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[F + M + Pokemon + Non-Anthro] Lopunny and Lucario request!*
« on: October 09, 2011, 02:38:15 AM »
Lopunny Meets An Annoyance

Giovanni was shouting orders at the scientists. He was so close to making a machine that could possibly allow him to reach the unknown areas of other worlds…who knew what power he could find in other worlds? The very thought of that technology being his urged him to continue this insanely expensive project. One of the scientists, Dr. Ripe Stare, finally couldn’t take any more orders.

“Look sir! We’ve been working overtime for weeks now, and still this project is 90 % unstable. Who knows what kinds of mayhem we could create if we even pull this start switch!” Pointing to a huge lever right beside him, he shook his head in tired worry. “I honestly don’t know how much more we can work…wait, what are you doing?”

Giovanni, furious that there was a possibility that this thing HAD been working before but wasn’t used, was running up to the massive switch and pulled on it. Immediately a purple void opened up…and out with it came a cloud of flies.

“What? What is this? I’ve never…AAH! Get them off of me!” Giovanni ran around, thinking the flies were attacking him. The flies were just heading out the quickest way, and the fastest way was right behind Giovanni. A scientist called out his charmeleon and ordered it to burn the flies with an ember attack. This worked…but it also burned Giovanni.

While the scientists were dealing with the rage of Giovanni, the charmeleon noticed one of the flies was flying away. He’d gotten all but 2 bugs, and one of the flies was heading right for the ground because it was panicking. The fire pokemon was about to attack the escaping small bug, but its trainer dragged the charmeleon back, ordering it to take the blame for this ordeal. Unlike the rest of the bugs, this one wasn’t a fly…it was a large gnat. Most gnats are only 1/16th of an inch long, but this one was about 1/10th of an inch long. Contrary to popular belief, bugs DID know how to talk amongst themselves, and they knew other creature’s languages.

This gnat, right before he got sucked inside a weird light, was having a scary conversation with the flies. Basically, the flies mocked him, saying he’d only have a few days left to live. He was only 4 days old! He didn’t know that his species only lived on average about a week before they died. They could almost seemingly multiply in numbers, but that was only if there was a girl and a boy gnat older than a day. If not…well, the gnat quickly figured out the rest. As he flew off in the distance, hardly noticeable to the human and pokemon eyes, he was thinking to himself.

This is the worst day ever. I figured out I’m going to die soon, I’m confused as heck, and the power I felt by that 2 legged lizard spewing fire at me was huge. Lucky I have natural born evasive instincts…I feel like crying, but I can’t. HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN? What will I do with my life…is there any purpose, and fun, any joy in life anymore? What do I do? …I’m good at annoying bigger animals, but that’s no longer fun. I need something better to do than just be swatted at and annoy people. Hm…what to do?

As he was flying, he failed to notice where he was going, and flew right into a sleeping hippoudon’s right nostril. Hippoudon’s nose twitched, shook, and it’s whole face lifted upwards and let out a huge sneeze.


The gnat shot out of the nostril like a rocket, zipping through the sky and landing about a mile away. He may have been shaken, but his tiny heart was pounding with shock and excitement. Suddenly realizing what happened, he buzzed in happiness and said:

“That’s it! I know how to make my life as meaningful as possible! I’m going to die in about 3 days anyway, so why don’t I do this? I’ll find some other strange creature and make it sneeze! It’ll be fun, enjoyable, and considering everything is already bigger than I am where I’m from, I’m sure that everything here is bigger than I am too! Hopefully, I’ll be able to find someone fast…”

His bug eyes grew as his gaze fell upon a beautiful bunny pokemon. Her name was Lopunny, and she was stunning. Her long ears, her sharp eyes, her cute little nose, and her feminine appearance was evident even to this gnat’s eyes. Chuckling evilly, the gnat flew closer to Lopunny, who was oblivious to the small black gnat. This girl had much bigger things to worry about…

Lopunny was bored out of her mind. She had been listening to her friend Starly complain all day. She was careful not to let those feathers go anywhere near her face, and more specifically her sensitive little nose. She was dreadfully embarrassed about her nose. Not only was it slightly larger than every other Lopunny she knew, it was also more sensitive. Just the slightest tickle could start her nose to twitch, and even though she worked extremely hard on her beauty, she always made a fool of herself whenever she…

She couldn’t even think about the word. She was too ashamed. She also was daydreaming. Yesterday she saw the most handsome guy…a pokemon named Lucario. His strong hands, the powerful attacks he had, and the way he moved and carried himself…it was enough to make any pokemon jealous…or lovestruck. The lovestruck expression on her face shown brightly…again. The starly noticed.

