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[F + Non-Anthro] Racehorse request*
« on: December 04, 2011, 03:06:03 AM »
A hijacked race? Stallions vs. Mares!

“Would you look at that ladies and gentlemen? Felana and Macy have tied for 1st place yet again! Can you believe it? I have never seen anything like this in my whole life and it’s not showing signs of stopping. These girls are the fastest duo I’ve ever seen! This next race will decide the future of these 2 young mares…but it’ll have to be tomorrow! Oh…tough break for them. See you people tomorrow, same time, same place, right here!”

The announcer cut off his microphone. An anthro pig, Mr. Packer had been at this announcer box for the last 15 years. At age 50, no one had done these horse races any better. Thousands of anthro dogs, cats, mice, and even the occasional elephant have been entertained by these horse races for years. This one arena was the one place where the non-anthro horses would race every day. They had been born racehorses and many of them had known nothing else…which was why Macy and Felana were so unique. No one had heard of these 2 mares until 2 weeks ago, and they banged into the spotlight of the horseracing world quicker than anyone ever had.

The other horses who lost the race came and congratulated Felana and Macy for another amazing race. These horses weren’t anthro, but they could still talk and communicate with anthros if need be. They could definitely communicate with each other very easily. Felana and Macy were born 5 minutes apart from one another and they were about as different as you could get.

Macy was pure white, was extremely shy, and loved to spend time alone…but she also loved to run. Felana loved to run as well, but she was confident, loved the attention, and had a very friendly attitude. Both had long tails, pretty manes, and of course had the same kind of long nose and large nostrils all horses have.

Macy quietly said thanks, almost like a whisper (picture fluttershy and you have a very good idea of what Macy’s voice is like…it isn’t the same, but it’s just as quiet. Both Macy and Felana have a British accent XD) while Felana nodded her head and said “you all were wonderful competitors. Train harder and you’ll do better next time!” Felana was just about to say something else when a loud neigh overshadowed her words.

The other horses, including Macy before Felana held her back by gently nudging her with her hoof. Anderson Steels, a huge, muscular, and very talented black stallion appeared from behind the racing stalls. “You…mares…just got lucky. There is no way you can beat me. Heck, you wouldn’t even get half way across the track by the time I’m through with you. Mares should stick where they belong…away from the racetrack. Leave the racing to real professional athletes.”

Felana was furious. “How see here, you bloody stallion. I won’t be intimidated by some cocky know-it-all, so shut it.” When Felana gets mad, which takes a lot to do actually, she gets pretty upset and fussy. Not wanting to make a scene, she swished her tail high into the air, turned around, and started to walk to where Macy and herself lived. Macy stayed behind, stared at Anderson, and simply said a few words.

“You’re lying. I can see it.” With that, Macy followed her twin sister. She was nearly impossible to make angry, always seeming to be more nervous than sad or mad at all times, but when she said those words, Anderson fought the urge to flinch. Those eyes held fierce determination. For a mare that hardly ever talks big, she certainly had the fire of a champion…and that made Anderson nervous.

Anderson had won this race 6 years in a row. This was his race, and he would NOT be upheld by some stupid females. Anderson was extremely sexist, believing that mares shouldn’t even be allowed to race, and so far, he had the skills to prove his point. Anderson had beaten all the competition by so many yards and heads (or whatever else horseracing fans use to measure how much a horse wins a race by) that he seriously believed every belief he had. As the other horses gaped in awe at the sight of the champion, Anderson Steel lifted his black head and looked at the huge screen of the arena. He watched the replay of this race and knew that these girls had some talent…he never before bothered to watch these ‘lower class’ races, but considering these 2 mares would be racing against him tomorrow…

Every replay made the cocky stallion flinch on the inside. These girls weren’t just talented, they were good…real good. Of course, they are not as good as I am, but still, I can’t even risk the chance of them winning. Not only will I be mocked and made a laughing stock if I lost to a bunch of rookies, but these are MARES! I can’t lose to mares…and I won’t. I’ll make sure of it…and I know just the guy.

