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Writer's Den / Re: [M + Antro + Destruction] Lucky And The Lion
« on: March 12, 2019, 02:47:22 PM »
Yes, Mystery is a really great writer. He's done a few for me, though not sneeze related, but still very good in my opinion. His choice of words are really great, and has good pacing too. :3

Yes, Lucky's sneezes are destructively good~
I plan to commision more lucky sneezes from him in the future:3

Writer's Den / Re: [M + Antro + Destruction] Lucky And The Lion
« on: March 12, 2019, 02:03:18 PM »
Ah, I saw this one on DA! He may not be as active as he used to be, but he's still an awesome writer! Love the story, the buildup, the itch, and the sneeze of destruction XD My favourite parts are the car sneeze and the end one. I also really like his use of various sneeze-inducers. :)
Yeah mystery did an amazing job! And luckys sneezes are so good hehe

Writer's Den / [M + Antro + Destruction] Lucky And The Lion
« on: March 12, 2019, 11:17:11 AM »
(Story commission I bought from sneezyserpant/mysterysneeze and I love how it came out! I can't wait to get more stuff from them in the future!)

Steam trickled down the walls as fur plopped in a cozy, warm pool of water. A good soak was what Lucky needed at this time. Lucky was a wolf… a large, calm, strong, easy going wolf. He dwarfed the size of a lot of his friends, being much taller than a typical anthro guy. His usual attire of blue overalls and his nice looking fabric hung over a nearby rock. He usually hung out in nature like this after a big job. His garage job of fixing automobiles and odd jobs people assigned him were very draining this time of year. The chillier wind and seasonal time of year made things much more busy than he would have liked.

Lucky’s trademark sensitive nose wiggled as water slid down it. His nose was always noticeable, even while he was relaxing. His nose was large, wide, and had two round, dark, full nostrils that always were visible. His friends knew whenever his nose got twitchy, or sniffy, or scrunchy…it was time to be on alert. Lucky knew this all too well, but he had grown to be use to this type of thing. His nose didn’t bother him, and he rather liked his own nose. Sure it could cause a ruckus every once in awhile, but he wouldn’t have any other nose than his own. It was part of who he was.

The water felt really good for his thick fluffy fur. Unfortunately for him his furry ears picked up a familiar noise and Lucky bared his teeth for a moment before puffing his chest as wide as he could, the surface of the water creating small waves at the sudden change of size his long inhaling breath made. As he exhaled the breath through both nostrils his large dark nose pushed the waves of the water quickly and air visibly stroked all along the hot spring.

“No matter how many times you bug me, I won’t fight you.” A haughty, stubborn, and extremely prideful customer that Lucky had done work for recently was jealous of how strong Lucky was, not to mention how much of a reputation Lucky had built up over the time he had lived here. Lucky was a great citizen and helped plenty of people. The lion wanted the attention Lucky had, and was being very pushy about getting it.

Lucky couldn't care less about how popular he was, he just wanted to be himself and live a happy life. The lion just couldn't accept that, and the lion was getting more and more frequent in his attempts to fight Lucky to see who was better.

"Sooner or later, I'll do something that will make you change your mind..." The customer growled and bitterly stomped off. Lucky slunk deeper into the calming warm water and played through his muzzle, inhaling as much as he could and seeing how much he could handle as his furry chest got wider, fuller, and puffier. Bubbles leaked out of both wide, flared, gaping nostrils as his face was completely submerged under the warm water.

Lucky held the puffed, full chest pose for five full seconds before his nostrils couldn't take the tingly sensation of water sliding and swishing against them any longer. Lucky exhaled his puffed breath, generating a forceful stream of air that pushed the water in front of his muzzle so much that a good portion of the hot spring all around Lucky shifted position for a moment until the water made its way back to normal.

"He hee! If it wasn't for one of my newer friends, I never would have considered how much fun and how calming being in water could be. I never was much of a water kind of wolf...I hope Nautilus is doing alright."