“Come on Lopunny! How many times do I have to say this? We need a plan to get rid of…her…” The starly shuddered, his feathers quivering with fear. He was talking about Esmeralda, the jynx. She was a powerful pokemon that came from a far away region…and she came to stay. Her ice attacks were powerful, and on top of that, she had psychic abilities that made her an even tougher opponent. She had met Starly and Lopunny a few weeks ago, and instantly a rivalry between both girls was born.

Lopunny was stunningly beautiful, and Jynx too had a prettiness to her. She was nowhere near as beautiful as Lopunny was, but to say Esmeralda was ugly was a mistake…literally. Any pokemon that called her ugly got frozen solid with a solid chunk of ice that could last for days until someone decided to break it. She and Lopunny didn’t get along too well…jealousy between the 2 was evident. The jynx was jealous because of Lopunny’s beauty. Lopunny was not aware she was so beautiful to so many pokemon…she knew she was pretty, but worked hard to keep up her lovely charm. She was jealous of Esmeralda because the jynx could use attacks so gracefully. With Lopunny, she knew pound, Jump Kick, sing, and attract. With Esmeralda, she knew icy wind, ice beam, psychic, and mean look. On a one on one fight, Lopunny actually lost to Esmeralda, shattering her confidence for a few days.

It was Starly who sort of ‘woke her up’. Lopunny got so depressed with that loss that she refused to show herself to anyone, calling herself a miserable failure. Her long ears drooped and sagged, her cute look of helplessness was permanent, and she hardly ate anything. Starly actually came up with a slap to his friend, slapping her out of it…literally. She may have been beautiful, but like all other pokemon, battling instincts lived within her. That slap with his wings just missed her nose, and instead slapped on her long ears. She retaliated with a strong jump kick, KOing her best friend in just that one hit. She surprised herself…and even though she was extremely sorry and apologized to Starly afterwards, she was rejuvenated to do better, both with her fighting skills and her life in general.

Lopunny gently shook her head and looked at Starly with knowing eyes. “Come on Starly. She hasn’t done anything wrong here. We both don’t like her, but that doesn’t mean we can do something like that.” Her attitude was kind, caring, and understanding. Starly often shook his head in amazement how she could be so calm all the time…and then something happened.

Starly, just for a second, saw something. Something small and black, and it was right in front of Lopunny’s face. He blinked, and the thing was gone. Blinking more in confusion, he saw something he never saw Lopunny do before…she sniffed and her nose started to wriggle.


Quickly, she lifted up one of her long ears and rubbed her twitching nose, relieving the itch for a moment…and then the gnat quietly laughed. He knew that just by flying inside one of her nostrils and staying absolutely still was causing this much irritation to the pretty pokemon, he couldn’t wait until he fluttered his wings. He didn’t realize that Lopunny had an astounding sense of hearing, so when he buzzed inside her nose, fluttering his wings up and down, she could hear it. Unfortunately, she couldn’t do anything about it. Her nose may have been larger than most lopunnys noses, but her nostrils still barely were big enough to let the gnat fit inside, so when he moved his tiny wings rapidly, the wings brushed against the inner walls of her nostril.

Starly was fascinated as he watched. Just as she removed her soft furry ear from her nose, thinking that she had accomplished blocking the sneeze, the gnat started to do his thing, and the sharp eyes of Starly saw Lopunny’s small nostrils flare up. He was amazed at how her normally invisible nostrils flared up to a size where even a cyndaquil or rhydon could see them. Starly was holding in a huge laughing fit…Lopunny’s face was absolutely priceless. She had been holding her breath, and even though her nostrils were flaring up so much, she shut her mouth tight, her eyes watering and her nose now was visibly moving, shivering more and more as the gnat continued to move his wings around the nostril.

Inside her nose, the inner walls of her nostril were shaking. Ripples spread from the points of impact the gnat’s wings touched, and this tiny bug was having the time of his 4 day old life. He knew this big girl wasn’t about to sneeze…he hadn’t felt the familiar wind yet that had blown him so far from the first sneeze he had caused, so he continued to fly in place, making the walls around him ripple and shake more fiercely. Finally, Lopunny couldn’t help but open her mouth. She was about to pass out from holding her breath so long. Her small breath from her mouth made her lungs scream for more air, and her nose couldn’t help but suck in air…making the insanely strong urge to sneeze become unstoppable.

Lopunny’s mind was screaming for her to resist the sneeze. She knew what happened when she sneezed…I must…not…NO!


