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~7:50 (08:37 on the displayed clock :P)

Given that I also have monthly costs related to the domain, and a few other domains, even $10 a month is pushing my budget higher. I am fairly sure that the two years I bought most recently with Lunarpages was at a $7 a month pricepoint.

In any case, there's no huge hurry, as I'm still giving Lunar a chance to actually figure out what's fucking me over. Gonna keep talking to the contact I have, as he's a fairly decent dude, and if that falls short of being usable or affordable, I'll look deeper into Gator. Have to try to get my money back with Lunar as well, though, or the next year of hosting had better be at a price point of $0.00/mo. *paid through another 12-15 months at Lunar atm. >.>*

Currently in talks with someone in the fandom.

And yeah, shared hosting is kind of a requirement in the sense that my budget is extremely small for this stuff. I appreciate what is given by those donating, but donations would probably have to double in order to move to another step and I can't really justify asking that of people when I'm as hands-off these days as I am. x.x;

As for the first bit there, yasl, it's them trying to problem solve things, they 'ran a malware scan' on the server, it 'returned' a few random php files including a fair number from the cache folder, and some tool I use (also php) on another subdomain that's been the same set of files unmodified for many years. So I don't know what they're thinking they're finding, but removing and replacing as-per-relevant with every file mentioned resulted in no improvement at all.

The bottom line is that ever since we did the beta thing, or hell, was it even doing it back then or only a little ways after putting it live? And it's gotten much worse since then. Even running vanilla here, things break if you as much as open a few tabs to the site. Yeesh. XD

I'll keep HostGator in mind; would I get the Cloud Storage step or the regular web hosting step? And if Cloud Hosting, would I get 4gb or 6gb ram? I have to have unlimited domains no matter what I grab, so I can't get the lower options. >.<;

As an update, they supposedly did a malware scan, found 'infected' SMF files (I'm not running with any addons atm, as a note) and these files are the default straight-from-the-zip files. So their malware scan is garbage. Not really sure what I'm going to do. I have over a year's worth of hosting time with these guys still paid for.

Don't suppose someone else can scout around and look for a place with $100 or less a year hosting that is unlikely to bitch about some degree of adult content..? Heh. I wouldn't know where to look.

As an update to before, I've now disabled everything as a test to route out the error 500's, and quite frankly I'm stumped. I thought it was an issue with my addons here, or SOMETHING along those lines, but it seems that isn't the case. o.o; I guess I'll have to risk contacting my provider again and have them do more investigations. I'll do a database backup in case they find something worth shutting us down over, and I'm available over on DeviantArt if something happens.

Art, Art, and Art! / Re: [F+Mature] Wolfess and the Butterfly
« on: May 12, 2018, 07:38:43 PM »
This has some good qualities that resonate decently for me. :) Good job with the muzzle. Also, sequences like this are nice, due to that teasing persistence of the 'cause'. :3

General Chatter / Re: Sneeze fetish content at an extreme drought
« on: May 12, 2018, 06:53:06 AM »
Look, I've been very calm and measured so far, but this last post kind of crosses a line with the amount of sheer bullshit being slung around.

Psman: Banned for poor behavior. These issues were present with more users than just me. He's banned, get over it.
Java: No clue. Somehow she got offended because I celebrated her content?!?
Ggolddduck: No clue. Same as the above as far as I know?? Or because I whined a bit in the past about her commissions being expensive? I don't understand people all the time. Moreso, however, this artist almost never makes art anymore. So how is that my fault??
Blinky: Wait what? Dude was the biggest drama llama possible who treated artists like dirt while also begging them for stuff. All artists hated the guy. I banned him from here to keep him from harassing the artists.
CAB: He blocked me out of the blue, supposedly because I gave an honest critique of his art, and then threw a massive fit when I called him on being unable to have an adult discussion involving a difference of views. I never quashed his art here until he acted all nutters, and then I decided I wouldn't archive his art here for the sake of curtailing drama. Up until that point, while I disliked his art on a personal level, I did nothing against it as a site admin and encouraged his artwork to be shared.

