Author Topic: Mini rant, then good news :)  (Read 2333 times)

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Mini rant, then good news :)
« on: February 11, 2015, 05:33:16 PM »
First, have any of you ever felt like a lazy, slow, stupid person? I have been super lazy after the rush of my two main is the after effect of them :(, and GAH it's frustrating me. I want to DO I will. Yesterday I wanted to sketch and write and stuff, and I got sucked into youtube on POINTLESS CRAP XDD...I fall into time wasters too easily :(. Just a rant to myself: if you want to succeed, avoid youtube time-wasting crap XDD...seriously though, watching commercials for 4 hours yesterday I should never do again. It all started because my english professor asked us to find arguments in a commercial or movie as a homework assignemnt, so I thought that it would take less time watching a commercial instead of a movie...I feel like a useless fool now ^^;...I'll get over it though.

Now for some good news. My two main tests are done and now I have more time to do things, especially with my bioengineering class that will be my next big test in two weeks. I also plan on doing things I need to do here so that I can catch up, and I have surprise gifts for people who have really showed me support...when I can do them. In all honesty what is holding me back is time wasting. I feel bad for wasting time which kills motivation to draw or write. Looking at other people's art is nice, but it too can destroy motivation if you allow it to.

A goal of mine: write one story a day this week. Shorter than usual stories, but I want to write more :). Another goal I have (which I failed both Monday and yesterday :(, but today is a NEW day!! :D) is to sketch something and use helpful things that one of my best friends pointed out to me. It really opened my eyes on how I can draw things without looking at something for 10 minutes straight trying to analyze how the outline of something looks XDD...although it works out ok for me, I'm helpless when I start drawing from nothing but my imagination. My friend opened my eyes and I'm very grateful for him to show me the things he did :) If it wasn't for him my motivation to draw would be a LOT less right now.

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Re: Mini rant, then good news :)
« Reply #1 on: February 11, 2015, 07:21:30 PM »
real life comes first :3 don't worry so much about being lazy or too tired to do things. we all get it. i've even been kinda stuck with it too. i can't even focus anymore, my juice muse left me for awhile after my previous ones xD