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I Found Something! / Re: Munki and Trunk[F Elephant]
« on: August 04, 2018, 06:39:40 PM »
So, this got copyright struck and I have been looking around, trying to see how to get it.  It is, apparently, not for sale anywhere? I mean, AMAZON doesn't have a listing.  Their web site doesn't have a listing.  It's possibly a subscription-only Youtube service?

Art, Art, and Art! / Re: Just My Luck (f, elephant)
« on: July 25, 2018, 11:18:03 PM »
I don't think I've seen you draw an elephant before, it's very cute.  I love the thick trunk.  Somehow it just imparts a feeling of... huggability.

Haaaah, that is cute.  Earthbound is great.

Writer's Den / Re: Jurassic Tickle (Male Tyrannosaur)
« on: July 10, 2018, 11:35:53 PM »
I can only think of a dinosaur mafia now.

Heh heh heh.  I thought that was a nice original story, and I liked the segue from your previous one.

Art, Art, and Art! / Re: Pop Goes the Sneezle (f)
« on: June 13, 2018, 01:55:51 AM »
I'll be honest, I was totally expecting her to sneeze a big bubble gum bubble.  Lol.

Hey, bonus!

[Rejoicing intensifies]

Commission Cave / Story suggestions welcome
« on: May 22, 2018, 09:42:58 PM »
Not sure if this is exactly the place? (FS help me out here if it doesn’t belong) but I’m seeking inspiration. I’ve been getting involved in the community again after a while because I love you guys, and I’m wanting to write more.

Obviously I’m not promising to do it, but if you’d like to leave an idea here feel free. I’ve also been getting into what I like to think of as cooperative storytelling, so if any artists would be interested in working to make a story that has images or wants me to write a story to go along with something they drew, feel free to drop a line.

I’ve had some issues with commissions in the past, so I’m not really looking to exchange my writing skills for money, but I guess that isn’t entirely off the table. Let’s try this first and see what happens. Just to reiterate, I’m not saying if you leave an idea here I will definitely do it.  Maybe I should call it the inspiration board?

Writer's Den / [F + Anthro + Allergies + Wolf] Terri Mowing
« on: May 22, 2018, 04:52:01 AM »
Erudi recently inspired me to write something clean and wholesome for a change.  Also involving canines.  So I did a thing... that might become a series? We'll have to see if it's any good.  I can see like... 'Terri Gardening' and 'Terri Dusting', things like that.  Basically I wanted to create a character who tends to mess everything up due to large sneezes.


Terri was almost finished mowing the lawn when a deep tingling sensation blossomed from what felt like the inside of her face.

“Mrr...” she whined, staring at the large, gray and white muzzle that protruded before her eyes, her big, wet nose twitching a bit before she refocused on avoiding lawn obstacles such as stones, trees, and flower beds.  Her pointed ears flapped down for a moment and then back up as she narrowly avoided crashing one of the riding mower's wheels into a rock formation that outlined the boundary between lawn and garden. “Eep!”

Back on track again, the wolf sighed and blinked, trying to clear the tears that were welling up in her eyes.  “Haeh...” No, there was no fighting it at this point... she was almost done, too! It wasn't fair.  Cut grass smelled so good, why did it have to make her sneeze?

“Aaaah...!” her chest thrust out, overalls covering a plain white cotton tee, little fragments of grass and other vegetation resting here and there.  Raising an arm in front of her face, Terri tried to press her snout against the crook of her elbow, feeling her cold and wet nose press into the fur there just in time for her body to convulse, paws lifting up and then slamming down onto the deck of the mower, one hand clenching the wheel as her eyes squeezed shut and -

“CHHEEEESHHHHeeehh!” she sneezed hard, spray flying from her lips around the shielding arm and nose leaving a long wet trail on her fur as her nostrils flared and twitched open, sniffing a bit as she felt some runniness following her sneeze.

“Bleeeh, it's all over my arm...” She tried not to think about it as she continued mowing, but before long the sweet scent of grass and the stuffy tingling feeling built up again.

“H-HHEHh-eh...!” Her chest heaved, and she adopted a dazed expression, that burning feeling of needing to sneeze but somehow not quite being able to grasp it filling her snout.