Starly laughed his beak off. This was definitely not the sneeze he had been expecting. Her nose had been moving so much…for a tiny thing like that? If anything, that sneeze only made her look more adorable! Starly stopped laughing when he heard her breath hitch again. Apparently, the gnat wasn’t happy. He had been expecting a much bigger sneeze than that…and he was determined to make his experience more enjoyable. No longer flying in place, he zipped around the nostril, flying deeper into her nostril one second, and then purposely rubbed his wings against the tips of her flaring nostrils.

Her nose went from twitching and shivering to flat out shaking. The inside of her nose looked like an earthquake with how many ripples ran across the inside walls of her nose. They didn’t just appear where the gnat touched the walls with his wings either…now the whole nostril was rippling with waves of irritation. Her face shown determination, and she sneezed three more dainty sneezes…but she knew that her feigned sneezes weren’t getting rid of the tickle in her nose. If anything, each sneeze she forced to be tiny and feminine made her nose itch even more. She could feel the gnat moving around inside her right nostril, but as she moved her head, tilting it back, the gnat accidently flew out of her nostril while he was teasing the flaring tip of it…and got sucked inside the other nostril. Her tickle sensation spread all throughout her nose now, not just on the right side. She had no choice…she had to sneeze the way she normally did, otherwise this constant tickle would drive her crazy! Surrendering, she took a deep sniff, knowing full well what was about to happen.


The sneezes rocked her backwards, her ears were unfortunately rocked back along with her body and she tripped over them, making her fall face-first into the ground. She had sneezed into one of her ears out of politeness, so she spiraled as she fell to the ground face-first. Starly flew up to help her, and both of them heard a cocky laugh. Lopunny’s nose still was twitching as she turned around to face the voice she had been afraid to hear…Esmeralda’s voice. The jynx was chuckling, seeing the predicament Lopunny was in. The gnat, which had been shot out of her small nose by the strong sneeze into the ear she had used to cover her sneezes, was now covered in small Lopunny hairs. He tried to shake them off, but the moist light spray of snot he had caused with that sneeze made those hairs stuck on his body. Grinning evilly, he noticed that each hair stuck out of him without putting hardly any weight on his small body…and he could still fly. Spiraling back towards her nose, as he spun the hairs swished around him like a tree branch in the wind…each one sticking out. Poor Lopunny was helpless as she felt an intense tickle come upon her once again, the gnat had successfully got inside his target.

“Hel…hello…sniff…haa…” Rubbing her nose with her long ears, she felt the itch somehow intensify rather than shrink…she saw some pollen on her ear and felt the need to blame that instead of the real cause.


The jynx stared with a look of poisonous humor in her eyes, watching as the sneeze grew more and more intense with each passing second. She had no idea that Lopunny’s nose was so sensitive…and a plan was beginning to form in her mind. Esmeralda too had seen Lucario yesterday, and when she figured out Lopunny had seen him too, she knew they were destined to fight for his attention, and not because of her psychic abilities. She continued to watch, thinking of just how she could make this too-perfect-young-lady pokemon sneeze if she ever saw that handsome pokemon…Lucario…

The jynx practically melted right there. Just thinking about him made her icy heart melt. Focusing back on poor sniffling Lopunny, she noticed how she fought the sneeze with admiring fashion…but she also knew from the increased flaring nostrils, she was loosing the battle. Any moment she’s going to blow…heh. Imagine the look on Lucario’s face if he saw her like this…HAHAHA! I can see it now…

“HA…aaH…HITCHISSIK!” Stifling this sneeze with her ear completely, she managed to avoid completely knocking herself over this time…but the stubborn gnat was determined to have more fun again. Slamming himself against the walls of her nostril, she gasped in slight pain. She absolutely knew something wasn’t right, but her mind was too busy with the growing sneeze to think straight.

“A…ah…HA…AAH…whew…” Her nose continue to move, but for some reason, the gnat stopped moving. He was downright exhausted. Slumping down against part of the nostril so he wouldn’t fall out of it, he grabbed on part of the wall. This only caused a fraction of a tickle he had caused earlier, so it didn’t make her sneeze again. However, Esmeralda wasn’t going to have any of that. She wanted to see this girl embarrass herself in front of her, so she sneakily used icy wind in a small straight line and basically froze the air around Lopunny’s nose. The sudden shift of temperature caused Lopunny’s nose to become sneezy once again, and the jynx cleverly plucked one of Starly’s feathers and used psychic on it, forcing it to swish back and forth in front of the quivering nostrils.

The gnat saw this and gasped. How DARE someone was ruining his fun with this girl? Only he should be causing her to sneeze! He tried to dart out of her nostril to go straight for Esmeralda’s eye, and felt himself being pulled back. He had bothered Lopunny’s sinuses too much…a small amount of snot had trapped him while he had been resting, and now he was helpless to move out of the way. He prayed as he felt the rush of wind from this big bunny’s hitched breaths, feeling each one become stronger and stronger. The sneeze wasn’t far behind.

