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This was an RP I did with Spinyofdoom -- credit goes to him for the title, though I don't think he thought of it as a title when he said it. ;) I don't seem to have the ability to post this in the RP board, so I guess someone will have to move it there.

I am playing Eve, a naturist otter girl who lives in the forest. Spinyofdoom is playing Laura, a white fox girl in an unfortunate predicament. Both of them are allergic to pollen, and Eve has a particular allergy to lilies. Enjoy! :D


Ahhhh... this was perfect, Eve thought. Floating on her back, naked, in the middle of the forest lake, the otter girl was coming to realize that this was a fabulous way to get away from her allergies. Her nose was still twitching slightly, to be sure, but she was too far away from any flowers for them to really affect her. Unfortunately for her, the peace her nose was feeling was going to change soon...

Laura was fuming. All she had wanted was a refreshing dip in the lake, and now she was lost, naked, and without any sort of survival gear in the middle of a massive forest. And to make matters worse, her nose was beginning to twitch, back and forth, the unmistakable, tickly motion that came before a sneeze. She had packed her allergy meds, of course, never went anywhere without them, but they too had been with her stolen gear, and the ones she had taken hours ago were beginning to wear off. "Oh c-come oooonn..." she whispered, half-under her breath. "R-really? Of all the... thuuuuh... uuhh..." Her nose was really wriggling now, so strongly it almost caused her whole muzzle to twitch with it, and she drew in one last breath before she resigned herself to the impending sneeze. "HUUUUCHOOOOO!" She exploded, not even bothering to cover the fine mist of spray that erupted from her nostrils to coat the ground. "Ugh. *sniff."

Eve jerked upright as the sound of the sneeze reached her ears. Was someone else here? She looked around for a bit before--There! A patch of white stood out plainly among the forest's dark colors. Turning over, she swam to the bank, coming across a white, female fox, naked like herself. Which was a bit strange to say the least, since Eve didn't really mind being naked in the forest, but she had never known any other girls to share that feeling. The fox seemed to be rather upset, so, still in the water, she called out, "Um, hello...? Is everything all right there?"

Laura turned, still sniffling and rubbing a finger to her large black nose. "*snfff* Oh? H-hello, I'm Laura," she said, a slight blush coloring her cheeks at both her nudity and the realization that the otter girl had heard her sneeze. "And, well, to be honest... no. I'm a traveler from... well, somewhere a long way from here. I decided to take a dip in the lake to refresh myself, but when I came back, everything was gone! My clothes, my food, even my ah...alleeeh..." She paused, eyelids fluttering as the tickle in her nose flared up again, causing her muzzle to twitch. "eeeeh... HEEAAACHOO!" One hand went across her chest in a late attempt to preserve whatever modesty she had left, but her fur was still wet and slippery from her jaunt in the lake, and her cleavage easily slipped out from under it, bouncing freely as she pitched forward with the sneeze. "*sniffle* Allergy meds. Sorry. Guess you can kinda see that."

Eve's hand went to her mouth. "Oh my goodness, you poor thing!" She made her way to the shore and stepped out of the water, revealing her own naked body and assaulting her nose with the pollen from the flowers nearby. She felt her nose start to twitch more strongly, but the unfortunate girl before her easily took priority over silly things like that. "Is there anything I can do to help? Do you need someone to take you back home?"

Laura instantly brightened at the otter's offer. "Oh, you would do that? That would be amazing! Thaahhh... ahhh... haaaaaah..." She paused again midspeech, her head tilting up and her mouth opening wide as her nose twitched and quivered. "Ahhhh... 'm sorry... I really need to sneeeaaah... haaah.. HAAAAAHH..." Her nose was burning with the familiar itch, but the tickle wasn't quite strong enough to put her over the edge. She inhaled again, deeper. "HAAAAHHHHH... oh my gosh, it t-tickles... ahhh... haaah..." A few more seconds passed, and then, suddenly, she clamped her mouth shut with a frustrated huff of breath as the tickle faded back again, not gone, but not strong enough to make her sneeze either. "Ugh... it's stuuuhhh.... haaah... it's stuck... *snf*," she said, running a finger across her muzzle. "Sorry. God, don't you hate it when they do that?"

