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Yeah they're definitely a bunch.  I thought it was interesting to write about a bunch of characters who were basically all rivals.

Hellooooo everyone.  This is a story I wrote for fun using Megacycle's characters Winter, Ben, and Sasha. (Used with permission).

It's another weird one.  Lol.

So, it contains uh... sneezing while hiding, sexy stuff, growth into a macro, some 'interesting' stuff associated with that, and I hope you enjoy reading it! Man, it seems like I've only been posting really weird stuff lately, huh? I'll have to get back to normal at some point.


Who can say why a trio chooses to sneak into old, abandoned places? Maybe it is the lure of the unknown, the desires to look brave or cool in front of those you hold dear, or maybe it's just a bit of silly fun.  Whatever the cause, a fox, a wolf, and a dog were all heading into a place that was perhaps a bit spooky, but totally safe and abandoned.

“I thought you said it would be easy to get in... it's too cold for this, I should have worn more than just stockings!” A high-pitched voice came from the grey-furred fox, his long, fluffy and immaculately-groomed tail switching around from under his skirts, wrapping around both he and the taller, more masculine wolf by his side as Winter snuggled up to Ben, pressing his big pink nose against that warm, fluffy red-brown fur...

“Hey! Quit hanging off my boyfriend!” The cocker spaniel crossed her arms across her rather large chest, lips pulling back a bit as her ears hung down next to her muzzle, the tall woman leaning in to Ben as well.  Unlike Winter, she was dressed more appropriately, a black top with a loose neckline over a tight white long-sleeved shirt, jeans covering her legs and hugging her hips and rear.  Both of them were clearly dressed to impress, albeit in different ways.

“Your boyfriend? He's-”

“Shh! Not that I'm not flattered, but shouldn't we keep it down at least until we get inside? Please? Sasha, I'm perfectly happy you wanted to come along-” Ben tried to mediate, but was cut off again.

“Well I had to come along, didn't I? I can't let you go into some secluded place like this alone with him! He's girlier than I am!”

“Thank you,” Sniffed Winter, patting his long hair and brushing it out of his eye, turning his muzzle up dramatically, his nose noticeably flaring open as he did so, large, graceful, curving pink nostrils opening … not that any wolves were staring at him, nope...

Sasha smacked Ben in the back of the head, barking, “Hey! Get your mind out of the gutter.” She knew his tastes...

Grabbing her bolt cutters, the dog decided enough dawdling was enough, and she went to the gate, grunting a bit as she snapped the chain, turning around with a stare that said 'we're going'.

“Welp you heard the lady.” Ben grinned and stuffed his hands in the deep pockets of his black hooded sweatshirt and sauntered forward, heading after Sasha into the dark warehouse, chain link fence rattling with its bonds now severed.

“W-wait for me!” Smooth, supple feminine legs swished in stockings, bare pads shivering against the cold asphalt as Winter followed, the effeminate fox dashing behind.

As they all approached the side door to the gigantic, darkened warehouse, they found it was strangely unlocked.

“Huh.  That's weird.” Ben easily pulled the door open- it silently slid on well-oiled tracks.

“This place... is abandoned, isn't it? For like... thirty years now?” Winter held his hands in front of him, peering into the darkness, sniffing a bit at the dusty, musty air that hung, still, inside.  He looked nervous... this was a bit creepier than he'd expected.

Sasha spoke up next, tapping one paw against the ground.  “I've never seen anyone in here.  Quit being such a... well, you know.  Come on Ben~ you need to protect me from all the dark, empty shelves.  A lady such as myself could be assaulted by hooligans in such a dark, private space...” It was her turn to squirm up against Ben, trying to weaponize all her best assets to seduce the wolf.  It was so frustrating – they occasionally got some time alone, or a happy accident set the mood, but nine out of ten times someone else was always there! Just like Winter here – stupid fox and his stupid cute figure and his stupid nose, Ben was crazy for that kind of stuff... well, honestly, if he wasn't so gay and he wasn't her romantic rival, maybe she could see how he might be...

Her reverie was interrupted, and her wolf's attention was stolen away, again, as they entered the warehouse, and she heard a small, airy sound break the silence, and her hug.


…how he might be a stupid boyfriend-stealing jerk! “Uuugh... here we go...” Snorting, Sasha frowned and turned her back, walking away a bit until she realized that maybe walking off alone into the dark wasn't the safest idea.  While she wasn't afraid of some mysterious 'otherness' like Winter was, there could be some dangerous stuff in here for someone to stumble into blindly.  She made due with pouting quietly against the wall next to the door, puffing out her cheeks in the darkness.

“H-hheh...” Winter gasped again, his bright eyes squinting as his frankly huge sensitive nose twitched in the air, his knuckles curling up to rub against his twitching pink nares.  “It's s-s-suh-so duh-huhsty in here... I... I think I'm g-gonna... A-aahh...”

Ben swallowed as he noticed the svelte fox start to gasp, his eyes searching for Winter in the dark.  He settled for raising a hand and pressing a finger beneath those frequently-twitching nostrils, pressing in and rubbing against the softness of his nose despite it being an exercise in futility.

“Hheh-hhheh'tCHMPH!” at the last moment, just before he sneezed, Ben pinched his nostrils shut, resulting in Winter getting almost no relief from the itchy dust particles within his nasal passages.  His bushy tail frizzed out for a second as he tried to bend over from the unreleased force of his sneeze, Ben's palm meeting his nose and squishing the soft, pink flesh against the wolf's white fur.  Winter winced, the fox immediately taking in a huge, shuddering gasp, his nose angry that it had been stifled, his small frame shaking at the primal need to sneeze.

“Wh-hhyy-hyy—hyyy'dyoudotha---HHHH---HAAAAAAAAH'TCHmphfiii!” he reared back again, nostrils flared open wide as a hint of thick mucus glistened within, but once again, with a huge grin on his face and a pinch of his fingers, Ben stifled the sneeze, reducing it to a tiny squeak.

“S-s-sdop id!” The fox huffed, his nose shaking as his muzzle continued to scrunch up, pointed up in the air like that would somehow help him finally sneeze.  “I h-hab to s-sdeeze! I'b all sduffed ub dow!” He was dripping, too – thick, ropy trails dangling out of his large pink nose.  Winter was mortified, he knew that the longer this went on, the bigger, messier, and more numerous his sneezes would become.  While it did feel great to have his nose touched, the itch was intolerable! And what if he got his face all messy? It might ruin his makeup, or he might drip snot on his skirt in front of Ben!
...still... it was turning him on a little bit.

As for Ben, the sight was really driving him wild... the feeling of Winter's soft, squishy nostrils in his hands, his adorable face as his muzzle scrunched up, his nose, which always seemed to dominate his features due to its unusual size, twitching and squirming at his touch.  It was a marvelous sight indeed. wait, the sight? Why were the lights on?

“Hey, wait-” he turned to see Sasha not exactly glaring at him, standing by a light switch.  She was certainly staring at the bulge that was growing in his pants as he messed with Winter's oh so squishy and sensitive snoot.  She was so jealous... why did that fox have to get such a unique attractive feature for Ben? She knew he liked her breasts, to touch her ears and soft fur, and... other places... but she couldn't compete in that department.

“Get a room you t- wait.”

They all blinked, even Winter forgetting his nose for a moment as he quietly snuffled, trying to wipe his nose of its itch without getting snot all over his hands, or letting it drip onto his clothes.

“Why is there electricity here?” Said the two canines, simultaneously as they pointed at each other.

That was when all three of them heard a loud clank, and the sound of a heavy metal storage door being opened, clattering on its tracks.

“Hide!” Whispered the spaniel, ears whipping around as she looked from side to side – there were shelves with boxes, covered in dust and some cloth coverings, there was a door over there, the shelves were no good to hide under - “In there!” She dashed to the door and whipped it open – a dark, cramped utility closet was what she expected to find, but it was even worse than that.

