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I Found Something! / Re: [M +dog] New Scooby Sneeze Clip
« on: June 05, 2018, 11:47:07 AM »
Just when you think you seen it all, more fetish fuel!

(I added that more as a 'maybe...?' when I titled it. But I agree with you.)

I Found Something! / [M +dog] New Scooby Sneeze Clip
« on: June 05, 2018, 11:38:03 AM »
Haven't been here for a while, but I found a recently uploaded Scooby clip I had to share! It's obviously one from an older series, but i don't recognize it. ('13 ghosts' maybe?)

This is the 1st time I've ever seen Scooby's nose deliberately tickle tortued! Being stuck, teasing, big build up, lot of stuff to love here!

Writer's Den / Re: (Disney + M + Non-anthro + Dog) Copper's Challenge
« on: October 16, 2017, 07:13:15 AM »
I'll admit it's a bit sad, but I didn't want this moment of indugance to feel too out of place here. I'll just have to make my next story less sad.  ;)

Thanks for reading, Chikara!

Writer's Den / (Disney + M + Non-anthro + Dog) Copper's Challenge
« on: September 19, 2017, 10:51:02 AM »

So... I've had a LOT of personal issues happening to me in the past couple of years. So much that writing took a VERY back seat to literally everything else. The other day I was going through my files and found a bunch of stories I started before things got crazy. Now that things have cooled down, my goal is to finish these stories by the end of the year with this being the 1st of the pile.

This is essentially a fanfic inspired by Disney's 'The Fox and The Hound,' one of my favorite childhood films. This is supposed to act as a "missing scene" during one of the saddest parts in the movie. (Although the whole film is honestly just... really sad anyway.) If you have read my other stories, then you know it will take a bit before getting into the good part.  ;)  If you have seen this movie, then you may recognize this scene and know we have to get passed some angst first. :(

Any mistakes displayed are my own. Enjoy!

   “Tod…Those days are over. I-I’m a hunting dog now.”

Tod withdrew back slightly as the hound turned away from him, eyes wide and mouth hung open. The young fox couldn’t believe his old friend had actually said that! It wasn’t like he didn’t know what Copper was, what he was supposed to be. Still, it was one thing to hear from Big Mama and another to hear it from the dog in question. Slowly his mouth closed and his ears flattened as he bent his head down in sorrow.

It certainly wasn’t easy for the hound either. Copper knew what he said was cruel, but it was also the harsh truth. They weren’t ignorant pups anymore. They couldn’t just ignore their true nature, no matter how much they wanted to. He looked at Tod one last time before sighing as he turned and walked away; he couldn’t bear to look at his… former friend anymore. He didn’t get very far before something bumped against his shoulder and a familiar scent invaded his nose. Opening his eyes revealed the fox had moved closer to him, his dark red paw held up in the air and his expression no better than before.

Tod opened his mouth, then closed it, then repeated those two actions several times. He tried to think of something, anything to make this situation better. Maybe even make Copper take back what he said. Yet deep down he knew it was unlikely. His friend was naturally honest to a fault and would not have said something he didn’t mean. The fox let his eyes wander as he slipped deeper and deeper in thought. Eventually, they wandered to the old house where something seemed just a little off... “Hey, I thought the hun - I mean your master- was usually in bed by now.”

Copper turned his eyes towards the house and saw what caught his… former friend’s attention. There was light pouring out of the window of the small room where the Master made his den. It was not unusual for the Master to wake up every now and then during the night. He was a light sleeper, much like Chief and even himself nowadays. A hunter must always be ready for anything, after all. Usually his master would be up and wander around the house for a few minutes before making his way back to his bed to get more rest. “He was and now he’s out of it.” The hound stressed his words, hoped his… former friend would take the hint and leave while he was still safe.

Judging by the mischievous gleam that developed in Tod’s bright eyes, he probably didn’t get the message. Or he did and just decided to ignore it; which was just as likely. A smile slowly started to grow on the young fox’s face. Copper had the sneaking suspicion whatever was about to happen next was not going to end for either of them. “Hey Copper,” Tod shifted slightly on his paws and his tail switched a bit, trying to curb his growing excitement. “What would say to maybe playing a game…for old time’s sake?”

“I don’t think now is a good time, Tod!” Copper whisper – yelled with narrowed eyes, already worried with his patience now tested by the fox’s wandering mind.

