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[F + Sonic] Dulcy Story*
« on: August 22, 2011, 09:01:50 PM »
Here's the first request I got, and it's a character that's already been drawn and written about here...introducing, (once again) Dulcy the Dragon!

Is there a Doctor in the house? Someone’s feeling a little ticklish…

“The stupid freedom fighters…always getting in my way. CURSES! If only there were some way to figure out where their secret hideout is…I’d be sure to win against the rebels!!!” Dr. Robotnik was stomping his way through his Robotnikland main street, once again having suffered a humiliating defeat from the hands of Sonic, Sally, Tail, Roter, Dulcy, and the other freedom fighters. “CURSE THEM ALL! It took me weeks to build that squadron of 500 robots…maybe I should give up. After all, Sonic has bested me who knows how many times now…what am I saying? I can’t lose to that hedgehog! No matter how many times I get beaten, I WILL GET BACK UP! Sooner or later my luck will change…no one gets as lucky as that stupid hedgehog forever.”

Suddenly, just as he was about to reach his huge house in his own city, the ground shook. “NO way, I can’t believe this!” (Yes, that’s the line he says in a future game…I couldn’t help it…) Getting knocked to the floor, he saw Dulcy come closer to his home, her 20 foot long body wrinkling up and making her look like only 10 feet long, she unleashed another huge boom…from her nose. “HAAAHCHOOOOOOO!!” A stream of fire rained down nearby his city, and if she had gotten any closer, that fire would’ve spread to his city. Drone wat-bots (Water Assembly Termite Robots) Crawled towards the fire in the field nearby and showered the flames till they were no more. Dr. Robotnik smiled…he had an evil idea forming in his twisted mind…

Dulcy rubbed her big nose, which was itching like crazy lately. She had been in so many battles with Sonic that she was beginning to feel invincible…until this happened. She had just got a cold, and just after they had kicked the evil scientist’s butt again! She sniffed, a dragon sniffing like that is never a good sign. Her nose felt so congested that it was hard to breath when she was flying…and only being really close to the sun warmed her up and cleared her dragon sinuses. She rarely got colds, but when she did, her fire turned from her usual red color into a deep bluish color, the final signal that her dragon body made that forced animals to know when she was sick. This “cold” fire was actually hotter and more dangerous than normal, but could be put out easier from water. Getting that tickly feeling in her right nostril (her other nostril was clogged up too much to feel much of anything) she gave a big sniff, which seemed to make the tickle grow into a full blown itch that wouldn’t go away until…”Huh…huhh…aaAAHH….KEACHUMPH!”

Stifling the sneeze so it wouldn’t start another fire, she flinched as the “cold fire” seeped into her large nasal cavity and slowly went back down. It tickled her nose even more, and the twitching of her large nose could be seen even from Dr. Robotnik’s far away distance. Rubbing her nose, she tried her best to avoid her precious nose ring (I don’t understand why that ring is there in the first place…but it is Sega’s character, not mine, so I’ll stick with it…I may even have a sneezy use for it…) and gently rubbed her nose with her claws. The twitching died down, and she sighed and slowly flew back to her home, a cave somewhere near the forest of the freedom fighters but far enough away so her flames wouldn’t cause too much harm.

Robotnik grinned evily. “Snivly! It’s time I make my title of Dr. useful…muhahaha…”

Sonic and Sally were busy arguing when another huge rumble shook the whole hideout…again. Tails got back on his feet, him being the only one that fell over, and said “Sonic, when are we going to get a doctor for Dulcy? She’s been sneezing now for over 5 hours and she’s not showing signs of stopping. At this rate, she’ll make our hideout crumble! I know she can’t help it, but we gotta do something!”

Rotor grinned and said “I know! I can give her some of my famous…” Everyone else screamed “NO!” Knowing exactly what he was going to say. Rotor’s soup was a homemade recipe passed down from walrus to walrus…and boy was it nasty. Not even Sonic could chow down that mesh of Pork, salad, rice, meatloaf, sour soup broth, and a huge amount of black pepper. Whenever Rotor heard someone was sick, he’d come rushing to try and give them his soup (I’d love it if someone could do a story or comic with Sally sneezing from this ☺)!