Walking away from the star-struck horses, Anderson made his way to what appeared to be his own home…a large specific barn that held some of the world’s most famous racing horses. The black stallion ignored Ella, as usual. A spotted brown and white mare, she was very pretty. This 40-year-old horse was known for being the fastest mare to ever race against Anderson…she normally came in 5th or so every year. This just built up Anderson’s cockiness. Not only could a female always lose to him, she lost to 3 other losers too…second place, third place, they mean nothing. Winning in first is everything in a race…nothing else mattered. That was what Anderson believed.

Anderson first went to his ‘partner’, Mr. Jones. Mr. Jones was a 35-year-old wolf who loved to be sly and tricky…he normally outfoxed any fox that came his way, and that in itself is a hard thing to do, but he didn’t stop there. This guy also made money in ways that normal anthros wouldn’t even dream of…every trick in the world was known by this guy, and there was nothing he couldn’t do…including spying.

“Hey Jones. Come here, I want to make a deal with you.” The word deal coming from Anderson’s mouth made him taste bitterness…it meant he would lose a lot of money, but it would be worth it. He needed to know everything there was to know about these newcomers…and Mr. Jones was the best animal for the job.

The word deal to Jones meant him zooming straight for the stallion. “But of course Steel! With what do I owe the pleasure to do business with you again?” Grinning evilly, Jones calculated in his mind the amount of money he could rip off from Anderson. Anderson may have been selfish and cocky, but he was no idiot. Slamming his strong front legs down on the ground in an irritated stomp, he reminded Jones exactly what could happen…how fast could Jones react to one of the fastest horses in the world? Jones knew how unwise it was to take that risk.

“Alright, alright, easy there big guy. Just tell me what you want Steel, and I’ll…cut the price in half, depending on the job...”
“Cut it down to a third and you got a deal.”

Mr. Jones sighed. Anderson was getting used to his sly ways…he wasn’t nearly as gullible as when they first were partners…as soon as Jones heard the job he had to do, he laughed until his fur shook and completely made him look different than what he looked like before.

“THAT? That’s what you want? Anderson, you are getting slow. Maybe you haven’t kept track of your possible competition, but I have. These 2 girls…they’re pretty dang good. There’s no denying it. Now, remember our deal…I get a third of the deal profit…which means a 6th of your next race winnings. Here’s what I know…the white horse’s name is Macy, and the brown horse’s name is Felana. Both of them are not born racehorses…judging by their records, they’re both wild. That’s because there is NO record of them anywhere. No city, no village, not even a barn. My best guess, and I’m normally right, is that these 2 mares are runaways from a wild herd. The first time anyone has gotten a record of them was…4 weeks ago. These girls started to race 2 weeks ago and they’ve already climbed the latter almost entirely…yeah, they did it in that short a time.”

Seeing Anderson’s look of disbelief, Mr. Jones knew it was his time to get out. “Hehhehheh…remember the money Steel. I don’t work for free.” Walking calmly away, Jones smirked as his face became hidden from Anderson’s view. Not bad for a deal…Anderson’s total winnings usually were about 4 million dollars per big race win. That meant a lot of money for Jones too…

Anderson stomped his legs hard into the dry ground, creating a wide crevice. Impossible! These mares had made it to this point faster than he did? Worst of all, they were…wild. Anderson snorted, streams of breath wisped out of his large nostrils. He hated wild horses nearly as much as mares…something had to be done.

Anderson wasn’t a fool. He knew that if he himself did something, it would ruin his image. He did, however, know someone who could do something. Walking deep into the barn, he held his breath and made sure he didn’t even take a sniff. Entering a dirty pig stall, he saw just who he was looking for. A swarm of flies were buzzing around a mud slap of ground covered in disgusting pig chow. One of the flies knew Anderson for…unwanted reasons. That single fly zipped on over to Anderson and landed on his head. The big black stallion walked backwards and let out a huge gasp for air.

“GAH! I can’t stand that stench. Zips, I have a task for you. Do this right, and I’ll let everything you have done slide.” Anderson snorted as he said this. Earlier, during a press conference after a race, Zips had buzzed around Anderson’s ears, slammed into his eyes, and made Anderson sneeze a good 7 times during that press conference. Anderson had never felt so humiliated in all his life. One of his sneezes trapped the common housefly to the ground, and just as Anderson was going to stomp on Zips, he thought of ways he could use the fly later. Now was that time.

