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A bit of a fun read :)

I am also glad that you are enjoying it!

General Chatter / Re: Sneezing turnoffs
« on: May 31, 2018, 01:54:01 AM »
I am like the opposite of like everyone here, I think that messiness and snot are awesome, colds are definitely my favorite cause too, because there is more of it, I think it is like the best thing ever, I don't really know what my turn offs are on the spot, other then when a character in an RP has a sneezing fetish, and when there is sexual content (as odd as that may sound, being odd is something I'm really good at for some reason XD)

General Chatter / Re: Which do you prefer? Colds or Allergies?
« on: May 31, 2018, 01:42:02 AM »
I prefer colds over allergies, because there is more snot, and the sneezing tends to be very messy, the stuffy voice is adorable, and so is the thought of a pup's muzzle being all stuffed up, that just really does it for me, and there is more nose blowing, and the other symptoms are also adorable af

Have you ever heard of Kiwi IRC? I use IRC a lot

I'm New Here / Re: Hi. I'm looking for furries who share my fetish
« on: May 02, 2018, 02:35:45 AM »
I like both sneezing and nose blowing, well certain kinds of both, but I definitely do have a fetish for both.

Atlas was at the movies with his sisters and his babysitter, he felt really stuffy,he had a bad cough, he was sneezing, and his throat hurt slightly, he didn't feel his best, didn't really occur to him that he was sick. The 12 year-old malamute stood in line with his sisters and his babysitter waiting for their tickets to be checked so they could head into the movie theater. They all sat down after they got their tickets checked, Atlas felt a tickle in his nose causing him to sneeze "hshoo hshoo hshoo!" he blew his nose on one of the tissues he had with him, he had a quiet coughing fit from the force blowing his nose caused, he just then noticed how seemingly cold in the theater it was, he felt cold, despite the fact that he was wearing a sweatshirt, and had long pants on, he couldn't stay warm, he was coughing almost constantly, he needed to blow his nose at a minimum of every 4 minutes, he was starting to get tired, he laid down across another seat that was next to him, he shut his eyes trying to relax and fall asleep, but he felt too cold, too stuffed up and was coughing too much to get any sleep, he laid there for about 20 minutes, he felt miserable, he couldn't really follow the movie plot, as he was too preoccupied dealing with his symptoms and he couldn't fall asleep, he sat back up for a little while trying to wake up, he sneezed again "hshoo hshoo hshoo hshoo!" he blew his nose for what felt like the millionth time, not even wanting to think about how this looked to other people, he couldn't help it, he couldn't wait to get home

Writer's Den / Atlas and Seven [M/M + allergies]
« on: April 17, 2018, 01:48:55 AM »
Atlas ginger and white malamute with green eyes

Seven blond and white malamute with blue eyes

It was the night of senior prom, Atlas and Seven were quite enjoying it, they were both dancing and having a good time.

Atlas sneezed "HSHOO HSHOO!" he sniffled

"bless you, baby" Seven said

"Thanks, my allergies are getting to me a little bit" Atlas replied before sneezing again "HSHOO HSHOO HSHOO!"

"bless you, what's making you sneeze so much?" Seven asked

Atlas sneezed again "HSHOO HSHOO HSHOO HSHOO HSHOO!" he sniffled "don't know he said, not noticing the rose in Seven's tux jacket pocket

"bless you, you should blow your nose, here" Seven said handing Atlas a handkerchief

Atlas blew his nose

"better?" Seven asked

Blowing his nose seemed to have made it worse, he sneezed again "HSHOO HSHOO HSHOO HSHOO HSHOO!"

"bless you!" Seven said

"Thanks" Atlas replied, his eyes looked at the flower in Seven's suit pocket "oh... you have a flower in your suit pocket, that has to be it" Atlas rubbed his nose and sniffled

"oh I'm sorry babe!" Seven said, he took the flower out of his suit jacket pocket and threw it away, they weren't gonna let that ruin their night.

