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[F + Mature] Fox Girl Maid*
« on: September 21, 2013, 12:04:57 PM »
A blonde maid is a redhead with ears and a tail in disguise.  There's some effective nakedness in here.


"I can come in?  Alright."

It's a five-foot-two girl with a big bust and a head of shoulder blade height blonde hair.  The outfit she's wearing compliments her very nicely: it's some sort of split between a German bar maid outfit and a French maid outfit.  The result is a white top with a large, square cleavage window that hangs off her shoulders, showing a fair bit of skin.  The bottom half of the ensemble is a black skirt that makes it barely halfway to her knees, which freely sways as she steps in.

"Ah?  Oh, I was sent as part of a favor.  I owed, and this is how she decided to make me pay up.  The costume is part of that.  Guess she wanted to embarrass me a bit."  She pauses to lift a finger and rub it underneath her nose.  "I'm also supposed to clean your place."  Her top is pressed out by the size of her chest, the outfit appearing too small for her.  It's a bad fit.

"The broom's over here?  Alright."  Her hips sway with her dainty footsteps, and she seems to have a habit of walking on her toes.  She sets to work immediately when the broom is in her hands, brushing litter off the floor.  "This place is a real mess.  Is it alright to ask what happened?  Some kind of fight?"

She sniffles as she goes along.  "A dragoness wrecked up the place?  Boy, that's a shame.  Well, at least you got to keep it."  Her sweeping is methodical, but slow and lazy.  Her nose twitches from time to time.  "At least it looks like you got to keep it.  This place is topsy-turvy."

The cleaning pauses, the girl blinking a few times, leaving her eyes half-lidded as she brings a finger up under her nose.  "Ahh... ahh ehh... ahh..."  She sniffs, pauses to make sure the itch has gone away, and resumes her work.

"...You're not going to say anything else?  I'm kinda curious about the whole story."  Her hips sway in time to a few sweeps of the broom, and she rounds a chair with grace, still standing on her toes.  "So she saih.. sah.. said the place was hers when she came in?  That's bold.  Fits though."

She sniffs.

"She started having pruh.. problems with the air quality?  What does thah... aah... AHhh..."  The girl's head tilts up as she inhales.  "Ah...  ...heh, I seem to be having some trouble too."  She sniffles again.  "There's too muh... too... too muhh... HUHHhh...Hh..hh...HAAHhh..."



"HHAAAAAAHHHHCCCCHHHHHOOOOOO!"  She sniffles.  Her hair color seems to have shifted slightly towards a redder hue.

"Ah?  She had allergies, is what you mean?"  She grins lightly, appearing amused.  "I can sympathize.  I have a few as well.  What was she..."  She pauses to sniff, her head bobbing up slightly.  "allergic to?"  The sniffling girl starts lifting her head again, preparing for another sneeze.  "Ah..."

"AAHHeh...  HHhh...  HHhh..."

"HAAAHh...  HAAAHHhhh-hhh...   HAAAAHH...  HAAAAAAHHHhhh..."

"HH-Hhaah...  HHHhh...  HAAAHHH...  HAAAAAAHHHH-hhhh.."



Her hair is definitely ginger now, instead of blonde.

"Mmm?  What about my hair?  That's just a trick of the light, don't mind it.  I geh..  heh... get that a lot.  Now, you were saying?"

"Ah, she's ah.. AHHh.. allergic to cah.. to cah... HAHH... HAAAHHHH!"


A pair of triangular fox ears spring out of her head as she loses control of the sneeze.  Her breasts quake in her outfit.

"Allergic to cats."  She sniffs.  "Yeah, I'm a bit allergic too, actually.  So I can...  What?  Oh, are those showing?  Ah, oh well...  Secret's out."

"I guess ih... ih... if you have a cah-at, that explains why I'm sneezing so much..."

She would look like she's wearing an animal-ear headband, if not for the fact that they flatten as she sniffles and rubs a finger beneath her nose.

"No?  You were just watching one?  Well ih... ih... if there's leftover hair, it would make me haah... hh..."  She sniffs, this time loudly.  "Have to sneeze."

Her ears have picked back up, but her half-lidded eyes suggests a reaction is on the way.  "You don't think so?  Mm...  I'm not so certain."

Her uncertainty is complimented by a scrunch of her face.  Her nose wiggles back and forth.  "Pardon me, I think... I...  HEHhh... Hh... hh..."

"HAAHH... ehh.. AAAHHh..."





She shakes her head as if it would help, sniffles loudly, and straightens up.  Her nipples have perked up, and are visibly pressing against the fabric of her outfit.

"... ...Ah?  Yes, I am showing off quite a lot, aren't I?  ...Yeah, they get stiff when I sneeze too much, or too hard."

"...You cah... AH... AHhh... can stare if you like, I don't mind.  I think that was probably part of the plaah... plan."

She sniffs and continues, obliging with fate and bending forwards as she continues to show off even more of her rack.  The broom is put away, and a duster retrieved instead.

"It's really..."  She stops and sniffs.  "dusty in here too.  I bet that didn't help her at all."

The short, busty fox-girl sniffs again, making it no secret her nose is reacting.

She twitches her nose back and forth as she continues to dust, finally stopping as her breath hitches.  "I... I aah... ah... actually am ah.. ah...  AHHH..!  AAHHHH!"




She groans in relief, one breast having bounced its way entirely free of her low-cut top.  A small, dusky-red nipple sits perky on the mound.