“A zzzzerious challenge? Letzzzzz hear it you oversized giant.” As Anderson whispered the plan to him, Zips couldn’t believe it. “Thatzzzz what you want me to do? Fine by me. Wait, did you say 2 marezzzz? How on this huge planet can I…”

“I DON’T CARE! Listen you pest; I’m offering you a chance to redeem yourself. Take care of the mares in this race or so help me I’ll stomp on you right now. All what I’m saying is that you do your thing Zips. I don’t care how, just do it. That’s my offer.”

Zips agreed most earnestly, not wanting to have a quick and painful end to his life. He had seen Anderson stomp on flies before. Anderson walked away, his head held high and he laughed in amusement. He didn’t care if the fly got into the eyes of those 2 mares or made them sneeze. All he cared about was that he would win the race and prove to everyone that stallions were still superior to mares...and to prove that he was, and always will be, number 1.

As the day wore on, everyone was anxious, but the fact was that the race was tomorrow, so Macy, Felana, Anderson, and all the other horses, racing or not racing, fell asleep early so they could rise up early in the morning. As the horses were sleeping, a group of flies, no more than 10, flew to the racing stalls. They needed no preparation other than to be at the right place, and to be ready for the race to start. One of the 10 flies was a horsefly, easily twice as big as the other flies, but he was stupid.

“Uh, Zips, why do we stick here?”
“You oaf! I already told each of you guyzzzz 8 timezzzz already. Go after the female horzzezzzzz. ONLY the female onezzz. I’m zzzure you know how to do…it. Now be quiet and let uzzz wait.”

For the next 10 hours, nothing happened except for the quiet night passing by. Zips and the other flies woke up when they heard thundering steps as the horses each took turns to practice on the track. Zips was weary as Anderson took his turn, followed by what appeared to be the perfect matches for the ones called Macy and Felana. They both looked exactly how Anderson described them, and Zips couldn’t wait to do his plan. He knew exactly which mare he wanted to do as well.

As the horses were finishing up their last practice laps, Zips told the other flies the plan. They all buzzed in agreement, eager to do what Zips told them. There were 10 flies, including Zips and the dumb horsefly. The horsefly asked what his job would be because there was only 5 mares that they could count that was racing out of the 16 contestants. All of the flies responded to his question in unison. “Don’t do anything stupid!”
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Re: Racehorse request! (F+Multiple+Story)
« Reply #1 on: December 04, 2011, 03:07:04 AM »
Finally, the horses stopped practicing and it was time to get in the stalls. 3 of the stallions went up to the 2 new rookies and wished them luck. Macy blushed deeply and whispered a thank you while Felana winked at them and wished them luck too. Ella, the older spotted mare, talked to both of them as well and even Macy was able to easily talk to the kind middle-aged horse. Ella was one of the easiest horses to be around.

The 2 last mares, however, were not easy to talk to. Every horse around them nicknamed them the divas of the horseracing world. Taking more pride into their looks than their speed, one was a very sleek gray color and had long eyelashes. She was 27, 7 years older than either Macy or Felana. Her name was Ashley. The other diva was Linda, another stunningly beautiful horse that was 30. She had the sexy voice that easily could overpower any stallion to do exactly what she wanted…except for the other racehorses. They knew her too well. She was just as black as Anderson was, but with a very feminine look to her.

Felana stuck her tongue out at the 2 divas and both of them made a loud“humph!” and fluffed their tails as they turned around. Ella laughed, wanting to do what Felana did for years at those 2. Hearing the announcer’s voice, her eyes steeled up. “It’s time. I wish you 2 the best of luck, just don’t expect anyone to go easy on you. This isn’t a game either young ones…what you do here will decide your fate in the racing world.”