The End let me know youre thoughts

"bless you

Commission Cave / Re: Story commissions?
« on: April 11, 2018, 05:33:55 AM »
I will trade stories for artwork, I will tell you what I want and then you can tell me what you want and I will totally do it at some point

Commission Cave / Re: Commissions
« on: April 11, 2018, 05:31:58 AM »
I can't pay any money because I don't pay money to anyone over the internet yet, but I can write a story for you, you just tell me what you want to be included and I'll do it

Writer's Den / Atlas and Seven [M/M + cold + Malamutes]
« on: April 11, 2018, 04:20:34 AM »
Atlas, a ginger and white malamute with green eyes

Seven, a blond and white malamute with blue eyes

Atlas was heading home after a long day at work, he was tired, he felt really stuffy, his throat hurt, and he was sneezing on and off throughout the day, his nose was the slightest bit red too. Atlas got home to find that his boyfriend Seven had not returned home yet, he was relieved, he didn't want his boyfriend to notice that he didn't feel good, he knew he couldn't keep it hidden forever, but he wanted to until Seven got a chance to unwind after his day. Atlas got cozy on the couch and watched futurama until Seven returned home

"Hey Sev, how was your day?" Atlas asked

"It was pretty good, how about yours?" Seven said, sitting next to Atlas and putting an arm around him

Atlas sniffled thickly "bmy day was okay too" he answered before rubbing his nose

Seven frowned "you sound a little stuffy" he hugged Atlas

"Ndo I don'd, I'b fide" Atlas said

Seven shook his head "no your muzzle is all stuffed up I can hear it, its obvious" he said "Are you feeling alright?" he asked concernedly

Atlas nodded "Yuh I feel fide" he said before feeling a tickle in his nose "HSHOO, HSHOO HSHOO!" he sneezed into his paw before sniffling thickly

"bless you, you sure about that?" Seven said snuggling his boyfriend closer to him

Atlas nodded before rubbing his nose trying his hardest not to sneeze again but it didn't work "hshoo hshoo hshoo HSHOO HSHOO!"  he sniffled thickly "yuh I'b sure" Atlas said still denying it

Seven didn't believe Atlas he sighed in slight frustration that Atlas won't admit it, he gave him a few tissues "here, baby will you at least  blow your nose you sound like you can barely breathe" Seven said frowning

Atlas blew his nose, it sounded wet and messy, he sneezed again afterward "hshoo hshoo hshoo hshoo HSHOO HSHOO HSHOO!" he blew his nose wetly again

Seven frowned at how congested Atlas sounded, he kissed Atlas' muzzle when he was done blowing "feel better?" he asked rubbing Atlas' back as he held him

Atlas nodded obviously lying, he hugged his boyfriend, Seven kissed Atlas' forehead trying to see if he felt warm in the process

"You sure you're feeling okay? Your head feels a little warm"  Seven said 

Atlas nodded before sneezing "hshoo hshoo hshoo HSHOO HSHOO!" he sniffled thickly, Seven held a tissue up to Atlas' nose "blow all that stuff out,it's not good to keep sniffling like to be sniffling like that, cutie" 

Atlas complied and blew his nose before coughing roughly, he looked up at Seven and kissed his muzzle "thanks
Sev, I love you, you know" he said

Seven smiled "I love you too...even when youre sick" he giggled to himself

"not sick" Atlas argued, he coughed

"well, you feel warm, and you sound awful, you can't be just fine" Seven rebottled "can I get you anything?" he asked

Atlas shook his head before sneezing "HSHOO HSHOO HSHOO HSHOO!" he grabbed a few tissues from the box on the coffee table and blew his nose "okay fide bmaybe I abm sick, I just didn'd wadda bother you whed you got hobe after your longk day at work"

Seven hugged Atlas and rubbed his back  "oh, baby, You're not bothering me, I love you, and you can't help that you're sick" he said

"I love you too cutie, sorry I didn'd adbmit it soodner" Atlas said kissing Seven on his muzzle and hugging him back

