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[F + Mature + Explicit] Hiding in the Dusty Closet
« on: November 19, 2014, 07:39:44 PM »
Here's another RP I did with Spinyofdoom. If you're interested in creating an RP like this, send me a PM! :)

I am playing the cat Claire, who is allergic to wolf fur. Spinyofdoom is playing her lover Vanessa, a white wolf with an allergy to dust. Enjoy!


Giggling, the cream-colored cat Claire and her white-furred wolf companion excitedly crept into the abandoned music room, closing and locking the door behind them. The room was filled with unused instruments, chairs, and music stands, but the two girls only had eyes for each other. "Oh, we're gonna get in so much trouble for this," Claire whispered, but she was smiling mischievously. "But screw it, I've waited all day to see you." And with that, she launched herself at her girlfriend, kissing her with wild abandon. Of course, this also drove Claire's nose crazy as it reacted to the presence of its worst enemy: canine fur. But right now she barely cared. The only thing that mattered was Vanessa.

"Mmf..." was Vanessa's only reply as she wrapped her arms around her girlfriend, returning her kisses with equal passion. Even their tongues danced together, her hands were already moving around on Claire's back, fidding with her shirt and attempting to tug it off. "It's great to see you too, love," she murmured, grinning as she broke the kiss.

"Heehee... let me get that for you," Claire replied with a sly smile. She hadn't worn a bra, so as she grabbed her shirt and pulled it over her head, her ample breasts bounced free of their confines, her nipples bare to Vanessa's eyes. As she dropped the shirt on the floor, however, the tickle in her nose became too insistent to ignore. "Your turn, babe," she whispered, fanning her nose, the telltale sign that she was going to sneeze.

Vanessa nodded, quickly stripping out of her own tank top and revealing her own ample breasts, nipples already stiff with arousal. She moved in to embrace her lover again, but as she did, her large nostrils flared suddenly, and her face wrinkled for a moment as her nose finally seemed to realize all the dust that was hovering around the empty music room. She sniffled deeply, eyelids fluttering, but managed to keep the itch under control... for now.

The same was not true of Claire, who was rapidly losing the battle against the tickle in her nose. She held up her free hand as Vanessa approached, warning the wolf to stay back for a moment. "J-just a sehh... second..." she whispered, before suddenly tilting back with breathy gasps, breasts and nipples quivering with every inhale. "HIH! HIHHH!! HIHHHHH!!! IIIIISSSSSHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Claire exploded with a powerful sneeze, spraying Vanessa considerably as she bent forward at the waist. "IIIIIISSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" A second sneeze followed the first almost immediately, and this time it was the floor that was covered in spray.

Sniffling, Claire straightened up, whispering, "Sorry babe." But her eyes were instantly drawn to the wolf's massive, twitching nose...

Vanessa certainly noticed her partner's powerful, energetic sneezes, but before she could say anything, or even -do- anything, her own nose was consumed by the urge to release the explosion that had been building in it ever since the girls had first entered the room. She reared back, breasts jiggling slightly as she inhaled, and murmured, "Nn... b-bleeeehhhs... bless youuuuhhh... hhhhh... hhhheeeehhh... I h-haaaa... haa... HEEEEEEHHCHHEEEW!! *SNIFF* HEEEEEEEEEEEHCHOOOOOOO!!! Haaahhh... h-hhaaAAAHHH... CHHEEEW!!" The gigantic triple left her panting slightly, and she sniffled once more, wiping her nose and looking at Claire with a slight blush on her cheeks. "Whew. Sorry, love, all the dust... hope nobody heard that." As she spoke, she cocked a sensitive canine ear, listening for any activity outside the door that would answer her unspoken question.

Claire took the opportunity to remove her pants and underwear as she watched Vanessa hitch and then finally explode, her eyes on the wolf's massive nose the entire time as her own bare legs and the light tuft of fur between her legs became visible. Vanessa's body was to die for, to be sure, but there was nothing quite like watching her girlfriend succumb to her nose's instinct, and she shivered as she watched the wolf's nostrils twitch, flare, and finally release. A moment later, Vanessa recovered and made a move towards Claire, but the cat simply cleared her throat softly and sent a pointed stare at Vanessa's pants. The implication was obvious.

