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[F + Mature] Sneezes in the bathhouse
« on: July 09, 2014, 08:50:54 PM »
It's been awhile since I posted anything here, so here's another RP between me and Spinyofdoom. :)

I am playing the otter Valerie, while Spinyofdoom is playing the wolf Sophia. No real plot here, just an excuse for a whole bunch of sneezing. Enjoy!


Sophia the wolf stretched luxoriously, basking in the warmth of the large steam bath and the sunlight streaming in through the bathhouse's windows. The water was the perfect temperature to sooth her toned, supple body, and her cleavage was on full display, a pair of perky nipples peeking just above the waterline. All in all, the moment would have been absolutely perfect... if it hadn't been for a pesky tickle in her nose.

Said nose, which was black, shiny, and quite large for the relative size of her muzzle, began to twitch and flare rapidly as it took in a new, irritating scent. Even with her razor-sharp canine senses, she still couldn't quite place the source amidst the swirl of hundreds, if not thousands of smells that swirled around the baths. Sophia did know one thing for sure, though: whatever the smell was, it was teasing her big, sensitive nose like nothing else.

Her nostrils flared wide, and her nose continued twitching back and forth, nearly moving her entire muzzle around with its force. She gasped, making her breasts and nipples rise above the water, and began to hitch...

"Hahhhhhhhh...hhuuuuuhhhhh...HUUUUUUUUHHHHH...HUUU UUUHHHHHHHHHHHH...!"

Sophia paused for a split second, eyelids fluttering, breasts quivering, before letting loose a massive, earsplitting sneeze that echoed even through the clamor of the bathouse.


The force of the explosion snapped her upper body downward, almost dipping her still-itching nose into the bathwater. Blinking and sniffling, she gave a quick glance around, hoping against hope that not -too- many people had noticed the outburst...

Unfortunately for Sophia, there was definitely one person who had noticed: the otter right next to her, who had nearly dozed off before her explosion. "ACK!" The otter shot upright, ample breasts bouncing as they rose above the water, before looking at the wolf beside her in amazement. "BLESS you!" she said, a bewildered smile making its way onto her face. "Goodness, that's some sneeze you have there. Are they always that big?"

Sophia blushed, pink standing out clearly against her pure white fur. "Yeah. Unfortunately," she replied, sniffling and wrinkling her nose, which was still twitching agitatedly. "Uh... sorry if I disturbed you," the wolf offered lamely, giving an embarrassed smile even as her nostrils flared hugely. "I... huhhh... HUHHHH... *snfff* *snrk* whew..."

Another sneeze had begun to form, but she managed to fight it off by scrubbing at her nose, smooshing the large, tickly organ around until the itch became manageable. "Er, what I was going to say was... I don't think I'm done yet, either, sorry... something here is -really- getting to me."

"Oh, there's no need to apologize, hun," Valerie replied with a smile. "You can't help it... and from the looks of things, your nose REALLY needs it." The otter eyed the wolf's massive nose, which was twitching visibly. "Though I could give you a hand if you wanted." She tentatively raised a hand with a finger pointing sideways, hoping the wolf would pick up on her meaning.

"I... I appreciate it, but, um... I think I might just move into the next bath," Sophia said bashfully, moving to get out of the water. "I mea, I wouldn't want to inconvenience you any more, ahhh... AHHHH... AHHAHHHH... *snrrkk!*" Another sniffle, and the tickle receded, but her nostrils were still flared widely, and she could feel another huge sneeze overtaking her. "And I'd hate to sneeze on you," she finished, rising fully from the bath and displaying her generous curves.

"Well, if you're sure..." Valerie replied, rising as well. "Though I was actually planning on--" She suddenly froze as her rising brought her eyes into the path of a sunbeam from one of the windows. Instinctively she squeezed her eyes shut, raising a hand to shield them... and then suddenly her breath was hitching, a series of loud, high-pitched gasps audible to everyone nearby. "Hihh! HIHHHH! HIHHHHHH! HIHHHHHHHHHHH! HIIIISSSSHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" She doubled over with a loud sneeze, spraying into the pool, and barely had she risen her head when two more sneezes were upon her. "HIIIISSSHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! HIIIISSSSSSSSHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" She stayed there for a moment, breasts hanging freely, before recovering and straightening up with a fierce blush on her face. "Sorry. I was going to head to the next bath too..."