“HAEH... AEEHH...” She puffed and gasped, nose wrinkling as her nares twitched again, nearly there.  “S-So... C-cluh-hoo-hose...” She whined again, the wolf rubbing her nostrils and becoming more and more filled with the need to sneeze.  “G-gah-hahtta sne-eeze...” shutting her eyes with a tormented, miserable expression she tried to breathe deeply, but was unable to regulate it and ended up gasping, wheezing and letting out each breath, until finally, blissfully, she managed to bring that tickle to a peak.

“HHHHHHHAAAAAHH...” Like a fire finally gathering enough air to ignite, she burst with a spray of wind and wetness, “-SSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHUUUU!”  sniffling, she sighed, rubbing her nose with an audible squelch as she felt a strong sense of relief, her body having bent forward and misting her mower as she pushed out all the built up air in her lungs. “Oh gosh, that was a big- WHOOP!”

With a clonk and a groan, the klutz ran her mower right into a tree, breaking the deck and causing her to shut her eyes again as she shut off the busted machine.  “Aw, man...”

Snuffling as she wiped her broad nose with the back of her hand, the wolf headed for the garage to see if she still had any spare parts from the last time she'd sneezed... and run into a rock.

Her tail hanging low as she strode away, another gasping “H-HA-HAAATCHHHHHHIIEW!” could be heard, a cloud of mist gently sinking towards the ground as the wolf sneezed yet again.

I missed this the first time, this is so cute! What a big sneeze hehe.

I'd also kind of forgotten that this is a thing.  This type of kink.

Those are so cute.  I love the big noses X3

And the library one has some great expressions.  Failing to hold back is always a fun scenario.


Don't try A Small Orange, ever since they got acquired by some company they're terrible.

Wow, these are some of the best comments I've ever gotten.  They're very descriptive.  This is exactly the kind of thing that lets me know people are interested.

I still got the errors even with the chat gone.

Hey, neat!

So yeah here's some more trashy elephant sneezing stuff.  I was going to make it longer, and have all this sexy stuff in it, but... I don't know.  Somehow, it didn't seem BETTER for what I was adding.

I cut the part with the sex for now, but I might add it on later as a part 2 if I find a good way to make it work... So at the moment it's kind of a giant teasy cliffhanger!


Elephant x Human College thing – Craig and Donovan

Donovan's cracked, baleful eye pierced the luminous red numbers hanging at 7:59 to the side of his bed.  Any moment now, that accursed wail would try to wrest him from his warm cocoon, where he had, as usual, somehow woken up just before his alarm, tightly wadded in blankets, a body pillow stuffed between his legs and propping up his chin.  Slowly, cautiously, he uncoiled his long, lanky body, muscles creaking with stiffness and stretching gloriously after having been curled up all night – a position he always seemed to end up in, tightly curled and tangled in his bedclothes.

Quick as a striking snake, he slapped the button on top of the alarm clock just as it started to cry out, BEE- and was silenced.

Then, his morning ritual completed, he relaxed a bit, and let his eyes blink open more, the ambient sounds of the small dorm room coming together.  Across the room snored his lumbering roommate, Craig.  The snoring... well, hopefully it was nothing, but oftentimes when Craig was snoring it meant something was up with his trunk...

Craig was an elephant, and his massive form was draped across his bed more than he was laying in it.  His trunk was dangling off the side a bit, and Donovan watched it closely as the big guy breathed.  Continuing his appraisal, he noticed that Craig was also... well... seriously erect.  Damn.

It happens – you live with a guy for a few years, you're gonna see some stuff after all.  Donovan was no stranger to morning wood, it was something all guys had to deal with... he knew he shouldn't stare, but the way that the elephant's blankets just tented up like that was simply incredible.  Maybe one of these days he'd finally get the courage to ask if... heh, no way that would happen.

Ignoring his silenced alarm, Donovan felt himself staring despite himself.  That was a morning redwood.  It was a pillar, hidden tantalizingly behind thin sheets.  Craig's cock had to be at least a tight fist's circumference, and it was standing so proud right now it must top a foot... something no woman could ever appreciate, no doubt.  Well... maybe an elephant's pussy was just a lot bigger? He'd never really given it much thought. 