“WH-” She was about to scream 'what is this' when Ben's hand clamped around her mouth and he stuffed her inside, followed quickly by Winter.  They had to dive in on their hands and knees, because... it was a strange, shelved, tiny storage space.  Like a shelved closet, featuring a crawlspace in the bottom.  The three of them squeezed in, not fitting very well at all – Sasha landed on her back and groaned after being pushed, and then felt something light and warm land on top of her – Winter.  Ben squeezed in alongside them, the space dim with only a tiny bit of light coming in through the crack under the door.  Holding up his finger to his lips, Ben indicated everyone should stay quiet, even as he felt his judas erection grinding against Sasha's hip.  Or was that Winter's hip? Whoever it was, they really needed to stop squirming.

After a few tense moments passed, the trio started to relax slightly, their hearts pounding a little more quietly in their ears.  It didn't seem like they'd been spotted, or that anyone was coming their way... but why were there people here in the first place?

“This definitely isn't an abandoned warehouse!” hissed Sasha,  frowning down at Winter, whose hands were curled up against her breasts in fright, the back of his head hitting the 'ceiling' of their little den and forcing his face against her.  Dammit, why couldn't it have been Ben?  “Quit squeezing my tits, Winter!” she felt a little flushed, honestly, and wanted to get some room – of course, her shoulder and elbow dug into Ben's chest as she tried to move, making him grunt into her ear.

“Hngh!” they all froze again, the wolf clapping a hand to his mouth, his and the fox's ears perked and twitching while Sasha just tried to lay still, sweating bullets.

...”Hh-hheh...” said Winter, the fox's golden eyes tearing up a bit as his big, stuffy nose twitched right in Sasha's face, poking out from her cleavage.

“Winter, no! Don't sneeze!” Ben whispered urgently, shoving his hand against the twitchy snout, just as Sasha growled, “Don't you fucking dare.” but both of them knew Winter had never held off a sneeze in his life.

“You're going to give us away if you start sneezing!” Ben implored, rubbing and squeezing the on-the-edge nose of his friend even as the sensation and situation combined to make him extremely hard.  He wasn't sure why this was so hot, but it just was... despite the threat of being caught for tresspassing, or perhaps because of it.  He had to fight off a wave of visceral lust, making his body shiver.

Winter, for his part, couldn't help it – his snotty, gaping nostrils were quivering on the edge against Ben's soft fingers and Sasha's softer breasts.  It was so dusty in this cramped space, and every breath felt like inhaling a burning swarm of feathers, all brushing up against the insides of his excessively sensitive sneezer.  He wasn't going to be able to last, even with the nice massaging fingers.

“Hh-hih—ihh... hhii-iih...” He was trying to take small, quiet, shallow breaths... but he could feel his eyes being forced shut.  It was coming... he was going to sneeze...

Sasha had not been sitting idly.  Failing to find anything that could possibly help, she rolled her eyes and started to squirm, unhooking her bra within her shirt, slipping it off her shoulders, and pulling it out through the neck – pressing Winter's snout right into the warm cup.  It was a worthy sacrifice to save her from being sneezed on by this snot machine yet again – much less on her tits!

“You are going to pay to replace this, and buy me two extra just because I said so!” she hissed, eyes narrowed and teeth grit as she held the cups around the fox's snout until he stopped gasping, and...

“Heh-hEH-HIK'TCHHHNNKKH!” Shutting his mouth, the fox sneezed entirely through his nose, a blast of thick, sticky mucus bursting out and webbing his pretty pink nose to the sky-blue bra. “Hiiih—kiTCHhnnkfhh!” another one came after it, Winter doing his best to stifle himself, but unable to stop the absolute torrent of hot, sticky mess that was surging out of his writhing nostrils.

“Ih-s-still hab-t-to---HITKTSCHHH!” a third powerful, messy sneeze, the fox thrusting himself against Sasha with each explosion, his brow furrowed and muzzle wrinkled to the max as he had an allergic fit.

The dog responded by switching him to the other cup, into which he delivered another two sneezes... and then it seemed the fit was over, thankfully.  Winter snorted and snuffled, wrinkling his snout and instinctively wanting to blow, but having to remind himself that blowing your nose into someone's cleavage was probably a good way to get punched in said nose.

“Dh-dhanks, Sadshja... I'b soddy aboud your g-glodthesgh...” looking down, she could see his genuine embarassment and apology on his face, and sighed.

“It's... ok.  You can't help it, and you can just... wash this.  Thoroughly.  And don't put it on.” she chuckled a bit, even giving him a little pat on the snout.

“GHAAEEHHHKKTCHHHHHSH!” with no warning at all, this triggered another massive sneeze, the fox unable to resist his instincts and tilting his head down, maw opening as he sucked in air, trying to hold back – his eyes rolled up and then shut as his nostrils flared open, hands squeezing and pressing together as though he were holding a tissue, Sasha feeling her breasts get squeezed together around something hot and wet, and then a messy blast of goo running down between her boobs, coating the exposed fur of her cleavage.  She was about to explode, hiding or no hiding, when she looked over and saw Ben blushing right through his fur, a finger in his mouth being bitten on the knuckle as he tried not to let her feel his thick cock throbbing against her side, watching this amazing display.

The gears in her head turned a bit, realizing that this was her chance... she could capitalize on Winter's advantage and turn it into her own.  Deciding not to murder him and wear his (admittedly beautiful) coat as a hat, a slow smile spread across her muzzle, her plump lips parting only slightly and a smoldering look of lust in her eyes as she wiggled her pinned left hand – causing Ben to gasp immediately and shiver once again.  Jackpot.

“Winter... what are you going to do about sneezing all over me yet again?” Whispered the cocker spaniel, raising one eyebrow as she stared down at him hard, watching his blush spread.  “Look at this mess! Ben, can I get you to wash my shirts for me later, pleaaaase? My bra, too, there's no way I can put it back on in this state.”

If Ben's eyes weren't already riveted to Sasha's chest, where Winter's big nose continued to squirm and leak onto the dog's soaked shirt and the large breasts beneath, this statement certainly would have done the trick.  The words 'No bra' flashed through his mind over and over, eyes straining to make out Sasha's puffy nipples through her now-wet shirt in the gloom – of course, she was wearing two of them, so she did have some extra padding to help her keep her modesty.

Not that the dog herself seemed too concerned with modesty, as she wiggled her left had as much as she could, making the wolf crammed in beside her huff, his breath washing over her neck and bringing a slight blush to her muzzle as she smiled at him.

Winter, meanwhile, was whining and blushing, incredibly embarrassed – especially, for some reason, once she brought up that he was messing up her clothes.  He wasn't quite sure why but that really hit home... and his nose was still tickling with every breath.  It was like each moment could bring forth another snotty allergy sneeze from him, and his only recourse was to rub his nose constantly, trying to squirm his hands over across Sasha's breasts to get to his snout, rubbing at the big pink tip as he sighed with relief, fingers getting quite messy now as well.

Sasha raised an eyebrow as she felt Winter... groping her? Oh, no, he was just going for his nose.  But also... he was bright red.  And... she could feel TWO boners rubbing up against her now.  That was a strange development... so Winter was...

“Winter, don't think I can't feel that.  Sneezing all over me in front of my boyfriend isn't enough for you? You're going to do that too?” Sure enough, he whimpered again, shivered, and she felt him get bigger... surprisingly big, honestly, for someone like him.  She'd always imagined him being really small.

“Hey, aren't we hiding in here? Be quiet... what if someone hears?” Ben, trying to be the voice of reason even as he blushed and sweat, resisting the powerful urge to thrust against Sasha's hand as the back of it rubbed him right through his jeans, his thick red member throbbing in its denim prison.

