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[F] Catherine and Kale*
« on: November 08, 2011, 04:43:21 AM »
Catherine's a kitsune-gal, Kale's a wolf-guy.  This one takes its sweet time and is nice and long.  It's an RP between me and One-of-three.  Enjoy!  Broken into two parts because it exceeds the size limit.
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Re: [F] Catherine and Kale
« Reply #1 on: November 08, 2011, 04:44:09 AM »
C: Catherine is there to greet her friend at the door when he arrives. Today's dress for the green-eyed, blonde-haired kitsune-girl is all black, which gives an interesting contrast to her pale gold fur. The way into the apartment is pulled on, a cheery smile on her face, nine tails dancing behind her. The outfit is a casual thing, sleeveless and cut somewhat low. As for her lower half, she's gone with a short skirt that makes it about halfway down her thighs before quitting.

K: Kale arrives, clad in a light blue polo, with white shorts on. He likes solid colors, because his own coat contains white, black and gray in varying amounts. The wolf has to duck a little so his ears don't scrape the doorjamb, and he greets his friend, complimenting the slightly vain female as usual. "Hiya, Catherine. You look very nice today."

C: "A charmer as usual." But the proud smirk on her face indicates she'd have it no other way. It takes lots of effort to keep up her appearance, and who doesn't like being noticed? A brief giggle comes from the girl as she backs up, watching her friend duck and graze his ears on the entryway. "So cute, too. So how are you, hmm? Come to keep me company on this most boring of boring days... I'm grateful, you know." Which isn't something she'd usually admit, but she can spare the words. Fingers clasp behind her back, a sweet smile shown to the boy.

K: "Oh, I'm fine," Kale smiles evenly, eyes taking a cursory glance around. He knew her apartment, of course, but he always looked around anyway, to see if anything had changed. It hadn't. The only thing he noticed is that there were never any flowers. "Stopped by a store on the way here, and brought you a brush and a bouquet." He set a small bouquet of freshly cut flowers on her foyer table, and pulled a little hand brush, made with decorations carved into the back, out of his pocket. "I know how you go through brushes."

C: Catherine's ears perk, a smile coming to her face. It freezes there when he says 'bouquet'. Well, there's a reason there aren't ever flowers around... How can she refuse his gentlemanly gesture, though? She'll just leave those there. Her delicate fingers take the brush, face turning into a grin. "Thank you! I imagine I'll be keeping this one even after it wears out... Call it a silly sentimental thing." Mm, she'd better get away from those things... Cathy feels the faintest of a tickle in her nose.

K: Kale is glad she likes it, and his tail starts to wag slowly. "It better not wear out anytime soon. I went with the quality brush as opposed to those plastic ones people keep in their cars." His eyes watch her tails swirling around being her for a while. "So, what have you been up to today? I haven't really done anything except cook breakfast!" He laughs. "And come here, of course. Definitely the high point of the day."

C: "Oh?" She gives it another look, turning it around in her hands and touching her fingers along the brush's back. "Hehe... you'll spoil me yet." Yes, her tails do sway with her merriment, a smile on her face. "Me? Breakfast, shower, dressing... It's been quite boring. This is my high point as well." Catherine's stops herself from sniffling, though is conscious of the smell of flowers nearby. She should get away from those...  But how, without making it obvious? She'll do it in just a moment.

K: "So... Are we going to stand here all day, or are you going to invite me in?" Kale lifted an eyebrow and flashed a grin, hands on his hips, elbows out. He wondered if he might get a chance to use that brush. "The flowers do need water, you know." He picked the colorful bunch in question off of the table and waggled them a bit. "One normally puts them in a small glass container filled with the stuff."

C: Catherine restrains her motions. What she wants to do is flick back her ears and tilt her muzzle up and away from the pollen that's shaken into the air, but she would loathe to make it so obvious that the flowers are an issue... She reaches out and takes them from Kale, then turns around. Forcing a smile, she tells him to "Come on in." A tail playfully flicks under his chin as she walks away. The moment she turns her back, her muzzle scrunches up, protesting to the flowers she's carrying. Her mouth opens silently, a breath drawn in as the blossoms tickle her nose. "Ah.. ...ah.. ah..!" The living room has a vase... so she steps in that direction.

