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Thanks.  I'm trying to get back into actually completing things, instead of having 50 half-written stories lying around... Pretty sure I promised I'd do a sequel to a story several years ago.  Hasn't come out yet.  X3

Art, Art, and Art! / Re: [M + Mature] Sneezy Wolf
« on: October 20, 2021, 04:49:44 AM »
That... is just... ffffantastic.

I do quite like the thumbnails, since it's easy to see at a glance if you'd be interested in the image, but it's not the end of the world if it's not feasible for a small custom operation going forward.  Them's the breaks.

Thanks :) I like Winter too.  This was fun to write.

This was a commission that I wrote.  Shared with permission - enjoy!  Winter is having a very lovely evening, when something strange happens...


The fox moaned as he felt his big, sensitive nostrils press against his lover's, what was normally an annoying sensitivity transforming into a blissful gift in moments like this, as their lips met.  His fingers trembled as he undid the wolf's belt, feeling his dress being pulled off him, exposing his slight form.

It was happening... he could feel his warmth, hands all over him, and even smell the scent of fresh flowers...

“Well, what have we here?” his blissful world was shattered as a third voice intruded, although Ben didn't seem to want to stop making out with him.  Winter had to pull away, still being pawed at, and look at the spaniel that had entered the room.

“Sasha! Wh... what are y-” He started to cover himself, before noticing that she was also nude, and holding an extremely large bouquet of flowers that practically oozed pollen visibly, partly blocking her large breasts from view with the size of it.  Confused, he watched as Sasha sniffed deeply of the pollen, her nose twitching, muzzle scrunching up, and hands dropping to her sides.

“Hh-heh... HH-hhh... HEH... HEEEPTTSCHHHH! Heh... HEH-TCHHOOO! H-hah... AH...” Her chest jumped with each wracking sneeze, bending over as she sprayed the floor... but Sasha wasn't allergic to stuff like that, he was.  What was going on?  He blinked, hard, as though closing his eyes would make her disappear.

“Mmm... hmmm?” feeling a warmth on either side of him, the fox opened his eyes, noticing immediately that he was in his underwear... and he couldn't really move.  The small room he was in... or was it large? It seemed... undefined... was shifting a bit, and he could tell he was restrained.

Looking past his big pink nose, the wide amber eyes saw a red-furred hand clutching a feather, which seemed to be about to come into contact with his wide nostrils – not that he could see the actual point of contact, because of his stupidly huge nose.  “Wh-what? No, don't do that...!”

“Come on.. why not? You'll love it...” Said a familiar voice from his left.  Turning his head, Winter flicked his triangular ears as he saw Ben standing there, the wolf still a state of undress... fully undressed that was.  He was holding onto the fox's arm, grey fur contrasting against his red-brown, tightly enough he couldn't move.  Winter started to raise his right to fend off the feather, but found he couldn't move it – it was trapped in some sort of soft, pliable and jiggly prison, with a tight grip around his wrist as well.

“Yes... I brought you something as well,” Said another voice to his right.  Gasping, his eyes flicked over to see Sasha, the spaniel, gazing at him with the same strangely vacant intensity he saw in Ben's eyes, his arm firmly squished between her big, exposed tits, her hand's grip on his wrist unbreakable.  In her other hand, she held up the large bouquet of flowers that made the fox's nose itch just from looking at it.

“B-ben, stop! Sasha, leave us alone, we're having a momeh... A m-muuhhh...” The fox's eyes lidded and his voice grew high pitched and strained as his nose twitched, the tickling sensation of the feather crawling up into his sinuses as soon as it caressed his cavernous nostrils.  His nose was so sensitive, that single stroke made him shudder, his nostrils flaring even wider, muzzle crinkling and scrunching up, trying to squirm away from it... and he couldn't help but take a big sniff, drawing in the scent of the flowers, instantly igniting an itch deep inside his nose.

“H-huhh... HUHH... HIH! HH!” His breathing got higher, more rapid, and his large nose tilted up, nostrils quivering as he felt Sasha press against his small body – maybe he'd been attracted to her once or twice, on occasion, but this was not normal!

As his lungs tore in a last ragged breath, he felt her nipple dragging across his pec as his chest expanded, and she placed his imprisoned hand on one breast, making his aching hardness below twitch.  He felt it touch another, and realized Ben was close enough for them to connect, his small dagger against the wolf's thick, wonderful shaft.  “HHH-HHH-HEEEUHHHTTTSCSChhhhhiiii! H-haah... AH... AAHHPTTTSCHHH!” he couldn't hold himself back, letting out two massive sneezes, his terribly tickly nose spraying out a cloud of mist and then a thick strand of snot as his sinuses filled, his nose overreacting to his allergies and the attention as usual.  It was unbearable... the tickle... pink nostrils leaking and twitching.

“Ooooh, a big one... how cute...” muttered the spaniel to his right, the wolf to his left nodding in agreement and gently thrusting his hips, causing Winter to get a follow-up jolt of tingling pleasure as their cocks rubbed together slightly, teasingly.

And then both their hands were on his nose.  Touching it... fingertips caressing his sensitive, thick nostrils.  A poking press to the end of his bulbous snout.  A light grip around his muzzle, stroking it.  They were all over him.

A haze fell over his mind as he huffed, finding himself laying back in bed, the two of them still holding him down.  He felt like he was going to sneeze himself into a coma with how his nose was reacting to not only the presence of the flowers, but the constant touching.  He couldn't control himself as another one slipped out.