“I am being quiet, Ben! Winter won't stop sneezing his big, snotty sneezes all over my boobs!” She simply couldn't resist getting in another cutting remark on the terminally embarrassed fox, who was now gasping again, struggling with all his determination not to sneeze again, not to give Sasha any more ammo to use against him!

“H-hn... n-nuh-ah... h-hH---ngkh... nn! -whine-...” he was really, really trying.  His fingers pressed against his soft, pink nose – barely covering his wide, gaping and snotty nostrils.  As he squirmed, he felt his pink cock throbbing inside his panties, easily overwhelming them and sticking out.  He was pretty big for his size... much to his chagrin, it was impossible to hide it.  The soft fabric of his panties and his dress combined to tease him, as well as all this stimulation to his huge, sensitive nose... ah, it was bad.  That wasn't the worst of it though – fucking Sasha and her god damn sexy talk... why did she have to find out that he was turned on by essentially humiliation?

But then it was okay, because he looked to the side through his bleary eyes, fluttering with his need to sneeze, and saw Ben's blushing, red, aroused face... and his paw reaching out to cup the fox's nose.  And, it seemed, surreptitiously cop a feel on Sasha...? ...Eh.  Winter would take it.  His allergy fit seemed to be getting him noticed, so he couldn't feel completely bad about it.

The wolf did have a point though – they were, ostensibly, trying to hide, although they were making quite a bit of a racket, weren't they?

The door rattled open and a light shone on them.  “Found 'em.  Just a bunch getting weird in storage.  I'll get rid of 'em.” The voice behind the bright line said, along with the crackling of a radio communications device.

“All right you.  Get out of th-- ew.” He shone the beam of his light onto Winter, whose eyes were wide and pupils tiny, face covered in snot as well as his hands, and Sasha's chest... seems she'd managed to stuff her filled-up bra away, but the large sticky stain on her black shirt was still visible in the light.

“You uh... got a little... anyway, get out.  We won't press charges for tresspassing, so skedaddle.  ...All right girl, I got a pack of tissues here somewhere...”

It was a guard in a dark blue security uniform, distracted as he looked around for something to offer the 'girl' in the dress to clean her snout with, The trio quickly scrabbling out of the tiny space and lining up.  Well, he had told them to leave, so while he was distracted, the trio fled... but not before something shiny caught Sasha's eye.  It looked like this guy had been checking under the cloth-covered shelves, on the things that weren't supposed to be in this supposedly abandoned warehouse...

Without really knowing why, perhaps it was a burning curiosity, she snagged one of the shiny containers off the shelves and grasped it in front of her as they ran out.

“Here y'are miss- Oh, shoot.” The security guard looked back up, holding a handkerchief – only to find all three of them were already gone.

Outside, Sasha was grimacing as she held her chest, bra-less breasts bouncing uncomfortably as she had to run.  “C-can we slow down? We're almost to the fence!”

“Nope! Keep running! Why were there people in there!? I don't want to go to jail! I'm too pretty for jail!” Winter cried as he ran with surprising speed, flashing his stocking-clad thighs as the wind blew up his skirt, fluffy tail billowing behind him.
“Let's just get out of here!” Agreed Ben, and Sasha groaned and clamped down more tightly on her breasts as she leaned forward and kept running, all of them slipping back through the gate with the cut lock and dashing down the street towards Ben's house, their home base for this exploration gone wrong.

And Winter only had to sneeze once more on the way, leaving a decidedly gooey patch on the sidewalk, but also freeing himself of the dust that had suffused the closet.

Later that evening, after they'd all caught their breath, the trio sat around a table, munching on snacks and drinking, wiping the sweat from their brows and discussing the events.

“I need a shower, and to do laundry.” Sasha was still wearing her quite mucousy set of shirts, not having anything else to wear – her bra was sitting on the floor... not in any state.  “Thanks for that, snot-cannon.”

The feminine fox's reply was to snort into a tissue, his nostrils quavering and muzzle crinkling as he sniffled afterwards.

They were staring at the box Sasha had snagged from the warehouse.  It didn't seem to have much in the way of markings.  “So what is it?” Questioned Ben, the red-brown wolf reaching for the box and opening it up.

“Looks like... perfume or something? I don't smell anything, though.” Said the dog, leaning on one elbow as her ears dangled down past her chin.

“P-perfume? I'm... uh... I'm gonna go... freshen up.” Winter recoiled from the box, not even wanting to risk something like that at the moment, and slunk away with only the swish of his fur rubbing against the corner as he vanished.  Periodically, one could hear his honking noseblows echoing throughout the house as he hid, trying to clean himself up and get all the copious goop out of his snoot... a losing battle if ever one was fought.

As soon as they were alone, Sasha leaned forward, smirking.  “So... want to help me wash up, Ben? I need to throw all my stuff in the wash.  And then I need to wash my fur...”

“Sure, I can get that stuff in the laundry and-” Ben started before Sasha stripped her black outer shirt off and flung it at him, -fomf-ing onto his head.  By the time the wolf got it off, she'd let her white undershirt crumple in a pile before him on his table, and was leaning back in her seat.

“I also need you to help me... you know, make sure I get it all out?” She said as she extended one leg, her paw pressing against Ben's groin just enough – rubbing him with the pad on the bottom, ankle rolling as she moved it back and forth.  “In the shower.”

Ben's brain ground to a halt as he observed the bared breasts before him, and felt the soft toes wiggling against his swiftly-hardening manhood.  He nodded in complete agreement with Sasha, somehow thinking to grab the bottle of presumed perfume, their footsteps racing up the stairs as Sasha led the wolf by the nose, as it were, into the bathroom.  Finally, she had him alone.

Dropping her bottoms to the tiled floor, she stepped into the shower, leaving Ben to drool on himself as he stared at the curves of her ass, the spaniel's little tail wiggling as she turned the water on, looking sideways at the wolf and tilting her head back as the water splashed against her breasts, starting to wash the sticky mess away and really making her pale pink nipples stand out.  As she put her hands behind her head to gather up her long ears, he got an excellent view of just how plump her rump was as well.

Ben didn't even recall actually taking them off, but he was nude and in the shower the next thing he realized, coming up behind his fellow canine and pressing his hard, red cock against her soft heart-patterned ass, his arms around her and hands cupping her breasts, rubbing them – she'd said to help her get clean, after all.  He clutched her with a desperate lust, the day's shenanigans had left him feeling so pent up and frustrated.  He kissed her neck, then nipped at it, Sasha smiling and pushing back against him, a thrill of victory at getting him all to herself at last rushing through her as he squeezed her soft breast, her nipples bending against his palms as he would scrub his hand upward, letting them pop from his grasp, and repeating this as his method of 'cleaning'.

She sighed with happiness – her breasts felt so good in his hands, and – ah – he was pinching them now, her nipples... “Nhhh...” Shifting her legs to press back into Ben, the spaniel reached her arm back and grabbed the back of his head, fingers twining into his hair as her other hand went to grab his firm ass, squeezing it hard.

“Seems like you aim to make more of a mess, Bennnnjamin...” Sasha licked her lips, plump and pink before she twisted her neck to catch the wolf's own in a kiss, just as he was going for another nibble on her neck.  She moaned into his mouth, her lover squeezing her tits more firmly and rolling them around in his grasp as she pulled him closer, leaning on him and drawing one of her paws up and down his shin. In this state of sensitivity, she felt that she could feel every single droplet from the shower hitting her nipples, her chest, neck, stomach... rivulets of water running down, making her as wet as she felt inside.

Her core was like a molten lake, she couldn't contain it and could feel it running out of her, slick and slippery as she moved against him.  He was thrusting against her now, panting right in her ear after they broke their kiss, and she couldn't suppress a shiver across her body and a small gasp as she felt him spring through her thighs, hot, hard shaft slipping against her sex as his tip poked out in front of her, the wound-up wolf whining in the back of his throat with his need.

