sneeze. He's an old trickster and tests it first on Creepella herself. Creepella in turn is eager to see how it works on Geronimo. At the end of the book, the entire fair is running wild with this new form of entertainment XD.

Real Life Lounge / Update on life =)
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I've had quite the surprise yesterday. It was my first day of a new semester at college, and I had something unexpected happen. A good unexpected, but DEFINITELY unexpected. I looked at our college newspaper and there was a small box near the last page that said "the newspaper now hiring. Needs writers and editors." I thought to myself this in my head:

'Hey! I like to write.'
' write random stuff. They'd never hire me...'
'Couldn't hurt to check it out.'
'...You're right.'

*And now you know craziness that happens in my head XD. I blame Inside Out...actually, I can't blame it on anything ^^;. I've always been this way. I overthink things way too often. *

Anyway, I went to the location which was one of the normal buildings on campus, only about a five minute walk from my dorm room. I was kind of stunned when they were like "You like to write? JOIN US!" XD...ok not really, but they were in high need for writers and they asked me questions. Didn't even look at my resume ^^;.

They told me to show up at a meeting later today...if all goes well, I may actually use writing to help a newspaper! :D I still don't know if I will get this job or not, but it's incredible that I even have a chance like this.

I wouldn't have had this chance without you guys =) Thank you for giving me support and kindness when I write things ^^ YOu have no idea how much you gave me confidence in myself...seriously, thank you ^^

There's not a lot of furry arcade characters that I know of, but this game has a lot of characters I do know :). It's an old Mickey game, and one of the bosses in the game is a lion/wolf character. When he is halfway defeated he turns beat red, and his nose must really hate being stepped on because it's clear as day sneezes that will hurt Mickey if he's within range.

The boss fight starts at around 1:20. The sneezes happen shortly after.

No sneezes with any other bosses, although the biggest boss and the final boss do use their noses to attack too. Mickey actually has to hit the nose at the boss at 9:50 in order to defeat it.

In the old Sonic arcade games, in some levels if you just stand around doing nothing Sonic will tap his foot impatiently and then sneeze if he's in a watery or cold level. XD

Unarchived Stories / [F + Kung Fu Panda] Not Dead Yet!
« on: June 17, 2015, 04:45:50 AM »
It was quiet. Too quiet. I cast my eyes low to the ground, knowing that a single sound could make me mince meat. My master would not take kindly to what I was about to do, and if he found out before I did it, I was a goner. Crouching along the grass, I felt like a cub. That may sound silly to a master like me, but there were times when even I could feel like my younger self.

As the blades of grass swirled around my fur, I brushed off the faint tickling sensations. With all this silence I couldn't pinpoint where my master lurked. Suddenly a bright light flashed in my eyes as a small body collided with my larger body. My orange and black fur fluffed up and I had to lick my paws to calm myself down to make the rest of my fur return to normal.

"Tigress! What in China do you think you are doing?" Shi-fu was my master, and unfortunately he had caught me before I had done my act. The Dragon Scroll should be mine, and if it wasn't for the big flabby oaf who fell from the sky earlier that week, I would have been chosen for the role of the Dragon Warrior! My strong arms hung limb with defeat and I glared at my master and he glared back at me. We both knew what I wanted to do. The only thing that stood between me and my goal was an ultimate warrior. The very thought of an ultimate warrior made my blood boil.

"Master Shi-fu you have to let me get that scroll. Tai Long could break free from his prison any day now and you want some fat panda to go fight him? I have trained for this day for years master!" I personally hated this part of myself. I kept it hidden from all my companions, acting calm and cold to keep them from seeing my fears. My worries. I had plenty of them, just like they had their own sides they kept from me.

When my master's gaze faltered I knew he had doubts of the panda as well. This gave me hope, but before I could make a reply to feed off of my master's doubt a figure appeared from the shadows. His gentle but powerful, wise presence made my whisker's tingle and my ears tilted backwards.

"Master Oogway. It is an unexpected honor to see you at this hour." Both me and my master said at the same time, our words blending with each other. Oogway was the most legendary master of our time. He always knew what to do, and with a gleaming twinkle in his old eyes, he stared right at me and I knew he had something in his mind.

"Tigress, your young heart burns with a fierce desire to protect and to defend those you care about." His slow speech was making me impatient, but years of training kept my feelings in check. There was nothing that could break my focus. I had trained too long and too hard for something as silly as impatience to ruin a moment with my master.

The old turtle's gaze continued to look right into my eyes and it looked as though he was reading my thoughts. A grin creeped on his face and he patted his long stick against the grass. "Walk with me." Those few words could have been enough to make an entire town follow him. It obviously had the same effect on just me and my master. We followed Oogway for what seemed like a few miles. Judging by the distance we were from the Jade Palace, it really was a few miles. It never ceased to amaze me just how odd things got when Oogway showed up. During my whole lifetime I have only had a dozen conversations with the wise turtle, and only five times done any form of training with the master of masters himself. My own master, Master Shi-Fu, taught me everything I knew and that was good enough for the turtle. Tonight was going to be different though. I could feel it.

A nagging feeling started to creep on me. My neck started to perk up as tiny strands of fur stood on edge. I realized I knew this place, and it was not a place I wanted to be. It would only be a matter of seconds before...before...

