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This is a one-shot I wrote a few days ago because my brain is now obsessed with this enjoyably awkward movie. I haven't gone a day without thinking about those goofy dragons and I felt the urge to write a fic about Devon, thus, I made this. I already know nobody's going to care about what's written here because nobody cares about or remembers this movie. But I don't care, it's a niche that needed to be filled and nobody else would do it but me. This is also my first time writing a QfC fanfiction so hopefully everyone's in character. I should mention that this takes place during the events of the film, but it shows an alternate way to how the dragons discover their fire-breathing powers. Meaning, what if the two heads working together wasn't the secret? What if it was...allergies? I don't know, it was probably a dumb idea to share this and I can feel some harsh judgments coming my way, but this was truly the only way to put my mind at ease and I regret absolutely nothing. Besides, everyone on here can't resist dragon sneezes, right?  ;D Maybe someone somewhere will get something out of this. Probably just me, though. Oh well.

Devon Discovers Flowers

“Hurry up now, Garrett!” Kayley called. “Excalibur can’t be too far now!”

The courageous brunette swung her legs over a fallen tree and did a near-perfect landing on the other side. Treading carefully behind her, was the blind hermit, with his seeing-eye bird Ayden flying beside him. He pushed aside some low-hanging tree branches with his walking stick staff as he attempted to catch up to Kayley.

“Hm. You seem quite confident in that assumption.”

Kayley leaped up onto a mossy rock. “Oh, it’s not an assumption. It’s instincts. My father taught me that I should always listen to them.”

“Oh, yes…” Garrett looked down, recalling moments from his past. “He taught me the same thing. Of course, that was before he…and I…well…you know…”

Kayley frowned sympathetically. “Oh, Garrett. I’m so sorry I-”

“No, no. Don’t be. I understand. Your father’s lessons have never meant more to me than they do now. He was a wise man, I’m sure you know that.”

Kayley nodded and was about to reply when Ayden screeched and flew ahead of them both.

“Seems like Ayden has found the right path. We’d better keep moving.”

Garrett used the sound of his feathered friend’s calls and flapping wings as his guide as he walked ahead of Kayley.

“Hey! Wait for us!” two voices cried from behind her.

Struggling to catch up was the two-headed dragon Kayley and Garrett had stumbled upon in Dragon Country, Devon and Cornwall. Since meeting them, Kayley had grown rather fond of the pair and their charming ways and had insisted that they tag along on her and Garrett’s quest. Garrett wasn’t enthusiastic about the idea, considering they were always going back and forth between one another and never seemed to let up about their differences. Not to mention, they were quite useless compared to other dragons, as they lacked the ability to fly and breathe fire. It didn’t matter though, because Kayley seemed to like them and, much as he wanted to, Garrett couldn’t leave the poor duo behind where they would continue to be bullied by the other dragons for their impairment. And while he himself had never been bullied for being blind, he understood their feelings of isolation from their peers.

The two conjoined dragons sprinted to meet up with their human friends, but just as they reached them, they tripped over a rock and fell faces first to the forest floor.

“Ow! Way to watch where we’re going, ya carnivorous klutz!” Cornwall scolded.

“First of all, I am a vegetarian.” Devon argued. “And second of all, it was YOUR foot that made us trip up, not mine!”

“Come on you two,” Kayley insisted. “Stop fighting already. We think Ayden might have found Excalibur.”

The dragons lifted themselves off the ground.

“Well, do ya think maybe he could find us some grub?” Cornwall patted the belly he shared with Devon. “I’m starving here!”

“Hmph! Always thinking of our stomach!” Devon retorted. “You’re the reason we can’t fit into our own bed anymore!”

“Can it, lizard lips! Without me, you would’ve gone hungry and turned into a fossil! So quit yer whining and help me find food!”

Cornwall forcefully moved himself and Devon with his half of their body until the two-headed reptile came across something they had never seen before in their five hundred years of existence. Something colorful. Something beautiful. Something delicate. And there were dozens of it growing right out of the ground.

“My word, what do we have here?” Devon stuck his head closer. “I’ve never seen plants as vibrant as these! They look absolutely lovely! Don’t they look lovely, Corny?”

“Yeah, and they look tasty too.” Cornwall plucked a big red one. “Especially those yellow candy-coated centers! What are these things anyway?”

“They’re called flowers.” Garret answered without even turning around. “And that’s not candy in the middle, it’s pollen.”

“Flowers?” Devon repeated. “Of course! I’ve read about those in my book on Forbidden Forest botany! And might I say they look more appealing than the pictures made them out to be.”