Like... For fuck's sake people, I'm an actual person, I'm not some automated program running the website. But at the same time, I can generally put me-as-a-person apart from how I run the site. Otherwise there would be no male content at all because I'm straight. Does that sound reasonable? No, it doesn't. XD

If people can't accept that I, as a person, have no interest in their art / think their art is bad / whatever / whatever, and then they think that the site itself and everyone on it also hate their stuff because the owner, another human being, has a damned opinion, then that's on them. I ran this site fairly when it mattered. I've also made maybe 10 posts in the last year because I've been letting the site manage itself, content-wise. I can't do proper art gallery updates, I have fallen frustratingly behind on the video updates, and there's bugs to no end that I have no talent or money to fix. I've fuckin' kept to myself this whole time because I don't have anything to contribute and don't care to be a part of the social stuff.

I couldn't care less anymore if there's a content drought. It's a bit remorseful when contemplated, but so what? I also think it'd be a better world if only 10% of the population had access to the internet rather than 95%, but we accept reality as it is none-the-less. A reflective opinion is just that. I contributed to this topic with said opinions and views. "Art with polished anatomy in sequential content does not really exist anymore. Here's my thoughts on why that might be, but I'm just making educated guesses." ...because I'm not a fucking psychic or mind reader.

I'm also not some glorious fucking god here to dictate how to please your fucking dick. XD I'm just an average or even below-average guy who happens to have cared enough to make a goddamned archive for your fetish fapping fantasies. Who gives a fuck if I feel like nothing's ever made that I like anymore? It's annoying, but so what? I'm not breathing down your neck about it. I shared my damned opinion in a topic relevant and... where else? Nope. I have kept to myself. XD

I've been very calm until this post, but quite frankly ya'll can go fuck yourselves for treating me like I can't have a bloody opinion of my own. I'm not forcing it on anyone, and I'm not even bitching about things anymore, just observing. You can like whatever you want to like. You can draw whatever snotty messy you want to draw with whatever unpolished awkward looking styles you like. Just because I don't like it doesn't mean shit about whether YOU can enjoy it. XD Meanwhile, I don't. I've said many many times, I'm picky. I'm OKAY with being picky. I'm not asking to be pleased, especially not anymore, especially not by what other people pay money for. However, what's created these days is different in essence from the past. There's a focus on messy. There's a focus on colored singles. There's a focus on cartoony or strange styles or penises. There's a huge focus on creatures with hooves over creatures with pawpads. There's focuses on many other things because hey, different people with different interests!

But at the end of the day, at least I can fucking respect the fact that you like that sort of thing, even if I don't understand the appeal and do not care for it in the slightest. That's what tolerance is. Tolerance is having an opinion but not hating someone for not sharing that opinion. At least, that's part of what it is. Ya'll are salty little fucks, goddamn. XD

(I'm not even all THAT pissed, just sick of this blatant stupidity, lol. It's like, it just goes onnnn and onnnnnn and onnnnnnnnnn. I have my own life to deal with, so I'm just gonna lock this stupidness. Go wallow in whatever drama cespool you want, but kindly keep it off my site. You can go whine and post logs and cry to your mothers about it over at that other site. That was quite hilariously juvenile, btw, doing that. XD Meanwhile I've got an adult's life to deal with, a relationship and hobbies to handle, and plenty more to take care of than this stupid little argument is worth. XD I mean, I swear, some people just live to find drama in everything.)

General Chatter / Re: Sneeze fetish content at an extreme drought
« on: May 12, 2018, 12:47:48 AM »
Umm, wutt? :P

I'm being quite calm, introspective, and mellow. Comments like the one you quoted are spoken in a general sense. If you feel it applies to your statements, then the onus is on you. I'm speaking of that thought process on a general level.