“HAAA…HAKSHIEEW! ATSHIW! A…KACHOOOO! Sniff…ple…ease…please…sto…o…oh…aah…AH…APSHIEW!”

Esmeralda had seen enough. After the strong third sneeze, Lopunny once again tripped over her ears, and begging her to stop only made the jynx want to swish the feather more, but she felt Lucario’s presence nearby. Her eyes widened. If he saw her messing with Lopunny like this, what would he think of her? He’d probably play the hero and get closer to Lopunny instead of her! Still, she couldn’t help making her sneeze that one last time, forcing dust and dirt to stir all around Lopunny’s fur as she sneezed while on the ground.
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Re: Lopunny and Lucario request! (F+M+Pokemon+Story)
« Reply #1 on: October 09, 2011, 02:39:24 AM »
As the troublemaking jinx ran off, preparing herself to look more beautiful so when she’d come back she would be able to ‘win over’ Lucario, Lopunny held her breath. Dust triggered a sneezing fit if she wasn’t careful about it, so she had to hold her breath until the wind blew away the dirt and dust all around her. She failed to sense Lucario coming, not having the psychic forewarning like a jinx has, so she stood up and used her long ears to brush off the dust, ruffling up her fur, but managing to clean the dust and dirt off of her.

The gnat, however, was in pain. He had been sneezed into the dirt, and once again he was stuck on one of Lopunny’s ears as he was lucky enough to crawl into her furry ear, resting his very banged up body from his sneeze adventures he had today. It wasn’t easy to be sneezed out of a creature that outsizes you by at least a thousand to one. He grimanced as he checked to see if his wings were not broken. Thankfully, all four of his small wings were only wet with the light spray of snot, not broken like he thought they were. The gnat didn’t even care that where he was moving, he stayed right where he was, deep enough inside the fur so he wouldn’t be crushed as the fluffy ears rubbed against the other fur of Lopunny’s body. Both the gnat and the girl failed to notice that they were being watched.

Lucario was watching Lopunny clean herself. He had noticed this girl yesterday, and he hid his blush well. He was young, confident, and strong, and yet this girl made him feel…different. It was a happy kind of different, but not what he was used to feeling. Most of the time he felt like he had to fight, to get stronger, and to train harder. This feeling was…not those things. He was pondering what this feeling was, and standing 200 feet away, he felt his body be stuck between a position of unconsciously moving forward and then staying where he was.

He didn’t know that this girl had been sneezing earlier. All he knew was that she looked beautiful. He shivered, and then wondered why he was so nervous. This wasn’t what a fighter should feel like! He should be fearless, brave, and strong at alltimes, no matter what.

Taking a deep breath, he walked closer to the young lady. Lopunny was 17, and Lucario was 20, and both of them could hold their own in a fight. As Lucario got closer, his aura picked up that this girl was no threat to him. He also detected a tiny aura nearby…but he dismissed it for a flower. All life had it’s own unique aura, even plants. Lucario got within 50 feet before his foot made contact with a twig on the ground, snapping it. Lucario himself barely heard it, but Lopunny’s sharp ears heard that small sound from that far away easily. Revealing her face to him, she blushed an intense shade of pink as she saw Lucario.

Starly, who was practically useless this entire time to Lopunny, came up out of his hiding place and started to push Lopunny towards the pokemon of her dreams. A small bird trying to push anything forward is a bad idea…especially when the thing that bird was trying to push was stiff as a board. She never moved, her eyes staring at Lucario and her blush become deeper and covered all of her cheeks. Starly saw this and shook his head, knowing now that it was pointless to do anything. Flying away, he was careful not to take off right in front of Lopunny so she wouldn’t have any urge to sneeze from his feathers again.

Lucario got within 20 feet when his nose gave a sudden twitch. Feeling the smallest tickle poke his nose, he wriggled his muzzle and felt the tickle go away. He sighed in happiness as the small tickle left…no need for anything like…that…to happen. The way he paused made Lopunny nervous, she was thinking that maybe Lucario was going to turn away because she looked so bad. Her eyes looked adorable as she hang her head down, looking sad and lonely. This made Lucario focus on her again and he continued to move closer to her.

Her beauty to him distracted him from a tickle that formed again in his muzzle, deep back inside it that wasn’t strong enough to cause any physical reaction to his nose until he got within 5 feet from her. Lucario stopped and looked at her, making Lopunny look back at him and they were having that ‘awkward silence’ moment.