Sophia's mouth dropped open slightly as she watched Val in awe. She'd never met someone who sneezed as loudly and noticeably as she did before.

"Oh, wow... um, blehhh... hehhhh..." The wolf girl sniffled rapidly, her huge nose contorting with the force of the sneeze that had been building inside it for far too long. Her muzzle shuddered, moving back and forth, side to side, before her head tilted back and she began to hitch in earnest.


Sophia's breasts bounced and her rear stuck out as she too let loose with several gigantic sneezes, nearly causing her to fall back into the water again. A few seconds later, she had recovered somewhat, though her tickly nostrils, were, of course, still noticeably flaring...

"Ah... jeez, we're full of sneezes today, aren't we?" Sophia  said, laughing and turning to the next bath. "Well, here. Hopefully this next one will clear our noses up." She began to walk towards it, hips swaying back and forth as she absentmindedly rubbed underneath her nostrils, which were still twitching, sniffling, and flaring as energetically as they had been since she had first sneezed. Dipping a toe in, she made a soft noise of contentment. "Oh, the water in this one's great! You'll love it, um..." She blushed slightly. "I don't think I ever got your name. Mine's Sophia, by the way."

"Oh, sorry!" the otter replied as she followed. "I'm Valerie, but everyone just calls me Val. It's nice to meet you!" She dipped her own foot in the water--and froze. Not because of anything wrong with the temperature, but because her big nose had suddenly picked up on a strange new scent. It was sharp and minty--probably something in the bathwater--and under any other circumstance Val might have found it quite pleasant, if not for the fact that it was doing something absolutely awful to her nose. Already she could feel the scent teasing at her nostrils, her defenses slipping as she prepared to release another uncontrollable fit of loud sneezes.

Abruptly she realized that Sophia was staring at her. "Oh! Um, haha, you're right, this IS nice!" she remarked, with far more enthusiasm than was probably necessary. She sat down beside the wolf in the bath, and as her nose neared the water she felt the tickle only grow stronger. Desperately, she tried to look as though everything was normal, but unfortunately for her, she wasn't particularly good at doing that...

Sophia cocked her head slightly at Val's sudden enthusiasm, which seemed almost a bit forced, but she decided not to comment on it. Maybe the other girl was just nervous.

"So," she said, stretching out in the water and looking at Valerie. "Uh, forgive me for asking, but do you always sneeze like that? I just... I haven't found anyone whose sneezes are as big as mine before. All other girls I know, they're all so quiet and dainty... it gets kinda embarrassing sometimes, y'know?" As she spoke, she was resisting the urge to rub her nose and afford the incredibly tickly organ some relief. Whatever the mystery scent was, it was still present here.

Sophia's big, sensitive nose continued to twitch and wriggle, signaling in a very direct way the building of one of her huge, powerful sneezes...

Valerie blushed. She hadn't intended to let any of her loud sneezes escape, but her damn photic reflex had snuck up on her and she just hadn't been able to stop herself. "Ummm... usually," she murmured, looking away. "I've tried to stifle my sneezes before, and it... hiihhh! HIIIHHHHH!!" The otter's eyes drooped shut as she abruptly drew two loud, hitching gasps--and then jammed a finger in front of her flaring nostrils, which seemed to make the growing sneeze subside somewhat. "... It just doesn't work," she finished with a sniffle. Eager to take the focus of the conversation off her nose, she quickly added, "But I imagine you know how that feels. I don't think I've ever seen such a big nose..."

Sophia raised her eyebrows a bit at the other girl's sudden hitching, but decided again to continue like nothing had happened. "I've heard that before," she said, laughing. "It is pretty big, yeah... and unfortunately, it's got the sensitivity to go with it. Like I said, something in here is making me have to sneeze like -crazy-, but there's way too many smells to pinpoint what it is. And once it starts twitching like thisó" She pointed at her nose, which was indeed twitching around vigorously as her pinkened nostrils flared in irritation. "It's really hard to stop."