Eve smiled. "Oh, do I ever. Actually, speaking of which, 'scuse me for a moment..." Her nose's twitching was becoming far too strong for her to ignore, so it was time to let herself go. "H-heehhh... ehhhhh..." Nostrils flaring widely, she raised her head, and then opening her mouth widely... "HAAAAHHHHHH... Heh-ASSHHHEWW!!" She contorted with a powerful sneeze, but as usual, one was not going to be enough to satisfy her tickly nose. "Heh-ESSSHHH! Heh-ESSSHHHEEWWWW!! Heh-ASSSHHHHEWWW!! Heh... ehhh... HEEEEEAAAASSSHHHEWWWW!!!" The last sneeze left her bent at the waist, breasts hanging freely. She stayed in that position for a moment, waiting, before finally deciding that her nose was finished for the time being. "*sniff* Sorry about that," she remarked, recovering. "And, um... I'm sorry, I'd offer you a towel but... well, we otters don't really mind being wet very much..." she added with a sheepish smile. "Anyway, do you at least know which way you came from? I know there's a path nearby I could lead you to..."

Laura smiled back, sympathetic to a fellow allergy sufferer. At least I don't have fits like hers, she thought. If they went that long every time I had to sneeze... She shuddered at the thought before replying. "Don't worry about the towel, it's just us, and I'll dry quick enough. As for where I came from, hmm." She frowned, glancing around the gently swaying trees, then looked upward in an effort to get her bearings. That proved to be a big mistake, as the tickle lurking in the back of her nose flared back up in full force when the bright afternoon sun hit her eyes. "I think it was...ah... oh nooo... ahhh... ahhh... AHHHHH..." Maddeningly, the tickle began to fade again, and the fox bit her lower lip in frustration even as she kept her face upturned towards the sun. "Oh.... heaaaah... come oooonn.... AHHH... HAAAAA... HAAASSSCHOOO!" The massive sneeze snapped Laura's head almost directly downwards, and she felt a cool mist of spray settle onto the top of her cleavage. With a twitch of her nose and an apologetic grin, she nodded and pointed west, towards a part of the forest that seemed considerably brighter and more colorful. Filled with flowers, perhaps? She certainly hoped not. "That way."

"Bless you! Okay. Well here, let's go this way first, get onto the path..." Eve said as she started walking at a slight angle to where the fox had pointed. "Oh, I'm Eve, by the way. I'm not sure if I said that." As Laura began to follow behind her, the otter's mind raced to come up with something to say. But all she could think about was her nose, which was starting to twitch again, so she turned her head as she trudged through the brush and asked, "So, you have allergies too, huh? That must be murder on that big nose of yours."

"Nice to meet you, Eve. I'm Laura." the fox said, suppressing a grin as she saw the otter's nose perform that telltale twitch. We both have allergies, and we're both in the middle of a forest in spring... this'll be an interesting trip. Out loud, she added, "yeah, they're pretty strong, but I like I said, I take meds to help. Of course, that doesn't help when I have no idea where they are, heh." Laura gave a short laugh that quickly turned into a loud, hitching breath. "Heeeh....haaaahh...Sorry," she muttered, another blush rising to her cheeks. "Thought I had to s-sneeaaaAHHHHHH...AHHHHH... oh, damnit." She sniffed loudly, trying and failing to clear her nose. Large as it was, it was already becoming more congested and tickly by the minute. "Anyway, yeah. Most of the time they're not too bad with the meds, even in peak pollen season. And I usually only sneeze once when I have a tickle, which is nice. Not like you. Those fits seem crazy, do you take any meds for them?"

Even shook her head, clearing a branch out of the way. "Nah. I used to, but I guess they do weird things to otters, because they made me so tired I literally fell asleep sitting up once," she replied with a chuckle. "But I don't mind sneezing a bunch of times in a row, the real problem is..." She froze, holding out a hand to signal Laura to stop as her eyelids fluttered. "It's this." She tried to smile, but her twitching nose made it nearly impossible. "It teh-... takes me forever to sneeze. J-just gih-... give me a second here... I feel one coming..."

"Oh, I know how that feels. Take your time." As the seconds stretched on and on, with Eve still stuck in her presneeze limbo, Laura began to feel more and more awkward, and that awkwardness gave her the boldness to to ask, "er... do you want... any help? I could... hold your nose, or..." she trailed off quietly, unsure how to continue.