“I know – I know! Just real quick, alright? It won’t take long, I’m sure of it!”  The suddenly restless fox began to sway and his tail switched a little faster.

The hound slowly took a deep breath before asking, “What sort of game?” Maybe the sooner he indulged... former friend, the sooner he would leave.

Tod tilted his head as his smile, if possible, grew wider as he explained, “Why our most favorite game of course!”

Copper’s eyes instinctively darted towards the soft bundle of fur that made up the other’s bushy tail. His nose twitched in protest of what was about to happen; it had a good scent of the fox already and didn’t need any part of the pelt touching it. The hound knew exactly what Tod was talking about and now knew for certain this was not going to end well for them. Copper also knew that his companion was not going to be talked out of this. Once Tod got an idea into his head, it was near impossible to redirect him elsewhere. Especially when there was a chance the results could be in his favor.

Tod made no secret of his fascination with the hound’s nose and its capabilities during their youth. Hide and seek, chasing grasshoppers, and identifying different scents were games they frequently played to test him and his abilities. Their most frequent game they engaged in originally began as an accident. One day as he tried to pick up a trail of a bug they were following, Copper sniffed a little too close to the fox’s tail. His nose immediately began to itch as fur twitched against his nostrils. The itch became so great that he couldn’t focus on anything but his twitching nose. Tod noticed the wiggling nose and thinking quickly, swiped his tail all over his companion’s muzzle. The resulting sneeze cleared away the itch and any overwhelming scents that had built up inside. The sense of relief Copper felt must have been obvious because the fox cub had laughed and offered to do it again anytime. ‘Anytime’ came just a little bit later when the pair ran through a small dandelion patch and a few soft seeds burrowed inside Coppers nose. As Tod prepared to torment his nose, the puppy had a strange thought: what if he fought the sneeze for a while? When he felt the first brush of the tail, he did his best to hold back his sneeze. When it finally happened, Tod claimed it took about 30 seconds for him to give in. Copper protested and said it had to have been at least one minute.

After that it became a competition: Tod would tickle Copper’s nose and the latter would resist for as long as he could. If Copper sneezed then the fox won. If Tod got tired and gave up before a sneeze occurred, then the hound won. Well, if you could call having an irritated nose with the constant feeling of prickling all over the place ‘winning’. The puppy quickly figured out that no matter who lost, the fox always won. Not that it ever bothered him much. He rather enjoyed the sweet release of a great sneeze and the wonderful cleansing sensation it brought.     

But now was not the time for this… Copper looked at the fox in front of him, hoping he would understand how much of a horrible idea this was. His must have been clear because Tod quickly and somewhat quietly explained, “I just wanted to see if you improved since.... I mean…it’s not like you can sneeze whenever you want to on a hunt. Maybe some of your training has helped you.” The large bushy tail continued to twist and twirl despite Tod’s best efforts to settle down. The young hound was many things, but he was not foolish. He knew what Tod’s actual intentions were and as much as he didn’t want to encourage him, he would never hear the end of it if he refused. He gave another glance towards the old house behind him before facing his former friend with determination.
“Alright I’ll pay this game one last time, but it’s going to be different this time! We’ll do this until my Master turns that light out. If I sneeze before that happens, then you win. If I do-,” A loud snore made both animals jump, and quick glace revealed Copper’s mentor, Chief, to be the source. After checking that the older dog was still sound asleep, Copper turned to the young fox with increased resolve, “If I don’t sneeze, than I win…and you have to promise that you won’t try to see me anymore.” It was even crueler than what he had said before, but if that was what finally got Tod to listen then so be it. Times have changed and even a short visit can will dangerous. The fox stilled for a short second before slowly nodding his head and resuming his excitement-induced trembling. Tod slowly walked closer to the large hound and turned until his tail could easily reach his friend’s face. He waited for Copper to straighten up and hold his head high before he lifted his tail and gently swiped it across the large nostrils.     
Copper felt the first shivers travel down his spine as his fri – former friend took his time teasing the responsive rims. It had been a long time since he felt the great release a sneeze could give him. Before his hunting training began, he savored any tickling sensation his nose experienced because he knew what it eventually would lead to. The game preserve where the Master took the hunting dogs last the winter was filled with so many scents it always over whelmed him as a puppy. The first time he went on a hunt, it took all his self control to not wander off in search of something to irritate his nose enough to clear it. Sneezing in the middle of a hunt was forbidden and there was no way he was going to ask Chief for any help. He had no option but to learn to deal with it and press on despite the merciless tingling. And press on he did, until he was able to completely ignore his own desperation and focus on the desired target.
However, that was days ago. Now he was welcoming an assault on his sensitive nose by soft fox fur. Copper tried his hardest not to think too hard about the enticing tingles provided by the long red fuzz while his muzzle scrunched in futile effort to protect the otherwise defenseless nose. A few quick sniffles allowed some of his fri – former friend’s coat to attack the susceptible nerves head-on as loose fur was sucked inside. A small whine escaped from the hound dog’s throat as his front paws pressed deeper into the earth, resisting the urge to lift them up to rub at his nose. Copper attempted to keep his breathing shallow so the fur wouldn’t brush against the inside passages so often. Still the tail, and its owner, were persistent in their goal of teasing the convulsing nostrils and somehow continued rubbing the pulsing walls despite the canine’s efforts. The shuddering, powerful nose became wetter and soon began to drip as the game continued and the tingling slowly progressed to the back of his nose.
Oh how good a sneeze would feel right now… Shaking his head slightly Copper banished that thought as soon as it appeared. His tail began to wag in distress as the rest of his body shuddered. Large nostrils flared wider and wider, inviting more strands of fur to agitated the inflamed nasal nerves. Now was not the time to dwell on that! The hunting dog detected a small, but strong hint of strange spices deep in his tormentor's pelt, most likely from his old woman’s den where she made their food. The scent only served to increase the torturous prickling inside Copper’s nose, causing the prickles to travel deeper into the back as the spices clung to the helpless nerves that the tail couldn't reach itself. A shaky sigh escaped as his scrunched muzzle continued to be caressed from all sides by the red feather-like tail. No matter how amazing the result will be…

