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[F + Mature] The Treasure of the Aechu
« on: March 21, 2015, 12:31:16 AM »
This is an RP that I did with spinyofdoom over the course of the last few months. I may be the one posting it, but spiny is the one who deserves all the credit for the story idea here. This is probably one of the most interesting RPs I've ever done.

For this RP, I will be playing the elephant Lily, and spinyofdoom will be playing the white wolf Nicole. Enjoy! :D


The insects of the jungle hummed softly, creating an incessant drone that had been the soundtrack for the last 5 or 6 hours of Lily and Nicole's expedition. After an unfortunate incident with an old, rotting bridge had left their clothes soaked, the pair had decided to venture on in the nude, despite their better judgement. Liberal application of industrial-strength bug spray kept most of the bites away, and they were so close already... neither of the explorers was willing to trek all the way back to camp when the ancient ruins of the Aechu were so tantalizingly close.

"Look, Lily!" Nicole said, her tail swishing back and forth excitedly as she squinted into the distance. "There's the entrance!" And indeed, there it was: a large, foreboding cave mouth surrounded by worn carvings and broken chunks of cracked stone. This was the entrance to the most well-preserved tomb of an ancient Aechu queen that had ever been found, and now, despite the heat, humidity, and tiredness of her legs and paws, Nicole was filled with a burning excitement. "Let's go!" she yelled, jogging towards the ruins and motioning for her partner to follow.

"Hey, wait up!" Lily the elephant called back with a smile. She jogged after her partner, generous breasts bouncing rhythmically as she followed. Nicole was right to be excited; the two girls were going to be the first to explore these ruins, and there was no telling what riches might lay within. The two would have to tread carefully once they were inside, though. Disturbances would create dust, and dust would create sneezes in her trunk--a lot of them, thanks to her awful allergies. It would probably create a lot of sneezes in Nicole's nose as well, but basically anything would do that, so there wasn't much to be done on that front.

In fact, Lily had been feeling rather sniffly all day--not nearly enough to make her sneeze, but enough that she knew she probably wouldn't be able to hold back if she encountered her allergens. Her trunk twitched slightly as the two girls reached the cave mouth, and she sniffled, driving the irritation away. "All right," she said, looking to her partner. "Are you ready?"

Nicole nodded happily, rummaging through her bag (which was mostly intact despite its dip in the river) for a flashlight. She clicked it on, then flicked it back and forth a few times around the cave mouth, revealing yet more carvings on the stone as well as thousands and thousands of tiny dust motes spiraling through the air. Even just looking at them was enough to make her large black nose twinge, but she quickly put her hand under it and rubbed the tickle away. She couldn't afford to let her huge, screaming sneezes jeopardize the expedition, and if that meant she had to suffer in a sneezy haze for most of the journey, than so be it. "All right..." she murmured, taking a few reverent steps forward.

The flashlight beam illuminated a relatively narrow corridor that snaked off into deeper into the cave before turning the corner out of sight. "Guess there's only one way to go, then."

Lily retrieved her own flashlight from her pack, as well as her trusty handkerchief (which was still damp, but usable). She had seen the dust as well, but stepping  into the cave seemed to affect her trunk far more than it should have. A tickle ran up its length as she stepped forward slowly behind Nicole, and she readied her handkerchief in her free hand, doing her best to keep it just in front of her trunk as it twitched to and fro with her repeated sniffles.

"Goodness, it's dustier than I imagined," she murmured as they advanced. She could feel the urge to sneeze running up her trunk and into her body, but she wasn't going to lose control, not yet. She hoped the same was true of Nicole as she eyed the wolf's nose.  "How are you doing so far?"

"I..." Nicole trailed off, her eyes losing focus for a second as a particularly intense itch ran through her own nostrils. "*Snifff*... ugh, I-I'm fine... for now, at least," she said, shaking her head and briefly pinching her nose between her thumb and forefinger. "Let's just keep moving." Having said that, she continued forward, trying to inhale as little through her nose as possible.

Eventually, the two of them (with Nicole leading, since the corridor was quite narrow and both girls sported rather generous, voluptuous hips and rears), came to what seemed to be the end of the line: a large stone slab covered in Aechu carvings.

"Hm," the white wolf muttered, squinting at the writing. "If I'm reading this right, all I need to do is push -here-..." —she did so, stepping back a bit— "and then —here...—" With a sudden grinding noise, the slab slid downwards into the ground, revealing a larger (though not much larger) tunnel that snaked off deeper than the flashlight's beam could penetrate. Grinning wth excitement, Nicole turned to say something to Lily, stepping forward as she did so...

Only to freeze as she felt the stone under her feet sink downwards and another, deeper grinding sound begin, as if a pressure plate had been pushed... a trap!

BANG! A massive noise behind her made Lily jump as she whirled around, trying to figure out what had happened. All she could see, however, was a horizontal stone several yards away that seemed to have come out of one of the cave walls and smashed into the opposite one. She blinked, confused--if that had been intended to crush her and Nicole, it was awfully far away from the pressure plate that activated it...

Then her trunk twitched, and she realized what had happened. The stone hadn't been intended to crush her and Nicole at all. Instead, the impact had loosed a huge amount of dust from the ceiling. Tickly, feathery, sneezy dust...

She sniffled without thinking, the worst move she could have possibly made. Her powerful nostrils drew in dust as it waved back and forth, trying to find some save haven from the terrible allergens surrounding it. "I'm... *sniff*... I'm gonna sneeze... *sniff*..." she mumured, each sniffle making the tickle worse. "Hih..." She raised her trunk high as her watery eyes drooped closed, and then... "HEHCHOOO!"

Lily's ample breasts bounced slightly as she convulsed with a small sneeze. But barely had she raised her head again when... "HEEHHHCHHHHOOOO!!" A larger sneeze burst forth from her trunk, and with that, her awful allergies were in control...

"Oh... oh n-no..."  Nicole's eyelids were fluttering, her nostrils flaring massively as they succumbed to the itch of the dust. "Hhh... damn traaahhhhh... traps... theeeeehhhh... *sniffle* t-the dust... it's gonna mahhhhhhh.... mahhhHAHH... *snfff* make mehEH... ugh... gonna make me sneeze... ohgod..." Her head tilted back, her entire muzzle twitching and wriggling, and took the last few breaths before she exploded into one of her loud, unstoppable, incredibly loud sneezes.


As always, Nicole's gigantic sneeze was preceded by one of her long, screaming breaths that echoed loudly all around the cave, dislodging yet more dust from the ceiling as it did so...

"Hhhhhhhh..." Lily drew in a long, shaky breath, tilting backwards slightly as her body prepared for another sneeze. As her eyelids drooped, she raised her handkerchief in front of her nostrils, hoping to catch the sneeze, but then her trunk wriggled just slightly out of the way in irritation and--"HEEEEEEEHHCCHHHHHOOOOOOOO!!!!" Lily doubled over, rear sticking out proudly, as her trunk blasted another sneeze directly into the ground, even bigger than her previous explosions. The sneeze kicked up even more dust, some of it flying directly into her nostrils, and she barely had time to open her eyes before her allergies took over and--"HEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHHHCCCCHHHHOOOOOOOOO!!!!" It was always like this--whenever Lily's terrible allergies took control, she would succumb to a massive fit, her sneezes growing bigger and bigger with each release, unless...

"HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHHHHH-NNNGGGTTTT!!" This time her aim was true, and Lily caught the massive sneeze in her handkerchief. The pain from trying to stifle such a huge release seemed to restore her alertness, and though her trunk still tickled madly, the handkerchief over her nostrils seemed to be enough to keep the urge to sneeze at bay. She knew that she and Nicole had to press onward quickly to get away from the dust, but as she looked to her partner, she found the white wolf in a sneezy haze...

It was true: while Lily had been in the midst of her fit, the white wolf hadn't been doing much better. Her big nose was twitching, wriggling, flaring, her supple breasts and nipples heaving as her entire body prepared to let loose with a massive, unstoppable sneeze. The dust continued to spiral down right into her nose, and soon enough, she was back in her pre-sneeze trance. "Nnng... L-Liliiihh... 'mgonna... gonaaaaahhhh... *snfff* gonnasneezeagaiiiiiIIIHHH... OhgodI'mgonnasneeeeeehhh... gonnasneeze...gonnaAAAHHH..." The last word was never finished as her muzzle gave a massive twitch, signaling the huge, dusty sneeze taking over in earnest. "AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!" Nicole exploded, her body snapping forward as her chest bounced almost violently with the sheer force of the sneeze. The explosion echoed around the walls of the cave, disloding yet more dust from the ceiling, and Nicole realized with mounting horror that there was no possible way either of them would be able to escape sneezing their heads off for hours, unless...

The wolf girl's ears pricked up as an idea suddenly came to her. "Ugh... *snff* Lily," she murmured, fanning her nose rapidly in a desperate attempt to stave off further sneezes. "Put... p-put your finger in front of meeeeh... hhh... in front of my nose... quickly..." Her desperate, sneezy expression showed that there was no time to waste.

Lily was at her partner's side in moments, pressing her finger hard against Nicole's huge, twitching nose before she could erupt with another dusty sneeze. "Are you good to go?" she asked, eyeing the passageway leading further in. The dust swirled around them, nearly blocking her view, and as she watched it she could feel an urge blossoming in her trunk to sneeze again, despite the handkerchief pressed firmly against her nostrils. "Come on, we need to move, quick!"

Nicole sniffled, then immediately regretted it as she felt the tingling, dusty tickle flare in her nose once again. "I... ugh, I d-don't... hhh... I don't knoooohhhh... I dunno... I think I'm gonna sneeeee... gonnasneeze..." Mercifully, she didn't seem to need to give in to another bout of massive sneezes just yet, and so the nude, voloptuous girls continued on their way through the cave, each of them battling their itchy, dusty noses. Nicole kept sniffling, her breath kept catching, and her nostrils kept flaring, but so far, she seemed to be avoiding succumbing to yet another sneeze...

The dust started to thin somewhat as the two girls made their way further into the cave, Lily using both her hands to cover both her own trunk and Nicole's nose. "Dust... why did it have to be dust?" she murmured mostly to herself, though loud enough for Nicole to hear. Dust was by far Lily's worst allergen, and had it not been for her handkerchief she would likely still be sneezing back there, her sneezes growing large enough to collapse the entire cavern around them. Even thinking about the dust was enough to set her trunk wriggling with irritation, as she imagined the fine, tickly particles running up her trunk's length... "Hehhh... *sniff*..." Her breathing deepening as her body prepared to sneeze... "Hehh-hehhhhhh..." Her handkerchief falling away as her trunk rose higher and--oh god, she wasn't imagining! She was going to sneeze!

There was no time to think. She quickly pulled Nicole to her, mashing her trunk between their breasts as--"HEEHHH-NNNGGGTTT!!!"--she performed the strangest stifle of her life, her hips and thighs quivering as she convulsed slightly. "Oh, god..." she sighed as Nicole pulled away (though Lily was careful to keep her finger in front of the wolf's nose). "Sorry about that... *sniff*..." She quickly returned her handkerchief to the front of her trunk as the girls pressed onward.

Nicole gasped slightly at Lily's sudden, abrupt stifle sprayed onto her bare breasts, but after tahe eye-watering tickle in her nose had died down (she really needed to be more careful of when she inhaled like that!) she laughed. "Heh, don't... *snffff* don't worry about it," she said, smiling and wriggling her nose back and forth a bit. "No offense, but I'd rather you be sneezing your head off than me." With another sniffle and a gentle squeeze of her big, still-irritated nose, she continued further down the cave, trying her best not to give in to any more huge, body-shaking sneezes.

"Well, good luck with that, Miss Most-Sensitive-Nose-In-the-World," Lily replied as the girls finally came to something new: a small alcove set into the wall that contained an interesting sight: a small statue of a nude female wolf with an oversized nose. "Haha, look, it's you!" she quipped, then suddenly realized something. "Hang on... is this a button?" Indeed, the statue's nose seemed as though one might be able to press it inwards. She pressed it, and...

The button clicked, then the statue sunk down slightly into the stone as a low rumbling began to fill the chamber. There was a clunk, followed by a sharp grinding noise, and then several large holes opened up in each wall of the cave. Neither Nicole nor Lily got a good chance to look inside them, though, not before, with a chorus of *whooshes*, the pair was bombarded with large bundles of... feathers?

Yes, they indeed were feathers, large animalskin 'bags' of the long, tickly implements that burst apart as soon as they contacted one of the girls or the opposite wall. Before long, the entire stretch of corridor was full of the things, with quite a few drifting slowly down from the ceiling above, just waiting to tickle and tease out some big, gasping sneezes from those below...

"W-wha...?" Lily looked up, watching the feathers lazily fall towards her and Nicole. That left her trunk curved upwards towards the ceiling as well... and she barely had time to react before a feather landed directly on its tip, right between her nostrils. She sniffled, wriggling her trunk... but the feather stayed. "*sniff... sniff*..." She began to sniffle more, and with each inhale the feather's ends brushed against her nostrils, teasing her trunk with a tickle that seemed to shoot up its length like wildfire with each touch, a tickle that seemed far stronger than the feather alone could give. Oh, god, was she allergic to feathers too, and never knew it? Regardless, she could feel her head tilting backwards in the beginnings of a sneeze. "Heh... heh-hehhh..." Her bare breasts protruded proudly as she leaned back...

Nicole barely had time to notice her friend's plight, however, as the sudden influx of feathers began to push her towards a gigantic sneeze of her own. A couple of them had drifted down past her, their wispy edges just barely brushing around the edges of her nostrils... but it was more than enough to make her want to, no, -need- to sneeze, and the only thing preventing it was Lily's firm finger in front of her nose. "Ohh... ohgod..." she murmured softly, blinking as she glanced around the feather-filled room in terror. "They're tickliiiiih... tickling my n-nose, Lily... they're gonnaahh... gonnamake... make me sneee... eeehh... make me sneeze..." Her breasts jiggled noticeably as she took in slow, deep, careful breaths, nipples pert and protruding as she tried and failed to coax the impending sneeze back into the depths of her large canid nose.

"HEHCHOOO!!!" As always, Lily's fit began with a small sneeze, though it was enough to set her breasts and thighs wobbling slightly. It was also enough to blow away the feather... but there were so many in the air, falling past her, that barely two seconds had passed before another feather landed right where the previous one had been. This one was angled slightly, and the tip slid slightly into her left nostril, which sent such a powerful tickle up her trunk that she had only one way to respond: to sneeze. "HEEEHHHHCCHHHOOOOO!!!" The larger sneeze bent her forward slightly, her rear sticking out somewhat.

And then the worst possible thing that could have happened did.

