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[M] Valane and Winter*
« on: September 27, 2012, 04:39:24 AM »
V: Valane is Toji.
W: Winter is me.

Valane is a wolf and Winter is a fox.

(I hope you all enjoy!)

V: Valane walks into the door of the shop, padding on up to the counter to order a drink. Ever since a friend brought him here, he's discovered an iced coffee is a great thing to have after a day's work. After the order is placed, he wriggles his nose and looks around the shop.

W: Winter peered up from his laptop when the door chimed and noticed a tall wolf at the counter, he didn't remember seeing him here before. Shutting the laptop and grabbing a pencil and paper he starts to sketch, creating a quick rough sketch of the wolf. He didn't really know why he was doing it, he just had an urge to draw him. Every few seconds he would quickly glance up at him and take in more details before returing his attention to the paper, hoping the wolf wouldn't notice his quick glances.

V: Valane doesn't really notice the glances much, or at least doesn't make much of them, but eventually makes his way over in Winter's direction due to the lack of other available seats, and he clears his throat gently before asking, "Excuse me, madam, but do you mind if I sit here with you?"

W: Winter jumps a bit and drops his pencil, not expecting anyone to say anything to him. With a stutter he says "N-not at all." To shy to correct the wolf and tell him that he is a man not a woman. Winter is so shy he can't even look the wolf in the eye.

V: Valane dips his muzzle and smiles encouragingly, his nose giving another brief twitch in the process. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to startle you. If you're busy, I shan't interrupt. I was simply looking for a spot to sit while I have a drink."

W: Winter looks down and searchs for his pencil, doing his best not to stutter as he speaks. "I'm not do-doing anything important. I was just d-do-d-doodling." He eventually found his pencil setting on the floor next to the wolf's feet. Winter points and stutters out. "C-could you ha-h-hand me that pe-p-pencil, please."

V: Valane smiles and bends down to pick it up, handing it over to you with a wag of his tail. "Don't be shy, I promise I won't take advantage of you. I tend to be more interested in males, myself."

W: "Tha-thanks." Winter wanted to say that he is a man, but for some reason what he said made things worse, maybe because he found the taller canine really attractive. He took the pencil and returned to his sketch, his close proximity making it easier for him to sketch the wolf but harder for the wolf not to notice his glances. "I-I'm Winter."

V: Valane continues smiling and wagging his tail, taking his coffee once it's ready and then sitting down across from you. "That is a lovely name, miss Winter. I am called Valane. May I?" he asks, holding his paw out for yours. In this city, he's seen far stranger things than women wearing clothes he's more used to seeing on men.

W: Winter blushed a bit but eventually complied, placing his hand in Valane's. His long bushy fox tail twitches nervously from side to side as he waits to see what Valane does, and see if it is what he thinks he is going to do. Which is kiss it like a true gentleman.

V: Valane reaches forward to do exactly that, bringing the fox's muzzle to his paw to give it a gentle kiss, nostrils flaring as he takes in Winter's scent. At that point, he frowns, bringing that paw a little closer and sniffing more carefully.

W: Winter shivered a little and asked, "Wh-what's wrong?" His tail was really twitching now, since he had no idea what Valane had smelt and why he was now sniffing his hand paw. Nose pressed firmly against the top of Winter's hand paw.

V: Valane splays his ears back and releases your paw, looking rather embarrassed. "I beg your pardon, friend, I'm terribly sorry about mistaking you for a lady. I should have been able to tell earlier, but my hay fever is making it difficult for me to distinguish scents," he explains, nose giving another brief twitch as he sniffs wetly.

W: Winter now understood why he sniffed his hand paw. "Do-d-don't worry about it, it happens more often then you think." Winter fought with himself, trying to say something without stuttering. Winter's golden eyes returned to focussing on the sheet of paper with a rough sketch of Valane's face on it. He resumed drawing, hoping to finihs it before he left.

V: Valane shakes his head firmly and sniffs again. "Still, I feel terrible about my mistake. Might I buy a drink for you? It's certainly the least I can do," he insists, earnestly.

W: Winter looks over at his currently empty cup and licks his lips, wanting another cappuccino so badly. "I could g-go for another cup, a cappuccino, please."

V: Valane nods and stands up to order that for you, ears still splayed in some embarrassment as he rubs at his muzzle. He repeats the order carefully, since it's not something he himself is familiar with.

