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Writer's Den / (M/M+Mature+Explicit+feline) Sam and Thai
« on: January 04, 2018, 02:02:51 AM »
Okay, here's my first (fetish related) stories. It contains a lot of sex, so be warned. I apologize to everyone who's reading this and am going to hide for the rest of my life now!

•   Sam, M, feline with dark black fur and a few white spots in it, big ears, tall
•   Thai, M, feline with fair fur, smll ears and nose, delicate, a few feet smaller than Sam

It had been a few weeks since Sam had discovered his roommate’s little secret. Thai had been going through the hell of a cold which’d made him sneeze almost non stop. Sam had been there to take care of him ignoring the hot feeling in his lower regions whenever he went into a massive sneezing fit. He’d actually felt pretty guilty for getting aroused though the poor guy was obviously suffering. Well, at least until he’d found out Thai couldn’t be suffering this much.
Thai had been so out of it from the huge amount of cold medicine his friend had given him, he’d completely forgotten to cover his erection that kept growing whenever he sneezed.
The dark feline wasn’t remembering any of this but Sam couldn’t forget.
Just the thought of it made him harden and he had to close his eyes to will his erection away.
He hadn’t said or done anything to Thai since he had been sick but now that he was feeling better he was finally going to act on this.

Grinning he laid pepper, some sneezing powder, a few feathers and a handful of flowers (from which he knew Thai was incredible allergic to) on the nightstand together with two packs of tissues. The he waited for his roommate to come back from class.

When Thai finally entered their little flat, he knew immediately something was going on. The innocent smile on Sam’s face alone was enough to raise suspicion.

But before he could say anything he felt his nose tickle (Had Sam been cooking with pepper?) and just in time he covered mouth and nose with his hands before he let out two small ticklish sneezes.

“"Eh… etishiew! Ekshoo!”"

Fuck! His nose was still especially sensitive to everything after his cold and he could slowly feel his cock awakening. He blushed bright red. Every since he’d noticed that sneezing got him off he felt incredible self conscious sneezing in front of others. He couldn’t hold back another one “Eh’Tshiew!”

“"Bless you! C’mon, I got you some tissues."”, Sam smiled and lead him to the bedroom.

“"Oh, thanks! You didn’t have to do that."”, his embarrassment and shame had distracted him so much he didn’t question his friend and followed him. He sat down on the bed letting the taller feline hand him a fresh tissue in which he blew his nose. His nose was still tickling but he managed to hold another sneeze back. He wasn’t going to sneeze again in front of Sam, oh no, he wasn’t!

Suddenly there was a click and he looked up. "“What-“"
With one quick movement Sam had thrown him onto his back and cuffed his other hand to the bed too. Thai was too astound to move until it was too late and his legs were captured too and he could only wriggle his tail.

“"What are you doing?"”, he didn’t know what to think of this. Of course, he knew his friend was up for some mischief from time to time but this… To make matters worse he felt sneezy again and he couldn’t reach out to rub the tickle in his nose away. Helplessly he scrunched up his nose and tried to press his legs together.

“"Sam, please, I-I’m gonahhh- I think I’m gonna sn-sneeeh-“"

Sam held back a moan and climbed on top of the smaller one. “"I know. I’m gonna help you with it.”"

“"Wh-Wh-aaah-t? No, ple- ehhh- please, you don’t understand, I-“"

“"I understand very well. Now sneeze."”, he ordered and boobed his friends nose.

Thai couldn’t hold back any more. He turned his head to the side and let out a small fit of cute sneezes.

“"Ehh’tishoo! Hephshiew! Ahhh- Ahtchoo!”"

Thai blushed in crimson and hoped desperately Sam wouldn’t notice his semi hard cock that pressed against the thin fabric of his trousers. He was so busy with himself that he didn’t notice Sam letting out a low moan and biting his bottom lip.

“"There there! Didn’t these feel good? You sneezed so good, you don’t even seem to need my help."”, he took one of the tissues and cleaned Thai’s face.

“"What are you even talking about? Why don’t you just let me goohhh? Ah! Etcho- cho!”"