Both Felana and Macy gulped, but they were also determined. Having fire in their eyes, they got to their correct stall numbers and waited for the announcer to finish talking…even though he had at least 5 more minutes of talking left in him. Anderson, at stall number 1, of course, neighed his eagerness. He also eyed the buzzing sound close to him and saw Zips and 8 other flies start to move. They seemed to be even more eager than Anderson was. Practically every horse ignored the announcer, but the horsefly, who had not taken off yet because he was left out of the plan, listened carefully to what Mr. Packer said. “The annual judging committee has selected that Miss Kathy Swarm will be this year’s judge. Contestants, please remember that any foul play will result in disqualification no matter which place you are in. Let’s begin this race!!”

As the crowd of 50,000 cheered, the horsefly thought harder than he ever had before. Miss meant girl, and girl meant female…instantly a light-bulb popped into his mind for the first time ever in his life. He had to do the plan! Taking off, he slowly made his way all the way across the long arena to the judges box where Kathy would be watching very carefully to see if her sharp eyes could detect any foul play. She was a mix of white and gray and was about 50 years old.

“Horses! Take your positions! The countdown will start in 30 seconds! May the best horse win!!!!” In unison all the horses in the stalls got their long legs in position, their breathing calm but strong. Samson muttered under his breath, saying that of course he was the best horse. Unknown to all the contestants, the 9 flies made their move. Zipping under the horse’s bellies and around their long legs, the flies felt the breaths of the horses pound at them, but they were strong flies and they maneuvered around the powerful winds and buzzed right on the tips of the horse’s noses. Zips made absolutely sure that they all had gotten on the right horses.

The plan was simple yet brilliant. The mares were too focused on staring at the gates of their stalls to notice anything wrong or different, and that was exactly where it would lead to their downfall in this race. Zips loved a challenge, so he made himself take on one horse alone. He sent the other flies in pairs of 2 to go on the other mare’s noses and wait. Pure instinct would take over from there…if there was anything a fly knew how to do, it was to make a larger animal sneeze.

Zips landed on his victim, Macy. He was fascinated by her beautiful white coloring and the nostrils were so different looking from the darker colored horses that he couldn’t resist. Getting on a different position than the other flies, he made it so he was right inbetween the nostrils instead of on top of them. Zips waited in eagerness, knowing exactly when to start his teasing on these large nostrils. He could feel the skin around the nose contrast and expand with each breath Macy took. He was pretty certain the other flies felt the same thing with the other mares.

“The countdown will begin starting now! 5…4…”

That was the time. Each fly on Felana, Ella, Ashley, and Linda’s nostril (each fly had their own nostril on those mares ;D) made their moves. Time slowed down for the horses as each one closed their eyes for the brief second of calmness before the storm. Unfortunately for Linda and Ella, their flies decided to waste no time at all. Those four flies zipped inside each nostril and buzzed the heck out of the walls, their rapid wings sent shivers both up and down the walls of the nostrils. Both mare’s noses gave a sharp twitch, nostrils flared, and Ella had the worst of it. Her nose was naturally itchy, and the flies were moving in opposite directions in each nostril, so when one went deeper into one nostril, the other fly was tickling the lower parts of the other nostril. She was distracted and the middle-aged mare sniffled. “Haaah…” Her nostrils flared more, and the flies buzzed around faster each nostril and let their whole bodies rub against different sides of the walls (one fly was doing the outside wall while the other fly was rubbing against the inside wall) as they felt the wind from the breath signaling that they were irritating the nose effectively. “Haaaaah…HAAAH…”

The stallions on either side of Ella looked in confusion. What? A sneeze? Now? Opening their eyes, they too were distracted. Seeing Ella’s nose have shivers and shudders confirmed their suspicion. Talk about horrible timing. They felt sorry for her severely, especially when her nostrils flared in and out more rapidly. It was a sure sign that she would sneeze.