Little did Lucky know that the lion hadn't completely left yet. He had hid himself after he had pretended to storm off. The feline thought to himself a devious scheme to make the wolf riled up enough to fight him. Maybe targeting Lucky himself wasn't the way to go...maybe...targeting someone else would make Lucky change his mind. This Nautilus person would do nicely.

Unfortunately for the lion, this plan would literally backfire. He would learn the hard way that it always was a bad idea to get Lucky riled up.

It was sweet having down time in the hot spring, but the tall wolf knew that there would be plenty to do when he got back home, not to mention the encounter with the pushy snob of a customer kind of ruined Lucky's mood. The longer the wolf stayed in the warm water, the more his muzzle twitched and wriggled as droplets of water ran along the ridges his muzzle formed. The wolf puffed his cheeks so fully that he looked like a chipmunk storing nuts. The wide, full dark nose rose higher above the water level because of his puffy cheeks, allowing Lucky enough time to make his twitchy, moving muzzle calm down a little bit.

As soon as the ripple lines disappeared from his muzzle Lucky exhaled 'gently', although with how much air he stored in his puffy cheeks the breeze that came out of his mouth made nearby plants bend and the water surface splashed in front of him. A pink embarrassed blush showed for a brief second before disappearing. He didn't mean to always be full of just happened naturally for the big guy!

Lucky stepped out of the hot spring, shook his fur like the giant canine anthro he was, and the ground thudded as he moved towards his vehicle he had taken to get to this place. His dark nostrils pulsed as he happily took in the scent of his pride and joy...and then he wriggled his entire muzzle as the scent of his vehicle mixed with the scent of fur that didn't belong to him. Someone had been here, and from how fresh the scent of fur was, it was recent.

Lucky's muzzle dipped lower and made contact with the metal of his car. Three rapid inhaling sniffling sounds were heard as the wolf used his natural sense of smell to his advantage. The large dark sniffer bounced as air seeped into each gaping dark nostril, making the padding of his nose tap on the car as it bounced. His car had been sitting out in the open for the entire time, and the metal had been absorbing how the temperature outside was.

His nose didn't like how unnatural the sensation felt, having clear air one moment and then the feeling of metal the next. To make matters even more unfortunate for the big guy, a cloud of gnats had hovered near the car before he had arrived, but when he did come almost all of the gnats flew away...almost all. One tiny individual didn't like the mountain sized figure appear and take away the peaceful mood. This gnat wanted to get the mountain to go away, so the little guy buzzed right for the spot on the 'mountain' that seemed the most vulnerable, the caves that moved in and out. Of course those caves were Lucky's massive sniffling nostrils, and when the gnat used its wings to rapidly beat against the flaring nostril on one sniff, Lucky definitely felt the tickling wings.

"H...a...wah? W-wh...whaa..why" Lucky tried to clench his mouth tightly shut, but his flaring nostrils were too irritated to let Lucky get outta this tickly situation. The nostril rim that the gnat had teased turned a pink color as it begged the nose to further the process of sweet relief. His entire nose quivered, shook, and the more it vibrated in rebellion, the more Lucky couldn't contain his nose's inhaling snuffles. His mouth may have been shut, but for the next twenty seconds as the big wolf tried his best not to lose control of himself, his chest expanded further and further.

"H...Hmmm...MM...MMPPPH...HHPPPHAA..A..." His clenched jaw finally started to have a tiny gap, and as this tiny breakthrough happened, his head tilted back, the tiny gnat flew out of the way, and his chest heaved in a massive puff of new air coming from the opening mouth.

"HAA-AAAAAAAHH...AA-AAA-AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH.........................................................." Lucky's nostrils were now bulging, his muzzle had many scrunch lines, and his chest had grown so much it looked like Lucky was even larger and taller than he usually was. The reason why he held in the urge to sneeze so long was Lucky had to force his legs below the bulging, puffy chest to move. If he had just given in, he would've unleashed one of his infamous sneezes directly on his car! It took immense concentration to even move this little bit, but Lucky succeeded. He had just barely managed to move his legs and step two steps to his right.

