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[F + Non-Anthro] Kung Fu Panda Viper Request :D!!!*
« on: September 23, 2011, 02:52:15 PM »
Okay. KFP.
No problem. Because I'm Chinese (God, I hate chinese peeps. They can't even speak english properly :P) Singaporean, I can understand the hidden Chinese stuffs. And...this makes it overly easy to toy with everything.

"Yes Master?"

Viper slithered down from a pillar, right behind Master Shifu .

(by the way, for those of you guys that care, shifu is essentially the translation of...master. So it's master master. Yay. If you care even more, oogui means turtle. You know, the first movie?)

"What is it?"
"Alright, I need you to go to the Valley of the Dead."
"For what?"
"To train."
"Why do I always go there to train?"

Master Shifu, suddenly losing his cool for a second, turned right round to think.

"Because...the rest are training the panda."
"And why can't I do that?"
"Because you're too nice."

Viper wasn't too happy with that comment, but hey, defiance isn't a good idea when the guy in front of you can smash you into a hundred pieces any time.

"Yes master."

Viper slowly slithered right out.

"Man, why do I have to go alone?"

She made her way to the valley, being her normal self...blah blah blah. This part isn't important.

Eventually she got there. On the other side of the bridge, however, there was something that didn't seem in place. The silhouette of...something. She couldn't really see it that well.

Making it right across the bridge in a matter of seconds, she caught sight of a cute little tiger girl with a sealed carriage beside her.

"!!!... Who's there!!!"

Viper slithered up.
"It can't be..."
"It is."
"Why are you here alone?"
"Here's a better question, girl...why are you here alone?"

The little kitten thought for a moment.
"To sell flowers."
"Oh. Okay. Don't do it's not the best idea."
"...mmm. Kay- OH MY GOD...!"

Viper turned around to find herself embraced with a wolf.

"AHHH!! HELP!!!"

Viper slowly crawled up the wolf as it desperately tried to claw her off, never actually touching her once. She took her time, went up to the neck and squeezed. Then she slowly came back down as if nothing happened.

"Anyways, what flowers are you selling?"

The tiger cub opened the little carriage, revealing a rather...monocoloured sight.

"There we go!"
"...okay. Lotuses."
"What's wrong?"
"Nothing! Jus-"

Viper suddenly felt a small itch in her nose.
"You okay?"

The itch seemed to intensify, and Viper couldn't really do anything about it...face it, she was a snake. She raised her head a bit, causing the tiger cub to look in curiosity.

There was no stopping it now.

"Heeehhhschiieeewwww!!! Ktttscchiieeewwww!!!!"

Viper opened her eyes to find herself about two steps back. What was that about?

"You okay?"
"Yep! Sure!"

She moved two steps forward, and the itch returned.
"Aww, what?"

Viper realised; the lotuses were causing problems. She decided to quickly get herself out of there.

"Hey kiddo, I've gotta go train, so see ya then!"

Viper turned back to the cub. Oh noes.

"I need your help getting back...I can't survive an assault from another of those wolves..."
"Well...I'm busy, sorry."
"But you're just training right?"

Viper's eyes and mouth flung right open in both dismay and speechlessness.
The tiger cub somehow got intimidated by that.

"...erm...It's okay! I'll just get back myself!"
"Hey whoawhoawhoa. I can do it...I hope."
"Yayy!!! Thanks!!!"

Viper slowly plodded towards the carriage. Realising how the itch would return, she quickly got as far as possible. Which happened to be the other side of the bridge.

" me...?"
"I'm scouting from this side, just shout if you're under atta-"

Viper quickly snapped out of her senses and rushed towards the tiger cub.

"What?! What's it?!"
"...nothing, just seeing if you're alert."
"...Don' thaaaaAAAHHHH..."
"Haaaaaaaahhhhhhcchoooooooo!!!! Kttttttssscchhiieeewww!!!!! Heeeekkkttscchhooooo!!!!"

Now in dangerously close proximity with the threat, Viper really couldn't stop it.
"You okay...?"
"Haaaahhhhscchiieewww!! Ktttccchoooooo!!!! Heeeehhhh...Ahhhhhhh...Aaaaaaahhhhscchiiieeewwwww!!!!"

Viper opened her allergy-swollen eyes and quickly got away to the other side. The little tiger cub raised an eyebrow and watched her go.