As Ella hitched her breath in those countdown seconds, Linda felt her own nose have a huge itch all of a sudden. She took a different approach, shattering her own desire to run and rubbed her nose instead. The flies were having a party in there, instead of buzzing up and down the walls, they focused their wings on special parts of the nostrils that looked to be the most ticklish. Indeed, the spots they had chosen were very ticklish, and they jiggled as the wings zoomed in on those parts of the nostril. Both nostrils reacted, flaring slightly at first, then continued to grow larger as the flies continued their assult on the ticklish parts inside her nostrils. While they weren’t rapidly flaring yet, the flies could hear and feel Linda’s dainty breath get more and more active in those nostrils. “Ha…hah…haah…”

She continued to rub her nose with a hoof, but this did nothing to stop her nostrils from flaring and contracting. Matter of fact, the dusty dirt from the stall on her hoof got inside her nostrils, and this set her over the edge. “Haaaaah!” Her large nostrils suddenly flared to their breaking points, and they were stuck that way as the flies deviously stopped tickling the spot they were on, and each fly watched the flared nostril freeze up and shudder as the sneeze got stuck.

For the other contestants, time was still slow as Mr. Packer’s voice said “2…1…” Muscles tightened and the horses reared up their heads and let their bodies get ready to spring forward. Ella’s sneeze ‘suddenly’ burst out of her, sending her to take a few steps backwards. “HAAATSHOO!”

The 2 stallions on either side of her jumped a little in shock. What absolutely horrible timing for a sneeze! The announcer shouted “GO!” and the gates were opened. Ella and the 2 stallions next to her had to recover, the stallions recovering 2 seconds before her, but Linda was frozen in her stall with the stuck sneeze. The flies in either nostril decided to act now, each one buzzing around the inside of her nostrils and head-butting against the hairs of the nostrils, making her whole nose scrunch up. “Haaaah…HAAH…HIICHEOO!” The flies barely made it out of the nostrils by the time the sneeze burst out. The flies were laughing as Linda still had flared nostrils, and another sneeze was threatening to burst out with the nose hairs still flailing around inside her nostrils. “Haah…HAAAH…” Her nostrils reached their breaking point again as the sneeze grew in intensity. “HAAKCHEOO!”

The black mare stomped in total frustration and neighed in protest. This wasn’t fair! She demanded a restart…to no one in particular. Every other horse, including Ella, had stormed out of their stalls.

With Ella a full 5 seconds behind and still gathering up speed and the 2 stallions 3 seconds behind and at full speed, Anderson was totally happy. Not only did the flies do their job, but they did better than he expected…Anderson was only ahead by a few feet, but as he looked backwards, he could tell that the one closest to him, Ashley the sleek gray mare, had her nose running as she ran. She was running with her eyes half closed even! Anderson focused on her nostrils for a second and discovered that they were flaring in and out uncontrollably, way faster than her long fast strides her legs were going. Anderson saw 2 flies fly out of each large nostril and Anderson saw that whatever they did in there, it was working beautifully. “Heh…HEEH…HEKSHEW! HICHEW! Heh…HANKSHEW!”

Ashley sneezed right on a stallion next to her, and both of them slowed down and shook their heads, the mare trying to shake a tickle out of her still sensitive, flaring nostrils, the stallion trying to shake off the spray he had got right in the face.

The judge, Kathy Swarm, narrowed her eyes as she saw the peculiar sight. A sneeze? In the middle of a race? How odd…still, nothing against the rules. No foul play from what she could see. She failed to notice the 2 flies fly out of Ashley’s nostrils…and she also didn’t see a large fly heading straight for her…

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Re: Racehorse request! (F+Multiple+Story)
« Reply #2 on: December 04, 2011, 03:07:49 AM »
Meanwhile, Anderson was still in the lead, with 3 stallions, Felana, and Macy right behind him. That was 3 mares already out of the race in Anderson’s mind…only 2 to go. The race was already a 1/4th of the way completed, the horses turning on the first curved part of the track.

Felana was a huge mess right now. Those devilish flies had been tickling her nose from the very start of the countdown, except they were tickling the outer rims of her nostrils. Felana could feel their legs walk along the tops of her nose as she was running, and when they put their wings along the rims of her nostrils and started to buzz, those nostrils shuddered. The flies could feel the nostrils move beneath them, and they continued to move around them, but because they didn’t want to get shaken off of the nose, they played it safe and just barely went inside her nostrils, tickling the fleshy inside parts of the opening of the nostrils. They laughed in delight as the nostrils shook instead of flared up, and they could tell that her nostrils were being very irritated. The flies then carefully moved around the curved rim just as Felana was making the turn, the wind tickling one part of her nostrils while the flies were using that along with their own tickling to make the nostril’s flare up.