“You mean you’ve never seen a flower before?” Kayley confirmed.

“How could we? These things don’t grow in Dragon Country. Quite a pity, really. I could stare at them all day.”

“Well, you won’t be staring at this one much longer.” Cornwall interrupted. “Bottoms up!”

The shorter head opened his mouth, preparing to dine on the dainty daisy, until Devon bonked him on the head.

“You imbecile!” Devon swiped the flower from his other half. “If you actually bothered to expand your feeble knowledge, you would know that flowers aren’t meant to be eaten.”

“Oh yeah, Mr. Smartyscales? What do ya do with em then?”

“Obviously, one is meant to take in the beauty of these rare vegetations. Furthermore, I’ve heard they have the most exquisite aroma.”

The taller of the two heads held the crimson blossom to his snout and gave it a sniff.

“Ahh…simply delightful!”

Kayley shook her head in an amused manner before walking ahead.

“You can’t be serious.” Cornwall moped. “Why would nature make something that looks and smells appealing, but not bother making it edible?”

Devon continued to sniff the flower. “Really now, Corny. You complain so much about one kind of taste that it’s no wonder you lack the other kind. I, on the other hand, know when to show appreciation to even the smallest of pleasantries the world has to…”

Devon wasn’t finished scolding Cornwall, but an odd, tickling sensation taking place inside his nose prevented him from speaking any further. And with each passing second, he could feel the tickle growing bigger and bigger.


Kayley turned her head upon hearing the dragon’s hitching breath.

“Garrett, look out!” she warned.

Ayden screeched and flew out of the danger zone as Garrett stopped in his tracks, moving his head around in an attempt to hear what was coming for him.


Kayley quickly got to her knees and covered her head as two streaks of flames darted over her. Ayden hid himself in a nearby tree, nearly avoiding getting hit by the blast. Garrett, meanwhile, sensed the heat approaching from behind and at the last possible moment, ducked his entire body, which consequently led the fire to burn a nearby tree instead.

Cornwall, who had his eyes shut the entire time, opened them up and gave Devon a look of pure shock and awe. Devon looked to be quite surprised himself as smoke emitted from his nostrils.

“Whoa…was that…?” Cornwall stammered.

Kayley and Garrett slowly got to their feet while Ayden flew out of his hiding place.

“Did he just…?” Kayley asked.

Garrett picked up his staff, which had a tiny flame coming off the tip. He hit it against the ground to put it out.

“And now you know exactly why they don't grow flowers in Dragon Country.” he said.

General Chatter / Quest for Camelot anyone?
« on: October 05, 2020, 02:41:55 AM »
So, I recently watched that old Warner Bros. movie Quest for Camelot. And's not that good. So many baffling decisions in this film. Honestly, if they didn't rip off Disney so much or at the very least they made it a parody of a Disney movie like Shrek, I would have liked it more. Oh well. I was still more entertained by it than the borefest King Arthur adaptation Disney actually did make.

Anyway, if there's one thing I did enjoy from this forgotten failed flick, it's the dragons, Devon and Cornwall. A lot of people found them annoying and pointless, but I dunno, I kinda liked them. Yeah, they definitely have their moments of being cringeworthy, such as their incessant need to make pop cultural references, but honestly, I've seen worse comic relief characters (the gargoyles from Hunchback come to mind). Plus, their song is one of the best songs in the movie's soundtrack and I love everything about it. Well, except for the ending, that part just ruins it for me. And once again, the pop culture references are really distracting, which is why when I listen to the song, I ignore the visuals. Think most people can agree that the songs in this movie are best listened to out-of-context anyway.

So, originally, I was going to post the clip of the griffon sneeze from this movie, but then I realized we already had it archived. Said clip would have been used as an excuse just to talk about how much I would have rather seen one or both of the dragons sneeze instead. Especially Devon, since he's played by Eric Idle. Seriously, I keep imagining how sneezing works for these guys. Would it be like with Zak and Wheezie where if one head is about to sneeze the other will sneeze instead? They're also flame-retardant most of the time, so how would their sneezes affect that? Dang, I wish there was some fanart or something of at least Devon sneezing but there's nothing  :(. I dunno, what does everyone else think?

