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[Guide] About the Archive (Updated 5/6/11)
« on: June 19, 2008, 10:47:07 PM »
How to Play the Video Files

All files in the archive have been encoded with XviD video codec and Mpeg3 audio codec. To obtain the XviD codec, visit and run the appropriate installer. Files can be viewed in WinAmp, Windows Media Player, or other video playing software, once the codec pack has been installed.

Filename Formatting

All files in the archive have a specific naming convention to them. The following will explain what each part of it means.


Folder: - was 'type'
  Adult - If the title includes the word adult, the image contains material not intended for someone under 18.
  Animation - Images marked as animation are either Flash files (swf) or are animated gifs. This folder also contains Sound files for the time being.
  Comic - Images in the comic folder generally contain a series of consecutive images within it depicting a sneeze.
  Doodle - Images in the doodles folder are usually incomplete sketches, non-sequential doodles, or otherwise rough in presentation.
  Single - Images in the singles folder generally contain the character only once.
  Storybook - Images in the storybook folder are scans of sneezes found inside books and magazines.
  Stories - Files in the stories folder are fetish-themed roleplays or stories, typically created by members of the forum.
Artist: This field contains the artist's name. All images are tagged with the artist's name, and provide a link to their last known website. Please be respectful to artists if you decide to contact them.
Gender: This field defines the gender of the character sneezing.
  F - Female
  M - Male
  N - Neutral / Undefined
Title: This field represents the title of the picture. If no clear title exists for the image, then a short descriptive phrase is added instead.

In addition, the following information is provided and searchable:
Sizeplay: (Stories only) A feature unique to the stories section, sizeplay will list if the sneezing subject is macro (20+ feet), oversize (8-19 feet), normal (3-7 feet), or micro (0-2 feet). Currently, there are no micro stories. (5/4/11)
Anthro?: Some have a preference for anthropomorphic characters over animalistic characters. If Anthro is selected, the sneezer will likely have a human-like body structure.
Species: The type of species doing the sneezing is defined from this field. If more than one species is present and sneezing, the most popular species is selected, or 'other' is selected.
Cause of Sneeze: The cause of the sneeze is defined from this field. If more than one cause of sneeze is used, such is typical with stories, 'multiple' is selected. The distinction between 'undefined' and 'random' is if the character is surprised by the sudden need to sneeze, it's 'random', if the sneeze just happens or is already in the process of happening for no clear cause, it's 'undefined'.


Series: This field states the series that the clip is from. There are a few special terms here.
  Classic Cartoon - If the series is one of the old MGM / Looney Toons episodes, and lacking in a clear set of main characters, it is defined as Classic Cartoon. Exceptions are Disney series and anything containing Bugs Bunny.
  Movie - If the clip is from a movie instead of a series, it is labeled as Movie instead.
  YouTube - If the clip is exclusive to YouTube and not something done by a single person as a quick art doodle, the file will be tagged as YouTube.
Episode: This field will tell you what episode the clip is from. There are still a few Unknowns for this field. Please see the "Files with Unknown Artist / Episode" thread for a list.
This field defines the gender of the character sneezing.
  F - Female
  M - Male
  N - Neutral / Undefined
Character: This is typically the name of the character who is sneezing. If no name is known, the species is used instead.
Cause: The cause of the sneeze is often an important thing for people. It will be defined whenever possible. If the cause of the sneeze is indeterminate, Random will likely be used. Cold/Flu fall under Illness and Cold is used for low temperatures.
Extra: Anything following the cause will typically be numerations of the clip number from the same episode. Also there are sometimes variations between the same clip such as language, or specific things to take note of about a clip. They will be places in parenthesies.

Sometimes mistakes happen. If you feel a file name isn't accurately described or has incorrect information, send me a Personal Message. Please state the file name of the existing file, and then state what the file name should be. Help is always appreciated.

How to Contribute

If you have something that you would like share, or know of something that we have not seen yet, there are a few steps to make this easy.

Via Forum
Art and Writing
1. Where - Art contributions can be uploaded or linked to via the Art & Writing forum.
2. Topic Format - In this case, simply put the title of the piece as the topic, and specify the gender and if it contains mature content or not. "[Gender + Adult?/Sizeplay?/Non-anthro? + Story?] Topic"
3. File Format - While it's not as important here, please try and keep the file type to jpg for art uploads, and keep the dimensions of the image low. Nothing too much larger than 1200x1200. Writing uploads can be an attachment or can be posted straight to the topic. RTF is preferred, with TXT a secondary preference. Not everyone can open DOC.
4. Extra Information - If you find an image on another site that is of decent quality and you think people here might be interested in it, please do not attach it to the topic. Instead, provide a link to where you found the picture. And remember when possible to credit the original artist.

Videos - Any
1. Where - Video contributions, even if it's just a lead to help us find the actual video, are to be posted in the I Found Something! forum.
2. Topic Format
  • -If you have a link to the video on an online streaming site, please place "[Needs Clipped]" at the start of the topic title. Additionally, you must provide the times within the video that sneezes occur. (If there is less than a 10 second separation between scenes with sneezing, one timestamp will suffice.)
  • -If you have a link to the actual video file already clipped, and available via any means of direct download, please place "[Needs Converted]" at the start of the topic title.
  • -If you do not have a link to a copy of a video, but know that there is a sneeze in a program, please place "[Unlocated]" at the start of the topic title.
  • -In all cases, follow it with the series that the clip is from, and then the episode name. Other details should be placed within the topic. Example: "[Needs Clipped] Series - Episode"
  • The previous information has been officially sunset and retired. While it may return in the future, these are the new recommendations for topic formatting: [Gender (M/F/N)] Series - Episode (Species - Cause) Note that if the sneeze is not from a series, you can use Movie for movies, and YouTube for random videos not from a syndicated series.
3. Extra Information - If you have any extra information to give to any existing topic, feel free to add a post. All help is appreciated! :D

Via E-mail
1. Format - The first step is make sure that the image is in a standard format. For basic images is a Quality 10 (85%-95%) .jpg file. The image must be no larger than 1200 in either dimension without good reason. For animations, use .gif or .swf
2. File Name - The second step is to edit the file name. Please do so in the manner defined by this topic above. "TYPE - ARTIST - GENDER - TITLE"
3. E-mail - The third step is to e-mail the file to me. Please use

Videos - Clipped
1. File Name - The first step if the video is already clipped is to edit the file name. Please do so in the manner defined by this topic. This is very important because without proper source information, I will not upload the clip.
2. E-mail - The second step is to e-mail the file to me. Please use

Videos - Unclipped
1. Upload - The first step is to make it shareable. If you just have a YouTube link, skip to step two. If you have an unclipped .avi or other file, find somewhere to upload it. We recommend using Megaupload.
1. E-mail - The second step is to send me the link to it. Assuming you don't have a forum account (if you do, you should just post in the I Found Something! forum) you will want to e-mail the link to me at Be sure and include information such as the series and episode names. From here, Chikara and I should be able to handle the archival.

I reserve the right to edit the filename or format of any file sent to me, as well as to reencode and adjust sound and clipping on any video files to be added to the archive.

Helping with "Unknowns"

There are multiple files in the archive that list Unknown for part of the filename. For these files, I am missing the Artist or Episode that the image or clip is from. If you believe you can help with the missing information, post in this topic over here.

All help in any form is appreciated. The goal is to have an incredibly comprehensive archive available to those interested in this subject matter. In addition, I would like to thank any member who has helped provide material to the site. Every bit of it is greatly appreciated!
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