She loved the attention as he wrapped his arms tightly around her chest, his lips, tongue, and teeth gracing her neck, ears, and shoulders as his hands grabbed at her breasts – soft, with hard, sensitive caps.  She was really enjoying it as he started to knead them, his hips shaking, an off-balance thrusting going on as she squeezed her lovely thighs together against his cock, jumping a bit when the ridges of his throbbing member would push against her labia, sometimes stroking her clit.  There was always pressure there, always friction, and Ben was only getting more aggressive.

Finally he clenched her tightly, finger and thumb pinching and rolling her nipples as he thrust against her plush ass one last time.  His jaws clenched on her shoulder, eliciting a long series of gasps - “Ah! AaaAaa! Aahn!” - as the spaniel looked down to see Ben's dick spasming, firing long ropes of white seed onto the wall of the shower from between her legs, the top covered in her juices.  He really knew how to wind her up... but it was going to take more than this for her to be able to get off.

“Hhh-hhahh... S-Sashhhhaaahh... Mmm...” Ben was shuddering against her back, kissing her neck and left cheek, slowly squeezing her with a now weaker grasp, gently rubbing at her as he rode the high.

“I'm glad you enjoyed that, love.” she murmured, stroking a hand up his hip, the other going to rub the side of his muzzle.  “I think we'd better dry off – you got me all wet, and now it's my turn, don't you think...?” she hadn't been this aroused in a while, and could hardly keep her hands off him as they stepped into the dryer, a necessity for anyone covered in fur.  It blew pleasantly warm air all over them, and gave another excuse for her to kiss him as they stood together, slowly having the water removed from their fur.

Once that was finished, the spaniel was daydreaming about all the things she was going to have him to to her, and she remembered that perfume they'd found.  Fishing it out of her clothes, she sprayed a little bit into the air, sniffing, and then walked into it, dabbing a bit on her wrists, a tiny bit on her cleavage and neck – unexpectedly, her muzzle wrinkled up, and she gasped.  “Haeh...”

Naturally Ben's ears perked right up, and he focused his attention fully on the nude spaniel, every ridge in her muzzle, every flare of her nostrils – he was rapt.

“Heh---” Sasha held up a wrist in front of her nose, scrubbing at it, wriggling her snout, but to no avail - “Hek-SHHH!” she sneezed, a bit of the curious purple mist of the perfume coming out.  “Nnn...” Her nose was still tingling – and she looked over to Ben.  On the one hand... she knew his interest.  On the other, she didn't really want to be dribbling from her nose while they were being intimate! “I'll... go to your bedroom, come find me after I get a tissue...” She said, teasingly touching her nose with one finger as she backed out of the bathroom, scampering down the hall to Ben's bedroom.  Once there, she started to feel a little dizzy, and a strange sensation of itchiness washed over her from head to toe, making her jump and grab herself - “Rrr! What... weird.  Goosebumps?”

She had always thought that this room was a little bit... large.  It was peculiar... maybe Ben just felt like sleeping in a cave? The bed was complete overkill, looking like it could hold twelve people at once.  There were decorations and drawers to his tastes around, she knew some of them at least were filled with 'certain supplies' that they would be needing.  In particular, her mind drifted to a leather riding crop... a half-grin came across her face as she bit her lower lip.

“Gah! What is...” That sensation again, rippling through her skin, making her fur stand on end – agh! “Am I allergic to his shampoo or something? Aaa it's itchy!” she growled with frustration, scratching her upper arms, her hips, reaching down to her ankle, the back of her neck, scratching furiously beneath her breasts... “Hm?” Her breasts... felt a lot heavier.  Wait... her ankle was so far away...  “Huh?” she looked around, noticing that everything was slowly growing closer to the ground... no, wait... what? “Buh?”

It was about this point of confusion that the red wolf entered the room, his tail wagging furiously from side to side, their clothes bundled in his arms.  At least until he unceremoniously dropped them, looking up with wide eyes at Sasha, who was now somewhere around twenty feet tall, arms crossed in front of her chest, blinking and looking very confused.

“WH-- what HAPPENED?” Said the wolf, dashing over as the spaniel sat down with a rumble on the huge bed, holding a hand to her face.

“I... think I know why that warehouse was guarded?” She looked around, finding the little bottle of perfume – she'd carried it in here, but dropped it when this strangeness started, squinting at the tiny thing as she held it between the tips of her fingers.  “This isn't perfume...” She thought about it while idly stroking her smooth belly, hand descending more with each stroke... this wasn't really a problem.  It was more like... an opportunity.  Maybe it was because her brain was drenched in sexytime chemicals at the moment, but in the end, Sasha just looked down at Ben with a very predatory look, her chest starting to heave as she panted.

“It's still my turn... don't you think?” She moved one large leg out toward the wolf, slowly tilting her ankle up, and pushed him to the floor, the wolf sitting down hard as her pawpads gently applied pressure to him, slipping between her toes and then being dragged across the floor towards the bed.

“I see nothing wrong with this situation,” agreed the horny canine as he was pinched and lifted up, Sasha widely crossing her leg over her knee, giving him quite the view on the way before he was dropped onto the bed.

“Hehehehhehehehurrr,” Garbled the wolf as he giddily looked up, erection fully revitalized from the mere sight before his eyes, grinning so wide he felt like his jaw was going to get sore before too long.  Sasha put a bit of a damper on his enthusiasm, rearranging herself so that her chest was piled up beneath her, between her crossed arms as she leaned on them, now resting on her stomach, nose inches away from the wolf.

“Now Ben... didn't you have your fun? Didn't we agree that it's my turn now?” Teasing, she slowly lowered her head until her nose was pressing down on her little lover, sniffing at him and rubbing her nose back and forth, squishing it all over his body.  “Nnn... your fur tickles.  Maybe if you're good, I'll do this some more after... now...”

Rolling over and sitting back up, Sasha parted her legs for him, showing her enormous entrance – to him it was like a pink, fleshy curtain with a hint of a cavernous space inside, liquid trickling out of her onto the bed.  Normally not a noticeable amount, but with her size... it was starting to leave quite a wet spot.

“Do you have something that could... help... uh, someone of my size? Oh gosh... I'm actually a bit embarrassed! My pussy is huge!” She pressed her hands to her face, hiding a blush for a moment... until she gasped. “Hhaa!” Ben had reached her groin, crawling forward sneakily on the bed and pressing both hands onto her clit, now the size of his head, and gently rubbing the area around it.  “OH!” She gave a guttural cry, her stomach visibly clenching as her insides squeezed out a bit more fluid, washing over Ben's paws.  “That's... hh... Hh... I c-c-can't, I can't take it!” She brought a hand down, pushing him away.

“Too sensitive?” Asked the relatively small wolf.

“Let's start with something else.  Don't you have anything...” She rotated her wrist, spinning her hand in a 'you know...' gesture.  “Big?”

The wolf nodded, grinning.  “I... do have... something.  It was for- well, today it's for you.”

She lay back on a seeming mountain of pillows, the giant bed proving to be quite comfortable as she ran her hands over her body, enjoying herself, teasing, imagining what was to come.  Her fingers trailed across her breasts, flicking her nipples as she passed them, enjoying the feeling of bending them and then letting them spring back into place.  She pushed her other hand down her abdomen, fingers leaving little trails in her short fur as she touched her thighs, avoiding her sex, and noticing... “Oh... wow, I'm... making quite a mess.” She flushed as she imagined sitting on Ben, pressing her soaking wet pussy into his face and making him suck on it, rocking against him like he was a toy... and another clench of her insides pushed out more juices.  “H-hurry...” He was over in his deep walk-in closet, sounds of... an engine? Starting up.  It was a buzzing sort of sound, like an electric... “What on... is... is that a …?”