During that moment, Lucario realized his small tickle had grown considerably. As soon as he thought about the tickle, the more it spread throughout his nose, making it twitch. Seeing Lucario’s nose twitch so suddenly, Lopunny actually let out a small giggle. Her lovely voice made Lucario’s heart melt, but he knew something wasn’t right. He had never felt a sneeze build up like this before…and he was proud to have rarely sneezed at all. His sneezes were…well…he didn’t like to sneeze at all.

He had learned to use his aura powers in order to not just meditate to enhance his fighting skills and attacks, he could also intensely focus his mind so whenever he had the urge to sneeze, his focus would overwhelm the sneeze. He felt his muzzle wriggle slightly and, embarrassed, he rubbed his muzzle with one of his paws, making the movements across his muzzle die down. Taking a deep sniff, he thought that would make things better. At first, it did…

Lopunny saw his muzzle die down and she quietly said “hi there.” She couldn’t help but flutter her eyes at him, and Lucario responded in a strong voice.

“Why hello. What is your name?”

“I…I’m Lopunny. I know who you are…everyone does.” Blushing deeply again, she knew this was the first time she had talked to him like this. She wanted to reach out and touch him, just to see if this was real and not a dream. She was too shy to ask him about this request though…but Lucario recognized the look.

“Ha ha ha! Go ahead Lopunny. I’ve seen that look before… here.” Holding out his paw, he stepped forward, and as her soft hand gently brushed against his, he saw her aura, and her body, slightly shudder with amazement. He grinned as he had this happen to him before, but he was shocked to almost loose his composure and give a slight shudder himself. He’d never be able to let that one go if he did do that…he must be strong…and…confi…dent…

Lucario’s muzzle started wriggling. Lopunny was too busy looking at his hand to notice the shivering shudders his muzzle was doing right then, and Lucario silently stepped back, separating his hand from hers. She saw his body turn a mysterious blue color, and she saw for the first time what an aura looked like…at least, what Lucario’s aura looked like…sort of.

He sat down, cross-legged. He was meditating, forcing the sensations back with intense focus. Lopunny stepped a little bit closer, curious as to how this mysterious power worked. His nose scrunched up and wrinkled as she got closer, and she could see Lucario’s nostril’s flare up a little. She got more curious, but then wondered if Lucario’s aura was visible not just in front of him, but in the back of him too, so she moved away from his nose and hopped around to his back.

Lucario was extremely puzzled. Normally it only took about a few seconds to force any sneeze back…this was taking way longer than that…and the itch and sneezy sensation actually grewfor a while when he was meditating! This startled Lucario very badly. This never happened…not ever. Sure he sneezed before a few times, but never after he learned to use his power like this. As odd as that was, he felt the familiar feeling of the sneeze dying down. He relaxed his aura, just a fraction, and then the itch in his nose returned with a force than nearly got him to have a hitched breath. He hadn’t gotten that far into a sneeze in 5 whole years!

Lopunny had finished looking at Lucario from the back. The way he was sitting up straight, the mysterious power he was doing, and the way he was taking deep breaths while meditating all fascinated her. She was even more interested in Lucario now than she was earlier! Hopping back in front of Lucario, one of her ears came within 2 inches of touching against Lucario’s nose…and that’s when Lucario took one of his deep meditating breaths.

The sneeze burned his muzzle, begging for a release from the stubborn strong pokemon. Lucario fought against it, his muzzle twitching fiercely and scrunching up tightly. Every breath made Lucario’s muzzle scrunch up even more, Lopunny realized this reaction. Poor Lucario had to sneeze! She felt the urge to lift up one of her long ears and tickle his muzzle for him, just so he wouldn’t have to struggle against this sneeze for much longer, but she resisted the urge. She realized that Lucario didn’t want to sneeze, and she totally understood how that felt to resist a sneeze like that, so she stepped back and waited for Lucario to open his eyes and end his meditative state.

Lucario, meanwhile, unknown to Lopunny, was in a huge amount of turmoil. The sneeze literally was screaming at his focus, threatening to break his concentration. He had to increase his aura power. Focusing even more, his face tightened and his scrunches and twitches all over his muzzle turned into shivers and tingles. He was finally winning! The urge to sneeze was dying down…not by much, and he knew if he lessened his focus even the tiniest bit, he would loose this battle…too bad someone else had other ideas.