I Found Something! / [Located] PB & J Otter-Mama for a Day clip
« on: October 31, 2019, 02:32:50 AM »
At long last, I have finally found footage of this long-lost episode! Granted, it's not the full episode like I was hoping, but I think most, if not all, of the episode's sneezes are in this one clip so we may not need the full thing! Of course, I could be wrong so be on the lookout in case the full episode is uploaded one day. Here's the link to it:

I Found Something! / [Located] Wishenpoof-S202 E3 Bob Gets the Sneezes
« on: October 13, 2018, 02:30:43 AM »
This is a cute little animated series from Canada about a girl who has the ability to grant wishes. In this episode, her teddy bear named Bob has a cold and sneezes frequently throughout the episode. I couldn't find the full thing on YouTube, but here's a clip:

The episode is also available to watch for free on Amazon if you have Prime membership. It's also worth noting that the voice actor for Bob is also the voice actor for Yang on Yin Yang Yo! and Owen and Trent from the Total Drama series.

I Found Something! / [Located] Oggy and the Cockroaches (remastered)
« on: April 18, 2018, 07:07:39 AM »
So it's been a while since we've had any new clips related to this show. As many of you know, I joined this website specifically to post about this cartoon and at the time I was absolutely in love with it. But I eventually stopped watching it after marathoning Season 4 and have since grown out of the fandom. I still revisit it from time to time though. And this time I learned that for their sixth season, instead of creating new episodes, Xilam decided to remaster all of the older episodes, including the episode Hide and Sick (which we have clips for in the archive). So yeah, it's pretty much the same episode but I thought people would like this version better because for one, the sneezes aren't stock sound effects this time. Unfortunately, this is the only source I could find for the episode and I don't think we can clip it from here

I Found Something! / [Located] Sesame Street Episode #3802 (M+F, Illness)
« on: February 17, 2017, 03:10:05 AM »
I specifically remember watching an episode of Sesame Street where both Big Bird and Zoe have colds when I was really young. Now after years of searching for it again, someone has finally posted it to YouTube! It mostly contains sneezes from Big Bird but there are some from Zoe too! Here it is!

Big Bird-0:00, 0:16, 1:39, 3:31, 3:42, 6:32, 7:27, 9:50, 12:10, 12:22, 15:02, 20:54, 21:11, 21:23

Zoe-0:45 (with buildup from Big Bird), 1:14, 1:47, 5:07, 15:10

I Found Something! / [Needs Clipped] Nanalan - Mona-A-Go-Go
« on: December 01, 2016, 01:33:47 AM »
The dog also sneezes in "Mona-A-Go-Go" after hair tickles his nose at 1:12

I Found Something! / New episode of We Bare Bears
« on: August 01, 2016, 03:41:55 AM »
Just found this today. In this episode, all three of the bears get the flu after swimming in a germ-infested lake. There are sneezes from all three of them (mostly from Panda) throughout the episode:

Part 1: 1:45 (Panda and Ice Bear), 2:59 (Grizz)

Part 2: No sneezes, but some cute delirious bears

Part 3: 1:45, 1:53, false alarm at 2:07 (All from Panda)

I Found Something! / Bump In The Night: Hocus Dopus/A Sneeze in Time
« on: November 19, 2015, 03:06:47 AM »
So I know we already have the sneezes from the episode "A Sneeze In Time" but the segment that airs alongside it has some sneezes as well! Most of them are from Squishington due to a cold but there is one from Bumpy near the end after he catches it. And I believe there's one from a squid too (although the sneeze itself isn't shown) 11:40 (build-up to 11:55), three at 11:56, 15:10, 18:20, 18:25, 19:07, 19:12, 21:38

Found some cartoon from Canada about a germophobic squirrel named Scaredy. Watched a few episodes and it's actually not that bad. Anyway, there's an episode from Season 3 where Scaredy's best friend, Dave the skunk, gets the flu and Scaredy and Dave's mother argue over whose caretaking methods are better. Dave sneezes a few times throughout the episode and there also a few from Scaredy near the end due to pepper, which Dave's mom takes to believe he is getting sick. 13:37 (through the phone, messy), 13:44, 14:17 (slight mess), 17:20, 18:20, 20:55 (goes on till the end)

Also, this episode has a female bird sneeze: 20:10

I remember someone talking about this episode somewhere. Here's the one from the UK:

Fifi And The Flowertots Bumble Catches A Cold

Unlocated Clips / [Unlocated] Iggy Arbuckle - Kook Kook Achoo
« on: June 29, 2012, 01:28:47 AM »

Many sneezes from a beaver because of an allergy to sawdust but in the end turns out to be a pesticide.

Unarchived Stories / [M] Oggy and the Cockroaches*
« on: June 20, 2012, 06:31:36 PM »
Wanted to upload something else because no one was commenting on my other story.  :-\

Anyway here's a sick Joey fanfic. Enjoy.

