Author Topic: more captain carrot comic scans!  (Read 1319 times)

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more captain carrot comic scans!
« on: January 18, 2016, 05:02:26 AM »
so i forgot to post this in the appropriate thread but i found more captain carrot sneeze comic stuff. :3 - from the villain, cold turkey - i can't actually remember the species specifcally; but i think he was a mole or something who transformed into a Hulk-like creature at some point. i couldn't quite remember or tell what it was. - elephant, from a 2007 humor issue 'revival' of sorts.

i was kinda disappointed that in my scans it didn't include one of the continuations. at some point in the 2007 one they tried to free themselves in a boat crossing other dimensions before winding up in the 'real' world (the main comic continuity with Superman, Batman, etc.) and in the process all become real animals. in the comics after that they're finally restored to their usual selves and sent back home i presume.

then again i'm inda disappoitned they got turned into real animals. xD kinda scary i guess, or because i like them as 'funny animals' cartoons too much.