A tiny sniff. A pathetic, teeny sound escaped my control! Years of training and fighting and I couldn't even stop my own nose from reacting to this place? My expression turned steel cold as I got a look that rivaled that of me seeing Po the panda for the first time. I would not let this place rob me of my self control. I was too powerful for that. Surely I was! I am not the same little cub that succumbed to this place like years earlier.

"Tigress." Oogway's voice snapped me out of my memories before I could fully remember them. Again his eyes gazed into my soul. "I may be an old creature, but I am not dead yet!" His tone of voice lowered and got very serious. His shell seemed to blurr quick as a flash across the area and he appeared just a few inches away from me. I made the mistake of turning my face towards the ground where he stood.

This place was a garden. The Garden of Jade, and in this garden I use to attempt to train with Shi-Fu as a cub, but every time I came here, golden lily flowers got in my way. I was very sensitive to pollen in general, but golden lilies were my worst enemy. Oogway must have remembered one of those training sessions, because before I could react quick enough, the turtle waved his walking stick cane upwards and large spores of pollen from the golden lilies under me poofed and exploded into the air beneath my muzzle.

My brownish, wide nose scrunched as I tried in vain to ignore the burning, the teasing, the flaring nostrils. My eyes held steady, only showing very tiny twinges as I did my best to retain as much of the image of control as I could. This allergy made me weak as a cub. I would not be so weak as a full grown tigress!

Throught all my efforts, the turtle simply smiled. "To become the Dragon Warrior, one must learn to master all the special traits within themselves." A mischievous breeze blew and made my fur ruffle, but worse than that the pollen got a new kicking start inside my nostrils as I breathed inwards. This time my eyes could not remain sturdy. They faltered as my rims pulsed.

"Hh...h-h-hiih..." Shi-Fu tried to kick my leg to startle the sneeze away, but this just made my body stutter and lean forward in retaliation to the surprise attack. It wasn't much, only a few inches did my body move, but that movement was enough to rock the pollen trapped inside my nose and to stir up a new cloud of allergic pollen into the air.

"HHIH...HN...Neh..." I tried with all my might to stop the building urge to let loose in a sneezing fit. My sneezes never just ended with one. My nose was twitching constantly, yellow pollen specks were visibly landing on the bridge of my nose and I could feel the building pressure of dozens of spores dancing around inside each carvernous, swollen nostril. Even my rims of my nostrils felt sensitive, each tiny poke of a tiny puff of air or a pollen spore touching it made it wriggle and flare up even more. I could not even pay attention to what Oogway was saying. It sounded very important, but the urge to sneeze proved to be too great to control any longer.

"Hea...aa...Haaaa...A-AA-AAHH...HEA'TCCHHOO!" My head plowed to my midsection as the strong force could not be restrained. The allergic tickle did not disperse, so my nose roared to release more of the allergens trapped within. My head complied all too willingly, leaning backwards again. My sense of control had all but disappeared. I did not feel like a master of anything, let alone one of the legendary Furious Five. I felt like a normal citizen of China, a huntress tiger that suffered from having too sensitive a nose for her own good.

"HEh...ehh...eaa..a-aa-aaa-HAAA'TCCHOOOO!" A longer, drawn out sneeze relieved most of the burning itch, but a little tickle remained. Furiously rubbing my wide nose, I had a pre-sneeze look frozen on my face. I couldn't get rid of this nagging tickle! What I failed to see was Oogway and Shi-Fu looking at each other and giving knowing looks to one another. They both knew that I was not ready for the Dragon Warrior title at that moment, and if I discovered that, I'd be furious at both of them. Fortunately my stuck sneeze prevented me from observing what I should have seen. It was Shi-Fu who jumped into the air and smacked something above my head. Shi-Fu had expertly karate chopped one of the golden lily flowers so that only one petal landed on my nose. The rest of the flower shattered into Shi-Fu's hand.

That single petal smelled of enough pollen to trigger a more strong tickle. This time, my allergic itch was a much relieved blessing instead of a nagging curse. All I wanted was to get rid of the tickle in my nose! This would do it.

"Tha...thank y-you Shi...Shii...iaa...a-a...ahh...heaaa...HEAa'TCCHooo!" Not as strong of a sneeze as before, but it was enough to shoot out the remaining stray particles of pollen from my nostrils. I placed both paws over my nostrils to keep from sniffing up any more of this allergy. We walked back towards the Jade Palace, and only when I was confident the smell of pollen wouldn't be sniffed up did I take the paws away from my nose.

"Master Oogway, your wise council was most unusual...but I think I better understand." I didn't understand exactly what I needed to figure out, but I felt more at peace with myself for some reason. Oogway had a strange way of making that feeling happen. If he could do that with me, Tigress, then surely he had a plan with that big fat panda Po.

As I walked away, Oogway smirked to himself. I felt a twitch happen across the bridge of my nose and rubbed it again to stop any tickle from really taking form. "Her senses...are not dead yet." The turtle whispered to himself. "Not dead yet."

Well, this sure was random XD this show I use to watch as a kid, with the odd Wonder Twins, cast of heroes and villains, and interesting plots. One plot was an episode where the pet of one of the heroes has an allergy and sneezes multile times throughout the episode because the villain uses what he is allergic to as his main tool of crime. The episode is called Baffles Puzzle or something like that.

