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[F + Mature] Becky and Eve: Down By the River*
« on: September 04, 2013, 05:02:58 AM »
This was a multi-part RP between myself and amazing RenyPonsus. He played as Becky, a half-feral (looks like an animal, thinks, walks, and talks like an anthro) otter, whose parts will be represented in black. I played as Eve, an anthro otter with who enjoys swimming naked and has severe pollen allergies. Her parts will be represented in teal. Both characters' internal thoughts are represented by [brackets]. Hope you all enjoy!

The afternoon sun broke through the forest canopy, sprinkling shards of golden light across a gently flowing river, illuminating a small otter girl, lazily running her claws through her fur. Her name was Rebecca, Becky to her friends, and she was clearing away the debris from her early morning sunning; bits of grass were the worst when they tangled in your fur, but oh, how she loved just basking in the sun.

Only a few hundred feet upriver, a similar scene was playing out. Another otter, this one an anthro, was stretched out in the water, tail flicking just enough to keep her moving slowly downstream. Her name was Eve, and this river had become her new favorite spot to escape the torment of her allergies. The water seemed to mute the tickly scents of pollen enough that she was able to focus on other things, even if those 'other things' happened to be 'doing nothing at all.' She continued to drift, completely oblivious to the other girl floating just ahead.

As she idly combed through the fur on her belly, Becky's ears gave a sudden twitch, and her eyes shot open. Thanks to her head being underwater, save her face, the amplifying effect of water brought to her a sound she was unaccustomed to...was sounded like...something was coming! Becky quickly rolled onto her belly and surveyed the area upstream, squinting into the distance, brow furrowed. She couldn't see anything, yet, and the swishing seemed calm enough not to be a dangerous predator, so she stealthily made her way toward the source of the noise...

Eve was lying on her back, eyes half-lidded against the sun, when she felt a sudden ripple in the currents near her. She blinked a few times, reluctant to do anything more active than float paddle and float, but eventually her curiosity won out. She spun in the water, slowly rolling over, just in time to nearly bump muzzle-first into another very surprised-looking otter.

 Becky would have squealed aloud, but simply gasped and spluttered, having forgotten her mouth was underwater. As she coughed and panted, she made her way to the nearby bank and pulled herself onto land and collapsed onto her rump. "Ohmigosh, I'm sorry!" she choked. "I-I heard something moving and just thought I'd have a peek, but I didn't expect you--I mean, I thought you were just a log! Are you alright?" Becky sniffled a bit, her swim and subsequent coughing fit having caused her some minor congestion.

Eve laughed, snapping down her tail once to push her upright in the water. " I'm fine, don't worry. Didn't see you there, heh." She felt her nose give a sudden twitch, but ignored it for the time being. Something in this part of the forest was definitely aggravating at least one of her many allergies, but the tickle was weak enough that she knew she wouldn't have to sneeze anytime soon. "So, another otter! I thought I was the only one who knew about this river. Guess not." She launched herself through the stream, right to the edge of the bank where Becky was sitting, and extended a paw. "My name's Eve. What's yours?"

Becky briefly studied this newcomer; not in any intensive way, she simply wasn't used to seeing anyone else. She extended her own paw and shook the one offered. "I'm Becky," she replied. "I actually live just downriver, around the is it we've never met, I wonder!" Becky giggled as she mused aloud. "Isn't it just a wonderful day, though?" She took a deep breath, filling her lungs with the cool, clean air, enjoying the scent, really." The otter coughed once more; seems she still had a bit of water in her chest. She smiled bashfully. "And how are you, Eve?" she inquired of her new acquaintance.

"Not bad," the anthro replied, returning the smile. "It really is gorgeous out. I love spring so much." She paused for a moment, going slightly cross-eyed as her large, shiny black nose gave another twitch. The tickle was still there, gradually growing stronger, but she wasn't about to let it get in the way of her conversation. "Well, besides... *sniffle* 'sides the allergies, anyway."

A look of comprehension slowly came across Becky’s face, followed by one of concern. “Oh, dear,” she began,” that can’t be much fun, what with living in the forest, surrounded by -- well, you know.” Becky stopped herself from continuing, not wanting to fill Eve’s head with imagery and cause her further agony by dwelling on it. Still, she couldn’t help gloating just a teensy bit. “Luckily, I haven’t any allergies -- I can’t imagine. Will you be alright?”

"Ah, I'll be fine," Eve said with a carefree grin. "Just some... *snff* some sneezes. And honestly, living out here isn't so bad. I try to stick to the water most of the time, which helps with all the pollen and stuff." She flipped up onto her back, making a lazy circle in the river as she continued. "No allergies, huh? Lucky you."

 “Oh, yes, I’m sure the swim does you good,” she responded, her head tracking back and forth as she watched Eve in her element. “And, I AM lucky,” she grinned, puffing out her chest. “Not that I don’t sneeze, mind you, but I always make sure I’m alone!” The tiny otter bopped herself on the nose as she laughed; she fell suddenly silent, wiggled her nose dramatically, then shrugged after a moment. “Bad idea to smack my snout like that,” she offered sheepishly. Becky felt much more comfortable with this new girl now, and she slid back into the river, even playfully splashing the lithe anthro.