That held in gasp of pre-sneeze breath only was ten seconds, but it felt like a tiny eternity for the big wolf. It was so much effort to hold back!!


Bursting wind gushed out of both of his massive flaring cavelike nostrils and the stream of air that also came from his mouth at the exact same moment was like a dose of double trouble. His car may have been spared directly making contact with this windstorm of a sneeze, but his car still ended up rocking visibly from the powerful wind near it. Nearby trees next to his car split apart, grass torn from the ground, and the nearby road sign had been stripped right out from the stakes that had previously held it in place.

One of Lucky's furry paws rose up to his nose and he gave his entire muzzle a good massage, easing the tingly feelings that were lingering along it.

"*sniffle* whew. I gotta be more careful at what's around me when I try to sniff for clues." Lucky sheepishly got into his car and carefully avoided the damage he had caused.

"It's a good thing I'm not a bad guy. I'd cause a lot of trouble with my nose if things were different." Lucky was happy the way he was. He'd never go out of his way to cause harm on purpose! That was his line of thought as he drove towards his home.

While he was doing this, Nautilus had arrived before him. The friendly anthro looked visibly different from anyone else in the entire city. He was a foreigner, a good looking young man that also had...unique traits. For one thing, his tail was incredibly massive and thick compared to almost everyone else here. It wasn't just thick, but noticably curved. It stretched out behind him a long distance, but he always made sure to keep his tail as close as he could so it didn't bother anyone. The end of his tail wasn't furry, but jagged. It had two sharp points to it, but they also spread out in different directions. It was a shark tail, and he himself was a shark anthro. Unlike the movies that typically portrayed his kind, Nautilus was happy, upbeat, and friendly. His eyes had a light color to them that had a brightness that no one would ever associate with a shark. His hair was short but neat, and he had two thin arms while also having a fin pushing out of the back of his shirt.

Nautilus was a great person, and Lucky had given him plenty of opportunity to work. The shark liked his new life here in this place...but not everyone shared Lucky's good nature. Some people in the city were nervous and downright scared of the shark, while others were snobbish and mean spirited. It wasn't a new experience for the shark to be greeted with a shove that made the shark fall flat on his face in the dirt.

"Hey. You. You're Nautilus right?" The shark anthro pulled himself off the dirt and brushed himself off.

"Yessiree I am. I hope I wasn't in your way." He spoke lightly, making sure that he wouldn't offend whoever had shoved him. One thing about Nautilus was he was very submissive, not ever wanting to fight. If he did get in a fighting wasn't a good thing for himself or anyone near him. Even if he was a friendly shark...he still had dangerous shark tendencies if he was angry.

"Good. Saved me the trouble then."

"Hm? What do you mea-GHH! H-he...hey!"

"Heh. Much easier to deal with than the big guy himself." Lion fur completely covered Nautilus's neck as even if the lion was stubborn and snobbish, he was sly and clever. He knew from the moment he saw the new person that he was a shark anthro, and he had gills along his neck. As Nautilus tried to fend off the lion's grasp, his movements became more and more sluggish and limp. The lion had massive paws, and while they were covering all around the shark's neck, it got harder and harder to breath. Nautilus's curved nostrils flared, but air didn't seep into them like normal. Air did brush against his nostrils, but if his gills were covered, his nose couldn't breath in naturally. He was being suffocated and the lion knew it.

"Rest easy now." The lion kept his grip firm as the shark struggled less and less. The sound of a car approached and the lion knew who was coming. He let go, and the shark collapsed on the ground, but gasping frantic tight sounds were coming from both his nostrils and his newly freed gills along his neck. The slight puff his chest gave made the lion know that he hadn't gone too far.

"Now then. Let's see how you'll react now Lucky. If this doesn't get you to fight me, I dunno what will. Heh heh heh."