The elephant gave a particularly loud snore, and Donovan knew he should get up... Craig'd be up before too long... heh, not that he wasn't already up.  The tall human chuckled softly to himself, smothering his laughter in his pillows.

Come to think of it... not like he was always paying attention to it or anything, but... Craig had seemed to have quite a lot of 'early rises' lately... poor guy was in the middle of exams, he probably hadn't been able to uh... well, come to think of it, Donovan had always been in the room lately, so... hm.  Yeah.

Speaking of leaving the room and biology, he quietly slithered out of bed, into his robe and shower slippers, and went to get certain morning rituals taken care of.

When he got back, his roommate was still sleeping soundly, which wasn't out of the ordinary.  Some people don't like waking up before noon, after all, and Craig was one of them.  Well, maybe he wasn't quite that bad.

In fact, the beast seemed to be stirring! Hide the children! Donovan snorted at this absurd thought, watching his roommate awaken as he sank back onto his bed, damp hair getting flicked back as he drew his robe tighter.

“Mmnffhh... snf... hh... nnnnnnh.”  With creaks and groans from his bed, the elephant made himself partially vertical, his earlier raging erection having gone down to a simple bulge, which was pretty much unavoidable for a guy as big as Craig.  Rubbing the tip of his trunk with the palm of his hand, he blinked in the morning light and yawned, reaching with his other hand for a pair of those tight silky boxers he tended to enjoy.

Maybe it was just his currently overactive imagination, but he could have sworn he saw a little shiver run through the big male's frame as he tugged the fabric up – perhaps an enticing little swipe across sensitive regions...

“Morn'n dude.  M... yeah, m'gonna sneeze...” Craig's rough morning voice rumbled out to Donovan, warning of the impending disaster.  “Trunk's all... itchy.” He blinked again, slowly, and squirmed over to the window that his bed was pressed up against.  Small room, and Craig really needed the windows more.  There was one right by his head – he slid it open and lay on his side, sticking his trunk out. 

A tall llama lass stood on the front lawn of the dorm, having set up her laundry there to dry.  She waved up, calling out, “Morning, Craig!” He gave her a shaky wave back with his trunk.  She was a strange, bubbly woman who was always ready for the mornings.  Taking a few steps back, she waited for the inevitable – her own quick-dry laundry service.

Craig had a mild fur allergy, which is why he and Donovan had been placed together for rooming.  The elephant's enormous sneezes would have caused a bit of a problem if he had a roommate he was allergic to, and the administration had been kind.

His trunk wiggled and twitched, nostrils flaring as the mild tingle that had bothered him into awakening spread slowly up the length of his sinuous snout, taking its sweet time and making Craig's eyes water.

After a bit of awkward silence, Donovan spoke up, rising to walk over.  “Feeling sneezy, huh? That uh... that's rough, first thing in the morning.”

Turning his head a bit, Craig just blinked as his roommate sidled over to his desk and sat down, a little nearer than he had been.  “Um... yeah... it's a slow one, pretty annoying.” What a weird thing to say, though.  Craig sneezed all the time, and yeah, he had to be careful about it, but it wasn't like it was a new thing... he froze for a second.  Did Don know about his little... issue? No, he couldn't... he was lying on his side with his back to him, there's no way he knew... that the tingling itch that crawled through his sensitive trunk often made him react... downstairs.

It was a very sensitive organ! And when he rubbed it... it just felt so fantastic.  He was preventing himself from doing so now, wanting to get this sneeze out... sneezing felt even better.  It didn't happen every time, but now, when he was all warm from sleeping, still in bed... oh god he was getting the biggest, hardest erection just thinking about it.

From Donovan's new point of view, he saw Craig shift a little bit, and... did he seem to be blushing? But then he had to cross his legs, because the elephant finally started to gasp in earnest, his boding tensing up as he clutched his bedclothes and pillows – he had a body pillow to prevent his huge body from banging into the wall next to his bed constantly, and he had a death grip on it right now - “AH.... H-hhAHH... Oh... g-gonna sn-snee-hee... I got... Gota-ah-ah... gottasneeeheeee---”
He began to mutter, almost seeming to plead with his trunk to let him sneeze as his forehead wrinkled in the cutest (What was that?) way, trunk scrunching up and shivering as it started rising from where it had rested against the outside of the building.