"Gah! You little—" Eve laughed, ducking back under the water and darting towards Becky. She popped up a few feet over , then quickly spun and snapped her tail to the side, sending a wave of water towards the other girl. Unfortunately, she miscalculated slightly, and as she turned she felt the tip of her tail just barely clip the otter's nose.

Becky giggled sweetly, but when she opened her eyes again, Eve was gone. She sat up (if you can call it that) in the water and looked around in confusion, finally turning her head directly into the swatting tail of the anthro otter, which she took, full-force, on the snout. She wasn’t hurt, but she was definitely startled, and once the brief shock wore off, so did Becky’s smile, and a blank look came over her; blank, yet...with a kind of instinctive concentration. Internally, her mind was reeling; the tickle in her nose had come upon her so quickly, she almost lost control of it. Her jaw hung slack and she panted gently; she daren’t take a single breath through her nose...finally, her shoulders relaxed and she let out a ragged sigh. Thought she had won out against this tickle - barely - it still lurked deep in her nose, where she knew it would stay until she helped it out at least, she hoped it just stayed put that long...

Eve grinned sheepishly. "Whoops, sorry about that," she said, wading back over to where Becky was floating. "Didn't mean to swat ya. I didn't hurt anything, did I?" She was oblivious to the struggle going on in the other otter's nose, but well aware of the one inside her own. The dip in the water had only helped fight the allergic tickle temporarily, and she felt her nose twitch once, then twice, before sniffling loudly to chase the tickle away. "*Snfffff*. Whew. Something here is making my nose itch a ton." She glanced at Becky whose face was set in an intensely focused expression, and frowned. "Hey, you okay?"

Becky maintained the slow breathing through her mouth for a few moments more and followed up with an experimental sniff...yes, she was okay, for now. She jumped a bit when Eve broke her train of thought, and giggled nervously as she came back to reality. “Y-yes, of course!” She cleared her throat and swallowed hard. “I was, ah, I was just thinking about something...something...did I--well, you know!” She trailed off, waving her paw through the air dismissively, then pressing her fist against the front of her nose; she spoke too much, too soon, and the vibration from her voice was causing problems in her sinuses. Something in the forest briefly caught Eve’s attention, and when she turned to look back momentarily, Becky squeezed her eyes shut tight and refocused herself. “How about you, are you okay? Do you need to go?” Maybe this new girl would rather leave and end her allergic itchies at home, and Becky could go and gain some relief herself...she wasn’t sure how long she was going to last; she must have taken more of a smack than she thought...

Eve shrugged, then shook her head. "Nah, I'm fine. Again, just a tickly nose and some sneezes. Nothing I haven't dealt with before." Even as she spoke, the tickle grew, and she felt her muzzle wrinkle and her nostrils flare as the mystery allergen invaded her nose once again. "So, uh..." she said, trying to continue the conversation both to minimize awkwardness and take her mind off the allergic itch, "know any good places for fish around here? I was looking upstream earlier but couldn't find mu... muhaaaaa... haaaaaah..." She froze, face stuck in the classic pre-sneeze expression: mouth open wide, head tilted back, ears flat, nostrils flaring and twitching... Eve remained like that for several seconds, waiting for the tickle to push her over the edge into a full-blown allergic fit, but it never did. Eventually, she gave up, sniffing irritably as she turned back to Becky. "*snff snff* Ugh, that one's stuck. Don't you hate it when that happens?"

Becky had begun to answer the inquiry into fish, but was cut short by Eve’s allergic display. Something was strangely interesting about this, and the tiny otter found herself staring, though she didn’t know what at, exactly. But then, the way Eve asked that last almost seemed like she knew what was going on in Becky’s own snout, and was teasing her about it...or was she just imagining that, in her self-consciousness? “I -- ah, I wouldn’t know!” she answered a bit too quickly. “Doesn’t sound like much fun!” She twiddled her thumbs nervously. “Is there anything I can do?” Becky rubbed her fist against her nose again, but this proved not to be the best idea; something in her right nostril wiggled, and not where she would have liked...she felt the tickle spike, and her breath caught. She disguised it by turning it into a yawn. Smooth.

Eve shook her head. "Nah, just gotta let 'em come out. Shouldn't take too long, my nose is still super itch... itcheeeeeh... heeeeehh.... heaaaaaaah... ohgod... HAAAAAAH..." The anthro's entire nose felt like one big, twitchy, allergic itch. She tilted her head back, eyelids fluttering and mouth opening wide... "HAAAAAAAH... HEAAAAAAH... HEEH-ASHHEWW! HEHSHHHEEEEWW!" Eve's head snapped forward with a massive double. A fine mist of spray shot from her flaring nostrils and onto both the water and her ample breasts, which bounced freely with each explosion. Barely a second later, her head tilted back again as she prepared for the next volley of sneezes. The otter's fits were usually quite long, and once one had started, the only way to stop it was to let it run its full, tickly course. "Hehhhhh... ahhHEEEEEH...!"

Oh, my, b-bless you~” Becky offered...she didn’t know if Eve could even hear her, so she waited, eyebrows raised, to see how her new friend was doing.