A feather floated lazily downwards, and in the currents of air created by Lily's sneezes, it shifted slightly as it fell... and it slipped neatly into Lily's flared nostril.

"HIIHHHHHH!!!" The tickle was so intense that Lily found herself gasping in an immense breath, tilting back uncontrollably, before... "HEEEEEEHHHHHHHCCCHHHHOOOOOOOOOO!!!" She sneezed powerfully, doubling over as her hips and thighs jiggled with the force... but the feather had gotten lodged somehow! "HIHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" She drew in an even larger breath, and sneezed even more powerfully: "HEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHHCCCCHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" But it still wasn't enough. "HIIIIIIHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" The next gasp filled her with so much air that she thought she was going to burst. For a moment, she hung there, breasts pushed out proudly, trunk pointed at the ceiling, and then....


She convulsed with what had to be the largest sneeze of her life, doubling over so hard that she found herself having to brace herself with her hands on the floor to keep herself from falling over. She stayed in that position for a moment, rear stuck straight out, breasts hanging freely, before she realized that the feather was gone. She quickly straightened up, slamming her handkerchief over her nostrils to keep any more feathers from falling in. But in her massive fit she had taken her finger away from Nicole's nose, and she realized this as she looked towards the white wolf...

As Lily erupted with sneeze after massive, roomshaking sneeze, Nicole could feel herself growing less and less in control of her big, twitchy, flaring nose. The feather-induced sneeze was insistent; it wouldn't be stopped, and as Lily's finger slipped away from its protective position under Nicole's nostrils, that sneeze found the opening it needed. Nicole gasped softly, her nostrils flaring out widely, and quickly slipped into her usual tortorous pre-sneeze trance.
"NNn.. ohhh...Lily, why'd yooooohhh... hhhh... why'd you move your fiiihhh... finger? T-there's so many feaaaaaaaaaahh... feathers... they're tickling m-my nose so baaah... so... so bad... gonna make me... make... make meeEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHSHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!"

The wolf convulsed with the first unstoppable sneeze, her ample chest heaving as she struggled to regain her balance, gripping Lily's arm for support even as the elephant let out another huge sneeze of her own. Instictively, Nicole gave a loud sniff, then realized exactly how awful  of an idea that was as she felt the tickle spike again, pushing her towards yet another sneeze. "Gah... my nose tiihhhhh... tickles! Can't staaaaahh... can'tstop... sneeziiihh... sneezing... there's just to muuuhhhh... uhhhh... uhhaaaAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HHSSHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!"

The second sneeze snapped her downwards again, misting Lily's cleavage with a burst of spray as Nicole's incredibly sensitive nose attempted once again to expel the tickly irritant. Unfortunately, relief was not to be, at least not right away. The tickle still remained, and so, with barely any breath left in her lungs, the wolf was forced to gasp and sniffle once more, this time barely lucid enough to murmur exactly -how badly- the feathers made her want to, no, have to, no, *need* to sneeze...

"Gehhh... 'mgonnasneeeehh... hhhhehhh... I'mgonnasneeze... gonnasneeze... ohgaaaahhh... oh god, I'm gonnaaaah... I'm gonna sneeeeEE!! I'm gonna sneeze! Gonna... gonnaaaAAAHHH.. gonna snnEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHSHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOO!!!!" With that last, breast-shaking explosion, Nicole's sensitive nose granted her a brief reprieve from the awful, everpresent tickle, enough for her to stand up for her very suggesetive bent-at-the-waist position and desperately look around the corridor for an exit.

The feathers were everywhere, swirling around them both. Lily's nostrils were protected by her handkerchief, but the feathers rose and fell, teasing and brushing against the outside of her long trunk. Oh god, even the feathers touching the OUTSIDE of her trunk made her feel like she was going to sneeze! They had to get away!

Without pausing to see what state her companion was in, Lily grabbed Nicole's wrist with the hand that wasn't holding her handkerchief and pulled her along towards what seemed like the way forward. It wasn't long before they broke free of the fluttering feathers and reached a clearer section of the passageway. Only there did Lily feel safe removing her handkerchief from her nose, staring back at the storm of white that still fluttered a ways behind them.

"Oh my god," Lily exhaled, leaning back against the wall of the cavern. "I had no idea I was so allergic to feathers!" She'd had longer fits before, but nothing with such power. "I just... oh god, I couldn't stop myself. The moment that feather touched the end of my trunk, all I wanted to do was sneeze and sneeze and sneeze... I don't think I've ever sneezed that hard before. Goodness, I'm still catching my breath..." She looked towards the wolf. "How are you doing?"

"I... I..." Nicole stopped for a moment, then sniffled, rubbing vigorously at her large nose. "I think I'm all... all riighhhh... hhhh..." Though it was obvious what she was trying to say, her long, breathy, trailing words and occasional gasps, as well as the desperate fluttering of her eyelids and twitching of her enlarged nostrils suggested otherwise. "Ohh... m-maybe not... Lily, I thiiihh... thiiiihh... think there's still suhhh.... hhhh... some feathers in my... my nooohhhh... hhhhhh... in my nose..." She sniffled again, louder this time, and stumbled forward, barely able to see through the overwhelming tickle assaulting her nose. Her hands went out, feeling along the cave wall for balance, but she was so intent on not falling over entirely that she didn't notice the tightly-stretched tripwire of vines below her feet until it was too late...

Lily had barely stood up straight when she heard the snap and was suddenly assaulted by what felt like a pile of sand falling on her head.  But it was only a moment before the tingly smell entered her trunk and she realized what it was. It wasn't sand that had fallen on her and Nicole. It was pepper!

She sniffled as the scent flew up her trunk, her eyelids drooping as it began to tease her towards a sneeze. She wasn't allergic to pepper, not really anyway, but there was so much around her, now lying in a pile around her feet, that the tickle was just too strong. "Ohh... oh no..." she breathed. trunk wriggling back and forth. "Nahh... sniff... not again... I'm gonna sneeze..." She raised her handkerchief to catch the impending explosion, not realizing that the falling pepper had stuck to its damp surface...

Nicole's eyes widened almost immediately as she too was quickly overcome by the sudden torrent of irritants. Her nostrils widened even further than they had already, and she stood stock-still in the middle of the passageway, her ample breasts heaving as she gasped and sniffled rapidly, still fighting a losing battle to try and stop the massive, uncontrollable sneeze. "HHHh... ohgod... pehhhhHH... pepper... t-t-tickles...'mgonnasneehhh...Lily, Iiihhhh...I'm gonna sneeze too... oh gaahhh... ahhhhh.... aaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHEEESSSSHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWW!!!"

The wolf snapped over violently, her entire body at the mercy of the gigantic, tickly sneeze. A few moments later, she attempted to right herself, her nose wrinkling as she rubbed underneath it with a finger, but it was only a few seconds before she had already slipped back into her usual breathy, sneezy daze, the fine, tickly pepper proving far too much for her already-sensitized nostrils to handle.

"Hehhh... hehhhhhhhh.... HEHHH-GGGNNXXX!!" Her breasts bounced lightly as she convulsed, but for once, Lily was fortunate enough to catch her first sneeze in her handkerchief before it could grow into a full-blown fit. She breathed out a sigh of relief... only to feel her mouth fall open uncontrollably as she tilted back with the need to sneeze again. "Hhhhhhhh... HEEEEHHH-GGGGGGNNNNXXXX!!!" She bent forward somewhat with the force of the second stifled sneeze, rear stuck out... and still, the tickle showed no signs of abating.