A battle lost…and a friendship gained

The gnat, who had not moved from Lopunny’s ear the entire time, had been focusing on the new blue pokemon. He had a bigger nose than this girl did, and the way it was moving like that, all it needed was a little bit more of a push in order for a sneeze to burst out…and the gnat figured that having this girl’s hair stuck on him like it was, the hairs should be able to tickle the nostrils enough to where he didn’t even need to go inside his nose…but what was the fun in that? The gnat knew he only had a few days to live, and he was willing to do anything exciting! Testing his wings, he took off the ear, and Lopunny definitely heard it. Looking around, she tried to find the source of this mysterious buzzing noise. She continued to hear it as the gnat flew right at Lucario’s nose. The meditating pokemon was helpless as the gnat landed on the muzzle, messing with it as the gnat playfully crawled across the muzzle, making it scrunch up as he walked faster and faster.

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Re: Lopunny and Lucario request! (F+M+Pokemon+Story)
« Reply #2 on: October 09, 2011, 02:40:14 AM »
Lucario’s mind was panicked. He had been controlling the urge! Why was he loosing now? Lifting up his paw, he rubbed at his muzzle, hoping whatever was causing this itch would disappear as he moved his hand across his slightly wet nose over and over again. The gnat easily dodged the hand.

“So, wanna play rough ey? Well, I can play games too. How about…a shooting game? I’ll be the bullet, and your nose will be my target! Rub faster…it will make it more satisfying when I win!”

The gnat zipped to under the muzzle, out of reach of the paw that was rubbing the very irritated nose, and vibrated his body along all the furry bottom part of his nose. By the time the gnat reached the actual nose itself, the muzzle behind him was scrunching up in visible waves. Lucario’s eyes watered, and for the first time in a long time, he started to lean back in his meditative state.


Clamping his nose with both hands, Lucario went away from the black nose and instead rubbed his muzzle, desperately seeking to calm the tremors and scrunches it was doing. The gnat sighed, knowing this wasn’t going to be much of a challenge. The nose was left wide open! Oh well…time to make this guy sneeze. I can’t wait to see what happens when he does! First I got shot out in a speed faster than I ever flown before, and the next creature I made sneeze reacted in a way that was priceless! What will happen next? This place is awesome! Well, here I go!

Buzzing, Lucario’s ears picked the annoying sound up, just like Lopunny did, but it was too late. What the gnat didn’t expect, however, was Lucario opening his eyes and taking a deep sniff in order to prepare for an aura sphere attack. The gnat was flying straight for the nostril when he sniffed, making the gnat loose control of his flight pattern and sent him way deeper into Lucario’s nose than he wanted to be. This wasn’t like Lopunny’s small nose, where you would always see the opening so you could quickly fly out if necessary…the gnat was in a place that was completely dark. He had flown right inside the deeper chamber of the muzzle…and it was just as sensitive as any other part of his nose.

Lucario gasped as he felt the tiny bug get sucked up inside his nose. Wriggling his nose, this actually made the sneezy feeling completely go away. He succeeded! Grinning in satisfaction, Lucario stood up and gave another sniff, just to see if he had really succeeded. This was an awful idea. The air swirled around Lucario’s muzzle chamber, making the unprepared gnat go all over the place. The Lopunny hairs all over his body just barely touched the walls of the chamber, but unlike the area closer to the nostrils, these walls have never had irritation before. The walls shifted, shook, and there was sneezy tears forming in Lucario’s eyes.

Lopunny gave a sympathetic sigh. Lucario looked so helpless right now…and obviously the sneeze wasn’t going away…and then she thought of something. She remembered when a fire pokemon sneezed, fire rushed out of the pokemon uncontrollably sometimes. What if Lucario was the same way? Her mind going into overdrive, she realized that this probably was the reason why Lucario had been so determined to stop his sneeze. It wasn’t because it was embarrassing, like her sneezes were, it was because his sneezes were dangerous somehow!

Hopping in front of him, she reached up and with one of her small hands she covered Lucario’s nostrils. This seemed to work. Lucario’s hitched breaths died down, he relaxed, and his aura stopped glowing. Lopunny then felt the nose under her hands begin to run. She was grossed out, but still held on. Shivers rippled along the muzzle and Lucario’s eyes widened as he felt the sneezy feeling grow exponentially. Lopunny continued to hold on to his black nose, which was wriggling under her grasp, desperately trying to get away from her fur. Lopunny watched as Lucario’s nose reddened, and she heard Lucario’s breath hitch again, which wasn’t suppose to be happening. She was blocking the sneeze…wasn’t she?

Lucario’s aura flowed around him again, but his nose continued to wriggle and scrunch up more and more. Both his nose and his muzzle moved different ways, left and right, scrunching, sniffling, doing anything to try and stop the smell of Lopunny’s fur to enter his nose…but each movement caused more of Lopunny’s scent to go deeper and deeper into his nose. The gnat saw brown fur begin to flow into the chamber he was in, and thankful that he now knew how to get out, he flew as quick as he could out of his nose…or tried to. The sniffs Lucario took in kept the gnat from escaping from his nose entirely, and as the gnat struggled to fly out, his wings vibrated against the inner walls of the narrow part of the muzzle.