The lion purposely shook his mane, letting strands of hair and dandruff fall on the shark's body. The lion knew about how good of a sniffer the wolf had. It wouldn't take much to know who had done this deed. The lion then dashed away to his own house, retreating so there was no way any authorities would have immediate solid visible proof that he had been there.

Lucky got out of the car, casually walked to open his garage so he could get back to work, but then the big guy paused. That was strange...usually Nautilus always went out of the house to go out to great him. There was no noise at all from the garage, so it wasn't possible that the shark had been in the middle of work.

Using his large nostrils to good use, he sniffed the air multiple times, picking up the scent of his friend. Lucky literally followed his muzzle straight for where his friend was...and when the wolf laid eyes on the gasping, panting shark his pupils tightly glinted as his teeth bared.

"WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU?" Lucky bellowed, his legs carrying his tall body really fast, much more than you would expect someone of his size to move. His furry paws tenderly touched Nautilus's skin, and the big wolf lifted up his friend as easily as pulling up a bag of groceries. Lucky was really strong when his adrenaline kicked in. he was a wolf after all.

"H...hey...big buddy...h-how're ya d-doin' today?" Nautilus weakly replied to Lucky's contact.

"Stop caring about everyone else for a second Nauty! Instead of that, what are you doing flat out in the dirt? Did someone hurt you on purpose?" Lucky knew of some of the city's unease towards the shark, but never had anyone gone out of their way to do something like this!

" wa...ha...he...heeh...HTCchho!" Strands of fur flung out of both of Nautilus's curved nostrils. Even his sneeze sounded weaker than normal! Usually they had a stronger sound at the end release part of the sneeze. This weaker sound just made Lucky even more angry.

"S-sorry I sne...sneezed on was a-"

Lucky sniffed again, making the strands of fur that Nautilus had blown out of his nostrils come up towards the giant dark sniffer. Lucky quickly snorted so the fur wouldn't get sucked up into his nostrils, making the fur dart away from both of them.

"Save your strength Nauty...I know who did this to you. The nose knows."

"'re always right Lucky." The shark smiled at his friend, making the wolf's anger die down just a little bit, enough to where the wolf could smile back at the shark.

"Yep. Hang on a minute."

The wolf took the shark inside, gently tucked him in Lucky's own big bed, and made sure the shark was comfortable. It only took a few seconds for the shark to fall asleep when his shark head made contact with the soft pillow. He had been through a ton today in a very short amount of time. His entire body was exhausted.

Lucky waited until he knew for sure Nautilus was sound asleep. The big wolf didn't want the shark to know what was going to happen next. Lucky stormed to the kitchen, picked up something he knew would come in handy, and then went to his car. His massive paw jammed the key into the ignition and he put the petal to the metal as his furry foot slammed on the gas.

Lucky's car zipped along the roads like it was on fire. A policedog was on duty and was about to pull over the speeder, but as soon as the cop noticed who was behind the wheel they stopped. Lucky had helped fixed their vehicles a bunch of times before. The police could let this slide for once. Besides...Lucky never sped like this before. It must've been an emergency of some kind.

The lion was pacing his room back and forth. This was what he had wanted, a chance to fight the wolf head on. Why now of all times was he nervous? Had he gone too far with this? The shark was obviously a pushover. Surely the shark hadn't reeeaaalllly lost all breath like that. It'd make the lion be a full on criminal! Strangling anyone was an That sound...yes! Finally!

The lion knew the sound of Lucky's car. He eagerly waited for the wolf to come barging in. He waited...and waited...and waited. After a full minute the lion shrugged. Maybe it was just his imagination? If that had been Lucky the wolf certainly would have come in by now.

During that minute the lion failed to realize what was happening beyond the walls of his home. Lucky was standing still, staring at the structure of the house. The big strong wolf was looking at the pillars, the corners, the materials different parts of the house were made of. Finally he picked a spot that he knew was weaker than the other parts of the house. Lucky made certain his muzzle was facing directly on that spot.