"it's okay, now, what do you say we get you taken care of ?" Seven asked

"that souds dnice" Atlas answered giving Seven a tight hug before coughing roughly and sneezing "HSHOO HSHOO HSHOO!" he blew his nose 

"what are all your symptoms, what's bothering you?" Seven asked

"I'b stuffy, bmy throat is sore, I'b sdneezingk a lot, I have a bit of a cough, ad I feel like I bmight have a fever" Atlas answered before sneezing  "HSHOO HSHOO HSHOO HSHOO HSHOO!" he blew his nose it sounded really messy

"I will be right back" Seven said before getting up to get the thermometer and a blanket for Atlas, he also brought his some more tissues in case he needed them, he gave the blanket and the tissues to Atlas, Atlas wrapped himself in the blanket.

"thangk you so mbuch I feel a lot warmer dnow" Atlas said smiling at Seven

Seven picked the thermometer up "open up, I wanna see how high your fever is" he said, Atlas complied and opened his mouth, Seven took Atlas' temp, read it to him and showed him the thermometer "100.8" not a terribly high fever, but still a fever"

Atlas coughed roughly before sneezing "HSHOO HSHOO HSHOO HSHOO HSHOO!" he blew his nose and coughed again

Seven remembered something, "One more thing, I will be right back, then we can cuddle and relax here for as long as you want" Seven said  before getting up and going to make Atlas some tea with honey, lemon and lime.

Seven returned and handed Atlas a cup of hot tea "here, this should help soothe your throat and clear your sinuses a little I put honey, lemon, and lime in it" Seven said before sitting next to Atlas.

Atlas sipped his tea, it helped, he leaned over and kissed Seven's muzzle, he hugged him "thangk you so mbuch for takingk care of bme babe" Atlas said

Seven kissed Atlas back "anytime, I'm sorry you don't feel good" Seven cuddled Atlas, Atlas pulled away a few seconds later 'HSHOO HSHOO HSHOO HSHOO HSHOO!" he sneezed and blew his nose before snuggling back up with Seven

"bless you my sick lil' pup, hope you're feeling better soon" Seven said smiling at Atlas and cuddling him again

"thangks, me too" Atlas replied cuddling Seven back and kissing his muzzle

I'm New Here / Re: Hi!!
« on: April 03, 2018, 10:37:38 PM »

Writer's Den / Mason and Ryan
« on: April 01, 2018, 08:20:07 AM »
Ryan is a blond wolf with blue eyes
Mason is a red and black wolf with brown eyes

Mason was sniffling from the moment he woke up, he took his allergy meds, and he was still sniffly, his nose tickled a bit too, he checked the pollen count on his phone, it wasn't high, he sneezed

"ISHOO ISHOO ISHOO!" he blew his nose, it sounded very wet

"you okay" Mason's classmate Lexi, a pink and white cat asked handing him a tissue

Mason sniffled  "yeah fine, just a little sneezy I guess"

"you getting a cold?" she asked 

"no!" Mason snapped at Lexi a little bit, he sniffled and rubbed his nose

"you look a little sick, your nose is red" Lexi said

"I said I'm fine!" Mason said back, he felt his nose tickle, he sneezed "ISHOO ISHOO ISHOO ISHOO!" he blew his nose

when he got back home he knew he was sick, he was stuffy, his nose was really irritated and itchy, his throat was bothering him, he didn't feel good

"Hey Mason how was class?" his friend and roommate Ryan asked him

"longk ad tiringk" Mason said

"aww you sound so stuffy, you getting a cold?" Ryan asked hugging Mason

"I'b fide its just allergies"

"congestion isn't one of your allergy symptoms" Ryan said

"well we have to go to Zack's graduation party today!" Mason said before blowing his nose and letting out a few small coughs

"youre sick youre not going anywhere, and neither will I if you want me here" Ryan said

"I am not sick and I am going to take a nap because I'm tired and not because I'm sick" Mason said before sneezing "ISHOO ISHOO ISHOO"
Mason blew his nose and went upstairs to his bed, he locked his door so Ryan couldn't try anything and find out for sure that he was sick

Ryan thought he was being sneaky by trying to take Mason's temp while he was asleep but then he couldn't get in, he knocked on the door angrily


Mason coughed roughly and sniffled "don't wanna"

"Mason come on let me take your temperature!" Ryan said

"for the last time no" Mason said

"You know if you really thought you weren't sick you'd let me!"