"Oh no... Nicole..." Lily breathed, watching her companion through half-lidded eyes. "I cahh... can't stop sneeh... sneehhh..." Her eyelids drooped closed once again as she tilted back, breasts wobbling with her shaky breaths...

Nicole was almost a mirror of her partner, her eyes fluttering desperately as her nostrils twitched and flared rapidily, desperately, her arms limp at her sides as she succumbed to the unstoppable power of one of her gale-force sneezes. "Liihhh... liiiIIIIHHH... *snfff* Lily... oh nuuuhhhh... hhhhhhhh... hhhHHEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACHOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!"

She barely managed to get any words out before another massive sneeze erupted, sending her stumbling against a nearby wall, bust shaking and nose looking slightly pink and very, -very- tickly. The wolf timidly attempted to raise a hand to fan at her face as she began to build up towards yet another explosion, but she soon felt all control over her body slipping away once more...

"HEEEEEHHHHHHH-GGGGGGGGNNNNXXXXXXXX!!!" This time stifling the sneeze was outright painful, enough to make Lily, against her better judgment, remove her handkerchief from the end of her trunk. It was then that she realized what had happened. "Oh no... it's ahhh... AHHHHH..." And barely had she spoken before the tickly scent of the pepper rushed into her unprotected trunk and made everything worse. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!"

She bent forward with the force of the huge sneeze, hands braced against her jiggling thighs for balance as the sneeze blasted straight down out of her trunk... and right into the pile of pepper. The blast sent pepper everywhere, some at Nicole, some behind Lily... and some right back up into her nose. She sputtered, stumbling towards Nicole even as she raised her head in preparation for another sneeze. "L-look... look ouhhhh... hahhhhhhh... HAAAAAHHHHHHH..." She came to a stop in front of the wolf, tilting backwards, trunk raised towards the ceiling, and breasts and nipples pushed out prominently towards Nicole...

Nicole had time to gasp, instinctively recoiling backwards from the terrible cloud of pepper the elephant's huge sneeze had sent flying her way, but the uneven footing of the cave floor combined with her already unsteady balance (caused, of course, by her own uncontrollable sneezing) made her slip and fall to the ground with a shriek instead. She was on her hands and knees now, deep within the cloud of pepper and completely overwhelmed by her body's undeniable need to sneeze and sneeze and *sneeze*...

"Oh my... miiihhh... oh my g-god... so... saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh... *SNIFFLE* so much pehhhh... hhhh... pepper... I cahhh... can'tstaahhh... hhhh... I gotta... gottaaAAAAHH... I *need* to sneehh... need to sneezesobaaah... so b-bad... hhh... hhaaaahhh..." Her speech was breathy and indistinct as she took in more and more air, her chest heaving up and down as she prepared for what was looking to be an absolute monster of a sneeze. Her head was tilted almost straight up, nostrils flared proudly and breasts sticking out, nipples standing pert and unashamed, and then...


Nicole sneezed! Her entire body shook with the force of the first release, her head snapping back downards to bury her incredibly sensitive nose deep in the pile of pepper already on the floor. The sudden influx of irritants provoked an immediate reaction from the wolf, causing her to sneeze twice more in quick, uncharacteristic succession, barely able to get a decent breath in between the blasts. She raised a hand again, this time clamping it over her entire nose in a last-ditch attempt to prevent any more eruptions, but as the tickle began to wiggle its way through the back of her nose again, she realized it was no use.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" Lily's irritated trunk sent another huge sneeze right into the pile of pepper on the floor as the elephant doubled over, only keeping herself from falling to her knees by bracing herself with her hands. But that meant her trunk was pointing downwards... and the only thing beneath her was the oh-so-tickly pepper. She quickly scrambled back upwards into a standing position, but the damage was already done. The pepper was already in her trunk again, tickling her, teasing her ever so softly towards another sneeze...

"Heh-hehhhh.... hehhhhhhh..." Lily's eyelids drooped shut as her head tilted back with involuntary gasps, trunk twitching madly with irritation, and then.... "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOO!!!!!" Her rear jutted out, breasts shaking as she bent with the force of an even larger sneeze. And barely had she recovered when she felt herself losing control once more. "Oh god... I cahhh... cahhhhhhhhh... caaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHH HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" She had to brace her hands on her jiggling thighs again to stop from falling over.

"I can't stop sneezing..." She was utterly helpless now, without her handkerchief to stop her fit. "Oh... oh no..." Her head was tilting back again. "I'm guhh... gonna sneeze..." She had long since lost sight of her companion in her sneezy haze, but there was only one person who could help her. "Nicole... hiihhhhhhh... I'm gonna sneehhh... sneeze again... hehhlp..."

"I..." Nicole's nose wasn't exactly in the best place either, not after her sudden barrage of pepper-induced sneezes. She gasped, furiously rubbing a finger underneath her flaring nose to try and stop the fast-approaching fit, and surprisingly, manged to succeed... at least for the time being. Through sneezy, tear-filled eyes, she saw Lily's trunk waving desperately back and forth in the air and realized her friend's predicament. "*Snff* o-oh god, Lily..." She took a shaky step forward, ample breasts quivering with each half-suppressed hitch that left her lips, and murmured, "Y-you caahh... can... *SNIFFLE* sneeze into m-me... if yuuuhhhh... hhh... if you have too..."

The wolf took another step forward and managed to grab a hold of Lily's trunk, guiding the sensitive, sneezy appendage between her and the elephant's cleavage, and waited for the inevitable eruption...

In all honestly, Lily had no desire to sneeze all over Nicole. But if she didn't stop sneezing now, there was no telling how big her sneezes were going to get... and she didn't know what might happen to the ruins if they got any bigger. But there was no time to decide, as Nicole's fur brushing against her nostrils sent her trunk over the edge. Wrapping her arms around her partner, she pulled Nicole towards her, squeezing her trunk between their breasts as--

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-GGGGGGXXXXXXXXXXX-chooo..." The convulsion ran through the two girls' bodies as, with her trunk blocked, Lily was able to barely stifle the massive sneeze. "Oh, god, thank you Nicole..." she murmured with a sigh of relief as she stepped away. Quickly, realizing what was about to happen, Lily placed her finger back in front of the wolf's huge nose, feeling Nicole's nostrils quiver against it. "Let's get out of here before I neehh--" Her breath caught, but she managed to fight the urge away. "Before I need to sneeze again..."

Nicole gave another loud, desperate-sounding sniff as she felt Lily's reassuring finger underneath her flaring nostrils, then nodded, blinking rapidly. God, she wanted— no, *needed* to release, but she knew that doing so would be letting herself succumb to another wave of screaming, uncontrollable sneezes. She was so *close*, too, with Lily's finger just barely keeping her big, tickly nose from going all the way over the edge. "My... miiiiihhh... *sniff* m-my nose... ugh, d-don't... move your fiiihh... hhh... finger, Lily... or I'm gonnaahh... gonna stahhh... s-start sneezing r-rihhh... right away... *snfff*" She continued forward, practically blind in the face of the slowly building, barely-contained sneeze and relying on Lily to guide her.

"I'll try," Lily replied, putting her free arm around the wolf and guiding her forward, away from the pepper. She could *feel* Nicole's urge to sneeze, could feel the slackness of the wolf's body and the twitching of her nose. "I just hope I don't have to sneeze again," she continued. "I can still... *sniff*... still feel a bit of the pepper in my trunk... it's really tickly..." She looked towards her companion as the passageway started to widen, looking as though it might open up into a large chamber some distance away. "How are you doing?"