Out of the drove, with a whine of its electric motor, something that could only be described as a dildo tank.  It was entirely pink, had soft looking, knobbly treads, and a tiny window, a sealed door... and yes, it was shaped like a cock.

“...Oh Ben.  Oh my god.” Sasha couldn't stop herself from laughing at the ridiculous sight, shifting a bit and then picking up the strange sex... toy? Vehicle? And placing it on the bed between her legs.

There was a brief crackle of static, and Ben's voice came over a speaker.  “I'm going in!” Which made Sasha snort, covering her mouth to hide her grin as he headed towards her, the tip of the device starting to buzz as the wolf turned up the intensity setting.

Much as she was giggling at it, she had to admit that once it made contact with her wet folds, she had to gasp, her laughter turning into a moan as she grit her teeth, the spaniel's muzzle wrinkling up and her nostrils flaring as she huffed, custom-built vibrator pressing into her, buzzing her clit as Ben's strange toy started to penetrate her, stretching her open and gliding in easily on the waves of moisture flowing out of her.

“Hh! G-hhnn—nn!” Her toes curled, wrinkling the sheets as she fell back onto her pillow mound, breasts jiggling and then being gathered up in her arms as she started to fondle her nipples, grabbing at her tits and tugging on them, squeezing in time with the vehicle's progress forwards.

“Hogghhdd... That's bett-mmph! Better! Than! I thought! It would beeeEeee” Her thighs started to tremble as she forced them to stay apart, her legs wanting her to wrap around and pull.

Inside, Ben's view was filled with delightful pink, a dark hole stretching in front of the window he'd installed, boner pressing firmly against the control panel in the tight quarters as he drove forwards bit by bit, letting her get accustomed to the size and hoping that the strange 'submersible' would work as planned and not cause any discomfort.  The treads were designed to rub the interior walls, providing delicious friction even while they pushed the toy deeper, but Sasha seemed quite sensitive, so he was a bit worried about them.  “No time like the present!” He dove right on in, driving deeper as Sasha was stretched, groaning as her eyes unfocused.

The giant was flipping her nipples, rubbing her palms across them and fiddling with them, squeezing and kneading her breasts, trying to keep her hands busy so they wouldn't slam down into her crotch and start rubbing, wanting Ben to be the one to do it.  “Y-you're so huge, Ben, oh god...” she closed her eyes, trying to rock against her partner, but... she didn't have one.  He was inside her, completely now, wheels slowly churning against her sensitive insides, making a small ribbon of drool exit her muzzle as she thrashed her head to the side, squirming incessantly, unable to stop him from rubbing up against all the best spots inside her.

“Ghh... Nn.. H-hh...” This continued for several minutes, Ben egging her on through his loudspeaker, letting her know that he loved her, asking if she could feel him inside of her, her clenching, crushing walls squeezing his vessel in response as she searched for that elusive peak, needing to release the coiling tension in her belly.

She began to scream in frustration, whining as she could get so close, so, so close, but couldn't quite get there, even with the huge device filling her up, with Ben inside her, with it bumping its vibrating head against her cervix, pink flesh squeezing in all around the wolf.

“Nnnghh-hnnhnnhnnnn! I'm so CLOSE! FUCK!” she barked the last word, and even a certain big-nosed fox took notice.

Winter had been in the bathroom, unable to stop sneezing for the past twenty minutes or so, his nose streaming into the tissues he endlessly clamped to it, eyes watering as the sneezes kept coming, the gasps making his petite frame shudder.  “Hih—heh—HEEKTSCHMPH!” always accompanied by a thick blast of snot from his oversized, oversensitive pink nose.

Snuffling miserably, his ears pricked up as he heard a deep feminine voice shouting.  Sasha...? Opening the door of the bathroom he was hiding in, he listened more intently- periodically interrupted by his bothered sniffer with another wet, spraying sneeze.

Hey! That sounded like... oooh!” Winter frowned, racing off to get Sasha's claws off her man in a huff.

Back in the master bedroom, Sasha felt something growing... was this it? Could it finally be... “Ah... AH... A-AAAH...” Yes, it was building... tingling... it was almost here!

“AAAHHKKTTSCHHH!” The plus-plus-plus sized lady's tingling nose let out a huge sneeze, her inner muscles clenching around the toy deep inside her, which suddenly felt a bit tighter than it had mere moments ago, expelling a cloud of purple mist from her embiggened nostrils.

This extra tension was also all she needed to finally peak, her orgasm rocking through her like a bolt, her hips thrusting up as her stomach seemed to press inwards beneath an invisible force, the power of her vaginal muscles clamping down as hard as possible.  “HHNNnnn!” Riding it out, she realized... her nose tingled almost as much as her pussy.

“HEK'TSCHH! Eh-h-HHaauuhh—HAKTSCHH!” Each sneeze was puffing out more of the purple stuff, and reducing her in size... Ben popped out with a wet squelch as her body shrank, soaked in juices and falling backwards off the bed as she continued to sneeze.

“Hey! What are you doing with---hnkgh.” As Winter burst in, confused by the scene of a normal-sized Sasha on an enormous bed and Ben climbing out of a soaked giant dildo with treads, he wrinkled his muzzle, trying to suppress yet another sneeze at the tickly sensation of some kind of purple perfume cloud.

“Hhehhhheh--- EH-EhhhHHh-”

Sasha, still riding her high, scowled halfheartedly.  “Winter, no fair...” Ben was currently in possession of an iron-hard erection, and his attention had now shifted to the effeminate, big-snooted gray fox who had entered the room, pink nostrils trembling as he sniffled against the tickly sensations and his own allergies.

“Wh-whahuhh--- ha-happened in he-heeere?” The fox, tears forming in the corners of his striking eyes, held his nose with one hand, managing to talk despite his need to sneeze.  This place looked like a disaster area... and what was up with that weird vehicle? Agh, he needed to sneeze so bad... and Ben was... oh, and Sasha was also... “Hey! Y-you were... while I wuh-huhh... D-dammit, I... HEK'TSCHHHiii!” a wad of snot and a high pitched whistle came from Winter's nose as he finally lost to his sneeze, rubbing his nose which was slowly starting to tingle... and feel heavy... and... wh-what? “Huh? H----huh?!” His vision was partially blocked by his nose – that was normal – but it didn't usually take up half his field of view.

Ben was staring at him with a look of hunger... it made him feel happy, and a little warm in his belly, so he wandered over to the bed where Sasha was now playing with herself, slowly and softly touching her breasts, rolling her nipples, squeezing her thighs as she rolled onto her side and petting her sex.  She looked like she'd just had the ride of her life and was enjoying the afterglow.  She definitely made him sneeze so she could get alone time! That tricky...  grrr.  Winter's ears went flat as he stared at her disdainfully.

He was going to give her a piece of his mind when Ben's hand turned the fox's face back towards the object of his affection, sitting on the edge of the bed, legs spread  wide.  Winter gave a soft little moan in his throat.

“Winter, it looks like we got our hands on something special... it uh...” The girly fox noticed that his wolf's eyes were glued to his nose, and raised his hands again to poke at it – it was... what the heck? It was so big!

“It looks like some kind of growth potion?”

The wetness welling up in Winter's eyes redoubled, his lip trembling as he whined.

“No! My stupid nose was big enough alreah—hh--ah--” His nostrils flared, and the red wolf licked his lips, gently taking Winter's rising muzzle in his hands, and guiding him down... until that big pink sniffer was insistently rubbing against the wolf's length, making him buck and writhe as the fox tried to rub, rub, rub the tickle away.

“Nghahh... B-ben I g-gotta snee... sneee—hEEE---HEEEEEETTTTTCHHHHHshhhii!” if he thought he'd had issues controlling his nose before, it was even worse now.  His oversized, oversensitive nose blasted out a long, thick rope of slime up Ben's stomach, the wolf watching Winter's nostrils flaring on either side of his cock.  It was enough to make a man lose his mind.