"Snfff... oh, right." Vanessa grinned, then hooked her fingers around the waistband of her own pants and tugged them down, leaving her in just her panties. A moment later, those were discarded as well, and Vanessa was left fully nude, her long legs, shapely thighs and trimmed crop of white fur all bared to her girlfriend. She sniffled again, rubbing under her large nose, then winked.

"Now, where were we?" Claire asked with a devilish smile, stepping towards her girlfriend once more. This time she kissed the wolf slowly and sensually, placing her hands on Vanessa's ample breasts and teasing her nipples with her palms. As Vanessa let out a soft moan, Claire pulled away slightly to speak, not stopping her hands' movements. "Mmm... so what would you like me to do, love?" she asked, trying to ignore the quickly growing tickle in her nose...

Vanessa continued moaning softly, but managed to get out, "I... I want..." She swallowed, her face flushed, then decided to forgo any further words by leaning in to press her lips hard against Claire's own, moving her hands down to grope the cat girl's breasts and rear. Her own nostrils flared a bit as even as they pressed against her lover's fur, enough to be noticable, but she continued with the passionate gesture regardless.

Oh, god... this was heaven, feeling Vanessa's lips against hers and her hands running up and down her body. Claire badly wanted the sensations to continue, but there was just one problem--her nose. Vanessa's fur was setting it off like crazy, and it wasn't long until... "HIH!" The cat-girl abruptly pulled out of the kiss with a massive hitch, feeling herself rapidly losing control. One of her hands rose and started fanning her nose rapidly, trying to buy time--she didn't want to sneeze right in Vanessa's face! But Vanessa was still holding her tight, so Claire did the only thing she could. She pushed the wolf away with her free hand.

But the awkwardness of the motion left Claire off-balance, and she stumbled sideways, trying to stay upright. Her nose took no heed of this, however, insisting that she continue hitching as she attempted not to fall over. "HIHHHHH!!! HIHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Her head reared back, nostrils flared wide, as her feet finally came to a stable standstill... and then she sneezed. "IIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOO OO!!!!"

The enormous sneeze catapulted her forward... right into one of the unused music stands dotting the room. There was no hope for Claire to stop herself. She ran right into the music stand as she pitched forward, knocking it over with a deafening crash as she tripped over it and fell. And to add insult to injury, as she raised herself on her hands and knees... "IIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" She sneezed once more, her dangling breasts shaking underneath her.

Vanessa frowned as she felt herself pushed away, then gasped softly at her girlfriend's sudden, explosive sneezes. She winced at the racket the music stand made when it fell, quickly running over to Claire's side and putting a concerned hand on her shoulder. "Oh my god, babe, are you okay?" Even as she spoke, her ears pricked, picking up what sounded like footsteps outside the music room, as well as muffled voices. Someone was coming! The wolf's eyes widened, and she looked around desperately for anything that could be used to hide the two of them. Salvation in quickly made itself apparent in the form of a half-opened walk-in storage closet, probably used for instruments back when the room was still in use. She leapt to her feet, breasts bouncing and thighs jiggling, and frantically motioned for Claire to do the same and follow her into the hiding place. "Come on!"

Claire didn't need any further encouragement. She quickly picked herself up and ran into the closet behind Vanessa, closing and locking the door behind her. The room immediately went pitch-black, but she was able to find a lightswitch with the help of her feline eyes, and as the room brightened the two lovers found themselves in a small closet with a handful of abandoned instruments, all covered with a layer of dust. It looked like the closet hadn't been touched in years.

"Oh god, Vanessa, I'm so sorry!" she whispered as quietly as she could manage, her eyes shining with fear. "I-I didn't mean to--I mean, I couldn't stop myself--"

But her frantic apology ended as quickly as it began, as Claire noticed something even more distressing: Vanessa's huge nose was twitching.