As Sophia spoke, she felt the itch flare again, causing her to gasp softly before she clamped her mouth shut and rubbed her nose, reluctant to let yet another of her titanic sneezes lose...

"Well, at least it gives everyone fair warning?" Val replied with a grin. "Heehee! Stand back, everyone, Sophia's gonna HIHHHH! HIHHHHHHH!! HIIH-HIHHHHHHHH!" The otter was suddenly cut off as she abruptly began to hitch loudly again, despite the finger in front of her nose. Her bare nipples became visible above the water again as she reared back, nostrils wide open in preparation for a huge sneeze...


The otter rocketed forward with the force of the sneeze, her shaking breasts sending out a spray of water. And as always, one sneeze was not enough for Valerie's nose. "HIIIIISSSSHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOO!!! HIHHHHHH!! HIIISSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!"

After a moment, Valerie sniffled and blushed. That was two fits now. "Oops. Guess it's me that's going to sneeze, heh." Oh god, why wasn't the tickle going away...?

Sophia couldn't help but laugh. "Guess so. And bless you again! Sounds like something here is getting to you tuuhh... h-huuhhh... HUHHHHH... HUHHHHEEEEHHHHHH...!!" Her nose was going crazy now, big nostrils flaring hugely with the force of the tickle, restrained for far too long... "O-oh god, Val, Igottasneeze..."

Her head tilted back, eyelids fluttering as her body prepared for yet another huge, uncontrollable sneeze. She took in gasp after gasp, her hitching breaths, making her large breasts almost completely visible above the water's surface.

"HEEEEEEEHHH.... HEAAAAAAAHHHHHHH...!!" the release was coming... no way she'd be able to stop it now, even if she wanted to...

Val watched as Sophia's head tilted back, preparing to let loose with another colossal sneeze, and realized she could help the poor wolf. Without thinking, she raised a hand and pushed a finger hard against Sophia's massive nostrils, hoping that it would be enough...

"HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHH... *snrk*?!" Sophia's eyes widened in confusion and disbelief as she felt a sudden pressure underneath her big, sensitive nostrils, forcing the impending sneeze back. She whined softly, blinking a few times before realizing what had happened. "Ohhh... V-Val," she murmured, her voice breathy with the absolute, all-consuming need to sneeze.

"T-thanks, but I... I -really- gottahh... gotaaahhhh... hhhhh... *snffff*" She sniffled loudly, hoping to quell the itch, but all it seemed to do was make it worse. Oh, -god-, she needed to sneeze so badly... but that finger was in the way! "I really gotta sneeze... m-my nose tickles... sohhh... heeeehhhh... *sniffle* so much, you have no idea... p-please, just take it away and lehhh... lehhehHEEHHH... let me let it out... i-it's gonna be... *snffff* huge..." As she spoke, her eyelids were fluttering, breasts heaving, nostrils still flaring, denied their imminent, incredibly powerful release by Val's helpful yet damning finger...

Valerie was slightly put out by Sophia's request, but she knew she had no right to torture the poor girl. "Well, if you insist..." she replied, and pulled her finger away...

Sophia barely had time to let out a breathy "thanks" before the urge to sneeze overtook her completely. She threw her head back, giving one last gigantic hitch before exploding with the massive release.


Sophia sneezed, sending a splash of water into the air as her ample breasts shook with the force. A light mist of spray followed the outburst, settling on the water's surface, but all of that was lost to the wolf girl, as her nose still itched an incredible, almost indescribable amount. As soon as she could draw breath, she was hitching again, chest rising above the waterline once more...


Her enormous nostrils flared wide open at the second release, which was only slightly smaller and less desperately itchy-sounding than the first.