“Y-you're makihhhnng... M-meee... S-snee... EEEEEEHHHTTTSSCCHHHIIII!”  He had no control.  He never had.  And his sneezes were getting messier and messier... he was wet now, his nostrils making slick, squelching noises as they were rubbed by his tormentors.  With how tickly his nose was, it felt heavenly... he couldn't help but nuzzle hard into the waiting palm, Ben's warm hand cupping his nose, just barely enough to cover the large nasal organ.

“B-heeenn... Don-don't stop... or I'm... I'm gon-gonna... HH... H-h... H-have to-- Hhih! HH-HEEEPPTTTSSCHHHHKKKKKKH!” Oh no... he sneezed a thick, sticky sneeze right into the wolf's palm, his gunked-up nostrils flaring wide as they disgorged a torrent of slime, much of it spraying past Ben's fingers.

“I... I d-deed a dissue...” He said, so stuffy-sounding.  His eyes were watering, nose on fire as they continued to tease, ignoring him entirely... the wolf came in with his feather, smearing it against his messy sniffer, twisting it into one slick, pink opening, drooling a thin stream down onto his thin grey chest. If they didn't stop, that stream would become like a waterfall.

“H-have to sn-sneeze the pollen out...” He murmured, still feeling fuzzy, touches all over his body, two warm companions on either side... he felt his hand softly squeezing Sasha's breast, his other having been moved to Ben's cock, stroking it with his graceful fingers.  Sasha moved in, taking his snout between her breasts – so warm and soft... and, he realized, covered in pollen from the bouquet she'd been clutching.  She had her usual smirk on, looking down on him like this... he felt a surge of unexpected heat in his belly as he was squished between her boobs, Ben moving right in beside her, the big wolf teasingly trailing his feather along the fox's overstimulated muzzle.

“M-Mm... MMFHH! HH... HH!” He tried to warn them, but he couldn't move... could barely think.  All he could do was sneeze...

“HH-HAAAhh-PPTTSSCCCHHH!” And sneeze he did, firing one out directly into Sasha's cleavage.  But they weren't satisfied with one, and neither was his nose.

“Oh... you're getting me all messy again, Winter.  You need to control yourself... and this big, sensitive sniffer.  Look, it's twitching...”
“Yeah... look at it go.  Almost like... something else with a big, pink tip...” added Ben as he teased the fox's poor nose with two fingers, letting them dance atop his snoot as his feather twisted and turned up his snout.

When had he put it in? He could feel it... somehow, deep inside, trapped, tickling – driving his sinuses insane.  But his nose was blocked by Sasha's big, wonderful breasts, so how...? N-no time to think... gotta sneeze...

“HHH... HHHH... HH-KKMMMPPFFFFHHHH!” His first one was so clogged up and thick, it burst out of him from the pressure, soaking the spaniel's chest as she pressed forward, smushing his nostrils against her, making them spread even more.  “HHAEEEEHHKKTTTSSCCHHHHH!” The second, even bigger and more forceful, his nose going into meltdown to expel all the irritants... he could feel it coming out, blasting more snot out over her.

“Hhh!” This gasp was also due to the hand Ben had just wrapped around his cock... squeezing him... stroking him... slowly.  Torturously... but the fox realized he was so turned on, it didn't matter.  He would cum soon... He would never admit it, not even to himself, but the sneezing was definitely helping.

“HEEEHPTTTKKKKTTCCHHHHHHHUuuhh!” he threw himself forward as much as he could, body trying to bend and sneeze with full force, desperate to clear the allergic clog in his huge snout, nostrils disgorging a torrent of mucus like twin hoses as his body was wracked with aftershocks, lungs already trying to draw in more breath to sneeze again.

The spaniel pulled away, long runners connecting her breasts to his face, dripping slowly toward the ground, a glistening web connecting them.  Ben, refusing to let his feather emerge, pressed his palm flat against the fox's explosive nose, grinding it in a circle, making Winter moan and squeak, squirming on the bed as they kept him pinned.

“I'b g-gudda... HHHH... HHHHHHKTTGHGHHHXXXXXHHH!” the sneeze simply gushed out of him, around Ben's palm, splattering them both.  At the same time, Winter came, his cock twitching, pulsing, shooting out all the built-up stress, the ache deep in the root of his shaft, hips pushing up against the wolf's hand, lewd sounds of wetness coming from where Ben was still touching him.

The restraining hand was gone – they had let up for a moment.  Winter's nose took its chance.  “HHAAAAAAGGHHHSIIIIISSSSHHHH! AEEEEEEGGGHHHHHHTTTTCHHHHUUU! IIIIITTTCCCHHHHHHHHIIIIII!” he sneezed a massive, wet, sticky triple, thick ropes of snot blasting out of him, clouds of mist, and one soaked feather shooting out from his gaping pink holes, nostrils stretched to their limits, dazing the fox with the intensity of the eruption.

“G-ghh... hhh... ghuuh...” he moaned, eyes spinning.

“Oh, we're not done with you yet...”

“No, not yet...” Both canines moved back in on him, Ben's thick, hard cock poking at his nose.  Sasha's tits hanging beneath her, swinging as she turned to grind her wet, waiting sex against his face... the fox whimpered, unprepared for the intensity of what was about to happen.  And he felt the biggest, most torturous itch of all invading his much-abused nose, twisting, tingling, burning a line of searing need that brought tears to his eyes as it shot towards the core of his nose.

“Ahh...” his eyelids fluttered, nose twitching.

“H-HAAAhhh...!” More insistently, he gasped, expecting to have sneezed by now.  He usually couldn't hold back at all...

“G-GG—GHHHHUUUAHH...” He rocked on the bed, his nose trapped between Ben's rock-hard cock, and Sasha's soft, puffy pussy.  His back arched as he heaved in another breath, the tingle reaching its climax...