"HAH-ESHOOO! SHOOOO! HAHHHHHH... AAAAHHHHH... AHHHAAAAAH..." This sneeze was going to be huge, Eve could feel it. She squeezed her eyes shut, ignoring the allergic tears leaking out the corners, planted her hands on her shapely, well-toned thighs for balance, and let it loose. "HAAAAAESCHHEEEEWWWWWW!!" The otter bent at the waist, intentionally drawing out the last sneeze as long and loud as she could to try and expel whatever was left of the irritant. Luckily, it seemed her sensitive nose was finished for the time being. She blinked a few times, sniffling contentedly, and then grinned. "Whew. *sniffle* Much better."

When she knew Eve was done, Becky removed her paws from her sensitive ears, eyes wide. “My goodness! Bleh-hess you! [crap, crap, crap, not now!] That must be a relief!” “Now I’m definitely surprised I never knew you visited this river,” she joked, giggling. Suddenly, Becky breathed wrong, and the tickle in her right nostril spiked. She gasped and her paws flew up to cover her snout, the entire right side of which was now wrinkled in clear irritation; thankfully, Eve couldn’t see that at the moment.

Eve nodded, blushing slightly. "Yeah, they are pretty loud, aren't they? Part of the reason I try to stay in the water so much. Don't wanna disturb anyone, you know?" She noticed Becky had her paws clamped tightly over her snout and frowned. "Hey, you *sure* you're okay? Wait..." The anthro paused, a slow smile spreading across her face as realization dawned. "You have to sneeze too, don't you?"

[Oh, god] Becky put Eve’s slight blush to shame; she almost fainted, in fact! She quickly shook her head, keeping her paws clamped over her muzzle...another bad idea, as this just shook things around in her nose and her eyes squeezed shut in near-pain as that awful, torturous prickle spiked, which was followed by an odd sensation of warmth through her snout. She opened her teary eyes to see whether she had fooled the anthro otter...didn’t look like it. [Please no, not now, not yet, just hold...!]

Eve giggled, swimming closer to the other otter. At this distance, she could plainly see Becky's scrunched, quivering snout, the telltale sign of a building sneeze. [My tail must've set her off when I whacked her nose], she thought. [And she's been holding it in this whole time? What a trooper.] "C'mon, Becky," Eve said, sliding a paw underneath the other girl's smaller one. "Just let 'em out. You'll feel better, I promise."

Becky stared cross-eyed at her snout as Eve’s paw slipped through to touch it, and a look of terror crossed her face. [Oh, no, what’s she doing?!] She had, in fact, been holding her nose at bay this whole time...but now that was looking like an impossible goal. Her nostrils quivered and flared against Eve’s paw, and her eyelids began to droop. [No, please...]

"Coochie-coochie-coo!" Eve gently rubbed one claw against the smaller otter's twitching nose. "C'mooooon. There's no *way* your sneezes are worse than mine, and even if they are..." She gave a grin that was half mischievous and half something else entirely. "I'd like to see that."

 Becky eventually managed to push Eve’s paw away, but it was far too late. She floated slowly away from the anthro otter, hitching uncontrollably, if subtly. *snffsnff* She tried to cover her snout with her paws again, but they only hovered uselessly in front of her face until they started inpulsively fanning the air in front of her face, as she practically hyperventilated, desperate now to coax this sneeze out, since the game was up, anyway. “Hehh--HEHHH! *snff* I--I’mgonnaaahh ohgosh!” She could feel the prickle moving, teasing, along the length of her poor right nostril, until, finally, it dug into that special spot. Her jaw hung slack, tongue lolling out, eyes clenched tight... “HEHHYIISHEWWWW!! HEH-ESSHOOOO!! KXCH!” The massive double wracked her tiny frame and caused her face to smack into the water, which spoiled the third sneeze, though the tickled remained, and she hitched constantly as she pulled herself onto the river bank, still on the brink...

Eve was about to chime in with a laugh and a 'bless you' when she noticed Becky's face was still stuck in a pre-sneeze gasp. She vaulted up onto the bank herself for a better view and stood back slightly, letting the other girl's sneezing run its course.

Becky was still on all fours as she battled the massive tickle. She ground her nose into the riverbank, finally collapsing onto her back, defeated and tickly, panting. She gazed imploringly at Eve through her tickly tears, silently asking for help.

Eve slowly walked over to where Becky lay, still frozen in an incredibly tickly expression. The anthro knew a stuck sneeze when she saw one, and also knew exactly how irritating they could be. Better to nip this one in the bud. "Here, let me," she said, smiling slightly. She turned around, presenting Becky with a clear view of her shapely rear, then gave the small otter's twitching nose two sharp taps with the tip of her tail.

Found it. “HAHHEHH *blink*--HRAEESCHIEEEWWWWW!!” Becky let loose a deafening sneeze almost immediately, and far quicker than even she’d expected, resulting in it being completely uncovered and faintly misting Eve’s tail. The power of the explosion also not only doubled Becky over, but flipped her right onto her belly, where she stayed, exhausted, and let out a greatly relieved sigh. “Th-thags...” she offered breathlessly.