“"Why would you want to leave? You seem to enjoy my treatment."”, he reached behind him stroking the bulge in friend’s pants and watched him squirm in embarrassment.

“"I- I can explain this! I-"“

“"Shhh! No need to explain me."”, Sam grinned, "“Just let me take care of you like I did when you were so sick.”", he caressed his forehead, “"You were such a good patient and your nose is still so sensitive, luv. Imagine what I could do to you with one of this.”", the taller feline pointed at the stuff that he’d gathered on the night stand.

Thai swallowed. He was still embarrassed and self-confident but he also felt arousal.

Sam knew it would take a little more to convince his friend so he took the flowers from the night stand and held them beneath his nose. “"This are your favourites, right? Smell them, inhale them! Aren’t they wonderful?”"

“"No, they’re going to-“," he tried to protest but with the flowers shoved right into his nostrils it was no use. This time he hadn’t even time to turn away before a massive sneeze forced his way out of his nose.

"Heh eh ETISHOOO!  Ek’cho! Ksh! Ksh! Acho! Ayeashoo! Ashoo!"

“"Oh my god! Are you allergic to them? I forgot they tickle that little nose of yours so much. Forgive me?"”, he held a fresh tissue in front of his nose, “"Blow!.”

Thai could only whimper. He honestly didn’t care about anything but cumming right now but he couldn’t stroke his dick with both arms tight onto the bed. "“Please-"“, he begged.

“"Please what?”", Sam asked innocently.

“"Please touch me."”

Finally! This was exactly where he’d wanted him to be. “"Oh yes, I’m going to touch you!"”, he let his hand hover right above his bulge but pulled his hand away before he came actually in touch with him, "“but first you’ve got to sneeze for me a little more."”, he laughed at the groan he received from his friend. “"Do you know what that is?”"

Thai blushed when Sam held a huge peppershaker in front of his eyes. His nose began to tickle just from looking at it.

“"I take this as a yes. I’m going to mix this with some strong sneeze powder. I wonder how your sensitive little nose is going to react to this."”, he grinned and did as he’d told the smaller feline. When he’d finished he took a good amount of it on his hand and told Thai to close his eyes and inhale while he let the pepper-sneeze powder mixture fall on his face. He waited while he carefully opened his friend’s trousers and pulled them down his knees without touching his private’s too much.
His own cock was near bursting by now but he held it back.

“"AH!"”, Thai gasped as soon as he inhaled the pepper and the sneezing powder.

“"Haa hhaaaa HhaaaitChhooo! ATiShuu! Ak’tCho! HaahISHH! Ksh! Hatchoo! – Cho! -Choo! Oh my god! I ca- AHhh ah ahitiShoo! St-stop Etshiew! Snee- eh- sneezing! *sniff* HaahtChuuuh! HuSHUU! Huaarrschiew!”"

By now both of them are so aroused they could cum. Sam ripped of his pants just in time to feel the spray of Thai’s last sneezes on his dick.

"Haiihshuu! Eh- heh- ehhhEshhyuuh! *sniff* *sniff* Ksh! Ksh! Ha’kShh! -Ksh!"

Every sneeze kept whirling up the mixture that was all over his face and chest by now and caused another fit. Thai’'s nose was burning and a part of him wanted to stop. The other bigger part wanted to continue forever.
He knew if Sam would touch his cock right now, he’d probably cum instantly. The taller one seemed to know this too cause he paid much attention to not accidently brush his dick. No matter how horny sneezing made him, he needed someone to touch him.

“"Please, let me cum!"”, he begged between sneezes.

“"Have you ever cum without touching at all?”"

“"No.”" *sniff*

“"Very well. So, you’re completely at my and your nose’ mercy.”", he pushed his finger under Thai’s nose which but before he could relax he reached out for one if the long feathers. He let it run over the bridge of his nose and down to the red nostrils regarding how they flared up und Thai gasped at the touch.

His whole face was scrunched up in despair but he couldn’t sneeze. His cock was so hard it actually hurt and he could see Sam’s was in a similar state. If they kept doing this he was actually going to cum without touching.

