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Sapphire, the Vaporeon-girl from the Eevee Sisters story, makes a return.  She's out to take a dip in a nearby lake, and is stalked by a tiger-boy, Li, who is played by OneOfThree, who also controls the happenstance and environment.  The flowers and the feline get the best of Sapphire's allergic nose, and she goes into a fit of spraying sneezes, ending the story by losing the top half of her swimsuit.  This one's for 18+.

   Sapphire's nostrils flare as she walks into the clearing that houses the lake. Something in the forest has left her black nose full of tickles. Once or twice it even scrunches, wiggles side to side.. She lets out a long sigh as the itch finally leaves, drooping over. Her dress is loose, and she pushes it down, beginning to undress. There's a blue swimsuit underneath, darker than the rest of her body, though it clings to her like a pair of panties with only a frilled edge around the top to differentiate it. She pauses halfway and... sniff! Sniffle...

   Leaping silently from branch to branch, staying just behind the female, Li smiled. It was good to get back to his roots. The shapely Vaporeon was oblivious to his presence as she padded down the soft path; formed by years of decomposing leaves and followed footsteps. He squinted his eyes a bit as he noticed her sniffing the air a lot. Could she smell him? Hm... better be extra quiet.  He observed her pushing her dress down with glee, the tight swimsuit hugging her in wonderful places. She paused to sniff again, though... he was starting to get a little worried, and climbed a little higher, letting the leaves conceal him, save for a few gaps to see through.

   "hh..Huh.." Sniff! Sapphire rubs an arm against her nose, letting her dress fall down around her bare legs. It's not too far, and she's walked here barefoot. "I wish.." She sniffs again, nostrils flaring and muzzle scrunching as she does. "I wish Becky had told me she ha.." Her eyes momentarily lid. "Ha.. Haaah.." The Vaporeon lifts a finger to her nose and rubs again, lighter. Her features relax, another sigh of relief let out. From up high, leaning over even a little bit amplifies the amount of cleavage she shows... It would seem she has a swimsuit on underneath her top. "had a cat, all this tih.. time.." Her muzzle wrinkles again, but she shakes away her problem.

   Li relaxes a smidge as she rubs her nose. She can't smell him... she's just got a little itch. His mouth hangs open a bit as he watches, before shaking himself out of it. 'This could be better than I expected...' he muses, before realizing she's about to move again. He sets off, getting just a little bit ahead of her for a better view of her... eyes. At least, that's what he tells himself. A single leaf, disturbed by his passage, flutters down and brushes against Sapphire's nose before landing on her chest, sliding down a bit before catching on the suit's frill. A breeze starts up at nearly the same time, ruffling Li's fur with its cool touch and whisking the leaf away.

   "It's bad enough I'm ah..." Her sentence stops midway again, a breath slipping in through her mouth. "Ah.. ah.. ahlleric.." The leaf brushes against her nose, and Sapphire almost seems to lose it. Her head lifts high, a desperate "AAAhhh..!" sucked in... Her chest sticks out, pushed by full lungs. Her face tints slightly purple, embarrassed by her stuck pose. The breeze promises fresh air, and her black nostrils flare, catching cool relief. But then... she sniffles. "AH.." Her muzzle twitches.. "HAH.." Her mouth open wide, she sucks in a last "HAAAH.." And then doubles over, spraying the grass. "HHAAAAHHPPSSSHHOOOOO! HEESSSHHOOO!" Her tail lifts for balance, displaying her thighs and the back of her swimsuit while her assets jostle from being tipped over.
   Sapphire is slow to right herself, opening her stunningly blue eyes slowly and giving a sniff as she does. She lets out yet another sigh. "Bad enough being allergic to flowers. I think that got it out..." Her fingertips pinch the swimsuit clinging to her hips, readjusting it before she puts her hands under the lower hem of her shirt.