“GUHHH-HEEEEHHT-TCCCCHHHHHHHHHHIIIIIISSHHH!” And the fox sneezed as hard as he could, sitting up straight, sneezing and sneezing for what seemed like an eternity, one of the biggest most forceful sneezes he could remember ever coming out from his oversensitive snoot, soaking his lap and chest, making him see stars... he panted, flopping back onto his pillow, scrubbing his nose with both hands, pushing, kneading it, god it was so itchy!

“H-huh...? Snrrkk... Snfff... Wait...” He looked around at the dark room, blinking, his blanket tented by a burning, insistent erection, now covered in spray and slime as well.  “Wh—whuh...?” The fox was awake now, alone, having sneezed himself out of his dream, and was left only with the deep ache and throbbing inside his cock.

“... Guys?” still confused, he looked around, then sighed as he reached for his phone, golden eyes blinking in the darkness, blinking against the sudden light as he prepared to send a text, thumb hovering over the questioning 'Add Recipients?' and blushing as he thought about sending it not to one, but to two...

Nicely done.  Happy to see these characters and ideas being used together!

Also: Super interested in that elephant side character, lol.  I wonder if she has a story too? Casual explosion sound from the studio.  X3

Writer's Den / Re: [F + Fox + Cold] Tyrant's downfall
« on: September 20, 2020, 01:57:43 PM »
please continue this wonderful story i love your writing keep up the amazing work

Thanks for the sentiment, but this was a commission.  I won't be continuing it unless the client commissions more.  I'll get around to writing more stuff for fun one of these days...

Writer's Den / [F + Fox + Cold] Tyrant's downfall
« on: September 16, 2020, 11:41:00 PM »
This was a commission.  A tyrannical sorceress comes down with a cold and has to put off her meeting with the former owner of her new northern territory.  SFW, F Fox sneezes, cold but its clean.


Wringing his hat between his hands, the (former) lord of this hall tried to calm his rapidly-beating heart as he waited to receive his new mistress and conqueror.  The elk's warm clothing assisted the numerous fires in keeping him warm in these frigid northern climates, his expertly-crafted hat managing to fit even with the impressive rack he was carrying around atop his head.

Well.  Impressive to people who don't chuck fireballs around, apparently.

A plump sheep pulled him out of his woolgathering with words that chilled him to the bone, despite the fires.  “Sir, she's... she's here.”  He gulped, trying to center himself as the gate swung open, the heavy doors slamming into the stone walls as a howling gust of wind swirled around a cloaked figure, shining white fur visible through the hood, snowflakes rushing in and vanishing as they hit the hot interior.

“Announcing her highness, Beatrix, conqueror of the North...” Said that same sheep as she was brushed past without so much as a glance, six strapping folk hurriedly closing the gates behind the fox, her thick white brush-tail swishing imperiously behind her.

“It is an honor to receive you, lady-”

“A-Ah...” The white fox let out a gasp, her pink nose coming unwrapped from a scarf as she tossed her cloak aside, a very irritated look, almost a scowl on her face.  Had he already done something to anger her? Her lips were curling up, her teeth bared, her eyes sharp and squinting, her chest heaving as though with a great rage-

“Hah... HAH-HAHtchiish! Heh... E-eh... EeeehhhTCHshuu!” Oh.  She was sneezing into a tissue clenched in one hand, looking a bit well used.

“Bless you, your gr-”

“Hiiih! Ih! I-IH! HHHH-” She gasped a few more times, holding up a white finger, the claw meticulously painted black, he noticed, drawing his attention from the... lascivious outfit his new overlord was wearing.  It had... straps, covered er, part of her shapely breasts, and some of her abdomen... my.  What weather-inappropriate garb.

His attention was drawn back to her chest as it pushed out, the white vixen heaving in a final breath before sneezing out a harsh, “HHHREEIISSHHHH!” accompanied by a gout of pink flame that made him leap back in alarm.

Recovering his sense while she bemoaned her now-incinerated tissue, he started to speak again, only to be rebuffed.

“Stow it.  We're here to discuss terms, and your new position under me, not for you to fawn over me like, well...” She glanced at him, rubbing her nose once, and raised an eyebrow.  “A fawn.”

A few minutes later, Beatrix was sniffling and sneezing at a large meeting table, some food and drink present, a small collection of tissues already scattered around her.

“Listen, this isn't a snff negotiation.  I'm telling you that you're going to do things my way, or y-you are going to b-be replah... repla-haaa-... HH- HH-IISHHuuu!” Her sneezes were honestly kind of cute... feminine, sort of a soft, almost smooth sound.
At least, they were at first.  She kept sneezing... and her eyes started to glow an eerie electric pink...

“Hhih—hiih—HIHshhuuu! Ugh! B-blah-hasted cold, this stupid f-f-f-freezing place, I h-h-hate it! EH... HEH...” She looked dazed, hitching as her breasts wobbled within the scant confines of her outfit.  “HEEIISHHHHISHH!” And she let out a larger sneeze, a huge spray of pink flames scorching the table in front of her, the magic fire leaving small wisps of smoke as it faded, the sorceress sniffling and blowing her nose into a tissue once again, a common occurrence for most of this meeting.

“T-tell you what, my lady, why don't we... er... reconvene later, when you're feeling well? I'll, ah, do as you ask, yes, everything... will be as you ask...” The lord's servants had already started edging towards the door, and when Beatrix looked like she was about to sneeze again, even the lord scuttled off, leaving her alone with her itchy nose buried in her hand, rubbing it.