I've gotten a new full time job and it's very physically demanding X_X Ten hour shifts monday through friday, but I've finally started to get more use to this kind of work and am setting times of a few minutes each to be online :)

I wanted to say holy cow man!! This place is very much alive lately ^^ Must be the late spring time waking people up ;) XD.

Seriously though, I'm happy there's things going on. :) I will comment on things, but I got to hurry to work now *it starts very soon*

Unlocated Clips / [Unlocated] Stitch! Anime - Multiple Episodes
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Stitch made a comeback in a newer series that at first I was very, very skeptical about. It's very different, and my favorite characters are not in the show hardly at all. Also, there are both old and new experiments and perhaps the biggest difference is the location is no longer in Hawaii.

Surprisingly, this is not a Disney show. It's a company in Japan that made a half-cartoon, half-anime series. A lot of the newer characters are anime like but some are more like the original designs. Also, Lilo herself is AN ADULT in this show in one of the very last episodes. That was surprising to see.

Anyway, Stitch himself sneezes at least 3 seperate times in three different episodes. Also, there's an episode where Stitch gets shrunk and some girl does too. MICRO CAUSING SNEEZE against a cat that tries to attack both the girl and Stitch. Actually a really nicely done scene. There's also sneezes from a few of the human characters as well.

Anyway, if anyone is interested I can find the exact times the sneezes happen where Stitch sneezes :)

Unarchived Stories / [F + Non-Anthro] A Stand for the Big Girl
« on: March 24, 2015, 05:04:09 AM »
There was one elephant in the circus who’s name was Dailia. She was one of the main elephant stars of a circus, the same one that Dumbo and his mother went to. She was snobbish, haughty, and was one of the elephants that made fun of Dumbo when the poor little baby sneezed and revealed his ears. This elephant lady was large, even large for a normal elephant. Her ears were normal sized, but her muscles on her stomach and neck were bulkier, her face was more full and consumed more space, her eyes were giant and lovely looking, her butt had some incredible volume and shape to it that really got the other elephant ladies jealous. Every male elephant in the circus gaped at this lady, and she knew it. Whenever the circus performers used the elephants to form a line and do a kind of “train” where they’d all move in a row by hanging onto their tails with their trunks and move, Dailia would always swing her backside harder and more noticeable so that her bigger thighs and butt would show off to everyone who was behind her, the audience or animal alike.

Besides her backside being groovy and big, her trunk was truly magnificent to behold as well. It was long, thick, very flexible, and had the capacity to be so delicate when she wanted it to be that she could pick up a small grape or bouncy ball. She also had deep, damp, rumbly sniffles whenever she smelled the slightest thing. It was an embarrassing feature of hers that she desperately tried to hide at all costs, but today was an unusual day.

Wendy, a Dalmation side-star at the circus, walked up to Dalia and barked at her, wanting a show from the huge elephant. A human opened the train door and she alone was able to come out. She walked inside the circus tent and the dalmation girl followed her inside. There was a lovely vase full of flowers that appeared to be fresh and blooming, so with her long trunk Dailia tapped the spotted canine and then used her huge trunk to point three times at the bouquet. The canine barked a warning, thinking it was a bad idea. Flowers and elephant trunks usually never mixed well at all!

Dailia put the flower bouquet on her trunk and let the flowers slide down her large, long trunk and settle down at the very end of the muscular mass and she wrapped up the flower bouquet around the pink, shiny nasal openings. She took a few deep sniffs, loving the smell of these flowers. Yellow pollen spilled out on her trunk and it teased her trunk’s round nostrils, but this was nothing. She had to deal with hundreds of different flowers rich people had at the circus. This bouquet couldn’t mess with her trunk! She purposely tried to take a deeper sniff, letting a few petals get sucked into her trunk’s nostrils. She loved the light feeling of tickles. It was much more pleasant than the pepper spices or dust she had to deal with in the past. She then tossed the bouquet up in the air.

Each flower broke apart from its group and Dailia was too focused on her trunk and containing its movement to make this simple trick more difficult. She used her suction from her large nostrils yet again to gather all the flowers back in one place and the flowers started to look more and more like a disaster as petal after petal was dancing around inside her long, large trunk. She had her end of her trunk follow her feet’s movements instead of her trunk naturally moving on its own. This blocked her view and focus from the monstrous dust cloud that had formed from a tossed feather duster that some joker human outside the tent threw at the poor elephant girl. She closed her eyes and inhaled, planning on impressing the Dalmatian girl watching her. The group of flowers and the feather duster wrapped together and collided with her trunk…along with the dust cloud that she had an unfortunate reaction to.

Dailia’s eyes shut wide open as the dusty scent flooded her sinuses. The yellow pollen from the flowers now wasn’t a pleasant tease. It was an aggravating irritant that made her trunk rear back and forth as the devilish yellow pleasing invaders now had dusty scents on them from the dust and were very potent smelling, a mix of flowery and dusty all rolled into one. “H…hh…aa…ahh…” Already her trunk started, and Dailia’s nostrils started to suck in air unintentionally. The trunk seemed to angrily react, its large round nostrils pulsing and flaring with erratic, desperate motions. The sounds that came out of her nostrils were like the sounds of a growling, wet demon of a sniffle. Deep, dark, and very revealing as to just what kind of sneeze could erupt. A deep, powerful sneeze.