   Eyebrows raised, Li found himself blushing a bit from that display. 'So it's allergies, then...' he shook his head lightly, banishing that train of thought. She was gorgeous, this lady. He couldn't wait to see her in her natural element. Recalling the way her tail balanced her entire body, especially considering her top-heavy physique, made him want to see her in the water. It would be a wonderful show. Unfortunately, the trees would be running out quite soon... it was time to make his way down. He moved back a few trees, and started slowly descending, trying not to make a sound, and also trying not to take his eyes off her. Stalking was all well and good, but so was swimming, after all.

   It's a good thing his eyes don't leave her, because up goes her shirt, breasts bobbing with the light graze they receive as she lifts the top half of her clothing up and away. It's a blue top to match the bottom half of the swimsuit, four straps all meeting in one large bow behind her back. It's hardly a bikini though, more like a proper bra that was designed for being dipped into water. Though, it's a half-cut, revealing the tops of her generous curves. "Uh... ah! D...dah.. dammih.. dammit, I ha.. hah.." Her eyes flutter as she mindlessly drops her shirt, a breath shuddering in through her mouth. "Hah.. had cah.. cah.."

   He saw her head tilt back again, and cursed his poor timing. Scooting through the brush to attain a side view, he watched, tail twitching with excitement, as her marvelous chest wobbled in its wrapping. "She's too big for a bikini..." he mutters. But how was she going to swim in a bra? Maybe it was waterproof, but he'd never heard of a waterproof bra. The fickle wind blew again, carrying light amounts of pollen from the various plants nearby across Sapphire's path, even while she struggled...

   "Cah.. Cat on my shirt.." Sapphire finishes complaining, unfortunately within earshot of the predator. "Guh.. gotta.." She briefly shuts her eyes and inhales, leaning back. "Got.. g-gotta.." She sniffs the pollen-laced air, nostrils flaring as she does. The tingling creeps back in her nose. "Geh.. g-get it.. ah.. AHH.." Her head starts tilting back, and an arm lifts, finger placed across her nose. "HAh.. HAAHhh.."
   "HAAAH.. HAAAAH!" Sapphire tenses up, trying to halt the unstoppable with a finger. Her nostrils flare again, and she pulls her hand out of the way as she draws in a final, wordless breath. "HHAAAAAHSSSHOOOOOOOOO!!" The Vaporeon bucks forwards, hands slapping her thighs as her breasts make a full arc, dangling and bobbing under her as her tail lifts to catch her balance. Another cloud of mist is shot into the grass, and she holds her position, nose wiggling around as if tormented by another tickle. She sniffs lightly, then sniffles louder... Her head bobs. Once... twice... She freezes, head back... "HAAAPPSSSHOOOOO!" Another spray of mist, her breasts swaying in their confinement. Sniff.

   Apologizing to the poor patch of moss whose day he had just ruined by gripping it tightly, Li waited for his heartbeat to quiet down. This was the greatest day, and the greatest show. The way her sneezes seemed to burst out of her, spray shining in the small sunbeams that managed to penetrate the canopy. The heaving of her breasts. The way she vainly tried to fight it off. 'Yes... I think a swim is just the thing now.' he loosened his grip on the ground, claws retratcing. "A very cold swim..." he began to sneak around to the side, but he wasn't sure... should he get in before her, or after? Unlikely he could make it there before her, but if he did, would she just leave? Stalking was harder than it sounded, sometimes.
   Unfortunately for Sapphire, she'd dropped her shirt right onto a patch of flowering weeds. They were completely covered by the shirt, but she was in for an unpleasant surprise when she put that back on. Or even picked it up, possibly.

   Sapphire exhales slowly, as if testing to see if all that was in her sinuses is now truly, honestly out. She rises slowly, gives a few sniffles, then steps forwards towards the water. "Finally got that out..." The Vaporeon's steps take her steadily to the lake, and sits upon the edge, sliding her legs into it and shivering at the change in temperature. A man-made lake with steep sides, not in the sunniest spot it could have been in. The shadow of the forest's edge chills the water, but she ducks underneath anyway, needing the relief of the cold.