"Heh," no problem," Eve replied. "Sneezes are nothing to be ashamed of, and besides, yours are kinda cute." There was a pause, during which Eve's cheeks grew increasingly red. "I mean, they're big, and you're so small... you know, heh..."

Becky looked up at Eve incredulously, then broke down into giggles as she hauled herself to the water and dunked her face in, hoping that would prevent a similar performance, at least for a while. “Well, thanks?” she replied, never having been told before her sneezes were cute; she was genuinely grateful, but oh-so embarrassed, as her face clearly showed - another reason to dunk into the cold water. “So are yours,” she continued as she sat next to her new friend.

"Aw, thanks", Eve replied, looking slightly less embarrassed. "You really think so? I've heard 'big' and 'loud' and 'itchy-sounding', but never cu... cuhhhh....uhhhaaAAAAH...'" A sudden breeze from the forest behind her made her nostrils flare, and her nose gave on massive twitch before she lost herself in the release. "HATCHOOOOO!" The sneeze was forceful and uncovered, making Eve's bare breasts bounce and barely missing Becky with a curtain of spray. "Ah," she muttured, sniffling. "That one snuck up on me. They usually take a lot longer to build."

Becky swallowed hard, noticing she was now definitely nervous. “M-maybe you were already close and didn’t know it,” she blurted, offering the first thing that popped into her head. “Oh, and...yeah, I do think so,” she continued as she slinked back into the river, unable to make eye contact.

"Heh, maybe you're right. I mean, it *is* spring. Bound to be plenty of pollen and stuff floating around." Eve nodded slowly, agreeing with herself. "Yeah, that was probably it. And thanks, by the way. Glad you think mine are too." She smiled. "Actually, your sneezes are probably the biggest I've ever seen besides mine. Keeping those scrunched up in that tiny nose of yours can't feel too good. Why don't you just let 'em out?" Eve tried to keep her tone light, but she couldn't stop the tiniest nervous quiver from entering her voice. This was the longest she had ever talked to someone else about anything related to sneezing, and she had to admit, it felt strangely good.

Becky stared at her paws. “Um, I-I don’t like sneezing in front of others; mine aren’t delicate or girly or -- you know...and so, for as long as I can remember, I’ve had this mental block...I mean, it’s different if I know I’m alone, but...” she trailed off, blushing brightly. “But you’re right, it can be torturous!” she tried to giggle, but it came out horribly anxious.

"Ohh, can't be fun." Eve said sympathetically. On the inside, her heart was racing, but there was no need to give that away to her friend. At least, not yet. "Well, you know..." [Am I really doing this?] "Since it's just the two of us... I mean, that's pretty much alone..." Her tail flicked back and forth awkwardly. [Yes. Yes I am.] "Maybe I could try and help? Uh, y'know, get you to sneeze while there's someone here. If you want, I mean." By this point, her own blush was deep enough to rival Becky's.

Becky stared at Eve; here comes that dizziness again. She probably continued staring at her for almost 15 seconds before it sunk in. She shook the cobwebs out of her head and answered finally, “Really? I haven’t deafened you, yet?” she giggled as she stalled. She knew what was going on, had been on the other side herself, but she didn’t care; if only each of them knew they were going through the exact same thing, they’d have to laugh. [Play it cool.] “Um, o-okay, if you think it’ll he *ahem* help...”

Eve nodded, hardly daring to believe her gamble had worked. "I know it will," she said, then turned around again, bringing up her tail to slowly rub under Becky's nose. "Now, I want you to breathe deep, and when the tickle gets too strong, just let it out. Don't hold back." Her heart was pounding in her chest, and her entire body felt a few degrees too hot. Right now, one of her deepest fantasies was coming to life right before her eyes. It felt almost unreal.

Becky closed her eyes and tried to concentrate on the rubbing of her snout. She sniffled a few times, but something wasn’t quite... “May I? Try like this.” she offered, gently placing her small paw on Eve’s tail and guiding it flush against the front of her nose, back and forth, back and forth... she let go and slowly leaned back, as Eve followed with her tail. It was beginning to have an effect...every time her nose squished to either side, something tickled her septum, high up...she knew it as one of her bad spots already...

"Oh, thanks," said Eve, nodding. She continued to rub, gradually going faster and faster. Her hips and rear swayed back and forth enticingly. "Now, remember," she continued, "no holding back. I wanna hear the biggest sneeze you've got." As she spoke, she realized her own nose had suddenly started to feel decidedly tickly. A fit was still a while off, but she knew one was coming nonetheless. [I wonder who's gonna sneeze first...]

Becky nodded shyly. “But it won’t be as big if I don’t fight it, will it?” [9/2/2013 9:50:49 PM] Felix Colt: “Maybe you’re gonna have to hit just the right spot...” she suggestively added, peeking.

Eve froze, barely believing what she was hearing. "I—well— Y-yeah, yeah, you're right," she said, nodding vigorously. Her tail moved with her head, twitching up and down in front of Becky's nose. "Hold it back as long as you can. Make it nice and big..." she said, her voice suddenly dropping, becoming warm and silky. "I'll try to help with that." She took a half-step backward, bringing her curves even closer to the smaller girl's face. "Now, to find that spot..." Her own nostrils flared with an allergic tickle as she spoke, but she sniffed irritably and ignored them. As little as she minded sneezing normally, now was not the time. Eve began to slowly work her tail around the whole of Becky's nose, caressing each spot with equal love and care. Occasionally, she would switch up her technique: going from rubbing to poking, and vice versa. Anything to coax out more of those delicious sneezes.

