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Commission Cave / Re: Summer 2018 Commissions
« on: June 01, 2018, 01:33:28 PM »
Hi all! Just a quick update, seeing as itís June 1st!

Iím done with finals and currently en route to going back home for the summer. I will be in contact with my clients ASAP regarding WIPs/previews for what is in the queue at present. Thanks for your patience!

Commission Cave / Summer 2018 Commissions
« on: May 22, 2018, 08:22:12 PM »
I've made quite a few changes this year!! Pretty much no-one has commissioned me for fully rendered traditional artwork in the past, so it's off the menu this year aside from comics and sketches. The way I'm doing comic pages is also changing; I've decided to put in a sizing system to give a little more flexibility as to how long the customer wants the sequence to be, and also to cut back on both underselling and charging per panel. Digital comics are now an option as well! However, they will be sketch/line art only.

Now then...


SKETCHES (Can be traditional or digital at the customer's request)
-Single Headshot: $5.00
-Single Half-Body: $7.00
-Single Full Body: $10.00
-Add Sequence: $2.00 each per part

-Add traditional ink: $2.50
-Add traditional color: $2.50
-Add digital ink: $2.00
-Add digital color: $2.00

Sequences can be added in any order as requested by the customer.
Digital ink and color can be added to traditional sketches at the customer's request.

Sample sequences
Sketch examples

-Single Headshot: $10.00
-Single Half-Body: $15.00
-Single Full-Body: $20.00
-Add Sequence: $2.00 each per part

-Single Headshot: $15.00
-Single Half-Body: $20.00
-Single Full-Body: $25.00
-Add Sequence: $2.00 each per part

Digital artwork examples

-Comics can be traditional or digital upon the customer's request
-Traditional comics can have digital line art added to substitute ink
-Up to 3 main (named or speaking) characters can be included free of charge, with an additional $5 charge for every main character beyond that
Backgrounds and background characters do not cost extra

-Small Comic Page (2-4 panels per page): $5.00 per page
-Medium Comic Page (5-7 panels per page): $10.00 per page
-Large Comic Page (8-10+ panels per page): $15.00 per page, with an additional $3 charge per page for every additional panel beyond 10
Comic examples

Nudity is optional but can be added at the customer's request. It is an additional $3 charge, and I must know that the character(s) being drawn, the client purchasing, and the client potentially receiving the commission (should the commission not be for the buyer) are 18+ before adding.

Backgrounds do not cost extra.

Interested in something that you aren't seeing here (reference sheets, icons, etc)? Feel free to message me and I can work out a price quote for you!

Current Commission Queue:
1. Reference sheet for Y31 (In planning)
2. Reference sheet for Y31 (In planning)
3. Comic for Lucky the Wolf (In planning)
4. Comic for TikoPiko (Not started)
5. Comic for Erudi (Not started)

Found on a whim the other night...

~7:19 (tiger)
~8:20 (pig)
~8:57, ~9:33 (horse)
~9:16 (elephant, offscreen)

I Found Something! / Re: Isle of dogs
« on: March 31, 2018, 10:03:05 PM » (2:29, 3:58, 4:02)

hnnn i want to see this movie so bad but it's limited release and i don't have a means of getting out to find a theater

General Chatter / Re: 7 Little Monsters
« on: December 03, 2017, 10:10:29 PM »
Whether this counts or doesn't... count... I guess, I had accidentally come by this topic a few days ago and decided to investigate because I had never heard of it before. Two minutes later and I find out that Treehouse Direct has conveniently uploaded everything to YouTube.

20:13 is when the focus is shifted to all of the supporting characters in addition to Two.

Commission Cave / Re: Winter 2017 Commissions
« on: November 27, 2017, 04:52:56 AM »
Hey y'all!! From now until about the beginning of January, commissions are open yet again. All of the above information in my original post, including contact methods and pricing, are still up-to-date -- so feel free to reach out!

I Found Something! / Re: Tom & Jerry Classic - Mouse - F
« on: November 07, 2017, 07:14:23 PM »
From what I can tell, this is already in the archive.