She tried to lean back a little and force her trunk to press against her forehead to calm its wriggling sensations down. This worked…for about thirty full seconds. Her trunk was trembling against her forehead with each passing second, the only thing that was being accomplished by this rest was the fact that she didn’t unleash a powerful blow earlier.   Wendy the dalmation girl ran right for Dailia and tore away the feather duster and the flowers with her high jump and her mouth, but it was far too late. This show had taken an abrupt ending and it was far from being finished. This final act of the show would be mind blowing…literally.

“Ha…aaa…ahhhh…” Dust seeped deeper and deeper into her long, huge trunk. The size of her trunk this time was a disadvantage. It meant that she felt more and more teasing as the dust traveled up it and she had less and less of a chance to blow out the dust. She tried. She fought, trying to exhale a few times inbetween hitching breaths but the hitching breaths were beating her. This sneeze would not be denied, and this “weak” feeling was growing more and more powerful with each passing second.

“Ahhhh…haaahhhh…” The trunk now started to wriggle again against her forehead and started to press up and down, side to side, not just her nostrils flaring and doing similar moving motions. How the nostrils reared and flared, the trunk moved in a similar motion. Wendy started to get very scared and she crouched low to the ground, her strong hind legs ready to spring to the open space. Meanwhile, the sneeze continued to grow, and no matter how hard Dailia tried to sneeze early, the dust teased her trunk more. This…this was not going to end well. Her trunk denied her the pleasure of sneezing earlier. It flailed in a curving motion, then uncurved slowly, then re-curved itself with the next breath.

This motion forced her facial expression to gradually melt into a melting ooze of desperate, urgent, trembling twitches of a pre-sneezy look.

“Haaa…aaaaaa…aahhhhh…haaaaaaaahhhhh…aaahhhhhhhh…haaaaaa…aahhh…hah-haa-ahhh-haa-AA-HAAAA-AHH…” Dailia tried to point her body in the direction of the open sky, but her large trunk twisted and turned her body away from her target. The sneeze was growing close to the bursting point. Her nostrils were now huge and red, irritated beyond description, and her eyes were squeezed shut as the sneezy itch grew to beyond her control. Her trunk started to recoil and contract with each phase of her drawn out, desperate, deeply snuffling gasps. “AHHH…HAAA…AAA…AAAAHHHH…”  Her eyes now shut tightly as her mouth gaped open wider and wider. Her trunk now was heaving in a massive curling scrunch that seemed to be in preparation for an incredible release.

Wendy couldn’t watch anymore. She sprang into action, running straight for the open space that led to freedom. She could hear and feel Dailia take a step back and the ground shuddered as her trunk reared back. “HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA….AAAAAHHHHHHHHH” She couldn’t even try to point her uncontrollable trunk in a safe place. All what was in her mind was “I…need…to…SNEEZE!!!!!!”

The Dalmatian girl jumped and landed facefirst into the ground below. It stung a little, but it was nothing compared to what she heard. “HAAAAAAAAAIIITTCCCCCCCHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!” The sneeze itself was loud and powerful sounding, rocking the entire tent in a breeze. Fortunately no real damage had been done, but Dailia learned her lesson. It was not just baby elephants that revealed things when they sneezed. Dumbo was lucky. It was only his ears that got revealed. Dailia revealed a powerful, booming sneeze that could scare anyone! One of the circus workers, unaware of what had caused the elephant lady to sneeze, scolded the large elephant. He threatened to sell her away and forbade the elephant to do anything in the circus tent that involved her trunk. That meant she couldn’t perform!!

Meanwhile, all the elephant ladies, including Dumbo’s mother, were all lined up in a row in the train. There was a lot more free room now that Dailia had left, and when that sneeze was heard all four elephant ladies looked at each other, right and left. “Did you hear that?” 
“Did you?”
“Yeah I heard.”
“Was that…?”
“I think it was indeed.”
All of them shouted all at once, “Dailia!”

The same human prankster went into the elephant train and started to yell at the elephants, and since they were all confined to that space, the human got the bright idea of throwing another dusty feather duster in that space. Unfortunately for the human, four elephants sneezing was worse than one, and all four ladies were helpless against the dust, just like Dailia was, but they used this weakness to teach that human a lesson. The sneezes from them blasted air out of the train car they were in and the human fell flat on his face with that air, and having all of them sneeze alerted the circus headmaster right to the troublemaker causing the sneezes of the elephants to have happen. Dailia was cleared of her name and was able to continue to be a part of the circus.

I Found Something! / [Needs Converted] Hong Kong Phooey - Comedy Cowboys
« on: February 28, 2015, 07:59:14 PM »
Well...this is interesting. I can't find the blasted thing! I saw it on TV and I can see the reviews about it but no video footage is online :(

The episode is Comedy Cowboys. A horse sneezes multiple times thanks to a bad hayfever allergy. It actually purposefully dives its nose into hay to sneeze.

Another few episodes of Hong Kong Phooey have pepper sneezes from the two main characters, the cat and Hong Kong Phooey himself.