Not only did it taste terrible, anyone that could breath through their noses were sneezing their heads off at the stuff because the pepper was all throughout the soup, and when they breath through their noses while sipping the soup…they have the pepper brush against their noses…

Rotor sulked and went back inside his hole. Sonic grinned in his usual way. “Don’t be so worried little buddy! Dulcy is a good friend of ours and she’s a powerful force against Robotnik. I’m sure that everything will be…” There was another thunderous tremor and Sonic was hit by falling dirt from the ceiling. “You’re right tails (cough cough) We need a doctor.”

Sally had just opened a phone book when someone called. Sonic went up to grab it. “Sonic! What are you doing!? We are never suppose to answer the hideout’s phone…remember when Robotnik tried to trace the calls?” Grinning from ear to ear, Sonic told her not to worry. “We can handle anything Dr. Eggman throws our way. Anything is better than Rotor’s torture stew.” Picking up the phone, he jumped for joy and ran to the edge of the forest in 15 seconds flat. Sally’s hair was all roughed up. “I…I hate when he does that.” Tails replied (also a hairy mess) “You gotta admit, he’s my hero all right! Runs faster than the wind.”

Rotor was inside his room, still sulking about the bitter rejection of his soup…and then he grinned. “Dulcy never refused any of my inventions! I can give her this and say that this is an invention that’d help clear her up! Oh boy, I can’t wait any longer!” With a speed that was super fast for a walrus, he ran out of the hole and went straight to Dulcy’s mountain home in his handmade bike, which actually went pretty fast for a bike…unnaturally fast.

Meanwhile, Sonic was talking to the guy who called…a fat guy in a lab coat with a huge mustache. Sonic clearly wasn’t fooled by this “mysterious” doctor, and got a clever idea. He decided to play along with the obvious trick. “Ok Dr. Rob. I’ll get right to the point. My friend is sick and she needs a doctor quick. I’ll just carry you there if you don’t mind.” Without waiting for “Dr. Rob’s” answer, he carried the fat man over to the mountain. With Sonic’s famous speed, he got there in only 45 seconds, even with carrying such a fat guy.

By the time Sonic got there, Dulcy was in a lot of misery. The tickle in her nose was now constant, and a pre-sneeze look in her eyes never went away. It had been this way for the past 3 hours, which explained why the rumblings never stopped. She sneezed at least 5 times every 20 minutes, and with each sneeze her cold grew worse. Her nose ring now was a pale green color, but Dulcy hated taking off her precious ring. It was part of her, and something that should always be with her (or so she thought…) Sonic jumped out of the way when another huge sneeze escaped from her big nose, lighting up her cave and sending another dose of blue flames towards the wall of her mountain home. Dr. “Rob” looked around, shocked at the scene of the wall. It was totally black…when it was originally a dull gray color. She had sneezed so many times now that the wall was starting to burn…and it was rock!

Turning her head ever so slightly, she spoke in a congested voice. “S…sobic? I..I dnon’t beel…so…AHCHOOOO! Good…sniff” (Sonic? I don’t feel so good) Dr. (Ok! I’m just gonna say it!) Robotnik looked horrified as even his reasoning to come here wasn’t enough to deal with the sneezy dragon. Slowly walking away, he failed to notice that Rotor had shown up as well. “Heya Dulcy! I just came stopping by to deliver something that’ll help your c…col…Holy Tusks! What happened to your wall? Looks like some fool painted your wall black Dulcy?”

Without even responding, her sneezy face still focused and ready for another sneeze, she turned and went straight for the thing that Rotor was talking about and dipped her whole face inside the oozing mesh of brown soup. Instantly, her nose started to tickle, but it’s been tickling for hours straight now, and she ignored it. Drinking the whole thing, she tried to breath fire and found that the flames had returned to their normal red and orange color, signaling that the worst of the cold was finally over. Her eyes widening, she blinked tears of happy joy as she saw her flames…and then Dr. Robotnik stood up. He nearly said that he wasn’t a doctor, but he stopped himself when he saw the root of the problem.

