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[M + Pokemon + Non-Anthro] Entei Request!!! Lalala~~~*
« on: October 06, 2011, 01:02:05 PM »
(When you can't find any more ideas, you leech off something else.)

Entei was busy sleeping (what? That's what all legends do, right?), trying to kill time until the next trainer attempted a foolish attempt of capture. He was woken up by the sound of a wave crashing.

*insert epic sound effect here*

Entei was immediately shocked out of his senses. He tried to track the sound, but it kinda failed. Then it came again.

*insert more epic sound effectz~~~*

Entei now knew where it came from.
And he smiled.
Fun time.

Entei irresponsibly sprung off the mountaintop and started moving across the mountains. He eventually got to the place where the sound was heard. The forest.

Entei stopped to look out, and he saw his worst rival...well, second worst rival, Suicune, weakly sitting down on the floor, a Froslass beside him. And a Magmar too, which kinda shocked him because fires were actually meant to be prohibited in the forest.

Entei's chain of thoughts was suddenly broken by a sneeze.


Entei relised how Suicune wasn't well. Yay.
He took cover as the Froslass slowly drifted away, and the Magmar almost drifted away.

When he jumped right in front of the Magmar.

"Whoa!!! Hey!!!"
"Why are you here?!"
"...because I saved Suicune."
"Oh. What happened anyway?"
"Suicune's sick right now."
"So whadyougonnado?"
"I'm...gonna...move off."

And so Entei moved into the woods as Magmar said "kay sure."
Entei laughed. "Stupid fool."

Immediately as he entered, he was met with a Seedot.

"what the?"
"HELP!!! Bullet Seed!!!"

The Seedot started randomly firing seeds at Entei.
Entei laughed. Then, as if he had to, he fired the smallest little flare that he could ever pull off, and the sent it slowly flying towards Seedot.

"Eek!! Help!!!"

The fire made contact, and the Seedot fainted there. That was easy.

Entei strolled leisurely into the forest, and as he took the walk, everyone just stared. They didn't run, they just knew that the forest was going to be okay, considering how they knew that Suicune would be there...usually.

Entei slowly walked into the very center of the forest, where he saw the lake which Suicune would normally rest in...only that since he wasn't doing too well this time, he'd have to sleep outside.

"Fun time."
Entei realised how there was a Muk nearby. Simple task.


Entei fired a huge burst of fire towards Muk, and it was hit full-force. Thankfully it survived.


Another blast of fire.
"No!! Explosion!!!"

Muk started glowing bright red, ready to take both itself and Entei down. But Entei totally saw that coming. Immediately, the Flamethrower was dispelled, and Entei stepped back.


Entei created a barrier that glowed green around itself as the Explosion was warded off.

The Muk lay on the ground, fainting in exhaustion for now. Entei slowly walked over. He knew better not to touch the Muk, so he used a Flamethrower to push (yes, PUSH) the poor thing right into the water. Almost instantly, Suicune, even though he was pretty far off, erupted into a quick sneeze fit.


The sounds of three wave crashes were heard.
And suddenly, Entei found himself caught in the middle of a hundred or so forest pokes.

"Hey, chill."
"You threw a Muk into our water!! Now you must pay!!!"
"Okay, make me pay?"

Yep, that was the hardest part.

A Shiftry got into Entei's line of sight.
"You took down my kid, so you're going down too!!"
"Dark Pulse!!!"

Entei blasted a Flamethrower right through Shiftry's Dark Pulse and the Shiftry was sent flying backwards. It fainted right there.

The forest pokemon were all shocked to the very last bit. Some of them backed off.

"Who's next?!"

No one stood up. There was basically no movement at all, for a few seconds. Entei was standing right there, with some space around him, the crowd gathering behind that space.

No movement.
Until a Budew suddenly chooses to walk up.

Entei stared at the little thing.
"You've got to be kidding me."
"Watch my new move!! Water Sport!!"

The Budew danced around Entei shooting water all over. That didn't really do much stuff. Entei quickly shook off the water.


The Budew looked up at Entei with innocent little eyes, and Entei frowned and swiped it aside.

"Okay, who's ne- neeehhh.."

Entei just realised how knocking the Budew instead of burning it down was a big mistake. Budew's stored loads of pollen in them. That was now released into the air.


A blast of fire was sent crashing forward, and it smashed into a random poke and took it out.


Entei opened his eyes to see that there were four pokemon lying on the ground, and there were some others treating them.

Entei rubbed his nose. And he saw a bunch of Grasses coming up against him. All looking for a fight.

"Let's take him down!!!"
"Kay...let's go."

The pokes jumped at Entei with their respective attacls as he swiftly dodged the attacks. He swerved to a corner.

"Not on my watch!!"

A Breloom jumped in front of Entei and punched him right in the nose. It didn't hurt and wasn't meant to hurt, but Breloom knew what he was doing.

Entei recoiled. The Breloom's punch had took someof its spores with it. Instantly, Entei's Flamethrower was disrupted.


Entei opened to see the Breloom in front of him dispell the Protect.

"Focus Punch!!!"

Breloom could easily focus, so it smashed hard. Entei flew backwards and slammed into a tree.


The trees around Entei were seared into nothing. And that was when the forest pokes actually realised how problematic this situation was.

Breloom smiled and charged up for another Focus Punch, but suddenly he was stopped. The forest would go down in flames if Entei sneezed in the wrong direction.

"KTSCCH!! ...urgh. How dare you...!! Flamethrower!!!"

Breloom generated a weird little decoy which was incinerated by the Flamethrower, absorbing the attack though.


The forest pokes cringed.
And suddenly, from nowhere, a Jumpluff came out of nowhere.


The Flamethrower was sponged.

"It's no use!! Flamethrower!!!"
"Sleep Powder!!!"

Jumpluff flew right up into the air, as the Flamethrower was avoided. Then she sent sleep-inducing powder raining on Entei.

"What...? ...what...wh-"

But it chose to land right on Entei's face.
Bad move.

Entei was shocked right awake. He immediately took a huge breath, not knowing that there was a Jumpluff sitting on him.

"No, not ag- ag- agggghhh...AgaaaaaHHHHH... HEEEEHHHKKKCHOOOO!!!! HEEEHHHSCHIIEEEWWW!!!"

Jumpluff ran over and stopped both blasts.
And that was when Breloom came in again. With epic skill he pushed Entei so that he faced the river.


The sneezes were directed straight at the there wasn't much effect.

The sneezes forced the Muk right out of the water. It yelped in pain at the sudden temperature rise.

The water started evaporating bit by bit, and the forest pokes could do nothing but watch. Entei couldn't do much about it too; he had just breathed into a Jumpluff.

"Entei you beast!! Look at what yo-"

And then the miracle came.
Suddenly, the water returned to normal. All the water vapour in the air condensed in a second or so, and they fell right back in. The trees grew back to where they were.

A Celebi had arrived.

Entei managed to catch a furtive glance at the Celebi.
"WhaaaaaAAAAHH... EEEHHH..."

The Celebi used Psychic on Entei, creating a pink veil around him.
"Better swim off then."

Entei was kinda shocked at how rude the Celebi was, but all of a sudden he felt that he was falling...falling into the lake. And that was what happened.

Entei walked back to the mountaintop slowly. He tread carefully, making sure how he didn't step on any flowers. And this random trainer walked up and flung a Poke Ball at him.

Entei sighed. The problem about fun is that it always gets ruined.
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