Felana gasped as she was running. Her nose was itching so badly around her nostrils she couldn’t help but sniffle. As the flies felt the sniffle, they allowed themselves to be sucked in, letting her own breathing be used against her. As Felana’s breath became irratic, the flies let their bodies travel wherever her deep breathing took them, and the randomness they had made her nose itch like crazy. They slammed into the walls, plowed into her nose hairs, and they didn’t even use their wings yet, but her nose was so sensitive that it needed to sneeze just by having those 2 flies bounce around in her nose.

“Hah…haaah…” She took a deep sniff, hoping to clear out the irritation. The strong gust of wind made the 2 flies mad, so they evilly allowed themselves to be sucked into the deeper part of her nose and that’s when they buzzed along the walls.

Tiny ripples began to appear along the deep walls of her muzzle, but then they turned into earthquake like tremors. Her nostrils too began to flare uncontrollably, but there was nothing she could do. The flies had entered into a place deep in her nose that normally nothing could get into. This unfamiliar irritation set Felana’s confidence down the drain as she felt her nose tremble and shake. “HA…HAAA…HAASSSCHOO! HAATSSSSHO! Heh…HEEKSSSCHOOO!” Felana’s sneezes were loud, uncontrollable, and they were very strong. Her powerful sneezes forced herself backwards. She still had flared nostrils as the trapped flies found themselves stuck in the deeper part of her nose. They desperately tried to get out, not caring where they buzzed, they just wanted out. Felana had to stop entirely as another strong wave of tickles and itches exploded in her nose. What on earth was wrong with her?

“Haa…HAAH…HAAKSHOOOO! IKSHOOO! Haaa…HAAA…” The flies had finally figured a way out of the deeper part of her nose because of how flared up her nostrils had become. Her nostrils had flared up to twice their normal size and were still trying to expand more with every second that passed…they tried, but they couldn’t flare up any more than they already were. Zooming at full speed in each nostril, the flies tried to make their getaway…but then Felana’s sneeze happened. “HAAAAKSSSSCHOOOO!”

This sneeze was so strong to her that her whole body lunged forward a few feet. She was very fortunate not to face plant into the track. The 2 flies slammed into the dirt, covered in nose hairs and spray. Felana then broke down and cried, ashamed that she had lost the race to…a sneezing fit.

Zips had heard Felana sneeze and was pleased with his cousins. Everything was perfect…and now to finish the job. Zips was thrilled at his choice. This mare was definitely one tough cookie. Macy, in all her shyness and quiet nature, had one of the strongest noses. Felana often joked that her nose was made of jello…it moved so much, but it hardly ever reacted in a sneeze. Right now, that was what Zips was experiencing. At the start of the countdown, he had positioned himself right on the corner of one of her nostrils, teasing the rim of the nostril. He had swirled around that single rim until it was tickled enough to move…and when it did move, Zips realized that it never stopped moving. As he continued to tease the nostril, it moved faster and faster, but no air was moving through it. It was like her nostril was alive but not connected to her will. Zips had never had this experience…but this was going to be fun.

Going to the other nostril, he traveled in 5 quick circles around the rim of her nostril and was shocked that nothing happened. Continuing to buzz in circles around the rim, he then felt the nostril give a shudder, a stopping pause, and then it was like an earthquake of tiny waves that was along this nostril. Zips couldn’t help but position himself inbetween the nostrils and feel the different ways each nostril shook and shivered. These nostrils then started to flare up simultaneously, but still Macy didn’t even change her breathing style.

When the gates had opened, Zips, like the flies on Felana, tried to tickle the inside of the rims of her nostrils. This seemed to be working, but Zips was a smart fly. He knew the start of a sneeze when he could feel it, and this mare obviously wasn’t about to sneeze. Even though her nostrils were moving like crazy and starting to flare up, Macy’s inner walls of her nostrils weren’t moving an inch besides their normal breathing positions. Zips smiled…if it was a challenge this mare wanted, it was a challenge he would gladly give.