Combining irritations, Lopunny’s fur causing mayhem in his deep muzzle chamber, the gnat’s wings rubbing against the top of the inside of his other part of the muzzle, and the tickle that had been held back before all created mayhem for Lucario. His aura was now so strong that Lopunny was forced back, her whole body sent spiraling 10 feet. She was thankful that she shielded her fall with her tough ears…but she watched as the rush of air Lucario sucked in through his nostrils made the sneeze imminent. With his nostrils flaring to their breaking points, and his aura flowing all over his body, Lucario finally couldn’t stop himself…he knew there was no stopping the sneeze now.


The pause would have been hilarious for Lopunny. Lucario’s face was frozen except for his crazy twitching nose and muzzle, and he had his head tilted back a little, and still he was fighting the sneeze. He wouldn’t let something like this beat him…and that’s when the gnat decided to pull the finishing blow. While Lucario was frozen, holding his breath for as long as he could, the gnat took a quick surveying look around him, seeing if there was any part of the nose he was at that wasn’t shaking and quivering…and there was one spot. It slightly glowed with Lucario’s aura power, it being the only silver line that was keeping him from sneezing…and the gnat pulled out one of Lopunny’s hairs that had been stuck on his body and swished it around that glowing spot like a feather, tickling that spot. Lucario had been covering up his most sensitive sneezy spot that he knew he had…and now that it was being tickled, this was the last straw.

“HUH…HUUUUH….HAAATCSSCIOOO!  (Insert 3 more sneezes here.)

Each sneeze sent a wave of aura power, all in a large sphere, crashing into the landscape in front of him, destroying the grass and trees in each wave’s path. Lopunny, using her naturally graceful techniques, managed to dodge her way around the powerful attacks. Lucario, unable to stop himself now, felt his muzzle scrunch up yet again. The gnat was stuck in a small patch of snot that had come from one of the hairs he had used earlier, and even with these powerful sneezes, he hadn’t been freed. He vibrated his wings fiercely, knowing the only way he’d be freed from where he was trapped was if he made Lucario sneeze hard enough in order to release him. Lucario tried to use his aura again, but he couldn’t control his power anymore. It was completely a new feeling for him. Nostrils flaring up again, he was completely at the mercy of the gnat.

“Ha…ahh…HAA…HATCHOOOOO! KUSHICK! HACSHKISK!” Now attempting to stifle his sneezes, this made the gnat more frustrated. Now he was covered in snot! This wasn’t what he wanted! He wanted to have some fun…some excitement…giving up, the gnat stopped vibrating his wings. He would be trapped in here for the rest of his short life…no one would be able to see him. He desperately wanted to cry, but he knew that would do him no good either. He saw the walls of the nose he was in start to shake less violently, so he knew he was going to be stuck here…in defeat, he grabbed one of the hairs stuck to his body, pulled it out, and just tossed it carelessly into the air of the nose…and Lucario sniffed at exactly the moment he did that. That single hair got sucked back inside the deeper chamber of his muzzle…and because he didn’t have the aura to stop the tickle or concentrate enough to stop himself from sneezing, that one hair was all it took to cause another sneezing fit.

Lucario, even with his aura power not functioning right, fought the sneeze. He scrunched his muzzle, rubbed his quivering black nose, but that single hair continued to move around the chamber of his muzzle, tickling multiple parts of the walls in the huge space, and the already red sensitive walls were helpless as the tickles made them shake even more than when hundreds of hairs were stirring around in the muzzle before. The gnat couldn’t believe it when he felt the familiar wind start blowing backwards, signaling to him that this creature was having his breath hitch.


Lucario couldn’t stand it much longer. Tilting his nose straight up, he allowed the breeze to tickle his wet nose, making his hitched breaths more desperate and louder.


Lopunny hopped out of the way, knowing that this sneeze would be big. What came out actually surprised both of them.


Lucario was shocked. He never sneezed like that…his sneezes were uncontrollable, loud, huge! Taking a small experimental sniff, he was rubbing his muzzle…and then it happened. He felt his muzzle shake, his nostrils flared, and he was stunned as what felt like an explosion happened in his nose. The gnat pulled every hair he could pull off of his small body and tossed them all into the air. The 10 small hairs scattered to different parts of the nose, some staying near the nostril, where the gnat was stuck at, while the others got sucked into the chamber along with the one hair that was still flowing around in there.