"The story of the 3 little pigs always rubbed me the wrong way...but...I knew the story had a lot of truth in it. You'll learn the truth of that story the hard way. I'll huff...and I'll puff...and I'll blow your house down!"

The big wolf made certain that his voice carried louder on that last sentence. The lion heard that, and as the lion's head poked out of a window he looked and saw his home's the form of a little black shaker.

"Gah! W-wait! Don't YOU DARE DO IT!"

"........You should follow your own advice. You crossed a line attacking my friend. You attacked him." Lucky's big, massive body was trembling with anger as he said those words. The lion gulped, knowing that he had gone too far. That was why he had nerves earlier...and now he was gonna get what was coming to him.

The house's demise rose up. The shaker was seen hovering in front of Lucky's nose for a brief second. Then the wolf tapped the shaker. Once...twice...three times...

Each tap made a puffy puff of dark specks come out of it. Each puff seeped into one of the two huge, massive, very flared sniffly nostrils. Visible streams of air got sucked along with the peppery specks.

Four times tapped...five times tapped...then the paw holding the shaker started to shake as the sensation of pepper was beginning to overtake all of Lucky's body.

"Hh...hhhhuu...huuuhhhh..." The chest began to puff...and the big wolf definitely started to huff. His chest began to bulge, expand, and take in more and more air. With each puffing inhale his chest got wider and fuller. His overalls began to stretch as they were reaching their limit. Fur began to push out of the straps of the overalls as Lucky's body continued to expand more.

"AA...AAhh...HAAhhhhhh..." These new hitching breaths made Lucky's paw lose control of the shaker. Instead of tapping it lightly, his paw shook so much that now the shaker was continually leaking out pepper with each shake his paw did. It looked like tiny clouds of pepper were hovering around the entire muzzle before the clouds were sucked in, only to be replaced with another dose of dark clouds at the next shaking movement his paw made.


Even if Lucky was rightfully furious at the lion, he still didn't want to harm the lion directly. He was holding in his sneeze as long as possible on purpose. If the lion had any shred of intelligence, he would run away from the inevitable incoming disaster that was about to be unleashed from two bulging, flared, very itchy shapes.

The lion hated this. He knew how powerless he truly was in this situation. Everyone in the city knew of Lucky's sneezes, and there had been rumors about just how powerful his sneezes could get, but as far as the lion knew no one in the city had seen anything like this before. The lion had held his ground, but at the final long hitching breath the king of beasts had finally stripped the last shred of pride he had vanish at the sight of just how itchy and huge those flared nostrils had become.

The tall feline screamed like a rooster and booked it out of his back door. Lucky heard this and knew it was time to have sweet relief.

His chest huffed three times, one strap of his overalls snapped at just how puffy his chest had grown from so many large inhaling breaths, and the final pre-sneeze hitching motions came to be.


The giant sneeze would've made the big bad wolf himself proud. The house made of stone and brick and wood got the brunt of the wind of the sneeze slam into the right corner of the house, the blast of wind made the pillar support crack, then completely break, and the continuing push of wind made the damaging strong force continue throughout the house. Room after room the wind from the sneeze made contact with, and the poor walls of each room stood no chance at the power that this pepper sneeze had unleashed. Windows, carpet, furniture, and every other thing inside the house was hit by this sneeze's pressure, and the house couldn't withstand the impact. The roof was the final piece of the puzzle to get ruined and this caused all of the house to fall onto itself. There wasn't anything left undamaged, the home was completely desimated.

"...*sniffle* wow! That was a big one, even for me. You did good." Lucky was somewhat proud of his nose for just how well it had done its natural purpose. Like when he was in the hot spring, he rather liked his nose, even when it did get sneezy.

The lion stood from afar, horrified and shaken at the sight in front of him. How on Earth could he have even thought to fight this guy when just a sneeze could do something like this? Lucky was the bigger, stronger, and better person than he was.

"You beat me."

"It wasn't about beating you. It never was about that." Lucky turned to walk away, continuing to rub one of his furry fingers along the dark nose. "You hurt my friend and I couldn't stand it. Wolves protect our packs. Nautilus is part of my pack. Stay away from him and you are hereby banned from my garage. Get vehicle help somewhere else."