It took the wolf a moment to respond, she was so absorbed in fighting off the urge to sneeze. "H-how am I... Ihhh... how am I doing?" She laughed softly, then almost immediately stopped short as the exhalation of air tickled her already-sensitive nostrils. "Heh, h-hehh... oh god... *SNIFF* " Nicole murmured, her bust moving up and down as she hitched. "I'm okay, I juhhh... just... *really* need to... need to sneeee... sneeze... I can feeh... feel the pepper i-in my nose, too... it's reahh... really, *really* tickly..." She winced slightly, closing her mouth as she realized that talking about how badly she had to sneeze while trying to fight off said sneeze probably wasn't doing her any favors. Staying close to Lily's side, she continued forward down the passage.

At long last, Lily and Nicole reached the end of the passage, and the elephant's eyes couldn't help but widen as she saw what was at the end. The narrow corridor opened up into a massive chamber with a high ceiling, with rows of torches on the walls leading back, far away into the room. Lily had no idea what was at the other end--the room was so large she couldn't see that far--but something told her that whatever was there would make up for the sneezing fits she and Nicole had had to endure to get here.

Of course, if this was the fabled treasure room of the Aechu, then it would have the most dangerous traps by far... and Lily was currently anchored to the living equivalent of a ticking bomb. So she made sure to be clear to Nicole. "I think we're almost there," she said. "But we're gonna have to cross this room to get to the treasure, and we don't know what's here. So you *need* to hold that sneeze back. If you sneeze, there's no telling what might happen here. Do you think you can do it?"

Nicole nodded blearily, her enlarged nostrils flaring over and over as they struggled with the horrible, relentless tickle. She needed to sneeze so incredibly much, but like Lily had said, she had to hold on. She just had to...

"C-c'mon, Liliiihh... Lily," she murmured softly, eyelids fluttering as her head subconsciously tilted back, pushing her breasts out further. "L-let's go g-get that... thahhh... that treasure... hhhh..." As they walked closer, she could feel the itch growing inside her nose with every step, building and building towards an unstoppable release... but she couldn't sneeze, not now! And so the wolf reached up a hand and pinched the bridge of her nose, which, in combination with Lily's finger underneath it, helped her fight off the massive, impending sneeze for another precious minute or so.

"Uuuugh," she moaned, eyes tearing up slightly as they crossed the room. Almost halfway, now... "Ihhh... it tihhh... it tickles so *bad*, Lily...  my nose is guhhh... gonna explode...hhhh..."

"C'mon, Nicole... you're doing great," Lily said, pressing her finger more insistently against the wolf's agitated nose as they moved forward. "Just keep holding it back a little longer. You're not gonna sneeze. You don't need to sneeze at all." That was a lie, of course, but anything to keep Nicole from losing control. "Just don't sneeze..." The wolf's nose jumped against her finger. "Please don't sneeze, Nicole..."

Nicole didn't respond, instead sniffling loudly, her already-large nostrils growing even larger as her incredibly sensitive canid nose was pushed to its absolute limit by the terrible, unending tickle...

"Ah... *sniffle* *SNFFFFFF* Lily, I... Iihhh... aahhhh... *snff* I... Ihhhh.... hhihhhh...!" Her face was the perfect picture of sneezy desperation now: mouth open, eyes half-lidded, her pinkened nose twitching and wriggling madly as she hitched further.


Even having both the girl's fingers helping her powerhouse of a nose did little to stop the incredible force of the sneeze. Nicole snapped forward, supple breasts shaking, as her round, perky rear was shoved outwards towards Lily by the immense, tickly explosion.

And as if the sudden sneeze hadn't been startling enough, she soon realized, with mounting panic, that she must have triggered yet another trap, if the soft rumbling coming from the stone tiles underneath them was any indication...

A rush of air blowing upwards from underneath her let Lily know that something had happened, but in the dim light of the large hallway, she couldn't immediately tell what it was. It was a few seconds before anything seemed different at all. But it was then that she started feeling something falling on her, something light and airy--like snow, but without the cold. Whatever it was, though, its purpose was clear. It was not the mountain of pepper or roomful of dust that she had experienced earlier, but even the few flakes falling past her carried a scent that seemed *designed* to tease the insides of her long trunk.

"Hhhh..." Oh no. Oh no no no. She couldn't start sneezing now. Her handkerchief was gone, and she might die of embarrassment if she had to stifle another sneeze into her companion's bosom. But what else could she do? Her mind worked frantically as the tickle wormed its way up her trunk, her head tilting backwards in the beginnings of a sneeze. "*sniff* Oh no..." she breathed. "I hahhh... *sniff*... have to sneeze..."

Even as Nicole began to recover from the unfortunate sneeze that had set off the trap, she could feel her nose tingling insistently, making her breaths gasping and uneven as she desperately tried to distance herself from the insidious, burning itch. But it was no use; the strange powder was already all around her, making her eyelids flutter and her large, bare breasts heave as she sniffled and gasped,  fighting off the sneeze as much as she could.

"Nnn... m-me too," Nicole murmured, rubbing a finger under her nose vigorously. "W-whaahhhh.... hhh... w-what was thaaaahhh... that stuuuhh... *SNIFFLE* stuff? Oh god..." She turned to Lily, eyes wide, and motioned to the far end of the hallway, not trusting herself to talk further without succumbing to a gigantic sneezing fit.

Lily was quick to pick up on Nicole's meaning, and without hesitation, the two girls started running towards the end of the hallway, where an altar of some kind seemed to wait in the distance. But unlike the previous traps, the powder here seemed to be filling the entirety of the hall. There was no escape from the powder's tortuous scent, and Lily found herself slowing down instinctively as her body took in more and more air, preparing to sneeze...

"Hiiihhhhh..." Her eyelids drooped closed, her mouth opening. "Hiiiiiihhhhhhhhhhh... HIH-HIIIIHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH..." Her whole body began to tilt backwards, her breasts and nipples becoming more and more prominent with each inhale...

"O-oh no... Lily..." Nicole breathed, wincing slightly as she saw her friend begin to slow, then stop, as the tickle in her nose became too much for her to handle. Seeing her like that, utterly helpless in the face of the massive, impending sneeze, made the wolf's own nose itch even more, and it wasn't too long before she found herself slowing too, her own nose wiggling incessantly as it fought a losing battle against an unstoppable sneezing fit.

"I... I c-can't... can't staahhh... L-lily, I can't stop iihhhhhhhhhh.... hhh... *SNIFF* can't stop it... t-tickles t-too... too much..." She began to rapidly fan her hands in front of her face, trying with every fiber of her being to keep moving even as she felt her entire body giving in to the sneeze.

"HIHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH... HEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" Lily abruptly had to brace herself against her thighs as she doubled over with a surprisingly powerful sneeze. The first sneezes in her fits were *never* that powerful. Was it the work of that strange powder? And--oh god--if this was just her *first* sneeze, what was going to happen if her sneezes kept getting bigger like they usually did?

Embarrassment was no longer a concern. Already she could feel another sneeze brewing in her trunk as she straightened up, staggering her way towards her companion. "Nihh... Nihhhhhh... Nicole..." she breathed, stopping next to the wolf. "Neehhhhhh... Need tiiihhhhhhhh..." But the oncoming sneeze made it impossible for Lily to finish her sentence. "HIHHHHHHH... HIHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH..." Her whole body tilted back again, breasts huge and prominent as she prepared to sneeze...