"fine" Mason unlocked the door

Ryan took Mason's temp and frowned "you have a fever of 100.3" youre sick"

Mason sneezed "ISHOO ISHOO ISHOO ISHOO!" he blew his nose "the thermometer is a liar"

"oh my god Mason please, you are sick okay?"

"ugh fine" Mason sniffled

Mason and Ryan both stayed home from Zack's graduation party, Zack understood

the next morning Ryan woke up with a stuffy nose and a sore throat, he was also sick, it came on so fast, him and Mason took care of each other until they were both feeling better

let me know your thoughts

Writer's Den / Re: [M+Anthro+Destruction] The Problem With Pepper
« on: April 01, 2018, 04:09:45 AM »
don't like destruction but this was very well written man nice job, I write stories too I like it

Forum-based Roleplay / who wants to start a RP?
« on: April 01, 2018, 03:55:47 AM »
wruf! who wants to start a RP

Writer's Den / Re: Atlas and Pepper [M/M + Anthro] work in progress
« on: March 17, 2018, 03:43:38 AM »
Atlas walked through the door of his first class he saw his best friend Ryan, they sat side by side in every class they had together which was all of them

 "Hey Ryan" Atlas said congestedly before coughing harshly and having a sneezing fit "hshoo hshoo hshoo HSHOO HSHOO" he blew his nose into one of the tissues he had with him and took one of the cough drops he had to soothe his throat and quiet his coughing

Ryan grinned at Atlas, moving his bag so that the kid could sit by him in the spot he'd saved as usual.  He was just about to ask how the sleepover with the otter boy had gone when the ginger pup started to sneeze.  "Boy, you sound awful..." he said, putting his hand on the guy's shoulder with a look of concern.

"I have a bad cold" Atlas said before blowing his nose "You know, I don't know why I even bother blowing my nose it won't stay clear" the pup said

"Dude... you -totally- should have stayed home!" he grumbles, echoing the otter.

"I know I know, Pepper said the same thing... I got him sick too sadly... but I have to show up to class" the congested pup said

The wolf shook his head and sighed, muttering, "stubborn gingers..." before his ears perked as he caught what the boy had said.  "Ohhhh, Pepper said that... like... this morning?" he grinned broadly, his eyebrows going up for a lewd, playful wiggle.

"cut it out man not all gingers are stubborn" the pup said chuckling slightly and clearing his throat and having a sneezing fit into one of his tissues "hshoo hshoo HSHOO HSHOO HSHOO" he blew his nose "yeah he said that this morning I ignored him"

"Yeah, but -you- are!" he teased, nudging the boy in the ribs just before he launched into a fit of sneezes.  "Jeeze bro, bless you!"  He shook his head, but didn't drop his previous line of teasing.  "I'm not bugged by you ignoring him... it's that he was THERE that I wanna know more about!" he leaned in conspiratorially, the big smirk still on his face, "you had a sleepover with the mysterious, cute pink boy!  Aren't you geeked?"

"thanks man,  Pepper is one of my best friends and we spent a lot of time just cuddling each other and he kissed me a few times. he's sweet" Atlas said still sounding congested Atlas smirked "do you think Ed Sheeran is a stubborn ginger?" he asked laughing hysterically for a few seconds before having a coughing fit

"Ooooh, he kissed you?  Duuuuude! How are you so calm!  I bet he's -totally- into you!" his ears drooped a little at the coughing and congestion though, "well I guess being sick probably put a damper on it... and I dunno, probably, but nobody's as stubborn a ginger as you, bro!"