There's no 'smugness' involved here, seriously. I'm also not seeking to endear myself, because I have had a lot going on in my life and really haven't needed this place in the way I used to. But I do find it nice that people are using it and having fun. I was just reflecting on how different things are.

There's two ways to read my words. One is a stern and forceful way, the other is as you might find a philosopher's thoughts from centuries ago. I personally write them as the latter, even if it can be easy to view them in a harsher light.

My goal in writing here (this topic) has never been one of a defensive stance, or even offensive stance. Merely a reflective and contemplative one. I'm not seeking anything from those still using this site, however it was a proper platform to voice my personal opinion that I haven't had any personal enjoyment from the content submitted here in many years. Does this mean I have hatred for those who are finding enjoyment? No, certainly not. It just means we are different.

General Chatter / Re: Sneeze fetish content at an extreme drought
« on: May 11, 2018, 07:06:00 PM »
You guys are welcome to your own opinions. My opinion isn't one that's meant to be universally accepted. That's the nice thing about a site like this. There's no offense to be had when some of us say that nothing here has been interesting to us.

I'm not expecting to be satisfied. I only said that the demographic has shifted. Some artists are still learning, so their art is going to be different or unpolished. That's part of things. However, I've never been one to easily support such things, especially in the context of a fetish. My beliefs on artists' personal growth don't line up with other people's usually. But I'm also not going around saying "You suck" or "Stop drawing" or any mean things like that. I'm sitting in the corner, not replying to topics, letting the site exist on its own. The only reason I said ~anything~ is because it was applicable in this topic.

I gave theories on what was different from in the past. Some of that includes a shift in values. Some of that includes a shift in talent with the more experienced traditional artists moving on in life. Some of it includes a change in what drives artists overall due to society giving people far more stimulation. Some of it includes a different source of what gifts us our fetishes resulting in different things we look for. Some of it can be attributed to a change in the entertainment media we watch when compared to 20 years ago. They're theories. If one feels applicable, then cool. If it doesn't, try a different one, because the world's not black and white.

My post here is one of a regular member, not one of the site owner. And as a member, it's important to share my opinion during times like this. If others feel they're being satisfied by what's been created lately, then that's just as valid as what I'm saying. I'm saying I miss professional pieces by artists that have researched what the human body looks like and can reproduce it in anthro form. (Or have a good non-anthro style, etc.) I think that skillset is very important before even diving into fetish related artwork.

Others can disagree, and that's fine. I'm not being a dictator. But we need to stop living in the age of SJW where it's improper to voice a critical opinion. Criticism keeps us from living solely in our own little bubbles. Hounding someone and hammering negativity into them isn't good, but showing there's people out there that hold different values and views is healthy.

Likewise, rather than trying to attack the exact wording that someone uses at times of emotion like these, it's more important to consider why they might be feeling the way they do, and looking closer at where their emotions may be coming from. There's more to words than the words themselves.

General Chatter / Re: Sneeze fetish content at an extreme drought
« on: May 10, 2018, 11:16:36 PM »
XD Don't take any offense, dear. I'm old and picky and you shouldn't even begin to make pleasing me a goal, lol. <3 Keep on enjoying what you are enjoying.

But if you do want to get better, it's a strong core of anatomical skill that usually ends up pleasing me in art. When breasts and arms and such aren't drawn correctly or at least in a style that meshes well and flows, then I get taken out of my enjoyment. Working on anatomy should be done with a lot of real life reference, between both animal and human shapes. Lots of nice art resources out there for those things.

(But again, I don't expect anyone to please me, or even want to please me for the sake of me 'owning' this place, I'm just here keeping it online at this point. ^_^; )

General Chatter / Re: Sneeze fetish content at an extreme drought
« on: May 10, 2018, 06:19:55 PM »
There kind of is, in my views. A lot of what's being produced is of an entirely different approach to what was being made years back. You still have a few people making things, but a lot of the artists that we used to see a lot of like Spoider/Ggolddduck, Muscovy/Alrek, Redra/Cattbut, etc, they don't take the time to draw stuff anymore because RL took over and they couldn't do it for a hobby.

