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Writer's Den / Re: [F+Destruction+Non-Anthro] Ysera Sneezing
« on: November 30, 2017, 11:59:23 PM »
Thank you for the responses, guys! I honestly didn't expect to get this much positive feedback ^^

Oooh, a WoW story. *Is playing that right now* I look forward to reading through this later. (*wonders if his WoW story was read by the writer here* :3)
Yep, I have read your story before! I enjoyed it, although it wasn't the kind of sneezefic I'd normally read.

Something I do have a question with is just me being ignorant of Wow. Does your human character have her own design or do most humans in Wow have very similar looks? I didn't know if this human had long or short hair, how tall or short she was, or almost anything about her besides her name, she is interested in sneezes, and that she use to wear armor but choose not to wear any during this sneezy adventure.
Ah, I didn't really focus too much on describing Catherin. In my mind, I ssw her as having long, brown hair, tied back in maybe a ponytail or a bun, but I decided to leave it open to the reader's interpretation. Feel free to see her however you like, although I might bear in mind adding a more detailed description of my characters if I decide to write again in the future.

Writer's Den / [F+Destruction+Non-Anthro] Ysera Sneezing
« on: November 28, 2017, 11:54:42 PM »
Hello there! This is my first story, so please let me know how it turns out!
Ysera is a dragon from World of Warcraft

Catherin dismounted from her gryphon, her feet landing onto soft grass. Around her, verdant flowers slept amongst high-reaching pines, upon the branches of which perched emerald sentinels. They were stiff, unmoving; the birds would not attack her like they did the last time she was here, so she had not bothered to bring any armour with her. She still kept her sword by her side, though. 
Lashers, strange, animated flowers, had either nestled themselves into the ground with the more innocent-looking plants or were roaming around freely. None of them paid attention to her, so she turned from her gryphon, approaching the large lake in the middle of the garden.

This was the Emerald Dragonshrine. A beautiful place, dotted with fauna that would not be found anywhere else on the continent. A statue of a man's torso (or whatever creature it might of been) stood by the lake and watched over the elegant dragon that slumbered in the water.
Catherin breathed out a breath she didn't know she was holding. She was still here, then, and still asleep. The woman mentally scolded herself. Of course she was still here, and of course she'd still be asleep! After all, the behemoth's name was Ysera, and she was the Aspect of the Green Dragonflight. It was her duty to lay in rest and watch over the Emerald Dream, and the other green dragon she had met back at Wyrmrest Temple had told her she had not woken in many years.

She hoped she would not wake now. The warrior edged towards the water, appreciating just how huge the dragon was. Ysera's head may of been resting on the land, but the rest of her body was laying in water that barely reached the top of her paws. The much smaller human would of been fully submerged at that depth.
Cautiously, she walked towards the Aspect, checking around to see if anybody else was there. There were only the lashers and the sentinels, and she knew that the grove keeper had left some time ago on errands Catherin wasn't fully aware of but knew would take a while.

No, it was just her and Ysera. Standing before the great dragon, the warrior felt slightly cowed; but nethertheless, she allowed her hand to grace across the ethereal scales on the side of the green's snout. Feeling more confident, she grabbed hold of some of them and began to climb up her face.
Ysera gave a small rumble and a sigh. It was alarming to hear just how loud it was, even though it was relatively quiet to such a huge creature.

She had reached the top. The human carefully shuffled down, perching herself on the very tip of the dragon's muzzle. It wasn't particularly high up; maybe about six feet or so off of the ground.
Catherin glanced behind her, making sure that both eyes were firmly shut, before she reached around to bring her backpack in front of her.

Although she wouldn't willingly admit it to everyone, Catherin was curious about dragons. More particularly, their sneezes. She had never seen a dragon sneeze before; all of the ones she had met had either been incredibly haughty or in a human form. But now, she had an opportunity. And what better way to see how destructive a dragon's sneeze could be, than from one of the greatest dragons in existence?