Unarchived Roleplays / [F + Pokemon] Cynthia is Back
« on: February 25, 2015, 12:27:25 AM »
A red flash blurred across the sky. As one that rode the wind, a very unusual creature made its way, or rather her way, into a different world. It wasn’t too uncommon for a pokemon to do this. After all, psychic abilities made a lot of strange things possible! As she flew into the new world, she noticed that there were a lot of different creatures in it. Some dangerous, some cool, and most of all, she sensed there was a high level of energy in almost everything around her. It wasn’t psychic was more like…

As she thought and pondered, she lost sight of where she was going and quickly readjusted herself in the air. Nervous now, she decided to land as quick as she could, but as she descended to the ground some guy below her got in the way and she literally crashed into him neck first, her pretty eyes closed tightly from the impact.

A cloaked man was wandering the forest, he wished to seek something. His name was Raiden. He became the captain of the Hyrulian army, served under princess Zelda of Hyrule, and fought many a battle, which also came with many a stain on his blade. He decided to venture off to a far off land, and ended up in a deep forest. He saw the pokemon, and instantly knew where he was. He was trying to find something he lacked for his whole life, a friend… but his search came to an abrupt end when a red blur collided with him, knocking him out for a bit.

The pokemon knew she hit something, but as she opened her eyes she knew this was no human. Something about him was almost like a ghost pokemon...he had some kind of power. A little bit scared but determined, she couldn’t let her own actions be the cause of an accident. As he was knocked out she used heal pulse, an attack that was handy in healing the pokemon around her. She didn’t know if it would work on anything else, but it seemed to be working. Her big eyes got softer as she felt at home doing something good. No matter where she was it felt nice to do something for someone else...then she lifted her neck and puffed a small snort through her small nostrils. It was his fault for being in the way that he got hurt in the first place!

Raiden opened his eyes to see a pokemon, healing him of his wounds, and a cute one at that. He tried to get up and say hello. “Hi there,” he said to her. “Thank you for healing me,” he had his hand on the handle of his blade as he said these words, just in case she pulled anything.

Her red and white feathery, dragonish body seemed to shiver and her eyes got very wide. Almost like a jet she burst backwards and crashes into a nearby tree.  She blushed deeply out of embarrassment as she simply levitated up that tree and hid, although she poked her head out from the canopy of the tree.

He knew what was going on. She was scared of him because he was human. He tried calling out to her, “hey, miss… I didn’t catch your name. If i scared you, I’m sorry. Please come out! I won’t hurt you, i just want to talk. Please...”

Inside, he was begging her to come down. He knew that something about this one was different from the rest, and he needed to know more. Maybe they could even become friends, that would be a plus(le).

Thanks to her abilities she could tell that he was telling the truth, but she really didn’t want to trust him so easy...easily...she sniffled, noticing the very tree leaves were seeming to try to creep up and swish against her nose. Shaking her head back and forth to shake off the leaves, she unwillingly let her neck stretch further down until her body followed naturally. She looked carefully at him with her big, searching eyes. Then she opened her mouth and closed it, unsure of what to say. Blushing again, she then floated closer to him and tried to get a scent. He smelled human but there was definitely something off...she leaned a little closer, letting her small nostrils flare up a little as she took a deep sniff, then quickly backed up and finally said something. “My name is Cynthia...Cynthia the Latias. What in the world are you?”

Raiden was delighted to see that she was finally opening up to him. He stretched out his hand which was at first on his blade, and he knew she was friendly. “My name is Raiden, Raiden Storm. Pleased to meet you Cynthia,” he had a very inviting smile. He knew everything about magic, and weaponry, but friendship was another thing entirely. Maybe now class was finally in session.

“Raiden....” Her curiosity made her want to get to know him more, and he was so polite! She was shocked that he wasn’t trying to capture her like most humans did. He must not know what she was or how rare her kind was. This was cool! She beamed a happy smile and floated over happily to him, using one of her arms to touch his hand. “Your name has a catchy sound to it. I’m happy to meet you too!”

“I’m not like other humans Cynthia. I’m not going to try to capture you or anything like that, I just want to be friends,” Raiden could read her mind, he knew it wasn’t really nice but he had to just in case, -”so, she’s a rare pokemon, guess this is a once in a lifetime thing.”- he decided to give her a soft hug, and he did, her feathers felt really nice on his skin.

Cynthia felt like ice had dropped all over her, but it was a good kind of feeling. This chilling shock gave way to a flood of warmth of realizing that this guy really meant no harm. She still detected magic coming from him, and it was really interesting with the feel of his skin against her feathers. She returned the hugging gesture, but as she did this she felt her small nostrils pulsing with flares. His hair was all over her face as she was very unused to hugging anyone so her head was leaned in very close to his head and she tried desperately to think of anything but her nose right now. Why was it that her nose was so ticklish all the time? It was bad enough of her allergy to feathers, but this was something that made her white cheeks blush a flushing red, nearly as deep as her red feather pattern. She could feel her body start to shudder against the human with tiny, building movements that started a hitching breath, but she tried to hold her breath for as long as possible during the few seconds of this brief hug. She couldn’t let this human see her get sneezy! She didn’t want to scare him away or make him not want to be near her.

He could already tell what was going on, so he backed off “hey, are you alright, is something wrong” then he smiled at her, “if you need to sneeze, it’s alright,” after his experience with the princess, sneezing didn’t really bother him.