The young hound almost jumped out of his fur (and lost control before catching himself) when he heard that sound. He glanced at the forgotten elder hunting dog lying nearby. Even asleep, Chief was still on high alert and anything could cause him to wake up. Even a simple sneeze would have him awake and on high alert! Copper knew that if he gave into his desperation, there would be consequences for both of them. He could see through his tear-filled eyes that the older hound had continued on sleeping as if nothing was amiss. However, there was no telling how long he would continue to do so. I can’t sneeze or Chief will wake up! Copper thought as more fox fur brushed against the sensitive walls like a feather’s bristles within his wriggling nose. But I don’t know how much more of this I can take! The young hound felt his eyes flutter as the nerves along the nasal passages were lit ablaze by itchy tickles. He looked towards the house and saw his Master’s movements were slowing down and he seemed to be getting closer and closer to his bed. Copper hoped this madness was coming to an end soon. Tears were starting to travel down his cheeks and darken the dirt below while his breath began to quietly hitch. While the canine fought to control his sudden hitching, Tod slowed the pace of his tail slightly so his could get a better look at his friend’s face.
It had been such a long time since Tod last saw the young hound sneeze; he had almost forgotten how fascinating the sight was. Copper’s jaw was slack and his chest repeatedly swelled and deflated as he grew increasingly breathless. Tears rolled down the hound’s face, some catching onto the fox’s bushy tail as he drew-out the hunting dog’s (enjoyable) misery. The normally large nostrils were now massive and glistening with a hint of running mucus. Tod noticed the toes on the huge paws cling to the grass below and the anxious tail wagged so hard and fast he wondered if it was possible for it to fall off. He could hear the constant sniffling and occasional soft whines as Copper tried his best to keep it together. The fox couldn’t help but feel nostalgic at the beautiful image before him.