“H-hooh... Winter don't look at m- don't give me that look.  D-don't... snee--- A-ahh... HHH! Ngkh...” The wolf began to twitch, a tightness in the root of his cock leading to a powerful contraction at this attention to his most sensitive area, pressure giving way to utter relief as he expelled several ropes of white sticky cum onto and over Winter's head, leaving a gleaming trail up the fox's oversized muzzle and between his eyes.  Shuddering, he fell back onto the bed with a huff, and Sasha flopped over to grasp for his hand, both of their eyes closing in satisfaction.

Winter was left horny, confused, and incredibly sneezy, kneeling there at the foot of the bed.  “Whh-what!? What am I supposed to--- AATCHHHHOOO!”


Commission Cave / Story commissions open.
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Hey there.  I wanted to let everyone know I am opening up for story commissions again.

My rates are $40 per 1000 words.  No, that doesn't mean that a 1001 word story will be $80.  Paypal... I will also accept art trades for stories! Love me some collaborative works.

Uh... PM me, or you can reply here if you want.  I'll try to keep up on checking it.  I'll write basically anything you want.  SFW/NSFW.  Nothing with kids.  I'd rather not work with anyone underage because that's a WHOLE kettle of fish.

Examples of my work are all over the place. 

Trying to write more, so I hope you'll consider me.  :)

I was totally expecting Claws to sneeze all over Thorn instead.  You subverted my expectations!

Writer's Den / Re: How to Win a Bet [F+M+Horse+Non-Anthro+Induced]
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Foul play at the races!

That's cute.  I like the muzzle scrunch in the first panel.

Writer's Den / Re: Leveling Up [M/M + Messy]
« on: October 12, 2019, 02:15:05 AM »
Nnnnnniceeeeee. -slowly bobs head up and down-

Art, Art, and Art! / Re: Emma the Dragoness Reference Picture
« on: August 20, 2019, 01:38:26 AM »
Oh, neat.  She looks different than I'd imagined.

I'm New Here / Re: Hi guys! I just made my account!
« on: August 16, 2019, 01:12:01 AM »

Commission from PollenPLover give her a visit! Get some commissions! I quite like how this came out.  Her expressions are spot on.

Characters are my elephant Anne and her horse/pegasus Amber.

Art, Art, and Art! / [F + Elephant + Mature + Explicit] Trunk-job mishap
« on: August 10, 2019, 09:28:26 PM »
Oops... she didn't think that would happen.  Commission with rando characters.  Was convinced to share, I didn't think anyone would be interested, so if you like it, leave a comment.  Because I have more stuff and I need to know if it's worth posting haha


Since this keeps coming up...

The trunk is intentionally disproportionately large, and the character has no tusks, both from a design point of view.  I didn't like how she looked with tusks.  Might incorporate it into her backstory, might not.

Writer's Den / Re: A Cabin in the Country (F+cold+alligator+induced)
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Hehe, oops, accidentally woke up a hibernating alligator...

At least he made good on it! Fish and a place to stay.

Writer's Den / Re: [F + Macro + Mature] Emma's College Experience
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   Not if I can help it  ;)

   By the way, oneofthree, what do you think about the way I've been handling these stories? Do you like the alternation between one with Adam and one without? Is there anything I could do different or better? I'm eager to know since I've always respected your talent as a writer  :)

I think it's good to alternate.  Keeps it fresh.

Writer's Den / Re: [F + Macro + Mature] Emma's College Experience
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Hehe, nice.  Oh Emma, will your troubles never cease?

Personally,  enjoyed the x-rated part.

I'm glad! I did too.

Story I wrote a while ago.  Didn't feel confident about posting it, but recently I've just felt like posting again.  Protagonist is a friend's character, Kashir.  There is also a cat.  Kashir the smith has a rather frustrating day!  Enjoy, and let me know what you think! I want to write more stuff to share.  Next one is probably... a follow-up to this human/elephant roommate thing I wrote last year.

Updated: Added the species tags to the subject even though it makes it super long lololol


Kashir – Itchy Trunk Day

It was hot as always near the forge, but Kashir was thankfully dry as any sweat quickly evaporated.  His apron was thick, as well as his gray skin, so he barely even felt the occasional spark that bounced off him.  Holding a piece of glowing iron up before his eyes, his strong trunk wrapped around a pair of tongs.  Smithing was easy when you had three hands...

The elephant's trunk crinkled, scrunching up towards his face as he sniffed, always a wet-sounding affair as his moist nostrils flared a bit, releasing a small droplet of runny fluid onto the back of his hand as he scrubbed and rubbed against his trunktip, nostrils squelching and a feeling of incredibly relief running through his head.  “Nnh-hhaah-aaahhhh,” He groaned happily, that sensation that only scratching an itch can give.  He almost let the piece fall, but luckily recovered in time.  His trunk was just so itchy today, it hadn't been giving him a moment's peace.

“Hopefully you can behave long enough for me to finish this order...” He muttered, eyes fixed upon the sinuous gray length.  But it seemed another distraction was on its way, albeit in a much more welcome form than a tingling, wriggling trunk.

The distraction in question peeked in through the door to Kashir's shop, eyes widening in the gloom of the smithy after being out in the bright morning sun.  A sandy-furred feline padded in silently, her attire suggestive of a career on the road, hard leather and bits of chain adorned with a belt of tools and weapons.  Although the elephant's trained eyes could see that armor was on the verge of falling apart, and in dire need of repair.

“Excuse me...” the cat's voice was soft and silky, the tone of someone who wants to ask for a favor.

His nostrils flared, a tickle surfacing before he could respond.  He really did not need a cat today... but work was work.

“Can you take an emergency order, sir?”

“S-sir? Do I look that old? I swear it's just the wrinkles...” gently putting down the piece he was working on- he'd need to start over now, anyway- Kashir plodded over to the feline.  He was realizing that she was quite beautiful, beneath all that road dirt.

“I might be able to, but it won't be cheap.” he came to rest just a short distance from her, rubbing his hands on a rag.  “I'm Kashir, the local smith as you may have guessed.  Traveled far?”

She reached out a hand to shake, his hand dwarfing hers.  “Envir.  So pleased to make your acquaintance.  But... you know, times are tough.  How much money are we talking? I do really need the repair...” As if to punctuate her remark, the left clasp on her breastplate popped off at that moment, the metal bursting with a Spang!.

They both stared at each other for a moment.  “I really need the repair.” She repeated, now showing a bit more fur than before, along with the beginnings of a very curvaceous slope being hidden by plates and hardened leather.  Typically those of the feline persuasion were lithe, thin... this was not the case with Envir, as she began removing her armor.

“And I really don't want to pay... with money.” She slowly reached out to stroke the back of her hand down Kashir's trunk, moving in close even as he tried to back away- not wanting to get that fur any closer to his nose, but also not wanting to give it away.

“Are you s-s-hh-heh...” He gave a single scrunch of his trunk and curled it up beneath her touch, trying to resist the urge to scrub at the long, tingling organ.  “Se-heeeriously trying that? Does that actually work?”

She was dressed in a simple tunic and leggings beneath her armor, the swell of her breasts pressing at the rough fabric, a bit of white visible at the neck, leading the eye downward.

“It works sometimes...” She purred, continuing towards him, touching his arm and squeezing his muscles.  “When I find a big, strong blacksmith... who catches my eye.”

He was definitely going to sneeze all over this woman if she kept this up.  That thought, and the thought that she was just trying to rip him off, were all he needed to resist.  “Your lines seem torn from a trashy romance novel written by an amateur bard.” He moved to get some of his equipment between himself and this rather forward woman, but she lunged and pressed his arm to her chest, wrapping her arms around one of his and holding him close.

He decided to pull out his trump card... or rather his trunk card.