It was uncertain of where roaches went when (or if) they died. Some say there is a special heaven involved just for insects. Others believe in reincarnation. But most believe that heaven looks just like a refridgerator. It didn't have to be ordinary it could be a heavenly home for insects of any sizes. But the roaches of Oggy's home felt like they were already dead. Because their fridge was definitely angelic.
The cool breeze of the fridge blew on the bugs' antennas as they stepped through paradise. The food was just as good too even if it was a little cold. Being roaches, they would eat anything that was edible no matter how old it was. Especially the youngest roach, Dee Dee. Now that bug could really chow down.
When he saw the huge mountain of food that awaited him, he was enjoying life right away. Of course, sometimes he forgot to leave food for his older brothers but they understood his large appetite.
The oldest roach was Joey. He usually let his brothers eat first considering it was his job to look after them and to also make sure they stay out of trouble. He climbed up on the cold silver bars to reach the gelatin. His muscles had been a bit weak since he woke up that morning but he trudged on and made it. The younger roaches were already stuffing their faces with all the food they could find. Joey smiled at them and rubbed at his nose which was running a bit. He found the tall mountain of jigglyness and sucked out the juice slowly. That's when the coughing started up. His throat had been tickling and the gelatin just tickled it more. His brothers turned to notice him.
"You okay Joey?" asked the tall roach Marky.
Joey coughed some more. "Got food stuck in my throat. I'm okay now."Snff
The younger roaches stared at their big brother with caution.
Joey saw them.
"Whad are you lookigg at be for?" he said his nose a bit stuffed up.
"Nothing." They continued eating.
Joey just sniffled which caused a tickle in his nose too.
They noticed him.
"You're doigg it agaid." he said complaining.
"We're sorry. We're just wondering about you."
"I'b fide boys. Stop lookig ad be weird. AtSHOO!"
"Are you sure you're okay?" Dee Dee asked chewing his food.
"Yeah," Joey reassured them. "I feel just dandy. Dow leave be alode. Heh, hah, AhhhChuh!"
"You sick?" Marky was concerned.
"Doh." Joey sniffled. "HuhhhCHOO!"
Marky put down what he was eating and came up to him.
Joey coughed and moved away from his little brother.
"I said leave be alode." Snff
Marky looked at his brother's runny nose, feverish cheeks, and watery eyes. Then he placed his right hand on Joey's forehead.
"Ged off." Joey pushed him away coughing some more.
Marky ignored him. "You feel pretty hot."
"What's that god to do wid it? Ah, ah Hatschsh!"
"Maybe you're getting sick."
"I'b dot sick. I feel fide."
Then Dee Dee took the opportunity to get involved.
"You sure about that?" he asked him.
Joey just gave him a glare and turned away from them sniffling.
Then his head started to hurt and he had to moan a little.
"You feel awful am I right?"
Joey looked back at Marky with a pathetic look on his face. Then he sighed and nodded. And sneezed.
"AhhhSHOO! Hehhhtschoo! Ehhhtshoo! AhhCHOO!"
The younger roaches picked up their sneezy brother and carried him out of the fridge where it would be warmer. They took him to the air vent where they lived placing him in their sardine can of a bed. Dee Dee helped his brother get comfortable and he pulled the covers over him.
"Better now?" he asked him.
Joey nodded his throat getting sore and his head too.
Marky came over with a hot water bottle to help him get warmer. He placed it on his already warm forehead.
Dee Dee was drinking out of a juice box worrying about Joey. He understood that he needed it more. So he reached his arm out to him and asked: "Want some?"
Joey took the juice box and drank it.
"Did that help at all?"
Joey shrugged. "I dod't dow. Babye."
He gave it back to Dee Dee but he let him keep it because he knew he was thirsty and also because he didn't want to catch his germs.
Joey smiled and drank some more. Then he started to sweat a little bit.
"Too hot." he moaned.
"Want us to help?" Marky asked.
"If it's dot too buch trouble. Ehhhstch!"
Marky took the hot water bottle off Joey and replaced it with an ice pack.
"Yeah, but dow by toes are code."
"Dee Dee lift up the blankets."
"Okay." Dee Dee complied and Marky put the water bottle between Joey's feet to maintain temperature.
Joey sighed happily glad that he had his brothers to help him get better.
He yawned sleepily.
"Tired?" Dee Dee smiled.
Marky tucked him in while Dee Dee fluffed his pillow.
Joey smiled and thanked them for everything. He sunk his head down into the pillow and drifted off.
Marky and Dee Dee kissed him on the cheeks. Joey just laid there sound asleep feeling better already. He knew he had the greatest little brothers in the world.