"Kay! Gottat!"

Viper looked ahead. Still half a kilometre to go. Usually that would take about 10 seconds. This was going to take 10 hours.

"Hey Viper- Master Viper."
"Just call me Viper...anyways what?"
"Why not just come over? It's better to surround a fortress than spread the troops thinly..."
"Huh? Isn't it better the way we're doing it?"
"I read that from the Sunzi War Tactics can't be wrong."

Viper didn't have a choice.
"Oh yeah! ...silly me..."

She slowly got to the carriage.
"Right! Let's roll a little faster!"

Viper stopped right in her tracks.
"Aaahhh...Hyaaaahh...Haaaaaaahhhhsscchhiiiiieeeeew ww!! Ktttsscchhhhoooooo!!! Heeeeehhhhhschhieeewwww!!!!"

The tiger cub stopped straight in her tracks, waiting for Viper to gain.
"You know what? Maybe it's too fast for you... I'll go slower."
"Wha...? No it's fine!! It's fi- eeehhh...Heeeehhhkkkttscchiieeewwwww!!!!"

The tiger cub didn't quite get that.
So it was back to that snail-like pace.

Viper felt that itch again. She quickly slid under the bridge and let out a quick "Hitkkchoooo!!!!". Then she took in a huge breath of air and climbed back up. Hey, apparently not breathing was a pretty easy solution.

Half an hour passed; Viper never got tired of going down and up the bridge, and thankfully the tiger cub didn't realise that. They finally made it to the other side.

"We're through!!"
"Yea- oh no I spoke."

Viper hitched and took in a few stuttered breaths. The urge to sneeze was building but she had to see the little cub off first.

And that was when a whole pack of wolves jumped out and surrounded the carriage.

"Noo- Heeeaaatttscchiiieeewwww!!!! Ttkksscchiiieeewwwww!!!! Heeeehhh...Haaaaahhhh...Ktttttsscchhhhhoooooooo!!!! Hiiiiiitttsccchhoooooo!!!!!! Heeeehhhh...Hyeeeeehhhh... Aaaaaffkkkktttscchhhooooo!!!!!!!"

The tiger cub looked at Viper.
"Are you okay?"
"No...not okay- Hyeeeeehhhhchooooo!!!!"

The wolves were closing in quick.

"Please Viper!! Save me!!!"
"C-c...Can't...just...heeeehhh...Ahhhhh... Haaaaaahhhhschhiiieeewwwww!!!!!"

The wolves closed in even more.

Viper had no choice left. With the carriage so near it wasn't so easy to fight for nuts. But in this situatiom, fighting was the only route left.

Viper quickly got onto one of the wolves, and to its neck, ready to kill it. Then the urge to sneeze overcame her.
"Hiiiittchoooo!!!! Heeeehhhhchoooooo!!!!"

The wolf started running wildly.
As if something went wrong.
Which something did go wrong. Viper had just twisted a nerve which controlled the wolf's movements.

The wolf started running rampart and slashing its claws wildly. It slashed his friend and jumped off the bridge.

Viper was totally exhilarated.

She jumped right on another wolf, immediately went up to the neck, and sniffed the air hard.
"Yeah. YeaaAahhhhhhKSSCHIIEEWWW!!!! HeeeehhhTCCHHOOOOOO!!!"

The wolf started running freely. Randomly, rather.
He slashed more peeps.

Viper jumped to another wolf.
She went up to the neck and exerted the force at the exact position. Hey, new move.

That wolf went rampart too.
One wolf left.

Viper jumped towards the wolf.
The wolf slashed Viper and she flew right back.
Right into the carriage.

Viper felt her nose flare like crazy and the urge was impossible to hold in.

Viper flew right off the carriage. The wolf slowly walked towards her. But the sneezing didn't really stop.

The wolf raised a claw.
Suddebly the tiger cub jumped on him and bit him at the neck. Owwccchhh.

Viper sneezed a few more small ones, and stared at the tiger.

"Please...get well soon...but thanks!! Thanks a million!!!"

The tiger cub went away, dragging the carriage.

Viper stayed there for a while. She looked at her head.
"Wow, the irony."

Give your thanks to megacycle for requestin' this ^.^~~~ and to mega TYTY for requestin' this :3
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