K: Kale lets a small smile adorn his muzzle, and takes a swipe at the teasing tail tickling his chin. He makes sure just to hit the tip with a gentle swipe, and tries to get the rest, too, just frizzing their perfectly groomed ends a bit. "Hehehe. I might not have a prehensile tail, but I've got quick hands!" He couldn't see her irritation from where he was standing, and he assumed her little breaths were due to his tail-flicking. "Take that."

C: Maybe the worst part is that the flowers really do smell wonderful. Catherine's nose wiggles as the scent creeps along inside her nostrils, making everything tickle like crazy. She's /holding/ flowers... "Aheh.. ahheeh..!" Gotta.. sneeze..! She barely even notices what's happening to her tails, her attention called forward to suppress the allergic reaction. She plunks the flowers down into the living room's vase- conveniently located in a corner- and then proceeds to draw her free hand up to her face. Thankfully for her, Kale's view is blocked by tails. "Hehhchhshhh. Hehhchsss. Heh..hehhshhh! HEH-shh... HehSHH!" She bucks forward ever so slightly, eyes shut and ears tipped forward as she sneezes into her palm. Behind her, all nine of her tails flick up with each of the first five eruptions, tiny though they are. Kale gets a face full of tail. Catherine wiggles her nose.

K: "Ppthph." Fur in his mouth. Wonderfully scented fur in his nose. Fur in his eyes. He opened his mouth to ask why Catherine had stopped so suddenly, and almost got a mouthful of tail, too. He reached an arm through the swirling mass and tried to grab them, to stop them from slapping him in the face so much. Her body had jerked forward a bit, and then he lost sight of her completely. Collecting the tails in his arms, he held them close as they twitched. "Ahem. Do these belong to you?"

C: Sheesh... usually she's better at holding them in than that. Catherine frowns for a moment and rubs her nose with the surface of a few fingers. Ah? What's this? The boy has her tails. She squirms them around in his grasp, stepping backwards to get closer to him and away from the flowers. A coy smirk is pulled to her face as she peeks over her shoulder. "Oh, pardon me. I didn't realize you were there." Her tone of voice makes it clear that it's a blatant lie and she's simply playing.

K: Oh, this girl. She was going to get it. Kale bapped her lightly with three of her own tails. "I see. I don't even exist in the radiant presence of Catherine. Oh, woe!" He took the opportunity to surreptitiously squeeze her tails a tiny bit, just to see how much of it was fluffed fur. He'd always been curious about these things.

C: Huh, there's quite a bit of fur in there. It's silky, smooth and soft... And of course there's a tail under it all, but what's a tail without its fur? Catherine turns her head when her tails are swatted at her, and she grins. "Woe on you, yes." she replies in the same tone as she's spoken to, looking quite amused with the boy. "You've caught me... do you plan to let me go, hm?" Hopefully he will... Catherine realizes she hasn't backed up enough to be free from the flowers tickling at her nostrils- she can smell them.

K: "I don't know, I'm pretty comfortable, Cath." Except for the two tails he hadn't been able to capture, and all the fur in his mouth. "I suppose I could be convinced to let my catch go." He released her and slid in front of her. "It must take you hours to get through all that fur in the morning. I don't envy you the upkeep."

C: "At least an hour, but it's worth it. And it's morning routine, y'know. I can't say I don't think about it, but it's not life's largest burdeh.. burden." Her nose twitches as her breath catches for that brief moment. She turns her head away and briefly touches a few fingers to the black end of her snout. It's starting to tickle again... and it's not like she can push Kale back without acting weird. One of those two free tails slides across one of his shoulders, then cups under his chin, the smooth fur sliding along until he's barely held. "Mm, and just what would it take to convince you to let me go, hmmm?" She looks at him over the other shoulder, her visage sly.

K: "You know, I hadn't thought that far ahead. Hm." He thought for a bit. "You could let me test that brush out. I'm afraid I've mussed your fur." He paused again, another idea rumbling through him. "Or you could feed me, it's been awhile since breakfast." He brushed her face with a tail, chuckling.

C: Oh c'mon, she's trying to fight a sneeze. She doesn't need her own fur tickling her nose too... "Ah.." She's quiet about it, at least. The pollen drifts into Catherine's nose as she breathes, and a sniffle makes it worse. Though she'd be able to lie and say it's because he was tickling, that would just make her seem even more vulnerable. She turns her head away from the tail and tries to tug it out of Kale's grasp. "I'd be more than happy to let you brush. But if you're bad at it, I'll nip your fingers right off." Catherine still manages a playful smile, and she's looking over the first shoulder again to keep away from her tail.