Hope you enjoyed this sweet little story!  :)

Unarchived Stories / [M] Oggy and the Cockroaches - Laughing Gas*
« on: April 30, 2012, 12:42:31 AM »
I saw an episode of Oggy and the cockroaches with some sort of powder that makes everybody laugh when it is inhaled. So I wondered what the episode would be like if it had been a sneezing powder. Thus, resulting in this fanfic with added dialogue.

With the chemicals added and mixed together, he had done it. He had successfully created the ultimate weapon against insects including pesky roaches. Jack took his magnificent potion and emptied the beaker into a baster. With one tiny drop, the cockroaches would be gone.
"Hehheheh..." he snickered imagining the pests being blown to smithereens.
Meanwhile, the roach trio of the household kept looking around the test tubes and beakers. If Jack was planning something new for them, then they would be around to ruin it. The eldest of the roaches (while somewhat short), Joey, spotted a container with a bunch of stars on it.
"Hey boys! Come over here!" he summoned his little roach brothers to him.
"Check this out!" He reached his hand inside the container pulling out a sparkling purple powder.
"What is it?" asked the tall roach, Marky.
Joey shrugged. "Looks like a powder of some sort. Wonder what it does."
He carried the powder in his hands and walked toward the younger roach,  Dee Dee, who was always willing to help out.
Joey took the mysterious flour-like substance and blew it in his younger brother's face. Dee Dee inhaled the powder forcefully not feeling a thing.
That is until he got a tickle on the inside of his nose.
"Huhhhh..." he breathed deeply trying to hold it in. But it only made it worse.
The tickle grew inside the youngest roach's nose and it couldn't be stopped.
"HuhhhhCHOOOO! " The sneeze belted out of Dee Dee like a wind storm. Joey couldn't be more revolted.
"Ewww...cover your mouth! I don't want your germs!"
Dee Dee sniffed his irritated nose but that triggered more sneezing.
"HuhhhChuh! Hetcchhh! IiiSHOOO!"
"What's the matter with you? Are you allergic to that stuff?"
"AttChuuh! I-it woo-HetChuuuh! It won't st-stop! AtcSHOO!"
"Fine. Then we'll have to make it stop."
Joey took out a baseball bat and hit Dee Dee over the head.
For a few minutes, nothing happened. Until...
"Oh nnnooh nnoot agaaaiinn...AtSHOOO! HuhhtChuh! ItSCHUH!" Dee Dee kept going into a fit of sneezes.
Joey was aggravated and couldn't stand the sneezes coming from his little brother wanting it to end just as much as Dee Dee. When he calmed down a bit, Marky pulled a tissue from his pocket and offered it to his younger sibling. He gladly accepted it and sneezed into it a few times while blowing roughly. Then he gave it back to him.
"Th-thanks..." Dee Dee said sniffling.
Marky was disgusted by how green and slimy it was but he took it back anyway. He was actually curious about the powder himself.
He climbed into the container settling himself in the thick purple substance.
Joey turned to see him in the container.
"What are you doing?!" he asked worried.
"I'm going to try this." he said.
"I'll only use a little bit just to see what happens."
Joey didn't argue. "Fine." he said. "But be careful."
Marky took a tiny pinch of the sparkling stuff and sprinkled it over himself. Then he climbed out of the container not feeling a thing.
"W-well?" Dee Dee asked. "HeetSHUH!"
"Nothing." he responded questionably.
But then the taller roach felt an itch in his nose as well.
"Great. Don't tell me you're allergic too."
"N-noo...I th-think it's-HuhhhhChuh! HetChuuuh!
Soon Marky was having a sneezing fit along with Dee Dee.
"How are you sneezing this much? You said you would only use a little!"
"I d-did-Haaaachchsh!"
Joey just sighed as his brothers continued sneezing.
While Jack was testing his creation to explode the roaches finding his experiment to have worked. Now all he had to do was find the roaches and he would have them.

That's all for now. More to come!

I'm New Here / Hi!
« on: April 29, 2012, 02:21:04 AM »
Hello! I am new to this forum and this will be my first topic.
I am someone who sends videos of furry sneezes. And of course my favorite ones are of Oggy and the cockroaches. Also love My Little Pony sneezes as well. I hope to enjoy this forum and make new friends!

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