“You are my patient, whether both of us likes it or not, and I see why you’re so sick. Grabbing the nose ring, he pulled it out and Dulcy gave a roar in response. “YOU DA…DARE…My nose! It stopped tingling! Thanks doc!” The ring, as Dulcy admitted, hadn’t been cleaned in years, and her constant breathing on it finally caused it to give off so many germs that it caused even a dragon like Dulcy to become sick! Rubbing her now relieved nose, Dulcy failed to realize that when she chugged the whole bucket of soup Rotor had brought over, the pepper had gotten all over her hands and also was all over her mouth…one sniff and she’d have one heck of a sneezing fit…

Sonic realized that her nose and mouth were covered in Rotor’s special soup, and he grinned evilly. “Hey Doc? I think there’s something wrong with her mouth too. Go ahead and stand right there in front of her and see what the problem is, will ya?” Dr. Robotnik finally finished cleaning the nose ring and put it on her, making the dragon almost squeal in girlish delight. Normally, Dulcy was a tough-as-nails kind of girl, but when it comes to her looks, she’s got her own style and she’s willing to do anything to get the way she wants to look. Dr. Robotnik wasn’t that big a fool though…he ordered Dulcy to get a long drink of water that was near the edge of her home, and Dulcy willingly did it. Sonic shrugged, but was still waiting to see the doctor be blown away in a massive sneeze that he himself had to deal with before.

Dr. Robotnik quickly walked up to her and held a hand to her nose, making “sure” she wouldn’t sneeze while he was examining her mouth…and then Dulcy sniffed. Finally, the pepper that was all over the top of her mouth and the tip of her big nose got sucked into her now clear sinuses, making her breath hitch and she gasped for breath…and Dr. Robotnik was right there in the line of fire. “Hu…HUH…AA…WAAHHH…WACHOOOOOOOO!!!” Not blowing fire of any kind, she did however blow the doctor about 100 feet off her mountain home…and just when Sonic and Rotor thought he would splat down below, the familiar machine he always rides on came swooping down and he was saved. Cursing his bad luck, Dr. Robotnik left the forest, making sure he got a long shower when he got back home.

Dulcy was still having her nose twitch and move around, a sign that Sonic and Rotor should’ve seen. They did hear her start to sneeze again…but it was too late…this sneeze was the kind of sneeze that snuck up on you too fast to stop…and Sonic and Rotor were now in the line of fire too. “Ahhh…AHHH…AAAHHHCHOOOOO!”

Sonic grabbed Rotor while they were both in midair and did a spinning attack that softened their landing. The dragon sniffed again, and then she finally went to sleep, her nose had exhausted the dragon for the last 5 hours and she wanted nothing more than to sleep…which was exactly what she did. Meanwhile, Sonic and Rotor were going back to their hideout, making sure NOT to tell Sally what had happened…after they took a long shower. 

I hope you like this. I tried to make it original...please comment and say if you liked it or not!
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Re: [F + Story] Dulcy Story
« Reply #1 on: August 23, 2011, 01:04:31 AM »
i wouldn't mind swat kats either. :3

razor and t-bone come down with a cold preventing them from going out on a mission, perhaps? some fluff? ;)

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Re: [F + Story] Dulcy Story
« Reply #2 on: August 23, 2011, 03:11:33 AM »
*raises hand*

I have a request.
Krystal from starfox.

scenario: a cold leaves Krystal stranded on the Great Fox with ROB, the teams robotic member, as her caretaker. while everyone else is out on a mission.

 I know it isn't on your list, but if you could still do it that would be awesome.
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Re: [F + Story] Dulcy Story
« Reply #3 on: August 25, 2011, 06:42:34 AM »
I don't know if you're still taking requests, but if you are:

Looking at your list... I'll go with MLP. As for the character involved, Rainbow Dash. Any scenario you can think of is fine by me.