Panting, Sophia looked around, giving Valerie a weak grin. "Uh... bless me! Sorry, those had been brewing for a -long- time." And yet, she noticed, with a silent burst of irritation, her nose -still- tickled! The mystery scent, whatever it was, was still here, and she began to realize she wouldn't be afforded any real relief until she had left the baths. But she didn't want to leave just yet, huge, uncontrollable sneezing attacks or not. Sophia was confident that she could supress the urge for a few more minutes, though her nose was already wriggling back and forth again, signaling otherwise. She sniffled loudly, ignoring it for the time being.

"BLESS you," Val cried as Sophia let loose with her massive sneezes. As she watched, however, she could feel the tickle in her own nose growing again, and suddenly decided that it was time to get away from the minty scent, whatever it was. "Er... do you maybe want to move to the next bath? This one doesn't seem to be good for either of our noses..." she said, with a slight blush.

Sophia nodded, though inwardly she was fairly certain her own nose wouldn't be getting much better any time soon. It might be better for the other girl, though, so she figured it was worth a try. "Sure," she said, rubbing at her nose and sniffling one last time before rising out of the bath, her voluptuous nude form on full display.

The next bath was fairly close, with a faint purple color tinging the steam. Lavender, maybe? Hopefully, Sophia thought, it wouldn't be anything that would trigger yet another bout of sneezing.

Val quickly rose to follow, revealing her generous curves and ample breasts once more. She could feel her nose wriggling slightly, desperate to release another fit of huge sneezes, and she jammed a finger in front of her nostrils before quickly following, hoping to get away from the minty scent before she succumbed.

Unfortunately for her, it was not to be. As she stepped out of the bath and onto the stone walkway that lay between it and the others, the otter suddenly began to hitch loudly, just like before. "HIHHHH!! HIIHHHHHHH!!! HIH-HIHHHHHHH!!!" No, not now! But her body would not listen, instead preparing itself for another enormous sneeze. "HIH-HIHHHHHHHHHH!!! HIIIIHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" She reared back, breasts protruding proudly outward, and then...

"HIIISSSSSHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" Valerie snapped forward at the waist with an incredibly powerful sneeze, the force nearly bending her horizontal. Of course, her nose wasn't done yet. "HIIIIIIISSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! HIIIHHHHHH!!! HIIISSSSHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" She sprayed the floor in front of her twice more as she snapped forward even further, her dangling breasts shaking freely with the force.

Finally, however, it was over. Blushing even more heavily than before, she quickly straightened up and made her way to the next bath with Sophia, away from that torturous minty scent...

Sophia's ears pricked as she heard the echo of her new friend's massive, body-bending sneezes, and she turned around, grinning slightly. "Whoa, Val! Bless YOU! C'mere, maybe this bath will be a little easier on your nose."

And with that, she dipped her toe into the steamy, pale purple water, which was pleasantly warm, and slid into the pool...

Only to have her huge, still-itchy black nose suddenly assaulted by a strange, cloying scent, making her her eyes water and her nostrils flare almost immediately. "*Snff* Wha? Ah... haahh... o-ohnoooaaahhh..."

Oh, god, her nose itched! Sophia knew now, without a doubt that this was what had been setting her off this entire time... and now she'd quite literally taken a bath in it. Her nose was  crawling, her whole muzzle twitching back and forth in time with her tortured, tickly hitches. And Val was still headed towards her! If whatever was in this bath could make Sophia need to sneeze this incredibly badly, then it would almost certainly work on Val, too. Gasping desperately and blinking through eyes filled with allergic tears, Sophia turned towards her friend, holding one hand out even as the other fanned rapidly in front of her big, flaring nose.

"haaahhhhh... V-Val, dohhhhh... hoohhhhh... HAAAAHHH... d-don't... ohgodittickleeeeEEEHHH... HEEEHHHHH... HEAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH...!!"

Valerie, however, was barely listening. She had thought getting away from the previous bath would do something about that awful minty scent, but the damned thing seemed to be clinging to her fur. Not that surprising, she realized, since she was still all wet with the scented water. Maybe the next bath might wash it off?

Of course, she had to actually get in the bath first, and right now a more pressing issue was her still-tickly nose. Sniffling, she scrunched her eyes shut and rubbed at her nose vigorously, her nipples wobbling to and fro with the movement. With her eyes closed, she failed to see Sophia waving her away, nor did she notice that her new friend was about to let out another enormous sneeze...