Eve waved her off, feeling the tickle coming to a peak and not wanting to interrupt it. "Hehh... heh-ehhhh... 's comihh-hihhhhh..." Her head rose into the air, then stopped for a moment. "A-almost..." She fanned the air in front of her nose with her hands, and as she did her notrils suddenly flared hugely, her mouth opened wide and... "Heh-AASSSHHHHEWWW! Heh-EESSCHHHH! Heh-ESSSHHHEWWWWW! Heh-ESSSHHHHEWWWWWW!!! Hehh... hehh-ehhhhh..." Her nose rose even higher than before, quivered for a moment, and then exploded. "Heh-ASSSHHEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWW!!!" Eve drew out the last sneeze, making sure she was done. "*sniff* Sorry," she apologized as she recovered. "I need to let them out when they come, or I have to start this whole song and dance over again later," she explained. Noticing Laura's twitching nose as she turned back to the way she was going, she added, "Do you want me to help with your nose at all, though? Seems like you could use it with all the false starts you've been having..."

"That'd be...ahh.... ugh. That'd be great, actually," Laura replied, nodding. "We should get moving, though. I wanna try and be back on the path before it gets dark." Having said that, she set off at a brisk pace through the forest, motioning for Eve to follower her. "Just grab a blade of grass or something and tickle my nose with it as we walk. It's so sensitive, I'll be sneezing in no time." As if on cue, her nose gave a large twitch, making her breath catch for a moment before she continued to walk. "Thanks, by the way. Feeling the tickle just out of reach like this... it's horrible." There was something a bit awkward about having a sneezed induced by someone else, particularly a naked someone else, but there was also something strangely enticing. In any case, at that point, Laura just wanted the allergic itch out. "There, that looks like a good one," she said, pointing to a long, slender blade of grass near the base of a tree. She giggled, realizing the ridiculousness of the whole situation. "Do your worst."

Eve couldn't help but giggle as well. "Well, that wasn't really what I had in mind, but if that's what you want..." She made her way over to the blade of grass and pulled it out before heading back to her companion. As they continued on, she reached over with the grass and brushed Laura's nose with it. "Koochie-koochie-keheeheeheeheeh​eehee!" The situation was so unfamiliar that she found herself suddenly doubling over with giggles for a moment. When she recovered, however, she noticed the other girl's nostrils were now flaring wider. That made it easier for her to aim, and she brushed the grass back and forth across the inside of Laura's left nostril. "How's that? Is that helping?"

The motion of the blade of grass on her big, twitchy, sensitive nose was more than enough to help Laura along. Her nostrils flared wide, allowing the tickly instrument ever deeper, and she felt tears beginning to prick the corners of her eyes as the sneeze grew and grew. "Yeaaahh... aaaaah... just a lil' more...haaaaah... oh, it tickles so muuuhh-huh-huh-huuuuh-HUUUHHH-SC​HOOOOO!" The sneeze was ferociously strong, echoing through the forest like a gunshot. Laura planted her hands on her well-toned thighs to keep her balance, ignoring the fact that her breasts were shaking freely in the air, utterly forgotten. "Whew," she said, giggling. "That felt awesome. My nose barely even tickles now. I should be good to go for a while. Thanks again, Eve." Laura noticed the otter's nose seemed to have increased its rate of twitching and wriggling, but didn't comment on it. Eve seemed like the type to let her sneezes come when they came. Instead, she focused on the path in front of her, and, more specifically, a cluster of beautiful orange flowers sprouting from a nearby bush. "Oh, forest lilies!"

"Wait, did you say lilies?" Eve asked, freezing on the spot. Her wriggling nose seemed to start tickling more at the mere mention of her worst allergen. If Laura wanted to get her wish of getting back to the path before it was dark, they needed to get away, and fast. "U-um... can we go this way, actually?" she asked, pointing in a direction that would take them around the lilies. "I think we might have an easier time if we head in this direction." Would Laura be persuaded? Eve didn't think she would, but it was worth a shot.

Laura frowned. "What? Why?" She glanced up at the sun, gauging its position. "Is that a shortcut or something? I don't think we should take any more detours than we absolutely need to." She glanced at Eve and noticed with a small amount of surprise that the otter girl looked tense, almost anxious. "I mean, unless there's something we really need to avoid."

