Author Topic: Katy and the Katerpillar Kids/Katy Meets the Aliens (Bird [M], Caterpillar [F])  (Read 1831 times)

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My friend and I were watching some obscure old VHS tapes today and I chanced upon this scene. I actually really liked it. I could only find the original Spanish version online, though.
(tagged the sneeze scene which starts at 57:10)

A rat and two caterpillars are hiding from an alien (possessing a bird) under a flower, but the pollen from it makes the girl caterpillar sneeze, which gives them away. (the other two hold their noses against it). Then the alien/bird sticks his head in a different flower and comes out sneezing as well.

IMO the actual sneezes are nothing special but the situations are great. 1: The pollen under the flower would be getting worse and harder not to sneeze from by the second and 2: The aliens' real forms don't have noses so he's probably never sneezed and has no idea what's happening to him. Interesting stuff.

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Different, but you're right. :)
Flower, flower, feather, fox.

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