"It's c-coming... I'mgonna...gonnaaaAAAAHHHH... HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH..." The wolf girl's nostrils flared hugely, nearly to the size of quarters, and she threw her head back, managing one last warning before succumbing to the gigantic, inevitable sneeze.


Sophia let loose, the powerful release sending her head jerking down and her full breasts jiggling wildly. She rubbed her nose, squishing and pinching the still-tickly organ with both hands, then blinked, just in time to see Val standing not too far away. She smiled weakly, a slight blush appearing on her face, and was about to say something when she felt another allergic twinge run through her sinuses. She winced, clamping both hands down around her nose as her muzzle twitched and wriggled once more, her terrible allergies taking control yet again.

"Bless you," Val said somewhat absent-mindedly, still mostly focused on that terrible minty scent in her nostrils. The otter's huge, powerful sneezes were generally rather abrupt affairs, so it was taking some time to get used to this sensation of something slowly tugging her nose towards a tickly explosion. "S-sorry," she added after a moment, as she continued to stand stock-still where she was, her nude form fully on display for everyone in the bathhouse. "I thih--... *sniff* think I'm gonna sneeze..." She fanned at her nose, feeling the tickle grow as her eyelids drooped. "Oh, yeah, I'm gonna... *sniff* I'm gonna sneeze... *sniff*... deh--... definitely gonna sneeze..."

The otter stayed in that torturous pre-sneeze state for what felt like hours before she finally began to hitch loudly, nose tilting towards the sky. "HIHHHHH!!! HIHHHHHHHHHHH!!! HIHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Her nostrils flared hugely, her mouth open wide as she prepared to let loose a huge sneeze...

"Ngh..." Sophia made a soft, desperate sound as she kept her hands tightly clamped over her horribly sensitive nose, hoping to block the scent from further irritating her. Though she succeeded somewhat, the majority of the damage had already been done, and she knew it was only a matter of time before she'd be forced to let out another one of her gigantic sneezes.

Until then, though, she'd fight it every single step of the way... though the sudden sight of Val's curvy form standing stock still, leaning back, eyelids fluttering as she prepared to double over with a sneeze (or several) of her own... well, it certainly wasn't helping. She sighed inwardly, sniffled wetly, then squeezed her tingling nose harder and watched Val draw closer and closer to release...

For a split-second, Valerie stood frozen, her breasts and nipples protruding proudly from her tilted body, and then she let loose. "HIIIIIISSSSSSHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" She snapped forward with a gigantic sneeze, and once again she froze, breasts wobbling under her for a moment before she hitched and exploded again. "HIHHHHH!!!! HIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OO!!!! HIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" The otter had to rest her hands on her thighs to keep her balance as she sneezed twice more. And even when she was done, the damned scent was STILL THERE!

Through half-lidded eyes, Valerie raised her head and looked at the wolf. "Oh god, Sophia... *sniff* I stih--... still have to sneeze..." Normally she would never admit such a thing, preferring to hide it, but this was way beyond normal. Already she could feel her head tilting back in the beginnings of another sneeze...

Val still had to sneeze... and so did so Sophia! Her nose was on fire, wriggling and twitching and flaring uncontrollably, and it was all she could do to stop herself from bursting into yet another huge allergic sneeze. But she couldn't stay here forever, that was for sure, and so, wincing inwardly at the thought, she gave her nose an extra-hard squeeze before letting it go, using her hands to shove herself out of the water as quickly as she could.

"Val, c'mon, let's gehhh... heeehhh... *sniffle* let's get outta heehh... HEEEHHH... HEAAAAHHHHH... get outta here before we... *SNFF* haaahh... can't s-stop... stop... stop sneeziiiiIIIIIIIHHHH... HIIIIHHH...!!"

Though every fiber of her body was telling her to tilt her head back, take a deep breath, and give in to sneeze after sneeze, Sophia stubbornly resisted. Blinking away her allergic tears, she made her way over to Val, grabbing the otter girl's arm and turning her in the direction she hoped the exit was in. A split second after, though, a sudden, sharp twinge made her stop short, her entire face twitching as an indescribable tickle ran through her large canid nose. Her head tilted back, and she began to hitch once more, utterly, completely out of control...


