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This one is from the first short of Ep. 2. Whithers sneezes after falling into the ashes at 10:16.

TMoAH: The Phantom Footprints by GIRLoveswaffles - Dailymotion

I believe these characters have a great set of noses:

General Chatter / Re: Which do you prefer? Colds or Allergies?
« on: October 20, 2017, 04:46:23 AM »
For me, colds have a slight edge. You seem to have less control of when sneezes happen. I also love the helplessness, the red nose, and the possible contagion that usually come with them.

Mickey Mouse - Unknown - M - Pluto - Cold.avi
Mickey Mouse - Unknown - M - Pluto - Perfume.avi
Mickey Mouse - Unknown - N - Figaro - Perfume.avi

I located all three of these:

Mickey Mouse - Unknown - M - Pluto - Cold.avi: "On Ice" (1935)
It is at 5:16-5:31 at this video:

Mickey Mouse - Unknown - M - Pluto - Perfume.avi: "Society Dog Show" (1939)
It is at 2:31 at this video:

Mickey Mouse - Unknown - N - Figaro - Perfume.avi: "Bath Day" (1946)
It is at 2:05 at this video:

On the last one, you probably should classify the character as Figaro since Mickey never appears in the short.

US Acres - Unknown - M - Sheldon - Pepper.avi
US Acres - Unknown - M - Wade - Pepper.avi
US Acres - Unknown - M - Wade - Random.avi

All three of these clips are in the short "Scrambled Eggs", which is in the 16th episode of "Garfield and Friends". Also, the source of the sneezes are from industrial sneeze powder, and the egg is a baby turtle, not Sheldon. These are the time stamps for each clip in the following video,

Wade: 12:59 and 15:55-15:59
Turtle: 13:46

Digimon - Unknown - M - Gabumon - Illness - 1.avi
Digimon - Unknown - M - Gabumon - Illness - 2.avi

The clips come from episode 9, "Subzero Ice Punch!". He sneezes at 11:35, 11:53, 12:28, 12:35, 12:43 and 12:54-12:57.

Tom and Jerry - Unknown - N - Whale - Pepper.avi

This clip is from "The Great Motorboat Race." It is the third short of the 16th episode of "The Tom and Jerry Show" (1975). It is at 5:59 on this video:

Thanks to SnEeZy for that one.

General Chatter / Sonic CD - Sonic sneezing
« on: October 19, 2017, 02:45:06 AM »
In this game, there were sprites that were unused that involved Sonic sneezing that are seen here:

These sprites would have probably been used in the level Collision Chaos. There is a moth-like enemy (name was never given) that, when it flies, drops a trail of pollen, and Sonic would have sneezed when crossing it.

Also he sneezes in the opening animation of the game, but there is no sound. It is at 0:48 on this video:

I Found Something! / [Needs Clipped] George and Martha - The Cold
« on: October 18, 2017, 11:50:00 PM »
This is the first short of episode 14. Martha has to take care of George after he catches a cold.

George and Martha | The Cold/The Campout - Ep. 14 by BruceElena5000 - Dailymotion

Anton - 1:28 and 1:47
George - 3:45, 5:41 and 5:56
Martha - 11:00 and 11:28

Bugs Bunny - Unknown - M - Bugs Bunny - Snuff.avi
Bugs Bunny - Unknown - M - Elephant - Pepper.avi

I found the sources of these two clips:

The one where Bugs Bunny takes snuff is "Napoleon Bunny-Part". It is at 2:21 on this video:

The one where the elephant sneezes is "Prince Violent" or "Prince Varmint". It is at 2:58 on this video:

General Chatter / Re: Sneezing turnoffs
« on: October 18, 2017, 01:29:59 AM »
My biggest turn-off is the mucous. It just looks disgusting. I also do not like messiness, being sneezed on and unnecessarily loud sneezes.

It's funny, Furry-Sneezes, that I posted another episode from the same series within an half-hour than you did.

The sneeze from that clip that is in this video,, is at 19:41. The alien also sneezes at 11:19, 15:35, and 21:14. He has a build-up at 14:36-14:41, but Sonic uses his finger to hold it in. There might be another one at 13:21, but I am not sure if it had no sound or he was just spitting his teeth out.

I found a link to the episode:

The horse sneezes at 11:11 from the hay and at 12:55 from the sawdust in the lumber mill.

In this episode, Zack & Cody try to save Tippy the horse from being sold. The sneezing comes from the scenes when Tippy is allergic to the hair of the hotel's engineer, Arwin.

Tippy's sneezes are at 7:01, 7:03, 7:05, and 7:24.

There are two Sesame Street clips that need to be renamed:

The one titled "Ah-choo - M + F - Animals - Random" is "The Sneeze Song" and you could probably label it as "Allergy".

The one titled "Sneezing Song - N - Dog - Random" is "Achoo!" and you could label it as "Illness". The man sneezes on the dog and makes him sick. The link is here:

I Found Something! / Re: Boombah's Big Sneeze multiplus (M) Illness
« on: October 17, 2017, 04:48:02 AM »
That is a fantastic video. I like the sniffing and nose wiggling as well. I wish there was not a siren to give the sneezing more of a surprise, but it was great anyway.

I'm New Here / Hello.
« on: October 17, 2017, 03:52:49 AM »
Hello, my name is IceTheHusky, but you can call me Ice for short. I have loved sneezing and anything animal-themed for a long time. Out of all of the animals, I like equines sneezing the most, probably because of their long noses. I am learning art and writing, and hopefully I will contribute pieces of work to the archives. If you also like anything geek, I would like to talk about that too.

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