As his fri - former friend took a minute to examined him, Copper took another peek back at the house in time to see his Master stretch and yawn before climbing into his bed. Time seemed to stand still as the young dog waited for the light in the room to switch off. Yet the tail never stopped its delicate teasing on the writhing nose and the hound rolled his tearing eyes as the temptation to give in became even more apparent. Just a little longer… A strong flare of blissfully agonizing tickles erupted when both flaring nostrils were suddenly filled deeply with soft fur caressing all sides of the inside nasal passages. Copper’s long whine was almost too silent to be heard, almost. Just a little bit longer…
All too soon but somehow not soon enough, the Master climbed into his bed and the light gave way to darkness within seconds. Upon seeing this, Copper turned his attention to his fri - former friend to alert him of this change. He quickly found that his hitching breaths made the task almost impossible. “Toha-tah-Tod! The-heh-heh wih-sniff -hah- WINDOW!” The fox must have understood because the fluffy tail disappeared after one final slow brush against the quivering nostrils. His body continued to shiver as his nose slowly calmed down, although the tingling didn’t truly leave. Realizing Tod's scent could still tease his senses, Copper turned his head to the side. The ticklish nerves had yet to adjust to the lack of stimuli and he knew from experience that they wouldn’t for a long time. As he gained control of his hitching breaths, he could see the fox’s smile slowly fade away and his ears flatten out of the corner of his eye. It must have hit his fri - former friend just what the young canine's victory means for him. The hound’s heart weighed down on him as he continued to look, but he knew what needed to be done now. Fighting against the remaining prickles he warned, “You - you better get out of here before old Chief wakes up!”
“Ah Chief,” Tod gave a short, soft huff of a laugh before shaking head, ears still flat as he thought about their future. “He doesn’t worry me.”
Nose wriggling, Copper all but begged the fox as he insisted, “Tod, I’m serious! You’re fair game as far as he’s concerned.”
Tod barely opened his mouth to replay when a new sound filled the air: Chief’s loud barking as he tried to lunge at Tod with only the barrel’s rope to hold him back. Both the fox and hound reared back in horror as their worst fear became a reality. The following events seemed like a blur to Copper as the night wore on. Chief’s barking predicatively alerted the master, who rushed out with a shotgun in hand. He released the two dogs from their barrels and they quickly gave chase through the woods. Copper stuck close to his master sniffing out the trail while Chief ran ahead in an attempt to catch up to their target. He didn’t know how much time had passed before he came upon a pile of wood, heavy with Tod’s scent. Seeing a slight hole underneath, he looked through and saw the frightened fox stare back at him. His Master’s voice called his name while he stood there quickly thinking. He knew what would happen if Tod was caught, he saw it near everyday on the preserve after the hunting team caught their prey.
But this wasn’t just a simple prey animal. This was his…friend.
“I’ll – I’ll let you go this one time!”The hound turned around and prepared to run in a different direction. His muzzle scrunched as a small gust of wind teased his nose hairs into tingling again; reminding him of the game they had played only a short time ago. A game where they both lost in the end.
“Wait!” The dog paused and quickly turned back to the wood pile. Before he could reply, a blur of red obscured his vision and he felt the familiar sensation of too much fur deep inside his nose. Having calmed down to simply vibrating, the large muzzle quickly escalated to convulsing as the feather-soft tail furiously tickled his unprepared nasal passages. Copper let his teary eyes roll back as he sniffed deeply to encourage the merciless tease before turning away again.

He didn’t have to wait long for the explosive sneeze he had hoping for.

“Haaah...HAAAAAHHAAAAARRRRAAAAATCHOOOOO!!!” Copper dropped his head and released a long sigh as his body shuddered from the aftershocks. Just like multiple times before, his nose felt completely clear of all irritants. The leftover tingles quickly faded away from his muzzle. The canine’s whole body from his ears to his tail seemed to relax all at once in an effort to recover from the colossal sneeze. He took a slow breath so that all the forest scents didn’t come rushing in at once and overwhelm his exhausted senses. He turned back towards Tod with a relieved smile to thank him as he had done in the past.
The sound of footsteps brought him back into reality before he got a chance; reminding him of their current situation. Not is not the time for this…and there may never be a time again. As he heard his Master run closer he lifted his head and bayed towards the sky. He then took off to lead the hunter deeper into the forest, away from his old friend. He knew it was stupid, but it was the only thing he could do. He knew there was a chance of him paying for this treachery later, from both Chief and his Master. Yet in that moment he didn’t care as long as Tod had a chance of making out of this alive. He ran ahead as the fox’s scent became weaker, eager for this night to be over soon.

A wonderful sequel to an amazing story! I love how both resisting and inducing the urge was addressed in this part.

It would be amazing if this was animated one day like an actual episode, but that's just wishful thinking...😧

Anyway, excellent work!

General Chatter / Re: Canine Sneeze Trigger Poll
« on: February 02, 2017, 11:32:55 AM »
Many of the cartoons I watched when young involved sneezes via pepper or feathers. (Looney Tunes was notorious for this.) I cast my vote for feathers because I always loved how such gentle teasing led to a huge reaction. Canines, of course, already had such sensitive noses...