"Whew..." The wolf muttered, breathing a sigh of relief that quickly turned into a stifled gasp of horror as she realized the massive amount of dust surrounding her and her big, incredibly sensitive nose... "Ihhh... it's fine, ClaaiiiiiIIIHH... *SNRK* Claire... B-but I... Ihhhh... I g-gotaaaaahhhh... *sniffle* g-gotta... ohgod... t-the duuhhhh... dust...the dust's gonna maaaahhhh... make me sneehhhh... HEHHH... *SNIFF*" Her face contorted in a horribly sneezy expression, and her finger rubbed rapidly back and forth under her nose to no avail. With every hitching breath, her already-impressive breasts were pushed out further, her nostrils flared wider, and her eyes grew more desperate as her terrible, terrible dust allergy threatened to get the better of her once more.

Claire could hear someone fiddling with the lock on the music room door, but her attention was on Vanessa's huge nose. It would be bad enough getting caught in here, but getting caught NAKED was an idea the cat barely wanted to think about. Unfortunately, if Claire knew anything about her girlfriend, it was that one of her massive sneezes would attract everyone within a five-mile radius. So there was only one thing to do. She jammed a finger in front of the wolf's hugely flaring nostrils, pressing insistently and hoping against hope that this would be enough to hold off Vanessa's impending sneeze until whoever was outside decided to leave. "Come on, love..." she whispered. "Don't sneeze... you can do it..."

There was, of course, only one major problem with this plan. Being so close to Vanessa meant that there was wolf hair near her own nose, and she could feel a tantalizing tickle starting to blossom within her sinuses...

Vanessa, for her part, barely even heard the keys or the lock. She was far, far too focused on her big, sensitive nose, which was quivering and flaring rapidly with every shaky breath she took. Her chest pushed outward and her head tilted back as she prepared to let out one of her earsplitting sneezes…

And then she paused, eyelids fluttering, a look of confusion mingling with the already incredibly itchy expression on her face. That confusion soon turned into grateful relief as she realized what Claire was trying to do, but even so, she feared it wouldn’t be enough… “H-hehhh… t-thanks, Claiihhhh… h-HEH… I-I’ll triiiihhh…H-HIHHH…HUUUUUUHHHHH… *Sniffle*. The catgirl’s finger was doing an admirable job at staving off Vanessa’s allergies for the time being, but with every passing second, the tickle deep within her nose grew worse and worse...

The same could be said of the tickle within Claire's nose. Even as she watched the sneezy expression on Vanessa's face subside slightly, she could feel her own nostrils flaring hugely in preparation for one of her powerful sneezes. But what was she supposed to do? The only way to stop the tickle would be to get away from Vanessa's fur, but if she took her hand away from the wolf's nose, there was no telling what might happen. "Vanessa, help..." she whispered, fanning her own nose frantically as she felt her control over her breathing starting to slip."I'm guhh... I'm gonna sneeze..."

Now that the horrible itch had receded somewhat, Vanessa was lucid enough to realize her girlfriend was in almost the same situation she was: trapped in an enclosed space with one of her worst allergens and trying desperately to hold back her releases. Claire’s sneezes weren’t quite the massive, half-screamed affairs that Vanessa’s were, but they were always ‘energetic’ enough that if she let loose in a space as tight as this, she was almost guaranteed to knock something over, or even blow the closet right open.

Vanessa couldn’t afford to let that happen, and so as she heard her girlfriend’s breaths began to hitch, she took her free hand and pinched Claire’s nostrils hard, trying to move her hand as little as possible to stop any more hair from getting in the cat’s already-tortured nose. That proved to be almost impossible, however, as her entire body began to shake with her build-up, Claire’s fingers proving not quite enough to stop her sneeze from building…

“Hehhhh…Heehhhhh..h-hohgod, I need to… need taaaahh… HAAAHHHHHH… NeedtosneeEEEEEEHHHH… s-sneeze! HEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHH~!”

"HIIII*gnx*!" Claire's hitch was abruptly cut off as Vanessa pinched her nose shut, and she spluttered for a moment as the urge to sneeze suddenly vanished. In that moment she watched with horror as Vanessa began to lose control over her nose. There was no time. Without thinking, without planning it, she pulled her finger away from the wolf's nose, wrapped her arm around Vanessa's neck, and pulled the wolf's head towards her, pushing her nose right into her ample cleavage.

She didn't even have time to contemplate what might happen after that, as the stray hairs on Vanessa's finger sent her own terrible allergies into overdrive. All control over her body slipped away as she began to hitch massively, even as Vanessa's strong grip held her nose shut. "HIHHH! HIHHHHHH!!! HIHHHHHHHHH!!!!" Robbed of conscious thought by her horrible allergies, she could only continue to build up helplessly, preparing to sneeze...