A huge amount of aura exploded around him, instead of it being concentrated into a sphere, it simply was released all around his body, creating a shock wave of the powerful fighting attack all around him. Lopunny was lucky…she had taken cover because of the last sneeze, being low to the ground, so the shock wave wasn’t nearly as powerful to her as…let’s say…someone walking towards them?

Esmeralda had finished pampering herself up, looking like a model among pokemon, she had felt Lucario’s power and had been calmly walking towards him…and that’s when the shockwave hit her like a wall. She was flown sky high and landed in a pond, messing up all of her hard work to make herself beautiful. Storming off in a rage, she absolutely knew that Lopunny was somehow behind this…

Lucario walked up to Lopunny, afraid that he had made her faint. Matter of fact, he did. Leaning forward, he tried to get a good look at her face, but the sneezy feeling rose with a passion the closer he got to her. Knowing he had to avoid sneezing on her at all costs, he turned his head just in time.


This sneeze sent a ball of aura sphere crashing nearby, but at least he didn’t send all of that power right at Lopunny. The gnat, which had been freed with that huge sneeze from earlier, knew that he was the cause of all of this trouble…and maybe he could cause some more trouble in order to fix the problems he had caused. Flying up Lopunny’s nose, the KOed pokemon started to return to consciousness as she felt her nose shiver and twitch.

Groggily waking up, she felt completely low on energy…what had hit her? All she could remember was the Lucario let out an adorable sneeze…and then he sneezed again much louder…and that was all she remembered. Standing up, she casually rubbed her nose, and realizing that it was moving so much, she snapped wide awake.


Rubbing her cute little nose, Lucario couldn’t help but give a deep laugh as he watched her struggle with something that he felt like doing…this girl must’ve been in the fields of flowers he was allergic to. That must’ve been the reason he was so sneezy whenever he got close to her. He could see that Lopunny’s gaze shifted over to him, and she wanted to look mad, but the sneezy feeling prevented her from having any look but a pre-sneeze expression.


Lucario watched fascinated as her cute little nose shook with just as much intensity as his did earlier. He watched as her nostrils suddenly became visible, flaring more and more, and finally, after 7 more desperate hitching breaths, she couldn’t handle the sneeze anymore.


Tripping over herself, Lopunny heard the gnat buzz his way out of the sneeze a fraction of a second before it happened. She tried to swat the little troublemaker, but she tripped over her ears before she had the chance. Lucario simply stated “You look beautiful. If I wasn’t so sneezy right now…I’d really like to talk with you some more, but I got to recover…sniff…would you like to talk with me some other time?”

Lopunny’s eyes shown. “Of course! I’d love to!” Squealing inside her mind, she watched as the handsome pokemon waved good bye, rubbing his twitching muzzle. As she watched him go, she couldn’t help but wonder why he was so sneezy around her…but the thought of him speaking to her, and seemingly liking her, overwhelmed all other thoughts. Practically floating home, she sighed in happiness as she wondered what awaited her tomorrow…and the gnat wondered that too.

The gnat was happy he’d fixed everything he’d caused, and looked around and saw the stunning display of destruction in front of him. Flying away before Lopunny could hear him or see him, he knew he’d better lie low…for now. Maybe soon he’d find another creature to make sneeze…he’d just have to wait and be patient.

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Re: Lopunny and Lucario request! (F+M+Pokemon+Story)
« Reply #3 on: October 09, 2011, 02:43:08 AM »
*watches as you update*
The length of this shocks me :P. Really.
Looks like I've gotta go D:. Enjoy your perfect community~~~

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Re: Lopunny and Lucario request! (F+M+Pokemon+Story)
« Reply #4 on: October 09, 2011, 02:47:53 AM »
I definitely did NOT think this request was going to be as big as it is now...seriously, this was suppose to be about 1/2 this size, but I had too much fun with the gnat XD. Please don't be offended if the requests that come soon will be shorter than a lot...I only had 3 requests during the time I made this, and the guy who requested it was really patient with me. (He asked for it about 2 1/2 weeks ago...sorry for the wait!)

Now I need to do another request someone has very patiently waited for...and I'll admit, I was practicing during this request because my next story will be a micro story! (The micro will cause the sneeze, not be sneezing...but sometime later, when I have my own free time, I'll do a micro story that involves themselves sneezing XD) Well, hope you enjoy this story, because I really enjoyed writing this one! (Lucario is one of my favorite pokemon ^^, and Lopunny is one of the best furry pokemon I know that isn't an eevee evolution...)

My next 5 stories: the micro story
Nala request
Scar and Mufasa Request
Minerva request
Negaduck request (or Wolf request)