W: While Valane isn't facing Winter, Winter stares at him, taking in his manly physique from behind. He blinks and returns to his drawing. Trying to put the finishing details on the sketch. The picture wasn't perfect, but it did look very much like Valane. Valane returned to the table with his drink order in hand. "Thank you."

V: Valane peers over at the sketch when he gets back with the drink, wagging his tail and smiling at Winter. "That's very impressive in such a short time. It's quite attractive."

W: "Oh... Thanks." WInter blushed again, putting his pencil down on the table and taking a small sip of his hot beverage before asking Valane. "Do you really like it?"

V: Valane doesn't seem to immediately recognize it as him, scanning it from top to bottom and nodding. "It is far better than most drawings I've seen."

W: The compliment made Winter's tail wag a little more easily, loosing the nervous twitch he had before. Golden eyes locked onto Valane's face, taking in all the beauty. Winter blinked once and noticed that his nose seemed awfully twitchy and for some reason his own nose started to feel itchy just looking at it and his own pink nose started to twitch involuntarily against his will.

V: Valane chuckles and gives his tail another wag, tilting his head toward the door. "I'm going to need to start walking out toward my inn to make sure I get some evening work done there, but you may accompany me if you like. I would love to get to know you better."

W: Winter looked away and gave his big pink nose a little rub. "That sounds wonderful, ju-j-just let me gather up my things." He quickly gathered up all his stuff and stuck it neatly inside of a small duffle bag and put the shoulder strap on his shoulder and took the last sip of his cappuccino before following Valane outside.

V: Valane smiles and gives a self-deprecating chuckle as he makes his way to the door, holding it open for you. "I hope hay fever doesn't trouble you as much as it does me. I've been told by most of my friends and partners that they don't mind, but I still think the sneezing must be unattractive."

W: "No, It doesn't bother me." Winter kept close to him as they walked, passing by some beautful trees full of flowers. A light breeze brushed through there fur as they walked, carrying pollen from the plants all around them with it. Winter couldn't help dropping back a bit so he could sneak a peak at Valane's tail and butt.

V: Valane, true to his promise, starts sniffling almost immediately as the pair exits the coffee shop, rubbing at his muzzle and chattering on a bit. "It's only a mild nuisance for me, since I'm used to it by now, but sometimes I wish I could do more of my work at night to keep from sneezing so much."

W: Winter couldn't help noticing how his voice seemed to get more congested as they walked, hearing the light sniffles increase every few minutes to seconds. He couldn't stop himself from rubbing his own slightly larger then normal, pink nose in sympathy. "Has your hay fever always been this bad?"

V: Valane eventually slows down to let you catch up when he notices you've been falling behind, not catching on as to why that is. He nods with a wetter and more forceful sniff. "Ever since I was about fifteen or so, though I've been afflicted with it for as long as I can remember."

W: "That must have been a burden. I am lucky enough not to have a sensitive nose or any allergies. Which is surprising since my nose is larger then normal." Winter seemed to be getting a little more comfortable around Valane as they talked, making it easier for him to actually talk and not just silently walk beside the wolf.

V: Valane chuckles, breath catching briefly as he turns to watch the fox. "I hah... hadn't noticed much, but I hope you consider yourself lucky, my friend. Minor nuisance though it may be, it'ss till a nuisance."

W: Winter tried not to stare at Valane's twitchy nose, hoping that if he didn't look he wouldn't experience one of his sympathetic sneezes. Winter may not have any allergies but for some reason when he hears or sees someone sneeze, he has an undeniable urge to do so himself. "I have my own minor nuisance as well, so I feel your pah-pain." Winter felt his breath hitch slightly at the end of his sentence.

V: Valane SNIFFS again and cants his head to one side, looking vaguely curious as he smiles back at Winter. "What's that, then?"

W: "I'm a sympathetic sneezer..." Winter muttered quietly, rubbing his nose lightly out of sympathy.

V: Valane doesn't seem to understand quite what that is, judging from the puzzled expression on his face, but that wrinkled muzzle quickly turns into a wrinkled nose, and no sooner does he rub at his nose before he inhales sharply and turns around with a loud, "HAAAAH-CHOOOO!" He blinks and sniffs wetly, still looking a little dazed by the sudden nasal onslaught.

W: Winter tries his hardest not to sneeze. "Eh-heh..." Pink nose wiggling and nostrils flaring slightly before, "HeT'sHHH!" he just couldn't stop himself, a petite sneeze fitting his appearance escaped. Winter blinked twice and told Valane "Bless you." while recovering from his own nasal explosion.