The small otter murmured in irritation, scrunching her nose, wiggling it this way and that, taking deep, ragged sniffles...she was hoping she could get at least one of those stiff hairs to come loose...though, that would probably end the game real quick. She slowly opened her eyes when she heard Eve moving, and when they began to focus, they flew open. [Oh, my god...] As she stared, she absently kept her paw on Eve’s tail, no longer guiding it, just...holding it...smelling it? “Heh--[uh, oh...]”

"There ya go," Eve murmured, ears pricking up at what she assumed was a sharp, hitching breath. "Now..." She spun around, lips parted in a small, seductive smile. "Let's make sure you don't let that out until you really can't hold it anymore." Her left paw went underneath Becky's twitching nose, the larger finger blocking the passages almost entirely. Her right one pinched higher, near the middle of Becky's muzzle, preventing it from scrunching or wiggling.

Becky blinked painfully. She had been successful with her sniffles, and had definitely dislodged at least one of Eve's hairs, which was now in a very inconvenient position. Speaking of...her snout now immobilized, the vulnerable otter felt -every-thing, and was helpless against it. "Hehhehh...I-hit tickles...*snff* so mu-huch..."

"Mmm, I bet," murmured Eve, gently rubbing a finger back and forth underneath Becky's nose. "Just kee... keeeeeh... eehheeeeee ohnooooaaahhaahhaaa..." Her words were lost in a series of hitching gasps as the tickle that had been building in her nose for the past ten minutes finally flared. She sniffled desperately, trying to will the itch away, but it was no use, and with her paws already occupied, there was nothing to stop the fit from coming. "Hehhhhhheehh... heaaAHHHHHH... HEEEEEEH...!" Her head tilted, her mouth opened, her eyes fluttered, her nose quivered... "HEH'ESCHOOO! HATCHOOO-HEETCHOOO-HAAH'ASHHOOO!" The fit was hard, fast and desperate, barely allowing Eve any time to breath between sneezes. With each release, her torso would snap forward, making her breasts bounce and nearly squish against Becky's nose. Eve tried to direct the spray at least somewhat away from her friend, but the best she could manage was slightly above the otter's head, which shielded her from the worst of the explosions, but not all of them. To her credit, she managed to keep both her paws around Becky's nose, even as her own fit built to a climax. "HUH'ESCHOO! HAH... HEEEEHHHH... HEEAASCHOO! CHOOOO! HUH'ESCH HUH' ESCH.... haaah... HAAAAH... HAAAHHSSCHHHHEEEWW!" Eve blinked a few times as her breathing returned to normal, then gasped slightly (out of shock, not allergy) as she saw her friend was now covered in a fine mist of spray. "Sorry." She looked only somewhat embarrassed. "Didn't expect 'em to be that big and tickly. Now," the anthro murmured, slowly leaning in until her bare chest was inches from Becky's struggling nose, "Where were we?”

[ohmigawdohmigawdohmigawd] "Bleh-Blehessahhh-!" [Nope.] Becky was hyperventilating now, for more than one reason. Her eyes flitted between Eve's chest, pressed in her face, and her eyes, which seemed to hold her gaze oh-so effectively. Oh, and there was a monstrous tickle in her nose. Eve had so surprised her, that when Becky gasped, she sucked that tail hair into a devastating spot...she blinked the tickly tears out of her eyes and tried to speak, but it was no she just had to hold it long enough to ...please her friend...wait, what?

"Wow..." Eve said, her voice barely above a whisper. "You're pretty good at this. Guess you've had plenty of practice, heh..." Her tone turned mischevious. "But you *have* had some help..." She slowly removed her left finger from under Becky's nose, though the right one remained firmly pinched. She then began to trace slow, deliberate circles around the edges of the otter girl's nose, swaying her hips in time with the rotations. "Keep holding back for me. I know you can do it." she purred.

[Oh, my god, this girl's gonna kill me...] Eve was skirting dangerous territory now. With her nostrils uncovered, Becky immediately switched to breathing through her mouth, her tongue hanging out again, blinking uncomfortably every now and then as the tickle spiked randomly, and never in the same place...this was gonna be something else. She could feel her nostrils pulsating and flaring as that claw toyed with them, deliciously effective. Just a bit more, Becky suddenly became all too aware of just how much Eve was into this, watching her hips, mesmerized...

"Mmmm... you like that? You gonna give me some big, tickly sneezes?" Eve didn't bother to wait for a reply, but she did speed up her circles, gradually moving closer to Becky as she did so. Her thighs and rear brush against the smaller girl's soft fur as she continued to sway, more and more, faster and faster... And then, she stopped. "All right, I've teased you long enough," the anthro said, smiling and unpinching the small girl's nose. Then, with the force and suddeness of a whip, her tail came up from behind her, whipping down and smacking her friend right in the center of her rapidly-twitching nose. She wrapped her arms around the otter in a tight embrace, breasts pressing into the hollow of the other girl's neck, and whispered, "Sneeze for me, Becky. Let 'em all out."