He did something different than his other flies. Instead of traveling along the walls directly, he went straight for the hairs. Plucking a good dozen of them, he saw the chain reaction as the hairs made the wall finally start to move. He felt a tiny gust of wind blow from Macy that wasn’t the same as her normal strong breathing and knew he had struck a sensitive spot. Plucking more and more hairs, he then traveled along the wall of this nostril with the hairs still around his body. This meant that not only was his wings buzzing along the walls, the hairs were too. He was using Macy’s own natural defences in her nose against her.

I…I mustn’t sneeze. I must resist! Her fire in her eyes hadn’t left her as she continued to race on. When her sister let loose her loud familiar sneezes, Macy’s own urge to sneeze skyrocketed. Her muzzle shook with what appeared to be envy at the sound of someone sneezing while it was being forced not to sneeze. Macy’s nostrils twitched now constantly, ranging from tiny to big jerking twitches. Zips decided he had tortured this nostril long enough. Shaking the nose hairs off of his body, he allowed her breathing, which had become more erratic, to make this nostril continue to be irritated. As he flew out, he quickly glanced back and saw the nose hairs flying around her nostril and making havoc on the walls.

Grinning, Zips went into the other nostril and did the exact same thing. This time though, he made the hairs he plucked tickle just the most sensitive parts of the nostril. He even used one hair to tickle the rim of the nostril again, just to see it squirm and shake even more.

This may have taken more time, but it was working. Macy’s iron will was beginning to break down, but she couldn’t sneeze! Not now! They were over ½ way done, almost 3/4ths of the way done! She continued to plow her way forward, her mane flowing in the wind and she just barely started to have her eyes flutter at the beginning of a sneeze. “Haah…”

NO! Just a bit more! She pleaded with her nose as she saw and felt her nose scream for a sneeze. Anderson looked back and saw her nose trembling and flaring nostrils like nothing he had ever seen before. It was just a matter of time…but just to make sure…”HEY MARE! Just want to say gesunteight!” This shattered her concentration and the massive tickles Zips had caused rushed at her all in one crazy blow. Her nose shivered, shook, and her nostrils went crazy with major rapid flaring and huge scrunches.

“Haaa…Haaah…” Oh how she was silently praying that she could stifle these sneezes! However, she knew just as much as anyone that a horse can’t stifle sneezes very well at all…especially a strong urge to sneeze like that.

“HAAH…HAAKSHEEW! HiTSHEW! Haa…HANKSSSCHIW!” Sneezing politely but very strongly, Macy felt her body slow down, and she mentally was screaming at her nose to stop itching. Zips, however, was having the time of his life. As she was sneezing, he continued to try and torture the nostril he was in, making the tickle never die down even though she was sneezing.

“Haa…haaah…HATCHEW! HIIKSHOOO! HACSHOOOOO!” Macy felt her nose go out of control with those last few sneezes, every ounce of her nose tried in desperation to purge out the invader that had entered it…and it worked. Zips exploded from her nostril and shot into the sky, landing about 300 feet away. He was happy he was still alive…and what he said was this:


Anderson neighed in amuzement. She was so close to catching up to him that it was hilarious. Now that she had sneezed, he had this in the bag. The stallions around him had been startled with these girls sneezing and was so focused on not suddenly sneezing themselves that Anderson easily won the race. The crowd erupted, cheering for the long time champ…but some of the smarter anthros in the crowd wondered what happened. Something wasn’t right…

Kathy Swarms herself now expected foul play. It was one thing for a random misfortunate sneeze to happen, but seeing all of these sneezes happen…in the same race? It was too fishy to be denied. Suddenly, her eyes caught a large fly settling on her nose. The horsefly didn’t know the meaning of the word stealth. “Huh huh huh…I am gonna make this big horsey sneeze. Just like the big black horsey ordered, make all girl horseys sneeze. Yep. Better get to it.”

