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[Community] Getting the most out of your RP or Story
« on: July 31, 2015, 04:10:21 AM »
So, there's a lot of new faces around that are taking part in expressing themselves through writing, either with stories or with roleplay. This is refreshing to see, however I want to take some time to voice a few things that I'm sure a lot of the older members of the community are noticing. This will be especially important to those seeking to roleplay with others, or those who want valuable feedback or fans.

The number one thing that you need to focus on as a writer is going to be ensuring that your writing is clean. I don't mean suitable for all ages. I don't mean without snot. I mean to use the skills that you were taught in English class in school. Take the effort to clean up what you write to the point that it is entirely without typos, contains complete sentences, and when applicable, include proper paragraph formatting.

There has been a lot of writing recently, and this applies to roleplay as well, where it was quite a jumble of thoughts. This can be okay if you're just writing a standard forum reply to someone (though I only personally slack on typing when talking via live messengers and not forum/email) but when you're writing a story, you need to make every possible effort to ensure that you are following the rules of writing. Take the time to proofread, and if you're simply not sure how to format something, look at other stories as examples or look around online to research such things.

In the case of roleplay, there's two types of roleplay. [Speech. *Action*] and ["Speech." Action.] If you're doing a roleplay that involves plot and original characters, it's generally recommended to use ["Speech." Action.] and to ensure that your English skills are being fully utilized. If you're doing a roleplay that involves personal characters (like fursonas) and light playfulness, it's certainly alright to use [Speech. *Action*], but please make sure that you are putting a decent amount of effort into capitalization and sentence structure. Without that effort, it will be very hard for you to find a steady roleplay partner! Many of our more intellectual members are used to proper writing, and many will also favor the first style of writing with actual plots and stories. This also makes it easier to share such content with the forum.

The next thing I want to bring up, and something a lot of novice writers will struggle with, is the amount of description I see in many stories here. Description is the lifeblood of your story. Speech is useful, but without adequate description, your story will not grab people's attention. You should have several sentences of description for each line of dialogue on average. There's so many things you can attempt to describe when going into a sneeze sequence, ranging from subtle movements to emotions and inner thoughts. It's up to you to maximize each of these possibilities to really make your story shine.

When you might normally only use a single line to get a point across, turn it into three sentences instead. When a character takes an action, give them as much back as you can. If you need to, give extra guidance outside of the main roleplay with an entry surrounded in parentheses. (It can be very helpful!) When you're writing a story, be careful to avoid long stretches of dialogue with very little description added in. When you get to the sneeze segments, you should give as much description as you can because that's the important part to us fetishists! Make it fun, make it detailed! And again, use proper punctuation and spelling!

Speaking of the sneeze segments, the last bit of advice I want to offer is that character repetition is not a substitute for impact. You don't need your a's, h's and o's repeated 50 times in order to convey strength, nor do you need every letter to be capitalized. Variety is important! That's not saying you need to use Q's and X's and Z's or something, or that suddenly it's all spelled "Achoo" only, but when you reach those parts of the story where there is impact and volume, try to convey it through description, and try to really build variety into your characters.

In the end, these are only my personal suggestions. I do want to see everyone continue to enjoy roleplaying and writing stories, but I've noticed a general burnout by some of the older members when it comes to roleplaying with the new people, and I want to make such new people aware of things that could be considered reasons for why they might find it hard to find a roleplay partner.

Observe what others do and learn from it. :)
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Re: [Community] Getting the most out of your RP or Story
« Reply #1 on: August 01, 2015, 04:57:02 AM »
*reads... reads...  reads more... still reading... *  :o

Wow, that's quite a mouthful.  Ummm.. Me personally, I'd say the #1 this is to Have Fun With It!  Hee!  *bounces* 

And there are lots of us who like to RP and write with you no matter what your style is! :D 

*scratches head*  Honestly, I never worried too much about the rest of it - especially since we have quite a few members who don't speak English as a first language. 

But I have also found that when specifically asking for feedback and critique, there have been some really helpful members here who have provided some excellent constructive criticism and offered good suggestions. 

But I will agree that it's GREAT to see such a large wave of new stories and snippets in the forum!  Wow!  I'm gone for just a few days and there's all this great new stuff I need to catch up on! 

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Re: [Community] Getting the most out of your RP or Story
« Reply #2 on: August 01, 2015, 05:20:03 AM »
i guess i'll only really know if i was in more RP's... XD;;; but making stories has been easy for me.

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Re: [Community] Getting the most out of your RP or Story
« Reply #3 on: August 03, 2015, 05:06:12 AM »
This came at the right time for me. Great job man. I will use these tips.

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Re: [Community] Getting the most out of your RP or Story
« Reply #4 on: August 03, 2015, 04:14:52 PM »
I understand you FS :)

For those who may think this is kind of harsh, I remember when I myself had to proofread and change my stories back over 3 years ago ^^; I make mistakes too, and the more mistakes I made the longer it took for me to fix and edit. The stories that are saved in the archives are edited as best they can :) most of the time FS himself or other admins do the edits, but they have lives outside of here XD in order to save them stress it is ok if others or the writers themselves edit after their initial post :)

That does not mean be afraid to make mistakes. Trust me, I make a lot of them x_x but it is ok :) it is good to write more often...I need to write a lot of stuff...

Anyway, wanted to say something during my 15 minute work break this morning. I hope you all are doing good :)

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Re: [Community] Getting the most out of your RP or Story
« Reply #5 on: August 04, 2015, 01:40:43 AM »
Mistakes are the building blocks to success. You can't expect to not fall a few times before you hit the mark, after all. :)

Hemingway -- This is a BRILLIANT editing website that highlights common errors in different colors. You just paste your work into the box and the website will do the rest for you.

My "writing" tag on my normal blog, and my "prompt" tag on my fetish blog. One provides resources for more general aspects of writing, including plots, character development, worldbuilding, and a whole lot more. The fetish blog provides story ideas and material more specific to our community. For fetishists, by fetishists.

There's that stuffytalk and sneeze-spelling generator, but I can't find the website with those. I know what the username and password are for the login system on it, though.