K: "Fair enough." He gave her one last prod right on the tip of her black nose, and let her go. Just for a moment, he thought he saw a strange look cross her face, but it must have been his imagination. Catherine was always calm and collected. And also quite a tease, sometimes. Was there a slight tremble to her smile? Nah. Kale went into the living room, having a seat on the nearby couch, and waited with a pleased look, staring straight at Catherine and waggling his eyebrows.

C: The prod at her nose makes her cross her eyes. The fur just inside her nostrils makes her take a gasp for air. She needs to sneeze.. "Huhh.." And then the fur is gone, but the tickle stays. There was a strange look, yes... And when Kale leaves, she tries to collect herself. The pollen is still in her nostrils, stuck there even as she tries to snort it out. The tingling eventually calms, as her hips suddenly are in motion as she saunters to the couch. She spins in place before she sits, rear lifted into the air as if to show something, but her furry tails stay perfectly in the way and block the whole view. Catherine's seated before Kale can do a thing about it, the smile on her face making it clear she knew exactly what she just did.

K: He knows, of course, but he doesn't mind missing a view of her shapely rear. "So, where's that brush?" He starts stroking her tails while she hands it to him, really getting a good feel of the fluff. "You know, I don't think I've ever brushed someone else's tail before. I hope I don't get my fingers nipped off!" He lays the tail across his lap and then stretches, showing off the muscles in his back and chest, peeking at her through one slitted eye.

C: "You'll be fine." Still in her left hand, the brush is held out to the boy with a smirk. Catherine lets her tails go where they will, and is happy to let Kale take one. Though she does wiggle it around in his lap for a moment as if trying to get uncomfortable. Her actual intentions aren't so hard to guess. The vixen's ears tip slightly, her head turning away as if suddenly disinterested in the boy... but the truth is that the pollen in her nose is starting to tickle again. Her muzzle crinkles just a little bit...

K: Kale's right eye twitches a bit when she rolls her tail around in a sensitive area, but otherwise he keeps a straight face. Taking the brush from his friend, he applies it to just above the base of her tails, as far as he can go without brushing through black fabric, and slowly drags it up towards the tip in a smooth motion. As he expected, there are no tangles or snarls. He continues the motion a few more times, then shifts to a different angle, wanting to smooth down all of the fur he ruffled. "This is very relaxing. Almost hypnotic, really." The brush on fur makes a smooth 'Shhhhp' sound, which just barely covers up the sound of irritated breathing...

C: "HHheh.." Drat, it's coming back... Catherine's ears tilt backwards as her expression gets more and more spacey. "Ehh.. hh-hehh.." She sniffles, which Kale might actually hear. Her tails are already silky, having been brushed earlier, and she's too distracted to fully notice what's going on right at the moment. Her head tilts up somewhat, eyes falling shut.

K: Kale notices the tilt of her head, and the closure of her eyes. He assumes it is because she is really enjoying the brushing, though, instead of the real reason; a growing urge to sneeze. "Wow, you look nearly comatose. You even manage to make that look pretty, heh." He moved on to the next tail, humming nonsensical tunes softly now. His own tail was trapped behind him, but it wanted to wag, and managed to draw itself out from behind him and bat Catherine in the side in the limited space between them. With every brushstroke, the sweet scent of her shampoo was released. "You make me feel like I should take better care of my own tail. I don't brush it every day, I'm afraid. I think most guys are like that."

C: "Hhh... hhhehh..." Sniff... She opens her eyes and looks at the boy. "Oh, tha.. thank you." Her nose twitches... Now, her shampoo has been purposefully picked out as something that won't bother her nose, but having too many scents in the air can do Catherine in. The smell reaches the black cap on her snout, and she gives a slightly louder sniff. Oh great.. "Hhiiehhh.. I.. Ehh.." The vixen looks away, eyes fluttering as her bottom jaw wobbles open. Cathy's nostrils flare...

K: Kale finally heard her soft little gasps, and looked over at her. She wasn't facing him, but her reaction was clear, combined with the sound. Kale lay a hand on her back. "Are you alright there Cathy?" He suspected what was going on, but this was a golden opportunity to mess around with her a little bit, for all those tail swipes over the years. "I'm not doing something wrong, am I?"