   Li brushed some of the dirt and sap he'd collected off, but let's just say it was a good thing he planned on a swim. Yeck. He pulled some trunks out of his pack, and set to wait for a good moment, back resting against a mossy rock and hidden by a young tree and the creepers seeking to climb it. She was under, time to wait and see how long it took before she came up...

   The Water-type girl turns out to be quite at home under the water, and spends a couple of minutes under it. There's nothing to bother her while she's under there, so it's a nice alternative to having to tolerate the flowering plants. She surfaces with a toss of her head, swallowing a breath and treading water as she prepares to go back down.
   'She can stay under a looong time... that's to be expected, I suppose...' That observation gave him ample time to prepare. Also, he gazed at her as she surfaced, the water trailing off her beautiful cerulean skin... Amazing. When she went back under, he strode out of the forest, and made like he didn't even know she was there. He put down his small pack, and drew out a pair of trunks, stripping and sitting down to pull them on.

   Something's bothering her nose again... Well, that's no problem at all, is it? The Vaporeon disappears, head dipping underwater. Her body moves in waves, nearly snaking through the water. It's easy, natural for her. Best of all, the tickle in her nose is quenched like a matchstick when she takes a dip. Long-awaited relief is all hers.

   Now clothed in his trunks, Li walked to the edge. Sapphire dove right in, so he assumed it was a deep lake. Scanning the shore to make sure he could honestly say he didn't know she was there, he dove in. He was a cat with an affinity for water, and he could see pretty well in the clear, dark depths. A flash of blue was all he caught, though, as she darted to and fro. Eventually, he had to come up for air.

   Of course, Sapphire herself needs to come up for air eventually. She rises again, not leaving much of a splash at all; her body sheds the water smoothly, and she takes a simple breath in as she breaks the surface, once again treading water. Her tail and legs push her slowly towards the edge of the lake, back towards her clothes, and now towards Li.

   Bump!  "Hello... I didn't think anyone else was here!" He looked down at the surprised face of the Vaporeon as her head rested against his chest. He also got a very nice peek down her rather revealing top, but quickly refocused on her deep blue eyes. "Am I in your way?" He grinned

   The entirely unexpected other makes Sapphire's eyes widen and her head recoil. "Eee! Err, I... n-n-no, I..." Her muzzle suddenly scrunches up as a tickle makes itself known. The truth is that he's in the way, but she's so shocked that by the time she realizes he is, she's already said she isn't. "Eh-excuse me..." Sapphire's bust disappears from view as she dips all but her head under the surface, swimming around Li.

   'That didn't go as planned...' He was a little put out now. She didn't even talk to him, really. Huh. "My name's Li... what's yours, pretty lady?"  He tried to keep up, but she was very fast. He had to get closer to keep from shouting, though.  There's a positive effect, though: All that quick swimming may have loosened the ties on her top a bit. It just wasn't made to handle a water type going full strength, it seems.

   Part of the reasons she's moving so quickly might be a misguided attempt at modesty. Just a swimsuit on, and the water's chilly... now just what does that result in? It's not a big deal at all, that's just the way things are. But in Sapphire's case, timidity is running through her veins. The Vaporeon makes it to the edge, pushing herself up and out of the water, which runs off of her. She stops when called out to, but for another reason than Li might expect. Her eyes are watering. Sn..sniffff. Her head lifts, those watery blue eyes lidding halfway... "Heh..." A purple tint creeps into her cheeks. Oh... did he ask a question? Her mind scrambles, trying to recall it. Maybe she'll pretend she didn't hear, at first.

   Li finally got to the edge, and tread water there, watching the beautiful woman raise herself from the water, watching the little rivers explore her body on their way to the ground... Fantastic. She's also got a cute purple blush, and a sniffly nose. This might turn out great. 'Can she even see my head past those?' From this angle, he's got a great view of the underside of her breasts and, unless his eyes decieve him, some nipples poking through the suit. Well, it is pretty cold. 'Mine are hard, even...'  That whimsical wind kicks up again, carrying with it a wave of tree pollen. You can see it building up on the surface of the water, as well as coating the wet female.

