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[F + Pokemon + Bondage + Mature] Sapphire Bound*
« on: May 24, 2012, 04:29:46 PM »
Warning: This is a product of depraved minds.  A short RP with SpareWisp and OneOfThree, where Sapphire the Vaporeon-girl finds herself ensnared in a room, and she gets a bit of tickle-torture from a snow leopard.  There's detail of her private bits.  Intended for mature audiences who like this kind of stuff only.  You've been warned.


   How did she get herself into this situation at all?  Sapphire is still dressed, at least.  Her body is covered by a blue Chinese dress, most of her long, strong legs exposed thanks to the slit running down the sides of said cheongsam.  Her hips, at least, are hidden.  Some of her cleavage is revealed by a wide cut around her collar, but not enough to make her feel embarrassed about it.  Her hands struggle against the leather straps that bind her to the wall, but she quickly gives up when she realizes she's making no progress whatsoever.  A long sigh escapes her.

The luminescent eyes were a dead giveaway that there was a feline in the room.  He was sort of lurking in the shadowy corners, pacing around.  Every now and then a glimpse of a poofy grey tail with black spots would reveal he was a snow leopard.  Eventually he came forward, just smiling, not speaking.  And he held a feather in his hands, fiddling with the tip a bit as he lazily strolled towards Sapphire.

   Sapphire's nose wiggles as she catches sight of something moving in the darkness.  A tiny little tickle begins in her nose, almost unnoticed.  "E-excuse me, but could you please let me down?  I'd like to go home, if-."  Her muzzle scrunches, then relaxes.  "If you don't mind."  Her eyes widen as the feline steps out of the shadows, her face tinting slightly purple.  "Oh um.. heh..hello.."

He says nothing, just reaching in and running the feather down her finned ear to her neck frill, dipping it into her cleavage briefly and then letting it trail up the side of her face to her quivering nose, gently teasing the tip before slipping just inside one nostril.  He wiggles it softly, not wanting to start too roughly.

   It's when Sapphire shifts her weight that she notices what's missing.  Her hips are covered by the dress... but that's it, entirely.  Beneath her one layer of clothing, she's totally naked.  "W-wait, don't...  I'm ticklish!"  The Vaporeon's blush intensifies as the feather brushes her skin, and she follows it with her eyes, holding back a giggle.  It's not directly tickling her, but the frills still leave an odd sensation on her skin.  Her eyes end up crossed when it touches her black nose, and widen.  "W-wait, you shou.."  Her eyes flutter.  "Shouldn't.."  Her nostrils flare...

Seeing her start to react, he teasingly removes the feather from her nose, and lets it run down her neck again.  He presses it more forcefully against her when he reaches the areas covered by the dress, but the thin silk should let her feel it.  He moves the feather down across both of her breasts, touching the tips, top, and undersides briefly.  Grinning widely enough to show a little fang, he then waggles it before her, taunting, and makes a show of slowly pushing it back towards her face...

   "Shuh.. shouldn't d-do tha..AHh.."  The feather eases off and runs down her neck instead.  Sapphire's breath hitches while her breasts are toyed with, and she attempts to ignore the shiver that runs through her.  "Ha-ah..AH..AHH..."  She sniffs, trying to bring a hand to her face, but is quickly stopped by the restraint.  She tilts her head in that direction, but even with a finger pointing, she can't quite reach.  The feather coming for her face makes her look up and give another sniff.  "W-w-wait, you're guh.. g-gonna make me sneeze..  I.."

He took the feather away again, instead putting in his other hand; covered in a soft leather glove.  He pressed his fingers against her nose, rubbing it lightly and touching the widening nostrils.  The feather, meanwhile, was once again busying itself with her neck frill, and an occasional touch of her breasts, running over the front of the dress in quick circles. 

   She tries to turn her muzzle in the other direction, but the fingers find her.   There's no attention to spare for the feather, all of it at the end of her face.  "I... HAAAAH..!"  Her gasp for breath is desperate and sudden.  Feathers are one thing, but cats... cats are another.  Her nostrils flare, then scrunch, eyes shut tightly as she fights down the impossible.  "I.. I'm...  HAAAAAAAH!"  He can easily see all her teeth, the pretty ivories bared as she sucks in breath at command of her nose.  Her jaw quivers, head lifted high, tensed just before the moment of release...

The leopard touches the pointed tip of his claw lightly to the tip of her fidgety nose, running his tongue along his teeth quickly as her desperation grew...

   Her nostrils flare at the touch of the claw, the last little bits of dander and hair her nose detects on his finger ruining any hope she had of holding out.  "HAAAAAAAHHHSSSSSHHHHOOOOOO!"  Sapphire's whole body jerks forwards, a cloud of water shot into the feline in front of her as her tail makes a loud thump against the back wall as it tries to reflexive raise for balance.  Her breasts shake in their confinement, revealing the position of her nipples as they drag through the thin outfit, having been teased into stiffness by too many touches.  "I'm.."  She sniffs, muzzle scrunching.  "Allergic."