C: "No, you're fi.. hh.. hhi..chff! Chff! Hhhchhfff!" Catherine bobs forwards ever so slightly, lifting a hand to release her breath into. She keeps her sneezes as quiet as possible, but with nothing else in the room making noise there's no doubt Kale can hear. All of her tails twitch slightly, timed to her quiet explosions. "Fine." Her nose wiggles, eyes opening as things seem to get under control.

K: "Heh. Cute. Are you allergic to something? I was under the impression that such a fine and elegant lady just... didn't do things like sneezing." Kale teased her relentlessly, swiping at her nose with the tail he held, and placing a stray hair back behind her ear, before resuming his brush strokes. "Well, that's two down... seven to go."

C: "I don't." she says, though that much is a joke. "And I'm not allergic to anythihh-" The hair of her own tails betrays her for a second time, her eyes crossing to look at the swiped spot. Not fair! Her hand comes up to touch her nose, delicately rubbing. "Hih.." Her tails momentarily freeze, nostrils flaring as her snout twitches back and forth. She must not have gotten all of the pollen out with those first few...

K: He's watching her with great interest now. It's fascinating, she's never sneezed before... Is it all the tickling he's doing with her tails? "Oh, really. Well, your argument isn't very persuasive..." He reached over to her twitchy nose, and ran a finger down from between her eyes to her nostrils, very slowly and delicately, relishing the feel of the short fur.

C: She does open her eyes for that, following the finger with a blank expression... But Catherine's mouth opens when the finger runs over her nose, a quiet gasp pulled into her mouth. Her eyes flutter for a moment.. "HIh.." Then her eyes fall shut. She wiggles her snout under his digit, lifting a hand to try and gently persuade him to move. The vixen lifts her head slightly as the tickles get worse...

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Re: [F] Catherine and Kale
« Reply #2 on: November 08, 2011, 04:44:48 AM »
K: Kale decides to interpret her head moving up into his hand as a 'rub more please', and so he did. This time, however, instead of stroking her teasingly, he massaged her nose, and rubbed it with his fingers, trying to help her hold it off, because it was just too much fun to see the normally composed female all flustered. "If you're not careful, you'll have to redo your hair."

C: "Ah... ah.. AH!" Not helping! Totally not helping. Catherine's nose wiggles under Kale's finger, her senses very suddenly at his mercy and receiving none. "Ha.. ha..!" Her tails stay frozen, sprawled all over the place, and her ears quickly pin back. Her eyes are held shut as her lower jaw begins to shudder, little gasps of air pulled in as her nose commands. "HA... Ka.. Kale, y.. HEHh.. gonna.. make.. HEHHH..!"

K: Wonderful. "Oh, well... I'm very sorry, then. Yep. So, so apologetic. Heh." kale just sat back, watching he tails twitch and her face screw up, and waited for the show to start again. Her ears looked very cute like that, he had to admit, and the way she was just holding back even though she obviously really needed to let out a sneeze amused him greatly.

C: Shoot! The boy has picked up some of her attitude. Catherine's hand is held with fingers splayed in front of her face. "HAH..AH..." Ears still back until that moment where her whole body tilts forwards: "HAHSHOO!" That'll be louder than any of the ones that came before, too. Her tails all twitch as Catherine goes off, a bit of a reminder made about the cut of the upper half of her clothes. As far as sneezes go, it's really quite standard... which is not standard for Catherine. She sniffs and rubs her nose with a finger, opening her eyes slowly as she straightens out her posture. "Sorry."

K: "That's alright. I think its adorable that you have allergies. I am sorry for bringing the flowers, though, you should have told me..." He thought he had it figured out, it must be the flowers. She'd probably keep denying it, though. Hm... 'Maybe I could have some fun with that...' He stroked her tails reassuringly as he tried to rile her up by insisting she had just experienced an allergic reaction. In front of someone, no less! Oh, the horror.

C: "I don't have allergies." Catherine insists with a proud sniff. "You were tickling my nose." Right on the button on both accounts- she has them and she'll keep on denying. No doubt there's some fun to be had. Part of the reason is pride, and another reason is that she enjoys getting gifts and would hate to cross any potential item off the list, especially one so classic and gentlemanly. Her tails regain motion, sliding over themselves smoothly to bring back some allure to the woman. One drapes over his shoulder and curls around the back of his neck. "Seven to go, yes?"