She turned around, eyeing the nostril on her right. It was a decent size, but not quite big enough for her to fit in. Yet.
Rummaging around in her bag, she brought out a small flask. Inside of it was a volatile yellow-green liquid. Carefully, Catherin uncorked it and took a couple of sips. For a moment, nothing happened, but then suddenly everything around her seemed to grow.

The warrior corked the flask again, and put it back inside the bag. The pygmy oil would last for a few hours, although it wasn't as if she needed it for that long.
Inside of her bag was a feather from her gryphon, as well as some heavily pollen-filled flowers that she had haggled for from a set of particularly stuffy herbalists. Each, along with a pepper shaker, were tied onto her belt. She would have to leave her backpack on Ysera's snout, as she wouldn't be able to carry it properly at this size.

The human got up, walking over to the nostril she had been looking at before.
Previously, she might of just been able to fit if she had crawled; but now, she had shrunk quite considerably and was able to fit in with plenty of space to spare.
A thought hadn't once gone through her head that had told her that this'd be easy. She did not, however, expect the brief jump that the dragon's maw gave as soon as she had step foot inside. As if she were a ragdoll, she was tossed against one of the cavern's walls. Clearly, years without anything to cause the dragon's nose unrest had taken its toll on its sensitivity.

Being more careful this time, she tiptoed along. She wanted to make the most of this, as she likely wouldn't get this opportunity again. Getting Ysera to sneeze too early would ruin the fun.
It was darker inside of the nose now, and Catherin judged that she was probably far enough in now. Apart from the jump from earlier, there had been very little evidence to her intrusion into the Aspect's body. She intended to change that.
Reaching forward, she gave a sharp, decisive jab into the sensitive flesh of the nose's inner tunnels. There was a definite twitch, which felt like a brief earthquake to the human. This time when she fell against the side, she reached up and grabbed two handfuls of the cavern walls.

The effect was instantaneous. There was an alarmed sniff as the body slowly woke up to the fact that there was finally something bothering Ysera's nose.
It wasn't quite enough, though. At the moment it only suspected that something was inside. She fully intended to prove it.

Reaching for her feather, she took a couple of steps further inward of the Aspect's great tunnel, waving the fluffy plumage against the top and sides as she went along. There was another wriggle, and for longer this time; Ysera's nose had probably scrunched up momentarily. It was scary to think how little an action had jolted Catherin, but she had come this far, and she wouldn't be stopped by something so simple.

She waited patiently. The floor beneath her settled down, becoming more even, likely ready to go back to sleep again. The warrior gave it a kick, and for good measure gave one of the walls one too.
Instantly the nose flared back to life, twitching more firmly as she swished the feather around. Now that the nose was active again, she could try to get the answer to another question.

Whipping out the flowers tied around her belt, she called out to the darkness.
"Hey! Ysera!" pollen sprayed as she shook the buds violently. "Do you have hayfever?"
It seemed that she did. Wherever the pollen touched, red patches flared to life. This time, an ooze seemed to form as well, coating everything in a sticky layer of congestion. Catherin pressed herself to the wall, ignoring the fact that her clothes were getting covered in the stuff, to appreciate the irony. Ysera nurtured life, but she also seemed to be allergic to it.

There was an agitated snuffle, followed by a sharper exhalation. Several petals from the flowers, as well as a thin, fine stream of pollen, disconnected and floated off to cause havoc further inside the Aspect's nose.
Some more inhalations followed, the ground beneath her beginning to shake more and more as she teased Ysera.

At last she heard it; a definite hitching as the dragon drew an uneven breath. Her feather got to work, twirling against the sensitive flesh as the body began to remember what sneezing was. Every now and then, Catherin would shake some of the pepper onto the plumage, watching as it and the grains were easily absorbed by tunnel walls.

"Huhhhhhh..." Ysera breathed, much louder than before. "Huuuhhhhhhh..."

Catherin began to head towards the exit, where she could see a small light just from outside the cavern walls. The Aspect continued, her hitching growing more desperate until it happened.