Even as Claire gasped behind her, Vanessa’s eyelids were fluttering, her breaths hitching rapidly, as she fought a losing battle to hold out against the massive, fast-approaching sneeze. Her already-distended nostrils flared even wider as Claire’s protective fingers suddenly disappeared from underneath them, and Vanessa had time for one last, huge, tickly hitch before her nose was shoved against the warm softness of her girlfriend’s chest.

“HAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…. HAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHESSSHOOOOOOOOOMMPHH!!!” The sneeze erupted out of Vanessa’s oh-so-itchy nostrils, the sound muffled against Claire’s perky breasts but still quite loud. The wolf bucked against her lover with the force of the release, the sniffled rather loudly and began to scrub at her nose, realizing with a twinge of horror that the dusty itch in her nose was nowhere near gone… but at least, through some miracle, she had managed to keep her other hand pinched tight against Claire’s sniffling, flaring, allergic nose...

"HIIIHHHHHHHHHH!!! HHHNNNNGGGGGSSCH!!!" And it was only that hand that saved her. Claire convulsed hugely against Vanessa as her sneeze was forcibly (and somewhat painfully) stifled by the wolf's fingers, and she likely would have bent fully at the waist had it not been for the powerful arm holding her nose in place. But the stifled sneeze only seemed to make the tickle in her nose worse, and she barely had time to even open her eyes before she sneezed twice more. "HHHNNNNGXXX!! HHNNNNNGGGSCCHH!!!!" Unable to snap forward as she usually did, the force of her powerful sneezes was transferred into the rest of her body instead, causing her breasts and nipples to quiver wildly with the movement.

It was only after the third sneeze that Claire was able to open her eyes again, her ears scanning for some sound beyond the door that would indicate whether they had been heard. But while she could hear nothing, she could feel her terrible allergies starting to overwhelm her again, the tickle in her nose still trying to persuade her body to sneeze and sneeze and sneeze...

"*SNFF* O-oh god," Vanessa murmured softly, quickly pulling her face away from her partner's chest. Though it wasn't entirely visible in the dim light of the closet, she was blushing heavily, and she rubbed her large, sensitive nose several times with a finger, hoping to stave off any further dust-induced sneezes for the time being. "I'm sorry, h-honey...h-hheeEEHH... *SNIFFLE*"

"Ih--... it's all right, love," Claire murmured back, still listening for any sounds beyond the door. Apparently her stifles and Vanessa's muffled sneeze had been quiet enough to not draw attention, as nobody seemed to be barging in to discover them. But they weren't out of the woods yet, because she could still feel her nostrils pulsing against Vanessa's hand with that awful tickle... and each flare drew in another one of the wolf's hairs and made it worse. "But your fuh--... fur..." she continued, feeling her head tilting back slightly without her control, her breath starting to hitch. " 's gonna mah--... make me sneeh--... sneeh--!!!" Her head tilted back further, and for a split second she thought she might lose it--but the tickle subsided just enough for her to regain control. " 's gonna make me sneeze again..." she finished.

"Oh, no..." Vanessa said softly, her voice panicked. "Come on, Claire, hold them back. Don't think about sneezing, or allergies, o-or anythiiiihh— anything at aahh... at all... ugh, this -dust-..." The buxom wolf girl snorted in irritation, a near-involuntary action which had two unfortunate results: one, her sensitive nostrils were tickled and teased even further as the air rushed out of them, and a small poof of dust was released from the closet's wall with the force of the exhalation. Vanessa didn't see it, but her nose certainly felt it, and moments later, her muzzle wrinkled strongly and her nostrils began to flare. "Uh... u-um, C-Claaaaahhh... Claire? I... Iiihhhhh...*SNIFFLE* ugh, I have to sneeze agaaiiihhh... HEHHH... *SNRK* again... oh god, it tihhh... hihh... t-tickles..." Every sharp hitch was accompanied by a noticeable shake of her generous breasts and a half-lucid flutter of her eyelids as she desperately tried to hold out against her traitorous canid nose.