With that Lucky drove off, and that was the last time anyone had messed with Nautilus.

Art, Art, and Art! / Re: Lucky And The Orb (Wolf M)
« on: February 10, 2019, 04:49:03 AM »
Her art is so good! She's improved so much in the past few years oh my goodness. What a cute idea, a tickly massage orb. XD
May or may not be based on a real tickly massage orb X3 o3o

Art, Art, and Art! / Re: Recent Commissions! (f, various species)
« on: February 10, 2019, 04:48:06 AM »
I love the Lacie comic x3, also the last comic image with the little bit of chest inflation hehe, looks amazing x3

Art, Art, and Art! / Lucky And The Orb (Wolf M)
« on: February 07, 2019, 07:43:43 PM »
Comic from Wolfstar15 on DA of Lucky being made to sneeze by use of a massage orb x3. Posting as link causes for some reason it isnt letting me add an attachment.

General Chatter / Where to find me
« on: May 28, 2018, 09:38:42 PM »
Heyo! As some of you may have noticed I don't post here much, yeah..anyway if you want to see some more art stuffs of my sneezy wolf Lucky check out my DA or my FA I'm more active there too. Anyway that's all. Have a great day!

Commission Cave / Re: Commissions are Open!
« on: May 27, 2018, 11:26:38 AM »
Shoot me a PM I'm interested in a colored sketch!

Art, Art, and Art! / Re: [F] Husky Sketch Page
« on: April 25, 2018, 07:48:14 PM »

Art, Art, and Art! / Re: The Problem With Pepper (M, anthro, canine)
« on: April 08, 2018, 02:02:06 PM »
Love it! Came out amazing

Writer's Den / Re: [M+Anthro+Destruction] The Problem With Pepper
« on: April 01, 2018, 11:30:12 AM »
I hate to admit it, but I actually really enjoy destructive sneezes! I just love how such a small stimulant can cause such a powerful, explosive result. With that being said, I really liked this story and hope to see more like it in the future.
Yeah I like them too at least with lucky. Since it's kinda part of his who "sneezy" character lol. And yeah sneezyserpant did an amazing job writing it

Writer's Den / Re: [M+Anthro+Destruction] The Problem With Pepper
« on: April 01, 2018, 11:28:46 AM »
don't like destruction but this was very well written man nice job, I write stories too I like it
Glad you liked it! But I didn't write it. Like I said was a commission from sneezyserpant

Writer's Den / Re: [M+Anthro+Destruction] The Problem With Pepper
« on: March 31, 2018, 08:56:10 PM »
Nice story, good idea  that you put a reference to the recent comic of Lucky. I hope the town will forgive him, it's a good guy :).
Yeah sneezy did such a good job writing it, and yeah lucky a good wolf, just a big nose X3

Writer's Den / [M+Anthro+Destruction] The Problem With Pepper
« on: March 31, 2018, 05:42:37 PM »
Story commission i got from sneezyserpent featuring Lucky. Love how it came out! Hope everyone enjoys!

There once was a time when the town was blissfully unaware of the actions of one of its citizens. After today’s events…that would not be the case. With the sky being clear blue and full of sunshine, it was a lovely day that definitely did not match one person’s mood at the moment. He just hoped that the town would forgive him and everyone would move on.

Earlier that day, things were pretty normal. Lucky was the person’s name, and he was a charming, pleasant wolf. Everyone in town knew him for multiple reasons. He worked hard, treated all races in a similar manner, and was friendly. Most of the time his neighbors complemented him and his reputation for most of the year was very positive. However, each passing year as he got older the town grew more aware of the times during the year that citizens complained about him.