Atlas smiled and shook his head at Ryan, used to his friends making jokes about his rare hair color "I'm into him too, he's adorable and no I'm not calm I don't know what I am...oth..heh..." Atlas said before having a sneezing fit  into a tissue "hshoo hshoo hshoo HSHOO HSHOO HSHOO HSHOO" he blew his nose "as I was saying, I don't know what I am other than sick...sorry" the congested pup said

The wolf patted his friend's back as he blew, nodding, "bless ya buddy... well, that makes me really happy to hear you've got a boy sweet on you."  He looked around, noting a few other students giving them grossed out looks.  "But maybe you should uh... go home to him, before you get all the rest of us sick?"

Atlas coughed harshly into the crook of his arm "ok...I could probably use a few more days in bed...but when the professor gets here can you explain to him  why I'm not in class?" Atlas asked

 Ryan nodded, giving his friend another nudge towards the door.  "Of course dude, you just get home to your pink cutie and get to work feelin better, alright?"

Writer's Den / Re: Atlas and Pepper [M/M + Anthro] work in progress
« on: March 17, 2018, 03:41:04 AM »
Atlas woke up that morning immediately needing to blow his nose, he had a sneezing fit "Hshoo hshoo hshoo hshoo HSHOO HSHOO HSHOO HSHOO!" he blew his nose again and coughed harshly "how'd you sleep?" he asked Pepper still sounding congested

Atlas suddenly remembered he had class today, the college freshmen dreaded it, he got up "Well I have class in an hour I better get ready see you when i get back" the congested pup said before blowing is nose thickly

Pepper shook his head, one purple furred arm shooting out, catching Atlas around the waist and pulling him back into the bed.  "You're too sick..." he mumbled sleepily, "stay with me..."

Atlas coughed harshly "I'm sorry, I have to  go being on time is important nd I am not too sick I'm fine " the groggy pup said congestedly

Pepper coughed too and whimpered, not letting his friend go.  "Nuuuu..." he huffed, giving his best sad, sick eyes as he looked up at his friend.  "If you go... who will take care of a sickly otter?" he sniffled thickly for effect.

"I won't be gone long" the pup said
It was clear Atlas was barely holding it together he was so tired and his mind was fuzzy not to mention the constant coughing and sneezing

The otter continued to whine and tug at his friend, keeping him in place until his own nose overwhelmed him and he turned - "MMPSH MMPSSH HMMMMPSSSH!!" he stifled into the mattress, losing his grip on Atlas.

Atlas had a sneezing fit "hshoo hshoo hshoo HSHOO HSHOO HSHOO HSHOO" he blew his nose hard and got dressed in his sweatpants and thick blue hoodie

Pepper huffed, blushing a little as he watched his friend dress, wanting to try to stop him more but unable to get out of bed.  "Atlaaaaaas..." he huffed, "please don't go... you'll make yourself feel worse..."

Atlas got a small pack of tissues and some cough drops, then put them in his pocket, he coughed harshly "I'll be back really soon i promise" Atlas reassured the sick otter and walking out the door

He watched his friend go, sadly, before coughing hard into his hands again and flopping back onto the bed.

Writer's Den / Re: Atlas and Pepper [M/M + Anthro] work in progress
« on: March 17, 2018, 03:39:56 AM »
Pepper got up while his friend was in the shower, carrying the blanket with him and making a little nest on the floor of his friend's room.  He shucked off his hoodie and jeans, snuggling into the blankets in his boxers and tank top and resting his head on a pillow.  He sneezed a few times into the hanky he'd brought with him, but was a little congested still when he waved to Atlas as he came back in.  "Feel bedder?"

"A little bit yeah" The pup said climbing into bed, trying to pull his friend up there to join him

Pepper wasn't hard to convince, the otter climbing up into the bed with a little blush.  "Good, good..." he sniffed and blew his nose into the hanky.

Atlas sneezed a few times and blew his nose into his hanky "goodnight Pepper" he said before falling asleep

"Gnite pup..." he hummed, wrapping his arms around his friend and snuggling close. "Shove me outta the bed if I snore..." he mumbled as he dozed off.