   Oh, it was about her name... The Water-type's head bucks with another forced breath. "Hah..." Her hand lifts, a finger sparing her from further torment for the moment. Water keeps trickling off of her, and the chill of the air leaves her nipples pressing out against her swimsit. Standing at the lakeside gives Li the view from below, her toned legs and the bikini bottom under the frill all his to see. The yellow dust that comes down on her is unnoticed to her watery eyes, but not to the rest of her. It sneaks past the finger rubbing her nose, and starts a tingling that begins working its way into her. "M-my n-name is.. Sah.. Sah.."

   It is obvious she needs to sneeze again... but she's still trying to answer! How cute. "Sah...? Sarah?" Li tries to guess her name, but he's way off. He just bobs there, waiting patiently and watching as her head tilts. The classic finger across her nose is especially cute. The wind continues to blow, getting a bit stronger, making Li shiver a bit and lower his shoulders so they're under the water.

   Her black nose scrunches along with her muzzle, then wiggles left and right as she opens her mouth, showing off her pearly white teeth. "AAHh.. Sah.. Sah.. Sapphire. Suh.. S-sorry, I.. HAAAH... HAAAH.." Her head bobs up, twice, eyes shutting... Her palm touches her nose, easing off from the sneeze, her cheeks now thoroughly purple. "Ha.. have some allergies..." Collecting herself, she manages to step forward towards the pile of her clothes, tail lifting as she bends over to pick them up. Her breasts dangle, the bow on her back beginning to slip and shrink ever so slightly.

   Li raises an eyebrow approvingly as Sapphire's strong tail lifts up and he gets a great view in the process. "That's quite a beautiful name. What're you allergic to?" Now getting a bit tired, he pulls himself out of the water, too, and suns on the shore, watching every fluid movement she makes.

   Sapphire lifts her clothes, and her eyes widen.  She was never planning on wearing them, what with them being covered in cat hair.  But she wouldn't leave without them...  Unless she had known what they were covering.  A scent like perfume wafts into her face as the pollen rushes up to greet her, and her clothing is dropped again.  "W..w.." she starts, then takes a loud breath...  "HUUUHHhh..  W..Wildflowers..!" she half exclaims, half explains, a hand rushing to her nose.  Her head lifts as the tickling travells down her nostrils, quickly hitting the point of no return.  Watery blue eyes repeatedly blink, trying to help keep the inevitable at bay.  "They may.. they may... m-make.. HUHhh.. m-me.. HUHHHhhh.."  Her head lifts high.  "HAAAAAAH..!"  A breath is suddenly pulled into her mouth before she jerks forwards, hands grabbing her thighs as her tail shoots up and her head shoots down.  "HAAAAHHHHSSSSSSSHHHHHOOOOOO!!"
   Her breasts swing as she doubles over, the loosened bow behind her back giving out as they tug it free, and the covering over the Vaporeon-girl's curves flutters to the ground, leaving the view of her ample bust shaking with the recoil of her sneeze. Hard, deep-blue nipples cap both, revealed now that half of Sapphire's swimsuit is simply gone. Her head lifts with a gasp, both of surprise, and upon finding that her nose... still tickles. She tries to stand up straight, lowering her tail and lifting her arms, hugging her breasts and hiding them... momentarily. Half-nude, her nose twitches, pollen still tickling the inside. "HAAAAH... HAAAAAH... HAAAAAAHHHSSSSHOOOOO!!"
   Sapphire doubles over again, hugging herself too hard. Her wet, slick breasts pop free as her arms end up around her middle, the twins jiggling as their owner sprays the grass with a loud sneeze. And for a few seconds, they keep shaking, because the mer-girl lifts her head again and... "HAAAAHHHSSSSHOOOOOO! HAAAHHHSSSSHHHHOOOO! HAAAAHHHHHSSSSHHOOOOO!" Three more blasts of mist leave her, ejecting the yellow dust from her nose in a harsh spray. Sinuses cleared, Sapphire finds her cheeks locked purple in a blush that she anticipates will vanish by sundown at the earliest.

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