"Hhh... b-bless you, Liliiiihh... iiiiiiiiHHHHH...!!" Nicole stopped short for a moment as her friend moved twoards her, the tickle momentarily taking control completely. Oh god, she had to sneeze *so much*, she just couldn't help it, couldn't stop it...


The absolutely monstrous sneeze was partially stifled as Nicole's head snapped forward, involuntarily burying her nose between Lily's large, perky breasts even as they heaved up and down with each, loud, gasping breath. A moment later, Nicole recoiled, her face flushed with embarassment, but even as she tried to stammer out an apology, she felt another sneeze looming...

But Lily barely noticed, so great was her need to sneeze. And as Nicole backed away, she exploded with another sneeze, even bigger than her first. "HEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOO OOOO!!!!" She doubled over once again, bracing against her jiggling thighs... and in the instant of release, her rapidly straightening trunk flew right between Nicole's knees, the force of the sneeze exploding outwards behind the wolf. Braced against her thighs as she was, Lily didn't realize this until she tried to straighten up again... and the middle of her long trunk bumped into the point where Nicole's legs came together.

The sudden obstacle surprised Lily, and she stumbled and fell to her knees, trunk still between her companion's legs, the end a foot or so behind the wolf. Worse, she felt her control slipping away again as the urge to sneeze overtook her senses once more, and she couldn't even summon the willpower to back away. "Hihhh... HIHHHHHHH..." She began to inhale again from her hands and knees, breasts wobbling and hanging freely from her chest as the sneeze approached...

Nicole gasped as she felt Lily's trunk hit between her shapely thighs, then immediately regretted it as she felt her nose begin to burn even more. That second sniff was much, much more than her already-irritated nostrils could handle, and her eyes quickly shut, sneezy tears leaking from them as she struggled to move out of Lily's line of fire... but it was far too late. She could barely see, let alone walk correctly, not with yet another enormous sneeze brewing in her nose.

"Hhhh.. hhh... g-gotta... sneeehhh... Igottasneeeehhh... GOTTA... SNEEEEEEEEEEHHH... EHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH... AHH-AHHH-AHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Nicole sneezed once more, misting Lily's breasts with a light spray as she nearly doubled over herself, bust jiggling wildly with the force. And all the while, Lily's trunk was still between Nicole's thighs, wrinkling and twitching in preparation to continue the elephant's own huge fit...

"HIIIIHHHHHHHHHH... HIIIIIIIHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH..." Lily's head tried to tilt backwards, but her trunk couldn't go any higher with Nicole in the way. So when the huge, unstoppable sneeze finally came...


The elephant's head snapped downwards, nearly ramming into the floor, and her rear shot into the air in response. And still the flakes continued to fall around the girls, teasing Lily's trunk towards what was sure to be a monstrous sneeze. "Cahhh... can't stop..." she breathed, still on her hands and knees. "I'm guhh... gonna sneeze agaihhhh..."

Nicole took the brief respite her massive sneeze had given her to quickly back up, away from Lily's twitching, explosive trunk... but as she did, the elephant let out a large, body-shaking sneeze of her own, causing the trunk to whip around wildly and sending the wolf crashing to the floor as it tangled around her feet.

She lay there on her back for a moment, blinking blearily, then her nostrils began to flare hugely as she realized that laying back like this was giving the horrible, tickly powder a direct path into her nostrils. She felt her control of her big, sensitive nose slipping as the burning itch grew and tried to stand, but she'd barely managed to lift her back off the ground when the sneeze took control completely, blocking out everything else.


Nicole's head snapped downward with the first sneeze, unintentionally letting loose right onto her own generous breasts, misting them with spray. And she wasn't done, either: all that powder was still in her nose, teasing and torturing her to the point of sneeze after sneeze after sneeze...


Once again, the busty wolf sneezed into her cleavage, this time letting out an explosive double. Sneezing more than once in a row wasn't the norm for her, but her nose just tickled *that* much, and showed no signs of slowing down any time soon.

Lily felt a twinge of guilt as Nicole tripped over her trunk, but it nevertheless gave her the opening she needed to get back up. Willing her twitching trunk back towards herself, she quickly rammed a finger in front of her nostrils, using her free hand to push herself back into a standing position. But while her finger kept the sneeze at bay for a few moments, it was not nearly enough to stop it. "Hiihhhh.... hiiihhhhhhhhhhhh..." Already she was inhaling uncontrollably, her head tilting backwards in preparation for what she knew was going to be a monster of a sneeze. Frantically, she used her free hand to fan the air in front of her nostrils, hoping to drive the horrible powder away from her trunk. But it was no use. "HIIIHHHHHHHHHH... HIIIIHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.... HIIIIIIIIIIIHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH H!!!!!" She tilted back as far as her body would allow, her breasts and nipples protruding proudly, and finally...


Lily sneezed! She was completely unprepared for the force of the sneeze, snapping forward so violently that the force carried her entire body forward. Her legs struggled to keep up with the movement, but the middle of a sneeze was not exactly the best time for concentration. She stumbled once more, falling forward and landing on her knees at Nicole's side. She tried to get back up, but the next sneeze was on her so quickly she had no chance.


The second sneeze was not nearly as strong as the first, likely because of the short buildup. But it was enormous nonetheless, and her rear stuck out once more as her head snapped downward.


The elephant's rear and thighs stuck out proudly again as she sneezed once more. At this rate even a short buildup was going to lead to a catastrophic sneeze in a few moments...

“stiiiih… hhh… still have to sneeeeh… hhhh….EEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHHSHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!” Nicole unleashed another monstrous sneeze onto her breasts, the spray misting into the air around her. Through her sneezy haze, she knew that if she didn’t manage to escape this awful powder, she’d be gasping, sniffling, hitching and sneezing for hours on end. Thinking quickly, she squeezed her nose shut with one hand and began to roll sideways, ignoring the way her nostrils itched and burned as she did so. Eventually, she reached a part of the cave where the awful tickle was less prevalent, and let go of her nose, attempting to stand up…

“hhh… ohnooohh… hhhh… t-tiiiihhh… tickles… EEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHSHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!”

Before promptly doubling over again with another gigantic sneeze. At least that one had actually cleared her nose somewhat. Nicole looked behind her, a worried expression on her face as she saw that her friend was still stuck in the terrible cloud of powder. “Lily! C’mon! SNIFF Follow my voice, or you’re never going to stop sneezing!” She shouted, beckoning to the elephant.

Lily was able to catch a glimpse of Nicole through her tear-filled eyes as she staggered to her feet. "Gonna sneeze..." she breathed, taking a few steps towards the wolf. Her trunk itched even more than before, if that was possible, and Lily knew that her next sneeze might well bring the ruins down around them with its strength. But what could she do? Her entire body seemed to be shutting down, as though diverting every last drop of energy it had into this next sneeze. And yet, through this sneezy haze, an idea came to her. She had stopped a sneeze before with Nicole... what if...?