K: Kale gives an involuntary shiver as that sleek tail curls around his neck. He let out a tiny gasp of his own. "Y-yeah. Seven to go." He resumed his brushing in silence for a while, savoring the activity. But eventually, he had to spit it out. "I bet you're allergic to dust, too. You're always so clean, you probably wouldn't even notice."

C: "I don't have allergies." Catherine repeats just as smoothly as before. Kale might have to find that one out on his own. The kitsune girl shuts her eyes and keeps up a proud pose, letting the male brush her tails as he will. And there's just a bit of teasing in the form of one sliding underneath his chin about halfway through the whole brushing process. "And neither flowers nor dust make me sneeze. You're welcome to bring as many bouquets as you like. It's a gentleman's gift, and I'm happy to have them."

K: "Well, I'm glad you're happy to have them, whatever they may or may not do to you." He set the brush down for a moment, done with her third tail, and got up. Walking out of the room towards the linen closet, he pulled open the door. "So, then, this would be totally okay with you." He removed a duster from the shelf, checked it to make sure it was actually dusty, and then walked back into the room, waggling his eyebrows.

C: Catherine snorts, though it looks and sounds like annoyance. "It's not okay with me, because you're going to get dust everywhere. I do like to keep this place clean." The kitsune fans her tails out over the back of the couch, taking up the space that Kale left open and making herself quite a pretty picture of a thing. Her eyes show no concern, gazing right at the canine's. For a fox, she's not very intimidated by dogs!

K: "Hmmm, good point. Can't really justify dirtying up the place. I'll put it back." Damn. She looks great like that and she knows it. He heads back to the closet, out of sight, and lightly dusts his right shoulder, the one that would be closest to her, coating it in dust, before returning the implement and heading back to the couch. "Now, how am I supposed to brush your tails like that?" He saunters over, picks up the brush, and sits right in front of her, looking down, on the very edge of the couch. He slowly reaches for an unbrushed tail, looking at her face the entire time.

C: Ha ha~ Catherine only laughs on the inside, of course. She's a fox, did he really expect to outwit her? Complimenting her golden fur, her tongue is quite silver. Kale sitting directly in front of her gets a smirk as well. "Shouldn't /I/ be the one sitting in /your/ lap? It's more fun. It doesn't work the other way around." The smirk persists, and she sweeps the tails occupying the boy's former seat away, allowing him to take his place again if he chooses.

K: Smiling, Kale slides into the seat again, sneaking a glance at her thighs. They're lovely when she sits like that, nine tails framing her form... Shaking his head a bit, he returns to the task at hand. He waits expectantly for her to squirm some tails onto his lap again, and resumes, shifting a bit so that his shoulder is just a little closer to her. "Glad you kept my seat warm for me."           

C: And the skirt does show plenty of thigh, to boot. "No peeking." Though a playful smile graces her features after her command. The fox is quick to notice at least some things- apparently she knows what people are looking at. Kale's 'dust inside grey fur' trick is quite missed by the green gems of her face. One tail takes a spot curling around the canine's neck again, draping once more over his shoulder as the two in front of it brush against his cheek and slide down into his lap. "You're quite welcome. It's the least I could do." She'll even say out loud that she likes being brushed. Hmm... why is her nose starting to tickle? Are those flowers really affecting her across the entire room?

K: Kale looked a little uncomfortable. "Sorry. The, uh, eyes tend to wander sometimes." She was starting to get to him, actually. She sent another shiver through him when she ran two tails down his chest to his lap. He automatically grabbed one and started to brush it, going very, very slowly and gently. God, all these tails wrapped around him... He was going to have to put his mind onto something else, soon. Out of the corner of his eye, he watched her, waiting to see if the dust would have a reaction.

C: "I take it as a compliment." Catherine says, a sly smirk on her face. A twinge in her nose makes her snout wrinkle up, and she slowly turns her head away. Her attention is called to the fore of her face. Her nose itches again... She's going to have to switch rooms at this rate, and maybe put the flowers outside when Kale's gone. Who knew they were so potent? Cathy's tails stay in place for the boy to brush as she focuses on fighting the itch. "Ah...?"

K: His ears perked up as he heard the 'Ah...?' emerge from Catherine's mouth. He chuckled a little bit before catching himself. "Hm? Did you say something, Cath?" he turned to look at her, using that line as an excuse. He could see the side of her muzzle twitching, but as usual she insisted on turning her face away from him.