Eve bit her lip, weighing her options. She didn't want to delay Laura; she knew the poor girl wanted to get back home (and dressed) as soon as possible. She supposed she had no choice but to grin and bear it. "N-no, um... it's fine, we can go that way," she replied quietly. "Sorry." She sniffed, mentally preparing herself for the torture her nose was about to experience.

"All right, let's get moving then!" Laura said brightly, continuing at a brisk pace along the path. As she passed the cluster of lilies, she felt a twinge in her nose, but it was small, barely noticeable, in fact. She figured her giant grass-induced sneeze had gotten rid of most of the pollen in her nose, and decided to take advantage of that fact. "Ah, they're so pretty!" Laura said, bending down and plucking off one of the bigger blooms. The fox was careful to hold it at arm's length even as she turned to show her companion. She might have been allergy-free for the moment, but there was no reason to get a nose as sensitive as hers full of pollen. "Like little sunbursts. What do you think, Eve?"

Eve tried to stop and step backward as Laura turned to her with the flower, but it was too late. "I thih-hihh..." Her breath caught as her nose picked up the whiff of lily pollen, her nostrils widening. "I think ihhhhh..." Her head rose slightly, eyelids drooping shut. "'s gonna make me sneeze... hehhhh... get it away..."

Laura said, then the realization hit her like a ton of bricks. No wonder she didn't want to come this way! She must be allergic to lilies, and now you've gone and practically shoved one in her face, you idiot! "Oh, Eve, I-I'm so sorry!" the fox said, stepping back and throwing the flower as hard as she could into the undergrowth. She immediately wished she hadn't as she saw the barely-noticeable cloud of pollen grains that the flower had shed as it traveled. Laura quickly put a finger under her nose, but it was too late. She was too close to the irritant, and there was too much of it in the air to avoid. She stepped back, ample chest heaving with each hitching, shuddery breath. "Ahhh...ehhhh..." She glanced at Eve through half-closed eyes and saw the otter wasn't faring much better, her face locked in the same tortured, tickly expression as Laura's own. "O-h no... I'm sah-hah-ahhhhh...HAAHHHH..."

Eve barely heard her. "Hehhhh... heh-hehhhhh..." Her nose rose as high as it could, and then... "Hehhh-AASSCHHH!! Hehhh-ESSSHHH!! Heh-ASSSHHHEWWWWW!! HEHHH-ASSSSHHHHEWWWWW!!" Her nose sprayed the forest floor in front of her again and again, and she was just getting started. "Hehhh-AASHHHHEWWWW!! Hehhh-EESSSSSHHHHH!! Hehh... heh-hehhhh... Hehhh-ASSSSSSSHHHHEEEEEWWWWW!!!" A particularly powerful sneeze launched her forward so hard she lost her balance, and she fell to her hands and knees, breasts dangling freely under her as her head rose again. "Hehhh-ESSSSHHHHEEWWWW!! Hehhh-ESSSSHHHEWWWWWWWWWWWW!!" With two final sneezes, her fit came to an end at last, and yet somehow her nose still tickled just as much as when Laura had turned to her with the lily. She looked up at Laura to explain, but then noticed that the fox was having trouble of her own...

"HEEEEH-HAAAAAHHHSCHOOOOO!" Laura sneezed, nearly joining Eve on the ground as the explosion rocked her entire body. This time, though, the feeling of relief that usually came after one of her sneezes didn't come. Her nose still tickled! "Haaaeaeaah.... eeeeeehh.... ahhhHAAAHHHHHHHH..." She almost never sneezed more than once, even on her worst days, but the combination of the pollen, the sunlight, and seeing Eve on the ground below her, lost in her own allergic fit... it was too much to bear. She succumbed to the tickle, letting it snap her down at the waist in a double. "HEAAASCHOOO! HUESSHOOOOOO!" A few wet sniffles later, her nose seemed satisfied, and she looked back at Eve, still on the forest floor, only flush bright red as she realized the otter-girl's large tail was upraised, giving Laura a good view of, well, just about everything.