The red flush on her cheeks grew deeper and she tried to shake her head. He didn’t understand! Sure if she could sneeze once and be fine for the rest of the day it would be ok, but knowing her nose, this may be a sneeze-filled day...although it would be nice if she could sneeze just o...o...once...As soon as her mind thought of this, her nose took command and immediately released its tickly, itchy pressure that had build up from his hair teasing her nostrils. “E...ehh...HEEtchOOO!” She turned her head and her whole neck jerked forward in a forceful way. She then levitated a few inches and used a hand to rub her nose. “Sorry about that…*sniffles*”

“it’s alright hun, I understand” he was thinking about how much Cynthia reminded him of princess zelda. “are you alright? Do you need anything” he was actually concerned about her, he didn’t want to act over-protective, but he did want her to be OK. he went and got some leaves and used his magic to make them soft, almost silky. “here, blow your nose into this,” he said as he handed her the leaves.

The way how the magic was used really intrigued Cynthia. Her eyes got very cute and wide. “Ohhh! That’s not psychic did you do that?” She slowly lifted her arm to take the leaves and she rubbed her nose against one. It really did feel super smooth to the touch! She made a happy noise and did a backflip twirl in midair. “Thank you!”

“Your welcome hun, it’s my pleasure, I come from a distant land, we don’t see many pokemon there but we do use magic, magic is used for almost everything and anything. Just a couple of years ago, I believe I was around 15, i learned how to use magic, and used it to stop evil guys. I have a lot of stories about them, would you like to hear them?” travis remembered something princess zelda gave him, it was a stone, it was multi-colored and looked very pretty, he pulled it out of his bag and he noticed something, it was… glowing.

Cynthia was interested in this new person. She took a liking to him, and she was curious as to how he knew what pokemon were. It was true that pokemon were very rare in this area. She vaguely remembered stories of these kinds of humans, but it had been a long time ago, ever since she was younger. She noticed the glowing stone and thought he was doing some kind of magic again. She giggled and started to swirl around him. “So you are a traveler then that uses magic right? What are you doing now?”

“I… don’t know,” he was honestly perplexed about this, he tried moving it closer to cynthia and it glowed brighter, his eyes widened, he looked at his bracelet, it was also giving off a faint glow, then he got an idea, “cynthia, i want you to have this, a princess gave it to me, and i want to pass it on to you,” he handed her the stone.

Cynthia felt power coming from that stone. Her hands felt tingly as she reached for the stone. It was as if the stone was calling to her, and her eyes started to close as her hand got closer and closer to grabbing the stone. “That’s very nice of you…wait, what?” Her eyes snapped open. “I… can’t take this if it was a gift from a princess to you!” She looked down and she realized this must’ve been important to him. “If you want me to have it I will take it, but I do not wish you to lose a gift from someone so valuable.”
He reached for the bracelet, “I think you will get more out of it then me, now let’s start the test, shall we” He tapped his bracelet and raised it in the air, causing both of them to glow, he finally witnessed for the first time in his 17 years of life, mega evolution.

Mega evolution is something that Latias knew very well. It honestly scared her at first, knowing that there was a new level of power that pokemon could achieve. She had seen her younger siblings, both her brothers and her sisters, Mega evolve, but this was the first time it had happened to her. Her body shifted and levitated in the air and she took him with her. Her body started to grow just a little, her eyes turning a deeper, more intimidating shade of color and her body changed too into a purple, faster, and more powerful version of herself. She let out a roar as power surged through her body with this sudden change. It felt...wonderful!

success, “ so, how do you feel hun” mega evolution was magnificent, it was unlike anything he’s ever seen, “do you like it”

Do I like it?...Cynthia wondered this in her mind. She lifted her new wings and could feel the new energy in them. Her arms were stronger too. Before an average Latias could only handle a child or teenager in their arms, but now she felt like she could pick up...she smiled slyly. She looked to the sky and felt the simple breeze along the ground lift her spirits. She may have had a new body, but the urge to soar and fly was still the same as ever. She did a tight hug on Raiden, then hoisted him onto her back. “Would you like to figure out how much I like it?” She giggled and didn’t wait for a response. She launched herself into the sky, knowing that Raiden’s instincts would keep him safe since it was clear to her that he could take care of himself.

seeing the region from up in the sky was absolutely breathtaking. “this is great cynthia” he could have flown on his own but decided to let her have her fun… for now at least. But for now, he just wanted to appreciate his surroundings. He saw some bird pokemon and leaned in so they could say hi, unaware of her terrible feather allergy.
Her purple body had even more speed than her usual form, and she felt Raiden leaning but didn’t realize what he was doing. She continued right on course, noticing that bird pokemon were nearby, but as long as she didn’t have any feathers close to her face she’d handle her a...allergy...just thinking about her allergy made the tip of her nose shiver. It was almost like her nostrils woke up and could sense feathers nearby, but she was a mega now! Surely she could control herself better than what she could before...she smiled, trying to avoid the feeling inside her nose. What she failed to realize was in her mega state, everything had increased. Her stats, her own physical strength...and her allergy too had become more keen. More aware, and if she wasn’t careful, her allergy fits would be more powerful than she thought currently.

