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[F + Sonic] Mina Mongoose Request!! Yay :3!!!*
« on: October 03, 2011, 06:45:57 AM »
Lalalala ^.^~~~
Kay, so this is a really short fic, mainly because it fell from 1800 words to 900 words after hell-lots of cutting. So...enjoy anyway >.>?

Mina and Sonic sitting in a tree.
Doing nothing.

Mina crossed her fingers, and felt a drop of sweat drip from her head. It wasn’t easy to somehow pull out an hour from Sonic’s time to do something with him, and right now, she was with him. And she couldn’t find anything to do.

“Hey Mina.”

Mina’s chain of thoughts was broken.

“Ahhh!! What?”
“You okay?”

Mina quickly gulped, and got ready to start a conversation.

“So…what do you wanna do?”
“I dunno. Let’s just sit here and do nothing.”
“No we can’t do that!!! I…I-I….”
“Hey, let’s just do that.”

Mina quickly recoiled.

“I’ve got an idea!! Why not we sing some stuff?”
“Oh, that’s cool. Okay.”

Sonic whipped out an electric guitar from nowhere. Somehow, it was already amped and all that. (Oh well, it’s a cartoon >.>)

“Let’s go!!! What song’s it?!!”

Mina didn’t know how Sonic actually learnt to play a guitar, or how he…actually had one. But she knew that she couldn’t stand metal. (gawsh, sad case.). No, she had to. For Sonic. For the love of him. This hour was going to pass too fast.

“You pick.”
“Oh. Okay!!!”

Mina watched and attempted to sing as Sonic did some weird remix of a weird Japanese song. It sounded like crap, but if she covered her ears, she would offend Sonic.

Then again, what was the chance that she’d get him, over Sally?

And then her saving grace came.

“Oh Sonic!!”

Sonic immediately stopped and retracted his guitar and mic.

“The food’s finally here!!”

Sonic immediately started paying attention.

“Oh?” He ran around the tree and back in less than a second. “Where?”

Mina smiled as the delivery guy came right up to her, tossed her the two packets and zipped off. Sonic stared at Mina.

“What the-“
“Prepaid. Yep.”
“You prepared this?”

Then Sonic sheepishly smiled.
“It’s in two parts…so this isn’t a date?”
“No!!! No!! N- it’s just a meeting of some sort.”
“Oh, okay.”

Sonic opened his box.

“Whoa! Chilli dogs!! Thanks, gal!!”
“No prob!”

Mina smiled, because she made Sonic happy…which honestly wasn’t too hard.

Sonic took a bite out of it.
“Hmm, needs more pepper.”

Mina didn’t really pay attention to that.

She opened her box. And had the shock of her life.

“Hey Mina! Got any pepper here?”
“Yeah…actually no- aaaahhhh… HAAAAHHH…”
“Really? You okay?”

Mina quickly covered her mouth.


In her food box was her food, an empty pepper shaker, and hell-loads of pepper all over.

Sonic looked at Mina in surprise.
“You okay?”

Mina turned around and took a deep breath.
But it didn’t quite work out. For some reason the urge to sneeze intensified.

“You sure?”

Mina had actually taken a pretty big breath of pepper in. What? You mean that pepper can’t fly in the wind?

So here was the situation. If you breathe, you sneeze. If you sneeze, Sonic is gonna run off from you because it really sucks.

Sonic instantly burst out into laughter.
“HAHAHA!!! This…is…awesome stuff!!!”
“Sonic…don’t…b-be…a-aaahhhh…HaaaaaHHHHH… HYYYAAAHHH…”
“Oh! Here it comes again!!”

Sonic then started to worry. Instantly.

“Hey, seriously, you’kay?”
“No….N-eeeeehhh…N-n-neeeEEEHHHH… EEEHHHH…”
“Okay, what’s this about?”

Seeing Mina’s chest expanding quickly and crazily, Sonic immediately dashed for cover.


Sonic somehow managed to detect that it was over, and so he came back. He sat down with his half-eaten chilli dog and looked at Mina.

“I think I know.”
“WhaaaaHHHH… W-w-whhaaaaaAAAAAAAHHHHH…”

How Mina had managed to cover up until now…kinda remained a mystery. The sneezes got bigger, yet Mina still managed to cover up. Hmm…

Sonic took out a random flower from nowhere.

“It’s this.”
“Yep! Knew it!”

Sonic then shuffed the flower right under Mina’s nose.
Mina was actually unaffected by it.
But she knew that she had to twist the stuffs a little to make sure that Sonic wouldn’t realize.

She put up a smile and took a huge whiff. Of pepper.

“There we go!”

Mina covered her nose immediately, and it sent a small pepper cloud flying in Sonic’s direction. But for some reason, Sonic didn’t really feel it.

One more biggie, and Sonic decided to toy with Mina a little bit.
He ran over, and cuffed both of Mina’s hands behind her.


And at the very last part, Mina decided to play rough a little bit. She made a quick 180 and made the last sneeze fly right on Sonic.


Mina made an evil smile at Sonic.
Sonic started by wiping off the stuffs, and then he burst into laughter.

“Man! I wonder why I chose Sally over you!”

Mina’s nose was freakishly red, and she was kinda drained, but she was immediately waken up when Sonic said that.

“Sally’s too straight. This is the real thing.”

Mina felt another sneeze coming, and Sonic could sense it. With one hand holding Sonic, she couldn’t cover it.


Mina opened her eyes to see that Sonic had covered for her.
Yay, happy ending!!! !!!!

(Sonic and his chilli dogs...yeah. Hes probably unaffected.)
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