Tom and Jerry Kids - Jerry Hood and his Merry Meeces - F - Mouse Marian - Allergy

Looks to be the same footage from the archive as it is in that YouTube video, so I'm making the safe assumption that they ripped from here and reuploaded.

Unlocated Clips / Re: [Unlocated] Dumbo's Circus (TV Series)
« on: October 02, 2017, 02:17:36 AM »
I know this was sought after but haven't seen it posted yet, so I'll just be passing along the link...

Dulcinea from the Netflix Puss and Boots.

The episode I just watched has some pretty sneezy sounds and expressions, and her nose is cute in it too. Season 5, Episode 7, 13:10-13:20 ish. Heck, you could remix it into a decent pre-sneeze set of faces, though there's no 'choo'. Wonder if she'll ever be made to sneeze. Surprised there hasn't been a plot like that yet.

Have to agree, honestly. (And personally, being familiar with her VA's other work really fuels this as well.)

Art, Art, and Art! / [M - Messy - Induced] Happy Birthday To Choo!
« on: July 27, 2017, 02:59:55 PM »
This will be up on DA soon; however, it's just easier for me to drop the stash link here...

This was a big big project I had done for PartyPony18! Alec had asked me to create a comic-esque set of pictures for Theangelicdaemon (Pepper), and I was happy to oblige! I'm honestly rather proud of myself for being able to get through this commission in one piece; in the past something this big would have burned me out, but I'm still going.

Enjoy guys!

And commissions are... yeah... you know

Art, Art, and Art! / Re: [F - Canine - Anthro] Sneezoi
« on: July 27, 2017, 02:59:22 PM »
Thanks guys!

Art, Art, and Art! / [F - Canine - Anthro] Sneezoi
« on: July 26, 2017, 04:35:44 PM »
Not a traditional "humanoid" anthro, but anthro nonetheless. :3

This was a commission for a friend on Tumblr! Her fursona (as you can probably infer from the title)  is a borzoi. I actually did two versions of this, with one having slightly altered text on the release, but this is the one that I liked best.


And as always, commissions are still open this summer! All you have to do for an inquiry is message me here, or email me, or maybe write me a letter, or you could always send a carrier pigeon...

Art, Art, and Art! / Sneeze Freeze [Feline - F - Commission]
« on: June 18, 2017, 12:21:53 AM »
Commission for Megacycle. :3 - version w/ background - version without background

Commissions are open all summer long!! Contact me if you're interested.

Commission Cave / --Winter-- Commissions
« on: May 31, 2017, 04:54:08 AM »
Ayy, doing that thing again where I'm taking commissions!! Lowered my prices a bit for this particular type of art, and also tried to make it a little more clear about what exactly I'm offering and how it's generally executed.

All information can be found within the Tumblr link below, including my TOS. You can contact me here, at, or at whatever is listed there for inquiries.

(and as always, if I've posted this in the wrong board, don't hesitate to move it)

I Found Something! / Re: Popples - Episode 1
« on: April 10, 2017, 12:40:14 AM »
Bumping this for convenience. There's a random male sneeze from Yikes (the little green and purple one) in the following episode. S1E2, part 1.

This has had two more seasons produced since this original topic was created, so I might poke around a little bit more and see what else can be found. Coincidentally, the other sneezing one's VA is someone whose work I really love and admire, so that gives me some incentive to watch through this.  ::)

-edit- ghh it's S1E2. Fixed it up there too.

Well, I didn't watch the first half of the episode.  :P I got right down to business on this.

Netflix original stop motion series centering on a group of anthro truck racers. The humor isn't quite up my alley, but the animation is pretty cool to watch.

In the aptly named episode "Sneezing Fits of Death," there are multiple sneezes from a handful of characters due to a bad-smelling cologne they're allergic to. And they're all in fits of triples from every single character, which is unique.

All of the sneezes in the first half of the episode are from Junior (a pig/warthog-type character) but later on we get some from Buddy himself (a German Shepherd?), Darnell (a weasel), Jacko (a jackalope), and a background character who also appears to be some type of weasel.

That's because it's not the right episode. :P He actually comes down with spots and sneezes intermittently. All of these between KissCartoon and YouTube are misnumbered or mislabeled, but I know for a fact it's on iTunes.

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