Atlas could never shove his friend out of the bed

Atlas woke up in the middle of the night coughing harshly and unable to breathe through his nose, he went in the hallway to blow his nose before having a sneezing fit in an attempt to not wake his friend Coming back in the room Atlas glanced at the clock it read "2am" he tried to fall asleep for 20 minutes but he had no luck, he was so congested, he couldnt stop sneezing or coughing, he tried his best to not wake Pepper who was in a deep sleep snoring congestedly

It was about 2:30 when the otter stirred in his sleep, a little snot bubble swelling from his right nostril until it popped and his nose wrinkled.  "Hnn... ahehhh..." he started to pant, sprawled on his back, tanktop riding up his tummy as his chest rose and fell.

Atlas got up and went to the bathroom searching for some medicine that would ease his symptoms and help him sleep, he found some Nyquil, he took some hoping that would help  when he came back in the room he wiped the sleeping otter's nose with a tissue from the box on his bedside table  and climbing back in bed next to Pepper and falling asleep

The tickled died down when his friend rubbed, but a few minutes later the cycle happened again and "HNNGSSCHEEWW!!" he sneezed himself into a sitting position, waking up as he sprayed his bare legs.  He blinked groggily, glancing over at the dozing pup and hoping he hadn't woken him as he slipped from the bed and tiptoed to the bathroom.

Atlas remained asleep for the rest of the night, he didn't feel any better then he did the previous day when he woke up

Writer's Den / Re: Atlas and Pepper [M/M + Anthro] work in progress
« on: March 17, 2018, 03:37:46 AM »
"im fine, can you get me a glass of water? my throat feels really scratchy" the puppy said his voice sounding a little rough

Pepper nodded, hopping up quickly and trotting off to get his friend a glass of water, grabbing one for himself too.

"thank you so much Pepper" The ginger puppy said hugging his friend when he returned

The otter squeaked as he was hugged, his nose twitching and both hands full.  "W-wait, could yahh... c-could youahhh...!"

Atlas took the glasses out of Pepper's hands setting them on the side table before getting his friend his hanky

He gets the hanky just in time, standing there and sneezing into it, "HAASHOO HAAASHHHOOO HAAAAAASSSSCHOOOO!!!!" he doubled forward, tail thumping the couch.

"aww you ok?" Atlas asked concernedly

The otter nods, still standing and only a little dazed, sniffling and blowing his nose.  "F-fine, just got really tickly with my hands full and couldn't rub..."

"Come join me on the couch again I miss you" the sniffly pup said

The otter nodded and sat, stretching a little, his hoody lifting a few inches off his tummy before he jerked forward with a "HESSCHOOO!!!" into his hanky.

Atlas sniffled thickly "All done?" he teased the sneezy otter

Pepper blushed a little, wiggling his nose at his friend, "whahh... what if I"m nahh... n-not?" he said, leaning closer.

Atlas chuckled and coughed a little bit

The otter giggled and hitched, pushing his nose against the ginger boy's neck and rubbing until the tickle went away.  "Hfff... b-better, I think..."

Atlas hugged the otter

Pepper hugged back, squeezing him tight to his chest, coughing into the crook of his arm and blushing.  "S-sorry..."

Atlas sniffled back a sneeze "you're alright" he said Atlas felt a tickle in his nose his breath hitched "hshoo hshoo hshoo hshoo hshoo HSHOO HSHOO HSHOO!" he blew his nose hard

Pepper shivered as the long fit shook his friend.  "You okay Atlas?"

"fine" he said sniffling

"I'm going to go to bed I have class in the morning, you wanna come upstairs with me or stay down here for a little while longer?"Atlas asked his voice sounding really congested  Atlas got into bed, he coughed harshly unable to breathe, he decided to take a shower before going to sleep, the hot water relaxed him and cleared  his sinuses a little relieving the congestion Atlas climbed back into bed rubbing his nose with his hanky.