Kathy had heard every word. Only one horse would do something like this…and big black horsey…it only…it only…”Haaah…” She was so astounded at her discovery that she failed to protect her wide-open nostrils to an attack. The big horsefly managed to fit in one of her nostrils and his size made it easier for him to tickle both walls of her nostril at once. Her nostrils flared up for a few seconds, she having no desire to hold in her sneezes at all made the sneezes come out very easily. “Heh…heeeh…HEEKSHOO! HEKCHO!” She didn’t care that her sneezes sounded different, she now knew the truth. Wrinkling her nostrils to make sure the big fly was out, she marched up to the place where Mr. Packer was showing Anderson the trophy and the amount of money that he had won for winning this huge race.

“Packer! I saw foul play. This horse is a cheater!” She head-butted the trophy and made it crack in 2 pieces. Anderson was outraged and secretly shocked. How could she have known?

“You must be out of your mind old mare. I haven’t done anything wrong. Sure a few girls sneezed, big deal! It’s their own fault for sneezing, not mine.”

Macy and Felana walked up, their heads hung down in defeat. “He is right Miss Swarm…we lost because of our sneezing. It had nothing to do with Anderson, he won fair and square.” Felana sadly said with a trembling voice. Macy was too ashamed to say anything. They tried their best but in the end, they had lost…their careers were over as racehorses.

“I have proof!” Ella, the first horse to be victimized by this sabatoged race, sniffled. “Haa…HAAH…HAAATSHOO!” Sneezing out 2 flies, she stomped right next to them and gently told them to say what they had told her earlier.

One of the flies, a female fly, was quivering in fear. She went to Packer’s microphone and her scratchy high-pitched voice echoed loud and clear. “We were told to sabotage this race. Our cousin Zips convinced us to do this thing…the one who told Zips what to do…is Anderson Steel!” Her fear overcame her as she collapsed on top of the microphone. Anderson, outraged that his plan was backfiring, charged for the microphone and tried to crush it.

“So it’s true! Ladies and gentlemen…AHHHH!” For the next few minutes, Mr. Packer tried to avoid Anderson’s mighty legs. Now everyone knew about Anderson’s sabotage…and Anderson stopped in midstomp as he heard the crowd booing him. This had never happened before…boos? To him? It was impossible! He was the champ, the king of this arena. No one should be booing him! Trembling in anger, he stormed to the farm, not wanting to speak to anyone or anything.

Kathy Swarm apologized to the mares who were under these unfortunate circumstances. “We will disqualify Anderson, but in order to declare the winner, we will need to do another race…” All of the contestants groaned, their bodies warn out from this race.

“In one week from today we will have another race! Only this time, no sabotages will be in it!” Packer made this seem like it was a normal thing. With the feeling of hope reignited in Macy and Felana’s eyes, they turned to Kathy.

“So we get another chance?” They both cried out in unison, never looking more like twins than they were now. As Kathy nodded her head and smiled, the young mares neighed in delight. They didn’t need to leave here! They had another chance!

As all this was happening, Zips zipped out of sight and settled in a dark corner of the barn to recover from this awesome experience. “I’ll never forget today…it wazzzz truly the bezzzt day ever.”

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Re: Racehorse request! (F+Multiple+Story)
« Reply #3 on: December 04, 2011, 04:38:18 AM »
Lol, farm version of 2 Girls 1 Cup. So damn true :3
Anyways, interesting story :), just wish da stallions got their fair share too. Also happens to be the first time I realise that a stallion is male and a mare is female. Always got it mixed up.
Looks like I've gotta go D:. Enjoy your perfect community~~~

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Re: Racehorse request! (F+Multiple+Story)
« Reply #4 on: December 04, 2011, 07:03:40 PM »
 :o :speechless:  :o
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Re: [F + Non-Anthro] Racehorse request*
« Reply #5 on: November 07, 2016, 11:01:50 PM »
Oh wow, I know this is from years back, but this is absolutely fantastic. All the different levels of fighting and horses blowing sneezes... with tiny little bugs flying up inside big nostrils and tickling around, torturing the racers to boot~

I adore this one~
Coochie coo, you'll sneeze soon~

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Re: [F + Non-Anthro] Racehorse request*
« Reply #6 on: April 05, 2017, 09:49:02 PM »
Nice one