Val was still stuck in that pre-sneeze trance, nearly oblivious to what was happening around her. She was vaguely aware of something grabbing her arm and pulling her along somewhere, but all she really cared about was that awful tickle still in her nose. "I'm gonna... hih!... gonna sneeze..." she murmured as Sophia dragged her by the arm. "My nose tih--... *sniff* tickles so bad... gonna sneeze..." Abruptly the pull on her arm stopped, but Val continued to stand there, eyes still half-lidded. "'s gonna be a huge... *sniff* huge sneeze... can't stahh--... stahhhh..."

As her eyes drooped shut, Val's free arm groped blindly for something to hang onto for balance. Finally she found Sophia's shoulder, though through her closed eyes it could have been anyone's. But suddenly that shoulder pulled away from her, and Val's hand fell limply, brushing against a perky nipple as it fell. She tilted back slightly as the sneeze began to take control, not realizing that she was unwillingly making her own breasts a bigger and bigger target for a very, very desperate nose...


Sophia would've doubled over if it hadn't been for Valerie standing next to her, giving her support. As it was, she pitched forward with the sheer force of the absolutely massive sneeze, sending her nose almost directly into Val's cleavage. The otter's large, perky breasts (made even rounder and fuller by their owner's desperate inhales) were misted with a burst of spray as Sophia exploded. Gasping, she pulled her head and clutched Val's shoulder for support, a fiery blush appearing on her cheeks as she realized what she'd done. But before she could say anything, or even offer an apologetic pat on the shoulder, the burningly-sweet itch struck again, and she pulled back, hitching faster this time, more urgently.


The unexpected triple sent the wolf's head forward once again, coating Val's bust with spray as she let out sneeze after desperate sneeze directly onto the other girl's breasts and nipples.

After what felt like years, her canid nose began to calm, and Sophia sniffled loudly, wiping it, before her eyes widened as she saw Val's ample chest still heaving as she continued to gasp and sniffle. Remembering what had happened earlier, the wolf began to step away, hoping to save her own considerable assets from the other girl's fast-approaching sneezes... but, as she quickly found out, it was already too late.

Valerie was dimly aware of something cold misting her chest, but even if she had wanted to look at or say anything, she would have been prevented by her all-consuming need to sneeze. As the cold mist blasted against her chest again and again, the otter began to hitch, more loudly than ever before.


Valerie doubled over with a massive sneeze, and unlike Sophia, her sneeze DID send her nose into the other girl's cleavage as she blasted the wolf's breasts with spray. There was a confused half-second as the impact seemed to return Val to her senses, and she reached up to grab Sophia's shoulders for balance... only to start hitching again. "HIIIHHHHHH!!! HIHHHHHHHH!!! HIHHHHHHHHH!!!! HIIIIISSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! HIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOO!!!!" The otter sneezed twice more, this time remaining mostly vertical thanks to Sophia's shoulders... but also spraying the wolf's breasts and nipples with every release. And she wasn't done yet. "HIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! HIHHHHH!!! HIHHHHHHHHHHH!!! HIHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! HIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!"

With two final sneezes (again all over Sophia's breasts), Valerie's massive fit finally came to an end. Sniffling, she finally opened her eyes... and saw what she'd done. A fierce blush covered her face as she realized what had happened, and what that cool mist on her breasts had been. For a long while, the two girls stared at each other, neither able to say a word.

Sophia gulped softly, offering Val a weak grin and glancing around the baths, where she noticed they had attracted more than a few curious stares. Her flush still bright on her face, she tapped the otter gingerly on the shoulder and motioned to the exit.

"Let's, uh... let's go. We were going, right? Yeah."

And with that, the two girls walked away from the baths, each one rubbing her nose and sniffling occasionally, leaving the warmth, the steam, and the loud, uncontrollable sneezes behind them.


Hope you enjoyed! :D
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