“"Plead!"”, he begged, "“Let be sneeb!”"

Quickly Sam pulled his finger away and Thai’s breathing hitched but before he could release another sneeze he inserted the feather tickling his over sensitive nose.

“"Hit’Tchh! Ekshiew! Ksh! Arghshuu! Hahh ah EtiiShuuu! Etsh! Etshhh! *sniff* Ahh Aahshoo! Ksh! Itish! *sniff* *sniff* Atsshhhu! Ha’Tsh! ‘Tshiew! Ahhaaaatshieew! EyahhTsh! Ak’Shh!”"

Finally, Sam took mercy on him and touched his cock his own dripping with pre-cum already, “"Try to hold back as long as possible."”, he ordered.

Even when he took the feather out to touch himself, Thai kept sneezing and squirming his orgasm only seconds away.

“"Eksssh! I’m going to- huhhh to- haa ahahhh Achoo!”"

“"What? Cum or sneeze?”", Sam panted already close himself.


“"Then do it!"”, he yanked at his dick faster holding it right in front of Thai’s nose.  Just one more fit of his friend was going to make him cum.

“"Ehh hehhh Etishiew! Ksh! Isshoo! AtiShh! Ahh ah haaah-“", he was so close this sneeze together with Sam wanking him was going to make him cum but it just wouldn’t come out. He wriggled his nose desperately. "“Ehhhaaaa huh haaahhhhhh ha ahh”"

Sam grabbed the flowers he’d dropped on the bed before and pressed them against his flaring nostrils in the haze of his pre orgasm.

“"Huuaaahhhh ah AHHTSHHHUUUU!"”, that was all it took to take the felines over the edge. Sam exploded right into Thai’s face while the smaller one kept sneezing through their orgasm.

“"Eshhh! Achoo! Ehtishiew! Hatishhh! EkShh! Huaarshuuu! Itishh! Ksh! Ksh!”"

When they’d both ridden out their orgasm Sam pressed a fresh tissue against Thai’s nose and ordered him to blow. Once he’d cleaned his nose and face, he freed his arms and legs and got rid of the flowers and the mixture of sneezing powder and pepper.

Coming back, he noticed Thai had curled up under the covers and was asleep already. Carefully he slipped in behind him and cuddled into his back. He’d never done such a thing with anyone and he wasn’t sure what this made them. Were they still friends? Were they something more now?

A yawn interrupted his thoughts and he closed his eyes. Whatever this meant, he’d think of this tomorrow.

With that he fell into a deep sleep cuddled into his lover.

General Chatter / Re: What sneezing scene arouses you the most?
« on: December 27, 2017, 11:42:56 PM »
Well, in Germany we have a series called "KnallerFrauen" It's a Comedy Show and in one of the episodes the main character goes home with a One Nightstand and he has a cat to which she's awfully allergic to. She keeps denying it while almost sneezing her head off and in the end she even burries her head into the furr to prove it.
It still arouses me though I know better Videos by now.

General Chatter / Re: Sneezing turnoffs
« on: December 27, 2017, 11:34:35 PM »
I also don't like when it's *too* messy. Getting sneezed on would be also a thing I can't really enjoy and sneezes that sound more like coughs or are way too high.
One of the biggest Turn Offs, especially while reading Stories for me would be if the sneezes always sound the same.

I'm New Here / Hi
« on: December 27, 2017, 10:24:41 PM »
I hope I'm doing this right.
So, my name's Hanna and I'm from Germany.
My Hobies are writing (fanfiction and Poems, mostly) and reading. I love the Beatles and Music from the 50s to 80s in generell. My Fandoms are my everything.
I've been attracted to sneezing as long as I can think but only recently I actually 'discovered' it. I'm really into sneezing fits and cat like sneezing from both male's and female's (I'm bi).
I joined this community because I'm pretty new to this and would like to speak to people who actually understand what I'm feeling and for the lovely art and stories, of course;)
I don't know what I'm supposed to write here, so if you have questions or would like to get to know me or anything, just message me:)

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