"Hihhhhh..." Her eyes were fully closed now, her head tilting back with the need to sneeze. Without thinking, she raised her hands to her chest, taking an ample breast in each hand. "Hihh-HIHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH..." She willed her trunk downwards, pointing it straight downward between her breasts. "HIIIIIIIHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" And as she drew in a final breath that was so loud that it seemed like a scream, she squeezed her trunk with her breasts as hard as she could and--


Lily nearly fell over as the enormous stifle left her feeling light-headed and dizzy beyond belief. And yet... it had worked! The colossal sneeze had been stopped. Of course, this left her in an awkward position--bent over slightly, her breasts pushed up towards her face by her hands--but she wasn't about to take any risks. Keeping her breasts squeezed around her trunk, she jogged over to where Nicole was standing, a space that seemed somewhat safe from the powder...

Nicole held back a giggle as she watched her friend run over. At least she had stopped sneezing, and besides, laughing would probably just cause her to start again herself. “All right… l-let’s go,” she said, rubbing underneath her nostrils and advancing further into the corridor. “Oh, and bless you, by the way! That was a hell of a sneeze! I’m surprised you managed to hold it back like that."

"You're not the only one," Lily replied, still a bit dizzy. Sensing it was safe, she finally let go of her breasts, sniffling a few times to make sure no more sneezes were coming. "My trunk just tickled so badly... I don't think I've ever sneezed that hard before. Now I know what it's like to sneeze like you do," she added with a smile, following her companion. "How on earth do you deal with sneezes like that every day?"

“Well, *snfff*…” Nicole began, continuing to rub underneath her nose. “You know, I actually don’t mind my sneezes, that much usually. As a matter of fact, I kinda enjoy just letting them out, as much as I can. The release feels really good, you know?” She laughed. “Well, maybe not when it’s somewhere like this, but when I’m at home, I usually just draw out the sneezes as much as possible, and then let ‘em fly. It’s nice."

"Hah, I wish it worked that way for me," Lily replied, smiling ruefully. "I mean... I do actually like the way it feels when I sneeze. But if I let out a sneeze like that at home, I'd probably knock over and break something, heh. And it's not really polite to sneeze like that when I'm out in public." A thought struck her. "But you know, I wouldn't have to worry about any of that out in the jungle. My trunk still tickles... maybe once we get out of here I can let my sneezes fly without having to worry."

Nicole nodded brightly. “There you go! I’ll probably end up doing the same, heh.” Her eyes widened as she noticed the large stone altar at the far end of the room. “Oh, look! There it is! The altar!” She looked to Lily, eyes shining in excitement. “Do you think it’ll have the manuscripts the legends talked about?” All thoughts of the faint tickle in her nose were promptly forgotten as she almost jumped up and down in excitement at the prospect of discovery.

"Well, there's no better way to find out than to take a look," Lily replied, her own heart thumping with the thrill of anticipation. The two girls approached the altar cautiously... and indeed, sitting on the altar was an enormous book. If the legends were to be believed, this was the ancient Chronicle of the Aechu--a manuscript filled with the history of the ancient, mysterious people that archeologists had never been able to piece together, even after decades of work. It was a priceless artifact, and if she and Nicole could bring it back, it would be the crowning achievement of their careers as explorers.

The two girls stepped up to the altar reverently, Lily walking behind the altar, Nicole in front of it. The two girls faced each other, staring into each other's eyes before dropping their gazes to the tome between them. "O-okay," Lily said, a slight tremor in her voice. "What do we do now?"

Nicole squinted at the book, frowning as she realized that the pages were covered in a thick layer of powdery dust, making the runes on them indecipherable. Acting on impulse in her excitement, she took in a quick breath and blew the dust off, sending it spiraling over towards Lily in a large, gray, tickly-looking cloud. Nicole’s eyes widened in horror as she realized what she had done, and she gasped, jerking away from the book as she stammered out, “o-oh my god, Lily, I’m so sorry! I forgot…” But her apologies were for naught, as it seemed the damage had already been done...

Lily's eyes instinctively snapped shut as the dust blew in her face... and then they snapped open wide as she felt a tickle blossom in the depths of her trunk. "Oh god, Nicole..." she breathed, panicking. "I'm allehh--... *sniff* allergic to dust..." She frantically began to fan the air in front of her trunk with one hand, rubbing her trunk's length with the other. "Oh no... I cah--... can't stop it..." she cried, her head tilting back slightly. "I'm gonna sneeze... Nicole, I'm gonna sneeze...!"

“Oh god, oh god, I’m sorry! Please don’t sneeze all over the book, Lily…” Thinking quickly, Nicole darted around to where the elephant was gasping and hitching and quickly put each of her hands along her long, tickly trunk: one massaging the length and another gently rubbing and caressing the wide, flaring nostrils at the end. She was so intent on stopping her friend’s sneeze that she didn’t even realize the tickly, flaring trunk was pointed directly at her bare breasts… or that, by moving over the way she had, she’d put herself directly into the middle of the dust cloud.

The urge to sneeze grew and grew in her trunk, and the elephant's fanning and rubbing seemed to do little to stop it... but as Nicole approached and began to rub Lily's trunk as well, the sneeze seemed to die down somewhat. Lily's breathing slowed, but she wasn't out of the woods just yet. "The... the dust..." she murmured. "It's still in my trunk... it's still tih--... tih--... tickling... like it's gonna make me sneeze..."

Without thinking, she sniffed, trying to clear her long trunk. That turned out to be the worst possible idea.

The dust swirled in her trunk, teasing her nasal passages, and without warning she was hitching again. "Hih... oh no... my allergies..." Her head tilted back slightly. "They're too strohh--... hehhhh... strong... heh-HEEHHHHH... HEEEECCCHHHHOOOOOO!!!"

A small sneeze exploded from the end of her trunk... and pointed as Nicole's chest as it was, the spray shooting from her nose misted the other girl's bare breasts and nipples. Worse, the sneeze seemed to have done nothing to diminish the tickle in her nose, and barely had she recovered when she felt the urge to sneeze building once more...

Nicole squeaked as she felt the sudden spray on her cleavage, but she quickly realized that she had more important things to worry about: namely, the fact that Lily’s sneeze had just sent a sizeable cloud of dust blowing straight towards her own nose, which was already flaring and twitching in preparation to expel the irritant.

“Oh n-no, Liliiiihhh… Lily… The dust tickles t-too muuhhh… huhhhh… HHHHH… too much… I’m… I’m gonnaaaaahhhhHHH… gonnasneezetoo… hhh… HEAAAAAAHHHH
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Re: [F + Mature] The Treasure of the Aechu
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"T-There's too much dust... I still have to sneeze..." Lily breathed, eyes drooping shut again. And yet... "Nicole... don't move..." she commanded, despite the fact that her trunk was still pointed directly at the wolf's breasts. "You're the only thing... keeping me from sneeh--... sneeh--... sneeeeeEEEEHHH!! HEEEEEEECCCCCHHHHOOOOOOOO!!!" She convulsed with another, larger sneeze, the force and spray once again flying directly onto the wolf's nipples. "You're the only thing keeping me from sneezing on the tome..." She desperately hoped the wolf heard her, as Nicole seemed to be losing a battle with her nose as well. Fortunately, at least, the wolf had her back to the altar.

Despite the fact that she was in the middle of building up to yet another massive, body-shaking sneeze, Nicole heard Lily’s plea and reluctantly stayed in the middle of the dust cloud, wanting to reach out and push the elephant’s trunk away from her breasts but unable to summon up the strength to do so. “*Snifff…* Liliiiihhh… m-my nose tickles…! I need to… need tiiiihhh… needtosneeeeeEEEHHH…. HEEEHHH… gottasneeze… Igottasneeze… tickles s-so… so muuuuhhh… hHHH… HHHHHHHHHH…!!”