Unarchived Stories / [N + Werebeast + Messy] A Night Under the Moon
« on: September 29, 2015, 01:33:48 AM »
Sup everyone! Here's my first story for y'all to see. ;D I originally posted this story on the Blue Forum, but sneezyserpent highly recommended that I post it on here, too. This is the 'Improved' version since the old one had far too many mistakes for my tolerance. Anyway, enjoy and let me know what you think!

Times like these made me grateful for all the chaos in the house, it made sneaking out so much easier. With my siblings running around, my parents cleaning up after them, and my grandparents visiting to criticize their parenting skills, all I had to do was keep quiet until I was out the door! I mentally mapped out my trail as I walked into the nearby forest just beyond our fence. I explored this area often enough that such a task was no longer required, but nature was constantly changing and I would hate to get stuck in an unfamiliar spot. Soon the sky transitioned into a beautiful mix of pink, purple, and light blue tones. I could feel the sticks and leaves crunch beneath my feet as I traveled deeper. The autumn air combined with the scent of pine trees all around. The small river of rushing water could be heard just up the trail behind a small rock formation.

This beautiful gift from Mother Nature was whole reason I came out here despite the warnings from my elders. None of them had ever even been in these woods yet they still talked about the “monsters” that roamed at night. Grandpa liked to talk of how he and father joined a hunting party to capture some sort of beast terrorizing a local town near this forest a couple decades earlier. Nobody seemed willing to openly acknowledge the fact that there has never been any real evidence of abnormal animals in the woods. It didn’t matter much anymore; I grew tired of their ghost stories long ago. By the time I reached my twentieth year, I mastered the art of completely blocking their voices from my ears. Most of my time nowadays was spent learning all the secrets these woods had to offer.

Eventually, the realization came that in my quest to avoid other human beings; I traveled too far out to make it back before nightfall. I knew I would receive an earful for going out so late when I returned, but that was the least of my current problems. I sighed and leaned back against a large pine tree to consider my options. I could head back now and possibly attract unfriendly wildlife as while stumbling all over myself in the dark. The only real predators out here were the wolves that lived on the other side of the river away from people, but it was not impossible for them to cross over in search of food. My only other option would be to find some sort of shelter and wait it out until morning when I can actually see where I was stepping. I tilted my head up while continuing to think. When it slammed a bit too hard against the bark, I opened my eyes and realized the tree had some huge and sturdy looking limbs further upward.

Hmm…I’ve heard of wingless predators that often make their homes in trees. Surely it couldn’t be that difficult? Luckily, there were a few knots and branches at the bottom to help me get started. After what seemed like an eternity, I finally managed to claim a spot on a thick limb beside a cluster of branches approximately twelve to fifteen feet of the ground. (The limb seemed to hang at about three times my height, and I wasn’t very tall to begin with!) I could see that a family of birds had the same choice of home on the same limb. There was rather large nest with hints of egg shells and a few large grey feathers near the ending tip of the limb’s final branch. By the time I settled into a secure position, the sky had darkened and the first stars had begun to shine. This was the last thing I saw before tiredness caught up with me and forced my eyes to close.

When I awoke, I was greeted by the full moon above providing some light in the darkness. Crickets chirped all over the place and the air had turned cool as an occasional breeze manifested. Yep, I was definitely going to receive another lecture when I got back. Oh well, at least it’s a wonderful night and I still had the moon and stars for company. I closed my eyes and tried to fall asleep to pass some more time. Yet once they were closed, I became aware of a strange series of vibrations that traveled up the tree. They seemed to go on for a minute or two, pause for a few seconds, and then start all over again. It wasn't just one part of the tree, but the entire trunk felt the effects of the vibrations. I realized whatever was causing this must have been on the ground. Against my better judgment, I gave into my curiously and moved away from the trunk to crawl along the limb towards the birds nest. After stopping at a reasonable distance, I looked down to find the source of this strange phenomenon. Below me was a sight I doubt even the town’s most experienced hunter could claim they've seen.