Raiden was thinking of what to say to them, he wasn’t focused on her nose. “hey cynthie, look at those pokemon, what are they,” he loved learning more about this world and for the first time he felt, genuinely happy.

It only took a matter of moments before Cynthia realized Raiden was leaning right for the pokemon, and at the speed that she was going...She turned her body, just barely avoiding Raiden getting so close to the bird pokemon that feathers would be shaken off. She gave a very quick, small sigh of relief, hoping he wouldn’t notice that. “Those pokemon are a n...well they’re just very common where I’m from. They are called Pidgey, Spearow, and chatot. They’re fun to fly circles around.” She giggled, remembering some memories in her past where she literally did fly circles around them while she moved very quickly in the sky. She did remember too that when she did fly circles around them...uh oh...Cynthia’s eyes widened and she made a pattern in the sky, searching for small feathery objects and trying at all costs to avoid disaster with her nose. When Cynthia flew circles around the smaller bird pokemon their small feathers would fluff up and shake off. With the speed that she was going now, no doubt there must’ve been feathery fluffs floating in the air. Actually, she was certain they were somewhere. Her allergic senses were screaming at her mind, her nostrils flared repeatedly and she mentally was focusing all her attention on not letting her breath go uneven. She still was unaware that it wasn’t feathers that were causing her this, but her mega evolution had made her very aware of feathers even when they weren’t close to her face, so even a feather that was within ten feet of her her new heightened sense of smell was picking it up.

Raiden then jumped off of Cynthia and sprouted huge wings that looked as if they were made of... Something. As he sprouted them though it gave off some black feathers, he then shot off and flew towards the pokemon.

Cynthia’s purple downy feathers ruffled too, although it wasn’t because of the shock. She was shocked, but it was more so because the sudden appearance of black feathers and giant wings really set her more sensitive senses off the edge. Her eyes got glossy and her purple and white face got a huge pink hue color around both of her nostrils. They flared to a size where they were clearly visible as her breath got uneven. “H...hh...e..eehh…”

"Hey cynthie, wanna race. Raiden had a lot of experience with his Umbran wings, being the only male umbran, he had to master all the arts, including using the wings, still unaware of what's to come

Cynthia’s nose refused to let her even say a word. Every splitting second was filled with the warning her nose sent her of ‘feathers...feathers...the feathers are too close...must expel them!’ Her head started to tilt back as her nostrils continued to pulse and tremble. “Hehhh...Ehhhhhh...HEH…” She tried to bring a hand to her nose to rub it, but it was far too late. All she could do was hope that this wouldn’t be too strong of a sneeze...too bad her new mega evolution body disagreed with that hope.

“HEETCHIEEW! HITSSSHEEK!” She spiraled out of control on the first sneeze, crashing into Raiden but the second sneeze she forced both arms to try and block the sneeze but ended up making her body jolt more suddenly in a backwards motion, making her lose complete control over where she was going. Still the smell of feathers was inside her nose, and thanks to her crashing into him even more feathers got into the air. Allergic tears started to well up in her eyes and she knew that this fit was going to be a big one. “H...ehhh...hehhhh…”

Raiden almost got knocked out of the sky when she collided with him, "this is getting bad, maybe I should call one of them, no, I'll explain first, then show her, for now let's save her" he rushed towards her, not thinking to just cancel the mega evolution. "hold on cynthie I'm coming, just hang on" he shouted as he tried to get to her as fast as he could, without having to resort to, “it”...

“when the time comes…” he thought as he almost came within arm’s reach of cynthia.

Cynthia was blushing a deep red color, which looked really funny amid her purple color. This was embarrassing! She was helpless with her sneezing before, but now her sneezes were causing her new friend worry? She had to hold this as she might, the urge to sneeze would not just diminish. It seemed to growl at her resistance, pushing its unrelenting will against her own and she was being crushed by the sheer wild sensation of the new level of needing to sneeze. This mega evolution unlocked a lot of potential and power, but this was a power she didn’t want! “Ehhh...hehhhh...Hehhhhhhhh...EHH...EHhhhh...As her eyes began to squeeze shut with preparation for the big allergic fit, she barely made out Raiden’s winged form closing in on her. Wait a sec...winged form? Her nostrils flared up to their stretched limit and her head reared back as the scent of feathers was everywhere. She just had to hold this breath just a little bit longer! She could sense that something was about to happen, but this sneezes that were begging to be released. She couldn’t hold it in much longer!


Raiden’s wings weren’t actually made of feathers all the way but they had feathers in them, due to his umbran powers, he can summon the wings of an Infernal demon to give him flight, but they are made of his… hair. He caught her in his arms and stared into her eyes, “are you alright hun?”

Cynthia responded to his question by releasing the tickly, teasing geyser of a sneeze that had been held in for as long as she possibly could. “HEEEETCCSHEEEWW!” She cranked her head towards her left, making sure that she didn’t headbutt Raiden for one thing, but the other thing was she really didn’t want him to get sneezed on. This was already way too much sneeziness for one day in Cynthia’s mind, but she had to felt incredible to be held protectively in the sky, even if that sneeze made her feel like she was a cannonball that was trying to be kept back even though it had already been fired. She could only hope that his strength was as durable as he looked. Her nose wasn’t close to being finished yet.