"How... refreshing." He finally speaks, and his voice has a strange accent to it, reminiscent of something you'd find in a nomadic tribe in some exotic locale, but you just can't quite place it.  There's a bit of a purr under it, and he shakes himself a bit before bringing his tail up under her chin.  "Allergic, eh? Hrrr... rrrr..." a deep rumbling escapes his throat, and he gazes down at her stiff nipples.  Leaning over her, he makes some adjustments to her restraints, disconnecting the cords and attaching them to a few hooks dangling from the ceiling.  Wandering away into the shadows again, there is the sound of something clanking, and she is gently tugged more toward the center of the room, away from the wall.

   "I.. I'm allergic to feathers, and to cah.."  She sniffs again, and lifts her head high when the tail brushes underneath it.  That's getting almost too close to a cat for her poor nose to handle..!  "To CAAah.. CAAah..."  Her head bobs lightly with each breath, and she automatically steps forward when her wrists are tugged towards the center of the room.  Her nose is a bit runny, and her eyes are watery...

Leaning in very, very close, just centimeters away from one fin-like ear, the large cat whispered, "That's okay.  You're cute when you have to sneeze." and bapped her once on the nose with the tip of his tail, stepping back to admire her thick, strong tail.  He pressed down on it with one hand, seeing just how much force it could put out when she twitched upwards in the near future.

   Sapphire is not nearly as able to hold out when cats are involved, compared to feathers.  The dander and hair puffed into her nostrils is too much to bear.  She loses focus of everything except the tickle digging through her nose.  "HAAh.. HAAAaah..  HAAAAH..."  Her head bobs back with each breath, chest lifting a higher with each.  Her muzzle scrunches, mouth open as she gasps..  "HAAAAAAAH...  HAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHSSSSSSHHHHOOOOOO!!"  Her head jerks down, a cloud of water hitting the floor like a sudden off-and-on rainstorm.  Her breasts shake with the force, her wrists catching on the restraints.  Her tail doesn't seem to catch the message that the rest of her body isn't going anywhere, though.  The leopard's hand is flung up and out of the way, the china dress making a loud flapping noise as her thick, powerful tail snaps up, revealing the woman from behind, sans panties.  Her nethers are deep blue like her nipples, and look to be very well situated between her legs, perfectly engineered and pretty to keep the water from getting in.

After getting a big fat look between Sapphire's legs, the snow leopard was nearly satisfied.  He tickled her nose once more with his fluffy tail, unable to resist her adorable response one more time.  This time, though, he undid the straps and let her do as she pleased.  He did keep the feather ready, though... For a nefarious purpose.

   The brush of the leopard's tail against her nose proves to be too much, all over again.  It's slow this time, at least; Sapphire managed to spray out the dander from before, and the itch had left as well.  But now, with cat hair tickling her nostrils once again, she takes a breath...  "HAAah..."  Free!  Her hand lifts towards her nose as her head bucks back.  "HAAAH... hh-hHAAah.."  A finger rubs across her nostrils, watery blue eyes disappearing as she shuts them again.  "HEh.. HAAah..."

The leopard runs his feather up and down from the base of her tail to the tip, brushing at the underside as well, trying to distract her so she can't focus her attention on her nose.

   The reaction the snow feline gets is a surprised squeak and a jump from Sapphire, who spins around to face the feline.  "H-hey, just do you think y-you're-"  Her nose wrinkles up, and she realizes too late she was right in the middle of something else.  She sniffs, her chest suddenly rises, and she blinks.  Another deep breath, and she shuts her eyes...  "HAAAAH...HAAAAAHHHHSSSSSSHHHHHHOOOOOOO!"  Sapphire jolts over, breasts swaying in the dress as her hands plant on her thighs, tail snapping up like a catapult and throwing the back of her clothes up and over her back, baring the space between her thighs for all to see.  Another long upskirt shot of the Vaporeon-girl's waterproof nethers, though the leopard may have to sacrifice watching her breasts to get a thorough look.
   Thankfully, he has time.  Just as she's about to stand up straight, her nose twitches...  "HAAAAHHHSSSSHHHHOOOOOOO!"  Another sneeze keeps her doubled over, sending her chest into a sway and tossing her tail skyward all over again, keeping her rear completely bare.

Chuckling with a smile of delight, the strange leopard skips out the door, leaving Sapphire alone, embarrassed and confused.
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Re: [F + Mature + Bondage] Sapphire Bound
« Reply #1 on: May 25, 2012, 05:18:55 AM »
XD Sneeze-rape ;P
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