Outside, Kelly looked pleased.  Craig was so reliable – she could see his nostrils quivering from here, he was definitely going to sneeze.  And then her laundry would be dry! In under five minutes.  What a great lifehack.

Back up in the room, Don was making quite an interested face, one might say he was rapt as he stared at his roomie.  Strangely, he was still gasping for breath, then letting it out, then gasping deeply again...

“EHH... HH-hHAH... hh.. HHUUH... Nnhgh... HH-HAAAH.... fuck!” He growled, his trunk flopping around against the side of the window as he struggled to sneeze, feeling like his trunk was a burning fuse that stubbornly avoided burning all the way down.  There was that special spot deep in the base of his trunk, that prickly feeling he felt just before he sneezed... and it wasn't there! It was just itchy as hell!

“Um... you all right?” Craig heard his friend's voice right behind him, but he was trapped in a loop of nearly-sneezing and could only try to stammer out a reply.

“C-cah-can't sn-HEHE... sneeze! It's... ah... AH... AH...! FUCK! It's st-stuh-huuuh... hUuUUUh... ngk... I need to sneeze dammit! Agh!” he tried rubbing the tip of his trunk, but that only made the tickle back down even more, creating a maddening buzz in his nostrils.  Just when he accepted that he was going to be trapped in this hell forever, he felt something touch his trunk right near the base.  Through watery eyes he saw Donovan's finger lightly stroke toward his forehead, creating an enormous tickle and making his trunk quiver and bend into a tight S-bend, just before he received a few sharp taps from that soft, warm finger.

“GHUUUUUH...” He felt himself lose control of his body entirely as he filled his lungs to bursting, then immediately thrust out his trunk and bent forward, sneezing as hard as he could, blasting the front lawn with waves of high pressure air and wind, which exactly one person enjoyed thoroughly as she watched her laundry billow and held herself against the powerful wind.

“TTTTCHHHHHHHHH-HOOOOOOOOO!” blessed relief... finally... his head swimming, Craig rolled onto his back, panting, his eyes shut as he gasped for breath, rubbing and rubbing and rubbing some more at his trunk, so glad to be rid of that awful itch that he failed entirely to remember that he was currently pitching the biggest tent in the building, his silky boxers stretched tight over his bound cock, straining upward, yearning to be free so it could tower over its domain.  The curve of his balls was visible as well, the undergarments being stretched so tight they pretty much didn't hide anything, the tip of his dick peeking out of his waistband, a little shiny pink head dripping a fat bead of pre.

After a few moments of peace and bliss, Craig remembered this situation when his cock throbbed and twitched, reminding him of its presence.  “Ohfuck” his eyes jolted open and he snatched at his blankets, swiftly rolling over to hide it.

“Hah, uh, sorry about that man, I didn't mean... Uh... you know, how it is... mornings... you get it...” and the elephant started spouting excuses until he saw that Donovan was blushing, sporting a considerable boner of his own beneath his robe that even the heavy fabric couldn't hide, and speaking.

“I mean... I can help with that too, if you want... I think I did a pretty good job with your upper trunk.  Offer's open, is what... I'm... saying...”

There was a pretty awkward moment of silence as they stared at each other, growing more and more red, saying nothing... until Craig slowly rolled over and sat up, propping himself back on his pillows and letting the blanket fall aside.  “Door's locked, right?”

His bare chest was slowly rising and falling, a heaving motion that was audible as air flowed through his trunk.  His body was pretty much chiseled from stone, perks of being an elephant you were almost pure muscle no matter what.  His dick was still mostly hidden within those boxers, but that only made the sight all the more alluring, knowing what was under there, waiting to be released.

Don quickly glided over to the bed and joined his roommate, shutting the window and drawing the blinds, but not before a blushing llama headed back to her dorm with her dried laundry to start writing some fan-fiction.

I Found Something! / Re: Munki and Trunk[F Elephant]
« on: April 25, 2018, 12:00:58 AM »
Someone's one of us... XD

Unarchived Stories / Re: [F + Mature] Alice, Fruit Bat*
« on: April 21, 2018, 04:58:55 PM »
Four years later, I realize there's a typo in this and fix it.

Yeah all right.  Thanks for all your hard work.


Piggy... bless you.

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