Sighing with relief once she was alone, Beatrix made a little note beneath the antique-looking table, a small, nearly invisible mark that would allow her to return to the hall without having to physically traipse through the snowy mountains, and began to focus, letting her magic engulf her as she emerged back in her sanctum, a folding puff of pink on both ends of the connection briefly signaling her departure.

“Threaaaaadbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaare...” she moaned, getting out of her 'diplomatic' outfit and stretching briefly before holding her arms out to her sides, expecting her servant to be there promptly with a soft, fluffy, warm robe for her to snuggle up in.

“You whined?” And there she was, a mummy with dark, preserved fur visible on her face, ears, decorated with yellowish-gold markings, pointing nearly straight up and quite long, some species of canine... Beatrix wasn't quite sure, she thought they were from much further south.  The rest of her body was wrapped in bandages and gold.  Not because she was injured, but rather because she was... dead.  A perfectly preserved creature, eternally living, and currently, eternally bound in servitude to one Beatrix, sorceress, queen, beauty... why, her list of titles could go on and on.

After her servant had dressed her, Beatrix sank into a comfortable chair by the fireplace, sipping a hot cup of tea and nibbling on some cookies as the undead stood motionless nearby, waiting for orders.  Before too long, a small pile of tissues surrounded her.  She was sniffling wetly, sneezing frequently, and was obviously quite ill.  It seemed she was attempting to ignore it, or possibly to hibernate next to the fire, as she sat in a daze, enjoying the warmth, sneezing, and whiling away the hours until finally Threadbare spoke up.

“Mistress, do you not think you should lie down and rest?” clearly, it was her duty to look after Beatrix's health along with basically anything else she was asked for.  It was the proper role of a servant. The suggestion was, of course, immediately met by a glare, but that glare started to waver quickly.

“N-no, I don't th-thii-hiih... Hh.. Heh...” She blinked, lifting a clump of tissue up toward her twitching nose, muzzle scrunching up as she delicately tucked her snoot into it, feeling a big sneeze coming up from deep inside.  “HH-h... Hi-ih... Ih'TCHHkshh! HiiSHHHuu!” A double burst out of her, the second one emerging after a brief pause, completely silent for a moment as her nostrils flared, her head snapping downward both times before she sat sniffling, eyes puffy and just looking run-down in general.

“Well... p-perhaps...” The mummy handed a fresh box of tissues to the sorceress silently as her mistress blew her pink nose gently, white fingers working back and forth to try and squeeze the tickles out. The whole scene really didn't fit with Beatrix' image.  Anyone who saw this would likely not be nearly as frightened of their tyrannical ruler...

With a defeated sigh, Beatrix heaved herself out of bed and let her robe fall to the floor, leaving her servant to pick it up for her.  First she had a brief stop to the bath, which warmed her up considerably, although the bubbles in the claw-footed tub burst upon her nostrils and caused her to let loose a flurry of soft but intense-sounding sneezes, water rippling and lapping against her chest, a few droplets springing up and spraying her neck as her body jerked forward with each one.  After that was taken care of, and she'd blown her nose a bit more... leaving yet another small mountain of tissues that Threadbare had to clean up... she found herself splayed out in bed, relaxed, a mountain of blankets upon her shivering body.

“Uuuuhhh... my nose is starting to ache from all this sneezing. Could you-” About to request some tea, she smiled faintly as a steaming mug was already being held out.  Dipping her nose into it, she tried to breathe in the scent as best she could, and touched it to her lips before confirming it was too hot.  With barely any effort, she applied just the tiniest chill to the mug, took a sip, and nodded when she didn't burn her tongue.

“I suppose you were right... this is snff nice.  Ah... I'm tired...” She lay back on her fluffy, wonderful pillows, so cloud-like in their embrace, closing her eyes... but, it seemed her cold wasn't going to let her go that easily.  Her face crinkled, brow furrowing and little tears forming at the corner of her eyes as she gasped, starting to sit up... “Hhe-HEHSHHIISH!” A powerful sneeze jerked her the rest of the way upright, a cloud of fire forming over her bed.  “EH—HH—Hiitchhhiii!” Followed by a dainty, feminine sneeze that left the vixen sniffling.

Reaching out, she casually grabbed some bandages from Threadbare's torso, ignoring the undead's stammering calls to wait.

“M-Mistress, my bandages, what are you-”

“Snnxxxshhhfffhh... Grrnnkkkbffsh...” That pink nose buried itself in the luxuriously soft bandages, blowing into them as the mummy's ceremonial wrappings were used as mere tissue.

“Ah... my...” Threadbare looked crestfallen, her ears falling flat, one hand outstretched before she heaved a sigh and simply stood, accepting it as the fox rolled over, closing her eyes.  “Bless you, mistress.”

Trunks are great, aren't they? Quite enjoyed reading this.

Writer's Den / Re: [M + Macro + Illness] Big Bad Wolf commission 2
« on: June 27, 2020, 01:40:00 AM »
Part 3 has appeared...!  Thank you all for your kind words.  Knowing people read this is a huge part of my motivation.  I mean, these were commissions, but still.

Writer's Den / Re: [M + Macro + Illness] Big Bad Wolf commission 1
« on: June 27, 2020, 01:39:04 AM »
Coming back and reading these comments fills me with satisfaction and joy in these dark times.  Thank you very much.  :)

Writer's Den / [M + Macro + Illness] Big Bad Wolf commission 3
« on: June 27, 2020, 01:33:39 AM »
The thrilling conclusion to a 3-part commissioned series.


