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[M + Sonic] A Day in the Park*
« on: September 04, 2013, 11:53:13 PM »
It was dark. Really dark. I couldn't even see where I was being pulled.
"Sonic! Where are we going?! I don't even know where we are NOW!" I said furiously. He said something about a special place he found that reminded him of me, but besides that, I couldn't get anything out of him.
"Just be cool Ames! Were almost there!" He said in his regular confident voice.
I knew people were probably staring at us. I didn't even have to look to see if they were. Sonic the hedgehog dragging his somewhat girlfriend through God knows where with a blind fold on would definitely turn some heads.
'Maybe...its a gift for taking care of him that time he got sick? Nah.. maybe he's gonna play a prank on me...?'
"Alright! Were here!" His voice suddenly caught my attention and snapped me out of my thoughts. I heard his shoes hit the ground as he went behind me to take the  off. The light from the shined down in such a pretty way!! When I looked in front of me, I saw the most amazing scene ever! It was a small circle of grass surrounded by trees and flowers of all colors. In the middle, was a picnic basket and blanket.
"I can't believe it!" I said happily, starting to jump up and down.It really was gorgeous!!! I loved the warm summer breezes the brushed through the trees and the grass.
"I decided to set this up for ya. You know, since I'm always running off when you set up a picnic for the two of us...Heh..." he gave a light chuckle after wards, scratching his head. I jumped up happily and wrapped my arms around him!
"I love it Sonic! I love it so much!!" I said to him.
"I knew ya would Ames!" He said back. He took my hand and I could feel myself blush a bit.
"Shall we?" He said with that regular smirk of his.
"Yes of course!" I said happily.

We talked and laughed and snickered back and forth, talking about recent events and things to come in the future. But as we got deeper into our date, I noticed Sonic sniffling every once in a while. Not to mention I saw him wiggling his nose around constantly too, and he was trying to rub it when I wasn't looking. Up to that point I don't think he knew I was taking note, so I just kept it that way. Seeing him being irritated by something like a little tickle in the back of his nose was pretty amusing...In the weirdest way possible...-

"Hey Ames," He stopped me in my thoughts as he stood up, "Lets go for a walk." He smiled at me. I smiled as I took his hand and stood up.
"Of course!" I gave a small giggle and he smiled back at me. His little black nostrils were flaring at me, I swear. Soon, we were walking down the gravel path, hand in hand. I looked out onto the fields of flowers and smiled to myself happily.

'This date couldn't get any better for me...~' I thought happily, 'I guess there would only be one more thing to complete this but I doubt there's a chance Sonic would-'

"Ahhhh..."  I heard this quick inhale from Sonic just for a brief second. I blinked in disbelief as I looked over to him, and all the while, I knew I was blushing, since I knew that sound all to well. When I looked at him after that light sound, he was looking away from me, and had a gloved hand up to his nose, rubbing it in a frustrated manner. I couldn't help but give a small smile at that image. It was like he was a little kid. So cute...!
"Uh, Ames, you there??" He said, waving a hand in front of my eyes.
"S-sorry." I said, lightly blushing,"Just got stuck in my thought's that's all..." I looked away. I could hear him chuckle lightly, and then afterwards, I heard a light sniff. I turned back towards him, and put a hand on his forehead.
"You're not sick again, are you?" I asked sternly. He blinked in response, and a promising smile came across his lips as he tenderly took my hand off of his head.
"C'mon Ames, you know me better then anyone." He smirked at me, but it looked like his nose was trying to prove him wrong. His eyes closed shut for a second, as if he was trying to concentrate on something difficult, as his nose twitched away. I heard him take in a few deep breaths before looking at me, with that smile of his. Then it hit me...
"It's your allergies isn't it??" I said, taking a step back. He blinked a few times.
"What? Nah! O' course not!" He gave a chuckle as he put his hands on his hips. As he did this, I heard the leaves on the trees brush together as a gust of wind rolled through. It kicked up the pollen in the flower field behind me, and the particles went flying everywhere. I looked around, smiling at the sight, before looking back at Sonic-

'Here we go...'

"Oh great..." I heard him mutter silently. His eyes forced closed as the pollen entered his nose, and you didn't have to be a rocket scientist to know what comes next. His gloved hands moved up to his twitching nose, as he took in hitched breaths.
"I-I need to....Heehhh...sneeze.....-" He forced his index finger under his twitching needle nose and opened one eye just a bit, his lips still parted waiting for the sneeze. He stopped for a moment.
"I think it...-" He slowly took his finger away, before blinking both eyes open, but I knew that tickle wouldn't stay gone forever.
"Sonic..." I came over to him, "If you're gonna sneeze, then just do it. We've been through this, haven't we?" I smiled.
"But, I...Didn't wanna ruin it for ya Amy..." He looked away and blushed.
"It's never ruined when you start sneezing Sonic..." I couldn't believe I said that in front of him. I blushed so hard I thought I was gonna turn into a tomato! He smiled at me, before his lips parted again, and he started taking in big breaths.
"Hehh....Heh-Ahhhh-G-gonna-Hah- HitshhiOUU!" He sneezed loudly into the palm of his glove, and afterwards let out a light moan. I gave a small sympathetic smile as I took his other hand.
"Are you thinkin' what I think you're thinkin'?" He gave a light smirk. I smiled back as I pulled him into the flowers, but he snatched his hand back quickly, I turned to see him, gearing up for another sneeze.
"Hehh-heh-Ehh..." He was bringing his hands up to his face to cover it. Not while I'm around mister! I quickly grabbed his hands and kept them held, even though I knew he was struggling.
"Ames, I-I-don't wanna...Hehh-" His breath just hitched higher and higher. His head raised up as I saw his nose twitch rapidly, along with his flaring black, and now reddened nostrils. I only smiled.
"Heh-HishHIIOUU!! Ah-AsSSTIIIUU!!" He sneezed, doubling over, and lightly spraying me. I only licked my lips, and at that point I thought I was a complete sicko! Until I heard...-

"That felt...Really good...Lets keep going..." He said, sniffling.
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Re: [M + Sonic] A Day in the Park
« Reply #1 on: September 11, 2013, 12:42:34 AM »
oh myy  :o

lets keep going indeed!

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Re: [M + Sonic] A Day in the Park
« Reply #2 on: October 08, 2013, 04:26:27 PM »
Haha wow nice!  :D  I enjoyed this.  I'm a long time Sonic fan.  Never thought I'd wanna see him sneeze, but this was good!  Hope you continue. :)