Then, with me, I haven't had the ability to get the commission and requests that I used to be able to do. I still have a few I am slowly working towards, but it's not with the frequency I used to do.

A lot of what you get these days are singles with a different set of fetish criteria than before. The actual styles of the artists doing things these days are very cartoony or unpolished, making the resulting focal points much different from what I used to commission. I'm not sure there's been anything for several years, art-wise, that's actually interested me when I haven't personally had a hand in it.

But I think this may be largely in part to the fact that those coming into the fandom these days did NOT grow up with the extreme cartoony build-ups of the past. Or with the deep traditional flavor of 2D animation in the way Disney would do it. Or other such differences in values. There's also much less of an interest in 'generic' pieces the way it used to be. I've noticed a lot of what's made these days are personal pieces with characters, and that's never been of my personal interests. I'd much rather bury my mind in the concept itself.

There were some sketch page things that were posted recently that came close to being interesting, so there's those if you had an interest, but they had a cartoony sort of anatomy..? Not sure. I just know that as far as 'furry' stuff goes, there was a disconnect there. Again, that's just a personal level, after having been appreciating these types of sneezy things for, oh, over 16 years now?

In terms of random finds, there's been almost no random creations these days, either. Most people who draw no longer seem to do it for themselves, once they put themselves online and show some level of talent, lol. That, or doing random art exercises like 'an amusing cartoon sneeze' is just something that doesn't cross their minds. (Maybe that's again related to the fact that scenes like this are nearly absent from cartoon media. Or the fact that most cartoon media is 3D meaning it doesn't inspire 2D artists like it used to? Theories abound.)

Regardless of trying to trace the logic and social stuff, your observation is valid. I do miss the scene from 5-10 years ago. Moreso 10 years ago. But it is what it is now, and the best thing we can do is put ourselves out there for commissions and remember that we should share what we can. :3

(And if you're talking about the art gallery updates, that set-up is currently fried where I can't actually add any new entries and I have no clue why it's being a spaz, so... oops :<)

Yeah. I haven't been able to try disabling the media gallery yet, because uninstalling that extension results in errors that I don't know how to bypass. I'm hoping to hear back from yasl at some point but he's tough to contact. :<

The 'getting worse' part is what's confusing for me. I'm not sure what could be influencing it since nothing is directly changing around here except for artifacts of the chat room, which I did uninstall for now. I know too little about these things and am too poor to pay someone to help. It's very frustrating. It could also be other sub-domains of mine, or even other people's stuff within the server I'm using and not mine at all. :| I just don't know.

Oneofthree just helped out for the rest of this year's costs. <3 Huge thanks to him. I'm going to spend a bit of time poking and prodding at the site to see if I can track down what's bombing the connections here. Apparently, it's not the chat room, or at least not alone.

So even with the chat room disabled, there's still 500's huh? Hmm...

That's interesting, because the site itself is at least loading quicker.

This test will be ongoing in an attempt to isolate a recent increase in 500-errors. If you still experience frequent Error-500 messages on the other portions of the website, post here. If the uninstallation of the chat room allows things to function semi-normally around here again (and I know there's still a thumbnail related issue with Avea), then I'll see about a clean installation of the AJAX chat in some way or another. No logs or something.

To get the Japanese stuff, you may have to turn to Citra and screencapture. :( No one has the stuff online, sadly.

I Found Something! / [Needs Clipped] Video Game - Detective Pikachu
« on: May 05, 2018, 03:12:40 AM »
Missing: Chapter 2, Pikachu sneeze
Missing: Chapter 2, Pikachu sneeze (Japanese)
Missing: Chapter 3, Pikachu sneeze
Missing: Chapter 3, Pikachu sneeze (Japanese)
Chapter 4, Manectric sneeze:,,
Chapter 4, Manectric sneeze (Japanese):, [Missing 2nd link.],

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