V: Valane groans and scrubs at the side of his muzzle carefully in an attempt to not provoke his oversensitized nose, sniffing again and blinking a couple of times as he nods in Winter's direction. "My thanks, and the-huh...! The same to you." He sniffs again, sounding awfully congested as he does so. "I doubt that's the eh... end of it for me.  Huhhh...!"

W: Oh no, Winter thought, knowing that everytime Valane sneezes he will sneeze also. Winter tried not to think about it, hoping that if he ignored it he wouldn't sneeze. "HeH! Ehhh...!" And so far that wasn't working to well.

V: Valane perks his ears up a bit when he hears Winter's breath hitching as well, and whether he understands the specific nature of the problem, he knows that getting to his destination and out of the pollen is probably going to help both of them. He takes a few more steps in the proper direction before he pitches forward with a harsh, quick, "HAAAAASHHH!! HAHHH-ASHHHH!!"
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W: Winter does the same and not a moment later does the same as Valane and sucumbs to a short sneeze fit. "HeH-HsHH! Hat'sH!" Winter blinked and rubbed his nose, saying with a sniffle. "Let's go before we both sneeze are heads off."

V: Valane has to laugh a bit at the ridiculousness of it all, even as he lets out another breathless sneeze. He rubs his nose again as his breath hitches, then takes your paw in his left and continues leading you off down the street. "I thought you said you didn't have hay fever."

W: "I don't. I said I'm a sypah... hah...! sympathetic sneezer." Winter said between hitching breaths, trying his hardest not to sneeze everytime Valane did. He did manage to stop himself a couple of times with a well placed rub.

V: Valane wrinkles his nose as he tries to figure out what that means, though the act launches him into another short fit--this one a bit softer as he starts to run short of breath midway through. "What does thaHHHYESHHH! Mean?"

W: Winter mirrored him and let out a quick fit. "It HeT'sHH! It means everytime you sneeze, so will I out of sympathy."

V: Valane stares for a couple of seconds, then starts to laugh again as the farcical nature of the situation hits him, giving your paw another tug as he mashes his other paw against his nose again to try to push out the rest of the tickles in one big burst, succeeding almost too well. "Ahh. Ahhh...! ASSSCHOOOOH! AAHHHHSCHOOO!  GIIYESHSCHOOO! AASSCHHHH! HESSCHHH! Hehhhh... HEEESSHHHHTSCHOO!" He lets out a loud groan when he finishes that fit, looking dizzy and a bit lightheaded.

W: Winter blushed as the wolf laughed at his embarrassing secret. "It isn't funny." Winter said before succumbing to a fit equally large as Valanes, matching him sneeze for sneeze until he was left lightheaded and dizzy to. "I haven't sneezed this much in a long time."

V: Valane SNIFFS again and then smiles back at Winter. "We'd better hurry and get inside, then. I think I'm done for now, but I *SNIFF* I'm used to this every summer."

W: Winter recovers and returns his smile with one of his own, panting "Please do. I know you may be used to it, but I am not." Giving his large pink nose a rub he followed Valane, trying his hardest to keep up in his disoriented state.

V: Valane chuckles quietly and splays his ears to one side, rubbing his nose in turn as he gives another sniff, breath hitching a couple of times before he manges to fight off the reflex. "Perhaps I should only return to get to talk with you in the winter, then? I'm afraid this happens ahh..! Almost daily."

W: "We may, or we will have to keep ourselves inside where your nose can't cause us both trouble." Winter keeps a hand to his nose at all times to try and fight off the sympathetic reflex, sniffling.

V: Valane manages a wider smile, then, wagging his tail as he dips his muzzle at Winter. "I confess I would like that much better. You seem to be both honest and very sweet."very

W: "Thanks." He blushed brightly at the compliment, not used to recieving them that often. Winter stuck close to Valane as they finally reached the wolf's destination and entered the building before Valane could succumb to another fit.

V: Valane indeed manages the rest of the journey with only a couple of isolated sneezes here and there, smiling back at Winter and wagging his tail from side to side. "I thank you for the company, Winter. I'll have to head in to wash now, but I'm sure I'll be feeling quite fine afterward. I suppose you're welcome to join me, if you've nothing more pressing to take care of."

W: "I wish I could, but I have some business to take care of myself." Winter quickly stepped up to Valane and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and a small piece of paper with his phone number  and the words, "CALL ME!" written on it. he ran out the door before Valane could react, blushing. Hoping that Valane would indeed call him.

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