C: Her breath is slow and controlled. "No, I'm juh.. just enjoying the brush." The hitch of her breath says otherwise. Her nose wiggles in the air, becoming more and more irritated by the dust. Her muzzle keeps scrunching and unscrunching as she tries to fight the reaction. Could it at least wait until Kale is done with her tails? The vixen's ears start to tilt backwards, though do so at a sluggish pace. "Hh..heh.."

K: Since she was looking the other way, Kale thought it was a good time to brush off his shoulder in Catherine's direction. He gave it a quick ruffle, creating a small cloud that he blew on, swirling it all around and towards the female. "Well, that's good. Only four to go, now!" He took extra care with this one, holding it up and running the brush up and around, amusing himself while he waited for the end of his little game.

C: Catherine's nose suddenly explodes with tickles, and the kitsune girl takes a deep breath, eyes fluttering before they fall shut. "Hh-hh-hhaa.. HAAA... HA.. HA!" There's no way she'll be able to hold this one in. Her ears pin back, tails pausing their languid motions as she lifts her nose into the air. Oh no... She smells... dust! "Haa..HHA..aaaah..! Ah...Aah-aaah..!" The vixen lifts a palm up towards her face.

K: Kale darts in with a dust-covered finger, setting it against her black nose for just a few moments, not wanting to get sneezed on, but relishing the loss of control from his friend. She's just so cute when she's all helpless, which has never happened before... She's always the one in control. "Quite a tickle in your nose, eh? Almost like you're allergic to something..."

C: The fox's nose tingles as her allergies flare to life fully. Kale must have brought some of her allergen along with him when he came back, be it knowing or not. The finger over her black nostrils makes them flare with the itch, which just lets in more dust. "I duh... don't ha-ha...ha..have any ahll.. ahll.. hhaaah... Eeehhuh.. huh..hehh...HHHAAH... hhuuhhh-hh, huhhhhehhthh.. Ehh..HHEHH.." Her head tilts about, then starts bobbing upwards, her ears flicked back and staying there. Her nose wiggles under his finger as her breath builds up. "EHHHhuh.. HEHH... HHAAAH.. HHAAAAHH..! HHAAAHH! HHAAPPSSHH!" The first one is held in, but not very well. The ones that follow are not held in at all. "HAHHSHHOOO! HAHHSHOOO! HHeeehh-HHAHHSHOOO! EHh...HHEHHSHHHOO!" Catherine's body jerks forwards with each powerful sneeze, her tails jerking up into the air as she uses them to catch her balance. "HEHHSHHOOO! hheh..HHEHHSHOOO! EHHSHOOO! HHAa..HAAAH.. HHHAAHHHSSHHOOOOO!"

K: Kale caught a glimpse of the curve of her rear when she raised her tails, and he also took in the slight jiggling that occurred when she seemingly exploded with sneezes. It was downright sexy. "Damn! You must've really had to sneeze. I didn't think it was possible for you to make that much noise doing something!" He reached over - with his non-trapped hand - and scratched behind her ear a bit, hoping to calm her if she was upset with her outburst.

C: Well, at least he's a good sport about it. She can do the same. A snort is given to clear her nose, and she rubs her palm against the same. Catherine settles back down slowly, tails fluttering down to the places they were in before as if they were made of nothing more than tissue paper. There's no defense about allergies because Kale's not making any claims, so she says nothing and tilts her ears into a position to be scratched. While not quite dignified, it's something she enjoys... so she'll take it without any words. Right back to being graceful, the only thing Catherine says is "Pardon me."

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Re: [F] Catherine and Kale
« Reply #3 on: November 08, 2011, 05:10:41 AM » I'm speechless. THIS IS AMAZING!!! (Ok, maybe not so speechless XD)

Seriously, this is way good, and really nicely done both of you!!'re so clever...outsmarting a smart clever vixen like her isn't easy...I could see this happening ^^. do have allergies ;D.

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Re: [F] Catherine and Kale
« Reply #4 on: November 08, 2011, 08:46:54 AM »
Saweeeet :3~~~
awesome story...just...well...
(so much potential x3, u know what i mean)
Looks like I've gotta go D:. Enjoy your perfect community~~~

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Re: [F] Catherine and Kale
« Reply #5 on: November 16, 2011, 04:57:26 PM »
 :o ... (I am truly speechless.)
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