"Allergic to dust myself.  ...Oh, yes, I am.  Thanks."  She pulls her top back over her escaped breast, then rubs her free hand underneath her nose.

"Why am I cleaning, then?  Part of the favor, that's the deal.  I think I'm figuring out what thih... Hhh..."

Her head reels back from the dust, and she shuts her eyes, breath coming in hitches.








Despite her attempts to brace herself, the violent triple shakes her chest enough to leave both of her breasts hanging out, and her buckled over.  They look even larger while dangling...

A tail has shot up from under her skirt, short, red, and bushy.  The black fabric drapes off of it in the back, revealing her thighs and some of her rear.

She sniffles and slowly stands upright.  "What?  No, of course I don't wear a bra."

Half of a grin appears on her face, amused at the very idea.  "Who eh... ever heard of a fox wearing underwear?  That's rih... ridiculous."

"Yeah, I'm just going... going to leave them ah... out.  No w... way to stuh...  stop them ah... ah... anyway, this suit doesn't fit quite ri... right."

"Nuh.. nothing, I'm juh.. juh.. just about to sneeze again and I... I...  HHHAAHHhh..."




Unrestrained, her breasts shake with the force of her sneeze, wobbling to a stop.

She sniffles and straightens up again, briefly glancing over with her amused smirk as she rubs a finger beneath her nose.  "Never had a fox for a maid, I take it."

Her hips sway, tail swishing happily from one side to another, tossing her skirt and hinting at what lies underneath when one of her legs is shown to be bare.

Her footsteps are delicate, taking her to a dusty bookshelf.  Her breasts seem to think her steps aren't dainty enough, bouncing ever so slightly.

"The top ones fih.. first, of course.  This'll be the lah... lah... ahst thing I get..."

She stands on her tip-toes, her rear end peeking out from under her skirt thanks to her tail.  Dust from the books being feathered falls towards her face.

"This ih.. is the worst, m-most duh.. dusty bookshelf I've eh...heh..ever... HAAHH..."



She sneezes to one side before resuming.  "Ever hah... had to... duh.. uhh.. HUHH..."

"HHUHh... huhh.. hh..."

"HHUHh.. hhh...  HHhh... HHUUHH.."



Each breath makes her chest rise, each sneeze makes her breasts shake in reply.  She wiggles her nose and opens her eyes.

A loud sniff follows before she puts the duster on the shelf at her eye-level.  "I really shou... shouldn't hhaah... do this..."

"It really... makes me haah.. haah.. have to sneeze."  She makes it to the end of the shelf before she has to stop.

"AHHehh..HEHh.. Hh..."

"HEHH...!  HEHHHH!  Hhh... HEHHHH..."



Her tail flicks up as she jerks forwards, stopping herself from doubling over completely.  "Oh...  My nose itches..."

"Ah... alright, just one more, so get your peeking done while you cah.. while you caah... can..."  To dust the lowest shelf, she steps back and bends over.

On her toes, there's a good view of her rear end, although her tail blocks sight of what's under her skirt. 

She's reckless with the duster, in a hurry to finish.  Her nose wiggles as the air quality worsens.  "Ahh...  Ah... EHhh.."

She gets halfway across the shelf before she has to stop.  "AHHEhhhh..  AHHHEHHhh....  AHHehh... hehh..."



Dust flies everywhere as she sneezes on the bookshelf.  Her tail twitches.

"AAH... HHAHh...  HHAAHEHHH...  HEHHHh..."




The shelf is free of dust, all of it liberated into air currents.  Her nose fidgets, and her ears flatten.





She sneezes on the duster.

Dust whirls in the air around her head, brushing against her nostrils, tickling her allergies.  "I gottah...  I gottah..."










Her tail spikes into the air, taking her skirt with it.  The pink folds of her sex are revealed, nestled between her legs.  Her shaved crotch is decorated only by a tuft of ginger hair on her front, the rest bare.

Standing on her toes makes it all the easier to see, and she pauses during her recovery, one hand on the shelf and one moving to rub under her nose with a finger.

"That's..."  She has to stop and sniffle.  "That's quite enough.  Everything seems to be in order now..."
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Re: [F + Pokemon + Mature] Fox Girl Maid
« Reply #1 on: September 21, 2013, 01:00:20 PM »
"Put on a bra, you vixen you!"

Love the subtlety. I think I enjoyed the teasing reference to you-know-what and the overall description in the story more than the typed out sound effects this time around. So this is what that recent piece of news has inspired you on, is it? Time will tell if it's a genetic trait that remains with age or if it only exists while young. But, that said, it is still most certainly 'a thing'.

"Fo-ku-SHU!" ;3
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Re: [F + Pokemon + Mature] Fox Girl Maid
« Reply #2 on: September 21, 2013, 02:04:01 PM »
Really enjoyed reading this!  The perspective and style were a nice touch.

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Re: [F + Pokemon + Mature] Fox Girl Maid
« Reply #3 on: September 22, 2013, 01:51:30 PM »

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Re: [F + Pokemon + Mature] Fox Girl Maid*
« Reply #4 on: October 24, 2017, 02:01:55 AM »
I swear everytime I read this, I always imagine her sounding british. I just don't get it.
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Re: [F + Pokemon + Mature] Fox Girl Maid*
« Reply #5 on: October 24, 2017, 01:59:41 PM »
I swear everytime I read this, I always imagine her sounding british. I just don't get it.

Because she's very proper and polite and it's a hot accent?  XD