Eve stayed in her position for a few moments more, ensuring that her nose really was finished. Finally she rubbed her nose vigorously (which seemed to do absolutely nothing to the tickle within) and stood up. "Ugh... *sniff*... my nose is still so itchy..." she remarked. "I'm sorry I didn't say anything about the lilies, they're my worst allergen by far..." She gave the other girl a sheepish smile. "God, we're just a bunch of sneezy wrecks, aren't we?"

Laura grinned back, trying to hide her embarrassment. "Yeah... *snf*... No kidding. Guess I picked a bad day to travel, huh?" The otter's nose was still twitching, but she seemed slightly less sneezy for the time being, so Laura took the initiative. "You all done for now, or should we stay a little longer?"

"I... I think I should be okay for now," Eve replied. "My nose is still really tickly, so we'll probably have to stop again soon, but we can keep going." She began walking again, giving the lilies a wide berth, motioning for Laura to follow her. "Come on, it's not too much farther to the path here." Remembering what the other girl had just said, she added, "So, um... what exactly did bring you out here, anyway? I've been coming to that lake for awhile now, but I never used to see other people around."

"Oh. Well, actually, it wasn't my original plan. I've got some relatives in a city not too far from here that I was going to see, but I'm dead broke right now, so no public transport or anything..." She grinned ruefully. "Walking's not so bad. But anyway, I was on the path there when I saw the forest in the distance, and I just kinda decided on the spot to cut through there instead. It just looked kinda magical, you know? Guess it probably wasn't the best decision. But hey, if I hadn't come I wouldn't've met a new friend, right?" Laura laughed. "And what about you? You don't live in here, do you? That can't be fun with those allergies of yours." Laura had heard tales of otters, badgers, and other anthros eschewing modern life in favor of the forest, but she couldn't imagine Eve would be one of them.

"If I didn't live here, do you think I could get away with being 'dressed' like this?" Eve replied with a sly smile. "But that's not why I came out here in the first place. It was more just... well, you probably don't spend nearly as much time in the water, but I'm sure even you know that city rivers are disgusting." She gave an involuntary shudder. "But I'm an otter, and I wanted to be in the water more, without having to worry about that. So I came out here. And it's actually not so bad! Being in the water keeps my allergies from acting up." She turned back to the forest in front of the two of them. "Oh, I think that's the path there!" she remarked, pointing off into the distance where the underbrush seemed to thin.

"Oh, I guess that makes sense." Laura said, nodding as she followed Eve through the increasingly-thin layer of trees and bushes. "Well, thank you again, Eve. Ió ah! Ah..." Laura made a small, surprised sound as the bright sunlight hit her eyes. Here outside the forest, there wasn't any canopy to dim the light, and it burned into both her eyes and nose with equal force. She blinked rapidly, muzzle scrunching with a sudden, burning tickle... "HUH-SCHOOOO! Ah. *snf*. Darn sunlight. Snuck up on me." She turned back to Eve, who was still standing in the shadows of the forest. "All right, thanks for everything, and I'll... see you around, I guess." Laura realized that she probably wouldn't be seeing Eve again, since she certainly had no plans to make a return trip through the allergen-ridden forest, but she supposed it was a nice sentiment. "Hope that itchy nose of yours gets better."

"Don't worry about me, I'll..." Eve stopped in midsentence, raising a hand to tell Laura to wait a moment, but she couldn't help but smile at the irony as her nose wriggled toward another sneezing fit. "Heh... hehh-hehhhhh..." As before, her head rose higher and higher, nostrils flaring widely before her nose froze at its peak, just for a moment, and then... "Hehhh-EEESHHHHEWWWWW!!! Hehhh-ASSSSHHHHH!! Hehhh-ASSSHHHHEWWWWW!! Hehhhh-ASSSSHHHHEWWWW!! Hehh... heh-hehhhh... Heh-ASSSSSHHHHHEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWW​W!!!" With one last, drawn-out sneeze, Eve's nose was finally satisfied. "*sniff* There, it's better," she remarked with a giggle as she recovered. "I hope everything works out for you," she added, waving at her new friend. "Maybe I'll see you again sometime." And with one last smile, she turned and started making her way back to her favorite lake, with an interesting day to mull over.
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Re: [F + Mature] Two naked girls in a pollen-tastic forest
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You did it right. ^_^ And great story, btw. :)
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