As she gasped, her back arched, nostrils flaring wide and eyelids fluttering as she prepared for a another monstrous release. Her large breasts were pushed out from her chest, perky nipples protruding shamelessly as she took in breath after hitching breath.

Lily's nostrils continued to twitch and flare, their wriggling unhelped by Nicole's rubbing. The pressure of her finger was useless in the face of the elephant's horrible allergies, and worse yet, the wolf's rubbing was starting to leave bits of fur at the edge of her nostrils, tickling Lily's trunk even more. But if the wolf let go, Lily's wrigging trunk might find a way past her and destroy the tome with one of her huge sneezes.

"I'm soh--... sorry about this Nicole..." Lily breathed. "But I need to sneeh--... sneeze again..." She tilted back slightly, eyes closing. "Doh--... don't let me... hihhh... HIHHHHHHHH... HEEEEEEECCCCCHHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOO!!!!" She sneezed even louder, her rear and thighs jiggling with the convulsion as Nicole's breasts once again took the brunt of the blast. "Don't let me sneeze on that tome..."

Nicole was only dimly aware of her surroundings, but she was at least coherent enough to realize that if one of them didn’t shut the large, dusty book, they’d never be able to stop sneezing. Even as her body arched to throw her forward in a gigantic, unstoppable sneeze, she reached out and slammed the manuscript’s cover shut, preventing any additional dust from being thrown into the air… except for the large cloud she’d just dislodged.

That sudden burst of itchy, tickly powder was enough to make her gasp loudly, breasts heaving mightily, before she finally succumbed to an absolute monster of a sneeze.


Facing Lily as she was, the spray from Nicole’s explosive release ended up all over the elephant’s own ample bust, and as the wolf straightened up, she could already feel her nose going into overdrive, gearing up for a sneezing fit of epic proportions.

"Hahhh... *sniff*... HEAAAAHHHHH..." Lily's sneezes were growing bigger, and the new, huge cloud of dust wasn't helping. But this wasn't like the traps that the girls had found earlier in the temple, designed to make them sneeze endlessly. This was a simple cloud of dust, and it would dissipate given time. They just had to hold out until then.

For the time being, however, Lily's trunk felt like it was on fire, and there was only one thing she wanted to do: sneeze. "HEEEEEAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" Free from having to worry about sneezing on the tome's pages, Lily let this one fly, doubling over with the force and bracing herself on her jiggling thighs as her rear stuck out proudly. Her trunk continued to wriggle, nostrils flaring and pulsing with repeated sniffs, and Lily didn't even have time to remove her hands from her thighs before--"HIIIHHHHHH... HEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHH HHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" The force of the sneeze sent her butt, hips, and dangling breasts jiggling wildly, but she stayed on her feet, still doubled over and braced against her thighs.

Desperately, she took her hands off her thighs and grabbed at her wriggling trunk, trying to direct it between her breasts again. But she was not fast enough, as barely had her fingers brushed against her trunk when--"HIIIIHHHHHHHHHHH... HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSH HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!"

Without her hands to brace herself, the enormous sneeze sent Lily stumbling forward, and she landed hard on her hands and knees, trunk still wriggling wildly. At last, she got a hand on her trunk and began to rub at it, hoping to soothe the need to sneeze away. But it was not to be. "Oh god... *sniff*... have to... *sniff* *sniff*... sneeze so bah--... bad..." she breathed, precariously holding herself up with one hand as her head tilted back. "HIHHHHHH... HIIIH-HIIHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.. HEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSS SSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!"

The colossal sneeze sent her head shooting downwards, her rear jiggling as it stuck proudly into the air in return. But at long last... Lily's nose was clear. She stayed in that position for some time, breasts dangling, rear stuck out, not caring how she looked. Finally, she took a few experimental, deep breaths, before letting out a sigh and collapsing in a heap. "Oh god..."

Nicole's nose itched so incredibly badly, she could barely think straight. She stumbled back away from Lily, her already-large nostrils flaring even larger as she hitched and gasped. Her eyelids fluttered rapidly as the sneeze took over control, leaving her utterly helpless in the grasp of her buildup.


Nicole sneezed! Her bare breasts jiggled wildly in the aftermath of the release, the force of it sending dust spiraling through the air, and even as the itch momentarily left her nose, she could feel a new one building. "Nn... m-my nose tickles so muuuhhhh... hhhh.... HHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIESHOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!"

She sneezed once more, unable to stem the tide of irritants flooding her big, sensitive nose. "Nosetiiihhh... ticklessomuch... I neeeeehhHHHHHEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACH OOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" It seemed as if every time she began the sentence, a sneeze would sneak up on her in the middle, forcing her to stop, perky breasts pushed out, and expel the irritant before trying again.


Nicole's sneezes seemed to be getting larger as the fit progressed, with this one bending her almost completely double as she let it fly. She rubbed under her nose, her face a picture of sneezy desperation, before her head tilted back, bust pushed out proudly once more...

"hhh... oh n-no... thiiiihhh... hhhh... this ihhh... ihhhihhh.... this is gohhhh... going tiihh... hhhh.. going to beeeeehhh... be a huge.... hhhh SNFFF a huge... a huge sneeeeehhh... sneeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHH....!!!!"

Her chest heaved as she inhaled powerfully, back arching as much as it could before she convulsed with an absolutely gigantic, unstoppable sneeze!


With that, Nicole dropped to the floor herself, breasts heaving, looking out of breath but relived that the horrible itch was finally gone from her nose.

The two girls lay like that for some time, utterly exhausted, on the floor behind the altar. It was Lily who rose first, pulling herself up into a sitting position. "Is... is it over?" she asked the wolf, a small smile on her face. "Are we finally done sneezing?"

"I... I think so," Nicole replied, grinning herself. "Bless you again! At least we finally got the manuscript! And now..." she trailed off, mouth dropping open slightly as her face contorted in an expression of mounting horror. "Now all we have to do... is... go back..." She turned her head slowly, remembering the sneezy, tickly, allergy-inducing gauntlet they'd had to go through just to get here, and sighed.


Hope you enjoyed! :D

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Re: [F + Mature] The Treasure of the Aechu
« Reply #2 on: March 21, 2015, 09:09:15 PM »
wow.  :o  :o  :o

just wow.

i love both your writing styles so much! and sneezy, tortured, nekkid lady furs, uh, DROOL!

and huge sneezes, this story had everything for me, thanks!

if either of you wish to RP any time, drop me a PM :)

thanks again, and keep up the good work


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Re: [F + Mature] The Treasure of the Aechu
« Reply #3 on: March 22, 2015, 10:46:26 PM »
After four attempts, I'm still only about halfway through this story. I can easily see how this took a month or more to write. Heh heh.
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Re: [F + Mature] The Treasure of the Aechu
« Reply #4 on: April 14, 2015, 03:08:48 PM »
Wow!  :o  Hehe you guys really pull out all the stops when you role play!!  So much buildup to so many giant sneezes.  Nice!  Do you plan to continue?  Wouldn't mind hearing about what happens after they get out of the tomb, and just "let their sneezes fly" like they mentioned. :)

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Re: [F + Mature] The Treasure of the Aechu
« Reply #5 on: April 30, 2015, 12:19:30 AM »
That was great.
Female sneezers, you know I love 'em.

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Re: [F + Mature] The Treasure of the Aechu
« Reply #6 on: May 13, 2015, 04:25:11 AM »
Epic and awesome. And a GREAT scenario!