This was so far beyond anything Becky had ever felt. It all seemed to happen in a first she was hearing the taunting in her ear, so silken and saucy...then she was captivated by this lithe otter...she'd never seen hips sway like that before...she started sweating, her mouth was dry...then, before the threat had time to sink into her mind, a sharp smack to the snout, followed by momentary pain, followed by... [crap...] Her chest started heaving...the sudden availability of air and movement, all coming to her nose more or less at once...her nostrils flared massively, and stayed that way...the bright red her snout had turned was clearly visible, despite her dark fur and nose. she whimpered as she was hit, then whined desperately...

"Hyaaaah..." She tried to bring her paws to her nose, but couldn't. "HehhhEHHH! Plehh-pleahehyaAAHH!" That little hair she'd so wanted now poked her ultimate sneezy spot, and she was off. "HYAIIEESSHOOOOO!! HAAASHEWWWWW! Eh...HEHHRRASHOOOO!!!" She shuddered violently before release three of the biggest explosions she'd ever experienced...she didn't even think her body was capable of anything like that. They threw her violently into Eve, and the second and third sneezes were followed by soft moans, which she desperately hoped went unnoticed. She sniffled thickly and buried her nose against Eve's neck...yes it was wet, but she caused it after all...Becky wasn't even going to move until her blush subsided a bit...

"Oh my god..." Eve let out a slow, shaky breath and leaned in closer. "Those were amazing, Becky. See, I told you it wasn't too hard..." She trailed off, lost in thought, then grinned once again. "Now... I think it's your turn. My allergies are still making my nose crazy itchy, and yeah, I could just let 'em out myself..." She leaned in, planting a soft kiss on Becky's head. "But it's so much more *fun* when you have help, don't ya think?" Leaning back slightly, she gestured to the lush riverbank. "Grab a blade of grass, or a flower, or whatever you think will tickle most." She chuckled. "It won't take much."

Despite how much those explosions took out of her, the little otter perked at Eve's words...she'd never been spoken to this way before. She shivered. Swallowing hard, she unsteadily crawled to a patch of grass...was she really being told what she thought? It didn't matter, that's what she heard. She plucked a stiff blade and shuffled back to her companion, looked into her eyes and grinned mischievously, holding her toy up where it could be seen by her quarry.

Becky lay on top of the anthro and lowered the tip to Eve's snout, first gently tracing her nostrils, placing her finger against the quivering nostrils. "Not yet, sweetie," she cooed. Knowing how close Eve said she was, Becky slipped the grass blade into her left nostril, closely studying every facial expression, gauging, waiting...halfway in, now, slowly moving it in circles, trying to tickle every square millimeter of the tickly tunnel... "Now, how's that feel?" she asked silkily.

"Iiih... ihfeels... aaaahhhhh... s-suhhhh...hhuuhhhaahhhhhhh... so tickly..." Eve moaned, laying back fully and letting her nose twitch, back and forth, back and forth... "Thi.... thi-hih-heEEEEHHHH..." Every time she got close to release, Becky would slow her tickling just enough to keep her on edge. It was maddening, but also incredibly pleasurable, more than she ever would've dreamed of. "Ehh.... This is guhhh... haaaaahh... gonna be a huge f-fit... my nose tuuuhhhh-huhhaaaaahhh... tickles so much, and I... I think... *snfff* I think th-hehhh-ehhhaaaahhhhh... HAAAAAHHHH... think there's some lilies over there..." She pointed weakly with a paw to a nearby patch of small, white flowers growing on the bank. "I'm so allergic to lilies... yhuuuuhhhh...huhhHUUUUHHH... *sniffle* you have no idea..."

Becky glanced over to where Eve had indicated and licked her lips. As much as she hated to miss any of the reactions she was causing, what Eve had promised seemed too good to pass up. She left the grass where it was. "Don't start the party without me," she warned, tapping the blade to punctuate each word. Becky moved off her friend, which made her painfully aware of how much into this SHE now was...she blushed, and quickly retrieved a single, large lily, assuming her position atop the larger otter. She held the flower up prominently.

"You like these, do you?"

Becky rubbed a finger in the depths of the flower, gathering a thick layer. She wiggled the digit menacingly at Eve. She even took a quick sniff of it herself. "Whew! Get ready..."

Becky pressed her pollen-covered finger firmly against each of Eve's every single breath would carry this potent allergen into the furthest reaches of those wiggling orifices. Now she watched, and waited, intently. "Let me know when?" she requested, bashfully, blushing bright and panting.