On the ground was a blur of fur stained silver in the moonlight. When the creature paused a moment to stand on its hind legs, I realized this beast was far larger than any man could hope to be. The muscles within the hind legs were slender, but all the weight seemed supported by the balls and toes of a large set of paws. I knew the vibrations I felt must have been caused by the forceful pounding of those as it ran. A long, fluffy tail like that of the resident wolves swayed behind it. The powerful torso and pelvis resembled a man’s with a slim frame; one that seemed better suited for speed than for strength. Yet the large, burly arm muscles that lead to the other set of canine paws showed that strength was still abundant. A wolf’s head stood on top of the torso, although the snout seemed shorter and slightly thicker than a true wolf’s. Pointed ears twitched at the every noise and amber eyes appeared to glow as they scanned the area for any signs of life. The beast then dropped back down on all four paws and continued the dizzying circles around the tree. My eyes widened when I realized what I was staring at.

Werewolf. Lycanthrope. Predator. Monster. Beast.


I held my breath, hoping its hearing wasn't strong enough to hear the quickened pace of my heart. Of course it probably hadn't mattered; my scent was likely still on the tree from climbing. The wolf-like predator knew something was here and it was determined to discover it. I closed my eyes and begun praying to every deity I knew for a swift death when it finally decided to climb up. After a while, I became aware of a strange sound filling the air. Whatever it was, it was getting louder and it almost sounded like… sniffling? Opening my eyes revealed the animal had stopping running, but didn’t stand still. The large black nose at the end of the lycan’s snout was wriggling in every direction as it tilted upwards, nostrils flaring at a constant beat. I could see the wrinkles form on the muzzle as it scrunched when air entered through the nasal passages. A new noise joined the night’s melody: harsh breathing. The nose engaged in strong inhales of breath followed by a hint of a whining sound from the throat on the exhales. These whines became higher in pitch and quicker in frequency as the breathing cycle accelerated. The wolf’s chest expanded with each inhale, and promptly deflated as it exhaled. 

It suddenly hit me what was happening: This powerful monster of many a legend was struggling with a sneeze! My terror was forgotten for moment as I tried to control the laughter that threatened to escape from me.

The beast moved once again, startling me out of my humor. My balance shifted as a result and I was forced to relocate my hands and tighten my thighs around the limb. After securing myself, I glanced by down to find the pair of forepaws against the sides of the shuddering nose. I could see the digits were longer and thinner than a typical canine toe, but they were too short to be confused with human fingers. Short and sharp claws gleamed in the moonlight as they covered the top of the snout; yet this did nothing to stop the scrunching muzzle, twitching nose, or expanding nostrils. At last, the wolf’s breath experienced its first hitch, quickly followed by a few more. They were too quiet for me to hear, but I could see the chest expanded farther outward with each one with no signs of deflation. The head tilted back and the paws dropped to the side as it took one final breath and paused. If one saw the scene from a distance, it would seem as if the creature was about to howl at the full moon.

The next sound, however, did not come from the wolf: I was so concentrated on the scene below me that I barely heard the warning cracks from the splitting wood right beside my feet. Before my brain could process what was happening, the branch broke from the tree and took me down with it. Next thing I knew, there was wet grass and wood bits against my back and pain from my head all the way down to my butt. I groaned softly while forcing my arms to cooperate in the task of lifting myself off the ground. I rubbed the hair away from my closed eyes and found what felt like one of the large gray feather from the birds nest tangled within. I removed it from my hair and held the stem between my fingers for a moment before a large amount of force knocked me back on the ground and settled on top of me. When I managed to open my eyes, I saw a large, black, moist, canine nose about the size of my fist just above my own nose. Above the appendage was a pair of narrowed amber eyes with a darker ring of orange surrounding the pupils. A sharp set of yellow-tinted teeth were on display and the amount shown quickly grew as growls emerged from the beast’s throat. A quick glance all around made me discover the arms connected to two heavy paws that were pressing my shoulders against the ground.

The sound of my racing heart filled my ears again as I stared at this monster. Fear made my body stiffen in place as the wolfish beast began to sniff all around my upper frame, probably deciding the best place start eating. When nose reached the hand I somehow managed to keep above my head, the monster’s growls stopped and once again the nostrils began to quiver. The sniffing had triggered the soft bristles of the feather to sway and gently tickle the outer rims. Instinct caused the head to move away and the grip on my shoulders to loosen. I tried to get up, but the beast quickly realized my intention and sunk its paws firmly back down. Moving its head forward only served to make to annoying itch worse when the feather made contact again. It appeared the lycan couldn’t move its head back too far without weakening its grip on me. An idea suddenly formed in my head as I watched the nose above me wiggle. It was the strangest and probably the most stupid idea I could have thought of in that situation; but what did I have to lose? I gathered whatever courage and foolishness I needed to actually follow through with this plan and began to work.

