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[F] The Museum Job*
« on: September 26, 2013, 04:57:41 AM »
Greetings all!  Here's another story that's been rattling around in my head.  Hope you enjoy!


The Museum Job

It was well after midnight. All of the museum visitors had gone home hours ago.  The only sound echoing down the tiled hallways was from the footsteps of the occasional security sentry whose flashlight darted back and forth along the way. The guards were like any other rented security personnel – they were there to do just enough to satisfy the minimum job requirements.  And none of those requirements dictated checking behind each and every display case or furniture piece along the way.  This was very fortunate for Miko.
As the guard’s flashlight swept haphazardly around the room, Miko’s shadowy feline figure darted silently from one pillar to the next.  She wore next to nothing since her matte-black fur made detection all but impossible in the shadows once she stopped moving.  She was an old hand at this now.  No more rookie mistakes like peeping around a corner and risk getting seen – now she relied completely on her ears to tell her what was happening. Her sky-blue eyes watched the position and movement of shadows and reflections for pinpoint accuracy.  From the sound of the guard’s yawn she knew his position and direction.  He would be done in here shortly.  Almost time to get to work.
In truth, Miko had no idea what she was stealing.  Some sort of ancient artifact bowl made of iron.  But it apparently held serious value for her client which meant her payoff would be considerable.  She smiled to herself as the guard began to leave the room.  He was going to walk right past her - within just several feet of where she was standing flush against the marble pillar.  This was why she did it – not for the money (although that certainly didn’t hurt), it was for the thrill of it all.  She loved knowing that she was so close she could reach out and tap the lumbering horse on the shoulder.  Probably scare the piss out of him.  Might be worth it just to see the look on his face. 
Her eyes darted sideways as the horse in the polyester security uniform and plastic security shield ambled by. He was close enough for her to make out the half-ass stitching job someone had done on the security logo patches on his shoulders.  But Miko’s elation came to an abrupt end when she felt her nose start to burn and itch. It was so sudden that she never felt it coming.  Now the horse’s slow plodding seemed to take an eternity.  She hadn’t anticipated this – mainly because it had never happened before. She didn’t dare move just yet but her nose was twitching and the tingling growing stronger.  She focused all her efforts on keeping calm and trying to will her nose into submission.  She risked bringing her paw under her nose and pressed down on her upper lip.  It seemed to be working.  The tickle slowly subsided.
Once the guard turned the corner, Miko sighed with relief and rubbed away the remnants of the itch in her nose.  What was that all about?  She had mild allergies every now and then, but that felt like she had inhaled an entire canister of pepper.  *Whew*.  Too close.  Better get moving.
Satisfied that the time was right, she ran to the other side of the expansive room and pulled out several tools of the trade.  Holding some in her mouth, she began trying different combinations of lockpicks until the cylinder on the display case began to turn.  She gave a disappointed sigh as the door opened.  If the job was this easy, it almost wasn’t worth the effort – money or not.  She reached in and carefully removed the metal bowl from its display stand and looked it over in the moonlight streaming in through the ceiling windows. 
Not much to this, is there?  It just an old iron bowl with what looks like some etchings of, like, elephants and something I can’t make out.  She shrugged and wrapped the prize in a cloth before securing it in her backpack.  She closed the display case door before wrapping up all her tools of the trade and securing them.  But just before Miko could make her way to the exit point, her nose flared up again and threatened to make trouble.  What is going on?!  *Sniff* I can’t do this now…  What was that??  Oh, shit!
Miko broke into a sprint as the ding from the elevator heralded the arrival of her favorite security guard.  She slid on her side under a stone bench and flattened against the back of a display case. She listened to the footsteps and tried to calm her breathing against her twitching nose which was burning more each second.  Miko let go of her pack and buried her face in her paws.  Her nose was determined to win this battle.  Her breath hitched and she gasped uncontrollably.  She heard the footsteps pause and the flashlight danced across the room, pausing briefly a few times before going dark again. 
No, no, no, no…  Ehh… *Hitchhhooommmp!*
Miko did her best to muffle the sound while holding her nose shut.  The guard paused again and waited. 
Geeehhh…  Ehhh…  *Hitttssssnnnk!*  *Hiittcchhhmmmmp!*
