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[F] Waking Up. (Vixen)*
« on: June 13, 2014, 11:29:02 PM »
Story is by RenyPonsus. Recovered from the bowels of GoogleCache.

Here's another thing I done.

It's just a random vixen, and it has no title, yet.

A screamed sneeze split the early morning silence, jolting awake the young fox who released it.
“Huh—wha--?”  she questioned no one in particular, looking around through bleary eyes for the source of the startling sound.  Moments later, she realized what must have happened, as a persistent itch was now making itself know in her muzzle.  She tried to sniffle, but her sinuses were blocked.
“Ohhh,” she groaned miserably.  “You have GOD do be kiddig be…”
She could barely understand herself through the congestion in her voice.  She figured she must have developed a cold; oddly, though, she felt no other symptoms…she felt normal, apart from a stuffy, tickly nose.

She sat up for a few minutes, rubbing the sleep from her eyes, retrieving her glasses from the night stand and slipping them on.  Oh, that was one of the best things of the day, replacing that fuzz with crisp clarity.  She giggled – it was the little things she enjoyed most.

She let out a rested sigh and hauled herself from under the covers.
She squeaked in shock as her pawpads hit the floor.  “Ahh!  Code, code!”
The vixen wiggled on a pair of fuzzy slippers to protect against evil, morning-cold floors, and trudged to the bathroom.  Giving herself a once-over in the mirror, she smiled.  She loved how little she had to do to be ready for the day; no makeup, her fur was always very well behaved, she looked better without all the prissy pampering most other girls put themselves through.  She furrowed her brow, angled her face one way, then another, leaned in closer to the mirror.
“Ahhh, haha!” she laughed out loud.
So that’s what happened, she thought, finally spying the cause of her early morning sniffles.  She’d always slept on down pillows and as it turned out, she occasionally ran into problems with the filling, but not often.  Today, however, was one of those days.  She couldn’t help laughing again as she spotted the white fluff in her left nostril.  She breathed in, out, in, out, watching its tendrils puff back and forth.
“Ehh-heh!”  Ooh, better be careful.

While the situation itself was not unusual, this was the first time one of these feathers had wound up so high in her nose.  She wasn’t going to be able to simply pull it out.  She hummed and hawed for a minute or two, then her eyes lit up.
It’s funny how things can sometimes go so badly, in such a short amount of time.  She figured she’d just…snort it out; that’s what canids do, after all, isn’t it?
But the relief she sought never came.  Maybe it was being able to see it wiggle teasingly, maybe she’d already done enough damage through sniffling, maybe she was just unlucky; regardless, as soon as she snorted, a monstrous tickle shot up the left side of her snout.  She let out a desperate, hitching gasp.  Not only was the feather not expelled on the expiration, but with the much more violent inhalation, she lost sight of the fluffy white tormentor.  She lost sight of it, but she knew exactly where it was.  Her eyes squinted and teared up almost immediately.
“Heh—Hoh, by God…” she whined, tail lashing irritably behind her.
She gripped the edge of the sink as her breathing became heavy, deep, laboured.
She caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror.  Her eyes were bloodshot, leaking tears down her furry cheeks.  Her jaw hung slack, tongue hanging out to one side as she huffed through her mouth; breathing through her nose was nearly impossible now, it prickled so badly.  In the middle of this, sat her black – well, pink now – nose, nostrils flaring spasmodically, reaching almost double their normal size…they looked swollen, puffy.  The walls of her nostrils certainly were; nowhere more than where the feather sat against the soft flesh, which was blotchy red beneath it, quivering, leaking.
A series of staccato, shuddering hitches escaped her, twitching that fluff unbearably.  She took a final, ragged, torturous sniff, her eyes squeezed shut, and she toppled over the edge.
The massive double-and-a-half tore out of her tiny frame, nearly causing her legs to collapse under her; her knuckles were white as she gripped the sink tight for stability.  Each explosion blasted a fine mist onto her mirror, the last accompanied by a soaked, white feather splatting onto the reflective surface.  She sniffled a few more times and, finding her sinuses much clearer and far less tickly, opened her eyes.
“Ohbygoshewewewew!” she exclaimed at the sight, still slightly congested.
When she spied the wetted feather, she giggled.  Big things definitely do come in small packages.
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Re: [F] Waking Up. (Vixen)
« Reply #1 on: June 26, 2014, 12:50:25 PM »
Very nice! (^u^)b