“L-look, I ha-happen to be sli-hii-hiightly allergic to cats...” He played up the tickle in his trunk, making it squirm and jump, sniffing loudly so she could see his nostrils wiggling and letting the hitch in his voice come through more clearly.  “I n-need to sne-he-heeh-heeze, so if you wouldn't mind letting go...” He thought that surely like most she would flee before the 'terror' of an elephant sneeze.

She seemed to weigh the options for a little, and then refused utterly.  “Nope, not going to scare me off with that trick.”  Envir remained clamped to his side, her breasts squishing against his arm quite pleasantly, forcing him to simply move over to the window in front of the back alley of his shop.  Once upon a time, it had been somewhat well traveled, but now everyone knew the risks.  The stubborn feline was dragged along with him, not having a hope of stopping the powerful elephant.

Sticking his trunk out the window, Kashir drew in a deep breath – “HH-hHheh-hhheuhh...” His trunk twitching and wiggling, not knowing where he was going to sneeze.  He covered his mouth with his free hand so as not to spray his 'guest', and she seemed a bit concerned now.

“You don't really need to sneeze though, right? You're trying to get me out of here...” she seemed unsure of herself, but she was about to learn that he was not messing around at all.  Clutching his arm a little tighter, she scooted around so she was half covered by his shoulder, watching him gasp again and again, seemingly unable to get the sneeze out.

“Hahhaa--- Hafta... G-gonna... sneeze! I … H-haAHH...” His trunk would scrunch, his nostrils flare, and then... nothing.  He was stuck in a loop.

“Nnhh... ahh... UH-hHhahh...” tears started to leak from his eyes as he sniffled and desperately tried to sneeze, a bright tingling itch irritating the very tip of his trunk, but unable to push him over the edge.  “HAAH... HAAAH... AHHHH...!” his chest was now heaving, and Envir started to feel a little sorry for him.  Reaching up to the base of the powerful snoot, she gave it a little tickle with the tips of her fingers, pushing Kashir over the edge.

The blacksmith finally, blissfully erupted with a powerful sneeze, eliciting a scream from some poor, foolish soul who was wandering in the alleyway.  When he sneezed out this window, he always made sure to try and hold back- his unrestrained sneezes, as he'd proven on many occasions, could tear apart structures and knock over trees in a straight line.  When he clenched his trunk just a certain way, he found he could spray all the force over a wider area.  It'll rattle some windows, but no more angry neighbors... unless they were irritated about the um... mess he made.  This one had been particularly itchy, but luckily he hadn't been sneezing all day already- then it would have been quite a gooey mess out there.

Sniffling and rubbing his trunk with a sigh, he huffed happily as the tingle finally left his trunk- for now.  His trunktip was a webby mess of snot, and he really needed to clean it up- not wanting to be seen in such a state.

“Aww... poor baby! You look so helpless when you sneeze!” Kashir did a double-take.

“...What? Helpless?” He looked at the cat, holding a hand over the end of his messy trunk.  She was pulling a handkerchief out from the cups of her nearly ruined armor, and took his trunk, stroking it and wiping up the mess with a surprisingly delicate touch, being careful not to let her fur touch his nostrils.

This elicited quite a blush from the large male.  His trunk was especially sensitive right now, after a huge sneeze like that.

“A-all right, I think you should clear out... just... leave your armor and I'll fix it up.  Where are you staying?” he snatched his trunk away from her, turning away to hide his blush and rummaging through his tools.

“I'm just staying at the inn down the road a bit.” He heard some clanking and the sound of heavy cloth, leather, and metal falling.  Glancing back over his shoulder, he saw the cat lady stepping out of a pile of... basically rags, tight, simple brown underwear all that adorned her well-muscled form.  She was clearly an experienced adventurer, her body fit and taut.

“You... don't have any other clothes?” he willed himself not to stare at her body for too long- that's what she wanted.

“You wouldn't make me walk back to the inn like this would you?” While she was attempting her next ploy to seduce the blacksmith and get out of paying her bill, he had already withdrawn a spare tunic and thrown it at her, draping across her form like a blanket as it was sized for him.

“Here you go.  You can bring that back tonight when you come to pick up your armor.”  he pointed toward the door, furrowing his brow and trying to look intimidating as the cat finally left, giving him a look that let him know this wasn't over.

When she had closed the door he sighed heavily.  What a troublesome customer she was going to be...

“She's not getting this for free...” He muttered, going to scoop up her armor and get to work on it.  Unfortunately for his concentration, someone else burst in just a few minutes later, not even bothering to knock.
The intruder was a stout, broad, busty dragoness.  Red scales, brown, cheap looking tunic and trousers for some reason.  Dragons were usually considered to be high class, enjoying the expensive things in life.  She was breathing heavily, as though she'd been running, and had her hands clamped over her large, reptilian muzzle – two ovals that were nearly the size of her fists were quivering beneath those red fingers, and Kashir slowly widened his eyes as he watched.

“I-I'm s-suh-suh-sorry, this was... th-the only building that dih... didn't look … f-flah... flah... flammable... I … I gotta sneeze!”

The dragon sprinted over to his forge area, gasping and hitching, her chest heaving beneath the cheap, rough fabric she was wearing.  Suddenly, it made sense.

“Hey! Don't do that in here, come on! I get it, sneezing sucks for- you're not listening are you?”

The elephant tried to get over to her and touched her shoulder as she approached, nostrils widening more and more- but maybe that wasn't the best idea in the world.  Dragons had an unfortunate reputation for having sneezes just as destructive as elephants, after all.

“AH.... HAHHH... HAAAASCHHHHHHH! HURRRASSHHHOOOO! ERRRASSCHHHHOOOO! HAH-HAH-HAHH—TTCHHHHOOOOO!” She sneezed and sneezed, flames blasting out of her gaping nostrils as her muzzle wrinkled and scrunched, fingers desperately trying to plug up the nasal explosions.

Her first sneeze was aimed down, luckily at the sandy part of the floor where he worked with hot metal, not able to catch fire for fear of the hot sparks igniting a less durable substance.  They still washed over her chest though, burning away her tunic. So this was why she wore such cheap clothes, just as he had suspected.  Tragically for Kashir, his clothes were burned away as well by her subsequent sneezes, leaving them both exposed.

“Oh my god! I'm s-so sorry, my nose was so sneezy and I couldn't hold it back – so I ran in here.  I figured a blacksmithy would be... fire-resistant, at least.  Are you ok? Are you burned?” She started running her hands over his skin, checking for injuries.

“What is wrong with everyone today...” The elephant sighed, shaking his head.  “I'm pretty resistant to heat, my skin is very thick and I burned myself every day for years learning my trade, so... I'm fine.  But now I have a naked dragon in my shop, and my clothes are all gone.  How are you going to pay for this?”

She blushed, her red scales turning an even deeper crimson.  Her eyes were not meeting his at all, but rather were locked on the dangling piece of meat between his legs.  If Kashir hadn't been having such a bad day, he might even be interested, but despite the seductive feline he'd just recently kicked out, losing his entire work outfit to a surprise fire was not doing anything for his attitude. 

“I'm sorry- I was just trying to get out of town in time... I have a cold, you see, and... I didn't bring any money...” She discreetly covered the area between her legs with one hand, trying to hold her breasts with the other.  Unfortunately for her, she needed that hand to come up and rub her itchy, running nostrils.  “I c-can come by once I'm be-be-better, if that wou-would be okaeehh... Hh... Hi... Ihaaa... I have to sn-sneeze again! I'm s-sorry!” She gasped in a deep breath, about to explode, when Kashir's hand firmly clamped down around her gaping nostrils, squeezing them shut.  Her sneeze was stifled, the surprised dragon blinking watery eyes.