Writer's Den / Re: Atlas and Pepper [M/M + Anthro] work in progress
« on: March 17, 2018, 03:36:14 AM »
"I still feel awful about getting you sick" Atlas said before having a coughing fit and sniffling thickly

Pepper pouted and splayed his ears a little, stroking the pup's ginger hair, "hush, it's okay Atlas... I'm gonna be just fine since I've got yahh... y-you hehh... here HAASSSCH!! ESSSCHIII!!" he sneezed into his hanky and blew.

"bless you" Atlas said before blowing his nose himself

"Thanks" the otter sniffed before giving his friend another little kiss on the nose.

the kiss tickled the ginger pup's red, sensitive nose "hshoo hshoo hshoo HSHOO HSHOO HSHOO" he sneezed harshly into his hanky before blowing his nose and coughing wetly

Pepper blushed as he tickled a sneeze out of his best friend accidentally.  "Bless you Atlas! S-sorry about that..."

'it's fine" Atlas said hugging the otter

Pepper giggled softly, hugging back, still blushing as he thought it was cute.

Atlas sniffled "so how are you feeling?" he asked Pepper

Pepper sniffled too, holding onto the ginger pup and smiling.  "Great..." he huffed against the boy's neck.

Atlas coughed " come on be honest" he said

The otter blushed, coughing into his hand as he leaned back.  "S-sorry, I really am great... snuggled up with the best friend an otter could want... sniffles be darned."  He sniffled anyway though, his drippy nose wrinkling.

"aww, you're sweet" Atlas said before having a sneezing fit "HSHOO HSHOO HSHOO HSHOO!" he blew his nose and coughed before realizing he had to go to get another hanky, he got up off the couch and went up to his room too get more of his hankys, getting a few for Pepper too, the puppy came back downstairs and got back under the purple fuzzy blanket with Pepper handing him the hankys he got out for him

The otter sighed as his friend wandered off, letting the tickle fill his nose while the pup was gone and letting out a half dozen harsh, wet "HAASSCHUU!! ESSCHOO ESSCHOOO EAAATSCHOOO HIIIIPTSSCHOOO HIIIPPPTSSCHEEEWW!!!" openly onto his legs and the couch, blushing as the pup came back in for the last sneeze and he wiped a drip of snot from his nose with the old hanky.  "Hnn... th-thanks Atlas..." he took a new one, blowing wetly and coughing.

Atlas had a coughing fit and sniffled thickly "you know the only good thing about us both being sick?"

Pepper tipped his head, wiping his nose on the hanky.  "What's that?"

Atlas rubbed his nose "we can cuddle each other and hug as much as we want and we don't have to worry about getting each other sick...even though I got you sick in the first place" Atlas said sniffling back a sneeze

Pepper blushed, happy to hear the same thought echoed back to him, and he couldn't help it this time, he gave the ginger pup a soft peck on his lips before hiding in his hoodie.  "I thihhh... think so too..." he replied, muffled in the fabric.

Atlas had a coughing fit "so you wanna head to bed soon? its almost 10:00 at night" the pup said

Pepper shrugged, still hiding in his hoodie with only his nose poking out.

Atlas looked back at Pepper and giggled a little bit causing him to cough "what are you hiding for cutie?"

"C-cuz I ahh... I ahhh..." he panted, his exposed nose twitching and nostrils flaring, "I HMPPTSHOO!!" the nose disappeared into the hoodie, sneezing against the inside, then popping out, a little pink and wet looking.  "I smooched you..." he says, blushing in his hiding place.

Atlas looks up at Pepper and kisses him on the cheek and smiles to show that he liked being kissed by his best friend

Pepper giggles as he's kissed through the hoodie, his nose wiggling before disappearing again.  "HASCHOO!! AAAASSCHOO!!!" he sneezes inside, the body of his hoodie billowing out a little, then he finally reemerges, groping for a hanky and blowing his drippy nose, then coughing.