Before anyone inside knew it, he was there.  The first indication was a window-rattling, building-shaking gust of wind that caused many folks to look outside and see a huge pair of nostrils that seemed to lead into an endlessly deep abyss, then a finger that came to rub the twitching, flaring black rims.  Rej, the giant wolf with a bone to pick, had arrived on the grounds of a factory that, in his mind, was responsible for him getting sick... pumping all that soot and who knows what else into the air, polluting the city... clearly, this place was to blame for his huge, destructive sneezes and he was going to put a stop to it!

He sat down in the parking lot, not really caring if he crushed some rather expensive looking vehicles, and stared into the windows of what he could see was a large meeting room, instantly making an assumption that these people must be the leadership of the building.  After letting loose an enormous sneeze that seemed to shake the building's foundation, he found he had their attention.

“Hey.  Can you hear me in there? I caught a stupid cold because of your dumb smokestacks belching all this filth into the air all the time.”

There was some activity inside as those within ran to get people who were actually in charge.

“H-heh... Hey... don't ruh-run.  I'm n-not gonna sne... snee... sneehh-heeze... much.” The wolf rubbed his big nose again, rims twitching and flaring as his long muzzle scrunched up, his chest heaving as he sat, wrestling with his cold.  He really needed another sneeze to clear it out... it tickled so badly, but he was trying to make a point here.  'Maybe just a little sneeze?' a part of his brain called out.  A very convincing part... after all, it really, really tickled, and he did still have a point to prove.

“Eh... Ehnnywun who... duh-duh-doesn't wah-ha-haanna be here should g-g-get goin', I'm... I'm Gonna see... ee... snee... sneeze! I c-can't... holditbah---AH...! AAAH!”

Many workers took that moment to flee, and some of the upper management... unfortunately for the leadership, they really had to address whatever problem was happening here.

“HAAAH-HAH-heh-EH-” He was trying – he really was, that was obvious.  His nostrils were flaring as he pressed against his nose, long snout twitching, the big nose capping it wriggling and scrunched.  But he couldn't hold back his huge sneeze, and the consequences were, well... they worked out for him, really.

“EH-KKKSSSCCHHHHHHHHHOOO!” The big wolf sneezed, a gust of wind and clap of sound not just rattling but rather shattering the windows this time, exposing the boardroom to the storm blowing from the sick wolf's sneezy snout. 

The folks in charge were cowering beneath a large, sturdy table, brushing bits of broken glass out of their hair and voicing some arguments, but for the most part just in a stunned silence, which was just how Rej wanted them, receptive to a good tongue-lashing.

“Geehhh... so itchy...” He rubbed his snout, audibly squishing and squelching as it hung before the shattered windows, the wolf sniffling and snorting, some papers and a chair slowly moving toward his gaping nostrils as he breathed in.  “And do you know why? Because I have a cold.  A ton of stupid little viruses are swimming around inside my bi-biih... big... sn-sneezy... Snah... AH...” He pressed his fingers against his nose, nostrils twitching violently, muzzle scrunching... but he managed to hold it.  “S-snout... whew... Almost sneezed again, there.  That might have been pretty bad for you lot.”
“Because, you know, I can't help it.  It's a totally involuntary reaction.” The giant wolf was still just being stared at by these people, utterly confused as to what he was talking about, or why he was here...

“In my case, I have a cold... chemicals released by cells in my mucus and membranes are triggering a reaction from special nerves and the lining inside my nose, causing a reflex action to expel the irritants – the viruses, in this case, although with how dirty the air is, it could honestly have just been the air pollution! And that's why I'm here.” He paused to sniffle, pinching his big nose for a bit, the distance between his nose and his eyes seeming rather extreme with how huge he was.  He could easily stick it into the room and still have the rest of his face outside.

“Beh-heecause... I only go-got sick... from all the pollution this factory is belching into the ai-air! Ahhh... it tickles... I hope I don't interrupt my lesson with a s-sneeze... agh... it would be so huge, I don't know if you'd be okay...!”

They went pale thinking about the shattered windows and what being exposed to such a blast would do to them without any protection...

Rej just rubbed his snout some more, trying to hold in his sneeze.  He wasn't ready for it yet, not until he was done!

“Where w-wh-hwhuuzzz I? Oh ri-right... agh, it's s-so... so hard to hold it... my huge sneeze...” He pinched his big nose tightly shut, a bit of wetness squeezing out.  The tickle was so deep and so persistent... he really, really had to sneeze.  So badly.  It was a terrible itch...

“Once that reflex is active, th-there's even more nerves stimulated, and it makes the itch worse.  After that I just... h-have to gasp in a big, huge, deep breath... and sneeze as hard as I can! My body do-duhh... does it on its own, and its really t-to-tough to fight it like this...  I need something to r-rub my nose with...” He reached in, plucking one of them up and smearing them against his sniffly snout, sighing as the chosen one screamed and tried to escape, begging him not to sneeze.  “Please hold it!”

Rej's response was to sniff deeply, sending them on a trip down a deep, dark chasm-like passage, the wolf's enormous nose, his muzzle so long it took quite a while for them to land with a splat against the innermost depths of Rej's nose, the heart of the infection that was making him so sneezy.

“Ghuuh... HH-HAAAHNG ON... Its Gun... GUNNA... B-be BUMPEEHhhh... HEEEEHH...!” The added irritation of having a businessman in his sinuses was simply too much, and he was preparing for a huge sneeze – just as he said, the last step was to expel the irritants... in a huge, involuntary burst of air and irritants, trapped in glistening slime.