This fit had been held back at bay and it was all too eager to be released. One right after the other her allergy completely overtook her new mega evolution body, just like it did with her normal form. In her mind she thought to herself, ‘I guess some things don’t ever change.’ “HEEESSSHEW! ITCCHHOOO! E...EETSSSHOO! EHhhTSHIK!” This last sneeze she purposely tried to stifle but the sneeze couldn’t be completely restrained. She sniffled, her nose still tingly and itchy, but the worst of her allergy had been expelled from her sharpened senses.

Raiden chuckled to himself “alright, I think that answers it, let’s get you back on the ground hun,” he gently floated down, and when he touched the ground, his wings receded into a small portal on his back, “let’s get you back to normal” he touched the bracelet again and turned her back into her original form, “i think I need to lie down hun,” he lied on a hill staring up at the clouds, thinking about what just happened, “care to join me” he asked her, motioning for her to come closer.

Cynthia was very drained from the transformation but she had not felt this alive in a very long time. “Your magic is so different than anything I have ever seen before. Is there anything you can’t do? What is something really special you can do?”

He smiled "this is it" he thought, "so, let me introduce you to my friend," he then put his palms together and channeled his energy, then started to glow and did a strange dance "AVAVAGO" he shouted, as he did, his cloak disappeared and became long strands of hair and the hair flew into the ground, a portal appeared and an enormous demoness came out of the ground, she looked human, but had bluefish skin and enormous butterfly wings in her back. "meet madama butterfly, my protector"

Latias’s eyes bulged. “I-it’s a b-bug type!” *sniffles* But she’s really pretty...he hee!” She twirled around the wings of the demoness, the insect wings not affecting her because they were not made from feathers. “It is nice to meet you Avavago..”

"Her name is madama butterfly, that's just the spell to summon her"

“Oh! E-e-excuse me.” She bowed her head and put her hands together. “Sorry about messing up your name. I am Cynthia. Cynthia the Latias. What kind of thing are you?”

"She doesn't really talk, she's a demon" The demon just smiled. A very inviting smile.

“She’s very nice looking…” Cynthia flew up close to her blue face and looked right into her big eyes. “What’s a demon? They sure must be pretty if all of them look like her!”

"A demon is a creature from inferno or hell as others call it, madama is the most beautiful of all demons, the others are... Not so much. She's been my protector since I was born as an umbra witch" He explained.

“Oh ok.” She still was a little confused but this demon seemed pretty nice. She had a long nose and Cynthia wondered if it ever was sensitive like her own nose. She looked at Raiden and smiled. “I like your magic! It’s so unpredictable, thank you so much for showing me something special.”

After they got acquainted the demoness receded back into the portal after fist bumping raiden, and his cloak materialized on him, "so, how did you like the mega stone" he asked
“If you ever…*sniffs* if you ever give me a gift from a princess again, please remind me to not take it immediately without knowing what it is I’m getting myself into.” She then giggled and levitated over to Raiden, a hand appearing over his face. “You surprised me. Now it is time I surprise you!”

Raiden wondered what she was doing, but years on the battlefield taught him to immediately get up and get to his sword, and he did just that.

The latias, laughing at the sudden change of attitude, almost had a musical ring to her laugh as she was truly happy with her new friend. She zoomed over to a nearby tree and disappeared behind it. She purposely pushed her body into the tree so it would look like she was traveling up the tree, but what she was really doing was preparing herself. She closed her eyes and focused, imagining herself as what she could look like as one of...well...she came out of her hiding place and out came a young lady around the age of 16 or 17. She had a golden hairstyle that was long and reached to her lower back, but she still had the similar spikes in her hair that she had while she was a Latias. Her eyes maintained their color, and her same sweet smile was just as full and happy as when she was a pokemon. In order to become this form she made no sound but instead ran to Raiden and gave him a tackling hug, smiling all the way. She had a red outfit on and looked simple but pretty.

Raiden started at her, dumbfounded by two things, 1. she could do that. 2. she was so adorable. “Wow Cerez… I mean cynthie, how’d you do that, it’s adorable,” he said with a big smile on his face. He hugged her back, running his hand up and down the top of her back.
Cynthia allowed herself to relax and lean into that hand. It felt really cool to have someone’s hand do that. In her usual form Latias couldn’t have that happen to she relaxed, however, one of those small bird pokemon flew close to both of them, the curious little devil. Even though she was in a human form the smell of feathers made her...made her…”Ehh...HEETSSHEW!” She couldn’t keep silent as the sneeze made her feel very cautious about herself. She stammered, running a small hand through her long blond hair nervously and blushing a deep blush. She then gave a smile and in a flash of light transformed back to her normal red self. “Excuse me...sorry about that.” She then gave her new friend a quick hug and twirled around him. “I got to get back home now, but perhaps again I will meet you...maybe sooner than you think!” She then used her psychic power and allowed herself to go to her into her real world. Before she completely crossed over she telepathically called out to Raiden. Our worlds are closer to each other than you think. I’ll see you again. Count on it my friend!

Raiden smiled, "alright, time for me to head home as well," he came to an open area and did a summoning dance "PORTA DE INFERNO" he shouted as his cloak vanished into hair and formed a gate, as he stepped inside, he felt someone... Watching him. When he entered, the gate vanished, along with Raiden... To hell.

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