"bless you" Atlas said hugging his friend and sniffling

He hugged back, squeezing and nuzzling into that ginger hair.  "Thank you!"

the puppy's breath hitched he tried so hard to not sneeze, He rubbed his nose

Pepper tipped his head, leaning back and seeing the puppy's need to sneeze.  He reached out, holding the sniffly nose against a finger.

Atlas had a sneezing fit into his hanky  "hshoo hshoo hshoo hshoo hshoo HSHOO HSHOO HSHOO!"  he blew his nose and coughed harshly... "ugh"

"Bless you times a hundred!" the otter chuckled softly, rubbing his friend's chest as he coughed.  "Ugh... you okay?  Can I get you anything at all?"

Writer's Den / Re: Atlas and Pepper [M/M + Anthro] work in progress
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Part 5

Pepper shook his head again, still denying as he blew his nose again into the patterned blue hanky, filling it with snot.  "I'm fiiiiiiine..." he giggled, still in denial, holding back a cough.

"Ok but let me know if you start feeling sick" Atlas said before coughing harshly into his paw, he felt a tickle in his nose "hshoo hshoo hshoo hshoo...HSHOO HSHOO" he sneezed before blowing his nose hard and coughing again

Pepper whimpered a little as his friend had yet another fit, the boy's body convulsing hard against him.  "I wihhh... w-will I promihhh... p-promiiiIIISSCHEEWW!! HiSSCHOO AARSSCHOOO!!" he said, suddenly letting out a fit of his own.

"that doesn't sound good" Atlas said still sniffling

Pepper shrugs, actually thinking he might have caught the cold but thinking he could never hurt his friend by admitting it.

Atlas coughed "you know i really think we'd both feel better if you admitted it Atlas said

The otter shakes his head, biting his lip, his nose running onto his lip as he tries to not even sniff.

"are you sure youre ok?" the sniffling puppy asked

Pepper nods, though his nostrils start to flare hard on top of the dripping, he trembles and wrinkles his nose, fighting the tickle, his whole body going tense as he fought.

"need to sneeze?" Atlas asked

The stubborn otter shakes his head, one drip of snot falling onto his chest as it starts to heave, hitching breaths shuddering through his nose as he fights with all his will.

Atlas sniffled thickly, "just sneeze you'll feel better" Atlas said

"HAAAASCHOOOOOO!!!" the otter finally sneezed, unable to hold it anymore, snot spraying over his hand as he tried to catch it.  "HAAASCHOO AAASCHOOO AAAAAAAAASSSCHEEEEWWWWW!!!!" he sneezed and sneezed, swimmer's body shaking under the pup until he finally flopped back, sniffling helplessly and letting out a fit of coughs.  "Fiiiide... I'be sick..." he whimpered, looking sad.

"bless you I'm so sorry I got you sick " the puppy said before having a sneezing fit "hshoo hshoo hshoo hshoo HSHOO HSHOO HSHOO"  he blew his nose hard

Pepper blew his nose too, filling the hanky and coughing.  "I forgive you..." the otter said, sniffling wetly, "I told you it was worth it..." he leaned over and gave his best friend a little kiss on the nose.  "Bless you, too."

Atlas had a coughing fit "still even if you do forgive me being sick is still no fun"

Pepper shrugged but it was ruined by his own coughing fit.  "We'll just have to keep each other company then, huh?"

Atlas cleared his throat and winced "Of course we will keep each other company"  Atlas said, he felt a tickle in his nose "HSHOO HSHOO HSHOO HISHOO!" he sneezed harshly into his red hanky "oh. if youre cold I have your hoodie right here he said holding up the otters green hoodie

Pepper nodded, shrugging it back on over his tank top, not realizing the pup's snot was sprinkled all over it.  "Thanks hun, bless you..." he sniffled thickly again, wiping at his nose with the hanky.

Atlas hugged the otter "I'm so sorry I got you sick" he said before having a coughing fit in the other direction"

Pepper hugged back, just holding his friend as the ginger pup shook with coughs.  "I'm sorry you're all sick and sniffly too Atlas..."

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