I began making slow figure eights along the rims of the nostrils from one side to the other with the tip of the soft weapon. The resulting tics were minor and the teasing seemed far too bearable. Realizing more was needed, I brought the plume just past the rims on the inside of the beast’s left side. Five full circles were completed before switching to the right side to repeat the action. Now the nostrils began to flare, exposing a hint of the previously hidden caves inside. I could see a clear layer of mucus developing to combat the sensation. A quick glance upward revealed the wolf’s eyes. The bright amber orbs were partially covered by the upper eyelids in almost bored expression; as if the fiend was trying to say, “Really? You believe this is going to help you?” When our gazes met, a small portion of teeth slowly became visible in an action that vaguely resembled a confident sneer.

This made it even more satisfying when I suddenly stuck the feather back into the left nostril as far as I could and quickly twirled the quill this way and that between my fingers. The rims expanded far enough that I could actually see the bristles brush the entire walls inside, leaving no section safe from the tickle torture. The beast’s eyes widened, the nostril’s rims suddenly doubled in size, the muzzle scrunched as far back as it could, and that intense breathing and whining cycle from before began once again. Now I was the one smirking as the feather worked its magic. After about thirty seconds, I transitioned to the right side and subjected those walls to the same torture for the same amount of time. I repeated this cycle about three times when I felt something wet land on my check. Another drop of liquid fell on the corner of my mouth and my tongue darted out reflexively to be greeted with the taste of salt. I glanced upward and met the wolf’s eyes again.

This time they were cross-eyed, staring straight down its nose and the plume still dancing inside. Those wide amber orbs now had a dark line of fur running from the inside corner to the edge of the trembling snout. Moisture gathered from there until gravity guided the drops onto my face. The lycan had begun to shed tears as its breathing grew more violent. Clear mucus dripped from the nose as it tried to soothe the irritated nasal passages; making my task a bit more difficult than I would have preferred. The paws on my shoulders had begun to shake with the effort to continue resisting what instinct was demanding to happen. Soon a constant series of sounds came barreling from the throat: Whines, yips, sharp inhales, and the occasional sniffle created a symphony of ticklish agony. As the nasal concerto grew louder, I realized this must have been a desperate attempt at begging for mercy.

Unfortunately for this monster, mercy was the last thing on my mind.

I realized I needed to end this soon before my muscles grew too tired. Changing tactics, I began to scratch the tip of the plume along the walls as the feather twirled. For goodness sake, this nose was huge! There had to be a sensitive spot somewhere inside! Suddenly an odd noise erupted from the brute’s throat; an odd combination of a gasp and a yelp. There in the back along the right nostril’s inside wall was the key to finally escaping this furry confinement. I scratched vigorously at that site while twirling the instrument against the remaining surface. The large snout increased the force of its convulsions in a last ditch effort to dispel the feather. The river of tears continued to fall on my face in constant pace with a chain of mucus threatening to follow right behind. The only sounds made by the beast now were wet sniffles and high-pitched whines. The amber eyes were at their widest, glistening with uncontrollable distress.

Suddenly, those eyes closed and the snout opened in a quick hitching breath. Two seconds later it hitched again, strong enough for the chest to display signs of expansion. I couldn’t help but smile as I took in the view above me. The complete anguish that resulted from my work on the hypersensitive nose was simply amazing. A steady stream of tears flowed from each eye while mucus slowly exited the nostrils. The wrinkles that coated the silver muzzle seemed in danger of becoming a permanent feature. Teeth slowly became visible as the large jaw grew slack against the beast’s will. The chest swelled little by little as the powerful lungs did their best to suck in air. I felt rather proud of the beautiful image of misery I created.

Shock replaced the pride in an instant when a particularly strong inhale caused the feather to leave my fingers. I blinked and saw it now resided inside the beast’s left nostril. Two more strong inhales drove the quill deeper and deeper until it became stuck with only the barest hint of the quick portion remained visible. The wolf suddenly stiffened with eyes opened wide for a few seconds then closed again, forcing two large tears to fall.