You see, Lucky was a wolf that was both large and tall. At 20 years old he had grown quite a lot from his cub years. Every year his height would become more noticeable, his chest fur, hands, and gray tail got longer, and his lungs become further developed. These things may be good for most anthro citizens, but because of Lucky’s tall size and his strong body, all of these things led to some unfortunate situations. The town he lived in got more and more reports of his unfortunate situations every year in regards to his nose.

Lucky had a dark, large, wonderful nose. He honestly loved how useful it was in his everyday life. He could smell anyone within a hundred feet of him, the scent of food was extremely useful for him, and he loved smelling the air during most of the year. The downside of his nose was the combination of everything about Lucky. That large, wonderful nose could, and has, done problems more often than he would like to admit, create trouble for the town.

There was one time when Lucky was working on his own car. Lucky figured that he would be perfectly fine with doing everything in his own garage space. The fumes coming from the engine were visible and at first the wolf didn’t think anything of them. Unfortunately it seemed as if the fumes targeted his senses. Lucky felt the fumes wafting up into the air and his dark nose flinched, then his muzzle lifted upwards as his large nose sniffed. The fumes invaded both the right and left nostril. The rims of his cavernous nostrils widened and pulsed into massive flaring motions. Lucky felt his forehead begin to sweat nervously as he could feel the pressure within himself building up. The pressure only had one clear way out, and Lucky knew that it was only a matter of time until the unstoppable force became unleashed. His neighbors definitely felt the consequences.

However, today was a different day than that time. There wasn’t any car fumes teasing his nostrils, and he made sure to not walk into a field of pollen. Lucky also made absolutely sure that his nose didn’t even have a trace of a cold. Lucky never WANTED to cause unfortunate situations to happen in the town. His nose just got the best of him sometimes. It just so happened that today his nose got the best of him in a huge way.
Lucky was very into cars, races, and events. He wanted to watch a lot at the same time, and he knew the best place to go for everything at once was The Roost Diner. It was the best food place in town! There were multiple TVs that had all the channels that Lucky wanted to look at. The food was excellent, and the service provided was always top notch. Lucky put on some of his usual comfortable blue overalls on, with thin straps going over his shoulders so that the front of his overalls would cover his growing hairy chest fur. Normally he would wear a hat, but today at a special restaurant he decided to just go with his fluffy tuff of fur and show off his wolf ears without anything covering any part of them.

His muzzle, long and with a mix of white and gray, was honestly a handsome looking muzzle for a wolf anthro. It was on the larger side but any wolf would immediately recognize that with a muzzle like Lucky’s muzzle, he was capable of running great distances if need be and he could handle a lot of hard work. The more a wolf could breath freely, the more likely they could achieve harder work.

Lucky finished preparing and traveled in his car to The Roost Diner. A nervous deer anthro waitress, probably around 17 years old by the look of her, timidly led Lucky to his seat near all the TVs. He noticed the deer glance at his large dark nose and he gave a small sniff. Air seeped into his nostrils and the deer’s eyes grew huge in distress. Lucky smiled in a friendly way and his breathing went to normal.

The deer sighed in relief and asked what he wanted for his order. “I want some fries, some medium rare ribs, and a side of ranch.” The deer girl nodded, gave him a glass of water to tide him over until the food arrived, and let the big wolf be absorbed into the TV programs he wanted to see.

Lucky became so focused on the TVs that he failed to notice the deer waitress bring pepper and salt shakers along with his fries. She herself had used both on the fries already, but customers were free to use more if they so desired. She just did what she usually did. Unfortunately for her, she realized too late what could happen.

Lucky smelled the delicious food and took a hefty, savory breath to get a good whiff of the aroma. As he did, his large nose seeped in air just like previously. His chest expanded a tiny bit, pressing his chest fur against the blue fabric of his overalls. The salt shaker tilted over first against the breeze caused by his sniff. This by itself wasn’t the issue. The problem was when Lucky smelled the salt scent he gave a big grin and took a deeper sniff. The second shaker tilted over, but unlike the pleasant scent of salt this shaker had a spicy kick to it…a peppery kick.