After this display, everyone else had fled the room – save one, who Rej had pinned beneath his palm, easily keeping their leader in place.  “HAAAAH... hhh... oooh, it tickles! But... W-why didn't I sneeze? I gotta sneeeeeze... gotta sneeze... Hhaaaahh...” After a false start, the wolf's mouth hung open, his nostrils flaring, wriggling – his muzzle scrunching desperately as he tilted his head back, giving the person within a brief view of the cloudy sky beneath the billowing smokestacks of the factory, visible through a distant circle that was steadily increasing in size – Rej's nostril.  They could feel everything around them rumbling, and suddenly were caught up in a massive windburst...

“HAAAAAAHAAAAAATTTCCCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHYOOOOOO!” Rej wound up and sneezed for all he was worth, holding nothing back as he shot a misty plume into the sky, a small figure screeching as they zoomed out of sight, leaving a small hole in the clouds as the stacks cracked and shifted from the force of the macro's enormous sneeze, both nostrils flared wide, blowing out gale-force winds as he slowly bent over, one paw stamping the ground as the force of his sneezing shook his body, already weakened by his illness, completely taking control.

All he could feel, all he could think about, was that sneeze, that barreled up and out of him from the bottom of his bones, feeling so much better afterwards, rubbing his massive sniffer with the back of one hand.

“Haaah... feels good, too, to get that out.  I think I got one more brewing in here, though...” The wolf made a strange face, wiggling his nose around, working his jaw... definitely still had a tickle up in there.  And he had just the perfect place to let it out...  picking up the terrified factory owner, the wolf went over to the already-weakened smokestack that was closest, the structure damaged and starting to crumble a bit, tilted at a strange angle from his harsh sneezing.

“Here you go...” Unceremoniously, Rej dumped him into the top of the stack like he was loading a cannon – and in a way he was, but his sneezy nose was the fuse and the ignition.

Wedging himself into a small grate at the bottom, Rej prepared himself – the billowing smoke instantly filled him with the most horrendous itch, and he started to think this might have been a mistake... but it was far too late.  He lost total control of himself, surrendering to his need to sneeze.

“Ah-no-that's t-to-tooMUH... too mU-HUUHhch...! Agghh! AaghhAHAAA! HAAAA!” Each breath only filled his snout with smog, that plus his cold was far too great an irritation for him to resist any longer, and he fell victim, utterly, to his gigantic, super-sensitive sniffer.

For his part, all the owner could see as he choked and coughed in the smog, tumbling down the smokestack's length, was a huge black canine nose, twitching and trembling, nostrils stretching, the entire thing seeming to jump and quiver at the tip of that muzzle, his doom stretching out beneath him, twin pools of disaster that held the god of storms at bay for only a few short moments. 

And thanks to Rej's lecture, he knew exactly what was about to happen.

The wolf was going to sneeze...  he closed his eyes, whimpering, begging him not to, but his pleas fell on deaf ears.  Rej wasn't even able to hear the tiny man at this point, no matter how much he sobbed and pleaded with the wolf to reconsider.

Not that he had a choice in the matter.  To sneeze was merely a reflex... nothing anyone could help.  Certainly not in this situation.


He couldn't stop sneezing... he sneezed and sneezed, the factory owner launching even higher and further out of sight from the smokestack as the cannon exploded, both barrels firing relentlessly, devastating the surrounding area.  Rej had made a mistake... he could not stop, no matter how hard he tried.  He just had to keep sneezing, and sneezing!  His sneezes obliterated the smokestack, creating a domino effect as soon as the restraining power of the tall cylinder was gone, his nose blasting flat the factory, the lot, everything – the building was razed to its foundations, the foundations were blown away, and by the time the wolf had finally finished with what had to be the largest, most devastating macro sneezing fit in history, there was nothing left to remind people that a factory had once been here, polluting their air, except for a deep hole and a stretch of land where there was nothing but bare dirt and stone, scoured clean by the macro's mighty nostrils as they unleashed a hellish storm of sneezes upon the land.

Spent, completely exhausted, he curled up to sleep on that very spot, hoping that when he awoke the tickle in his nose would finally be gone, his cold cured.

“I hope Kev isn't mad at me... I w-won't get sick and sneeze in his apartment again.  I fixed the problem...” His last thoughts were of his friend, who would doubtless see this on the news later that day, as he sank into a deep sleep, nose giving a few last sniffles and twitches as he settled in.

Art, Art, and Art! / Re: Dusty dusty...
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It's cute! I like how it just bursts out, and her nose is too big to stop it.  X3

Nice.  Thuuuumbs up!

Writer's Den / Re: [M + Macro + Illness] Big Bad Wolf commission 2
« on: March 11, 2020, 12:41:33 AM »
It's a wonderful continuation with amazing buildup and sneezes. Reggie was so desperate to hold back himself, and I can imagine how his snout would scrunch and wiggle. Sounds like there might be more, but guess we'll see.

Yes, there is a part 3.

Writer's Den / [M + Macro + Illness] Big Bad Wolf commission 2
« on: March 10, 2020, 12:40:58 AM »
Part 2 of a commissioned series about a Big Bad Wolf with a cold.  Enjoy.


Having departed from his friend Kevin's recently aerated home, Reggie the giant wolf realized that Kev had been right.  It really had been quite a bad idea to come here just to say goodbye... his nose was throwing a fit, the invading illness making him stuffy, while simultaneously feeling a crawling, constant tingle in his enormous nose.  His hand was kept firmly attached, rubbing up and down and in circles, kneading his itchy nostrils to try and prevent another one of his gigantic sneezes from sneaking out.  He blinked through bleary eyes as he tried to carefully pick his way through the city, quite slow going due to his size, huffing and gasping as he went.