The next inhale was the strongest yet, the furry chest expanded farther outward. This was also the first time I heard an actual sound accompany the hitch. The creature’s massive paws shook so much they fell right off and landed on the ground above them. I used this opportunity to hastily move my hands into a position to finally lift myself of the ground. My plan, however, was hindered by a few problems…


While the grip on my shoulders was finally gone, the wolfish brute was still much, much, MUCH larger than me. All the paws were planted firmly in their place by the sheer weight of the creature’s body mass. No amount of force from me was enough to move it even an inch. I was still stuck on the ground without any ability to combat all that muscle. 


As the lycan continued hitching, the furry chest expanded at the same pace while sucking in large quantities of air. Standing on all fours meant it was expanding downward. I soon became trapped by the large torso as it forced me to lie flat against the ground once again.


The angle of the monster’s head as it reared and the power behind its inhales made me realized it was probably going to double over when it finally lost control. Unfortunately, this would result in the nose landing right in front of my face!


And it was going to lose the fight. The beast’s earlier resistance, my relentless teasing, and the instrument of torture still lodged deep inside the nasal passage would guarantee that.


I had an excellent view of the effect of those last three inhales.  The inflated chest had me completely pinned to the earth. The snout opened wide to display the gruesome set of teeth. The irritated nose pointed towards the full moon above; the quill still barely visible. My eyes widened for a moment before my common sense reminded me it would be best to quickly shut them. I felt one final tear land on my cheek.


The sound that came from the lycan was a strange cross between a human’s sneeze and its well-known signature howl. Although, I was more concerned about the resulting spray all around my face and neck. I also realized after a few seconds that I no longer felt any part of the beast on top of me. Opening my eyes confirmed there was nothing above me other than the night sky. Except there was something wet and kind of sticky on the right side on my neck. Touching the object confirmed it to be the abused feather, now covered in the beast’s snot. Groaning, I sat up to find the wolf had not gone too far. It sat a few feet across from me with its arms stretched out behind it to hold up its upper body. The slim legs were bent and the tail was twitching between them. It swayed in place with glazed eyes and flattened ears while producing a noise that resembled a deep groan. The force of the beast’s sneeze somehow managed to propel it right off of me. We sat there on the ground, mirroring positions as we recovered from what was likely the strangest thing to ever happen in this forest.

Eventually, the amber eyes brightened and the lycan turned over on all four legs and shook itself like an average wolf would do. When the shaking stopped, the beast turned and stared at me with narrowed eyes. I held my breath for almost a minute before I heard a “hrumph!” and saw the muzzle scrunch and nostrils flare once more. The head faced forward again and the monster slowly walked toward the river ahead. Apparently, the mission to turn me into a meal wasn’t worth the effort anymore. I finally exhaled feeling relieved yet somehow a little insulted.

When the fluffy tail finally disappeared among the trees, I slowly stood up and brushed myself off. The feather fell from its place on my neck and dropped on top of my foot. I studied it for a brief moment before picking it up and wiping it along the grass. Carefully placing in my front pocket, I lifted my shirt to dry my face off before fixing my shirt so it covered the stem that couldn’t fit inside. Surveying my surroundings made me realize the sky had changed to a lighter shade of indigo. Looking toward the east revealed the first hints of gold peeking out from the edge of the horizon. Hmm...Perhaps the lycan left for a different reason other than wounded pride. If I started walking now, I could make it back by the time the sun completely rose! A scolding was still in the future, but the old “it would have been dangerous in the dark” excuse could help my case. I certainly was not about to tell them about my encounter with the legendary beast; their efforts in keeping me away from this wonderful place would only increase tenfold! I walked toward the house thinking of the best way to sneak inside, the feather’s large stem poking against my bare skin the entire way.

First of all, I am shocked that this character has yet to be acknowledged:

Scooby Doo is probably THE KING of animated sneezes and is very likely the whole reason many of us even know about our fetish! I remember memorizing the episodes' titles so that I always knew which ones included sneezing. Large nose, great build-ups, explosive finish, inappropriate timing...I could go on and on about this dog for hours! 

Other favorites include these guys:

I think Dog has the better nose between them, but I am rather biased towards canines anyway.  ;D  I remember an episode where Dog got sick and was sneezing from beginning to end! I can't remember if Cat ever sneezed during the show, though.

Then there's him:

Baloo is one of those characters I didn't think much about until I grew up. Suddenly he's one of my favorites!

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