“All right, I'll hold you to that... but I really do need to ask you to leave.  Especially if you're sick- if I catch your cold, I'm going to be out of business for at least a week... plus the cleanup bills the guards give me are horrendous!  Listen... here's a bucket. It can stand up to my sneezes, but I don't know how well it'll hold up to a bunch of fire.” wrapping his trunk around her snout to keep it squeezed, he put a plain iron pail in her hands.  “Just stick your nose in here, ok?”

Soot and smoke was starting to drift out of her nose now, the squeezed sneeze causing her to emit a cloud of ash.  Little particles that flew into Kashir's trunk...

As he started to empathize with the sniffly dragon, knowing how those with 'dangerous' sneezes were treated over something they couldn't control, the elephant started to feel a powerful tingle right between his eyes.

“Heh...” The dragonness, Kashir's trunk withdrawing from her snout, stuck her nose into the bucket as the urge to sneeze overwhelmed her.  The red dragon's nostrils stretched wide, feeling tight and hot as she let loose another torrent of flames- “HHHEEEEEEESHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” It was a long, drawn-out sneeze, and her flames sprayed out of the bucket, rebounding and igniting several objects along the wall behind her, unable to contain her furious sneezing.

Kashir would have sighed heavily, except that his trunk was currently scrunching up, a finger jammed beneath the thick base, trying to pinch it off and failing as the smoke and ashes teased his sensitive trunk into a torrential sneeze.  “HE-EH... Heeehhh... HEEEHHHH...” His breathing was deep and powerful, muscles rolling all across his body as he shuddered, bare form trying to contain this explosion that was building inside his trunk.  But it was no use...

From within his trunk there came an audible gurgle as a tide of nasal fluids that had been building up since this morning, exacerbated by his sneezing earlier, started to flow, dripping out of gaping dark holes that were the current form of Kashir's stretched, tortured nostrils, flecks of soot stuck to the quivering pink flesh.  His trunk seemed to compact, scrunching up and wrinkling as much as the elephant's brow as he took in one final gulp of air.

“HHHHUUUUUUHHHHH---RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOO!” a solid blast of snot fired out of his trunk, stretching out towards the flames- as he sneezed it all out, the hot, gooey mess seemed to form a solid stream as it left his flared nostrils, splattering thick and heavy all over the fires- extinguishing them as he drenched the wall of his shop with a tickly, torturous elephant sneeze.

His trunk felt so fat and heavy- bursting with snot as he staggered over to his bed, dizzy from the force of that sneeze.  “U-uhhgh... h-hey... Dragon... I'll snufffff I'll c-call it even if you... h-hh... c'mere and rub my trunk out for me... oh god... I hate it when it gets like this... you got me all sneezy...”

The dragon, whose name as-yet unmentioned was Alexis, stared wide-eyed at the wall, all the sneezes having been scared out of her virus-assailed nose.  “S-sure... sorry I uh... almost burned your shop down.” She walked over, claws clacking on the stones around the huge bed as Kashir put an arm over his eyes, laying back.  His trunk felt so bulbous and thick, moving stiffly and oozing a large quantity of his embarassingly thick and voluminous snot each time he waved it.  He pulled yet another bucket out from under his bed and lay back, waiting until he felt the pleasantly warm claws of the dragon touch his trunk, her thick, scaled tail and wide hips brushing against his side as she sat on his bed.

“Um... like this?” She ran her hands down the length of his trunk, eliciting a groan from the elephant and a happy sigh.

“Yeah... just like that... s-squeeze it a little...” She rubbed all over the long organ, milking the slime buildup from inside his trunk as it drooled into the bucket.   As Kashir relaxed, he felt the dragon's big, heavy breasts start to rub on either side of his trunk, and when he cracked open an eye, saw that she was holding his nose in her arms, squeezing it out into the bucket.  It felt heavenly as she relieved the pressure in there, making him feel tingly in ways that bratty cat earlier hadn't been able to – he realized he was still naked and quickly tossed a blanket over himself as he started to throb down below, knowing it wouldn't exactly hide what was happening but at least feeling a little modesty would be good.

Alexis peered into the end of Kashir's trunk, looking at the pink ridges within as she continued to coax the blocking mucus out like warm molasses, sniffling quietly and not noticing the tent being pitched behind her back.  She squeezed the base of his trunk one last time and firmly ran her hands down, rolling out the last of a thick wave of nasal secretions as Kashir felt his trunk return to normal size.  Usually he'd have to blow his nose for hours to get all that out... she was a big help after all.

“Well, for a problem you caused, you at least helped me fix it up.  But seriously... please leave.  I'll look forward to your next visit, with the money.  Maybe we can even have a little lunch when you stop by?” He was not terribly subtle, and the dragoness blushed.

“Sure... I'm Alexis.  It's short for something unpronounceable.”  She shook his trunk as though it were a hand, the warm, sinuous length wrapping around her palm.  “Kashir.  Until we meet again- good luck with your cold.” The elephant shook back, squeezing her arm a bit and then rolling over to hide the mast between his legs as the red scaled lady turned to leave.  Unlike his first visitor, she didn't seem too concerned by her nudity.

After some deep calming breaths and quite a bit more sneezing, the hours passed and Kashir was able to get back to work.  He had to wear his blacksmithing apron and nothing else thanks to that dragon, which was annoying, but he couldn't afford to get his street clothes covered in soot and burn holes.

He was just finishing up the armor when he heard someone else enter the shop.  His backside was totally bare and he was in the middle of some detailed work, so he just called out,  “We're closed right now, try back tomorrow.”

He heard no reply, but gasped in alarm as he felt a soft, silky hand slide along his waist beneath the heavy apron, wrapping around his still perky and sensitive cock, giving it a squeeze.  “Hey there, I'm back...” He could smell the cat and managed to not ruin her armor, putting one last finishing touch on it before spinning around.

“What is wrong with you? You can't just... get your hand out of... H-hhhuhhhnnh...” His eye twitched and he groaned, she was squeezing him now, stroking the base... quickly, his erection returned, the thick, achy elephant cock easily pushing out the apron until he just gave up and took it off, baring himself completely before Envir, the streaker cat whose armor he'd reluctantly agreed to fix up.
“Ok... fine damn it... you win... just... t-take care of this, ok?” He gestured to his iron-hard rod, already in her hands with large balls pulling up beneath it, a drizzling stream of clear pre starting to trickle out of him.

The flirty cat had obviously wanted this since she first came into his shop, and had no objections whatsoever, stroking her hands down his shaft as he moaned, and pushing her breasts together as she shed the borrowed tunic and her worn ragged underwear, sandy-coated breasts plumping up as she pushed her arms together to rest his cock on and between them, the tip poking her in the nose before she opened her maw wide and started to suck on as much as she could fit – basically only the tip.

Kashir groaned, collapsing backwards into his bed as the strength went out of his legs, seemingly sucked out through his dick.  “I-I'm not gonna last after the day I've ha—aa—Ahhnnhh...” He whined and twitched as the devilish cat took hold of his trunk, stroking it just beneath the tip as she wrapped her big tits around his pole, leaning him back and resting their heavy weight on his thighs, engulfing most of his penis with their soft, jiggling warmth.

Kashir, still thoroughly annoyed at this cat but at the end of his rope, 'accidentally' failed to warn her of what was about to happen as he felt his groin clench up, cock twitching as a heavy load of elephant cum began to rise, the elephant grunting and gasping just before he started to erupt, heavy tip twitching as he fired thick, long pulses of cum, soaking the cat's chest, face, and dribbling down her belly with each new clench of his internal muscles.  She protested, yelling at first and trying to shield her face, squirming against him until he was fully spent.  She looked upset, but Kashir just groaned and sat back with an extremely satisfied smile on his face, having gotten both what he wanted, and what he needed.

Yeah, a thief hiding underwater is not something I've seen often.  I liked the water effects in the panels that had her trunk submerging/emerging.

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