“Hh-h... Nnh... H-hah.. U-uh-oh... Ah... nghhk...!” people who saw him coming immediately turned and walked, jogged, or sprinted away, their eyes wide.  All in all, it was safe to say he was causing quite a ruckus.  The most worried were the ones who couldn't escape... anyone who was at work, such as a construction site.  Now normally one would think that if one were a giant wolf with quite a set of lungs on him, one might ignore everything else and try to escape city limits when one had a cold, and one's giant nose was twitching, flaring, and huffing all over the place.

But not Rej.  No, he saw that construction up ahead, and he stopped to gape in wonder, looking at the machines.  With his size, he'd never need to use something like that.  Crouching down with his head close to the ground, he watched them work, a finger rubbing back and forth underneath his nose, making his nostrils wiggle from side to side and making all the staff on site quite nervous.

A crane operator in particular took poorly to the sight of a huge wolf's maw in front of his window, letting out a shriek before passing out on the spot, the pig's hand still moving the heavy machinery, a load of steel and concrete going up to a higher level.  The sight of that cavernous nose, nostrils flaring and gasping breaths fogging up the glass of his pilot seat was just too much.  Perhaps he'd suffered from a macro sneeze before.

An alarm went up, folks shouting and running around, trying to make sure they weren't underneath that load when it inevitably fell, everyone expecting a huge disaster and a setback of many weeks, perhaps even months if the damage was severe enough.

“Oop.” Reaching out easily, Rej caught the crane, the pressure it applied to his palm almost nonexistent to the incredibly strong wolf.  He held the bundle carefully in his right hand, the left tapping on the crane.  “Excuse me? You need to stop moving the arm.  It's... it's gonna hit... hello?” Peering in, he couldn't make out much.  Unfortunately his hitching breaths had fogged up the windows far too much, and now his hands were occupied.

“Hnnmhh... HH-hfff...” He snorted and snuffed, twisting his muzzle as he felt that tingling itch spread outward, caressing the deepest reaches of his muzzle with a seductive urge to let loose a big blast of a sneeze, to rid his nose of the tickles that his developing cold were spreading.  He fought hard, trying to gently press his snout against the crane, using the hard edges of the equipment to scratch his nose as he left glistening trails of slime across it, a few droplets pattering to the ground below. Droplets to him, but more like puddles to anyone else. 

His lids grew heavy, vision fluttering as his mouth dropped open, breathy 'Hah... hhh-hahh... aa-Ah!...' gasps escaping him.  “Oh... my nose is so itchy... I h-have to sneeze... no, I can't... c-can't sneeze... I'll... M-make all these people sick, give them my cold...” he was muttering to himself, and thankfully quietly enough that the workers couldn't hear him.  As the foreman approached, he found the distraction helped him not think about that deep, tingling itch crawling its way through the sensitive passages of his nose, making his whole body quiver with the deep-seated need to release a massive sneeze...

“Excuse me, sir? Thank you for that,” Not taking off his hard hat, it was difficult for Rej to see the squirrel's face, but he could hear just fine.

“Oh n-n-nuh-not at all, an-na-h—h- anyone... would have done the same!” The big wolf was really struggling to speak and still maintain control over his nose, a sneeze brewing larger and more fierce in his long snout as the vibrations from his voice made his extra-sensitive sniffer tingle.

“We're gonna get that unhooked as soon as we can – please, just keep holding it.” They looked extremely nervous, and even Rej understood why.  The man was unclear about what, exactly, the big wolf should be holding... he was carefully holding both the crane and the load it had been hauling in his hands, but of course he was also holding in a huge, site-shattering sneeze...

“I... I c-ca-can't h-hold it much longeuuhhh...” He repositioned, lowering his snout even more until it was within their reach, his warm breath rustling their hard hats as it blew through their fur, flared nostrils stretching wide.  “Caeh... Can you r-rub muh-my no-nose? I... I need to sn-snee-sneeeeeeeze!” He drew the word out into a whine, muzzle scrunching and wriggling, eliciting a primal terror in the construction workers, who hesitantly stepped forward, scootching as though he were approaching a bomb and wincing as he reached out, touching the wet, sniffling nostrils of the giant wolf.

“Pleeee... Pleee-heeeehheeeeeze...” He whimpered, breath huffing over the workers as more started to edge in, their foreman shouting, “Don't just stand there! Get in there! Quick!” and motivating them to help assuage the wolf's big tickle before their site was totally demolished.  They had to buy enough time for the other team up top to unhitch that load and allow Rej to get his hands back where they belonged – clamped onto his sniffling, twitching schnozz before it exploded.

He got caught in a hitching loop as he felt a multitude of hands touching his sensitive sniffer, tickling intensifying a bit before they all began to rub, some stretching, some pushing, some squeezing and massaging his tingling nares, all of them feeling they were staring down the barrel of a gun as they peered into the dark, slimy depths within the wolf's nose.  It seemed to go on forever, his muzzle so long and deep and dark... snottier than usual thanks to his cold, and his previous sneezes had made him build up a bit of moisture in there, threatening to spill over the edge where pink gave way to black, constant sniffles keeping it contained.

“Hyeeghh—hii... Heegh.... hhh... hHA... HAAA- – pphew... hhuuh... oh r-right... right there... I gah... I gah sneeeeeze... h-higher-- Higher...! I... IH... IHHHH...” One of the workers slapped his friend, barking out, 'You heard him! HIGHER!' and began pressing both hands into the wolf's septum with gusto, squishing his hands into the pliant, surprisingly giving flesh and getting rewarded with another sigh of relief from the wolf.  He wasn't going to blow, just yet.