"Oh... ohghaaaaa... ahhaaaaAHHHHHH... AHHHHAAAAAAH...!" The otter's nostrils flared to almost twice their normal size, quivering helplessly as the were filled with a deep, hitching gasp of her worst allergen. Every breath was bigger than the one before it, and each one drew in even more pollen, causing her nose to tickle even worse in an endless loop of allergic itchiness. Her chest and bust heaved with every shuddering inhale, muzzle alternating between scrunching and twitching so much it was hard to focus. "M-my allergeeeeeh... HEEEEEEH...HAH-HAHHHH- HEAAAAAAAAAHHHH...!" This was going to be the worst fit she had ever had, and she was looking forward to it like nothing else in the world. "B-buuuhhhh... HUHHHHHH... B-Becky..." Eve managed to squeeze in her friend's name between the massive allergic hitches. "I...iihhEEEEEHHHHH... HEH-HEHHH-HHEHHH... I'mgonnasneeze..." With those three words, the tickle became utterly unbearable, and Eve felt her eys squeeze shut, forcing out sneezy tears as her mouth opened wide...


 Becky leaned in and gave Eve a proper kiss. "Now or never, but I hope you forgive me." And now she waited.

"HEEEHHHHHESSCHOOOO! HAAATCHOOO! CHOOOO! HEEYESSHHH ESHHHH! AHH...HAAAAAAAH... HAAAAAH'ESHHEWWWWWW! H'ESH 'HESH HUESHOO!" Eve was utterly helpless, unable to do anything but ride out the allergic hurricane roaring within the depths of her nostrils. Each massive sneeze brought with it a cloud of spray that she made no effort to cover or hide, launching a mist of expelled allergens onto the ground, in the air, onto Becky, onto herself... "HAASCHOOO! ESHOOO! HASHHHH! ESSSSHOOO! KUSSSCHHOOO! KUHHTCHOOO!" Eve's throat began to rub raw as the fit continued, adding a new, deeper sound in between her usual HASCHOOs. "HUHHHECHOOOOO! KESCHHHEW! HE'ESH! KUUUSHOOOOO!" The anthro's head dipped with every sneeze, the motion and release doing nothing to loosen the grip her allergies had on her. She would gasp, pitch forward, sneeze, gasp, repeat... over and over again until, with one particularly forceful 'HHUHHHH'ESCHHHHOOOO!', her head snapped forwawrd a little too far, and she gasped out of a combination of allergies and shock as she realized she had accidentally headbutted Becky right in the nose. Not hard enough to damage anything, thankfully, but even through her allergic haze she could tell she wasn't going to be alone in her sneezing for long...

Becky was stunned. Never before had she witnessed anything of this magnitude, and she couldn't even begin to imagine what it was like to experience it. She just lay there, watching with rapt attention, as one after another these massive releases escaped her friend. "Wow...good lord, Eve, bles--bless--okay, I'll wait!" she teased as the fit went on and on. She didn't even notice being sprayed as she was. She did become concerned, however, when she noticed the encroaching hoarseness in Eve's throat.

"Oof!" Becky suddenly yelped in surprise and pain as her snout took another impact, her paws shooting up to cover and protect her face. A few tears ran down her cheeks and she rubbed at her nose to see if she was alright...and she was, no harm done. "Whoa, you really got me that ti-*snff* that tihihoh, god, not again *snff*" she whined loudly, scrubbing furiously at her abused muzzle, hoping it would quell the explosion of tickles she now felt cascading along the length of her nostrils. [12:58:55 AM] Felix Colt: But that didn't seem to all. "Nawwww, here we gohohoho *snffff!* aga--aga--" she whimpered, cut off by the overwhelming sensations in her nose. She gripped Eve tight, buried her snout into her neck, and hitched helplessly. "I--I feel--hyeeah--I gotta--ehhh...EHHHHAHH!" She ground her twitching, tortured nostils against Eve's fur...


"Juhhh...juhuhHUUUHHHHH... HUUUSCHOOO! Just let 'em out, babe," Eve gasped in between her sneezes, which were slowly winding down now that Becky's pollen-covered finger wasn't wedged beneath her nose. "ESSSCHOOOO! KSSCHOOOO! KSSHHHH! HUCHOOO!" She wrapped her arms tightly around the smaller otter, feeling their bodies pulse against each other as each one of them prepared for release. In a burst of sudden courage, Eve let her hands drop lower, stopping to slowly carress Becky's thighs even as they both hitched and gasped...

Becky gasped at Eve's sudden boldness and writhed against her, but that unexpected intake of air was too much. Her nose dripped ever-so slightly, now thoroughly congested. "This ihihis--HYAAH! This is it!" she managed to squeak out, before she was overtaken. "HUH! HUP-PSCHOOOO! CHMMPFFF!" she blasted out a double, half-stifling the second against Eve's neck, claws digging into her flesh slightly, but in...passion. A bit too congested, she thought. "SorrRYYASHHEWWW! HAA--HAAAHHH!" she tried apologising, blushing heavily. A sudden, massive prickle caught in the back of her left nostril, and her head lifted high, nostrils sniffling ceaselessly, looking for anything, ANYthing to push her over the edge...

Mercifully, a thin beam of sunlight happened to catch her eye, and that was all she needed. Taking special care to point her nose away from her friend this time, she finally let loose a shattering, “HWAAACHH-SSHHOOOOOO!!!” before collapsing against the captive anthro otter, completely out of breath, cheeks hot, droopy-eared.

