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[M] Nathaniel and Annie II
« on: October 30, 2014, 03:25:12 AM »
(A/N:) So, I decided to pick this back up. Likely will use these two for some time. So, this isn't exactly a direct continuation of the previous story, but it takes place...I'm thinkin'...'bout a week or so afterwards. Nathaniel's still all sickly, so he's gonna be sneezing some, but I think about next time I'll get Annie in on the fun. Hope you all enjoy it as best you can!

Nathaniel sniffled quietly as he groaned, laying down on his bed. The sheets were comforting, especially in the state he was in. His head-cold didn't seem intent on slowing down, in fact, it had only gotten worse! Ever since he asked Annie out, the beautiful cat-women, his illness had only intensified, leaving him bed-ridden. As much as he would've liked to take her up on her offer of visiting her, he simply couldn't. He could barely walk with how stiff his legs were!

Groaning as he buried his face in his pillow, he tried once more to get back to sleep before hearing his brown door creak open slowly. Mentally sighing, he was expecting his mother to walk in and blab about getting enough fluids, eating enough, taking that medicine that tasted like it came right out of a horse's-

"Nathaniel" a soft voice called out. That...wasn't his mom's voice...Quickly snapping back around, he found himself staring eye to eye with a very particular feline's golden eyes. Annie...came to his house instead? "Uhh...". However, the wolf swallowed dryly, unable to speak. Probably had something to do with how badly he was blushing. And it was pretty easy to see why for Annie as she slowly walked over to his bed. "Sick?" she asked with a giggle, raising an eyebrow. Blushing just a touch brighter, Nathaniel nodded weakly, giving her a cheeky grin. "Could kind of tell with how much you were sneezing around me before...". "C'mon, I only did it like, twice!" the canine exclaimed with a laugh, getting one out of Annie in turn.

As she set herself down by the foot of his bed, she looked around upon seeing just how many tissues were thrown and discarded around his room, many looking mangled or at least slightly damp. The wolf sure seemed to be using more then his fair share of tissues, what with his nose being so stuffed up and runny. Annie nearly found herself giggling, but caught herself when she heard the wolf sniffling and coughing. Upon seeing his poor, red nose throb slightly, she bit her lip, murmuring "You poor thing..." and leaned over, her claw poking out as it traced up and down between his nostrils, immediately getting a reaction as they flared wildly. "Hhh..A-Annie, w-waahtch..o-ohh..outt..." Nathaniel gasped, feeling his eyes slam shut as his nose quivered, desperately wanting release as he gave a wet sounding snort before...

"Kii'SHCIEWW!". Bucking forward, the silver wolf released a painfully forced sounding sneeze, nostrils flaring as more misty particles flew from his nose, a majority landing on the feline's claw. Slowly, Annie found herself blushing and purring at once, her fingers rubbing the moisture together. But as soon as Nathaniel opened his eyes, she swallowed slightly and giggled, trying to remain calm. "B-Bless you!" she giggled again, leaning over and hugging him. As soon as she did though, he turned away and released another wet-sounding "Hhh'SHEWWW!!".

Gently pushing him on his back, she chuckled and held a paw to his forehead, mockingly snapping it away with how 'burning hot' it was. However, out of the corner of his eye, Nathaniel managed to spot a backpack. Must've come from school. "H-Hey Annie? What's that?" he asked motioning to it.

Glancing to it, the feline walked over, grabbed it and heaved it back on his bed, unzipping it. "This..." she trailed off, heaving a foot and a half length of papers out of it with a gasp. "Is your homework!". "...". Rolling her eyes with a smile, she pulled and pencil out from behind her ear and handed it to him. "Don't worry, I'll help you with it."

(A/N:) Alright, so, to be honest, I feel like I'm jibbing you guys with like, 2-3 sneezes per story. While plot is good and all, I think there could be just a tinsy bit more sneezing for a story that's on a sneeze fetish site, no? So if you didn't enjoy it because of that, I can't exactly fault you, but next time I'll make up for it, along with having Annie join in. Anyway, uh, yeah, so, hope you enjoyed, tell me if you did, and if you know of way's I can improve, lemme know, if you'd please!
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