The wolf’s muzzle jerked to the right as scrunch lines creased along his entire length of the muzzle. Lucky’s breathing got unsteady, unfocused, and heavy. The poor waitress noticed this development and did what all deer do…she froze up in fear. Meanwhile, Lucky himself definitely wasn’t frozen. If anything, he was becoming more active.

“H…Hh…Hhaa…” The first noise that began with the letter a was like a countdown to a little bomb. The customers nearest to his table tilted their heads in his direction. When they saw who it was that was beginning to sneeze, they yelped in terror. The deer became unfrozen and started to book it to the restaurant doors. Others quickly followed her as Lucky’s breaths became more urgent.

“HHHaaaa-HAaaaaahhhhh…” Lucky’s fingers were twitching in front of him as his chest fur bulged outwards. That familiar pressure was growing, and just like in the garage, it was seeking an easy way out. As more air seeped into each nostril, grains of black pepper were tagging along in the air. Lucky could literally FEEL the grains as they got inhaled, poking and rubbing along the inner sensitive dark walls of his nostrils. This caused his mouth to open wider, his chest to bulge higher and larger with each passing second while more and more quantity of air whooshed into the inhaling nostrils.

“HAAAAA……AAAAAAAHHHHHHH…” With that massive inhale the left strap along his shoulder began to quiver, shake, and then completely snap. “HHHAAAAAAAA-AAAAA-AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH…” This third inhale, along with the new freedom of one side of his overalls being loose, inflated his chest to a wider degree. The poor right strap of his overall outfit did its absolute best to hang on, but it could not keep up with Lucky’s sheer pressure that had build within his furry chest. Lucky needed relief, and he needed it NOW. The right overall strap made a popping sound as it finally broke. Lucky’s poor overalls couldn’t handle his pepper sneeze.

“HHAAAAAAAACCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!” His plates, the table itself, and other objects that happened to be in front of the large wolf’s muzzle were completely blasted by his eruption of a sneeze. Every single TV, along with the wall the TVs were on, were demolished because of the impressive sneeze.

Lucky’s shoulders were hung low…there once was a time when the town was blissfully unaware of the actions of one of its citizens. After today’s events…that would not be the case. With the sky being clear blue and full of sunshine, it was a lovely day that definitely did not match one person’s mood at the moment. He just hoped that the town would forgive him and everyone would move on.

The wolf had to wait until the next morning to find out, but he was shocked to see the deer waitress in the newspaper admitting it was her fault in the first place for putting pepper near Lucky. Lucky gave a relieved smile. He would be able to continue living here in this town! Sure he wasn’t perfect, and neither were the others living here, but he was happy here and he wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

Art, Art, and Art! / Re: And I'll Huff And I'll Puff...
« on: March 28, 2018, 07:59:24 PM »
yup! he's one of my favorite artists :3

Art, Art, and Art! / Re: And I'll Huff And I'll Puff...
« on: March 28, 2018, 10:44:59 AM »

Art, Art, and Art! / Re: And I'll Huff And I'll Puff...
« on: March 20, 2018, 07:12:36 PM »
This is great.   ;D
Glad you like it!

Art, Art, and Art! / Re: And I'll Huff And I'll Puff...
« on: March 20, 2018, 06:25:36 PM »

Art, Art, and Art! / And I'll Huff And I'll Puff...
« on: March 20, 2018, 02:32:01 PM »
When you have the lung power to rival a tornado, a simple sneeze can quickly turn into a lengthy explanation as to why there's a car three houses down. And no one knows that as well as Lucky and his three pig neighbors who have had their houses damaged yet again by his sneezy antics. Now he isn't a bad wolf per say just one with a sensitive nose.

Lousy description on my part aside. This amazing piece was done by Ari-Dynamic aka Crazyassbeethoven and love it. He has always been one of my favorite artists and I am so happy to have finally gotten something from him and hope to have some more in the future.

Video Games & Anime / Re: iRacing
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Unfortunately I never used racing simulators, i hope you will find someone who use iRacing.
Same could always use new people to race with!

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