But Claire barely heard her, as her terrible allergies were taking control, drowning out everything else. Her legs felt weak and her arms hung limply at her sides, her body feeling like it was diverting all of its energy towards her twitching, agonized nose. "C-cah... can't stop it..." she murmured breathily, almost without realizing she was speaking. Her head tilted back, her voice rising in pitch as a sneeze built uncontrollably. "I'm gonna--... I'm gonnahhhhHHHHHNNNNGGXXXXXX!!!" She sneezed mightily, ample breasts shaking, but once again she was saved by Vanessa's powerful grip on her nose. Unfortunately, her awful allergies weren't about to let her go that quickly. "HHHHNNGGGGSSCHHH!!!! HHHNNNGGGXXX!!! HNNNNGGGGGGGGGSSSSCCCHHHHHH!!!!!" She convlused with three more stifled sneezes before her nose granted her a brief respite, her drooping eyelids opening only slightly. "I cah--... can't stop sneezihh-HIHHHHHHH!!!! HHHNNNNNGGGGGGGSSSCCCCCHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" Her allergic sneezes only seemed to grow stronger with each release, but for the time being, the wolf's grip held fast...

Each barely-stifled, uncontrollable allergic sneeze from Claire sent yet more nearly-invisible puffs of dust into the air around the closet, making Vanessa's already-widened nostrils sniffle, flex, and flare even larger. After a few agonizing moments of -feeling- the powdery irritant wafting around her poor nose, she began to hitch in earnest, her head tilting back as she prepared for a full-on attack of her incredible, gigantic, earsplitting sneezes. "C-claaaaaahhhh... HAAAHHHH... H-HAAAAAHHHH... IhavetosneeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESHOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" With one last, bosom-shaking gasp, Vanessa threw her head back and released, bracing herself against the closet wall as she almost bent double with the force of the itchy explosion. As more and more dust began to swirl both her and Claire, her muzzle wrinkled again, and in her desperation she took her fingers away from the catgirl's nose to rub, squeeze and massage her own. "*Sniffle* Ohnoooohhh...hhhhhh... n-notdoneyeeeeh....!"

As Vanessa sneezed, Claire knew it was over. A blast like that couldn't possibly have been missed by whomever was in the room beyond. There was at least one bright side: she didn't have to worry about being quiet anymore. And that meant she could finally give her twitching, tickling, tortured nose the relief it needed so badly.

"Oh god, I'm sorry Vaneh--... Vanessa..." she murmured breathily, starting to lean back, her bare breasts protruding proudly. "I just cah--... can't control my ahh... AAAHHHH... HIIIIIIIIIHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" She suddenly drew in a massive, shaky breath, feeling as though her lungs might burst with the air, and leaned back as far as her back would allow her. For a split second she hung there, the only motion in her body from her generous breasts, which were still quivering slightly from her movement... and then she sneezed.


As Claire's nose exploded with an absolutely massive sneeze, her body snapped forward so far she found her torso nearly parallel with the floor. For a single, blessed moment, Claire stayed there, breasts dangling, without the slightest itch in her nose. But then she looked up, and the tickle returned in full force, but not before she saw Vanessa about to explode with a sneeze (or several) of her own...

That waist-bending, thigh-jiggling, breast-shaking explosion from Claire was the absolute last straw for Vanessa, who sniffled, snrked, and hitched loudly as even -more- dust was thrown up into the air around her quivering, itching nostrils. She leaned back, eyes slowly closing and nose twitching and wriggling violently as it fought to expel the horrible irritatant once and for all.

"Hhh... h-HHEHHHHH... *Sniffle* I... Ihhhh... I havetahh... have to snehh... HHEEEHHH... sneeze so bad... *SNFFF* oh, jeez... 's gonnaahhh... gonna beehhhh... h-hehh... gonna be huge... hhhuuuhhhh... heEEEEHHHHH... HEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH...!"

For a moment, the busty wolf-girl stood there, D-cups pushed out, poised to explode... and then it seemed as if every last itchy, dusty tickle coursed through her nose all at once, and she released!


