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That was a really great animation, very impressive ;D

Thanks. X3
Art, Art, and Art! / Re: Maximus the horse gets a ticklish nasal smear test (M)
« Last post by Daphine on April 14, 2021, 03:24:20 PM »
Oh i loved it!
But no.  While a sequel would be great, i meant i was hoping to see him actually sneeze.  the build-up is sooo enticing. 

Once again I'm so happy and thrilled that you enjoyed my story and artwork so much.  As I mentioned this was my first time drawing Maximus or any horse getting his nose tickle tortured ;D. ;D
Wow do I feel dumb :-[.  I never even thought that you were talking about seeing what happens to Maximus when his nose could take no more and had to sneeze.
Commission Cave / Open for Commissions (Comics/Animations)
« Last post by RyuunosukeKuorsawa96 on April 14, 2021, 02:34:27 AM »
I'm now officially open for commissions if anyone wants a comic or animation. I've got my prices listed here:

Pricing examples can be based on the two previous animations I posted in this thread:

For Yoshi:
1 character (Yoshi): $10
1 effect (1 spray sneeze): $15
Yoshi's voice clips: $40
Difficulty factor: minimal (no charge)
Total: $75

For Bowser:
1 character (Bowser): $10
1 prop (1 feather): $10
1 effect (1 fiery sneeze): $1
Bowser's voice clips: $40
Difficulty factor: medium (launching sneeze): $25
Total: $100

If you have any questions or would like to commission me, let me know in a message please. :) I look forward to working with you.
Unarchived Stories / Re: [F] The dragoness desk clerk*
« Last post by Nikolai Volkov on April 12, 2021, 04:04:34 PM »
“Nobody sneezes like a dragoness”
Probably my favourite line in this story, just because of how true it is!
God, I love this. The verbal teasing is just divine and Claws’ desperation and ultimate surrender is a beautiful thing. Thank you for sharing!
Writer's Den / Re: [M + Dragon + Messy + Magic] Day 9
« Last post by NameTakenSFF on April 10, 2021, 03:03:46 PM »
Sorry to dig this up, but tarotgal, you have to be one of the best sneeze fetish writers around. I lurk around in fetish circles most of the time but I always return to your fics. And I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve come back to this one. Everything about it is perfect - huge sneezes, desperation, vocal buildups, shameless sneezing, feather inducing - just. Yes to all of the above. And I’m a sucker for dragons. Thank you for sharing! 😤
Unff. Agree 100% with tarotgal, your descriptive abilities are amazing. Totally, unabashedly fetishy, but even without that, the sex alone is wonderfully written! Loved it!
I Found Something! / Re: [M]Elephant Fever
« Last post by Furry-Sneezes on April 10, 2021, 09:20:10 AM »
Not as a negative statement, but jeez, it's always Elephants for stuff like this, isn't it? :P That's one hold-over from old times, is making elephants sneeze. Occasionally a sensitive canine nose but usually just elephants for stuff like this. Well, at least there's something out there, yeah?
I Found Something! / Re: Dragons Rescue Riders [M+F Dragons]
« Last post by StrongestSneeze on April 10, 2021, 08:44:58 AM »
There is an episode titled "sick day" on Season 1. I think it's episode 7.
All the dragons catches a dragon flu.  ;D
I got curious if one of my recent favorite clips had a second language to it, and it seems that the series was produced in English and French.

Now, whether it can be located at all or not is another matter.,_souris_des_champs

French version of the wiki says "Ciné souris" for the episode title, and "Souris des villes, souris des champs" for the series name. But Google (and an alternative search site that's less DMCA-vulnerable) yields nothing on that.

Season 2 DVD, but haven't been able to find out if it includes the French audio tracks.

This page indicates that the DVD only has the English language.

So, yeah, at this point, I'm going to consign this as being either misinformation via the wiki, or lost to the recesses of time. A fun little late night investigation though. A shame, really.

Also, if someone wants to message the guy who posted it, it seems that he went through the series, but he may have not seen every episode, or he may have only seen Season 2. It would be nice to know for sure how far his checks have gone. Not that I can find any raw episodes at the moment. I miss the old internet, guys...

At least managed to find the raws, and it seems to have Season 1 and Season 2. On an unrelated note, did Mumfie have sneezing..?

Ah right, the weird not-sneezing fart noise. A shame.
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