The flashlight came on again and moved slowly across her display.  The guard called out, “Hello?”  Miko wanted nothing more than to desperately blow her nose and get whatever this was out of her system.  She kept her nose pinched tight and could feel the interior spasming for release. The footsteps came closer.  She had to get out of here, but the only viable exit path was through the guard.  If she could just wait long enough for him to…  Oh, dammit not again!
*Hitcchhnnxx!*  Gaahh…. *Hiitttsssssnnk*
The guard called out again but the beam of the flashlight had moved away from her position.  He was walking the perimeter of the room.  If only he would just leave…  Miko’s breath hitched again and she could feel her nostrils trying to flare beneath her paws. The sensation had evolved from a burning to an electric tingle with sharp twinges in her sinuses.  He was so close now.  Her heart was pumping hard.  If she hadn’t been so incapacitated by sneezing, the thrill of the moment would have been such a rush.  He stopped!  Right… over… her… display…  She tried to hold her breath.  But she couldn't resist any longer.
It wasn’t immediately clear who made more noise, Miko sneezing or the horse screeching as he stumbled backwards and dropped the flashlight.  Stealth was definitely no longer an option, but neither was a fight. She was agile and quick, but a horse easily had over a hundred pounds on her.  Time to improvise.
Miko stood up and decided to run for it.  She leapt over the equine guard but he was surprisingly quick enough to make a grab for her ankle and trip her up.  Miko grabbed her bag and sprung to her feet.  The guard was fumbling with his nightstick and demanding to know who she was.  Miko couldn’t have answered if she’d wanted to.
Miko swung her bag around and clocked the guard in the head with the iron artifact inside.  She turned to sprint down the corridor but was hampered by another fit.
More footsteps from the end of the hall accompanied by dancing flashlights.  No sense in hanging around here any longer.  The real cops were surely on their way by now.  She pictured the layout of the blueprint in her mind and took off in the direction of the nearest emergency exit.  The door sounded the fire alarm when it opened.  She ran across the roof of the first floor and made a flying leap for the first tree she saw, landing less than gracefully among the branches.  She scampered down the shadowed side of the trunk and made for the nearest alley, pausing briefly every few steps for another fit of sneezing.  At least they were becoming less frequent.
It was a long walk back to her apartment.  She could hear the sirens of fire and police in the distance as she climbed the fire escape stairs up to her apartment’s patio door.  She grabbed a beer from the fridge and sent a short text to an unlisted number that the package would be delivered when the money appeared in the offshore account.  She tossed the phone on the bed along with her backpack and stripped off what little she had on for a nice hot shower.  The soothing water washed away all of the residue of the temporary black dye until all of her natural siamese coloring was visible.  Her fur was still damp when she collapsed on the bed.  Time for a little nap.  She had to be at work in a few hours after all.  *sniff*
The sky was still pink when Detective Furnier arrived on the scene at the museum.  The perp he had been tailing unsuccessfully for over a year had struck again.  And gotten away clean yet again.  The gray wolf  took out his frustration on the toothpick in his mouth as he pretended to listen to the bullshit story being spewed out from the night watchman about a very large panther or possibly jaguar that had beat him senseless but only after he had gotten in several good blows himself.   
Furnier spit out his mangled toothpick and pulled out another.  If his ever-tardy partner didn’t get here soon, there would be one more casualty to report in.  He waved to the medics to take the witness to the hospital and walked to the scene of the theft.  He crouched down to inspect the lock on the case where the artifact had been stolen. He heard footsteps behind him but didn’t look up.
“You’re late. Again.  We’ve got a long day ahead of us so whatever excuse you’re gonna give, make it fast,” he growled.
His siamese partner smirked and replied, “Sorry boss.  Fighting a bit of a cold this morning.”  *sniff*
To be continued…
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Re: [F + Story] The Museum Job
« Reply #1 on: September 27, 2013, 04:39:44 AM »
Oooh, a dirty cop.  :)
Feel free to give me a message sometime.  I'm almost always up for a little RPing, or story ideas.
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Re: [F + Story] The Museum Job
« Reply #2 on: January 30, 2014, 05:56:26 AM »
this story doesn't get much love, but it is nice to see a non-Dante story. :3 at least it shows you can do other kinds of good fetishy material.

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Re: [F] The Museum Job*
« Reply #3 on: October 22, 2017, 04:33:10 PM »
The build-ups in this one are great it's so tense.
I'll take a sneezefic, and WRITE IT!