Ahhhh....Heh-eschhh! Haschooo! Ehhh...hehehhhh.... Heeassheeew!" After what felt like an eternity of sneezes, the burning allergic itch in Eve's nose was finally receding for good. Her explosions were becoming softer (though still fairly loud by almost anyone's standards) and farther apart, though an irritating side effect was that they were becoming increasingly tickly and hard to get out. "Ahhhhehh... oh... cuh...cuuhHUUUHHH... C'mon..." She moaned, begging her nose for release. "Aheeaaaah... HuhhuUUUHHHHH..." She tilted her head back, barely noticing as Becky flopped down against her, utterly spent. She needed to sneeze... *so* much...

"HEEEAAAAAAH..." The sneeze wouldn't come, as much as she gasped and moaned. In an act of desperation, she plucked a blade of grass from the earth nearby and began to tickle her nose, barely managing to keep her paw steady through her hitches.


With that final, drawn-out sneeze came a massive feeling of relief as the lily pollen was expelled from Eve's flaring nostrils once and for all. She sighed contentedly, sniffling and rubbing her nose, then planted a sloppy kiss on the exhausted Becky's muzzle. "Ah... *snffff* Finally done, I think. That was fantastic,  babe. *You* were fantastic."

Becky bounced upon Eve as explosion after massive explosion burst from her needy muzzle; to the point, in fact, she weakly clung to the anthro's sides as to not be bucked clear off. Of all the times for it to happen, the tiny mustelid's senses fully came back to her just as Eve was teasing herself with the deadly grass blade.  She swooned and buried her burning face against the taller otter's chest, waiting, feeling the uneven breaths, her ears twitching at every hitch.
When it was finally over, and she felt she'd actually be able to form coherent speech, Becky looked up at her friend and marvelled.
"Wow, just -- wow.  I don't know what to sa--hehe!" she giggled at the kiss...but returned it happily. "I'm glad you're feeling clearer now, but...what a show..." she admitted in her daze, crimson-cheeked. She gave the lithe otter a big squeeze and nuzzled back into her fur.

Becky just stared past Eve's chin, watching her snout calm down.
She had no designs on it, it was just...oddly fascinating as all the wiggles and pink tinge faded...

She caught herself. "Er, ahem, so!  Y-you feeling better now?" she chirped.

"Mmm... *sniffle* much. Those lilies really get me going," Eve replied. "And you? Sorry about whacking your nose, by the way. Total accident, I swear." She giggled. "Though  I didn't exactly mind what happened after, heh."

"You're not kidding," Becky agreed, incredulous. "I've never seen anything like that." She made a bit of a show of presenting her snout, taking experimental sniffles, rubbing her nose, then grinned right in Eve's face and shook her head, ears flopping a bit. "Uh huh, seems fine!" Even though the main course seemed over, she was very happy...content...and she decided some playful teasing wouldn't go amiss.

"Ah... *snff snfff* good," Eve said. "Wouldn't want that pretty nose of yours to get hurt." She ran a teasing claw lightly over the otter's snout.

 Becky cringed and scrunched her snout up - and she was being deliberately, sickly-sweetly cute about it.
"Hehey, you~" she teased, pressing her warm, moist nose against Eve's. "I, ah...I think you enjoyed that...quite a bit, didn't you?" she finally asked, bringing up the elephant in the room, barely able to make eye contact.

“...Yeah. I did," Eve replied, blushing. "Kind of a weird kink to have, I know, but..." She shrugged, doing her best to look nonchalant. "I am who I am. What about you? Seemed like you were getting pretty into it too."

She forgot that was probably going to be turned around on her. Her defenses rose... Becky was not as confident as Eve seemed to be, and it showed as she stammered and fact, Eve could feel the embarrassed heat radiating from the small otter.
"I -- Well, you know, I mean -- Well, I just had to sneeze so *badly*, of course, and -- I, I, um..."

Eve smiled again. "Sorry, didn't catch that. No need to be shy. Remember," she said, voice growing playful, "you're among friends."

Becky sighed dramatically, an odd grin on her muzzle, and she fell into Eve's chest again.
She chuckled before admitting, "Yeah...yeah, I did enjoy that...I don't know why, exactly...but I know I wanna do it again, I weird?"

"Maybe," Eve replied, giggling herself. "But hey, at least we can be weird together. You wanna meet here again tomorrow?" She leaned in closer, then whispered seductively, "I'll bring some feathers..."

 Becky's heart palpitated, and her breath caught in her throat. She tried to answer, but found her mouth suddenly parched, so she settled for a gentle nod, nuzzling at the same time into Eve. She sighed and licked affectionately at her chin.
It was unbelievable this was actually happening, that she was actually having this conversation...

"I'll take that as a yes," the anthro said, returning the nuzzle before slowly scooting away from under Becky. She stood up, flashing a smile at the other girl. "Actually, I should probably get going, but today was fantastic, and I'm definitely looking forward to tomorrow." She turned slowly, presenting every generous curve in one last act of teasing, before starting back towards the denser parts of the forest. "See ya around, babe."

Becky felt something at the corner of her mouth and absently reached to wipe it away, her gaze completely focused on Eve...oh, gross, she was drooling! She wiped her paw on the grass then offered a weak wave. "B--ahem--Bye!" she croaked...boy, was this going to be a long wait...
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