The sneeze was only around half as body-shakingly forceful as Claire's had been, but at least twice as loud, nearly enough to rattle the closet. More dust rained down from the low ceiling, disturbed by both girls' energetic, unstoppable sneezing, and after a few seconds of blissful relief, she felt the horrible itch deep within her large black nose return once more. "*SNIFFLE... SNFF...* T-there's too muuuhhh... h-hUUUHHHH... too much dust... I c-caaaahhhaahhhHAAAHH... can't stop..." the wolf said softly, eyelids fluttering as she made a feeble attempt to hold her finger underneath her already-flaring nostrils.

Defeated, Claire straightened up, apologizing again. "I'm so sorry, Vanessa..." she murmured, hoping to get out her apology before someone opened the door. "I-I tried not to sneeze, but your fur just sets my allergies off sohh--... so badly..." Even as she said it she could feel Vanessa's fur doing just that, the familiar weakness growing in her limbs again as her terrible allergies took control of her body. "And theh--... HEHHHH... HIIIIHHHHHHHHHHHHH..." Abruptly she began to hitch, leaning back again, before snapping forward and convulsing with another powerful sneeze. "IIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" The convulsion caused her to throw out one of her arms involuntarily, which banged against an unused trumpet lying against the wall and knocked it over with a loud crash.

But Claire took no heed of the noise she was making, intent on finishing her apology. "And then... when I sneeh--... *sniff*... sneezed... I just couhh--... hihhhhh... HIHHHHHHHHHHHH... IIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" She sneezed once again, this time proudly sticking out her rear as she snapped forward harshly. "I just couldn't stop... I can never stop when I get goihh--... hihhhhhhh... HIIIIHHHHHHHHHHHH... IIIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" She convulsed with one more sneeze, this time plowing right into Vanessa's chest with the release, nearly knocking the wolf over.

Vanessa squealed as her girlfriend careened into her, bracing herself against the back of the closet as Claire pitched forward, burying her face in her breasts. All the while, her own nose was twitching, wriggling, sniffing, the finger rubbing frantically underneath her massively-flared doing almost nothing to prevent her allergies from taking control once more.

“Ohgohhh… hhhhhhh…. hHHHAHAAAAAHHHHH… AHHHHHHHHH….!!!”

But where Vanessa was still fighting against her nose, Claire had completely given up. The only control she had over her body was to hold desperately onto Vanessa's waist to keep herself from collapsing to the floor. Everything else was under the control of her awful allergies, her nose desperate to expel the face-full of wolf hair that had filled it when she had crashed into the other girl's breasts. She threw her head back with wild abandon, no longer caring about being caught--the girls had lost any hope of that with their first sneezes.


Unfortunately, clinging to Vanessa as she was, there was only one place for Claire's nose to go... and that was right back into the wolf's breasts. Their softness muffled the sound somewhat, but there was no escaping the convulsion that ran through both girls' bodies as Claire sneezed. And with every sneeze, Claire's nose only became more and more filled with its worst enemy.


Claire was screaming out her sneezes now, completely in the throes of her allergies as both girls' bodies convulsed with the force of her body-shaking sneezes. Finally she had the presence of mind, somehow, to let go of Vanessa and stand up. Just before her eyes closed with the need to sneeze again, Claire caught a sight of her girlfriend about to succumb to a fit of her own...

“AAAHHHHHHEEEESSSSSHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!” Vanessa exploded just as Claire let go, barely managing to turn half-away from the other girl before the rush of air and spray left her tortured nose. Every sneeze shook the closet with its loudness, drawing more dust down from the ceiling and further irritating her muzzle, a vicious cycle not unlike the one her girlfriend was experiencing. She gasped again, face flushed from embarrassment and need to sneeze, eyelids fluttering madly, and began to hitch once more, nowhere near done…
“aAHHHHAAAHHHH… HAAAAHHHH… *SNIFFLE* HAAAAAAAAAHEEEEESHOOOOOOOOOO!!! SHOOOOO!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAEEEEEEEEESHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO O!!!” The waist-bending triple was quite fast, and rather uncharacteristic for the wolf, but in her sneezy haze she simply chalked it up to her nose trying to rid itself of the hateful, tickly dust in the most efficient way possible.