“Hhhhhh thank you, guys, I h-have to sneeze so bad and I just don't want to knock down your building! It... It would probably be a really big sneeze.  The tickle's just so deep... I don't think I can hold it in much longer.  I can f-fuh feel my lungs screaming at me to gasp in a big breath and just... nnnfh, I h-have to hang on...”

The construction crew was now quite worried, and there were calls to hurry it the hell up in getting that load unhitched.  Unfortunately it was a long process, and they had to unload everything by hand up onto some girders and scaffolding, so it was slow going for sure.  This big cold-laden nose wasn't going to stay under control much longer.

One enterprising soul had the idea to climb up the crane and leap onto the wolf's muzzle, grabbing hold and squeezing as tightly as he could with his arms and legs, trying to smooth out wrinkles that were forming and rub away the itch that was deep inside.  A for effort, but it wasn't really working – not with his cold so set in and deep inside, those insidious viruses working to irritate and multiply so they could spread in a massive spraying cloud across all these poor people.  That was how Rej imagined it, anyway – that he was fighting against them, trying to keep from spreading this cold to others, never mind the damage his sneeze alone would cause.  At this point, after his sneezes destroyed his friend's room, he was feeling pretty moist, and he thought it would likely get pretty messy from this point onward.

“Haaah...” His eyes started to swim, unfocusing as his brow scrunched, muzzle rippling with irritation.  The crew was only about seventy, maybe eighty percent finished with the job, but poor Reggie just couldn't hold on any longer.  He had to sneeze so badly he thought his nostrils were vibrating!

“Aaaaaaah...!” the wolf gave another gasp, his grip on the crane starting to slip as his maw fell open, terrifying the crew, who cried, “N-no, wait, please, please don't sneeze! You can hold it! Turn your head, turn your head!” They called out various things, that he should tuck his snout into his shirt or that he should stifle it.  None of these were going to work, none were a realistic option.  Not with such a big wolf and such a boisterous sneeze.

The crewman riding his muzzle tried to slide off, the long snout with the bulbous, widely-flared tip tilting upwards, teeth and tongue visible to all as he gasped again.

“HAAAAAAAAAAAAH...” Rej's eyes squeezed shut and he let go of the crane, the rest of the load crashing and clattering to the ground as men dived out of the way, rolling into piping or beneath the kneeling wolf to get clear.

The wolf's hand came up to squeeze his snout, nostrils fighting against his pinching fingers and struggling to stay open, squelching as he kneaded them.  Everyone stopped and stared at him, wondering if he had done it, if he was able to suppress the enormous sneeze that was doubtlessly building inside him.

“GhhhEEEH... GNNnhhhgnnkkhhh... Hhgggeeehh... aaAAeEeeeeh!” Rej struggled, his long nose high in the air, ready to snap down and unleash a wave of destruction that would surely level this site.  Crew taking cover stared at him with bated breath, each of them praying, 'Don't sneeze, please don't let him sneeze.'

But the wolf couldn't contain it any longer.  Snapping down with a spray that was propelled by an absolutely massive gust of wind, his nose exploded like a bomb.

“EEEEEEHHHHHHH-SSSSCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOO!!” metal creaked, wood was blown to splinters, and machinery rolled back as the site was doused in a forceful mist... but everything was still standing.  They breathed a sigh of relief.

At least until Rej sneezed again.

“Guh... Gunna... B-be... a bih—bii---EEEEEH- EEEEEEKKKKTTTTTTTTTCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHFFFFFFFFFFF!” a second sneeze blasted over everything, blowing like a hurricane along with a thick rope of snot that burst out of him, gumming up the crane treads as the half-built structure came tumbling down with a huge cloud of dust and debris, luckily blown away from the wolf by his own explosive sneezes.  The crew were hanging on for dear life, some of them blown away out of sight by the burst of gale-force winds.

“Wuh... Wuhhnn muh... muh-more... I'm... S-so sorr... sorreh... sor—rrrruuuh... RUUU-UUH...” The wolf looked dazed, kneeling as he sneezed and sneezed, rubbing at his dripping nose as he let it all loose, blasting what was probably billions of germs all over the people here, doubtlessly igniting an epidemic as he infected everyone nearby with his massive cold sneezes.

“RRRUUHHEETTTSCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHUUU!” This final sneeze splattered what was left of the site with big gobbets of snot, fairly small to the wolf but to the normal sized folks, as big as beach balls.  That sneeze, concentrated, might have been able to fill a swimming pool – of course, a pool wasn't even as big as Rej's huge nose, not with all that space in his muzzle, so it made sense.

Panting, gasping for breath, Rej clutched his nose with both hands, blushing, ears folded back as he saw the destruction he had caused, and heard the jeers and screams of the workmen, enraged at all their hard work being lost, echoing up to him.

“Um... Sorry.  I'm... I'm s-so sorry.” Snuffling, he stood and tried to scuttle away as fast as possible, wondering where he could go to deal with this cold... his eyes scanned the horizon, and then he saw it.

That factory.  The smog from that factory was what had irritated his nose so much – it was awful.  All the pollution around here... it wasn't just him getting sick.  It was affecting everyone's health.

“Maybe... I can do some good after all...” The big wolf started to make his way toward it, gears turning in his head, and a tickle brewing in his snout.

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What is 'CYOA-pos?' I am unfamiliar with that tag.

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Huh, how about that? I too, wished that it had ended differently.  I don't know who the characters are, but yes, well done.

Art, Art, and Art! / Re: [F, Horse] Ain't even trying to contain it
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Of course not, horse nostrils are far too broad to contain!

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Nice.  Again I'm intrigued by your use of color.

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