A sharp, sudden inhalation knocked Catherin back a couple of meters, and tore the feather from her hand. She watched in horror as it floated down the black tunnel until she lost sight of it. By now, Ysera's breathing was so desperate that she couldn't even hope to stand, and even just by attempting to crawl along the mini-earthquake happening knocked her down.

"Huuuuuuuuuhhh... huuuuuuuuuh... huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhh..."

Nothing happened after the third drawn-out breath, and the nose seemed to be finally calming down. But then it flared up again, Ysera's paw frantically rubbing against her nose, and Catherin braced herself.

"Huuuuuhh... HUUuUhHhH... HATCHOOOOOoOOoO!" the dragon sneezed. A ferocious gale wind whipped up behind the sorry human, throwing her out. Before she thudded against the floor, her gryphon caught her. Even though she wanted time for her surroundings to catch up with her, the warrior had to get out of the way. Ysera's nostrils were a shade of red more befitting of her sister Alexstrasza, and they had flared to the point where she would be able to stand just inside the rim without having any of the potion.

"Haaaaaaah... HAAAaAaaAAH... SCHUuUu!"

The dragon's paw had covered most of the sneeze, giving Catherin and the gryphon time to get away. It seemed to of been a lucky coincidence as she tried to rub out the tickle, as the Aspect's eyes were still firmly shut. From the gryphon's back and vantage point, she could see the grass swaying from Ysera's inhalations. Some of the sentinels seemed to of awoken, but none of them made any attempt to move as her head reeled backwards.

"Haaaaaaaah... haaaaaaaaaaaaah..." she began. The dragon was struggling, caught inside some internal battle; her nostrils strained against her face like an animal trying to break from its cage, and in the end, she gave in. "HAAAAAAAaAAaTChHoOoOoOoOOoOOoOo!"

This sneeze tore through the plants directly ahead of her, the grass uprooting itself and trees bending over at a nearly 90* angle. The emerald birds flew around, agitated, unknowingly still inside Ysera's line of fire.


They were decimated. No longer in the safety of their trees, the violent winds smashed the crystalline avians against one of the large mountains that bordered the Dragonshrine. They fell down, crumpled in a messy heap at the base.

Branches whipped around in a frenzy, some joining the rubble on the floor of the Shrine whilst smaller ones moved to Ysera's nostrils, where a great battle of wills was taking place. Her every hitching breath uprooted the many small flowers that dotted the landscape, until a great one managed to pull a lasher up her left nostril.

The dragon sputtered, mixed between choking and wincing at the insanely ticklish sensation the lasher gave. Even from up here, Catharin could see the plumes of pollen coming from the sentient flower as it struggled, vines whipping frantically in its attempt to escape. Wherever it hit, there was a jiggle; until eventually Ysera's nose decided to put a stop to it.

She reared back even further this time, head practically touching her wings. Her tail was thudding against the floor from frustration and irritation. Her paws had fallen back to her sides, knowing that it was futile to try to fight back.

Amazingly, her eyes were still closed. The human only had a brief moment to acknowledge this before all hell broke loose.

Her gryphon still had to fight against the raging winds now unleashed from the depth's of Ysera's nostrils, as the Dragon Aspect had a sneezing fit, head snapping forward with each "HATCHOOOO!"

The lasher was long gone, as were all the others; the plant life had been ripped from the ground ahead of her, being deposited in messy piles with tree branches and leaves. Some of the pines had bent into a constant leaning-over shape, until Ysera gave one final great hitch.

"Huuuuuuuhhhh..... HUUuUuUuUuUuUuHhHhHHHhhH..... HHHhHuUUUuUuUUUUuUuUuuUuUuUuUuUuUHhHhHhHh..."


Pines toppled over, debris whipped around, and the dirt cascaded upwards, spraying itself in heaps around the Shrine. The sentinels and lashers were either buried under the piles of rubbish, or had retreated to safer parts of the area.

Ysera's nostrils gave one more twitch, before they finally calmed down. Green replaced the agitated red that had formed there, and with one final snuffle the great Aspect laid back down again.

Catharin frowned, both in amazement and disappointment. How on earth was the dragon still asleep?!

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