Claire had had enough. It didn't matter who was on the other side of the closet door--she needed to get out, or she was never going to stop sneezing. "Hihhh... HIHHHHHH..." Blinded by her drooping eyelids, Claire reached out, unseeing, grabbing onto one of the wolf's ample breasts as she attempted to push herself away from the other girl. She was able to use that to turn around, but barely had she done so when she snapped foward with another sneeze. "IIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" She felt her rear and tail stick out and bump into Vanessa's waist as she contorted, but she hardly cared. With that sneeze, she finally had the chance to open her eyes--briefly--and find the closet door.

She didn't waste any time. She dashed to the door, unlocked it, and pulled it open...

Claire’s sudden groping of her breast made Vanessa start, as did suddenly feeling her girlfriend’s ample rear and thighs pushed up against her waist. The most surprising was yet to come, though as Claire’s mad dash to the door and subsequent opening of it revealed…

An empty music room. Nobody was in sight, and everything was left as it had been when the girls had entered. Vanessa’s mouth dropped open, though whether it was from shock or a sudden need to sneeze remain to be seen…

“hhh… w-whaa…. HHAAAAHHH… W-what? Where did theeeeehhh… heeeehhhh… where did they goohhhhooooHHOOOOOHHH… HHHHAAAAAHHHH…. HEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH…!!! HAAAAAAAAAASSSHHHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!”

Evidently, it turned out to be the second as her nose forcibly expelled yet more allergy-inducing dust, sending Vanessa stumbling out of the closet after her lover.

Claire was just as surprised as Vanessa was. "What? But I could've sworn..." But she wasn't about to question their good fortune. "Come on, let's get out of here, quickly," she said, moving towards the pile of clothes the girls had left on the floor.

"God, I don't think I've ever sneeh--..." She was halfway there when her breath caught and she froze, the tickle in her nose making it clear she wasn't quite done yet. Her head tilted back as she continued to speak breathily. "Don't think I've ever... hih... sneezed... hih-hihhh... that muh-HUHHHHHH... IIIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOO!!!!!" She snapped forward with the force of another sneeze, but thankfully there wasn't anything for her to knock over this time. "I've never sneezed so much before..." she finished, straightening up. "Sorry for sneezing all over you like that," she added, her face reddening as she moved to pick up her tanktop. "I just couldn't control myself at all. My nose was going absolutely crazy."

“Mm… no worries, babe,” Vanessa replied, looking around the deserted room and shaking her head in bewilderment. “Guess we… weeeehhhh…” Her words trailed off, and her large nose wrinkled slightly as it seemed to find some hidden particle of dust in the air around them, enough to send her closer to a sneeze, but not quite enough to push her over the edge… “we really got… *sniffle* l-lucky, huhhhh…. hohgod…. Claire… I think theeehhhh… there’s still some duuhhhuhhh… dust left in my nose… I h-have… have to sneeze agaaaiiih…. agaaaaiiiiiiIIHHH… *snifff* havetosneezeagain… it ihhhhh… itches s-so bad but it isn’t… isn’t comiiihhhhhh…. HHHHH… isn’t coming out… ohgod… hhhh… Igottasneeze… gottasneeehhh… gottaAAAHHH… HHHHH… HHHUUUUUUHHHHHHH…!!!” At long last, she threw her head back, big black nostrils flaring proudly one last time, and released!

“HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!” That massive, earsplitting sneeze was enough to nearly topple Vanessa over completely, and as she recovered, she wiped under her nose, a noticeable blush visible on her cheeks as she noticed her girlfriend staring. “Heh… whew. Bless me, freakin’ allergies. But you’d know all about that, wouldn’t you?” She couldn’t help but giggle. “Must’ve been pretty rough, stuck in there with your nose all up in my fur like that.”

"You have no idea..." Claire said with a smile, pulling on her jeans. She waited as Vanessa got dressed again, then moved to the music room's door and peeked her head out. "Looks like no one's here," she said, motioning for the wolf to follow her, and the two girls slipped quietly out into the hall and left.

A few mintues later, the school janitor finally arrived with the keys he had been looking for. He idly wondered who had locked the music room door, but when he reached it he was surprised to find it open. He glanced inside, but nobody was there and nothing appeared to be missing, so grumbling something about a waste of time, he left to put the keys back in his office...


Hope you enjoyed! Let me know if you're interested in RPing. :)